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					       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


               The Giving Back Fund:
         Bridging the Distance Between You
             and Your Charitable Dreams
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


             The sports and entertainment industries have the potential to give
             hundreds of millions of dollars more each year, as well as to raise
             awareness about important and worthwhile causes that reflect the
             diversity of these industries. Women, people of color, and youth have
             historically been underrepresented in traditional philanthropy but are a
             formidable presence in the sports and entertainment economy.

       If each generation of professional athletes and entertainers
       had just five philanthropists the likes of Andre Agassi,
       Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, and Paul Newman
       that would produce as much as 1 billion in additional
       charitable dollars per generation.
          Bridging the Distance Between You
          and Your Charitable Dreams

       Our Mission:
       •To advise and mentor professional athletes and entertainers in philanthropy
       •To leverage celebrity to raise funds for and awareness about charitable causes and important social issues

       Our first priority is to make sure that we are the best fit for the services you need. The Giving Back Fund has
       developed a specialty in providing philanthropic consulting to athletes and entertainers but our services are
       available to anyone committed to increasing the impact of their philanthropy.

                                  GBF donor Jalen Rose                                       GBF donor Jamie-Lynn
                                  provides scholarships to                                   Sigler raises funds and
                                  Detroit students and                                       awareness about eating
                                  brings underserved                                         disorders. Her foundation
                                  children to NBA games as                                   at The Giving Back Fund is
                                  part of his foundation’s                                   focused on encouraging
                                  mission                                                    self-esteem and healthy
                                                                                             body-images in men and
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


       Our Background

       The Giving Back Fund (GBF) was founded by Holocaust scholar Marc Pollick in 1997, based on his
       experiences doing humanitarian work around the world with Elie Wiesel, professor, novelist,
       Holocaust survivor, and winner of the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize. Through his work with Wiesel,
       Pollick witnessed the potential for leveraging wealth and celebrity in support of an important
       philanthropic mission and was able to achieve great success along these lines. Pollick believed
       that what he accomplished with Wiesel could be applied to high-profile athletes, entertainers,
       and others who had similar potential to combine wealth and celebrity on behalf of philanthropy.
       To date, The Giving Back Fund has worked successful with more than 75 professional athletes
       entertainers, businesses entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their philanthropic goals. GBF has
       overseen the distribution of more than 12 million dollars in charitable grants, programs, and
         Bridging the Distance Between You
         and Your Charitable Dreams


                     Our Vision

                     To help develop a society in which becoming a successful philanthropist is as
                     valued and desirable a goal as success in athletics, business, entertainment,
                     or any other field.

                                       “If you make $10 million, you
       “Celebrity is a                 can give away five and not                According to Hoop Magazine,
       privilege. It is not a          miss it.”                                 David Robinson donates 10%
       right.”                                                                   of his salary to his foundation
                                       Angelina Jolie, People
       Grant Hill                      Magazine
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


          Goals and Objectives:

          • To direct funding where it is most needed by increasing philanthropy
            among women, youth, and people of color
          • To increase the impact and effectiveness of celebrity philanthropy
          • To increase charitable giving by the public using engaged and authentic
            celebrity philanthropists as spokespeople and role-models.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


          The Giving Back Fund's donors and clients have included some of the most
          popular and influential personalities in sports and entertainment today:

          HBO’s Sopranos Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler
          Los Angeles Clippers’ Elton Brand
          Atlanta Braves’ Edgar Renteria
          New York Knicks’ forward Jalen Rose
          New York Yankees’ catcher Jorge Posada
          New England Patriots’ quarterback Doug Flutie
          Sports marketing pioneer James H. Warsaw
          St. Louis Rams’ Defensive Tackle La'Roi Glover
          Olympic skating champions Nancy Kerrigan and Eric Flaim
          Atlanta Thashers’ Wing Scott Mellanby and wife Sue Mellanby
          Former Portland Trailblazers’ center Arvydas Sabonis
          Brothers and pro-football players Darren and Jamie Sharper
          Music superstars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
          Georgetown Coach John Thompson
          And many more…
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


              Athletes, entertainers, and others within the sports and
              entertainment industries want the charity that houses
              their philanthropy to understand their unique
              circumstances and demanding schedules.

