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					E- news bulletin N° 117 – 16/12/10

Dear Colleague,
Welcome to the last e-news bulletin of the eventful year that was 2010.
Over the year, the staff team at Community Links Bromley has tried to capture a wide
range of information to support your work in the voluntary and community sector. This all
set against a background of momentous change as the country experienced a change of
leadership, dealt with the fallout from the banking crisis and the impact of the recession,
and for our sector in particular adjusted to the new challenges brought by the Big Society
Staff have record the national decisions in policy, health and social care and interpreted
and their likely impact at our local level. They have promoted strategic partnership
events from championing the local Compact through to the impact on the sector from the
changes to commissioning. They have compiled dates of local events, fundraisers,
awards, ceremonies and training. They have reviewed strategies for volunteer
management and action planning for safe guarding policies. They have kept a watchful
eye on many different funding opportunities at a local and national level.
But all of our work has been made so much easier by huge support you, our readers,
have given - providing a constant stream of emails, phone calls, press releases and
PDF’s to help us tell the story of the work you are doing.
So a big thanks to everyone for all their efforts in researching, contributing, compiling
and then setting aside the time to read it. We will be back on our publishing schedule
from the end of January, but I am sure you will be hearing from us long before that date.
Goodbye to 2010 and hello to a new year.
Best wishes,
Philippa Leary
Membership, Information and Communication Officer

e-news bulletin publishing date:
                 Wednesday 26 January 2011
Copy deadline: Thursday 20 January 2011
e-news alerts are published as and when time-sensitive information comes through.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
   Spotlight – CLB events                                                           4
     Your chance to contribute to a new kind of healthcare in Bromley                4

   Local news                                                                       5
     Local Government Spending Reductions 2011-12                                    5
     Localism Bill                                                                   5
     BePart of the Safer Neighbourhood Review                                        6
     Council To Consult On Social Care Charges                                       7
     Lottery Grant Boosts Access to CAB Advice In Bromley                            8
     Rethink Bromley Advocacy Service – moving over Christmas period                 9
     Disability Voice Bromley Urges Disabled People To Complete The Census           9
     Bromley’s Children’s Services Performing Well – news just in                    9

   Local events                                                                     10
     Mini Bus Give away – apply now                                                 10
     Help Raise Funds For The Fire Fighters Charity                                 10

   Local training                                                                   11
     Passport To Work (P2W) Programme Looking For 14 – 19 Year Olds Not In
     Education, Employment Or Training                                              11
     Open Door’s Project NEET – calling all 16 to 30 year olds                      12
     New Workshops from JustBe                                                      12

   National/regional news                                                           13
     Boris Johnson, announces £2.4m Funding for 18 Sports Projects                  13
     Support the Global Parkinson's Pledge                                          14
     Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Public Health white paper                       14
     A Vision for Adult Social Care                                                 15
     Modern Commissioning - Increasing the role of charities, social enterprises,
     mutuals and cooperatives in public service delivery                            17
     Charity Trustees and Campaigning                                               20

   National/regional training                                                       20
     Increasing Impact Through Technology – free events for CEOs and Trustees       20

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
   National/regional events                                                         20
     Twilight Football Success in Swindon                                               20
     Exploring Workforce Excellence in London’ - an integrated health and social care
     event                                                                              21
     Know your Neighbourhood – Love Your Neighbourhood – Believe in your
     Neighbourhood                                                                      21
     Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace                                      21

   Jobs – re-advertisement                                                          22
     Bromley Council on Ageing - seeking treasurer                                      22

   Funding News                                                                     23
     Transition Fund                                                                    23
     Jubilee People’s Millions                                                          24
     Bromley Staying Healthy Fund                                                       24

   Volunteer News                                                                   24
     Bromley’s V-Involved Youth Project Enters Final Months                             24
     Volunteer Co-Ordinators Forum – set next year’s agenda                             25
     Introduction To The World Of Volunteering - free two day course                    25

   Legal news                                                                       25

   Best Practice, Resources and Offers                                              26
     The Guardian Launches Voluntary Sector Network                                     26
     2010 Election - How Was It For You?                                                26
     Develop A Sustainable Green Action Plan                                            26

   Membership                                                                       26
     Join Community Links Bromley                                                       26

   About the email bulletin                                                         27
     Contact Details                                                                    27
     Data protection                                                                    27
     Disclaimer                                                                         28
     Subscribe                                                                          28
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
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Spotlight – CLB events

                              Your chance to contribute to a new kind of
                              healthcare in Bromley

                              On 1st March 2011 the community services that are now
                              part of the Primary Care trust will become a new social
                              enterprise organisation - Bromley Healthcare. Part of its
                              structure will be a Community Forum, which will elect
                              community governors.
                              Come along on 13th January and 9th February to find out
                              more and play your part in the election. The Community
                              Forum is open to all patients and carers past and present
                              of the new Bromley Healthcare. Please tell your members
                              of these dates.
                              The forum will elect 4 community governors to sit on the
                              board of governors, which will work with the directors and
                              Bromley Healthcare on issues of concern. Community
                              Links Bromley will be setting up the Community Forum for
                              Bromley Healthcare and also running the election process
                              to elect the new governors.
                              The first meeting of the forum will be on 13th January at
                              Bromley United Reformed Church in the Verrall Hall at
                              2.30pm, where you can find out more about Bromley
                              Healthcare - the Community Forum, what’s involved in
                              being a governor and the election process. The second
                              meeting will be a chance to hear about the potential

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
                               The second meeting will be on the 9th February at 7.30pm
                               at Community House.
                               Please tell your members about these dates and you can
                               book a place, get a membership form and more information
                               from Stephen Blann 020 8315 1907.

