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									  THE                                                                                                LEADER               2009: ISSUE 2

TEcHnoLoGIES:                                                                                            above: wellard technologies equipment

SoPHISTIcATED SySTEmS                                                                                    left: thermal imaging of a dump truck at
                                                                                                                                    west angelas

To mAGnIfy EffIcIEncy                                                                                    > THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                         >> wellard welcomes baharaini client
a brain-child of steve meerwald, richard pearce and mauro balzarini,                                     >> good hearted people in the livestock
Wellard Technologies Limited was officially born in January this year.
                                                                                                         >> inaugural hyfield poll merino stud
technologies (or wtl), was created as part of wellard group’s                                               auction
broader strategy of diversification and growth.                                                          >> hyfield stud calendar 2009
                                                                                                         >> on the road again
its goal in life is to attract the best technical        in perth, ideally located to rub shoulders
                                                                                                         >> a special plate for a special trust
people in the industry to identify, create and           with the smartest and brightest in the
deliver new technologies and intellectual                                                                >> wellard agri limited:
                                                         mining industry and ensure we will remain
                                                                                                            autumn update
property (ip). this activity will be both                part of this prestigious team for a long time
externally and internally focussed, and                                                                  >> gold sponsorship brings gold medal
                                                         to come.”
several projects are already underway with                                                               >> national enduro team in the gold, blue
other members of the group.                              WTL’s first product, OreTracker, currently         and green
                                                         undergoing final testing at the company’s       >> victorian bushfire:
the wtl team already numbers 12,                                                                            an appeal that cannot be left unheard
                                                         henderson facility, is ready for deployment
including 3 based in brisbane and                                                                        >> wellard and siba ships in support of
                                                         at the st ives gold mine in kambalda. the
possesses a steadily growing order book.                                                                    earthquake victims
                                                         system is designed to inform the operators
“we have consultants working alongside                   where to deliver their precious cargo and to    >> in profile: greg burton

engineers from one of the largest mining                 avoid “miss-dumps” and costly wastage.          >> short voyage and large numbers:
companies in wa, working on such projects                                                                   a recipe for indonesian success

as automatic train load-out systems,                     “this will provide a seamless product           >> she’s my guitar
automating the haul truck tyre change                    tracking and management system for st           >> the joy of giving
system, and thermal cameras for visualising              ives and, we hope, many other mine
                                                                                                         >> new staff additions
periods of reduced visibility caused through             operations around the world,” said steve.
the dusty environment,” wtl chief
                                                          wtl is also providing engineering and
Executive Officer Steve Hannah said.
                                                         consulting services to dalrymple bay coal
“These guys are even based in their offices              terminal (dbct) and anglo coal.

                                                             E D R
                                  - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
                                        HE                                                                                                   PAGE 1
                                                                       WELLARD WELcomES
                                                                          bAHRAInI cLIEnT

abdullah moh’d al hadharmi, tariq butt, ebrahim mohamed ali Zainal, yusuf al saleh, mauro balZarini and tim macnamara

wellard chairman mauro balzarini and managing director steve meerwald recently welcomed to australia
mr ebrahim mohamed ali Zainal, chairman of bahrain livestock company, mr yusuf al saleh, a director of
bahrain livestock company and board member of various middle east public companies, and mr tariq
butt, manging director of al batina livestock, for a tour of wellard’s facilities and properties.

 “we have been very honoured to have mr Zainal and mr al saleh         “After many years of business in the Middle East, we have finally
visit our organization in australia and for them to have the           established a commercial relationship with bahrain livestock
opportunity to meet our staff. we have been able to show one of        company. we trust the relationship will extend beyond the current
our major customers from the middle east what the wellard model        supply arrangement and this visit helped us to understand their
for sustainability and quality is. i also enjoyed very much the time   needs and provided the chance to discuss some ideas for future
spent touring australia, which included some sightseeing of this       developments in that country. wellard hopes we can continue to
wonderful country”, mr balzarini said.                                 play a significant role in maximizing returns for our customer,
                                                                       while assisting them with food security issues. bahrain hosts the
mr Zainal not only presides over bahrain livestock company - an        regional office of Livecorp/MLA and has always demonstrated a
important customer of wellard’s livestock division in the middle       consistent commitment to animal welfare.”
east - but together with mr al saleh he also manages several food
                                                                       the trip included a meeting with mr cameron hall, ceo of livecorp
import and distribution companies in bahrain.
                                                                       and a visit to the Livecorp/MLA stand at the Sydney Royal Easter
“bahrain is a very important market for us and for australia in        Show. This opportunity confirmed Wellard’s commitment to work
general, being the fourth largest sheep export market in 2008,” mr     with our customers to maintain a high standard of animal welfare
meerwald said.                                                         in coordination with industry bodies and organisations.

