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					     ...Welcome                                                                c                                             d                                       and the local authorities.
                                                                                                                                                                     British Waterways, the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust
                                                                                                                                                                     restored through a partnership between
                                Passengers for Caen Hill can simply hop on the bus in Devizes or hail and ride from Caen Hill Bus lay-by.                            and decaying bridges and buildings have since been
 in more detail.                All stops on Line 1 and Line 11 should be booked by telephoning the booking centre using the steps shown above.
 walks in the Vale of Pewsey                                                                                                                                         Derelict locks, rotting lock gates, leaking canal beds
 numbered stops and the                   1045 1330 1600                           1000 1245 1530             10038                Devizes, Pelican Inn            the waterway became unavailable.
 the bus routes with their                1020 1305 1535                           0935 1220 1505             10335                Caen Hill, Bus Lay-By           much of this trade and so as time passed much of
 The map overleaf shows                   1015 1300 1530                           0930 1215 1500             10038                Devizes, Pelican Inn            barges. The advent of the railway in 1841 took away
Devizes is shown in purple.                                                                                                                                        to transport many products along its route by working
                                                       Saturday                     Monday - Friday          Stop NO.                              Line 85
from Woodborough to                                                                                                                                                Opened in 1810 the Kennet and Avon Canal was used
is shown in green and Walk 3      Please call 08457 090899 for more information.                     1258     10030                    Horton, Bridge Inn               It may also become muddy in winter.
                                  hourly between 07.05 and 20.00.
Bishops Cannings to Devizes       from Devizes Market Place to Horton Bridge or Bishops Cannings     1245     10038                    Devizes Cinema                   predominantly unimproved and uneven in places.
                                  Alternatively you can use the Trans Wilts Express service 49
in blue, Walk 2 from                                                                                                                                                    is within the North Wessex Downs AONB and is
Bridge to Devizes is shown                                                     Monday - Saturday             Stop NO.                               Line 11             The canal towpath between Devizes and Pewsey
Walk 1 from Foxhangers
                                                                                                     Note: NS - This journey does not run on Saturdays             range of flora and fauna.
the bus are also shown.          1815     1655       1555      1455      1355      1245       1155   1055     10038      Devizes Cinema                            surroundings that also provide a habitat for a diverse
when booking your seat on        1805     1645       1545      1445      1345      1238       1145   1045     10013      Bishops Cannings, Crown Inn               The canal's impressive architecture is in keeping with
stop numbers that you need       1804     1644       1544      1444      1344      1237       1144   1044     10330      Horton, Bridge Inn
select your walk and the bus     1754     1634       1534      1434      1334       …         1134   1034     10332      All Cannings Bridge                        beauty and the southern tip of the rolling Cotswolds.
colour-coded to help you         1748     1628       1528      1428      1328       …         1128   1028     10055      Honey Street, Saw Mills                    West Berkshire, an area of outstanding natural
Times and places are             1745     1625       1525      1425      1325       …         1125   1025      10137     Woodborough, Cross Roads                   the nation's best loved landscapes including
points with the Wiggly walks.    1720     1600       1500      1400      1300      1200       1100   1000     10038      Devizes Cinema                             Kennet and Avon canal takes it through some of
each of the connection                                                    NS                                                                                        London and the Bristol Channel. The route of the
up times at Devizes and                                                                                                                                             England’s most southerly broad beam canal links
                                                                               Monday - Saturday             Stop NO.                               Line 1
shows the drop off and pick                                                                                                                                        modern Reading and the world heritage City of Bath.
The timetable to the left                                                                                                                                          natural rolling landscape intersected by the urban and
  in Devizes.                                                                                                                01249 460600                          Thames and the Bristol Avon. Its route is a fusion of
  leaves its departure point                                                                                                                                       Weaves through spectacular scenery between the
  20 minutes before the bus                                                                                                       service call:
  book your journey at least
  Please ensure that you
                                                                                                                              on any WigglybusTM
                                                                                                                                                                       & Avon Canal
                                                                                                                               To book your seat
              confirm our journey, then simply ride and walk!
              Let the call centre book your boarding and alighting points and
                                                                                                                                                                       The Kennet
       your walk.
       at what time, and which stop number you will be alighting at to begin
       which stop number from the list below you are travelling from, and
       Telephone the booking line on 01249 460600 and tell the operator
         do and the point at which you would like to start.
         By looking at the map overleaf choose which walk you would like to