        If celebrities can sell perfume and sneakers by the
        truckload, why not use that same influence to encourage
        charitable giving and support charitable causes?
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


             FACT: Recently, we have witnessed a storm-surge of
             media interest in celebrity philanthropy, which serves
             the dual purpose of increasing philanthropic giving by
             the public who admire and model celebrities, and
             increasing interest in philanthropy among other
             celebrities who are their peers.

             BOTTOM-LINE: This new expanding pool of philanthropy
             is hot and ready to explode.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams

       When you work with The Giving Back Fund:

       • You benefit from our charitable network developed over years in the field. We
         regularly meet people from around the country and the world who are interested in
         philanthropy and social change. This provides for a unique opportunity to “mix-and-
         match” people we meet with causes and charities that interest them.
       • You build momentum quickly using our contacts and leveraging our experience.
       • You share the administrative and management costs of your charitable efforts with
         others with whom we are working. These costs may include: day-to-day accounting,
         dues and subscriptions, office and administrative expenses, salaries and benefits, filing
         fees, and insurance.
       • You receive one-to-one individualized service. We work collaboratively together with
         your team (i.e. agents, publicists, financial advisors) to help identify, develop, and
         implement your charitable vision.
       • We simplify your life by formalizing and centralizing your philanthropic activity. You
         can direct all charitable inquiries and requests to us to screen and review. We will only
         forward on requests that match your pre-defined charitable interests and goals. Other
         inquiries we will politely decline on your behalf.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


           The Giving Back Fund is the leading provider of sports and entertainment
           philanthropy services:

          • Access to lucrative network of sports, entertainment, business, and
            philanthropy professionals
          • First-to-market with more than 75 direct celebrity relationships to-date
          • History of success within our core mission of engaging new donors:
            established more than 40 donor-advised funds & foundations in adherence to
            Best Practices
          • 80% of our donors are 18-35; 60% are people of color; 35% are women
          • Recognized experts in celebrity philanthropy, frequently interviewed and
            quoted by media
          • GBF President Marc Pollick writes a regular sports philanthropy column in
            the nation’s leading sports’ trade journal, Sports Business Journal
          • Develop dynamic and high-profile charitable programs and cause-related
            marketing programs
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


           The Giving Back Fund offers three levels of philanthropic services:

           1.Establishing and administering donor-advised funds
           2.Programming for and managing of in-house Foundations
           3.Consulting to individuals, corporations, and separate 501(c)3

          We will work collaboratively with you to deliver the highest level of personal
          attention to you combining one or more of these services as needed.
           Bridging the Distance Between You
           and Your Charitable Dreams

        Donor Advised Funds

        Initially, The Giving Back Fund explores, clarifies, and articulates your philanthropic vision,
        values, and mission. This may include interviews with you, your family, and anyone else who is
        involved in your philanthropy such as close friends, colleagues, and representatives. Based on
        our assessments, The Giving Back Fund provides the following services:

       • Researches needs in the donor’s area(s) of interest
       • Contacts experts in the donor’s area(s) of interest to assist in assessing needs and developing grant guidelines
       • Establishes grant guidelines and grant cycle
       • Writes and distributes Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
       • Establishes and serves on the Fund’s grant committee
       • Reviews and evaluates unsolicited proposals
       • Makes site visits to the Fund’s potential charitable beneficiaries
       • Oversees distribution and effectiveness of grants
       • Develops scholarship guidelines
       • Works with school(s) to distribute scholarship information
       • Establishes and serves on the Fund’s scholarship committee
       • Maintains communication with and monitors progress of scholarship recipients

            Bridging the Distance Between You
            and Your Charitable Dreams

Comb    Organizes distribution of scholarships                       Updates donor and donor’s team of designated
        Writes and distributes press releases announcing              representatives on relevant activities in the
         the Fund, its mission, grant-guidelines, and                  nonprofit, sports, and entertainment industries
         newsworthy activity such as the distribution of              Informs donor of opportunities to develop or
         grants or scholarships                                        expand his or her philanthropic impact
        Manages media and public inquiries                           Invites donor to participate in Giving Back Fund
        Serves as donor’s charity representative in the               opportunities, such as online charitable auctions,
         philanthropic community                                       special events, media interviews, and mentoring
        Evaluates and screens charitable opportunities                program.