PAGE 2   PAGE 2                                                                                           E D R
                                                                               - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
“in my country a lot of people are poor. god
gave me the ability to create some wealth for                              GooD HEARTED PEoPLE In
me and my family. i feel i have to share this
with those people less fortunate than me                                   THE LIvESTock InDUSTRy
and god will protect me and my family.”

these words are from mr tariq mahmood butt, managing
director and wellard partner in al batina livestock, oman’s
major importer of livestock, and one of wellard longest standing
customers. mr butt, a personal friend of wellard chairman
mauro balzarini, has recently come to australia to visit wellard
staff and view the group properties.

mr balzarini was recently able to witness what mr butt does for
the poor people in pakistan. he has built two clinics and
laboratories where he offers medical assistance and
medications free of charge for people in need. the facilities are
state of the art, with modern equipment and competent doctors.
mr butt also assists over 20,000 widows by distributing
monthly parcels of food that would be impossible to buy for
people with no income. the scheme is managed by mr butt’s
brother, haji abdul khalique.

“seeing mr butt’s charity operation in islamabad was very                                   above: tariq mahmood butt on a ride-on mower
impressive and enlightening. he and his family are very
devoted to this cause and give a proper sense to the words -                  below: Zamrud khan (md baital al mal, under ministry awqaf
                                                                                 govt. pakistan), haji abdul khalique, mauro balZarini and
helping those in need,” mr balzarini said.                                                                             tariq mahmood butt

                                                            E D R
                                 - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
                                       HE                                                                                          PPAGE 3
                                                                                 on with the stud and commercial ewes in june and july. this summer

    InAUGURAL HyfIELD PoLL                                                       has seen the hand feeding extended out with rains in december
                                                                                 depleting the dry feed.

    mERIno STUD AUcTIon                                                          in recent months we have seen sheep prices reach record highs and in
                                                                                 the last few weeks wool prices have started to improve due to short
                                                                                 supply. this is a very good sign for the merino breeders.

 Wellard Agri will host its first on property ram sale at the Hyfield property   Hyfield’s breeding objectives are taking its clients in the direction to capitalize
 at kojonup on thursday 8th october 2009. this is an opportunity not             on both these markets and the outlook for the merino is very positive.
 only to select your ram requirements but also to come and meet the
                                                                                 “It is business as usual at Hyfield, continuing with its ongoing breeding
 wellard team.
                                                                                 objectives and client support and i would like to invite clients and
 it is our intention to offer 220 rams at auction and to follow up with          buyers to join us at our on property field day and ram sale,” Stud
 private selections, with over 500 rams being prepared for sale, giving          manager kevin keatley said.
 clients a good selection. rams will be offered with ebvs through the
                                                                                 for further details on the
 support of sheep genetics australia.
                                                                                 Hyfield Poll Merino Stud contact
 This year will also see the first sons of a new sire, Terick West 6.7, for      kevin keatley stud manager
 sale, which are showing outstanding growth at yearling stage. while             Mobile 0407 196 525
 we wait for rain, lambing of our ai ewes is now in progress, following          Fax 08 9831 1763

31 July
narrogin long wool day

18 August
on property field day

20 August
katanning show & sale

26-27 August
dowerin gwn field days

17-18 September
mingenew expo

8 October
on property ram sale:
220 rams on auction

 APPoInTmEnT fRom
 fRIDAy 9 ocTobER

                                                                                                                                    poll merino ram at kojonup

PAGE 4    PAGE 4                                                                                                     E D R
                                                                                          - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
                                                                                                                on THE RoAD

                                                                                                                    left: the new wellard road train
                                                                                                               below: the new vet trust licence plate

                                                                                                            aqis-registered pre-export, aggregation
                                                                                                            yards, and then from those yards to the
                                                                                                            wharf when a ship berths

