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					Friday, January 21, 2011 • THE GLOBE AND MAIL                                                               A special information feature         CA 1

                                                          In a world filled with career possibilities, few
                                                          offer the same degree of mobility, flexibility
                                                          and diverse opportunities as the CA designation.


         It’s a big, bold world out there and businesses around the globe are searching for top talent.
         When opportunity knocks, Canadian CAs are answering the call...

         “Cayman combines the            Australia is similar to            Known for its warm
         best of small-town living       Canada, “but without the           summers by the Adriatic
         with the work                   winters,” says cyclist and         Sea, Croatia is one of the
         environment of a larger         surfer Nicolas Majeau, who         world’s most beautiful
         city with international         enjoys life and work Down          vacation destinations.
         flair,” says Dave Merrick,      Under.                                 It’s also the place
         a CA who moved to                   “I like the different          Snezana Beronja calls
         George Town from                perspective on life-work           home. A senior manager
         Calgary in 2007.                balance,” says Mr. Majeau,         with KPMG’s Central and
              As assistant controller    who originally transferred         Eastern Europe practice,
         for TSX-listed Endeavour        from PwC’s Montreal                Ms. Beronja moved to
         Mining Corporation, Mr.         office to Sydney in 2003.          Zagreb from Halifax in
         Merrick deals with global       “It’s great to experience          2004.
         business issues in              business in a region of the            “I get to enjoy the
         collaboration with people       world most Canadians               scenic countryside, a
         in Canada, the U.K. and         know little about.”                slightly more relaxed
         Europe on a daily basis.            Today, he’s a treasury         Mediterranean lifestyle
              “When I need a break,      and financial planning             and an exciting work
         a vacation on a Caribbean       manager with InterGen              environment,” says Ms.
         beach is just a drive down      Australia, an electric utility     Beronja. “Work-life
         the road,” he says.             based in Brisbane.                 balance doesn’t get any
                                                                            better than this.”
         Dave Merrick                    Nicolas Majeau
         George Town,                    Brisbane, Australia                Snezana Beronja
         Cayman Islands                                                     Zagreb, Croatia

         “Seeing the Parade of            “A Canadian CA’s skills are
         Champions at Carnival or         easily transferable to the
         60,000 soccer fans on a          U.K. and other
         winning day are                  Commonwealth countries,”
         unforgettable experiences,”      says Indra Kubicek, who
         notes Evelyn Joerg, a            moved from Vancouver to
         manager with PwC who             London in May 2007, six
         moved from Toronto to Rio        months after obtaining her
         de Janiero in 2009.              CA.
             For Ms. Joerg, the CA            Ms. Kubicek, a finance
         designation proved her           manager at Chellomedia,
         ticket to achieving a long-      says the culture, diversity
         time goal of working             and travel opportunities
         internationally and learning     make London a top
         a new language, Portuguese.      destination for young
             “Chartered Accountants       professionals. Her job often
         have a skill set valued and      takes her to Chellomedia’s
         recognized beyond                European subsidiaries in
         Canada,” she says.               Amsterdam, Budapest,
                                          Madrid and Warsaw. She
         Evelyn Joerg                     has also travelled to Africa
         Rio de Janiero, Brazil           as a volunteer with
                                          charitable organizations in
                                          Uganda, Kenya and

                                          Indra Kubicek
                                          London, England

  AWARD WINNERS Page 2                                      COMMEMORATIVE PULLOUT                              GET A JOB AND A LIFE Page 8
  Meet the four top CA students from                        A complete listing of the 2010 successful UFE      The CA career provides work-life
  across Canada.                                            writers.                                           balance.
CA 2              A special information feature                                                                                                              Friday, January 21, 2011 • THE GLOBE AND MAIL

     Western Canada Gold Medallist                                              Atlantic Canada Gold Medallist                                           Quebec Gold Medallist
           Not many people can say this, but I wanted to                            Winning the Atlantic Gold Medal was a dream                               The UFE is unlike any exam I have ever