        Accepts and acknowledges charitable contributions            Adds information about the Fund to The Giving
         from the public and corporations                              Back Fund’s collateral materials

        Provide content and information about the Fund to            Creates and maintains one web page about the
         the donor’s designated representatives and                    Fund on The Giving Back Fund’s main site
         corporate sponsors for them to use in press kits,            Provides day-to-day accounting and IRS reporting &
         marketing material, web sites, press releases, etc.           compliance
        Provide content and information about the Fund to            Provides personalized one-to-one service
         public and potential funders as needed.

                        The minimum annual fee is $12,500. If GBF determines that a fund has more
                        than average activity we may assess an additional fee but GBF will contact the
                        donor or his authorized representative to discuss the increase before the fee is
                        assessed. GBF serves a niche market that requires personalized service.
             Bridging the Distance Between You
             and Your Charitable Dreams

                                                 Based on our assessments, The Giving Back Fund provides the
       Foundations at The Giving Back Fund       following services:

       All of the services available to donor-   •Conducts in-depth research in the donor’s areas of philanthropic
       advised funds GBF also provides to in-     interest including in-depth interviews with experts in the donor’s
       house Foundations at The Giving Back       area(s) of interest
       Fund. In addition, The Giving Back        •Researches and identifies potential funding partners,
                                                  programming partners, advisory board* and committee members
       Fund assesses the Foundation’s
                                                 •Identifies potential corporate sponsors for cause-marketing,
       governance, programming, fundraising,      grantmaking, programming, and sponsorship opportunities;
       management, and administrative             develops and maintains prospect list
       needs. Just as with donor-advised         •Identifies potential nonprofit partners for grant and programming
       funds, this may include interviews with    opportunities
       the donor, the donor’s family, and        •Develops prospect lists for program based strategic alliances and
                                                  partnerships with for- profit and non-profit organizations;
       anyone else who is involved with the
                                                  develops and maintains prospect list
       donor’s philanthropy such as close        •Assesses the need for an advisory committee & cultivates
       friends, colleagues, agents, and           prospect list if applicable
       representatives.                          •Contacts sampling of prospects to assess interest and opportunity
                                                 •Prepares programming, governance, and fundraising strategies
                                                  outline for donor’s review
            Bridging the Distance Between You
            and Your Charitable Dreams

       Based on the research from the initial services and the donor’s feedback, The Giving Back Fund:

        •Develops customized programming and funding                 • Implements and oversees fundraising strategies,
         partnerships with corporations and nonprofit                  which may include: cause-marketing, grant
         organizations                                                 writing, and signature special events.
        •Implements personalized results-driven programs             • Recruits prominent Advisory Board if desired
        •For corporations, develops programs that complement         • Guides and oversees the Advisory Board
         your long-term business strategy and engages your           • Creates a brand identity for the foundation that
         employees                                                     reflects the donor and his charitable goals.
        •Identifies, hires, manages, monitors, and evaluates         • Measures, monitors, and reports the Foundation’s
         consultants and specialists as needed for program             progress and impact to donor, sponsors, and
         implementation and fundraising (i.e. event planner,           other funding sources as needed.
         grant writer, etc.)                                         • Regularly consults with donor and donor’s
        •Manages, monitors, evaluates, and modifies programs           designated representatives to form a virtual
         to improve effectiveness of partnerships                      Philanthropy Team.