                                its as easy as
                                    How to use the service...                                                                ™

                                                                                       The Kennet and Avon Canal Rural Transport
                                                                                       Partnership was set up in June 2003 with the aim of
                                                                                       enhancing rural transport services within the canal corridor
                                                                                       in order to promote and improve sustainable access to and
                                                                                       use of the canal.
                                                                                       The partnership is based on the Kennet and Avon Canal Rural

The Wiggly Walks
                                                                                       Transport Partnership, and includes the Kennet and Avon Canal
                                                                                       Trust, the Association of Canal Enterprises and local authorities
                                                                                       and county councils along the canal corridor.
                                                                                                                                                                    The Kennet
                                                                                                                                                                        & Avon
                                                                                       British Waterways is the public corporation responsible for the
                                                                                       care and enhancement of the nation's 2,000 mile two centuries
Three walks on the Kennet and Avon Canal between                                       old network of canals and rivers, working in partnership with
Devizes and Pewsey                                                                     public, private and voluntary sector organisations to develop
                                                                                       and improve waterways in a sustainable manner, for the benefit

Walk 1 easy: Foxhangers Bridge to Devizes                                              of everyone.
(1.8 miles)                                                                  
Take the Line 85 Wigglybus from Devizes to Foxhangers                                  The Countryside Agency is the statutory body working to make
Bridge; for an excellent view of the lock flight look up                               the quality of life better for people in the countryside – and the
the flight towards Devizes. Join the towpath and head
up the impressive Caen Hill flight. Remain on the towpath
until you come to Devizes Wharf, leave the towpath
and follow the signposts back to Devizes Market Place.
                                                                                       quality of the countryside better for everyone. They provide
                                                                                       advice, funding and support for rural communities, ranging
                                                                                       from community services to interpreting and conserving
                                                                                       local heritage.
                                                                                                                                                                   Walks Guide
                                                                                                                                                                                Three walks using the Wigglybus
Walk 2 moderate: The Crown, Bishops Cannings                                           The Wigglybus is an innovative rural bus service operating
to Devizes (5 miles)                                                                   in the area between Devizes and Pewsey, it has a core circular                             on the Kennet and Avon Canal
                                                                                       route but will leave it to visit villages and hamlets if requested.                         between Devizes and Pewsey
Take the Line 11 Wigglybus to the Crown at Bishops                                     Passengers ring a call centre to book the bus and, within its
Cannings walk through the church yard and continue                                     demand responsive area, the bus will pick them up as close as
along the lane (Church Walk), at the end of the lane turn                              possible to their front door. The bus is satellite tracked and the
right. At the end of the road continue straight into the                               bookings use routing software, which sends a list of pick-ups
campsite, with the campsite on the right join the canal                                to the driver. There is a Travel Club, which offers discount fares
at Bishops Cannings Swing Bridge.                                                      and keeps regular users in touch with all the service developments.
Turn right again onto the towpath and follow the towpath                     
for 4 miles back to Devizes Wharf and return to the                                    The Ramblers' Association is Britain's biggest organisation
Market Place.                                                                          working for walkers, a registered charity with 142,000
                                                                                       members across England, Scotland and Wales. We've been
Walk 3 difficult: Woodborough to Devizes                                               looking after Britain's footpaths and defending its beautiful
including Woodborough Hill option (12 miles)                                           countryside for more than 65 years
Take the Line 1 Wigglybus to Woodborough Cross Roads,
walk eastwards towards the village centre of Woodborough,
                                                                                                              Cover photo by ?????/?????.
turn left into Church Road and follow this into the village                                          Other photos from British Waterways and ?????.                                                                      ™
until you turn right into Church Farm Lane, following signs
for Church Farm.
Follow the road past the Dairy Farm until it turns into
a bridleway, follow this over the canal bridge
(122. Woodborough Fields Bridge) and continue up
Woodborough Hill, admire the far-reaching views of
the Pewsey Vale. Return to the canal towpath.
Alternately stay on the Wigglybus to Honey Street Sawmill                                                                                                     TM

and join the canal here.
Follow the canal towpath for 8 or 9 miles (depending on
Woodborough diversion) through the beautiful Pewsey Vale
back to Devizes.                                                                                            Produced byF 21.7.04