                                                                                                            wellard transport manager david jarvie said
                                                                                                            the wellard road train complemented
                                                                                                            wellard’s extensive use of cartage
                                                                                                            contractors to transport cattle to its yards
wellard transport has taken possession of a               suited to wellard’s queensland, nt and            and shipside.
new road train, hauling up to 200 cattle at a             northern wa operations.
                                                                                                            the company has also relocated three
time throughout australia’s top-end. the
                                                          byrne’s revolutionary ‘non-bruise’ trailers use   flat-top trailers to Darwin, to cart hay and
kenworth t908 pulls three byrne non-bruise
                                                          patented extruded aluminium side-boards,          pellets to the wellard’s pre-export yards at
cattle trailers – all proudly displaying the
                                                          which are attached to the inside of the rhs       santavan and on-board feed pellets to
wellard banner.
                                                          steel cross-members to provide a smooth           vessels when they are in port.
the kenworth is propelled by a cummins isX                internal finish to prevent bruising and injury
                                                                                                            driver gavin owen said the road train had not
egr powerplant which delivers low emissions               to livestock. the road train stretches 45
                                                                                                            missed a beat since it was delivered, and had
while boasting 600HP. It gets its drive                   metres when fully configured.
                                                                                                            already clocked up 53,000 kilometres –
through an 18-speed rtlo 229 gearbox.
                                                          the massive investment gives wellard              travelling from cloncurry in the east to
the kenworth t908 was designed and built in               operational flexibility and efficiency across     wyndham in the west. “it’s got power, it’s got
australia to deliver performance in the                   the top end. it is used to cart cattle from       comfort and the cattle arrive in great
harshest possible conditions, so is ideally               vendors across queensland, nt and wa to           condition,” he said.

custom fundraising licence plates, designed to raise awareness of the            wellard also supports the position of senior lecturer for leadership in
murdoch university veterinary trust, provided the perfect opportunity            production animal health, leading industry-wide research into
for wellard to highlight its commitment to a growing partnership                 improving the efficiency and animal welfare of production animals
between wellard rural exports and the murdoch university school of               and production systems. It is a $500,000 commitment over five years
veterinary & biomedical sciences.                                                to advance research in the field, provide education at undergraduate
twenty-three wellard vehicles now have a fresh look, sporting new                and postgraduate level, and to promote careers in the industry and in
licence plates from the veterinary trust with the objective of raising           rural areas.
funds to support its mission of advancing animal health through
                                                                                 in 2008, wellard also sponsored murdoch’s meat judging team and
international excellence in veterinary science.
                                                                                 the 2008 graduation dinner.
professor john edwards, dean of the school of veterinary &
biomedical sciences, said: “we are proud to partner with wellard rural
exports. the murdoch vet trust licence plates are another innovative
way for wellard to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to the
future of western australia’s livestock industry and to improved
animal welfare.”

                                                            E D R
                                 - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
                                       HE                                                                                                        PPAGE 5

a further 25 millimetres of much sought after rain
                                                                                       the new john deere 4930 self-propelled sprayer
in May has kicked Wellard Agri’s first cropping                                                                           at watheroo
program into full swing.

due to a fortunate anZac day thunder storm the much                  the agri-hubs are currently targeting to have seeding completed
anticipated first sowing of the wellard crop started in april,       by the middle of june when they will progress into crop
where the first seeding rig entered a paddock in watheroo to         husbandry, using the current best practices to manage each
begin seeding lupins into moisture, ahead of the autumn              crop through to harvest.
seasonal break.                                                      maximising production from the sheep on both agri-hubs has
just getting onto the paddocks was the result of a big effort from   also been a focus, under the watchful eye of kevin keatley
agri-hub managers, shane sutherland (watheroo) and ainsley           (hyfield poll merino stud and livestock manager), who manages
pexton (kojonup) and their teams, who had been taking delivery       the stud and commercial sheep, including the use of wellard
                                                                     rural exports “forward contracts”.
of equipment and preparing it for the rigours of a big sowing
program across the watheroo and kojonup production hubs.             preparation of hyfield stud rams is well under way for this
                                                                     year’s spring season and lambing is currently in progress.
in addition they had been fertilising and liming cropping and
                                                                     these lambs are the genetic future of the australian sheep flock
pasture paddocks in advance of the seeding program.
                                                                     so their mothers have been fed extra feed over the summer.
The results of the 60-80 hour weeks of preparation are now
                                                                     both kevin and wellard agri ceo tim macnamara had the
paying dividends with seeding, so far, progressing extremely
                                                                     opportunity to visit our Hyfield Poll Merino Stud clients in South and
well – and no bent machinery!!!                                      western australia during april and the feedback received was
the current cropping program has been determined, however,           extremely encouraging. the reputation of not only the stud, but
this will remain subject to change dependent on how the season       also that of kevin, was of the highest regard relating to quality of
progresses.                                                          product, strategic direction and customer service from both states.