       For annual revenue up to $500,000, the minimum annual fee is $60,000 a year. Additional fees are assessed on a case
       by case basis.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams

       Philanthropic Consulting

           Foundations, corporations, and individuals may enlist The Giving Back Fund’s services in a consulting
           capacity. The Giving Back Fund’s philanthropic consulting services include all of the services
           available for Foundations at The Giving Back Fund and donor-advised funds as well as these
           additional services:

       •   Establishes a strategic direction for charitable giving and determines if programming development of
           new charitable vehicle is needed
       •   Documents suggestions to improve the impact of the donor’s programs and infrastructure
       •   Analyzes board and committee needs
       •   Cultivates prospect list of potential Board members
       •   Assists in the recruitment of new Board members
       •   Guides the establishment of a standard, nonprofit Board of Directors
       •   Advises the donor on standard foundation management practices
       •   Guides the donor on when to consult with outside specialists such as accountants, attorneys, and
           financial advisors
       •   Other services as needed
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


          In-house Foundations and donor-advised funds receive their tax-exempt status from The Giving
          Back Fund. GBF is responsible for all activities associated with its 501(c)3 and must report on
          those activities in an annual audit and IRS tax forms. Therefore, GBF must pre-approve all
          activity, program and fundraising materials, expenses, etc. for Foundations and donor-advised
          funds to ensure compliance with our mission, policies & procedures, as well as IRS standards and
          US law.

          Foundations, corporations, and individuals to whom GBF consults but does not provide 501(c)3
          status, may take GBF’s suggestions under advisement but are governed only by IRS standards and
          US law.

          For philanthropic consulting services, GBF assesses a fee for the first 3 months after which we
          have a better sense of the scope of work needed. We then set a monthly fee based on those
          services we think we are best qualified to provide. We will assist you in finding consultants for
          services that we do not provide but think would be useful to you.

          *Fees do not include reasonable out-of-pocket expenses such as travel costs, direct-mailing
          postage etc.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


       Realities of Foundation Management

           Based on the 2003 tax form of a Foundation established by a well-known professional athlete:
          The Foundation employs 4 – 6 full-time staff for which they provide offices, equipment, supplies, salaries,
          The Foundation spent more than $273k on staffing and more than $145k on consulting. Accounting, supplies,
           equipment, etc, cost another $123k.
          The President & CEO of the Foundation received $104k in salary.
          The Foundation gave away $247k in grants and $270K in scholarships.
          The Foundation LOST almost $400,000 hosting a special event.
          The gross revenue was slightly more than one million dollars. The expenses were $1.2 million.


           Other tax forms for foundations established by sports and entertainment professionals reveal similar statistics
           with Executive Director’s salaries reaching as high as $235k. Establishing a Foundation for a public figure is
           serious business and can be very costly in both dollars and public image if not managed properly. The Giving
           Back Fund provides experienced professional staff trained in best practices and dedicated to protecting the
           reputation and integrity of your philanthropy and reputation.
        Bridging the Minimum Costs for a Foundation
       Comparison of Distance Between You
        and Your Charitable Dreams

       Expenses                                                                  Annual Cost for GBF              Estimated Costs for Stand-Alone or Private
                                                                                 Foundation                       Foundation

       Set Up Costs                                                              Included                         $5,000 and up
       501(C)(3) tax exempt status                                                                               $5,000 and up
       Office Furniture                                                                                          $4500 and up
       Computers (including hardware and software)                                                               $2,500 and up
       Fax Machine, Printers

       Personnel                                                                 Includes executives with a       $55,000 and up
       Executive Director with 2 – 5 years exp.                                 combined 16 years in sports      $27,000 and up
       Secretarial Services                                                     and entertainment philanthropy   $24,600 and up
       Benefits and Taxes                                                       and more than 50 years
                                                                                 professional experience.

       Professional Services                                                     Included                         $15,000 to $40,000
       Day-to-day accounting (including audit, tax returns, payroll services)                                    $1,500 and up
       Technical Support

       Office Expenses                                                           Included                         $10,000 and up
       Office Rent

       Administrative Expenses (routine and incidental usage)                    Included                         $9,500
       Insurance (D&O, Health Care, etc)                                                                         $1,500
       Postage                                                                                                   $2,500
       Office Expenses                                                                                           $3,500
       Phone/Fax                                                                                                 $4,500 or more
       Dues, Subscriptions, & Conferences

       Intangibles                                                               Included                         Not included
       Access to a vast network within sports, entertainment, business,
       and philanthropy
       Managed by recognized experts in sports and entertainment
       Invitations to participate in GBF programs and fundraising events
       Inclusion in GBF collateral materials and web site
              Bridging the Distance Between You
              and Your Charitable Dreams

Comb                                               The Legal and Financial Benefits
                                                       at The Giving Back Fund

       A Foundation or Donor-Advised Fund at The Giving Back Fund offers all the legal and financial benefits of a public charity.

