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                                 TheVolume 20, No. 4	          	                                                                                                      April 2009

                                    Michigan bishops go to school in the D.R.

                                                                   by Herb Gunn
                                            elationship was the word used
                                            most often to describe the
                                             ministries of La Iglesia Epis-
                                    copal Dominicana —the Episcopal
                                    Church of the Dominican Republic—
                                    during a five-day trip by the three
                                    Episcopal Church bishops of Michi-
                                    gan’s lower peninsula. The word re-
                                    flects what is being explored between
                                    the Caribbean diocese and the dioceses
                                    of Michigan, Western Michigan,
                                    Eastern Michigan and Northern

      Special Diocesan              Michigan.

                                       At the spring 2008
                                    meeting of Michigan

          April 18
                                    bishops called AMEN—
                                    the All Michigan Episco-                                                                                                              ghg
                                                                                                  Bishop Wendell Gibbs, Bishop Robert Gepert, and Bishop Todd Ousley at
      8 a.m. registration           pal Network—the four                                          Jesus Nazareno School in San Francisco de Marcorís, Dominican Republic.

    Cathedral Church of
                                    Michigan dioceses
                                    agreed to explore com-                                       person group from               T-shirts make the claim: “Dios es Fiel”

      St. Paul, Detroit             panion relationships in                                      Michigan to many local          (translation: God is faithful).
                                    the Western hemisphere. Bishop Julio Cesar Holguin           missions where he sur-             “It was clear at every turn in the
                                    The three lower-peninsula dioceses          veyed construction projects, counseled           Dominican Republic, people truly un-
                                    set plans then for the March 6-10 trip.     his priests, and engaged teachers and            derstand that because God is faithful,
                                    Because the Diocese of Northern             students alike.                                  we are called to step out in faith.”
                                    Michigan at present is without a dio-          “When we started this trip, we                   Gibbs recalled another message
                                    cesan bishop and currently supports         were told this is about relationship.            from the priest at the same church.
                                    an active overseas ministry in Haiti,       Then we were shown what that is,”                Hipolito Fernandez Reina’s life and
                                    that diocese did not participate in the     said Bishop Wendell Gibbs. “I am                 that of the church turned around when
                                    exploratory trip.                           impressed by being in the midst of a             he realized that they were “not being
                                       The concept of relationship also         church that is focused on meeting the            called to fail.”
                                    captured what the group witnessed           needs of the community rather than
                                                                                                                                    “That was the foundation of the
                                    during visits with about 20 of the 65       meeting its own needs.”
                                                                                                                                 whole trip,” Gibbs said. “There is a lot
                                    mission congregations or their clergy          “Maybe it is easier to identify the           I want to take back and teach others,
                                    in the Diocese of the Dominican             needs of the people in the Dominican             but one of the things that gives me
                                    Republic, which is part of Province         Republic,” agreed Bishop Robert                  hope is that a relationship here is about
     Find us on the Web             IX of the Episcopal Church. Bishop          Gepert of the Diocese of Western                 us learning as well.”
     www.the-record.org             Julio Holguin accompanied the seven-        Michigan, “but if you need an educa-                “I saw very, very dedicated priests.
                                                                                tion, there is a school; if people need          Each and every one of them had a
                                                                                medical help, they provide medical               vision,” said Beth Lynn Tomczak, a
                                                                                assistance; if people need homes, they           deacon from the Diocese of Western
                                                                                build homes. So truly the church is              Michigan who described her charge in
                                                                                meeting the needs of the people.                 the diocese as building tangible ways
                                                                                      “To target the poorest area to put a                 to make the Millennium Development
                                                                                    church is kingdom strategy,” he said.                  Goals accessible to people in Michigan.
                                                                                       Bishop Todd Ousley of the Dio-                         “The vision of the churches in the
                                                                                    cese of Eastern Michigan recalled a                    Dominican Republic is forward-look-
                                                                                    message from San Francisco de Mar-                     ing, and the bishop obviously has in-
                                                                                    corís where the church banners and                     grained that into his clergy,” she said.

