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					IELTS Recognition Form
Institution _______________________________________________                   Department ____________________________________________________
Address 1 _______________________________________________                     Address 2 ____________________________________________________
City ____________________________________________________                     State ________________________________Zip code _________________
Authorizing contact name __________________________________                   Title __________________________________________________________
Phone __________________________________________________                      Email _________________________________________________________

IELTS information for prospective international applicants
Please include IELTS information for prospective international applicants on all web pages that mention English language proficiency requirements
and link to the IELTS website: Please include information that IELTS is accepted in all handbooks, catalogs and application forms.

Below provide the preferred website link to your institution (e.g., the international student admissions information page,
undergraduate or graduate admissions pages, etc.).


Band score requirements for admissions
Enter the minimum IELTS band score or range of scores required.
     Academic is recommended for higher education: undergraduate, graduate, and professional school admissions.
     General Training is suitable for secondary education, vocational and training programs not at degree level or employment.
     Enter “Score Pending” or “SP” if a minimum band score has not been decided. Contact to update.

                                                                                                               IELTS Academic        IELTS General Training

Higher Education

      Associate admissions (2-year)
      Undergraduate admissions (4-year)

      Graduate admissions/professional school admissions
      Please specify program/department if not the entire Graduate College ________________________
Other Educational Programs

      High school admissions

      Certificate programs, ESL programs, etc.

Professional and Governmental Bodies

      Professional, accrediting bodies, governmental, and non-governmental institutions and organizations

Where did you receive this recognition form?
 CSGS 2011, Huntsville, AL                               CATESOL 2011, Long Beach, CA                           NCTA 2011, San Diego, CA
 AACRAO 2011, Seattle, WA                                AACSB 2011, New York, NY                               NACAC 2011, New Orleans, LA
 TESOL 2011, New Orleans, LA                             NAFSA 2011, Vancouver, BC                              CGS 2011, Phoenix, AZ
 NAGAP 2011, Washington, DC                              OACAC 2011, Calgary, AB                                Other __________________

Sign and return
I agree to the use of the institution’s name and accepted band score information in official documentation by IELTS and IELTS International.
(No personal names or contact details will be published or released.)

Signature______________________________________________________________________ Date______________________________________

To return this form, please scan/email the signed form as an attachment to or fax to 323 255 1261.
The authorized contact will receive an email confirmation when the recognition form is received and processed. Thank you.

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