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									                                                                                         c o n c e n t r é d e s av e u r s m é d i t e r r a n é e n n e s

Domaine La Yole Wine Resort
         34350 Valras Plage


                                            Domaine La Yole Wine Resort
                               Tél 00 33 (0)4 67 37 33 87 - Fax 00 33 (0)4 67 37 44 89
                                                                                                      VA L r A s p L A g e - m é d i t e r r A n é e
Wine Resort

                                                                                           Caveau Winery
       come to
                                                                                           Have you ever dreamed of being a wine grower?

                                                                                           Come and experience our white, rosé and red Lan-
                                                                                           guedoc wine, whose tastes we export all around

                                                                                           the world.

                                                                                           Make the most of our tourist offers: tasting, vi-
                                                                                           neyard tours, come and harvest with us!

            in of exl, auisite mping and holiday resort,
   The Doma
   Domaine La Yo
                         4 star ca
                     le is, first of al
                           year  s by generatio
                                                    s to
                                                   ns of campers.
                                                                     From tent
                                                                  y the benefits
                                                                                           Farm & Farm inn
   m  uch loved for 40                      ever yone can enjo              the Me-
                                                                                           Eat healthily; enjoy our home-grown fruit and vege-
                      commodations,                       ially for you, on
   comfortable ac                       lex, built espec                                   tables. Discover the taste of patiently cooked dishes
                       holiday comp
    an outstanding
                      ast.                                                                 and smell the scent of our wood-burning barbecues
    diterranean co                                                          ur needs
                                                          on satisfying yo
                        Yole we hav   e our heart set                                      … that should be enough to encourage you to visit
     At Domaine La                        :                                       mes
                       ightful holiday                            rants, bars, ga          the Farm!
     to ensure a del                        rts ground, restau
                         ygrounds, spo
     -Aqua park, pla                                                           d (110
      and activities…                                         ur huge vineyar
                          all the wines     produced on o
      -Winery where
                         e tasted.
      hectares) can b                                                        and vege-
                         neyard.                             very own fruit
       -Tours of our vi                    e cultivate our
       -Farm and farm
        tables which ar
                           inn where w
                          e use  d in our tasty M
                       rating activities
                                                      editerranean d
                                            at the Adventu
                                                              re Park.
                                                                                           Adventure park
        -Enjoy exhila                                                          surroun-    Enjoy exhilarating physical and emotional sensa-
                                                               ea completely
                                              over a huge ar         u a wonderful
                          Yole is spread                                                   tions at the high-wire adventure park. Experience
         .. Domaine La                          en ity to ensure yo                   or
                            d has every am                            for a weekend
         d  ed by trees an                      est p lace to escape                       nature in the heart of La Yole’s forest as you make
                            La Yole is the b
          liday. Domaine                      September.                                   your way over the 56 high-wire bridges and beams.
                            een May and
          a holiday betw
Splashes and

                                                                                           Or of an
                                                                                           active form
       Acti vities of                                                                      I  f you love a thrill, Domaine La Yole is definitely the place for

              ed form
                                                                                              you. Thrills are promised in the form of our heated water

      a relax
                                                                                           slides. Let yourself be carried away by the heated rapid river.

                                                                                           For children and teenagers, holidays will be filled with activities
                                                                                           and new friendships thanks to the facilities and the Domaine
                                                                                           La Yole animation team.
                                    a Yole is
                       at Domaine L
                                                                                           At their disposal:
       The Aqua Par
                                                                                           2 huge playgrounds