                                                                      “for myself, new to the stud industry, this was positive
the rotational mix of the program has a higher percentage of
                                                                     feedback enhancing our decision and investment,” tim said.
canola primarily to prepare paddocks for future rotations, but
also to pursue the positive oil outlook that is developing within    with a quality land portfolio, experienced managers and continued
the global market.                                                   good forecasts for farm returns, wellard agri is off to a good start.

PAGE 6   PAGE 6                                                                                          E D R
                                                                              - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
  the 2009 international quadrangular polocrosse series was held at
  Bong Bong Racecourse in Bowral, NSW on April 16 –19, with elite
  polocrosse teams coming from south africa, united kingdom, and new
  Zealand to compete against the australian team.

  approached by western australia girls suzette thomas and jodi tiver,
  respectively captain and team player of the national team, wellard
  rural exports proudly agreed to be a gold sponsor of this event,
                                                                                                     captain suZette thomas carrying the aussie flag
  considered among the polocrosse community to be one of the most
  prestigious international tournaments, as it provided an exceptional
  opportunity to bring together the australian and international                   “the sidelines were packed everyday at the burradoo polocrosse
  community and share a uniquely aussie made sport.                                club to watch the 4 teams: australia, uk, nZ and south africa battle
                                                                                   it out for the world no 1 ranking. the games were hard, fast and full
  “the international quadrangular polocrosse series was one of the most
                                                                                   of action! everyday there were more and more people there and it
  prestigious international tournaments to ever be held for polocrosse
                                                                                   was really a great atmosphere,” said jodi.
  and through my 18 years of playing the sport it was an absolute honour
  and privilege to be chosen to play for australia, jodi tiver said. “it’s         “the australian team was extremely lucky to have such fantastic
  something i have always dreamed of doing ever since i was a little               support from wellard, as without them it would have made things a
  junior kicking around in the lower grades and pulling on the green and           lot more difficult for the players and managers. We simply cannot
  gold shirt for my country in this series really hit home how much it did         thank them enough for their generosity. we were so proud to raise
  mean to me and all those years of time, effort, bad horses, good horses          the quadrangular series cup and share this experience with the
  highs and lows all came together in the end.”                                    wellard group, again our sincere thanks.”

                                                                                   “It reflects a long-standing support that Wellard has thrown behind Enduro

  nATIonAL EnDURo TEAm In                                                          riding in this country, and will hopefully propel the team to greater feats.

                                                                                   “we welcome wellard, and hope that together we can forge a strong
  THE GoLD, bLUE AnD GREEn                                                         partnership in the future, as we battle it out with the best racing
                                                                                   countries in the world!”

                                                                                   in addition to the national team naming rights, wellard will be
australia’s best enduro riders will compete under the wellard banner at            supporting the first ever Australian women’s team to contest the event,
this year’s international six day enduro (isde) in portugal.                       providing funding, logistics and technical support.

wellard recently signed with motorcycling australia to become the major            “I have every confidence that the Wellard Australian Women’s Trophy
naming rights partner for the australian trophy teams in the senior, junior        team could be on the podium at the isde, such is the quality of the
and women’s classes at the 2009 event in figueira da foz, portugal from            team’s riders,” mr balzarini said.
12-17 October this year. Champion riders such as Stefan Merriman, Jarrod
                                                                                             chris hollis in action, winning the australian four day
bewley and chris hollis have been named in the open team.                                                    enduro for the wellard ballards team
“i am extremely excited that motorcycling australia has awarded wellard
the naming rights of our australian teams” wellard chairman mauro
balzarini said.

“wellard is a great australian company which aims to be the best at
everything it does. Supporting the national ISDE team is reflective of that aim.

“passion, commitment and the courage to innovate encompasses
wellard’s company ethos. these attributes are inherent in the riders
who will compete for australia at the 2009 isde.”

ceo of motorcycling australia, david white, said that he was rapt to have
wellard supporting the australian isde team. “it really is a wonderful show
of commitment and support from wellard to jump on board and sponsor
our australian senior, junior and women’s trophy teams,” mr white said.

