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									                                                 Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
                                                              Makeup Services
make-up consultation
One of our professional Estheticians or Makeup

Artists will spend 30 minutes with you choosing
the best colors for you from our all mineral make-
up line, Colorescience and giving you basic
make-up tips. If you purchase a minimum of $60
                                    make-up lesson*
of Colorescience during your appointment, $15 is        Allow us to customize the perfect make-up
applied to your purchase.
                HBC Members          Guests
                                                        routine to fit your lifestyle and needs. Learn
                                                        savvy techniques tailored to how you want to
                                                                          Our Makeup Artists
30 minutes         $15              $17                 look. Feel free to bring make-up supplies you
(offered by all Estheticians & Makeup Artists)          already own so we can help you avoid dupli-

                 and Makeup Artist.
make-up consultation                                              Cosmetologist
                                                                          HBC Members        Guests
plus mini makeover
                 and Makeup Artist.
                                                        75 minutesAshley     $60             $65
This 45 minute session takes our make-up consul-                  Cosmetologist
tation to the next step! Our Makeup Artist will
                          http://www.cureacnes.infoMakeup Artist.
                                    bridal make-up*
moisturize your face and then apply your make-
up. We will help you choose the Colorescience
                                                        Your wedding is one of the most important

                                                        days of your life.
colors that best suit you and do a quick make-
                                                        Step 1     The Make-up Rehearsal… First we
over so you can really see first hand what colors
                                                        discuss the look you want; then select colors
                                                                  MAC Trained Freelance Makeup Artist.
are best for you.                                       and apply make-up that is designed to last
                 HBC Members            Guests          and look natural.
45 minutes          $20
(offered by some Estheticians & Makeup Artists)
                                                        Step 2 Wedding Day Make-up… On the big
                                                        day, We’ll apply your make-up, according to

                                                        your make-up rehearsal.

special occasion make-up*                                                 HBC Members        Guests

For those special occasions when you want to
look extra special. We will create the best look
                                                        Each add’l Person $75
                                                                               $100              $120

for you for day, evening, work or play. Great for       On-site   Wedding      party   Make-up     available.
Prom, Photo shoots, Photo shoots for Business, or       Call ext 130 for prices.
any other special day.
                 HBC Members        *   Guests           These services are done by our makeup artists.
                            Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
60 minutes          $45                  $50
                                             Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
   About Colorescience
     All mineral Makeup Make-up
                                            200 Packet Landing Road
                                              Alameda, Calif. 94502                       Services
Colorescience all mineral pigments are
    purely natural, without additives.
                                                For Appointments                                at
                       http://www.cureacnes.infoThe Spa at
Colorescience products act as a physical sun
    block from harmful UVA and UVB rays.               go to :
Unique formula is actually GOOD for your skin.
While pigments look like a powder, they feel
    like a weightless cream.
Colorescience products are perfect for
                                                        or call                        Harbor Bay
    sensitive skin, including acne-prone skin
    and those with rosacea.              (510) 521-5416 ext 125
Colorescience products are

Colorescience products contain ingredients
    that act as an antiseptic, killing the
                                                    Arrival Time

    bacteria that cause acne.    Please arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment in
                                 order to receive the full session booked for you.
The minerals lay on top of the skin, acting as a
    protective barrier from environmental
Colorescience products contain NO DYES
    that are potentially cancer-causing.       Cancellation Policy
                                 Because your space is reserved for you, a 24 hour
Minerals actually balance skin, diminishing
    blemish-causing oils.        notice of cancellation is required or 100% of fee
The minerals seal in moisture, helping soothe

                                 will be charged. A credit card number is required
    and reverse dry skin problems.
                                 on all guest appointments and an HBC member
Colorescience products are extremely
                                 number is required on all member appointments.
    water-resistant but wash off easily with a
Colorescience products are totally animal
    and eco-friendly.
Colorescience is the Purest of all mineral
    makeup lines on the market.

Colorescience is the ONLY makeup line
    recommended by The Skin Cancer
                                 For Appointment:
                                                                                   go to:
              Or call:
                                         are available for all services

              521-5416 ext 125                      (510)
                         Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!

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