       open to everyo
                                                                                           The” youth club” area filled with merry-go-rounds, electronic
                                                                                           games, trampoline, catapult...
                                                      2 of water) an
                                  (mo re than 1000m
                     with 6 pools
       young or old,                                 d numerous o
                                                                  ther                     Face-painting and painting shells or pine cones are among the
                                    er ted beach, an
                      300m2 of conv                                                        activities which children can enjoy at the mini club.
       surrounded by
                                                                                           For budding champions, or just for fun, tournaments are
        amenities.                                                             your
                                                                hile watching
                                               e whirl pool w
                                                                                           held at our sports ground (football, volleyball, handball,
                          g out? Relax in
        Feel like chillin                                                                  basketball...)
                             wn the water sl
         ch ildren glide do                                      ct for the youn
                                             er  games is perfe                            If you prefer individual sports, then the Domaine La Yole
                             on with its wat
         The playing lago                                        in any weather
                                            em    you can use it                           animation team is there for you: nothing beats starting the
                            its heating syst
          kids. Thanks to                                  relax.
                                                                                           day with an aqua gym lesson, followed by a fitness course or
                                        a few lengths to
                       e pool and do                                               a, a    step class...
          Dive into th                                           editerranean Se
                                               th e deep blue M
                             are in love with                                       ch.
           For those who                                          utiful sandy bea
                                                main to the bea
                                                                                           Don’t miss the animators dancing every lunch time around
                               tly from the do
           path leads direc                                  ip!
                                                                                           swimming pool!
                                           he or go for a d
            The perfect  place to sunbat                                                   Nautical sport lovers can walk to the beach to go yachting,
                                                on?                                        windsurfing, waterskiing...
                                ur bathing suit                                      the
             Already have yo                                       nty of access to
                                                  romise you ple
                                                                                           With open air dance courses for ladies, and bowls tournaments
                               ain La Yole we
    Dom                                                                for men, everyone can be active at Domaine La Yole!

A taste of the

                                                                                                                             F L AvO u RS
                                                                                   tapas, dining,
                                                                                   or bbq ?
       magic                                                                       D
                                                                                        omaine La Yole never forgets its main aim : en-

                                                                                        suring its customers a good time all the time.
                                                                                   The camping spirit is always alive at Domaine La
                                                                                   Yole : relax with a drink, go for a family meal in our
                                                                                   restaurant, and even taste a little bit of Italy with
                                                                                   one of our new pizzas!
                                                                                   Domaine La Yole promotes a kind of Carpe Diem
                                                                                   and invites you to try all of our Mediterranean cui-
                      is p            ossible!
       Here, anything
                                                          vites you to ge
                         of now; Dom   aine La Yole in                             Shops and facilities:
       Make the most
                      s tingling!                                  rink, ex-
       your taste bud                             : relax with a d                 Grab a seat on the terrace of our Mediterranean
                       t your se nses guide you             rniente” by the
       Be yourself! Le                   s, activities, “fa
                        with a DJ, sport                                           For a quick bite or a takeaway you will find every-
       citing evenings                                                   our
                                                        ste buds, visit            thing you need at our snack bar.
                        ronomy, to    delight your ta                r an oe-      For those with a sweet tooth, the ice-cream corner
        Talking of gast                             r even come fo
                         e the Do main’s wines o                                   is waiting for you.
        wine store, tast             out our package
                                                         s.                        Or even come at the bar to enjoy “tapas” with the
         nological weekend. Check                                                  whole family.
                                                       nature and cult
                                     erish involving
                                                                                   The supermarket with its local butcher and fresh
                          ents to ch
         Delightful mom                                                            fruit and vegetables is right at the heart of the site.
                                                                                   Among the shops you can also find a newspapers, a
                               the ti                  me!                         clothes boutique as well as a souvenir shop, a wine
          Have a good time all                                                     shop, a bakery, a hire shop (blankets, clothing, frid-
                                                                have a stress-     ges, bikes…) and a ticket booth where tickets for a
                                          to make sure you
                          of everything                                    ce,     range of excursions can be purchased.
           We take care                                     et, farm produ
                             holiday; ma rket, supermark                  ng…      All the essential shops are on site and are run by
           free, enjoyable                                ke away, cateri
                           d with pizza s available to ta        ommodation.
                                                                                   local professionals.
           restaurants an                     yo ur pitch or acc                   All information at Domaine La Yole is translated into
                            re very close to                  ry welcome wh
            all the shops a                  ake you feel ve
                                                                                   four languages in order to take care of all our cus-
                             e La Yole we m
            Here at Domain               at the same tim
                                                           e.                      tomers.
            le respecti ng your privacy
Sites surrounded by trees

                                                                                     simply freedom
     Ho spitality                                                                    W        hen stopping over, choose freedom.
                                                                                              If you stay only for few nights, during the

       nd space
                                                                                     off-peak season, you can choose between the

     a                                                                               available pitches.

