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Organic Travel Bag                            £36.00

Silky by Nature Organic Shampoo               £20.00

Silky by Nature Organic Conditioner           £20.00

Softly Does It Body Moisturiser               £26.00

Voya Organic Travel Candle                    £12.00

Voya Organic 3 x 10cl Candle Set              £36.00

Voya Organic Body Wash                        £20.00

VOYA is a family-owned Irish business, proud to have
produced the world’s first range of certified organic
seaweed-based products.
Lau Erb

The Thai Spa is the only spa in Ireland to offer products by Erb- Thai
made products that are dedicated to the wellbeing of the mind, body and
soul. Erb uses traditional and natural Thai remedies including herbs,
flowers and roots to create a range of products to offer complete soul
revival. As a leading specialist in a Thai herbal skincare, Erb is
dedicated to the well being of the mind, body and soul by using natural
Thai remedies that have inspired this unique Thai Herbal Spa range. Erb
recognises the importance of everyday relaxation and have tailored a
line of products to fit in with daily lifestyles. Daily usage of Thai herbs
can improve overall health.

Eastern Treat-normal to dry skin. These soothing products will
nourish life back into skin, leaving it healthy, vibrant and revived.

Eastern Treat Nourish Body Cream
(Rice cream, Jasmine, Mint)                                  £19.95

Eastern Treat Body Oil
(Jasmine, Mint)                                              £23.50

Eastern Treat Butter Body Scrub
(Rice cream, Sesame seed, Coconut)                           £34.50

Eastern Treat Aromatic Room Spray                            £21.00

Eastern Treat Shower & Bath Cream
(Rice cream, Jasmine,Mint)                                   £9.50

Glow Again-very dry skin.      This light skin absorbing oil blend
does wonders to restore glowing balance, whilst nourishing and
Glow Again Body Cleansing Cream
(Turmeric, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass)                  £12.00

Glow Again Body Butter
(Turmeric, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass)                  £21.50

Glow Again Body Mask
(Turmeric,Ylang Ylang,Lemongrass,Honey)              £38.00

Glow Again Body Oil
(Turmeric, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass)                  £24.00

Glow Again Nourishing Body Scrub and Mask
(Sweet Corn, Bamboo, Milk, Turmeric)                 £37.00

Glow Again Aromatic Room Spray                       £21.00

Spice and Shine-normal to oily skin.       This invigorating
combination of Ginger and Marigold promotes clear, healthy skin
whilst energizing and balancing the senses

Spice & Shine Shower & Bath Gel
(Ginger, Marigold)                                   £9.50

Spice & Shine Light Body Cream
(Ginger, Marigold)                                   £18.50

Spice & Shine Gel Body Scrub
(Tamarind, Ginger, Turmeric)                         £30.50

Spice & Shine Aromatic Room Spray                    £21.00

Body Bliss Relaxant Massage Oil
(Cinnamon, Black Peppper, Camphor)                   £32.00

Royal Power Cellulite Massage Oil
(Black pepper,Basil,Plai, Cardamom, Clove)           £35.50
Divine Sensuous Massage Oil
(Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, Orange, Bergamot)   £32.50

Bliss Essential Oil                           £14.00

Divine Essential Oil                          £14.00

Other Body
Soul Surrender Salt & Oil Scrub
(Jasmine, Rice cream, Mint, Sea Salt)         £36.50

Asian Invasion Detox Body Clay
(Plai Oil,Honey, Deep Sea Clay)               £54.00


Replai-nisher Nourishing Hair Wash
(Plai, Sesame Oil)                            £17.50

Good Day Everyday Shampoo
(Lime, Olive, Mint)                           £15.50

Good Day Everyday Conditioner
(Lime, Olive, Mint)                           £14.50

Clear Away Detox Shampoo
(Green Tea , Ginger)                                      £15.50

Replai-nisher Treatment Conditioner
(Plai, Sesame Oil)                                        £14.50

Cocoon Pre-wash Hair Treatment
(Honey,Sesame Oil,Bergamot)                               £16.00

Super Seal Post-wash Hair Treatment
(Egg,Coconut,Beer Yeast)                                  £23.50

A Slip of Shine Hair Serum
(Seaweed, Oilve)                                          £16.00

Foot Products

Oriental Sole Foot Tea Bath (Tea leaf,Basil,Lemongrass)   £15.00

Oriental Sole Foot Scrub (Tamarind,Mint,Plai)             £16.50

Oriental Sole Foot Cream (Lemon,Mint,Camphor)             £15.50

Hand Products
Finger Fabulous Aromatic Hand Bath
(Cactus, Ginger, Orange, Sea Salt)                        £28.00

Finger Fabulous Aromatic Hand Scrub
(Cactus, Ginger, Orange, Sea Salt)                        £16.50

Finger Fabulous Aromatic Hand Cream
(Cactus, Ginger, Orange, Keratin)                         £15.00
Instant Light Refreshers
Simply Blosom Facial Spray             £16.50

Open Mind Refreshing Lotion
(Ylang Ylang,Bergamot,Mint)            £17.00

Bee Kiss Lip Balm
(Bee wax, Orange Blossom, Vitamin E)   £15.50

Seven Pollen
Face Cleansing Water                   £21.00

Face Cleansing Oil                     £28.00

Face Balancing Essence                 £27.00
Face Serum                         £38.00

Face Oil                           £42.00

Face Mask                          £44.00

Spa Sets

Sole Revival Foot Therapy Set      £49.00

Finger Fabulous Hand Set           £54.50

3 Soaps and Bath Rubbing Ban Set   £14.00

Tag Along Gift Set                 £25.00


Spice & Shine Bar                  £4.85

Rosey Posey Bar                    £4.85

Energizer Bar                      £4.85
Royal Clean                                          £4.85

Simply Divine                                        £4.85

Orient Express                                       £4.85

Grain Renewal                                        £4.85

Clean Away                                           £4.85

Brighten Up                                          £4.85

Body Bright                                          £4.85

Open Mind                                            £4.85

Herbal Teas
Bliss Herbal Tea (Bael fruit, Lemongrass)            £7.80

Unwind Herbal Tea (Chrysanthemum,Bael fruit,Basil)   £7.80

Revive Herbal Tea (Mulberry,Pandan,Chrysanthemum)    £7.80

Calm Herbal Tea (Chrysanthemum,Ginger,Safflower)     £7.80

Stimulate Herbal Tea (Roselle, Ginger, Lemongrass)   £7.80

2-Herbal Tea Gift Box                                £19.50

2-Herbal Tea with Ceramic Tea Gift Box               £51.00

Elixir Herbal Tea Set                                £71.00
Spa Accessories

Stand /Tong Yip                                              £4.50

Triangle Candle Nest                                         £4.50

Bird Candle Nest                                             £4.50

Egg Candle Nest                                              £4.50

Dharma Incense Set with Trays (20 pcs. In net bag+2 trays)   £8.25

Space Massage Tool                                           £9.00

Foot Scrub Stone                                             £5.00

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