Local news

Local Government Spending Reductions 2011-12
The government announced its reduced funding for local authorities on 13th December -
a few weeks later than planned. The full details of how it affects each council (for
example how much of the “specific grants” is ring fenced or available to spend how
councils like) weren’t included. There are also assumptions made about how much the
council raises in council tax and whether it increases the rate or not.
However the headline figures for Bromley are:
   •   A reduction of £11.3m in specific grants from £78.6m to £67.3m,
   •   an increase in “Formula Grant” from £23.1m to £25.4m and
   •   £3.2m transferred NHS funding (which will no longer be spent on NHS services).
This leaves Bromley council with £5.7m (2.46%) less in 2011-12 than in 2010-11 - even
after the in–year cuts.
Of course, as ever the reality is slightly more complex and dependent on further data
from Government. The figures released so far indicate there will be bigger cuts in 2012-
13. Bromley council could avoid cuts (or increasing council tax) by spending some of its
reserves - but would need to spend more than the reduced government funding to make
up for lost interest that the reserves earn.

Localism Bill
As well the announcement about the amount of government money councils receive, the
Government also announced the Localism Bill. This will give new powers to local
councils but also to communities - such the ability to bid for services they think they can
run better. See more on the Department of Communities and Local Government website.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
BePart of the Safer Neighbourhood Review
An open letter from Charles Griggs, Bromley Borough Commander
“As the MPS comes under increasing budgetary pressures, the TP Development
Programme is looking at how we can deliver services at a reduced cost. One area being
reviewed is Safer Neighbourhoods.
The current SNT structure of Bromley reflects the complexities of the borough and the
difficulties of policing a large geography that ranges from dense urban areas to remote
rural communities. This is the model of policing that has attracted overwhelming political,
partner and community support. It has been the vehicle for delivering consistent and
sustainable crime and disorder reduction in Bromley over the past 5 years. The size of
some of Bromley’s wards is significant (Darwin Ward is three times the size of
Kensington and Chelsea borough for example) and the current SNTs are an integral part
of the local community and provide a policing presence, response, and reassurance
across vast areas.
The MPA has invested in 14 Safer Neighbourhood bases; purpose built to MPA and
MPS specification that are bespoke to the wards that they serve. Additionally, the Town
Centre Team has a base located within the Glades Shopping Centre provided by Capital
Shopping Centres. Bromley is the only borough in the MPS with its total estate fit for
purpose. The bases have leases that range from 2015 to 2026. The bases enable the
teams to have a local policing presence in remote parts of the borough providing
community reassurance and tackling local issues of crime and disorder. I believe that to
remove bases from the more remote parts of the borough would be disastrous, returning
to where we were before we introduced SNH’s; communities feeling isolated, unsafe and
ignored. There are no financial benefits over the next 5 years to withdrawing from the
The Commissioner has said “We will maintain the concept of SNH teams responding
directly to the problems identified by local citizens. Every neighbourhood will have
access to known and accessible police individuals”.
As your Borough Commander, I welcome the opportunity to build on the success of
Safer Neighbourhoods in Bromley and to review and reshape how we deliver this style of
It is important to me that the model we design meets the needs of the people we serve.
We have achieved significant success in Bromley with the current model even though it
has been a ‘one size fits all’ structure. Now that we have the freedom to change this, I
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
believe we can be even better. My intention is to retain the same bases ensuring our
teams are located close to their communities. The review will include extensive
consultation and engagement, both internally and externally. The role of the community,
partner agencies and key stakeholders in this process is crucial.
May I please invite you to respond to this consultation by 20 January 2011. Please send
your views to Julian Hurst at
I have also attached the link to the MPS consultation questionnaire. It is generic, and, in
my view, doesn’t provide you a real opportunity to feedback your views on Safer
Neighbourhoods in Bromley. It is accessible from the following address or by navigating through the MPS
website at
Charles Griggs. Bromley Borough Commander

