Winter and Spring 2010 schedule

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					                                   Milton Community Resource Centre Program Schedule                                                                 -Ontario Early Years
                                                                                                                                                     -Family Resource
                                        Morning              Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday               Thursday              Friday             Saturday
                                  Timberlea Room          Adult & Child         Busy Fingers          Messing Around        Adult & Child        Rock A Bye Babies
                                                        Toddler 9:15-10:30       9:30-11:00             9:30-11:00              Toddler              9:30-10:30
                                                         French For Young                                                     9:15-10:30                 or
                                                             Children                                                      Bi-lingual Mother        11:00-12:00
                                                            11:00-12:00                                                    Goose 11:00-12:15
                                  Dorset Park Room        Adult & Child        Adult & Child            Child Care           Adult & Child         Adult & Child     Family Together
                                                            Together             Together            Provider’s Corner         Together              Together          Dad & Me
Main location-410 Bronte Street

                                                           9:15-12:00           9:15-12:00              9:15-12:00            9:15-12:00            9:15-12:00         9:30-11:30
                                                                                                                                                                     See schedule on back
                                                                                                                                                                           for dates

                                  Hawthorne Room                             Cooking Up A Story      Discover Together     Family Math Time       Kids Konnection
                                                                                 9:30-11:00             9:15-11:15            9:30-11:00            9:15-11:45

                                                                              Cruisin & Groovin                             Cruisin & Groovin
                                  Bronte Room                                    9:15-10:00                                    9:15-10:00
                                                                              Toddler Jumpin &                              Toddler Jumpin &
                                                                             Jammin 10:15-11:15                            Jammin 10:15-11:15
                                                                             Preschool Jumpin &                             Shimmy & Shake
                                                                             Jammin 11:30-12:30                                11:30-12:30

                                  Boehmer Room             Mother Goose

                                  Art Studio                                                            Mini Monets

                                  Satellite locations   Mom & Baby Fitness                              Mom & Baby
                                  -Women’s Goodlife        11:00-12:00                               Fitness 11:00-12:00
                                  -Co-ed Goodlife       (Women’s Goodlife)                            (Co-ed Goodlife)
                                  -White Oaks Plaza                                                       Stroller Fit
                                                                                                          May only
                                                                                                     (White Oaks Plaza)
                                  Satellite locations      Mother Goose        Adult & Child         Intergenerational       Adult & Child
                                  -Allendale                 9:30-10:45          Together             Adult & Child            Together
                                  -Campbellville            (Allendale )         9:30-11:30               Together             9:30-11:30
                                                                               (Campbellville)           9:45-12:15          (Campbellville)

                                  Afternoon                  Monday                Tuesday               Wednesday              Thursday               Friday
                                  Timberlea Room          Infant Massage       My Baby & Me           Baby Milestones         Busy Fingers,
                                                             1:00-2:00           1:00-2:30               1:00-2:15             Busy Feet
                                                          My Baby & Me                                                         1:30-3:00
 Main location

                                  Dorset Park Room        Adult & Child      Calling New Parents       Adult & Child       Calling New Parents
                                                        Together 1:30-4:00        1:30-3:30          Together 1:30-4:00         1:30-3:30

                                  Hawthorne Room           Mother Goose      Creative Child Series   Discover Together        Mother Goose           Art Smart
                                                            1:30-2:45              1:30-3:00             1:00-3:00             1:30-2:45             1:30-3:00
                                                                                  Yogi ABC                                    Rock A Bye
                                                                                   4:00-5:00                                   3:30-4:30

                                  Satellite location                           Mother Goose            Mother Goose
                                  -Women’s Goodlife
                                  -Bruce Trail ELCC
                                                                             (Bruce Trail ELCC)
                                                                                                     (Women’s Goodlife)                               Winter
                                  Evening                    Monday                Tuesday           Ontario Early Years Programs                      and
                                                                                                     are indicated in blue.
                                  Bronte Room                                 Toddler Jumpin &
                                                                              Jammin 6:30-7:30       All bolded areas are drop in                     Spring

                                                                                                     programs and no registration
                                  Timberlea Room                                Busy Fingers,
                                                                             Busy Feet 6:00-7:15     is required.                                      2010
                                                        Dad & Me &
                                                      Family Together
                                                      Saturday Dates:

                                                 Jan 16th – Dad & Me
                                            Jan 9 & 23rd – Family Together

                                               Feb. 6th & 20th – Dad & Me
                                               Feb. 27th- Family Together
Main Location:
410 Bronte Street South
                                                 Mar. 6th – Dad & Me
Milton, ON
L9T 0H8                                        Mar. 27th- Family Together
905-876-1244 ext. 10
Fax: 905-876-1273                                 April 17th – Dad & Me                             April 10th & 24th – Family Together

Satellite locations:                           May 1st & 15th – Dad & Me
Allendale                                      May 8th- Family Together
185 Ontario Street South
Milton, ON

Campbellville Lions Hall
42 Guelph Street,
Campbellville, ON                      Inclement Weather & Closures:

Outreach locations:                    Ontario Early Years/Family Resource
Bruce Trail Early Learning and         Programs will close if the Halton
Child Care Centre                      District School Board closes the
1199 Costigan Rd                       schools in the area due to weather
In the Bruce Trail Public School       conditions. You can check their website
Milton, ON                             for up-to-date information at
                             , listen to your local radio
Co-ed Goodlife                         station or watch CHCH television
855 Steeles Avenue
                                       station. We will leave a message after 8
Milton, ON
                                       am at our reception at:
White Oaks Plaza                       905-876-1244 ext. 10
(corner of Bronte Street and Anne
                                                                        A Member
Women’s Goodlife                                                        Agency
820 Main Street                                                         of the United
Upstairs in the Loblaws Superstore                                      Way
Milton, ON                                                              of Milton

For more information about Ontario Early Years Programs in the Georgetown and Acton
area call: 905-873-2960