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        The Record
     The Record,	a	diocesan		
     edition	of	Episcopal Life,		
                                       I    n March, a seven-person dele-
                                            gation from Michigan to the
                                            Dominican Republic opened a
                                       door to deeper partnerships for mis-
                                       sion—both in Michigan and perhaps
     presents	news	of	the		            in the Caribbean nation of nearly 10
     Diocese	of	Michigan.	             million.
     A	nine-member	Editorial	             As part of that exploratory trip
     Board	is	responsible	for		
                                       (see Who traveled with the bishops?
     oversight	and	production	of	
     the	newspaper.                    on page 9a), was touched by the
                                       commitment of the Episcopalians in
                                       La Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana as well
     Editor:	Herb	Gunn	
     Copy	Editor:	Kathie	Anslow	
                                       as the likelihood that Episcopalians
                                       in Michigan will discover ways to
     The	Editorial	Board:		
     Bruce	Donigan,	Rachid		           more closely work together.               CENTRO BUEN PASTOR: “Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not keep them
     Hatem,	Mark	Jenkins,		              One revelation in the Dominican         away; for such is the kingdom of heaven.’” (Matthew 19:14)
     Susan	Larsen,	Brian	McNeal,	      Republic is how responsive the
     Jim	Maxwell,	Jenny	Ogline,	                                                    The church response: double               and his wife Angela Lopez—who is
     Vic	Rauch	and	Chris	Yaw.
                                       Episcopal Church is to community          the size of the school and increase          the senior warden—La Reconciliación
                                       needs and concerns. They don’t fret       enrollment from 340 students to              has rebounded to a congregation of
                                       when figuring out what is urgently        over 500.
     Send	subscription	orders,	                                                                                               over 100. The key to their church
     renewals,	copy	submissions,	      necessary.
                                                                                     Nearby, two Sisters of the Trans-        growth, the couple from Colombia
     and	Letters	to	the	Editor,	by	       All churches are missions in the                                                    discovered, is that without a car, they
     the	first	day	of	the	preceding	                                             figuration—a Cincinnati-based
                                       D.R. and in the past 10 years, their                                                   walk from their home to the church
     month,	to:	                                                                 Episcopal Church order—arrived 35
                                       number of missions has grown from                                                      and along the way knock on doors
     Herb	Gunn,	editor                                                           years ago in the hurricane- and eco-
                                       26 to 65.                                                                              to invite people to come to church.
     the-record@earthlink.net                                                    nomically-ravaged shanty town of
     or	The Record                        Remarkably, the commitment             Barrio Los Flores where children were        La Reconciliación now enjoys the
     4800	Woodward	Avenue              to education in the D.R.’s relatively     dying of malnutrition. They turned           contagious affection of the village
     Detroit,	MI	48201-1399	           poor communities has resulted not                                                      children who flock to the church.
                                                                                 a funeral home into a health clinic
     Phone:	313/833-4425	              in just two or three Episcopal            and now see patients for 20 pesos                Another key to that church’s
     Cell:	313/303-7926                schools scattered throughout the          (60 cents) per visit, if patients have       investment in the community is a
     Fax:		313/831-0259                country. The Episcopal Church             it. Their ministries at Centro Buen          housing project. With the assistance
                                       in the Dominican Republic has             Pastor include feeding 55 children           of Episcopal Relief and Develop-
                  v                    increased the number of schools and       a day, overseeing a school for 274           ment, the diocese has constructed 21
                                       educational programs throughout           students, and advocacy for the poor.         single-family houses. By addressing a
     Episcopal Life	ISSN	1050-         the country from seven to 24 since        The sisters hold church services in          fundamental need of the communi-
     0057	USPS#	177-940	is	            1995. More than one-third of their
     published	monthly	by	the		
                                                                                 the clinic, but at Centro Buen Pastor        ty, they are confident church growth
                                       churches choose to be tethered to         construction is underway for a new
     Domestic	and	Foreign		                                                                                                   is inevitable.
     Missionary	Society,	Inc.			       their communities through educa-          church building and school.
                                                                                                                                 Whether or not we choose to
     815	Second	Ave,		                 tion and schools.
     New	York,	NY	10017.		
                                                                                    The largest Episcopal school is           enter into a companion relationship
                                          Our first stops directly from the      located at San Marcos church in
     Periodical	postage	paid	in	                                                                                              with the Episcopal Church in the
     New	York,	NY	and	addi-            Santo Domingo airport were the            Haina, along the Caribbean coast             Dominican Republic has little to
     tional mailing offices. 	         communities of San Pedro de Mar-          west of Santo Domingo. With 850              do with what we can do for them
     POSTMASTER:	Send	                 corís and Santa Fe. This southeast        students, the school serves another
     change	of	address	to		                                                                                                   or what they can do for us: there is
                                       sugar cane region was where the           the port city where the sugar mill
     Episcopal Life,	PO	Box	2050	                                                                                             plenty on all sides of that equation.
                                       English-speaking Anglican Church          closed and unemployment is high.
     Voorhees,	NJ	08043-8000.                                                                                                 At the heart of our choice is whether
      	                                established its foothold in the 1890s,
                                                                                    “We are big into education and            we, as the Episcopal Church in
     To	change	subscription	           and it’s an area not forgotten now
                                                                                 I am glad we are,” said Bob Snow,            Michigan, have the tenacity to live
     addresses,	contact:               by the D.R.’s Episcopal Church.
      	                                                                          a deacon from Nebraska who has               boldly and exercise ministry with
                                       The region’s oldest church, Santa
     Episcopal	Life	Circulation	                                                 been in the D.R. for 13 years. “That’s       infectious abandon.
                                       Cruz serves a community in which
     Department                                                                  the salvation of this country.”
     PO	Box	2050                       the sugar cane processing plant has                                                       It’s a choice that has less to do
     Voorhees,	NJ	08043-8000           closed, the so-called free trade             Not far away, in the poor neigh-          with the Dominican Republic and
     elife@aflwebprinting.com          agreements continue to export jobs        borhood of La Bombita in Azua, the           more to do with a D.R.-like perspec-
     800/374-9510                      to Mexico, unemployment hovers            small Episcopal Church was dying             tive on ministry. Do we have the will
                                       above 60 percent, and youth gangs         only two years ago. Under the lead-          to turn funeral homes into health
                                       vie for the attention of young people.    ership of priest Alvaro Yepez Lopez          clinics?

2a                                                                                                                                          The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                           April 2009
Eastside Detroit church votes to close
Thieves take everything at St. Philip’s and St. Stephen’s

                             by Herb Gunn

            hen thieves broke into St.

            Philip’s and St. Stephen’s
            on Detroit’s east side
in mid-February, they slipped back
into the night with more than they
could imagine. Lost in the break-in—                                                                                                     here’s
not the first at St. Philip’s and St.
Stephen’s during the winter—was                                                                                                          nothing more
food, clothing, bed sheets, a micro-
wave and vacuum, a barely func-
                                                                                                                                  for them to take.”
tional copier, a fax machine, the
only computer that worked, and a                                                                                                                 —Jane Johnson
200-pound safe. They also took the
diapers and infant formula.
   “They took anything that could
be sold,” said Jane Johnson, a mem-
ber for 22 years and a prime mover
of the small church of a dozen
members and its neighborhood
outreach ministry, Trudy’s Loving
                                            Jane Johnson and Jim LaSovage
   What Johnson could only itemize          neighborhood the help and hospital-       in East Lansing. A few
with tears was what can’t be sold           ity that Trudy offered them before        days later, the Standing
on the street—even though it also           her death.                                Committee will dis-
runs in short supply. The thieves               The center added an after-school      cuss the church’s deci-
stole what remained of their hope           program last fall that is attended by     sion. (Both meetings are
and confidence, and with the loss           19 children three afternoons a week.      after The Record dead-
of that treasure, St. Philip’s and          In addition, Johnson remembers            line.) If the two bodies
St. Stephen’s voted to close. The           only one summer in 25 years that          concur with the decision
congregation’s vote to close initiates      St. Philip’s and St. Stephen’s did not    to close, plans will be
a canonical process that involves the       have a summer camp program that           made in accordance with
bishop, the Diocesan Council and            delivered on a simple commitment          diocesan canons to cele-
the Standing Committee.                     to make sure the neighborhood             brate St. Philip’s and St.
                                            children received at least one good       Stephen’s history, mini-      Trudy’s Loving Center opened an after-school program
   The decision to close unfolded
                                            meal a day.                               stry, and contributions       last fall that may now close when the church closes.
slowly over the past two years, dur-
                                               The spirit of the core leaders         to the life of the diocese,
ing which time the parish remained
                                            at St. Philip’s and St. Stephen’s—        explained Bishop Gibbs.                        Ironically, as a member of Dio-
in conversation with representatives
of the Bishop’s Office to explore a         Johnson, LaSovage, and Deacon                 The fate of Trudy’s Loving Cen-         cesan Council, Johnson serves on
range of options.                           John Fitzgerald who has been at the       ter, a separate 501(c)3, hangs in the       the Extended Ministries Fund Phase
                                            church since the mid-1960s—was            balance. Although she has circulated        One Task Force that is trying to
   Finances were so strained in 2007,
                                            indefatigable, even during years of       a handful of grant applications             discern how best to use the reser-
Jim LaSovage, a member of the
                                            struggle. Finances were never             for consideration—and the center            voir of EMF funds for ministry and
church since 1972 and co-founder
                                            secure, but even a $3,000 heating         leadership continues to brainstorm          mission. Years ago, she served on
of Trudy’s Loving Center, told the
                                            and utilities bill last January didn’t    scenarios for relocating—Johnson            the Urban Affairs Committee, so
congregation they would have to
                                            sound the death knell for the             is slowly realizing the magnitude of        she is familiar with the challenges of
go month-to-month to see how
                                            church’s confidence.                      what weighs against their efforts.          urban ministry.
long the church could remain open.
They patched together funding for              In a preliminary tally at the             “I was real gung-ho last week               “I look at the Extended Mini-
the center, but the survival of the         annual meeting on February 1,             about staying [open],” Johnson              stries Fund [with hope that the
worshipping community at St.                parishioners voted 9-5 to remain          explained on Ash Wednesday, “until          money could be used to extend
Philip’s and St. Stephen’s hung on          open, but Johnson and LaSovage,           the break-in. The break-in said to          existing ministries], but it’s too late
hope that a struggling Detroit inner-       both members of the vestry, voted         me ‘we’ll never be protected.’ It           for us. And it will probably be too
city church would miraculously turn         to close. Concerned that to remain        would cost $2,400 for bars on the           late for other ministries, since [the
around.                                     open would incur debt for the             windows, but this time, they crow-          task force] is just in phase one and
                                            diocese, Johnson resigned from the        barred the door.”                           phase two isn’t even on the drawing
   Members of St. Philip’s and St.
                                            vestry following the vote.                                                            board yet,” she lamented.
Stephen’s had attended the several                                                       Johnson spent that week contact-
urban strategy plenaries in 2002-04,           Perhaps in a harbinger of the          ing a host of groups that use the              Johnson recounted a note that
and applied the prescribed strategy         church’s gamble to survive, John-         center—the grandmothers’ support            LaSovage gave her on a day when
of matching ministry to the needs of        son, LaSovage, and a few other            group, a women’s support group,             she felt particularly overcome. “We
the church’s immediate neighbor-            members left the church that day          classes on sewing, computers and            have climbed the mountain; now it’s
hood. Trudy’s Loving Center, a safe         with a pact to buy lottery tickets.       resume building. All the classes were       time to rest,” the note read.
haven and resource for families and         Those numbers didn’t add up either.       canceled. The families of the children         Although Johnson recognizes
at-risk mothers, opened in 2005 and           The parish’s decision to close          in the afternoon program were noti-         the wisdom of the message, it’s not
was named in memory of Trudy                now goes before Diocesan Council          fied that the center may close before       without a whimper. “I want to say
LaSovage. It offers women of the            on March 21 when council meets            the end of the school year.                 to God, but at whose price?”

