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                                                                                                                                                           PRESCHOOL, KINDERGARTEN AND JUNIOR SCHOOL
Bury Grammar School Girls                                                                                                                                  Bury Grammar School Girls
                                                                                                                   Bury Grammar School Girls

Young children love to learn. We understand this and aim to provide them with a rich,
varied and happy school life where they experience the excitement of discovery, of
using their imaginations and of being creative. We also have the best facilities for
learning in our bright, spacious and custom designed modern buildings.

Children of all ages thrive in a secure family. In our   We are all proud of our school and enjoy sharing it
Kindergarten and Junior School children find             with others so please accept our invitation to visit us
themselves part of the lively and happy community of     and to experience at first hand the friendly and
the Bury Grammar Schools offering continuity of          purposeful atmosphere which is our hallmark.
education from 3 to 18 years.
                                                         Roberta S Georghiou BA, M Ed
                                                                                                            Bury Grammar School Girls

Learning through play
Boys and girls join our Pre school at three years. They begin their education in the way
that suits them best – through play.
They have their own spacious classrooms and dining   respond to challenges becoming increasingly
area within our recently opened Kindergarten         independent. At the end of the year all of the
building. We provide a stimulating indoor and        children progress to Reception where they further
outdoor environment in which children can explore    acquire the fundamental skills of literacy, numeracy
and develop their understanding and create and       and good communication.

“I couldn’t be happier with the way she runs in every day.
She absolutely loves it.” Parent
Bury Grammar School Girls

                             Kindergarten is a safe and friendly place where the boys and girls know that they are
                             valued. Our emphasis is upon developing the whole child.
                             While academic expectations are high and children         We work in close partnership with our parents who
                             are encouraged to take pride in their learning, there     have many opportunities throughout the year to
                             are also many extra curricular activities. Music and      witness their child’s development. You will be invited
                             sport, including swimming, are areas of excellence        to concerts and sporting events and teachers are
                             within our school. Both are taught by specialist          always available to discuss with you your child’s
                             teachers. Children’s natural spirit of enquiry and love   progress and needs.
                             of adventure are encouraged through the
                             educational visits organised throughout the year.         By the end of year two the children are ready to
                                                                                       move on to the Boys’ and Girls’ Junior Schools taking
                                                                                       with them a secure academic foundation and
                                                                                       enthusiasm for learning of all kinds.

                            “My daughter has settled in very well and has become a very happy, confident
                            little girl with a relaxed but absolute belief in herself.” Parent
                                                                                                                  Bury Grammar School Girls

Junior School
While the majority of girls have come from our Kindergarten, those joining the Junior
School from other schools quickly settle because our very busy day gives plenty of
scope for them to join different extra curricular activities and make new friends.
It remains our aim to teach each girl to find and       All girls take part in sport and enjoy friendly
explore her own academic strengths while music,         competition. Our school teams in swimming, netball
drama and sport play an important part in her all-      athletics and rounders compete very successfully
round development. Junior concerts and productions      locally, regionally and even nationally. The annual ski
provide considerable pleasure for audiences of          trip and an activity weekend provide additional
parents and friends. Whether performing in the          challenges for the adventurous.
Senior School hall in front of large audiences or
within the more informal atmosphere of the Junior
School music room all of our girls gain confidence at
every opportunity.
Bury Grammar School Girls

                             A caring environment
                             At 11 years our girls are good communicators and confident learners. Entry to the
                             senior school is by examination but the vast majority take this - along with other
                             educational challenges - in their stride.

                             Wrap around care                                       We believe in close partnership with our parents and
                             We provide an After School Club to 5.45pm for all of   have a particularly active and successful Parents’
                             our children and for those in Kindergarten there is    Association which arranges social opportunities and
                             also a Breakfast Club opening at 7.30 am. Both clubs   supports the school by fund raising and through
                             are managed by qualified staff and provide enjoyable   participation at many school events.
                             activities as well as healthy food.

                            “When I drop her off I feel like I am leaving her with family.” Parent

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