                                                                                     During the peak season, we recommend that you

                    ential site.                                                     make a reservation before arriving. Stays of a
     Opt for a resid
                                                                              n      minimum of 7 nights offer you the choice of which
                                                              and pitch up o
                                    mper    , you will arrive
                    , caravan or ca                                            ),    day you wish to arrive and depart (depending on
     With your tent                                           (electricity (5A
                                      om      3 connections
                      2, benefiting fr                                               availability).
     a plot of 100m                                 r comfort.
                                   guarantee you
     water and d  rainage) which                                             can
                                                            pine trees and
                                        w  ith poplars or
                     lots are planted                                         Car    Domaine La Yole Camping Lodge offer the simplest
      Most of our p                                          n and babies).
                                      s (i ncluding childre
                      up to 6 person                                                 way to spend your holidays.
                       tly on the plot.                                      gs as
      parking is direc                                      offers such thin
                                        hir e shop on site
                        r comfort, our
       To improve you
                                            r rent.
                           ty boxes etc fo
       refrigerators, safe
Very comfortable

                                                                                         Just like home
      each one  with its                                                                 B    ecause we all love the open air but have

         n style
                                                                                              different preferences, a huge variety of

      ow                                                                                 accommodation is available.
                                                                                         Whether you fancy staying in an residence or a
                                                                                         mobile home, you have the choice between many

                                                                             ne          different types of lodging, accommodating 4 to 6
                                                             h trees, Domai
                                      tare   wood lined wit
                      f a vast 20 hec                                           t,       people, distinguishable by their living space and
      At the heart o                                          m a private plo
                                       odati on. Benefit fro
                       great accomm                                             le       equipment to ensure your comfort.
      La Yole offers                                           Domaine La Yo
                                        plete  with a terrace.
                        trees, and com                                        the        Our biggest models have a huge living room, fully
       surrounded by                                        hile basking in
                                          yo ur batteries w
                        ce to recharge                                                   equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, air conditioning and
       is the best pla
                         utdoors.                                                        a Caribbean style terrace covered by a thatched
        beauty of the o
                                                                              ith a      roof to make them even more comfortable.
                                                             er you wish. W
                                           n arrive whenev
                           season you ca
         During the low                                        g or a short stay
                                           u ca n choose a lon
                          f two nights, yo                                        kly    Whether renting for a weekend or for a longer
         minimal stay o                                         nted on a wee
                                           mm  odations are re
                           h season, acco                                           ls   holiday, your stay will always be a relaxed one.
          During the hig                                        tures and arriva
                                             er  for you, depar
                             to make it easi
          basis. In order                                 esdays.
                                         ndays or Wedn
           take place o n Saturdays, Su
Wine pleasures

                                                                                    An outstanding
      20 00 years                                                                   vineyard
                                                                                    T    oday Domaine La Yole is a huge domain with its
                                                                                         110 hectares which inspires creation thanks to

      o f trade
                                                                                    its various soils such as argilo calcareous and sub-
                                                                                    littorals’ sands and its varieties range.
                                                                                    White grappes : chardonnay, muscat petits grains,
                                                                                    terret-bourret, viognier.
                                                            La Yole” esta
                                      the   “Domaine de
                       found within                                          a-     Red grappes : grenache, syrah, merlot, cabernet
      Roman relics                                         duction and se
                                        of  both wine pro                           sauvignon, cinsault, alicante bouschet, carignan.
                        rliest evidence                                      of
      provide the ea                                         k to the birth         Blended in different proportions, depending on the
                                         f la nd, dating bac
                          on this area o
       faring activities                                                            vintage, meticulously worked out, these varietal
                                                                                    grapes revealed the Mediterranean flavours and
       Christ.                                                                      share with you the best moments.
                                                               vineyard, was
                                         hw   as lapping the
                          nean sea whic                                             Emotions on the edge
        The Mediterra
                            to export the w
        p rivileged place                                 ng activity
                                        rn from sea-fari                            Wine creative since 1771, the domain invites every
         The Domain    ’s name was bo                                         le.
                                                              : Domaine La Yo       gourmet to discover a wine selection, which from
                                             vi neyard labour
                            l boat) and the
         (a Yole is a smal                                                          the vine to the wine store, day after day concentra-
                                                                                    tes all the pays d’oc flavours.
                                              ssroads                               You will be astonished by the aromatic bouquet and
                             Napoleon’s Cro
          A Trading Place at                                as highly reno
                                                                          wned      flavour creations, revealing the diversity of the es-
                                            aine La Yole w
                          ine of the Dom                                    the
          In 1771, the w                                     stry show that
                                                                                    tate and the vine’s heritage.
                                          Fr ench land regi
                          e region. The                                     ajor
           throughout th                                      ads of the m
                                          e   at the crossro                        The place master was able to revive the old grapes
                           e cellars wer
           vineyard’s win                               s..                         varieties in order to incorporate them in the current
                                       ded by pine tree
            Napoleonic  roads, surroun                                      drink   wine to create previously un-tasted pleasure.
                                                            people used to
                                            g place where
                           ng and shoppin                                           And, talking about gastronomy, for the highest taste
            It was a meeti
                                           e.                                       bud pleasure : store wine visit, tastings or even oe-
                           e La Yole’s win
             wine : Domain                                                          nological week-ends...
An abundance of flavours