The Record//Episcopal Life
April 2009                                                                                                                                                             3a

Michigan’s other Hispaniola outreach ministry

                        by Karen D. Bota

        ast year Pam Riley was on a                                                                                            part of the St. David’s team this year
        plane bound for Haiti, won-                                                                                            and last. “It was awesome to see 25-
        dering what she had to offer                                                                                           year-olds type in G-o-o-g-l-e for the
as a member of a medical mission                                                                                               first time.”

team. Riley, an agricultural econo-                                                                                                What has made the Haiti Out-
mist at Michigan State University                                                                                              reach Mission not only thrive but
with four young children, knew how                                                                                             continue to grow after more than a
to bandage a scraped knee, but that

                                                                                                                               decade is its ability to foster a sense
was the limit of her nursing experi-                                                                                           of focused common mission and
ence.                                                                                                                          relationships that last beyond the
   Then the plane landed, and she                                                                                              week spent in Haiti. “The only way
felt like she had come home.                                                                                                   to success is to pick out one region
                                                                                                                               and have all the churches work on
   In March this year, Riley is join-
                                                                                                                               it,” Matthews observed.
ing 10 other members of All Saints,
                                           the social service                                                                     By selecting just one Catholic and
East Lansing—65 people in total—
                                           agency for the                                                                      one Episcopal parish in Mirebalais,
who travel to Haiti with the Haiti
                                           Haitians, the only                                                                  there’s plenty of room for effective
Outreach Mission, the Diocese of
                                           thing that has per-                                                                 ministry without being spread too
Michigan’s other mission endeavor
                                           manency in their                                                                    thin while still having a strong im-
on the island of Hispaniola.
                                           lives,” Matthews                                                                    pact, Matthews said. St. Pierre’s, for
   An ecumenical ministry princi-          said, adding that                                                                   example, is one parish that includes
pally supported by Episcopal and           85 percent of the                                                                   14 missions, three schools and a
Roman Catholic churches in South-          population is                                                                       clinic. Each of the U.S. congrega-
east Michigan, the Haiti Outreach          Christian. “The                                                                     tions working with the Mission con-
Mission partners with two Haitian          government fails                                                                    tribute “seed money” of $3,500 and
parishes, St. Pierre Episcopal and St.     them, the weather                                                                   then take on a project, which they
Louis Catholic, in Mirebalais, a town      fails them. But ev-                                                                 work with in Haiti and also raise
in the mountains some 50 miles             ery time they need                                                                  money for throughout the year.
from the capital city, Port-au-Prince.     something, the
                                           church is there.                                                                        “You can build a hospital or a
   Soon after she arrived last year,
                                           We are the only                                                                     clinic or a school, but once you build
Riley learned the Mission had been                                                                Photo credit: Bill McNeece
                                           lifeline they have.”                                                                it, you have to have continuing sup-
offered a $20,000 grant to put in
                                                                                                                               port. Just to send money down is
fisheries. The grant would likely              Working with St. Pierre, the Haiti     playroom and art supplies. Some on
                                                                                                                               not any good,” said Matthews. “This
have to be turned down because             Outreach Mission converted an              the team will paint bright murals on
                                                                                                                               way you end up with a contest about
there was no one who knew how to           abandoned building into a full-time        the walls of the orphanage, while
                                                                                                                               who is doing what for what project
do that. “Here’s what I did 20 years       health care clinic, staffed by a doc-      others hold daily afternoon Vacation
                                                                                                                               in what church. It breeds [friendly]
ago in Africa,” said Riley, a former       tor, nurse, and part-time dentist. For     Bible School. A master gardener will
Peace Corps volunteer in Togo,             this year’s trip, 120 bins of over-the-    attend to the gardens, another vol-
West Africa. “That made me feel            counter medicines and other medical        unteer cleans up the side yard where        As with any successful ministry,
like I was supposed to be there.”          supplies were collected, and they          children play amidst trash, and still    there are lessons learned on both
                                           planned to install two dental units.       another plays a compost project and      sides.
   The Haiti Outreach Mission
was launched in 1998 by Roger                  Team doctors, nurses and para-         instruction about better ways of dis-        “After the hurricane, for a month
Matthews, member of St. David’s,           medics will see patients in the clinic,    posal. Riley is taking two solar ovens   and a half, the orphanage was cut off
Southfield, and his wife Dr. Domi-         but they also will travel to outlying      for the fledgling St. Gerard’s Bakery    from the school and there was no
nique Matthews, a pediatrician and         villages to dispense “shade tree med-      at the orphanage.                        water,” Matthews said. “The priest
member of St. Gerard Catholic              icine” because there is no place to            In Haiti, where there is a church    had to take the kids, food and water
Church in Detroit. Every year since,       work, Matthews explained. “They’re         there is also a school, and teacher      back and forth in a canoe—basically
the couple has raised money and            really dealing with people who are         training has become another focus        a dug-out log. Here [in the U.S.]
recruited volunteers to join them          very sick or elderly that can’t get out    of the Haiti Outreach Mission. “Last     we’d sit there, waiting for the bridge
in the small Caribbean country, the        of these villages to seek care.”           year we started continuing education     to be built, wondering what to do.
poorest in the Western hemisphere,                                                    for teachers in four schools we          The resilience of the Haitian people
                                               The focus of the All Saints’ vol-
where 80 percent of the inhabitants                                                   support. We put in a computer            is just amazing.”
                                           unteers is on the St. Blasé orphan-
live in poverty and half are illiterate.   age, where occupancy has doubled           center and library in two schools,          “I felt this way in Africa and I
   “Every time we go, it seems for         to 60. “The conditions for the kids        and pay for a satellite connection       think this about Haiti: it’s something
every step forward there are two           were better than what they would           for the 25 computers so they are all     we should all experience, being in
steps back,” said Roger Matthews.          have in a Haitian home but so much         connected. We taught the teachers        a serious Third World setting. Not
Last fall, four hurricanes and tropical    was missing,” Riley recalled from          about computers and the Internet,”       seeing it on TV, but being on the
storms swept through Haiti in less         her visit last year. “It was drab, there   said Matthews. This year, teachers       ground, is a very different thing,”
than a month, destroying homes,            was one soccer ball for 30 children,       will receive English lessons and ad-     said Riley.
crop fields and livestock. The aid         the gardens in the back were in need       ditional computer training.
                                                                                                                                  “There is such a strength in
that poured in during the weeks            of loving care; so we started thinking        “There are bright, quick people       people who live in such poverty,
immediately following the disaster         about things we could do in a week.”       wherever you go. It’s the environ-       what they do to survive day to day. I
stopped before people could get                They brought the children new          ment you have to help cultivate—         find it humbling. In the U.S., people
back on their feet.                        linens, towels and toiletries, 75          hooking up with that thirst for          are materially wealthy. In societies
   “The church is the only thing           soccer balls, jump ropes and other         knowledge,” said Chris Yaw, rector       like Haiti, the spiritual wealth is
functioning there. They are really         sports equipment, and a variety of         of St. David’s, Southfield, who was      incredible.”