Council To Consult On Social Care Charges
Council’s Executive met on 8th December to consider asking those in need of adult
social care for their views on a new charging structure for their support.
For the first time, from April 2011 people will be able to see how much they have to
spend or contribute themselves towards their support – this will be known as a personal
budget. The Council wants views on its new charging policy, which even in the current
tough financial climate may result in increases for some and is fairer for all, so that
everyone can see:
   •   how their personal budget is calculated
   •   the real costs of the support they need
The current economic situation also means that the Council is looking at ways to save
money. The proposals call for tough decisions to be made on how the Council can fund
the cost of supporting increased numbers of people requiring care.
For 2011/12 there will be increased charges for some services such as homecare,
Telecare and Care Link (the community alarm system) and the introduction of a charge
for services such as laundry, shopping, holiday breaks or day services. These have
previously been provided to most people ‘free’ and the Council has provided the funding
to voluntary sector organisations or contractors to deliver the service.
Over the next month, the Council intends to launch a consultation programme to get
views on its proposals. The consultation will be based on a new policy from the

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Department of Health entitled ‘Fairer Contributions Guidance – Calculating an
Individual’s Contribution to their Personal Budget’.
Service users, carers, voluntary and partner organisations will all receive a questionnaire
and factsheet. Support will also be provided through a specialist helpline for anyone who
needs extra help to complete a form.
Cllr Graham Arthur, Portfolio Holder for Adult and Community commented, “We are
proposing to give service users real choice about how they spend their personal budget.
In order to do this, we need to change how we cost and charge social care.
“Previous guidance meant that we were able to give some of these services free of
charge – but giving people the right to choose how they spend their personal budget to
meet their specific needs means that these free services will need to be costed.
“As well as a responsibility to the service user, we have a duty to the Bromley tax payer
to make sure that all our services and support offer value for money. Providing personal
budgets is the first step to making this happen.”
For more information in the meantime, please visit for more information.

Lottery Grant Boosts Access to CAB Advice In Bromley
More people in Bromley will be able to benefit from CAB advice in future thanks to a
£10,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund.
The grant will pay for new touch screen ‘self help kiosks’ being installed in Bromley’s
three Citizens Advice Bureaux, and for improvements to the service’s website. The self-
help kiosks will enable people to get information and advice more quickly and easily, as
well as making the service more accessible for disabled users. This will help reduce
waiting times to see CAB advisers, and free up adviser time to deal with more complex
problems face-to-face. Bromley’s three Citizens Advice Bureaux already deal with more
clients than any other London bureau service. Last year (2009/10) almost 12,000 people
consulted them for advice.
A key focus will be debt and employment advice – both identified as priority issues by
the CAB. As Bromley Citizens Advice Chief Executive Joe Clark said: “In the current
economic climate the need for advice with problems like debt, benefits and employment
is growing and we expect that demand for our services will continue to increase in the
coming months and years.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
The kiosks will also provide advice on welfare benefits, health, housing, relationships,
consumer and money issues, legal matters and maternity rights.”

Rethink Bromley Advocacy Service – moving over Christmas period
Nicola Lee, the service lead writes, “We will be moving offices between Christmas and
new year as the landlord has unexpectedly sold our current premises. We will be moving
to 12 Farwig Lane, Bromley, Kent. BR1 3RB.
During the office move we may not have our phone lines and internet running. Therefore
if anyone needs advocacy, please phone the office mobile on 07587136499”.

Disability Voice Bromley Urges Disabled People To Complete The Census
In order to create a snapshot of the nation every ten years, the census asks the same
questions on the same day to every household. This information helps central
Government distribute grant money fairly and helps both central government and local
authorities make key decisions about future policies, planning, services and funding for
local communities.
In Greater London, it has been estimated that every completed form is worth £500 of
money local councils can draw down, so it is important that everyone gets involved. DVB
are encouraging all disabled people to fill in the form, which can be done online as well
as by post. If you need help, just ask someone you trust like a friend, neighbour, relative
or census collector. Even though it is illegal to refuse to complete the form (this could
result in a £1000 fine) only 93% of Bromley households filled in the form last time,
which is 1% below the national average.

Bromley’s Children’s Services Performing Well – news just in
Children’s services in Bromley ‘perform well’ according to the latest Ofsted Annual
Rating of Council Children’s Services published on Thursday, 9 December 2010.
Ofsted has awarded Bromley Council a Grade 3 ‘Performs Well’ rating across all
services provided for children and young people in the borough. The assessment takes
into account central services as well as the performance and outcomes of Bromley
schools, primary, secondary and special; the Early Years’ Service; Youth Service and
the Youth Offending Team.
Highlights from the report include the fact that the large majority of Bromley services,
settings and institutions inspected by Ofsted are good or better than other local

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
authorities. In particular, most early years and childcare provision is of good quality
overall, a higher proportion than found elsewhere. The large majority of primary schools
are also good or better, though improvement is required in five. Most secondary schools,
again a higher proportion than found elsewhere, were found to be good. Bromley has a
very high proportion of schools judged as outstanding. Provision for young people aged
16 years and over is satisfactory in the two further education colleges, and at least good
in most school sixth forms.
The good news for the special schools in the borough is that three of the four were
judged outstanding and one satisfactory. The three special school sixth forms are all at
least good. Bromley’s fostering and adoption agencies are both deemed by the report to
be good. The pupil referral unit is satisfactory.
You can read the full report from this link Ofsted children’s services annual inspection
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Local events

Mini Bus Give away – apply now
give2give is delighted to announce that with the help of their loyal supporters they have
managed to raise sufficient funds this year to donate yet another minibus to a local
community group in Bromley.
Charities and community groups working in the London Borough of Bromley can apply to
be awarded this brand new minibus with either 15 or 17 seats. Please note priority will
be given to groups who will make the best use of the minibus on a daily basis. This use
can be either by sole use or in partnership with other community groups.
You can apply now online or email: to receive an
application form
Did you know give2give already runs a free minibus service for local community groups
in partnership with Bromley Council? See for further details of how to
take advantage of this great free service funded by give2give.

