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									 Business studies and economics                                                       Secondary

                      Business studies and economics education, including the Business
                      Administration and Finance Diploma at Key Stage 4, will be supported by the
                      Post-14 Team working closely with the ICT Team, on:
                         raising standards

                         developing teachers

                         enriching the curriculum

                         developing business awareness skills.

                      There is currently a large body of teachers with a wide range of interests
Leading business      delivering business studies, economics, business administration and finance,
studies teachers      accounts, and travel and tourism courses. We seek to develop networks of
                      teachers delivering such courses in order to support work in schools and
                      develop our appreciation of these subjects. We hope in time to build up a
                      resources bank and to share good practice and disseminate information,
                      eg: teaching materials, case studies, and to provide opportunities for
                      dissemination across the wider spectrum of business studies education and
                      from members who have attended or delivered workshops at national and
                      international conferences.

                      Leading business studies and economics subjects and vocational and
                      applied learning to improve outcomes for children and young people

                      For 2010/2011 we are offering a range of courses and professional
                      development groups specifically targeted at national and local priorities.

                      Quality first teaching
Support for
individual staff         Promoting quality lesson planning and methodology at KS3 and KS4
(both teaching and        through shared planning.
non-teaching staff)
                         Developing subject-specific skills and ideas which will have a positive
                          impact on students’ learning and behaviour.

                         Developing the integration of materials and techniques building on
                          progression from KS3 through to Post-16.

                         Providing support for those seeking to work with employers and industry
                          for the first time.

                         Providing support for staff trying to help young people develop into
                          enquiring, critical thinkers.

                       Assisting in the development of long-term and medium-term planning to
Support for
                        address all aspects of the taught and experienced business
                        studies/applied curriculum, eg: managing controlled assignments and
                        external examinations.

                       Assisting in the development of effective monitoring and assessment to
                        improve outcomes for young people.

                       Assisting induction of new or inexperienced staff, offering lesson
                        observations with realistic feedback.

                       Providing advice, support and training to all those delivering business
                        studies and economics and the Business, Administration and Finance
                        (BAF) Diploma.

                       Providing advice, support and training to aspiring or new heads of
                        department or faculty leads, eg: in analysing results and national data.

                       Providing advice, support and training to teachers of business studies/
                        economics, eg: in setting up enterprise activities, running a business,
                        business planning.

                       Supporting departments in their understanding of health and safety and
                        moral, ethical and environmental issues in business.

                       Supporting in the use of ICT, e-learning and new technologies within
                        business studies.

                       Use of desk and field research in business studies.

                       Supporting the understanding of European and international, small
                        businesses accounts or human resources (HR) for non-business staff
                        delivering business studies.

                       Understanding macro economics and simulations.

                       Developing cross-curricular projects with modern languages, humanities,
                        design and technology, or ICT teams.

                       Facilitating the school in completion of the school self-evaluation form
 Support for the
                        (SEF) and senior leadership awareness raising.
 whole school or
 education centre      Supporting the development of business studies schemes of work or

                       Working with employers to enrich the business studies and applied
                        curriculum to provide an exciting, stretching and relevant programme of
                        learning for all young people that will help them realise their potential.

                       Working with national and local employees to allow young people to
                        develop the skills to succeed in a competitive global, economy and to
                        progress to further education and higher education.

                      Auditing and policy development of vocational, applied and work-related
                       learning (WRL).
                      Arranging and leading whole-staff, departmental, network/consortium,
                       stand-alone or serial INSET, training and staff meetings around WRL and
                       working with employers.

                      Advising or directly supporting staff within schools and across a Post-14
                       consortium, especially on joint development of the BAF Diploma in an
                       area, and taking into account local and school data.

                      Support with information evenings for parents/carers.

                      Peer mentoring training, work shadowing, industrial mentoring and
                       teacher placements.

                      Auditing employer engagement and mapping progression in Travel to
                       Learn areas.

                      Twice yearly business studies/economics/BAF Diploma networks.
Network meetings
                      Twice yearly enterprise/WRL meetings linked to personal, social and
                       development learning (PSDL), personal finance learning, and economic
                       well-being outcomes.

                      Employer engagement events with education business partnership

                   This four-day course is available for all NQTs and aims to support and
NQT induction      develop teachers of business studies/economics/ICT by working closely with
course             the HIAS ICT Team in their first year of teaching. Book through:


                   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the needs of
                   your department.

                   Paula Garvey
Contacts           Inspector/Adviser for Post-14 Learning
                   Children’s Services Department
                   Elizabeth II Court East, The Castle
                   Winchester SO23 8UG

                   Tel:    01962 845296


                   Michael Stone
                   Post-14 Consultant


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