                                                                                                                                              The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                             April 2009
Bridge Loans:

Helping Dominicans rise above poverty
                             by Herb Gunn

         he opening a cappella hymn
         from the tiny San Pedro
         and San Pablo church in the
heart of a northside barrio in Santo
Domingo breaks the silence of Sun-
day morning. The service begins at 7
a.m., just after the sun comes up and
shortly before most of the worship-
pers stroll from their modest cinder
block homes that sit within earshot
of the service.
    During his pre-worship ritual of            San Pedro and San Pablo Episcopal Church.                                        Priest Phil Seitz, rector of Trinity, West Branch.
setting prayer books on the wooden
benches and decoupling plastic
chairs for the expected overflow,
Deacon Alex Romero explained that
the service is scheduled between the
pre-dawn roosters’ serenade and the
stirring of a neighborhood awaken-
ing to blaring radios and the deafen-
ing rumble of motorcycle engines.
Otherwise, the service in the tiny
front room of a house, illuminated
by a light bulb that dangles from a             New hair salon started with micro-enterprise funding.               Life on the edge of the Osama River.
single wire, would be impossible to
   The Sunday morning worship also
starts early because, as with most                                                          by Five Talents International, the
vicars and deacons in the Dominican                                                         pilot project provides loans of be-
Republic, the clergy conduct services                                                       tween 1,000-7,000 pesos ($30-$200).
in a number of places. Romero has                                                              The pilot program in the Domi-
a 9 a.m. service at San Felipe Church                                                       nican Republic has provided loans to
in a modest but more finely furnished                                                       134 families in the past nine months.
neighborhood a short distance by                                                            Mostly granted to women in groups
car.                                                                                        of at least five, the loans allow
   Since its founding 17 years ago,                                                         people to start small businesses like
San Pedro and San Pablo has met                                                             hair salons, bakeries or sewing and
in private homes. On March 8, the                                                           clothing cooperatives. While a single
day of the Michigan delegation’s                                                            borrower signs for the loan, the
visit, the church broke ground for                                                          support of a group insures shared
a new building and school a short                                                           responsibility for repayment and
walk away that will serve the densely                                                       mutual accountability for the success
packed and impoverished commu-                                                              of the endeavor, Amparo explained.
nity where many people live at the              Deacon Alex Romero.                            He also emphasized that by                   Dominicans living under the bridge.
edge of the Osama River.                                                                    encouraging loans to women in the
   “The people were so welcoming                                                            same church, the loan program is in-
out of their poverty and so hospi-          pole, drinking water must be pur-               fused with a deeper spiritual element        percent, but suffered from a lower re-
table,” said Robert Gepert, bishop          chased from a truck that passes along           and helps develop a deeper sense of          payment rate and lower sustainability
of Western Michigan. “I was really          the dirt and rutted thoroughfare                community.                                   rate. In its first year, the new project’s
touched by their enthusiasm and             honking to proclaim its presence,                  In contrast to local bank interest        repayment rate is 100 percent.
their hope for the future and the           and the only choice to paying a fee             rates of an exorbitant 50 percent, the          Five Talents International is the
building of a new church there.”            for waste and trash removal is to let           church’s interest rate on a project de-      Anglican Church-based agency that
                                            the river rinse it downstream.                  velopment loan is 30 percent. While          provides the seed money for the
   Life near the river has its perils.
Not only are the people squatters              Scattered among the modest                   that also seems high, Amparo, who            project in the Dominican Republic:
with neither legal right to the prop-       housing are a handful of women                  also serves as a priest at San Andres        $50,000 in 2008 and $60,000 in 2009.
erty nor normal municipal services,         who benefit from the program of                 church in Santo Domingo, explained              “The main weapon we have to
when the river frequently rises, the        La Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana (the            that it covers a 10 percent savings          fight poverty is this kind of pro-
wooden and tin dwellings are com-           Episcopal Church of the Dominican               and reinvestment reserve, health             gram,” Amparo said. “In nine
pletely submerged by flood waters.          Republic) to provide micro-enter-               insurance, transportation, and funds         months, if we can reach 134 families,
                                            prise loans. Under the direction of             for employing people so that the             we wonder how many can we reach
    Life literally under the bridge         Priest Milton Amparo, the director              businesses do not have to rely solely        in 10 years, and how many more
is tenuous. The electrical wiring is        of planning and development pro-                on volunteers. A prior development           areas outside of Santo Domingo.”
strewn like spaghetti from pole to          gram at the diocese, and supported              project of the church charged only 18

The Record//Episcopal Life
April 2009

                                                                   Photos by Herb Gunn            Western Michigan Deacon Beth Lynn Tomczak attracts a crowd in Barrio La Bombita in Azua.

Priest Peter Swarr and Bishop Julio Holguin.     A founding member of San Marcos.                 Michigan delegation surveys new school site.   Bishop Holguin at Jesus Nazareno school.