                           •The Giving Back Fund                        •Private Foundation
                           •Start-up legal costs included               •Legal costs incurred in creating foundation
                                                                        documents and obtaining IRS tax-exempt
                           •Immediate income tax deduction for full     •Immediate income tax deduction only for
                           fair market value of gift                    tax basis of gift
                           •Charitable income tax deduction available   •Charitable income tax deduction available
                           for up to 50% AGI for cash gifts and 30%     for up to 30% AGI for cash gifts and 20% AGI
                           for gifts of appreciated securities          for gifts of appreciated property
                           •Day-to-day management and grantmaking       •Administrative and grantmaking services at
                           expertise included                           an additional cost
                           •Separate accounting and audit services      •Accounting and audit services at an
                           are not needed for a community               additional cost
                           •No excise tax.                              •2% annual excise tax on excess business
                                                                        holdings, self-dealing, taxable expenditures,
                                                                        investment income, etc.
                           •No annual payout requirement                •5% of the net asset value must be
                                                                        distributed annually or else be penalized
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams

                                              Preferred Funding Strategy
                                              For Foundations at The Giving Back Fund


                             Foundation Grants,
                             Corporate Sponsors,
                              and Special Events

                            Founder Contributions
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


         Appendix A:

         More About The Giving Back and our Programs
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


       Our Board of Directors

       Marcia Aaron, University of Oregon Trustee
       Marc Pollick, Founder and President, The Giving Back Fund
       David Nobs, Managing Director, Ruder Finn, Inc.
       Mitch Rosenberg, Ph.D. President and CEO, MRR Consulting
       Jim Smith, Vice President Acquisition Development Services, UnumProvident
       David A. Vogan, Jr. Chairman and Professor of Mathematics, MIT
       James H. Warsaw, Founder, Warsaw Sports Marketing Ctr., University of Oregon
         Bridging the Distance Between You
         and Your Charitable Dreams

       Our Board of Advisors (partial list)

       Jules Belkin, Entertainment Promoter, Belkin Productions
       Alan Dershowitz, Defense Attorney, Author, Professor, Harvard Law School
       Roy Firestone , Television Personality and Biographer
       Arnold Hiatt, President, The Stride-Rite Foundation
       Janet Hill, Partner, Alexander and Associates
       Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic Champion, Humanitarian
       Michael Klingensmith, Executive Vice President, Time Inc.
       Jonathan Kozol, Author, Educator, Humanitarian
       Rabbi Harold Kushner, Best-Selling Author
       Richard Lapchick, Chair of the DeVos Sports Business Management Graduate Program, University of Central Florida
       Charles Ogletree, Professor, Harvard Law School
       Prashanth Rao Palakurthi, CEO, Reflexus
       Jeffrey Pollack, Vice President, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Harrah's Entertainment
       Paul G. Schervish, Professor, Director, Social Welfare Research Institute, Boston College
       Lloyd Shefsky, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
       Bobby Valentine, Former manager, New York Mets
       Bill Walton,- Member, NBA Hall of Fame
       Paul Weiler, Professor of Sports Law, Harvard Law School
       Terrie Williams, President, The Terrie Williams Agency
            Bridging the Distance Between You
            and Your Charitable Dreams


       After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1975, Pollick earned graduate degrees in Education, Social
       Science, Eastern European Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Boston University under the direction of
       Professor Elie Wiesel, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize for Peace. He pursued a career spanning twenty years in
       Academic Holocaust Studies. Pollick lectures often throughout the United States and Israel, and has taught
       courses on The Holocaust at the high school and university levels.

