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									                                        CADOGAN HALL
                              TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
An AMX control system is used to coordinate lighting, sound and stage management operations on a series of touch screens.
These incorporate a cue light system and remote control of a number of auditorium features including the projection screen,
house lights, curtains and backstage working lights.

A Tecpro communications system is fitted with connection points around the Hall and in backstage areas.

A show relay system is provided which includes audio and video from four remote control colour cameras. These may be
routed all over the building as required. Backstage calls may be made from the side of the stage and from stage door.


13m wide
10m deep

The stage is level (i.e. no rake) and consists of oak effect panels which may be removed to provide access to power and AV
system connections. A floor plan is available upon request.

A passenger lift rises from Stage Door to stage level. Its safe working load is 1000kg (evenly distributed,) the dimensions are
as follows:

1m wide
2m high

1.3m wide
1.7m deep
Between 2.2m and 2.3m high - the ceiling is arched.

A goods lift with a safe working load of 500Kg (evenly distributed) is fitted in the stage to allow access to a storage area
below. This cannot be used during performances and does not provide direct access to the street. Its dimensions are as

1.7m wide
2.8m deep
2.1m high

A modular choir riser system is provided that is designed to be built in three tiers (200mm, 400mm and 600mm tall) 8.4m
long for up to 54 people. However, this system can be used in a number of different configurations using the sections shown
3x       2.4m x 1m
6x       2m x 1m
6x       1m x 1m
We have sufficient legs to put the whole system at the 400mm height if required.

100 black armless orchestral chairs
70 music stands with oak desks, these may be fitted with lights if required
12 metal fold up music stands
Black Harlequin floor
Oak lectern with microphones and AV equipment fitted.
Steinway model D concert grand piano. (Weighing 480kg)
20X stage weights

A 63A three phase Ceeform socket is provided USL and USR

Performances with more than 40 people on stage will affect the Halls seating capacity pro rata.

The Meyer sound system can be operated in a number of ways. These include “Manual”, where the console drives the
system or “Cinema”, where the Lexicon 7.1 Surround Sound Controller drives the system in conjunction with the data
projector and AV playback equipment.

The Hall is fitted with a Sennheiser infrared amplification system for the hearing impaired. Headsets are available from Box
Office upon request.

The standard front of house PA system consists of the following speakers:

2x      flown seven segment M1D line arrays driven in stereo.
2x      UPJ fills behind the main system.
2x      UPM fills for the ends of the balcony.
9x      UPM delays under the balcony

The larger PA system includes the speakers listed above plus extra speakers on the stage:

2x      CQ1 speakers
2x      USW sub base speakers
2x      UPM front fills

9x      UPM’s around the Hall provide a surround sound effect.


PM1D V2 sound console (48 patchable channels available on stage). Linked to a dedicated PC running management software
Tascam DA-45HR DAT Recorder
Tascam CD-RW2000 CD Recorder
Tascam MD-801R MkII Minidisk Recorder
Tascam 122MkII Cassette Recorder
Denon DN-D4500 Twin deck CD player
8X AKG SR4000 radio microphone receivers linked to a PC running management and diagnostic software
Two monitor speakers are installed in the control booth arranged around the sound console


6x      Shure SM58
2x      Shure SM58S
4x      Shure SM57
4x      AKG 391 microphone bodies
4x      AKG CK91 with pop shields
2x      AKG 747
2x      AKG 414
1x      ElectroVoice RE20
1x      Beyerdynamic M88 TG
8x      AKG HT4000 handheld transmitters with C5900WL1 capsules
4x      AKG D880WL1 (alternative microphone capsules for the above)
8x      AKG PT4000 belt pack radio transmitters
9x      DPA 4061 lapel microphones (black) with tie clips (Dmm0004) and string instrument clips (MH56001)
2x      DPA 4066 headband microphones (black)
4x      DPA to XLR adaptors for the above
6x      Klark Teknik DN100 active DI boxes
2x      Crown 300AL (fitted to lectern)
1x      RS Components gooseneck microphone (sound console talkback)


19x     Tall boom stands (tripod)
2x      Straight pump stands
8x      Small boom stands (tripod)
4x      Weighted round bases
2x      Small table stands for AKG 747