                                                                                                                                                 (left-to-right): Eastern Michigan Priest Phil
                                                                                                                                                 Seitz, Bishop Wendell Gibbs, Bishop Todd
                                                                                                                                                 Ousley and Bishop Robert Gepert talk
                                                                                                                                                 with Sister Jean Gabriela of the Sisters
                                                                                                                                                 of Transfiguration (Cincinnati, Ohio). The
Michigan delegation visited the Episcopal Church in San Marcos. The diocese has purchased land to begin construction on a new church building.   Episcopal religious order established

6a                                                                                                                                                                 The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                                                  April 2009

     Flag team welcomes the Michigan delegation to Santa Cruz church and school in Santa Fe.          San Antonio de Padua began in a tiny family chapel. The diocese is building new school building.

     One of the children of La Bombita in Azua.      Teachers at Baby Jesus Episcopal School in Montellano.                                             Student at Baby Jesus Episcopal School.

Centro Buen Pastor in 1974 as a nutrition
program in the extremely poor Barrio Los
Flores in San Pedro. They have expanded
the neighborhood ministries to include
education, a health center, housing
assistance, and advocacy on behalf of the            Bishop Julio Holguin reviews blueprints and plans for expanding San Matias school in Santana where 500 students attend.
poor and marginalized.

     The Record//Episcopal Life
     April 2009                                                                                                                                                                                 7a
Dominican Republic mission and ministry

comes home with Michigan bishops
T                                                                                                                            “W
                          by Herb Gunn

        he three Michigan bishops
        flew home from the Domi-
        nican Republic on March                                                                                                         e’ve	been	
11 with more than cheap coffee.
Packed amid the ballast of their                                                                                                        with	people	
vocational cargo were specific
images, poignant stories, and their
                                                                                                                             who	have	practically	
imagination of how a fresh com-                                                                                              nothing	and	yet	they	
panion relationship might impact
ministry in their home dioceses.                                                                                             have	everything	
   Bishop Robert Gepert was                                                                                                  because	they	have	joy	
                                                                                                                             and	faith	and	hope	and	
particularly struck with two faith
communities in the D.R. One was
the imperiled community around                                                                                               they	are	full	of	life.”
San Pedro and San Pablo on the
north side of Santo Domingo (see
page 5a); the other, called Barrio San                                                                                          —Bishop	Wendell	Gibbs
Marcos, was on the impoverished
outskirts of the northern coastal city
of Puerta Plata. Both drew to his                                                                                           Bishop Wendell Gibbs, Bishop Robert
                                                                                                                            Gepert, and Bishop Todd Ousley at
consciousness “the incredible need                                                                                          Santa Cruz church in Santa Fe.
for service” in similar but less desti-
tute areas of the Diocese of Western
Michigan.                                 willing to share it. We are too busy      Marcorís where the church banners        continue to take those steps.
                                          fighting over whether we should use       and T-shirts make the claim: “Dios es        “In our society, we want to bal-
    “I was so impressed by the            money left to us by our forebears,”       Fiel” (translation: God is faithful).
founding of churches in the poorest                                                                                          ance the budget and make sure all
                                          Gibbs said.                                   “For me, it is a reminder that if    our ducks are in a row—that not
of neighborhoods,” he said. “I think
that while we may not have a bunch           “Should we use endowment               we go back to the basics, if we go       only do we have enough manna for
of bucks to do something like that,       monies to keep ministries going?          back to the covenantal relationship      today, but that there is enough for
we can at least go into those neigh-      I still say ‘yes.’ As long as the mini-   that God has established with us—        tomorrow and the next day and the
borhoods and bring The Good               stry we keep going is working to          it’s about God’s faithfulness. The       next day. It was clear at every turn
News. My personal commitment              improve the plight of the poor, then      whole Biblical narrative is about        in the Dominican Republic, people
is to bring something to the poor         we should spend it. But not to con-       people who are ill equipped. They        truly understand that because God
neighborhoods of Kalamazoo—for            tinue to maintain what we’ve always       don’t have directions; they don’t        is faithful, we are called to step out
me, Bob Gepert. And to call the           maintained so that we can show off        have a clear destination; they don’t     in faith.
church into action in the same way.       beautiful stained glass windows.”         have the resources; ridiculous prom-         “It’s about getting in touch with
                                             Gibbs recalled a conversation          ises are made to them, and yet they      Dios es Fiel,” Ousley said.
   “I wish we could instill the in-
credible joy that I saw in the church     on the bus while driving through

                                                                                        Michigan bishops reflect
in the Dominican Republic in our          the Dominican Republic, when the
own churches,” Gepert added.              bishops were challenged to identify

                                                                                        on the potential for a
                                          two dozen ministries in Michigan
    Bishop Wendell Gibbs recalls the      that their dioceses could display for
first Diocesan Convention in 2001         visitors from the D.R.

                                                                                        companion relationship
after he was installed as the diocesan
bishop in the Diocese of Michigan.           “I’d have to look pretty hard to
                                          take Bishop Holguin and a group

   “I got in trouble because I said       of his folk to the kinds of ministries
something about not having to leave                                                             hile the bishops, fresh off the plane from the trip to the
                                          they showed us, because a lot of
town to do mission,” said Gibbs,                                                                Dominican Republic, desired some time to reflect, share and
                                          what we do is about ourselves; it’s
noting that his comments were                                                           process the possibility of a deeper relationship with the Caribbean
                                          not about anybody else. It’s about
misunderstood to suggest he did not                                                     nation and church, some early indications were all positive.
                                          maintaining what we have; God
value overseas mission. “I wasn’t         forbid, we should lose it.                        “I think a relationship has already begun,” said Bishop Robert
saying that we shouldn’t leave town,                                                    Gepert. “The direction it takes, I don’t know, but the relationship is
just that we could look around us            “We’ve been with people who                already begun.”
and find plenty of mission to do on       have practically nothing and yet they
                                                                                            “We are being called into a partnership here,” added Bishop Todd
the way to the airport.                   have everything, because they have
                                                                                        Ousley, “and it’s not just with the D.R.—it’s the three of us in part-
                                          joy and faith and hope and they are
   “I still think for us to be the                                                      nership with them. I see possibilities for what the D.R. can bring to
                                          full of life,” Gibbs said. “I am hop-
church we are called to be, we have                                                     us in ways that I haven’t always seen with companion relationships.”
                                          ing to find a way to translate what
to go elsewhere and help those less       we have seen so that we can look                  “And that’s one of the most important things from this visit.
fortunate than ourselves, because we      beyond ourselves and move out of              It’s got to be a two-way relationship,” said Bishop Wendell Gibbs.
are incredibly rich. Even though we       maintenance and into true mission.”           “I think we have found a potential partner to help us do that, one
are trying to hold onto every dime                                                      who can teach us something about true mission and its definition as
we have, we have way more than               Bishop Todd Ousley recalled                relationship.”
these people have. And we aren’t          a message from San Francisco de

8a                                                                                                                                         The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                          April 2009