Help Raise Funds For The Fire Fighters Charity
Every year thousands of fire fighters are injured whilst protecting the public. The Fire
fighters’ charity supports those fire fighters who regularly put their lives on the line while

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
saving the lives of others. The charity costs over £9 million every year and with no
government funding is completely reliant on donations from the general public and
members of the fire service
Andrew Holcombe, the Borough Commander with fire fighter Kevin Eastwood and Terry
Gooding, a member of the local management team are undertaking a gruelling eleven-
day trek across New Zealand in an area known as the Abel Tasmin to raise money for
the cause.
The trek will involve between six to eight hours each day to covering in excess of 150km
through rugged and often hilly terrain.
Andrew Holcombe said “As Borough Commander I want to support this excellent charity
so it can continue to provide pioneering treatment and support services to our fire
service personnel.
“You can support us by providing financial sponsorship to enable us to raise our target of
£10,500 to carry out the trip and/or making a donation to increase the funds we raise.
Whether you contribute to a particular part of the campaign, be it the promotion and
publicity, or simply add your donation to our pot, you will be helping thousands of fire
fighters and their families access the support they need.”
If you are able to help, you can make cheques payable to “The Fire Fighters Charity” or
donate online at . If you have any queries or require
further information then please contact either or Alternatively feel free to contact them on
077361239092 or 07810850744.
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Local training

Passport To Work (P2W) Programme Looking For 14 – 19 Year Olds Not In
Education, Employment Or Training
PJ Community Services is looking to attract 14-19 year olds to new training, focussed
around music productions, workshops media skills, public speaking, mentoring, fashion,
journalism, hair and beauty, sports, IT skills, business development.
P2W gives young people the opportunity to get involved in positive activities and skills
development with the goal of returning to education or employment.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
If you know of a young person that lives in the London area and is NOT in Education,
Employment or Training, perhaps they can benefit from the free program that will assist
in their personal development. Call 020 8239 6911 or text 07961 300 002 or facebook at

Open Door’s Project NEET – calling all 16 to 30 year olds
Funded by Croydon Voluntary Action Grassroots, this programme is designed to ensure
50 local young people achieve the following
   •   Gain employment
   •   Suitable training
   •   Work experience
   •   Work preparation
   •   Life skills and personal development
   •   Develop research and employable skills
The programme opened its doors on Wednesday 8th December. To join contact Karthiga
Ambalawaner on 020 3326 0445 or email

New Workshops from JustBe
JustBe Development Programmes will help you to identify positive goals and a life plan.

So You Want A Job?

Date: Saturday 29January 2010
Venue: Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, Bromley BR1 4JD
Time: 9am-12.30pm
Cost: £12 (£5 for those on Job Seekers Allowance (proof of ID required))
A workshop on Job-search, CV Writing and Interviewing skills. In these harsh economic
times, finding a job has never been harder. As some lose jobs and some others wonder
‘where do I go from here’, there are people like you out there - taking giant strides and
starting new jobs! What is their secret? How did they do it? What can you do differently?
This no-nonsense guide to putting your best foot forward may just be what you need.

Financial Awareness

Date: Saturday 29 January 2010
Venue: Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, Bromley BR1 4JD

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Time: 1.30pm-5pm
Cost: £12 (£5 for those on Job Seekers Allowance (proof of ID required))
So you have heard the news? The recession, public spending cuts? Do you want to
discover more about financial products, savings, some easy things that you can start
doing today that will reap you great benefits in the future? Come get some simple
insights into the world of finance, and get some tools to help you with your money.

Early Bird offer £10 if booked before Friday 14th January 2011. OR both workshops for
£15. Refreshments included. To register your interest, email or call
Alison on 07881 960699. Visit the JustBe website.
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National/regional news

Boris Johnson, announces £2.4m Funding for 18 Sports Projects
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced £2.4m funding for 18 projects across
the capital to help increase participation in sport and physical activity amongst
This brings to £5.4m the total awarded by the Mayor for improving sports facilities and
participation throughout the capital, from his ring-fenced total budget of £15.5m from his
Olympic Sports Legacy Programme. The aim is that these 18 projects will engage up to
200,000 Londoners of all ages over the next two years. In some cases, the projects will
also use sport in novel ways to tackle issues such as youth crime and social exclusion,
thereby helping to deliver some of the key objectives of the Mayor’s Time for Action
Amongst the 18 successful bids was the PRO-ACTIVE London’s Dare 2 Dance project
which uses street dance to engage and empower 14-24 year old girls/women. A series
of engagement days targeting inactive girls, are followed with the opportunity of 14
weeks of coaching, culminating in a competition. At various stages there are training
opportunities available for participants. Talented individuals are identified and invited
into a bespoke summer school.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Support the Global Parkinson's Pledge
The Glasgow World Parkinson’s Congress saw the launch of a new initiative in the form
of the Parkinson’s Pledge. The intention is to build a global Parkinson’s community with
the target of one million people signed up before the next Congress in 2013. The pledge
seeks to make Parkinson's a health, social and economic priority around the world and
to work together to find a cure for Parkinson's. A large number of celebrities have signed
up including Fern Britton, Matt Lucas and Jane Asher. To find out more or add your
name go to

Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Public Health white paper
The Government has just published a public health white paper. This complements the
previous NHS white paper (see CLB briefing). Public health functions will now be part of
the local authority rather than in an NHS body such as the PCTs – which the NHS white
paper proposed to abolish.
There will be local Directors of Public Health based with local councils but they will also
be part of Public Health England. The white paper discusses current health inequalities
but also says that individual and community action and responsibility is important. The
same interest in outcomes not targets is here as in the NHS white paper.
Here is an extract from the white paper:
“This White Paper sets out a radical new approach that will empower local communities,
enable professional freedoms and unleash new ideas based on the evidence of what
works, while ensuring that the country remains resilient to and mitigates against current
and future health threats. It sets out how our approach will:
   a. protect the population from health threats
   b. empower local leadership and encourage wide responsibility
   c. focus on key outcomes,
   d. reflect the Government’s core values of freedom, fairness and responsibility
   e. balance the freedoms of individuals and organisations with the need to avoid
       harm to others, …
“This approach will: reach across and reach out – and be:
   •   responsive – owned by communities and shaped by their needs;
   •   resourced – with ring-fenced funding and incentives to improve;
   •   rigorous – professionally-led, focused on evidence, efficient and effective; and
   •   resilient – strengthening protection against current and future threats to health.”
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
CLB will be producing a briefing in the New Year and is also planning to organise a
consultation meeting.
You can download a copy of Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Public Health white paper
from the Department of Health website. The deadline for responses is 8th March
2011 and there is an online consultation response form.

A Vision for Adult Social Care
The Department of Health has published its proposals on adult social care.
Personalisation (there is more on this on the CLB website) remains very important and
the government also wants to see social care as part of the Big Society. The document
sets out seven principles, which it then deals within a chapter in turn. The principles are:
   1. Prevention
   2. Personalisation
   3. Partnership
   4. Plurality
   5. Protection
   6. Productivity
   7. People
An annex gives a summary of proposals which is reproduced verbatim below:
The Vision for quality in social care – a summary of proposals.
1. Prevention
The Government will:
    • publish a White Paper on public health, outlining councils’ enhanced leadership
        role in health improvement and the opportunities this offers.
2. Personalisation
The Government will:
   •   put personalisation at the heart of the framework for quality and outcomes being
       developed and examine the outcomes and benefits for people
   •   consider how to embed personalisation in the new legal framework following the
       Law Commission’s report – for instance, in strengthened guidance new statutory
       principles to underpin the law, and through an entitlement, or right, for support to
       be offered as a personal budget or direct payment
   •   consider how to pursue greater portability of assessment, subject to the Law
       Commission and Funding Commission reports; and
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
   •   use the pilots currently under way to inform the rollout of personal health budgets
       and make it possible to combine personal health budgets with personal budgets
       in social care in the future.
3 & 4 Plurality and partnership
The Government will:
   •   identify and remove barriers to collaboration, pooling or alignment of budgets
       across health and social care and bring together funding streams for employment
       support and
   •   consider the barriers to market entry for micro and small social enterprises, user-
       led organisations and charities, and the proposed role for Monitor to play in
       market shaping.
5. Providing protection
The Government will:
   •   work with the Law Commission in preparation for strengthening the law on
       safeguarding to ensure the right powers, duties and safeguards are in place.
6. Productivity, quality and innovation
The Government will:
   •   support the work of councils to deliver efficiency savings by co-ordinating and
       disseminating support tools and best practice; and
   •   publish and consult publicly on our proposals for a new strategic approach to
       quality and outcomes in adult social care.
7. People
The Government will:
   •   support the publication of a workforce development strategy by Skills for Care
       and a leadership strategy by the Skills Academy
   •   publish a personal assistants’ strategy in 2011; and
   •   working with councils, extend the piloting of social work practices to adult social
       care during 2011.
You can download the document from the Department of Health website where there is
also background information and CLB will be producing a briefing in the New Year.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Modern Commissioning - Increasing the role of charities, social
enterprises, mutuals and cooperatives in public service delivery
The government wants to radically change how public bodies buy services and who they
buy them from. It aspires to have 25% of all contracts with small and medium-sized
enterprises (small companies) the voluntary sector and social firms. This green paper- is
a consultation about how public bodies decide what to buy and how they buy it.
It asks many questions about how things could change in under the following four areas:
1. New Opportunities
2. More Accessible contracting
3. Value
4. Contracting for Citizen & Community Involvement.
This last includes several questions about how the voluntary sector can be involved in
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and community budgets.
The deadline for comments is 5th January – which one estimate suggests is 17 working
days from publication on 8th December – described by Compact Voice as “regrettably
short and outside the Compact”. It is also unfortunate there is such a short time given
that one of the examples given of poor practice in commissioning was short tender
periods. You can download the green paper from the Cabinet Office website. The
questions it asks are as follows:
New Opportunities: In which public service areas could Government create new
opportunities for civil society organisations to deliver?
Objective: To drive efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in public services by
opening more public service areas to civil society organisations.
   •   What are the implications of payment by results for civil society organisations?
   •   Which public services areas could be opened up to more civil society providers?
       What are the barriers to more civil society organisations being involved?
   •   Should Government explore extending the right to challenge to other local state-
       run services?
   •   If so, which areas and what benefits could civil society organisations bring to
       these public service areas?
   •   Are there types of assets whose viability, when transferred to civil society
       management or ownership, would be particularly dependent on a continuing
       income stream from service contracts or public sector tenancies?