                                                                                                                               FA R M
                                                                                      simply good!
    in th e shade                                                                     W       hile sitting in the shade of a fig tree, you
                                                                                              can enjoy eating mixed salads which will get

           	fig	tree
                                                                                      your taste-buds tingling, wood-burning barbecues

   	 	of	a
                                                                                      or tapas… Enjoy these dishes with a glass of La Yo-
                                                                                      le’s Occitan wine. Tasty recipes made from delicious
                                                                                      local produce: don’t hesitate to book your table!

                                          full of home-
                   f a fig tree... a menu                                             Walking along the botanical trail you can discover
    In the shade o
    grown flavours
                                                                                      the Mediterranean vegetable garden. Farm ani-
                                                    greatoffers a                     mals such as donkeys, ewes, ducks, goats and other
                                           maine La Yole
                    farm an d farm inn, Do
    Thanks to our              iterranean cuis
                                               ine.                                   friends will delight the kids.
    introducti on to local Med                                                        A playground and an area for French bowls accom-
                                                                                      pany a relaxing lunch.
     The farm Inn.
                                                                         ts and
                                                        y health benefi
                                     own for its man
                    nean diet is kn                                                   Traditional recipes in a jar
     The Mediterra                          ».
                            « joie de vivre
     for ex periencing the
                                                          ermelons, tom
                                       wn melons, wat                                 You can find all of our produce either sold fresh di-
                      cultivate our o                  3 adjoining hec
                                                                        tares of
      That ’s why we                ers, onions…on                                    rectly from the farm or preserved in our traditional
                        hinis, pepp
      egg plants, zucc                                                          all
      the domain.                                             es and olive oil,       “Le Jardin de La Yole” style jar:
                                          well as fruits, oliv
                       wn produce, as                    of the tasty dis
                                                                          hes you     Just like other local produce such as
       Such home-gro                    , are the basis
                       omaine La Yole
       produced by D                                                                  really relish the “Méditerranée”.
                        e Inn.
        can order at th

                                                                                              Full of nature
         om tree                                                                              M      anaged by professionals, you go for real ad-

      Fr                                                                                             venture in the trees. Move from one challenge
                                                                                              to another. The adventure Park is without any doubt
                                                                                              the guarantee of unforgettable sensations.

           to tree
                                                                                              Allow yourself the time to live out that Indiana Jones
                                                                                              fantasy in our 56 challenges course which will give
                                                                                              you definitely a great sense of achievement.