CELEBRATE II: Becoming a whosoever church
T                            by Herb Gunn
       wo keynote speakers—the
       Rev. Dr. Lottie Jones Hood
       and the Rev. Dr. Stephen
Bauman—set the stage on Saturday,
February 28, for a comprehensive
study of church mission develop-
                                                                                                                                      “You have to give men a cause in
                                                                                                                                   the community, and then sometimes
                                                                                                                                   they will find Jesus later,” Randolph
                                                                                                                                   said. “Men don’t [generally] want to
                                                                                                                                   be part of a church; they want to be
                                                                                                                                   part of a movement.”
ment, hospitality, and how to turn
around urban congregations.                                                                                                           “We are a whosoever church,”
                                                                                                                                   said Randolph, reminding a dozen
   Pastor at First Congregational                                                                                                  who attended the workshop that
Church on Woodward Avenue,                                                                                                         “God does not call the qualified, he
Hood spoke to the theme of the                                                                                                     qualifies those he calls.”
day—becoming a “whosoever
church—and asked what would that                                                                                                      Ian Reed Twiss, pastor of Holy
look like. For her and the church                                                                                                  Faith, Saline—an Episcopal/Luther-
she has served as pastor since 1994,                                                                                               an worshipping community—attri-
being a “whosoever church” means                                                                                                   buted recent church growth to
“responding to and being relevant                                                                                                  intentionally linking church events
to the community around.”                                                                                                          and outreach in the community with
                                            Ian Reed Twiss, pastor of Holy Faith, Saline                                           the demographic realities of Saline
    She explained that after she ar-                                                                                               and the anticipated interests of new
rived at the Detroit church, which          the manner in which New Yorkers                   “We need a recovery of a sense
is a block south of the Episcopal           responded to rescue the 155 survi-             of passion, a sense of agency and
Church Center and St. Paul’s Cathe-         vors.                                          ownership, and a sense of courage.”        Deon Johnson, rector at St.
dral, they began to actively encour-                                                                                               Paul’s, Brighton, pointed out that
                                               “The first thing is that there was             Late-morning and afternoon
age attendance of homeless people                                                                                                  for the Episcopal Church, which
                                            a sense of urgency and a sense of              workshops underscored the theme
in the vicinity of the church—whom                                                                                                 demonstrates an appreciation for
                                            passion,” Bauman said. “It meant               set by the morning speakers.
she prefers to call “home-base chal-                                                                                               the experiences of worship, every
                                            getting in the boats because people               Barry Randolph, pastor at
lenged.”                                                                                                                           facet of the church’s appearance,
                                            on the wings were going to die if we           Church of the Messiah, Detroit, led     from Web sites to a welcoming
   Some established members wor-            didn’t get there. We need to recover           a session on engaging men in the        building, must be seen through the
ried about the financial impact the         a sense of urgency about mission in            community and drawing them into         eyes of a newcomer.
outreach would have on the church           our church.                                    church. Messiah has had success in
since serving that population would                                                                                                   “As liturgical people, we have
                                                “Secondly, there was a sense of            doing so by appealing to what men
cost money that the home-base                                                                                                      to think about our rusty buckets,”
                                            ownership; this is for me [to do]; it’s        will do. For Messiah, this means
challenged population could not                                                                                                    said Johnson, referring to the things
                                            not for somebody else. I have to do            maintaining a summer garden that is
contribute.                                                                                                                        regular members are so used to
                                            it if I can. The third was a sense of          easy to see when driving or walking
                                                                                                                                   seeing, they just aren’t noticed any
    But, Hood explained to the 100          courage. They just went. There was             by or their next project, building a
or so participants of “Celebrate            a sense of abandon,” he said.                  neighborhood park.
II: Expanding our Hospitality and

                                                   Who traveled with the bishops?
Discipleship,” co-sponsored by the
Episcopal Diocese of Michigan and
the Southeast Michigan Synod of

the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
America, “if we are being a whoso-
                                                       he three Michigan bishops each traveled to
ever church and doing it through
                                                       the Dominican Republic with one person
God, the money just comes.”
                                                   from their diocese.
   First Congregational Church, she
                                                      Peter Swarr, associate rector at St. John’s, Plym-
added, “is going to survive as long
                                                   outh, and D.R-aficionado, accompanied Bishop
as we continue to be a whosoever
                                                   Gibbs. He initially went to the Caribbean nation in
                                                   January 2004 as an exchange student from Virginia
   In highlighting his perspective                 Theological Seminary and returned later that year
on becoming a church responsive                    with a team from the Diocese of Maine.
to its community, Bauman made
                                                     During the summer of 2005, he was a leader
several references to crises where he
                                                   and translator for an 11-day youth mission trip
has served for two decades—New
                                                   when 12 youth and four adults traveled to Jalonga
York City. He said we need to
                                                   where they helped get a bakery started.                       cese of Eastern Michigan and chair of the Global
recognize that life on the economic
margins of society is like “little                    After arriving in the Diocese of Michigan, Swarr           Mission Task Force, Seitz first went to the D.R.
ground zeroes that people face                     led a team from St. John’s to the D.R. in 2007                20 years ago with a Michigan State University Ex-
every day.”                                        and last September, St. John’s hosted Dominican               tension program to develop cooperative farming.
                                                   priest Sandino Sanchez and his family on a visit to              Beth Tomczak, a deacon in the Diocese of
   He also noted three attributes
                                                   Michigan. Swarr is leading another team from St.              Western Michigan and a registered nurse, trav-
needed for a renewal of the church’s
                                                   John’s to the D.R. in July.                                   eled with Bishop Robert Gepert. Tomczak is
mission and he witnessed them
during a more recent event in New                    Phil Seitz, rector of Trinity Church, West                  responsible for introducing and promoting the
York life, the successful landing                  Branch, traveled with Bishop Todd Ousley. A                   Millennium Development Goals in congregations
of US Airways Flight 1549 on the                   member of the Standing Committee in the Dio-                  throughout the Diocese of Western Michigan.
Hudson River in mid-January and

The Record//Episcopal Life
April 2009

Summer Camp for kids                                                                              Living Water Ministries

                by Living Water Ministries

     aith development of children is         of high ropes and low ropes chal-
     the most important contribu-            lenge courses, through the fun of
tion to the life of a congregation           swimming, canoeing and horseback
that any adult or parent can make.           riding, through praise at campfires
And while academics, sports, and             and worship, and through reflection
other extra-curricular activities have       during bible study and cabin devo-
their place, it is the development           tions. It is the combination of all the
of children’s relationship with God          experiences at camp that can inspire
that is of utmost importance.                the hearts of campers to a greater
                                             focus on God.                              player in the faith development of        which may be just exactly what the
    But in a world that seems to be                                                     young Christians. The vision of Liv-      world needs.
more and more focused on sexual-                 An experience at Michi-Lu-Ca           ing Water Ministries is to provide          Register children today for the
ity, violence, and materialism while         and Stony Lake accomplishes such           programs that inspire participants        summer 2009 season by visiting
religion and faith development take          things, in part, because the focus on      to deeper service as Jesus served,        www.elcalivingwater.com or call
a more peripheral role, it can feel as       sexuality, violence, and materialism
if the adults are losing a war.              is shed and replaced with a focus on
   One of the tools at the disposal          love and grace. Children are discon-
of faithful adults in the Episcopal          nected with this digital world, and            Living Water Ministries
Diocese of Michigan is summer
camp with Living Water Ministries
                                             experience God in an unfiltered
                                             way as they find themselves in the             Summer Day Camp in Ann Arbor
at Michi-Lu-Ca or Stony Lake.                midst of God’s beautiful creation.                 St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church and King of Kings Lutheran
Camp is truly a place where miracles         Faith comes to the forefront, and              Church will host Living Water Ministries Day Camp, June 22-26,
happen and children grow in faith            although it is only for one week, the          for children five to 12 years of age. The camp, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each
substantially over the course of a           experience is unimaginably power-              day, will be held at St. Aidan’s in Ann Arbor. The cost is $75 if reg-
week. These miracles occur through           ful.                                           istration occurs by April 12; $85 afterward.
the creation of an intentional com-             The experience of a week of                   For additional information, see www.staidan.org or call 734/663-
munity that values each member,              camp at Michi-Lu-Ca or Stony Lake              5503.
through the team-building initiatives        can be a significant, if not pivotal,