                                                                 E D R
                                      - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
                                            HE                                                                                                      PPAGE 7
vIcToRIAn bUSHfIRE:                                                           WELLARD AnD SIbA SHIPS
An APPEAL THAT cAnnoT                                                         In SUPPoRT of
bE LEfT UnHEARD                                                               EARTHqUAkE vIcTImS
the devastating images of the highest ever loss of life from a                wellard rural exports and sister company siba ships have donated
bushfire recorded in Australia’s history have gone around the entire          20,000 euros to the “fondazione banco alimentare onlus” in
world, showing the despair and desolation of the many victims of              support of the victims of the recent italian earthquake.
Victorian rural communities. A total of 173 people died in the series
                                                                              On April 6, a 6.3-magnitude quake struck the mountainous region
of fires that ignited on February 7, later referred to as the ‘Black
                                                                              of abruzzo, killing 300 people and leaving over 40,000 people
Saturday’, during extreme bushfire-weather conditions that also
                                                                              homeless. the epicentre was in l’aquila, a medieval town about
destroyed over 3,500 homes and buildings.
                                                                              100km north east of rome.
the appeals made by the red cross, the salvation army, st vincent
                                                                              this is italy’s worst earthquake since 1980, when over 3000
de paul society and other organizations weren’t left unheard and
                                                                              people died near Naples, and it’s the first major temblor to hit the
australians opened their hearts and wallets, with individual and
                                                                              country in almost seven years.
company donations raising more than $300 million nationwide.

                                                                                                          rescuers looking for people in the rubble

firefighters arriving on the scene

wellard wanted to do its part to help out and on friday 13 february           seismic activity is not uncommon in italy, as the boot-shaped
donated $50,000 to the red cross appeal, committing to donate                 peninsula is sandwiched between the european and african
additional 40 cents a head for all cattle and 10 cents a head for all sheep   tectonic plates, right across the two fault lines, with about 21
purchased by its buyers, up to the end of june. as of april 2009, $28,000     million of its 60 million residents at constant risk from
was raised in this way, bringing the donation up to a total of $78,000.       earthquakes.

“The human toll, in terms of loss of life from the bushfires, is huge.        italian-based siba ships and wellard have always been very active
The bushfire’s survivors are now forced to deal with the loss of              in supporting countries affected by natural disasters. “it’s not only
friends and family, which is a tumultuous period and in addition              the link we have with italy that prompted us to donate”, wellard
must also deal with the loss of their homes and possessions at the            rural exports managing director steve meerwald said. “we feel very
same time,” steve meerwald said.                                              strongly about supporting the community in general and reach out
                                                                              to less fortunate people in times of need.”
wellard is also encouraging its supply network of farmers and
agents to participate by asking producers to match the company’s              last year, 12,000 food parcels were donated to the victims of mud
contribution on each livestock sale and agents to donate a portion            eruptions at sidoarjo in the porong district of east java, indonesia.
of their commission from sales to Wellard, to the Bushfire Appeal.            Early this year, $78,000 was donated to the Red Cross Victorian
                                                                              Bushfire Appeal (see opposite).
“life can be tough on the land, but when compared to the trauma
the bushfire victims are enduring, their battle is infinitely tougher,        these donations were in addition to wellard and siba ships’
and we want to do everything we can to try to help ease that                  ongoing commitment to the royal flying doctor service and the
burden,” mr meerwald said.                                                    children’s leukaemia & cancer research foundation.

PAGE 8    PAGE 8                                                                                                 E D R
                                                                                      - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -

                                                                                                                          stock inspector paul brown with
                                                                                                                      greg burton, ready to administer the
                                                                                                                                  arrival of the mv becruX

Even if it’s 6.00am on Christmas Day, if a
wellard-contracted ship pulls in to fremantle
harbour, wellard shipping agent greg burton
is there to manage her arrival and departure.

greg has been organising logistics for wellard for
two decades now, clocking up 20 years with
company on january 13 this year. and he has
seen a massive transformation in both wellard
and the live sheep industry.

when he moved from working part-time at the
Baldivis feedlot to the Fremantle office, the staff
consisted of wellard managing director steve
meerwald, a secretary and himself. now it
numbers more than 90 full time staff.

reflecting the company’s size in the early days, greg
would be calculating the company’s p&l in the
morning and climbing up and down stock crates in the