6x      Meyer UM-100P powered stage monitor with custom cable looms
1x      Meyer UPM speaker
1x      Yamaha MS101 Mk.2 (this can be mounted on a microphone stand)


10x     Tecpro Communication belt packs
10x     Tecpro single muff headsets
2x      Large flasher boxes for Tecpro system
2x      AKG K271 headphones


6x      8 way multicores. (multi pin plugs not XLR)
6x      8 way XLR stage boxes (for use with the above)
1x      25m 8 way multicores with XLR tails
2x      5m 8 way multicores with XLR tails
6x      20m XLR cables
29x     10m XLR
15x     5m XLR cables

4x      Male to male XLR sex changers
4x      Female to female XLR sex changers
2x      ¼” unbalanced male jack to jack
2x      ¼” balanced male jack to jack
1x      ¼” mono jack to female XLR
4x      ¼” balanced jack to male XLR
4x      ¼” balanced jack to female XLR
1x      Stereo mini jack to 2X unbalanced ¼” jack
1x      Stereo mini jack to 2X male XLR’s
1x      Stereo mini jack to 2X female XLR’s
1x      Mono mini jack to 2X phono plugs
1x      Mono mini jack to single male XLR
1x      Mono mini jack to single female XLR
8x      Male phono to female XLR
10x     Single phone barrel joiners
3x      Triple phone barrel joiners
1x      Stereo phono plugs to female XLR’s
4x      316 PO jack to male XLR
4x      316 PO jack to female XLR


Flight cased rack which can be used in the function rooms. Containing the following equipment:

1x      Soundcraft Spirit E12 mixing console
1x      Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ3102 graphic equalizer
1x      Nexo PS 8 Amplifier
2x      Nexo PS 8 loudspeakers with stands
1x      EMO power distribution board
4x      10m Speakon to Speakon cable
2x      25m Speakon to Speakon cable
4x      4 pole Speakon couplers
1x      HHB “Burnit” CDR-830 CD recorder
1x      Shure SM58 Radio microphone with boom stand

The lighting system is controllable via the Avolites Diamond 4 Elite lighting console in the Control Booth and from the AMX
touch screens.

The house truss system is a bespoke design for the Hall. Any trim height from stage level to the maximum out dead at the
ceiling can be used. The standard rig incorporates an array of open white generic lighting to suit orchestras, and moving
lights which may be used when required by other shows.


The standard open white generic focus is fixed. It can not be re-focussed.
Additional units can not be added to the truss.


8x       Clay Paky Stage Profile Plus SV
40x      Source four Par CP62
8x       Source four 15-30 profiles


8x       Clay Paky Stage Profile Plus SV


2x       Clay Paky Stage Profile Plus SV for floor use
1x       ETC 10 degree Source Four Profile fixed to Booth front
8x       Par 64 CP62 floor cans in black
1x       Unique 2.1 hazer


48x      10A dimmer channels split evenly between USL and USR available on Socapex outputs and 16A
         (6x16A and 18 x Socapex per side).
3x       10A dimmer channels on the front of the control box


2x       Robert Juliat Ivanhoe.


16A TRS cabling and adaptors
Various other power adaptors e.g. 13A to 15A etc

We hold a basic range of gel and can source more if you require it.

The Hall is fitted with a 10mX5.75m front projection screen which can be rolled in and out via the AMX system. Two
automated black legs my also be rolled in to convert the screen to 4:3 aspect ratio. The throw from the installed data
projector to the screen is approximately 30m.

The Christy Roadster X9 data projector is fed via a comprehensive video network that allows any of the PC’s or media
players to be displayed on the screen. Please be aware that the projector makes a certain level of noise in the auditorium
when in use. This may not be suitable for quiet performances.

PC’s and visual media players can also have their outputs fed from the stage or a number of other locations around the
building into the data projector or the flat screen monitors in many of the rooms front or back of house.


1x        Marantz PMD 930 DVD player.
1x        Panasonic DMR-EX87 DVD / Hard Drive recorder.
1x        Panasonic AG 7350 VHS recorder.
1x        Data Video SE-500 4 channel vision mixer.


1x        Scan converter.
1x        Laptop
1x        Conductors monitor(fixed position FOH)

We have a small collection of video and computer style cables and adaptors.

Correct as of 02/11/10.


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