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					  SHL Bureau Services
  Making your assessment process fast, simple and cost effective with online assessment outsourcing.

  Delivering the competitive edge through online assessment
  The SHL Bureau Service provides access to the benefits of online candidate assessment without the need for time
  consuming administration or upfront investment. Saving you time and money, the Bureau provides a cost effective
  and efficient delivery of online assessments to candidates, followed by swift delivery of the relevant reports to your
  organisation using tests for evaluation purposes.

  All assessment processing is handled by our dedicated Bureau team, on a payment per candidate basis. The SHL
  Bureau portfolio consists of a wide range of assessments for talent management at all levels of an organisation.

  How does it work?
                                                                                                   ices for:
   G   You select the appropriate assessment from our wide product
       portfolio                                                                   Use Bureau Serv
   G   Within 24 hours, candidates receive a username and password
       via email to log on to the SHL assessment system to complete                   G   A low-risk and inexpensive way of
       the assessment                                                                     outsourcing your online assessment
   G   Reports are available for you to download 10 minutes after your
       candidates complete                                                            G   Trialling SHL’s online system on
                                                                                          candidates before committing to your
  Benefits to your organisation                                                           own assessment site
   G   Easy-to-use and alleviates administrative burdens                              G   Managing occasional or intermittent
   G   Guarantees a best practice approach to online assessment                           testing requirements
   G   Ensures only the most suitable candidates go forward to
       selection events
   G   Enhances corporate brand profile with a cutting edge HR process

  Benefits for your candidates
   G   Candidates have access 24/7 to a secure and reliable assessment
       system, with convenient access at any location or time of day
   G   User-friendly system
   G   Practice questions available at the start of assessments allowing
       candidates to familiarise themselves with the format
   G   Email instructions and helpdesk support on hand from SHL

  What other services can the Bureau provide?
  We appreciate that sometimes there may be occasions where
  additional support is required. The Bureau also offers;
   G   2 hour assessment processing
   G   Candidate management (chasing by phone/email)
   G   Status reports
   G   Customised candidate emails
   G   Single point of contact

SHL Bureau Services -
Pricing                                                                 SHL Client Support
The pay per candidate model offers you the flexibility to manage
costs so that you can put as many, or as few, candidates through an     Australia        1 800 252 733
assessment as and when you need. For full pricing information on
available reports, contact SHL Client Support.
                                                                        Belgium          0800 49683
                                                                        Canada           +1 800 899 7451
Why SHL?                                                                Denmark          80 88 97 91
Operating in more than 50 countries and in more than
30 languages, SHL offers the world’s largest portfolio of               Finland          0800-9-19639
assessment tools and delivers innovative approaches to help
organisations increase productivity, identify future leaders and        France           08 05 10 16 86
gain a competitive advantage through improved people
performance.                                                            Germany          08 00 66 47 991
                                                                        Hong Kong        800 966 235
Clients’ views of SHL’s online assessment solutions                     India            022-40929209
"SHL’s Verify ability tests have significantly contributed to
standardising and improving our recruitment process.                    Ireland          1800 932 052
Managers are finding it much easier to accurately identify
high-quality sales people with the relevant verbal and                  Netherlands      08 00 02 03 243
numerical skills much earlier on in the selection process. The          New Zealand      0800 74 64 74
fact that we are able to verify the results of the ability tests
has reassured us that we are interviewing the same                      Norway           80 01 19 25
candidate that originally sat the online test. This has
contributed to improving both cost-efficiencies and the                 Singapore        800 441 13 52
candidate experience in the selection process,”                         South Africa     +27 12 425 0100
says Kayode Odetoyinbo, HR Manager of Product and
Customer Units at Computacenter                                         Sweden           02 00 89 68 25
Computacenter UK                                                        Switzerland      0800 001 668
                                                                        UK               0870 070 8000
Alternative options for online assessment:
SHL offers fully customisable and bespoke online solutions with         USA              +1 800 899 7451
access to our wide range of assessments. SHL products can also be
easily integrated into your existing online applicant tracking system
if you already have one in place. To find out more about these
solutions, please contact SHL Client Support.                           Please note if you do not see your
                                                                        country listed or you are calling from
                                                                        outside the country concerned and the
                                                                        telephone number above is not prefixed
                                                                        with a + call our International Customer
                                                                        Support number: +44 207 022 8999.

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