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
   •   What are the main barriers that prevent civil society organisations taking over
       asset-based services?
   •   How can we encourage more existing civil society organisations to team up with
       new employee-led mutuals?
   •   What other methods could the Government consider in order to create more
       opportunities for civil society organisations to deliver public services?
More Accessible: How could Government make existing public service markets
more accessible to civil society organisations?
Objective: To address practical, regulatory, legislative and cultural barriers to market
entry in existing markets, with a particular focus on barriers that affect civil society
   •   What issues should commissioners take into account in order to increase civil
       society organisations‟ involvement in existing public service markets?
   •   In the implementation of the measures above, what issues should the
       Government consider in order to ensure that they are fully inclusive of civil
       society organisations?
   •   What issues should the Civil Society Red Tape Taskforce consider in order to
       reduce the bureaucratic burden of commissioning?
   •   How can commissioners achieve a fair balance of risk which would enable civil
       society organisations to compete for opportunities?
   •   What are the key issues civil society organisations face when dealing with TUPE
       regulations and what could Government do, within existing legislation, to resolve
       these problems?
   •   What issues should Government consider in order to ensure that civil society
       organisations are assessed on their ability to achieve the best outcomes for the
       most competitive price?
   •   What issues should Government consider in the development of the Big Society
       Bank, in order to enable civil society organisations to take advantage of public
       service market opportunities?
   •   What issues affecting civil society organisations should be considered in relation
       to the extension of the Merlin Standard across central government?
   •   What barriers prevent civil society organisations from forming and operating in
       consortia? How could they be removed?

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Value : How could commissioners use assessments of full social, environmental
and economic value to inform their commissioning decisions?
Objective: To enable commissioners to make strategic commissioning decisions based
on a full understanding of the social, environmental and economic impact.
   •   What approaches would best support commissioning decisions that consider full
       social, environmental and economic value?
   •   What issues should Government consider in taking forward the Public Services
       (Social Enterprise and Social Value) Bill?
Citizen and Community Involvement: How could civil society organisations
support greater citizen and community involvement in all stages of
Objective: To enable civil society organisations to support and facilitate the increased
involvement of citizens and communities in commissioning.
   •   What role and contributions could civil society organisations place [sic], through
       Local Health Watch, in informing the local consumer voice about commissioning?
   •   What issues relating to civil society organisations should the Government
       consider when refreshing the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Guidance?
   •   How could civil society organisations facilitate, encourage and support
       community and citizen involvement in decision-making about local priorities and
       services commissioned?
   •   What forms of support will best enable statutory partners and civil society
       organisations to improve their working relationships?
   •   What issues should the government consider in the development of the future
       programme of training public service commissioners?
   •   What can civil society organisations contribute to the roll out of community
       budgets? What barriers exist to realising this contribution? How can these
       barriers be removed?
   •   What can civil society organisations contribute to the roll out of Local Integrated
   •   What barriers exist to realising this contribution? How can these barriers be
   •   What can civil society organisations contribute to the development of Free
   •   What should Government consider in order to realise this contribution?

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
   •   What contributions could civil society organisations make to the extension of
       personal budgets across a range of service areas?
   •   What changes do both commissioners and civil society organisations need to
       make to adapt to an environment where citizens are commissioning their own

Charity Trustees and Campaigning
NCVO is running a survey on the rules concerning campaigning activities by charities to
find out what role charity trustees play in campaigns. If you’re a trustee, please fill in the
online survey – it shouldn't take longer than ten minutes to complete. You can also
download the 'Trustee guide to campaigning and influencing' from NCVO's website.
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National/regional training

Increasing Impact Through Technology – free events for CEOs and
At a time of real uncertainty for the voluntary sector we are all having to review how we
run our organisation as efficiently as possible, how we reach people more effectively,
how we can deliver services at a lower cost and how we can demonstrate our impact to
funders and the public.
Technology offers opportunities to voluntary organisations in all of these areas, but have
you thought about how technology might work for you?
NCVO are running a series of free events supported by the City Bridge Trust for CEO’s
and trustees, to help you explore how technology can support your work at this difficult
time. Find out more and book online.
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National/regional events