       Pollick also led groups of young people on journeys of conscience to Holocaust sites in Eastern Europe. One such
       trip was filmed for a PBS documentary called Tomorrow Came Much Later, which won an Emmy Award for Best

       Pollick nurtured his life-long love of sports playing basketball and track and field at the University of Chicago,
       where he won four varsity "Major C” athletic awards.

       Pollick is a frequent lecturer and writer on a variety of subjects including celebrity philanthropy and best
       practices in sports philanthropy. Pollick writes a regular column for Sports Business Journal on sports
       philanthropy. He was invited to participate in the first White House Conference on Philanthropy, has presented
       multiple times at the Sports Lawyers’ Association annual conference, the Council on Foundations annual
       conference, the National Center on Black Philanthropy annual conferences, as well as many other venues.

       Last year, Pollick was recognized for his achievements as a recipient of the prestigious University of
       Chicago Alumni Award for Public Service.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       Outline of The Giving Back Fund’s
       and Your Charitable Dreams
       Programs and Services

Comb                             Giving Back Awards

                                 Philanthropy Portal

                                     Young Professionals
                                     Advisory Board

                      Retreat                               Consulting
                                     authentic celebrity
                    Donor            philanthropy
                    Engagement       according to Best        Mentoring

                       Ambassadors                         Lunch with
                       for Youth                           Leaders
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams

       Based on our nine years in the sports and entertainment philanthropy market, we are planning the
       following signature programs that work in concert to engage both established and novice philanthropists
       in our mission. Launch is scheduled for 2007. Together, GBF and our partners will recruit an influential
       Board of Advisors for these programs:

       Mentoring in Philanthropy: Groundbreaking mentoring program in which established philanthropists
       from sports, entertainment, and business mentor their less experienced peers in philanthropy. Mentees
       and mentors are paired based on mutual interests not only in philanthropy, but across various facets of
       their lives.

       Best Practices in Celebrity Philanthropy Retreat: An annual forum where an exclusive group of invited
       celebrities discuss the methods and practices that led to their success as philanthropists. GBF, in
       collaboration with leading business schools, publishes case histories from these discussions and
       additional follow-up interviews, to help guide up-and-coming celebrity philanthropists. Case histories
       will be available online.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


               This year, thanks to a generous donation from The Ritz-Carlton, The Giving
               Back Fund launched our Lunch with Leaders forum, a monthly luncheon series
               convened by GBF where 10 business and non-profit leaders have the
               opportunity to meet one another in an informal social setting to consider
               various philanthropic and community issues. The series alternates between
               The Ritz-Carlton, Huntington Hotel & Spa in Pasadena and The Ritz-Carlton,
               Marina del Rey and has, to date, been attended by some of the most
               prominent leaders of the Los Angeles community.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


                        12 Reasons to Give Celebrity Philanthropy Calendar

       This project, which debuted last year, honors twelve generous and diverse high-profile
       individuals within professional sports and entertainment who have demonstrated a strong
       commitment to philanthropy. GBF has identified the donation of time, talent, and a million or
       more of charitable dollars as qualifying characteristics for honorees. The 2005 calendar honored
       such notable philanthropists as Andre Agassi, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, and Alonzo
       Mourning. Celebrities who have agreed to be honored in future calendars include: Celine Dion,
       Alex Rodriguez, Cal Ripken, Jr., Carlos Santana, Gary Player, Tony Stewart, Tony Hawk, Bonnie
       Raitt, Dikembe Mutombo, Alanis Morrisette, and Trisha Yearwood.
          Bridging the Distance Between You
          and Your Charitable Dreams

        Ambassadors for Youth

        This program pairs philanthropic athletes and entertainers with a select group of leading national
        children's charities including The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) and Big Brothers Big Sisters of
        America (BBBSA), two of the nation’s oldest and most respected youth-serving organizations.

