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                                                                  Return Completed Form to:
                                              Pepco Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Incentive Program
                                           c/o Lockheed Martin, 2275 Research Boulevard, MS-8N, Rockville, MD 20850
                          Phone: 301-519-5383 | Facsimile: 301-519-6333 | email: | web:
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  1. Pepco Trade Ally Program Applicants (“Applicant”)    employees, agents, contractors and other                  assumed by Applicant herein, Applicant and any
  must complete the attached Trade Ally Program           consultants from any and all claims, liabilities,         subcontractors shall obtain and maintain in force
  Application and attend a Pepco program orientation      damages, costs and expenses of any kind, including        for the entire life of this Agreement the following
  as a condition of approval. Applicant’s approval        but not limited to all fees and charges of engineers,     insurance and name Pepco Holdings Inc., its
  will be effective as of the date of its ”Application    architects, attorneys and other professionals and         subsidiaries and affiliates, as additional insured on
  Approval Notice” and shall be effective for a term      all court or arbitration or other dispute resolution      a primary and non-contributory basis and include a
  of one year, after which it will automatically renew    costs arising out of or connected in any way with         severability of interest provision:
  each year on the anniversary of the effective date,     any act or omission of Applicant, its employees,
                                                                                                                    (A) Commercial General Liability insurance on the
  unless otherwise suspended or terminated in             agents or subcontractors of any tier or any other
                                                                                                                    premises and Services covered by this Agreement
  accordance with these Terms and Conditions.             entity or person for whom Applicant is liable, in the
                                                                                                                    and specifically including, without limitation,
                                                          performance or nonperformance of services as a
  2. Once approved as a Participating Trade Ally,                                                                   contractual liability insurance to cover liability
                                                          Pepco Trade Ally.
  Applicant may be listed on Pepco’s web site as a                                                                  assumed by Applicant with combined single limits,
  Participating Trade Ally. Applicant understands         8. Applicant agrees to represent its business in an       per accident, of not less than $2,000,000 for bodily
  that possible inclusion on the Pepco web site list in   ethical, professional manner and as an independent        injury, including death and property damage.
  connection with this program does not constitute        contractor and at no time will it represent its
                                                                                                                    (B) Worker’s Compensation insurance with statutory
  an endorsement, recommendation or promotion of          business as an agent or representative of Pepco.
                                                                                                                    limits and employer’s liability insurance with limits of
  Applicant, either express or implied.                   Applicant will act as an independent contractor to
                                                                                                                    $1,000,000. per occurrence.
                                                          provide services to its customers, and no employee
  3. Applicant may not refer to Pepco or any of its
                                                          of Applicant will be considered, for any purpose, to      (C) Comprehensive Auto Liability insurance which
  affiliates in any advertising or other publication, or
                                                          be an employee, agent, partner or representative          has minimum combined single limits for bodily
  on the Internet, without Pepco’s express, written
                                                          of Pepco. Any contracts between Applicant and             injury and property damage of $2,000,000 per
  permission. Applicant may not use Pepco’s name,
                                                          its customers or any third parties shall clearly and      accident. The Comprehensive Auto Liability policy
  likeness, logo, trademarks, trade names, service
                                                          conspicuously express that no agency relationship         shall include owned and blanket non-owned and
  marks or trade dress without Pepco’s express written
                                                          exists between Pepco and the Applicant. Applicant         hired coverage.
                                                          has no power or right to bind Pepco or act on its
                                                                                                                    11. Applicant shall require their insurance carriers,
  4. Applicant understands that approval as a             behalf when dealing with customers or third parties.
                                                                                                                    with respect to all insurance policies, to waive all
  Participating Trade Ally does not constitute an         Applicant and Pepco shall not exercise any control
                                                                                                                    rights of subrogation against Pepco, its directors,
  endorsement or warranty by Pepco of Applicant or        or supervision of one another, nor be responsible for
                                                                                                                    officers, agents and employees and contractors,
  of any equipment that may be sold or service that       each other in the performance of any service. Pepco
                                                                                                                    and Applicant shall indemnify Pepco against any loss
  may be provided by Applicant.                           disclaims any and all liability to Applicant for any
                                                                                                                    or expense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees,
                                                          direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental
  5. Trade Ally status may not be assigned. Applicant                                                               resulting from the failure to obtain such waiver.
                                                          losses, costs or damages arising from or related
  may discontinue participating as a Trade Ally by
                                                          to any representations, or equipment that may be          12. Applicant shall, before the commencement
  notifying Pepco in writing of that decision. Pepco
                                                          sold or service that may be provided by Applicant in      of any Services, furnish Pepco with a certificate
  may suspend and or end Applicant’s participation
                                                          connection with Pepco’s Trade Ally Program.               from an insurance carrier licensed in the District of
  at any time, in its sole reasonable discretion, by
                                                                                                                    Columbia and/or Maryland to Applicant and any
  notifying Applicant in writing of that decision.        9. Pepco and its representatives shall have no
                                                                                                                    subcontractors providing for the insurance listed
  Applicant understands and agrees that Pepco shall       responsibility for the discovery, presence, handling,
                                                                                                                    above and that such policies are in force. All such
  not be required to provide the basis of any such        removal, or disposal of, or exposure of Applicant
                                                                                                                    certificate(s) shall state that the insurance carrier(s)
  termination decision.                                   or any other persons to hazardous materials of any
                                                                                                                    will give Pepco thirty (30) days prior written notice
                                                          kind in connection with Applicant’s participation in
  6. Applicant must comply with all laws and                                                                        (by first class mail) of any cancellation or material
                                                          any Pepco program, including, but not limited to,
  maintain all appropriate licenses, registrations, and                                                             change in such policies, addressed to Pepco
                                                          asbestos, asbestos products, PCBs, or other toxic
  certifications for the work it is performing.                                                                      Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs,
                                                                                                                    C/O Lockheed Martin, 2275 Research Boulevard,
  7. Applicant shall indemnify, reimburse, hold
                                                          10. Without limiting the scope or extent of               Rockville, MD 20850.
  harmless and defend Pepco, its directors, officers,
                                                          the protection afforded Pepco or the liabilities

  By my signature below, I hereby warrant and represent that (i) I am duly authorized to submit this Application on behalf of the Applicant; (ii) the
  information provided in this Application, the Certificate of Insurance and any other related documents delivered to Pepco, is true, accurate and
  complete; (iii) I have read this Application in its entirety; and (iv) I understand and accept the Terms and Conditions contained in this Application.
  I further understand and accept that the approval or rejection of the Application is in the sole discretion of Pepco and that only upon receipt of
  any Program-Specific Application Approval Notice will Applicant be a Trade Ally of Pepco.
  Pepco encourages electronic submission. A facsimile or pdf of this form with your signature is acceptable and will have the same force

 Authorized Representative                                         Title                                                                  Date
 (please print)

                                                                    Return Completed Form to:
                                                Pepco Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Incentive Program
                                             c/o Lockheed Martin, 2275 Research Boulevard, MS-8N, Rockville, MD 20850
                            Phone: 301-519-5383 | Facsimile: 301-519-6333 | email: | web:
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