Twilight Football Success in Swindon
An evening football programme aimed at cutting rates of anti-social behaviour is proving
to be a big hit in the Swindon area. The Twilight Football scheme is run by Swindon
Town Football Club (STFC) in conjunction with Swindon Borough Council and is

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
currently attracting over a hundred young people aged 13-17 to three weekly sessions
held in different locations across the town, with a fourth due to start running in 2011.
Read more

Exploring Workforce Excellence in London’ - an integrated health and
social care event
Date: Tuesday 25 January 2011
Venue: Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in London (five minutes from Victoria station).
With the specific aim of offering stakeholders in the London region an overview of
available support and guidance across the care sector, integrated working and
partnership is the theme of this event. Delegates will be provided an opportunity to
consider how the sector is responding to the new policy framework of the Coalition
Government and what this means for the adult social care workforce.
If you wish to attend this unique event, please email

Know your Neighbourhood – Love Your Neighbourhood – Believe in your
Date: Saturday 26 May 2011
Cost: A delegate pass costs £75 plus VAT.
Venue: InSpire, Crypt of St. Peter's Church, Walworth
The Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal will hold its 3rd Annual Conference and Awards
at the Inspire Centre in London. At this event delegates can listen to a range of speakers
discussing key issues regarding Neighbourhood Renewal, Urban Change and
Community Renewal. There will be a focus on how a range of projects and programmes
are contributing to the emerging policy agenda of the Big Society, and the development
of a range of local projects to promote positive changes in our neighbourhoods. As well
as sessions for up to ten expert speakers, there will be a tour of the regeneration
programme that is taking place at the nearby Aylesbury Estate in SE17 London. To book
your place, take up a sponsorship package, or enquire about the event, please email

Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace
Date: Thursday, January 27, 2011, 10am-4pm
Venue: St. Ethelburga’s, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Cost: Large charities, public sector and small businesses £130. Small charities and
independent consultants £20. Concessionary rate for students, pensioners and
A practical and comprehensive training day to help your organisation make real
efficiency savings, engage with staff and stakeholders and improve the environmental
impact of your workplace.
This thought provoking training day is designed to help you to gain a detailed
understanding of the issues surrounding environmental sustainability and develop a
meaningful action plan that will have a real and positive impact on your organisation and
the environment. Through a combination of presentations, workshops, group discussions
and real life case studies, this course provides an invaluable resource for organisations
looking to tackle their environmental performance.
For bookings and further information, please contact: Corinna Luther at Talk Action by
phone 020 7324 4774 or email:
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Jobs – re-advertisement

Bromley Council on Ageing - seeking treasurer
We are looking for someone who can take on the role of Treasurer for Council on
Ageing. The role of the Treasurer is to monitor and oversee the Council on Ageing’s
accounts. The day-to-day work of keeping accounting records and dealing with income
and expenditure is undertaken by our Co-ordinator. The COA committee meets quarterly
and in addition the Treasurer attends our AGM and presents the annual Accounts. Our
budget is very small, consequently not a great deal of time is required to monitor and
oversee the accounts.
The rewards for taking on this voluntary role include acquiring an influential position
within the local voluntary sector; good access to key statutory officers; and a real
opportunity to bring about change.
If you are interested and would like more information, please contact:-
Evelyn Collington, Co-ordinator, Bromley Council on Ageing , 020 8325 9788
c/o Community House, South Street, Bromley BR1 1RH
Registered Charity No. 1107886

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
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Funding News

Transition Fund
The Cabinet Office has launched a new £100million Transition Fund to help the
charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises that are affected by public spending
cuts to make necessary adjustments so that they can continue to play an important part
in public service reform and the Big Society Agenda.
The Transition Fund will help civil society organisations, with an income of between
£50,000 and £10 million, which deliver high quality public services to be more resilient,
agile and able to take opportunities presented by a changing funding environment. If at
least 60% of your income is from taxpayer-funded sources you could apply.
Other criteria:
1) You must spend at least 50% of your taxpayer funded income on service provision in
   at least one of the following areas:
              o    health and social care
              o    homelessness
              o    education and training
              o    offender rehabilitation
              o    welfare to work
              o    employment services
              o    children and families
              o    debt counselling
              o    legal advice
2) Your free reserves must not be more than six months
3) You face significant cuts; you will experience cuts of least 30% of your taxpayer
   funded income in 2011/12, as compared to your most recent set of signed annual
4) The minimum grant size is £12.5k and grants will meet no more than half your
   taxpayer-funded income. This means that you will have lost at least £25k
5) The majority of the grant expenditure will be on change activities and you are
   delivering the majority of your services in England.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Further eligibility information is available from our website
The deadline is 21st January 2011.