WORLDVIEWS: Open your mind to new ideas

                         by Mark Jenkins

           alking into the first day                                                                                                 In addition to Mosher’s leader-
           of the 2007 Worldviews                                                                                                 ship, speakers from a wide range of
           Seminar, Rachel Cum-                                                                                                   religious and academic backgrounds
mings had no real expectations,                                                                                                   contribute to the conversations. Of
good or bad. A public school special                                                                                              particular note is the involvement
education teacher, she thought it                                                                                                 of Dr. Claude Jacobs, associate
might be an interesting way to gain                                                                                               professor of anthropology at the
Continuing Education Units. By                                                                                                    University of Michigan-Dearborn
the time she left the final session on                                                                                            and a member of St. Matthew’s &
Saturday morning, she was sold.                                                                                                   St. Joseph’s, Detroit.
   “My experience with Worldviews                                                                                                    “Claude’s leadership has been
was more than informative; it was                                                                                                 invaluable,” said Dan Appleyard,
enlightening,” Cummings said. “We                                                                                                 rector of Christ Church and found-
as a people take so much at face                                                                                                  ing member of the seminar steering
value instead of trying to learn the                                                                                              committee.
history or beginnings of certain reli-                                                                                               Undergraduate and graduate stu-
gions. Seeing firsthand, hearing the                                                                                              dents make a significant contribu-
people worship, and explain their            Islamic Center of America in Dearborn
                                                                                                                                  tion from the University of Michi-
beliefs, brings a greater understand-        University of Michigan-Dearborn,           got to actually visit various religious   gan-Dearborn and the Ecumenical
ing.”                                        the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan          sites to meet, talk, mingle and break     Theological Seminary. The students
   Cummings’ response to this na-            and Christ Church, Dearborn. Since         bread with people of different            enroll through their respective
tionally renowned, week-long semi-           that time, sponsors and co-sponsors        faiths.”                                  institutions for academic credit. For
nar is not unusual. “That one week           have grown to include the Pluralism           Dr. Lucinda Mosher, director of        post-graduates, Continuing Educa-
gave me renewed energy to work in            Project at the University of Michi-        Religions for Peace USA, has led          tion Units may be available, depend-
other areas of diversity, interfaith         gan-Dearborn. The goal of the              the course since its inception. Over      ing on the professional organization.
and religious discourse,” said Bar-          seminar is to acquaint participants        the course of many years, Mosher          Registration for the June 22-June 27
bara Taylor, director of the Detroit         with the perspectives of a wide vari-      has consulted and taught in a wide        seminar is limited and closes May
West District Peace Center. “It led          ety of world religions.                    variety of venues, including General      22. Full and partial need-based cost
me to write a book on Interfaith and            “Worldviews was much more               Theological Seminary, Fordham             waivers are available for qualified
establish a Peace Center through my          than the average seminar,” Taylor          University, the Interfaith Relations      workshop participants.
church.”                                     said. “In addition to lectures on          Office of the National Council of            For further information, contact
   The Worldviews Seminar began              different faiths by a very knowledge-      Churches of Christ-USA, and the           Sherrie Beard at 313/593-4925 or
in the aftermath of September 11,            able scholar, videos for reinforce-        Anglican Communion Network of             Jan Timpko at Christ Church, Dear-
2001, as a cooperative effort of the         ment, and resource information, one        Inter Faith Concerns.                     born, at 313/565-8450.

10a                                                                                                                                             The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                               April 2009
St. Katherine’s, Williamston

Memory and mystery woven into liturgical art
                         by Karen D. Bota
           aren East lovingly describes     summer, and the evergreens that last
           her parish, St. Katherine’s,     all year,” explained East, who added
           Williamston, as “a great         that St. Katherine’s is rooted in its
community with a lot of very artisti-       beautiful grounds more than any
cally talented and creative people.”        other spiritual community she has
   Being a gifted fiber artist herself,     been part of.
she is right where she belongs. In             “We are the grounds; the grounds
February, East unveiled a gift to           define us,” she said of the surround-
the parish honoring the community           ing acres of gardens, woods, trails
that means so much to her and the           and a labyrinth. “It’s a really beauti-
congregation’s rector, Jannel Glen-         ful community and Jannel has been
nie, whose last day at St. Katherine’s      a real vital part of it.
is Pentecost Sunday. East wove her             “Jannel is a very visual person
own material and then sewed vest-           and she uses a lot of imagery in her
ments for the Green Season.                 sermons, whether with pictures she        Karen East (right) with St. Katherine’s, Williamston, Rector Jannel Glennie.

   “I had always known that I               has drawn with words or media
wanted to do things with textiles,”         presentations or other artwork she
said East, who started sewing as            has brought into the church. She’s
a child. “I always liked cloth and          spawned a more visual spirituality
thought it would be fun to make             than I had before. All those things
completely new and unique cloth of          began to come together.”
my own design. I started weaving               East made altar and lectern cloths
when I finished college.”                   and a scapular for Glennie. She is
   After joining a weaving com-             working on an additional scapular
munity in Ann Arbor and taking              for Kelly West, a young woman who
classes, moving out of state and            grew up in the parish, discerned her
then back to Michigan, she bought           call to the priesthood there, and was
                                                                                      “I used three different shades of green in weaving the cloth, which gives more depth than a
her first real loom and wove cloth          ordained. Because Glennie will be         single shade,” said Karen East.
for her wedding dress, which she            leaving, East plans to add a chasuble
then made.                                  to clothe the priest who comes to         color for Kelly and a deeper sum-                    A cradle Episcopalian, East said
                                            St. Katherine’s next.                     mer green for Jannel. It also allows              St. Katherine’s is the first church
   At Glennie’s urging, East decided
                                                                                      people to see the different seasons               community she’s really been com-
to create vestments in green so they           “I used three different shades of      of the forest, using the different                mitted to and involved with. She
could be used as much as possible           green in weaving the cloth, which         shades of light and dark that play                joined in 1991 and was married
and also because the many shades of         gives more depth than a single            off each other. The broken-point                  there, too. She was involved with
green fit the natural environment of        shade. Also, I could create different     twill gives a sense more of evergreen             the youth group, where she got to
the forest that is integral to the St.      images for Jannel and Kelly,” East        than deciduous trees.”                            know West, served on the vestry,
Katherine’s community.                      explained. “Kelly is at the beginning
                                                                                          On Glennie’s scapular, the front              was senior warden for two years,
   “The light bright greens of              of her ministry, while Jannel is fur-
                                                                                      piece of cloth has a woven image                  and now is the worship center
spring, the mature deep greens of           ther along; so I used a fresher spring
                                                                                      of the cross that hangs above St.                 teacher.
                                                                                      Katherine’s altar—two pieces of