when the business grew he was faced with two
options, overseeing the accounts or organising
logistics. the choice was easy, as a farm boy from
the central wheatbelt (between koorda and
bencubbin) who didn’t want to be stuck
behind a desk.
“My first trip away was to Darwin. I had gone              started walking out, nervously passing a few          last animal walks up the raceway the vessel is
up to sign off a ship loading cattle and on the            strange looking anglers on the jetty along the        ready to sail. and then he must co-ordinate the
way back to perth i was stopping at broome for             way.                                                  vessel’s immediate departure.
the loading of the mv el novillo, a small cattle
                                                           all the way out i still couldn’t see the ship and     any delays add to port and demurrage costs,
                                                           my heart rate started to accelerate. it wasn’t        and can mean the difference between a profit
i arrived in broome at about 1930hrs.                      until I got to the end that I finally saw the ship,   and loss for a voyage. and a few days lost here
amongst my hand luggage was a small bag                    1 metre below the height of the jetty! this           and there can add up to a lost voyage for the
containing usd30k cash for the ship, which                 was my first experience of the huge tidal             year. so what is the secret to greg’s wellard
wasn’t loading until the next day. i was very              fluctuations of our Northern regions and a            longevity: “a very supportive wife, especially
nervous carrying this cash around so i                     sight that i will never forget,” greg said.           when your phone starts ringing during the early
decided the only way i was going to get some                                                                     hours, which is most common.
                                                           now every time a wellard-chartered ship pulls
sleep that night was to go down to the ship                                                                      “it is great working for a family company.”
                                                           alongside an australian wharf, greg has
and hand the money over to the master.                                                                           wellard’s commitment to animal welfare, also
                                                           organised the port authority, the tugboats, the
                                                                                                                 has provided extra confidence in the future of the
i drove down to the port. it was dark by now               pilots, customs, the australian quarantine and
                                                                                                                 live trade.
and when i arrived i found this long jetty,                inspection service, department of immigration
about 800 metres, heading straight out into                and stevedores. while the vessel is in port, he       “in the old days you didn’t know if you would
the bay. there was a locked boom gate at the               must organise maintenance and repairs,                have a job or an industry next week. “now we
front and i could see a big shed out on the                stores replenishment, crew change logistics           have helped drive improvements to the
end of the jetty, but no ship. i parked up and             and medicals, bunkers (fuel), so that once the        industry we will be here for decades to come.”

                                                              E D R
                                   - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
                                         HE                                                                                                              PPAGE 9
                                                                                                                the bulk of indonesia’s feedlot turnoff is for
 SHoRT voyAGE AnD LARGE                                                                                         the bakso (meatballs) trade; however, some
                                                                                                                product is destined for wet markets or the
 nUmbERS: A REcIPE foR                                                                                          food service industry. cattle will generally
                                                                                                                spend 60-90 days on feed.
 InDonESIAn SUccESS                                                                                             the live export trade to indonesia continues
                                                                                                                to achieve very good success rates, due to
                                                                                                                the short distance and durability of the cattle.
 australia posted a record number of live cattle       combined with low labour costs, makes the
 exports to Indonesia in 2007 with 516,992             cost of feedlotting comparatively cheap in               success rates have been hovering at 99.9 per
 cattle exported. that record was eclipsed in          indonesia.                                               cent, and most shipments throughout 2008
 2008 with 650,161 cattle shipped to                                                                            have easily reached that figure.
                                                       and with 240 million indonesians growing in
 australia’s south east asian neighbour.                                                                        in indonesia, wellard rural exports’ south
                                                       number and affluence, demand for protein is
 And, shipments to Indonesia for the first             increasing. “wellard had been able to grow its           east asian marketing manager scot
 months of 2009 are on a par with last year.           trade to indonesia by such large amounts by              braithwaite is constantly communicating
                                                       being able to match the diverse range of                 with existing and potential clients, to gain an
 the bulk of the wellard cattle are shipped                                                                     understanding of their cattle needs and
                                                       importing customer requirements with the
 from darwin and townsville to the indonesian                                                                   requirements.
                                                       turnoff needs of top-end pastoralists,” wellard
 ports of jakarta and panjang. currently the
                                                       rural exports live cattle manager justin                 that relationship has underpinned wellard’s
 mv ocean shearer, the world’s largest
                                                       morrissey said.                                          indonesian growth.
 livestock vessel, has been assigned to the
 run by wellard.                                       the priority use of two large livestock carriers         scot said most indonesian feedlots were run
                                                       from siba ships, the mv becrux and the mv                extremely professionally, with high standards
 the feedlots’ ability to use food by-products
                                                       ocean shearer also assists with the logistics            of animal care. some also individually
 from nearby plantations in their feedlot ration,
                                                       of shipping such large numbers.                          performance record every animal.

                                                                                                                “we get requests to buy cattle from particular
                                                                                                                stations at particular times of the year,
                                                                                                                because they know the cattle will perform.
                                                                                                                most of the feedlots compare very well to
                                                                                                                australian operations.”

                                                                                                                the larger feedlots in indonesia have a
                                                                                                                capacity of 15,000-20,000 cattle.