Jubilee People’s Millions
Got a great idea for a project to inspire your community? Want to involve local people
working together to tackle a problem? The Jubilee People’s Millions could be the
The Big Lottery Fund and ITV, with the approval of Buckingham Palace, will be helping
to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 with 60 Lottery grants.
Community groups will be able to apply for up to £60,000 from a total of £3.6million. The
funded projects will inspire, involve or improve the local communities they live in.
Finalists will be showcased on ITV regional news when the public will vote for the
projects they want to receive the Lottery funding.
If you are interested in applying to this programme please visit or call 0845 010 11 12. Groups have until midday on 4th
February 2011 to get their entries in. The winning projects will be awarded the funding in
summer 2011, in order to be up and running in time for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee
year in 2012.

Bromley Staying Healthy Fund
One-off funding is available for health promotion projects in Bromley up to £50,000.
Applications should be made by Christmas to Dr Anita Houghton, Consultant in Public
Health, Department of Public Health, Bromley PCT, Bassetts House Broadwater
Gardens, Farnborough, Kent BR6 7UA or call 01689 880692 to discuss eligibility and
criteria in more detail.
Download the application template.
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Volunteer News

Bromley’s V-Involved Youth Project Enters Final Months
As you may be aware, the project is coming to the end of its three-year focus on youth
volunteering in South London. vinvolved South London has set up a survey for

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
organisations involving young people and for its young volunteers to give some feedback
on their experiences and the contact they have had with Tracey Harrison the Youth
Volunteer Advisor in Bromley. The questionnaire is brief and has tick boxes and you
don’t have to give any personal/organisational details if you don’t want to.
This is the link to the survey and if you give you comments by midnight on19th
December, your name will be entered into our special draw to win one of four £50
Ryman’s gift cards on behalf of your organisation. Link to v-involved survey

Volunteer Co-Ordinators Forum – set next year’s agenda
In order to record organisations thoughts on what training and forum topics the Volunteer
Centre Bromley should aim to cover in 2011, we have created a very short survey on
Survey Monkey. It only has two questions and we’d be grateful if you take the time to
answer them

Introduction To The World Of Volunteering - free two day course
Last month, the Volunteer Centre, in conjunction with local charity CREDO, put on a free
two-day course on volunteering.
The course covered:
   •   What volunteering is and what the benefits are to you
   •   Identifying the skills and experiences you have to offer
   •   Disability Awareness
   •   What type of organisation you could volunteer for
   •   Case studies – volunteers talking about their experiences
   •   Next Steps – where to find out more about volunteering vacancies.
The course was very well received and, due to demand, the course will be repeated in
March 2011. For further details please contact Diane Diamond at the Volunteer Centre
on 020 8315 1930 or Jan Lovett at Credo on 01689 862296

Legal news
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Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Best Practice, Resources and Offers

The Guardian Launches Voluntary Sector Network
Via blogs, live Q&As, open discussion threads, multimedia and more, the Guardian's
Voluntary Sector Network will provide a new space where you can engage with the
issues that matter in your working life.
The Network features leading figures from the voluntary sector and up-and-coming
names, all with their own ideas of how to meet the challenges which voluntary sector
professionals face - achieving financial stability in uncertain times, demonstrating value
to supporters and public sector commissioners, improving governance and
management, increasing transparency in an era of increased scrutiny from media,
government and the public, developing talent, and carving out career paths within the
As a member of the network you also qualify for money-saving deals, newsletters,
advance notice of Voluntary Sector Network events and much more. To register and
become a member click here.

2010 Election - How Was It For You?
The Third Sector Research Centre has produced a rather comprehensive research
report entitled “Opportunity and influence: the third sector and the 2010 general election
exploring the role of voluntary and community organisations in the last election” that's
well worth a look. You can download the full report here or read a shorter summary
article in Charity Times. {source: NCVO}

Develop A Sustainable Green Action Plan
Just to let you know NAVCA has a new publication with hints and tips on how to create a
sustainable development action plan for your organisation.

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Join Community Links Bromley
Benefits of becoming a member of Community Links Bromley are many. Here are a few:

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
            •   Membership is free
            •   Specialist advice and support services
            •   Inclusion in the Directory of Local Voluntary Organisations
            •   Community library with over 500 titles
            •   Specialist funding information service
            •   Networking events
            •   Forum events
            •   Benefit from CLB’s strong relationship with statutory authorities
            •   Opportunity to elect CLB trustees and attend the AGM
            •   Free or discounted prices on members’ events
            •   Advertising job adverts and events on our website and e-bulletin free
            •   Volunteering brokerage and representation
Membership of Community Links Bromley (CLB) is open to charities, voluntary
organisations and community groups operating for the benefit of Bromley people and
those groups whose aims are compatible with those of CLB. To become a member your
organisation needs to fulfil these criteria.
Please note that CLB is a company limited by guarantee. Therefore, all members are
liable for the sum of £1 if CLB should be wound up.
To apply or to check the full criteria, download the membership form and criteria. Or
contact Sue Lee on 020 8315 1902.
If you aren’t sure whether or not your organisation is a member, follow this link to the full
membership list of Community Links Bromley.
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