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					     OUR Cafe Tasters give their opinion as
 members of the public. Dare you read the views of
    baby Dylan Ware and mum Rebecca ...?

     TASTERS                                             Cafe Tasters
                                                         willing to
                                                         state an
                                                         opinion ...
                                                         Riley and
                                                         son Dylan

                                                         IF you wish
                                                         to be join
                                                         the reserve
                                                         list of
                                                         News cafe
                                                         contact us

 THIS WEEK:                Sainsbury’s cafe in
                     Falsgrave Road
        AINSBURY’S cafe is a pop-     and the usual fizzy selection.

S       ular choice for many as its
        Falsgrave location proves
very convenient for journeys to
                                          Especially good value is the
                                      kid’s jacket potato with cheese or
                                      beans and a drink for 99p.
toddlers’ groups, walks along the         Although the Sainsbury’s cafe
old railway line and the obvious      is just a supermarket cafe, what
shopping trips.                       makes it stand out from the
   As part of the supermarket it      crowd are the happy, helpful and
also offers good baby-changing        caring staff who go out of their
facilities.                           way to accommodate your
   We visited the cafe on a busy      needs.
lunchtime, but easily found a             Offering to carry your tray,
table to accommodate myself,          allowing you to pick and choose
Dylan, a friend and her two small     from the hot food selection and
children.                             little treats for the kids seem to
   There were plenty of high          be common place in the cafe.
chairs available and we found             Although we sometimes arrive
that the prams could be left in the   in a large group the staff always
trolley park area.                    manage to take it in their stride.
   The cafe operates on a self-       The cafe is obviously staffed
service basis and offers a range      by people who have children
of hot meals such as fish and         themselves and understand
chips, pies and pasta at £3.99,       the logistics involved in feeding
jacket potatoes at £1.99 and a        several two year olds and babies
selection of sandwiches, soup         in a crowded cafe.
and cake. There is also a good            It’s easy for cafes which are
selection of hot breakfasts.          part of large chains to end up
   We opted for scampi and            impersonal and just to settle for
chips, which was served with          an easy life or make a token
mixed vegetables and bread and        effort at feeding their customers.
butter.                                   It’s credit to Sainsbury’s, and
   The children’s menu at             particularly the staff here in
Sainsbury’s is very impressive        Scarborough, that they make
with a wide range of dishes at        their cafe a pleasant environment
the reasonable price of £1.99,        with choices beyond the “every-
including a drink.                    thing with chips” approach.
   Although chips are available           Rebecca and Dylan’s star
they are interchangeable with a       rating out of five is:
half jacket potato and the drinks         Overall ****
include pure orange juice, milk,          Value ****

Sainsbury’s cafe 064491

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         of the public can say what they think.

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