       What are the qualities needed to be an Ambassador?
       • An Ambassador should have a strong and expressed interest in the particular goals of the program they wish to
       • An Ambassador should command local, national or international media attention
       • An Ambassador should have demonstrated interest in philanthropy
       • An Ambassador should be prepared to take on the duties of the position
       • An Ambassador should be highly respected within their profession and maintain an outstanding personal

       What are the goals of an Ambassador?
       • To support a worthy charity and to raise awareness about the charity and the needs of those helped by the charity
       • To encourage other donors to support the charity

       What are an Ambassador’s Responsibilities?
       • Give permission to identify him or her as an Ambassador in charity’s press releases and collateral materials
       • Attend charitable events, public appearances, press conferences, PSAs, as schedule permits
       • Speak confidently and remain informed about the charity
       • To establish authenticity in his or her message, donate a minimum annual contribution of at least $25,000 to the
         chosen charity
 a project of Bridging the Distance Between
              The Giving Back Fund                                                                You
                  and Your Charitable Dreams
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       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


            Current Opportunities:

            •Octagon, one of the leading sports management firms in the country, has
            asked for a proposal for us to be the preferred provider for philanthropic
            services to their clients.
            •Tollner, Moon, & Steinberg, agents for Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh
            Steelers’ Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and other majors sports figures,
            have expressed an interest in a company Foundation and in making us their
            preferred provider for philanthropic services to their clients.
            •We have provided research to Ben Roethlisberger related to helping him
            establish a new foundation. The processes was slowed by his motorcycle
            accident but we expect to launch his new foundation shortly.
            •Wendy Newman founder of Person Centered Branding, which provides
            coaching on branding issues to professional athletes and sports organizations
            including the LPGA, has asked for a formal proposal on integrating our
            services. Wendy has been meeting with the new Sports Division at Creative
            Artists Agency who is interested in using her services.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


            Current Opportunities (continued):

            •We have approached Newsweek’s Senior Editor in charge of the Giving Back
            Awards, which they launched this June, about collaborating next year. She
            has expressed an interest and has scheduled a meeting to discuss this with us
            in New York in late July.
            • Successful technology entrepreneur Mike Mann, founder of
            has offered to pay for the redesign of our web site to make it more cutting-
            edge and dynamic. He has also asked for a proposal on ways in which GBF
            may add value to his new nonprofit Mr. Mann has
            suggested that he would be willing to support the Best Practices Retreat if
            we can find a way to help integrate into the program.
            •Jeff Taylor, founder of, has recently established a new
            company, dedicated to life after 50. He previously
            established a pass-through fund at The Giving Back Fund and has asked for a
            proposal from GBF on adding a charitable component to his new company. In
            addition, he has invited Marc to write a column on philanthropy for the site.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


            In order to take advantage of the opportunities available, we need to expand
            our resources:

            •Ongoing back-office support to provide financial management and
            administration so that GBF can focus on programming, branding, & strategy
            for foundations.
            •$500,000 to adequately staff up & complete our transition to the new fee
            • Strong National Board Chairman with knowledge and experience in either
            sports or entertainment and a demonstrated commitment to philanthropy.
            •7-10 new Board Members from a variety of professions who can join our
            already committed board and add strength and capacity to help us achieve
            our stated goals.
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


           Of utmost importance is raising $500,000* to allow us to hire the staff we
           need to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities.

           We will hire programming, development, and media specialists to provide
           service to our donor-advised funds, donor-advised “foundations” and
           consulting clients. In addition, the development and media specialists will
           dedicate a portion of their time to grant writing, donor-development, and
           branding for The Giving Back Fund and its proprietary programs.

           According to our new fee model, after one year GBF’s consulting and
           management services will be self-sustaining from our service fees. We will
           need additional funds for our proprietary programs such as the mentoring
           program, Best Practices retreat, and, eventually, our philanthropy portal.
           We will raise these funds though cultivating grants, sponsorship, individual
           donors, as well as holding special events, and developing a fundraising-
           oriented Board.

           *(budget available upon request)
       Bridging the Distance Between You
       and Your Charitable Dreams


                 For more information about The Giving Back Fund’s services and
                 programs, please contact us in our Los Angeles office:

                 Stephanie Sandler, CEO    Marc Pollick, President & Founder

                 The Giving Back Fund
                 6033 West Century Blvd, Suite 240
                 Los Angeles, CA 90045
                 Phone: 310.649.5222
                 Fax: 310.649.5070

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