                                                                                                                feedlot in indonesia

                                                                                    number of years,” wellard rural exports managing director steve

  SHE’S my... GUITAR                                                                meerwald said. “it is a great cause and we were happy to contribute to it.

                                                                                    “we must also pay tribute to lee kernaghan’s generosity. he is a great
                                                                                    ambassador for rural australia and a great contributor to charitable
                                                                                    causes across rural and remote australia.”

                                                                                    peter watkins, ruralco general manager northern and western,
                                                                                    coordinated and conducted the auction. livecorp ceo cameron hall bid
                                                                                    on wellard’s behalf, as the company was loading 14,000 cattle onto the
 wellard is the proud owner of a new black fender guitar, signed by                 mv ocean shearer in townsville when the auction was held.
 australian country music legend and former australian of the year, lee
                                                                                    there was also keen bidding throughout the evening across a range of
                                                                                    items including a generator donated by ancare australia and blundstone
 wellard bid $10,000 for the guitar at a charity auction at beef australia          boots autographed by angry anderson.
 2009 in rockhampton, to aid the willy ellison family trust. the auction at
                                                                                    the willie ellison family trust was established in memory of willy
 the australian live exporters council dinner raised $13,500 for the trust.
                                                                                    ellison, a respected live exporter and one-time employee of wellard
 “wellard has been a strong supporter of the willy ellison family trust for a       rural exports who tragically passed away in indonesia in 2004.
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P A G E 10 PAGE 10                                                                                                     E D R
                                                                                            - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
THE joy of GIvInG
if it’s true that “it is more agreeable to have power to give than to receive” as noble prize sir winston
Churchill said paraphrasing the Bible, then Wellard is certainly feeling lots of joy and gratification when
raising money for good causes.
And the first good cause this time is the purchase of a new piece of equipment, a Propaq Encore Monitor for the Western Operation division of
the royal flying doctor service of australia. the monitor is a portable, rechargeable and robust critical care monitor, which is used to monitor
vital signs in all seriously ill patients carried by the rfds.

the second good cause is a scholarship to support two phd students to complete their doctorate degree at the children’s leukaemia & cancer
research foundation laboratory, under the aegis of professor ursula kees. the grant will be named “wellard cl&crf phd scholarship” and will
allow mat welch and laurence chun ting cheung to continue their research projects, focused on exploring potential genetic causes of some
forms of childhood leukaemia.

all the above has been possible thanks to the funds raised at the 2008 christmas party, where 300 wellard staff and guests generously
donated $110,000 through the silent and live auctions.

“the commitment towards these two organisations, whose contribution to the rural and wider community of western australia is so
significant, has been a constant objective for Wellard in the last four years, and the enjoyment is sure to continue,” said Steve Meerwald.

director of nursing graham philp and steve meerwald with the                       cl&crf eXecutive officer andrea aleXander receiving the
propaq monitor, standing by the pilatus pc-12s at jandakot                                     presentation cheque from the wellard staff

 the live export industry rallied in support of his family and a charity
                                                                               dr aZid kabul, sawit kinabalu, sabah, cameron hall, ceo livecorp,
 auction is held each year to benefit the Trust. More than $130,000 has       Zaharah ibrahim, raudhah bio-tech farm sbn brd, kl, malaysia and
 been raised for the ellison children since the trust was established                                                    peter watkins, ruralco
 four years ago by the australian live export industry.

 lee kernaghan is also a passionate campaigner for improving
 conditions and opportunities for children in rural communities and he
 was very keen to be involved in the auction to support the ellison

 in february this year, lee established the aussie helpers children’s
 fund (ahcf) to help disadvantaged children throughout rural australia,
 with support from ruralco.


                                                            E D R
                                 - - TTH E W E L L A R D LLE AAD EER - -
                                       HE                                                                                                  PAGE
                                                                                                                                          P A G E 11
                                                                                      kEvIn kEAtlEy – continues his                 AInSlEy pExtOn – experienced in

 nEW STAff
                                                                                      seventeen years affiliation as Stud           managing large broadacre farming
                                                                                      Manager of the Hyfield Poll Merino            properties over the state, ainsley
                                                                                      stud. a highly respected member of            joins wellard agri limited as the