                                                                                              The Adventure Park proposes for the smallest the
                                                                                              « adventure mine ».
      A trail of excite
                                                                                              A succession of mini tunnels and other surprises are
                                                                                  Yole        waiting for the younger adventurers.
                                                                 at Domaine La
                                             f adventure, and
                          old to dream o
      No one is too                     the trees.                           perienced
                           s place in                       vision of our ex                  Don’t forget, here all feats are allowed!
      adventure take                       nder the super
                            welcomed u
      All activities are                                                            the
                                                                   nderground in
      staff.                                   e tr ees and also u                            Feel the adrenalin rush as senses go on high alert .
                             ent trails in th
       There are differ                                                                       The Adventure Park of Domaine La Yole is fun and is
       children’s mine.                                                           icated      waiting for you.
                                                                 a play area ded
                                                d s and discover
                             r family or frien
        Come with you
        to adventure.
                             onial :
        Guest’s testim                                                                   e.
                                                                        forest adventur
                                                   en  on a high-wire          was a little
                                 t time I had be              en if at first I
         « It was the firs                    e Tyrolean, ev                          give
         I simply loved
                               it! I loved th                       one point it did
                                                  am, although at                       use
                                so loved the be                        ly strange beca
          frightened. I al                          w eb was also real
                                go. The spider ’s
          me a little verti                  her!”
                                dn’t go furt
           I felt like I coul                                                   ars old)
                                                               (Mathias, 10 ye
                                                           ent. We take ou
                           this relaxing and funny mom                      friends.
           Thank you for                                     with family or
                                            nture to share                        ha
                             s, a nice adve                     We finished wit
           for Indiana Jone                 feel safe at 100%.
                           under and you
           The team is th               y that we mad
                                                        e it.
                  , exhausted bu
                                  t happ                         Carole JOUCLA
What is there

 to discover ?
      th e sandy                                                                                 A seaside resort
                                                                                                 valras plage, a splendid seaside resort, is a breath
                                                                                                 of fresh air … 4 kilometres of sandy beach and an

                                                                                                 authentic fishing port, it remains a privileged site of
                                                                                                 the Herault.

                                                                   of the Mediter
                                                  reserved area
      Domaine La Yo
      nean coast wh
                        le is situated o
                        ere nature sti
                          ide towns, the
                                         ll has its own p
                                                            lace. Situated
                                                  ndy beach spre
                                                                    ads over at leas
                                                                                       t         Béziers, a town
      two family seas
       Vendres’ pond
                          area has an ou
                           sit. For those
                                              tsta nding variety o
                                              fond for hikin
                                                                     f fauna and flo
                                                               g or biking, La
                                                                     den secrets. Ea

                                                                                                 with character
       that you can vi                          ai n, has many hid                               Famous for its bullrings and its « Féria » and re-
                           s from the Dom
        only a few mile                   e discovered.                                lar       nowned for its magnificent view of the Canal du
        day hidden trea
                            sures can b                                ge, is a popu

                                                                                                                                                           Crédits photos : © Dmitry Ersler - - © Bertrand Clément - © Henri Comte - ©
                                             Med    iterranean villa                             Midi, picturesque Béziers has kept its unique cha-
                          a traditional                       er sport activiti
        Valras plage,                        e range of wat                            ine       racter as an old fortified town.
                           d offers a wid                              s bridge and n
         fishing port an                      anal   du Midi with it
                           Beziers, The C                      bike or walk al
         Situated near                     boat rides or to                         iquet,
                            ct place for                            Pierre Paul R
          locks is a perfe                       h  ometown of                   s of the
                             cient city and                    arvellous view
          Beziers, an an                    canal, offers m
           famous archit
           surroundings fr
            Go back to the
                            ect of the
                              om its cathedra
                              Middle Age
                                             s by visiting th
                                                              e city of Carcass
                                                      ves and magn
                                                                                 onne and
                                                                      ificent abbeys
            other Cathar ci
            as Fontfroide an
                               ties. Discover
                                 d Valmagn    e.
                                hot, so don’t h

                                                    esitate to take
                                                                      a canoe trip u
                                                                                      p one      the City
             The summer is                                                                nu-    The historic jewel of the Aude region is undeniably
             of the rivers.                                            illon organizes
                                                     n guedoc Rouss                ks, visits,
                                                                                                 the antique city of Carcassonne, listed in 1997 as a
                                e year the La                     ties, fairs, wal
             Throughout th                     exhibitions, par                          local   uNESCO world heritage site. Over twenty centuries,
                                 : festivals,                           and taste the
              merous events                           local markets                              nature, art and history have moulded this amazing
                                 the numerous
              tastings...Visit                                                                   city making it unique to the world.
              produce and w

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