Bonnie Anderson named canon
                                                                                                                                            East’s passion is weaving, but her
                                                                                      wood that hang parallel to one an-                degree is in toxicology. She works
                                                                                      other. Olive branches are suspended               for the Michigan legislature as the

in Diocese of Equador Central
                                                                                      inside the arms of the cross so that              director of the non-partisan research
                                                                                      it appears to float above the altar.              staff. “I tend to do questions in

                                                                                          “The structural openness allows               health- or environmental-related
               by Episcopal News Service
                                                                                      light to pass through it. It gives a              fields,” she said. With an 11-year-
     onnie Anderson, president of              “I think it is a tribute to Bishop     peaceful, hopeful sense to me,” East              old and 7-year-old twins, weaving is
     the House of Deputies of the           Ramos that he honors lay people           said. “On the piece I wove there                  “pretty much a hobby for now.”
Episcopal Church and chair of the           in his own diocese by empowering          is a strong vertical and horizontal
                                                                                                                                            “Weaving is more like my mental
Diocese of Michigan deputation to           their ministry and by his supportive      brown, and then it’s embroidered
                                                                                                                                        health activity I can do and control
General Convention, was named a             and humble faithfulness,” Anderson        and beaded on the inside for the
                                                                                                                                        and create. It’s a rhythmic process
canon of the Diocese of Ecuador             said. “It is a great honor to me that     olive branch part. A light image
                                                                                                                                        to weave, with a lot of motion to it
Central. The special service with           I have been asked to be a part of the     emanates from the center. Part of it
                                                                                                                                        in a very rhythmic way so the activ-
Bishop Wilfrido Ramos-Orench was            diocese in this way.”                     is Jannel uses a lot of light imagery,
                                                                                                                                        ity is very calming and soothing, but
held on Sunday, February 21, at the            The diocese of Ecuador Central         part of it is her words, and part is
                                                                                                                                        it’s also a way to feel productive,”
Catedral de El Senor in Quito.                                                        the physical structure itself.
                                            is one of the 110 dioceses in the                                                           East said.
   According to Episcopal Church            Episcopal Church. Part of Province            “It seems in my experience at
                                                                                      St. Katherine’s we focus more on                      “Working on this design [though],
and Anglican understanding, the             IX, it is one of two dioceses located
                                                                                      Easter and the hope and promise                   letting that flow and change over
term “canon” relates to persons             in Ecuador. The diocese of Ecuador
                                                                                      than the guilt that leads up to it.               time, was a process where I ended
attached to the bishop or to the            Central consists of 28 mission con-
                                                                                      Being here and having that image                  up pulling together a lot of thoughts
bishop’s church, the cathedral.             gregations and 16 priests, including
                                                                                      and presence was important for me                 and ideas I had not previously done.
Canons can be members of the                four women, a retired priest and
                                                                                      to move in to this community and                  That was a spiritual journey for me.”
clergy or lay leaders in the church.        four missioners.
                                                                                      be a part of it.”

The Record//Episcopal Life
April 2009                                                                                                                                                                   11a
                        Diocesan Ministry Development Calendar

                         Ministry Fair in May                                                                                      CAMP
                                            Saturday, May 2
                                   at Christ Church, Grosse Pointe
             Bring your whole                                                                                                       2009
         Church Leadership Team                                           Discerning your                                       The	youth	of	the	Diocese	of	Michigan		
   Ministry Fair is a day of workshops providing new                      Call to Ministry                                    will	return	to	the	Gulf	Coast	for	a	mission	
ideas, skills and knowledge for people of faith. The                                                                        trip	in	July.	The	trip	will	be	to	Bay	St.	Louis,	
                                                                     If you are at the earliest stages of discerning
day will include four different time blocks of work-                                                                                 Mississippi,	from	July	19-26,		
                                                                 a call to ministry—lay or ordained—a special
shops where you might find yourself learning how                                                                                     for	youth	15-22	years	of	age.
                                                                 “inquirers” session is planned for Ministry Fair.
to create a Web site that will attract visitors, enhance
your youth and young adult programs, discern a call                  If you’ve ever wondered how God can use                    $650	covers	all	transportation	&	meals.		
to ministry, explore your spirituality through move-             your gifts as a member of the lay order, please
ment, find out about starting a church health ministry           join us for the inquirers’ session.                                  Please register by March 30.	
and so much more.                                                    If you’ve ever wondered if you are being                                        	
    Of special note this year is a track for church              called to the priesthood or the diaconate                                           	
leaders: visioning and transformation in congrega-               (even if it’s just a whisper), please join the               Questions	can	be	directed	to	Beth	Rowley	at	
tions, vestry training and a workshop specifically for           inquirers’ session. You’ll find information and               browley@edomi.org	or	call	313/833-4421	
wardens with Bishop Gibbs and one for treasurers.                fellowship, not pressure.                                    or	to	Pastor	Manisha	Dostert	at	associate@
                                                                      Your sponsoring clergy is encouraged to                   ststephenstroy.org	or	call	248/641-8080.
   Choosing from over 30 offerings will be a chal-
lenge, so plan to send a team in order to bring back                     attend this session with you.
as much information and as many ideas as possible!

                      Contact:	Beth	Rowley	at	313/833-4421	or	browley@edomi.org

                                Eighth Annual Worldviews Seminar
                                                                                  June 22 – 27
                                               A	six-day	experienced-based	seminar	at	the	University	of	Michigan-Dearborn.
                                                   •	Learn	about	the	beliefs	and	practices	of	some	of	the	world’s	religions
                                                           •	Discover	the	multi-religious	nature	of	Metropolitan	Detroit.
                                                 •	Learn	concepts,	vocabulary	and	practice	useful	in	interreligious	dialogue.
                                                         •	Develop	skills	helpful	to	citizens	of	a	multi-religious	America.

                          Featuring	Dr.	Lucinda	Mosher,	a	noted	scholar,	educator,	and	consultant	on	interreligious	relations.	
    Baha’i                                                                                                                                                      Hinduism
                       Sessions	are	held	at	the	University	of	Michigan-Dearborn,	Christ	Episcopal	Church,	and	other	locations.
    Buddhism                                                  Register by May 29--Registration is limited                                                            Islam

    Chinese Traditional Religions                                                                                                                                 Jainism
                                                                         To	reserve	a	place,	contact:
    Japanese Traditional Religions                                                                                                                              Judaism
                                                                        Sharie	Beard	at	313/592-4925
    Christianity                                                                                                                                                  Sikhism
                                                                   Prof.	Charles	Mabee	at	313/831-5200
    First Peoples and Native Traditions                                 Jan	Timpko	at	313/565-8450                                                       Zoroastrianism

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