                                                                                      the stud breeding industry, his               kojonup agri-hub manager.
                                                                                      wealth of experience and            
                                                                                      knowledge of livestock provides               Mobile 0427 081 562
                                                                                      wellard agri with the expertise for
                                                                                                                                    dAnE qUIrk – young and dedicated,
                                                                                      successful stud and commercial
 As the Wellard Group is continuing its diversification                               livestock operations.                         his experience within the property
 strategy and expansion, we welcome our newest                                                    and logistic sectors provides
                                                                                                                                    continued support at head office
 staff members.                                                                       Mobile 0407 196 525
                                                                                                                                    and for our agri-hub managers.
 hErbIE bEgEmAnn – recently                rIck hArrIngtOn – rick has over            brOdIE lEwIS – currently            
 moved to australia from south             thirty-five years experience in            studying journalism & law at                  Phone 9432 2800
 africa, herbie is settling into his       various sectors of the electronics         murdoch university, brodie is a
 new position as management                industry and joins technologies as         part time it consultant based in              dIrk SchnEIdErhEInzE – dirk
 accountant based in fremantle.            a senior electronics technician to         the fremantle hq.                             joined wellard technologies as a                 assist with the final stages of the                        systems engineer initially working on
 Phone 9432 2800                           oretracker st ives gold mine               Phone 9432 2800                               the oretracker product development.
                                           deployment in kambalda.                                                                  dirk has over nine years engineering
 SOlOmOn bIrnIE – solomon has                                                         pAUlInE mcgIllIvrAy – pauline
                                                                                               experience in r&d of new and
 joined the group as a graduate                                                       has joined wellard as the accounts
                                           Mobile 0427 092 691                                                                      innovative technologies.
 control systems engineer working                                                     payable clerk for the group. with   
 on several new projects for wellard
                                           dArrEll hEnry – based in                   several years experience in similar           Mobile 0439 070 579
 technologies limited.
                                           brisbane, darrell joins the                roles, pauline is highly dedicated                                                                                                            ShAnE SUthErlAnd – with his
                                           technologies team as the business          and focussed.
 Mobile 0439 902 362                                                                                                                invaluable on-farm knowledge and
                                           development executive. his       
 dAmIAn bryAnt – damian joins              responsibilities are to cultivate and                                                    management of watheroo property
                                                                                      Phone 9432 2800
 wellard technologies as the manager       nurture strategic business accounts.                                                     through family ownership within
 of communications technologies. he                     grAEmE mItchEll – joined                      the district for eighty years, shane
 has a wealth of experience in the field   Mobile 0408 518 250                        wellard technologies in early march           is a key resource for the future
 and will provide consultancy and                                                     as the operations manager. graeme             potential of the watheroo agri-hub.
 solutions to the resource and             mAtt JAcObS – with seven years             has over twenty-five years          
 manufacturing industries.                 experience in control systems                                                            Mobile 0427 517 083
                                                                                      experience including business                   engineering, matt has joined
                                                                                      management, engineering &                     AdrIAAn vEntEr – joining the
 Mobile 0400 389 190                       wellard technologies as a control
                                                                                      project management, consulting,               technologies team as it manager,
                                           systems engineer based in
 crAIg grEEn – craig has eight years                                                  r&d and delivering focussed                   adriaan has extensive experience
                                           brisbane to support clients in the
 experience in the mining and                                                         engineering solutions.                        in web applications development,
                                           coal mining industry.
 industrial automation sectors and                                                               systems & network support and
 joins the group as a control systems                                                 Mobile 0419 831 058                           integration on various platforms.
                                           Mobile 0408 519 820
 engineer, providing technical support                                                                                    
 to wellard technologies.                  chrIS JEnSEn – based in brisbane,          dAvE nEwdIck – dave is a                      Mobile 0408 543 847                    chris has joined the technologies          technical communicator with
 Mobile 0449 186 966                                                                                                                krISty wArd – kristy has joined
                                           team as the services manager               wellard technologies and is located
                                                                                                                                    the wellard group holdings team
                                           heading up operational support. chris      in the Brisbane office. He provides
 JAmES hAnnAh – james recently                                                                                                      as the Office Operations Manager
                                           will be supporting clients with services   technical documentation and
 joined technologies as an                                                                                                          and executive assistant at the
 electronics technician to assist with     to the mining and resource sectors         training support ranging from                 West Perth office, working closely
 the final stages of the OreTracker St     and product support activities for wtl     printed material to electronic and            with the technologies, estates and
 ives gold mine deployment.                technology products.                       on-line learning material.                    capital divisions.                               
 Mobile 0409 991 181                       Mobile 0421 823 120                        Mobile 0421 506 338                           Mobile 0419 996 446

                                                                                                                                   for inclusion in our mailing list,
                                                                                                                                                     please contact:
                                                                                                                                                         nora arici
                                                                                                                                           communications manager

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