     “     be a Chartered Accountant since I was ten
           years old. My grandfather was a CA who
     started his own firm, and even though he passed
                                                                               “    come true. I received a call at 9:08 in the
                                                                                    morning from one of my mentors at work who
                                                                               told me that I’d passed the UFE. I was celebrating
                                                                                                                                                        “     encountered. It requires careful application of
                                                                                                                                                              accounting and business principles in a
                                                                                                                                                        practical setting. What helped me the most was
     away before I was born, I looked up to him a lot                          with my family, and not even a minute later, I got                       tackling many practice cases at home and involving
                        based on the stories my parents                                         another call telling me that not only                                     myself in complex issues with my
                                told me about him.                                                       had I passed, but I was also                                              clients at the office.
                                        “As I went through                                                  the top UFE writer in                                                      Nowadays, after
                                      high school, I not                                                       Atlantic Canada. It                                                        analyzing issues at
                                         only found out that                                                      was an amazing and                                                        work, I even find
                                          I was good at                                                            unforgettable                                                              myself saying – that
                                           math, business                                                           moment.                                                                    was on my UFE!
                                           and accounting,                                                               “I was initially                                                          “The key to
                                            but that I really                                                        attracted to the                                                           my success on the
                                           enjoyed them.                                                             CA profession by                                                          UFE was a good
                                           When you hear                                                            the opportunities                                                          study group. We
                                          about how                                                                to learn about and                                                         studied hard, but
                                         successful CAs are                                                       work with different                                                       managed to have a
                                      in the business world,                                                   businesses across                                                          fun and memorable
                                    you realize this is one of                                              Canada and around the                                                      summer. We
                                the most demanding and                                                   world. Today, Chartered                                                   complemented each other
                        beneficial business designations                                        Accountants play largely an                                                well – when some of us struggled
     you can get. The challenge just made it that much                         advisory role, and I want to be able to use my                           with a concept, others were ready to help. While all
     more exciting for me.                                                     expertise and skills to help my clients succeed.                         I wanted to do was pass, they formed a pool
          “I honestly have to say that I spent more time                           “The role of the CA is constantly changing.                          wagering on me to do really well. I thought they
     preparing for the UFE than any other test in my life.                     That’s important to me because you have to                               were jinxing my success but, to my surprise, they
     However, because my firm gave me three months                             continue to learn, develop yourself, and keep up-to-                     were right and I am truly honoured with this award.
     off to study and I had two great study partners, I was                    date with the profession for the rest of your life.                          “What attracted me to the designation is the
     able to spread out the studying and not get                                   “I won’t be getting my actual designation for                        varied exposure a young CA receives, even at the
     overwhelmed.                                                              another year and a half, but when I do, I’d love to                      outset. At Ernst & Young, I have had the opportunity
          “Coming out of the UFE, I felt that I had done                       do an international work term and then eventually                        to face many challenges in many different industries,
     well, but I never thought I’d done that well. I was                       come back to work in Atlantic Canada.”                                   from large public to small private companies.
     just trying to pass, so ending up as a gold medallist                                                                                              Passing the UFE has given me instant credibility,
     was incredible.”                                                          Kimberly Hartlin                                                         which has allowed me to switch careers into business
                                                                                                                                                        valuation. I am excited about this opportunity to
                                                                               Deloitte & Touche LLP                                                    further broaden my professional experience.”
     Mathew Burpee
     Ernst & Young LLP
                                                                                                                                                        Ryan Abrams
                                                                                                                                                        Ernst & Young LLP

                                                                                                        Governor General’s Gold Medallist for
                                                                                                         Highest Standing in Canada
                                                                                                                 Ontario Gold Medallist
                                                                                                                            I was ecstatic to find out I had won the Canadian Gold Medal, especially

                                                                                                                       “    since I came out of the UFE feeling like I could have done better. This
                                                                                                                            achievement is a reflection of the people behind me, including my
                                                                                                                        awesome UFE coach, my supportive family and friends, and my amazing
                                                                                                                         study group.
                                                                                                                               “Since my first year at the University of Waterloo, I always looked at the
                                                                                                                           plaque on the school wall honouring past Gold Medallists, and hoped that
                                                                                                                            someday my name would be there, too. So it was a dream come true
                                                                                                                             when I learned that I was this year’s Canadian Gold Medallist. I was even
                                                                                                                             more thrilled to learn that my boyfriend – Jonathan Sue – had made the
                                                                                                                             Honour Roll as well. My next big challenge was to keep it a secret, since
                                                                                                                              I’m a terrible liar!
                                                                                                                                   “More than anything, my parents have brought me to where I am
                                                                                                                               today. My mom is a professional in the business world and has always
                                                                                                                                encouraged my brother and me to pursue a well-known professional
                                                                                                                                 designation, particularly the CA. Both my parents went to Waterloo,
                                                                                                                                  and my mom was a student in the same program as me. I admire how
                                                                                                                                   my mother was able to balance career and family, and hope to follow
                                                                                                                                   that example.
                                                                                                                                         “I don’t know what’s next for me. In the future, I hope to get
                                                                                                                                    involved in the UFE process, perhaps by doing some mentoring
                                                                                                                                     and maybe a little bit of teaching. But there’s more to life than just
                                                                                                                                     your career – I’d like to one day travel to all of the continents. I’ve
                                                                                                                                      already visited Asia and Europe, and I’m looking at South America
                                                                                                                                      as my next travel destination. At some point, I definitely want to
                                                                                                                                       go back to school.
                                                                                                                                            “I think the most important lesson I learned from the UFE is
                                                                                                                                       that you really need to know yourself. What works for one person
                                                                                                                                        won’t necessarily work for another. For example, everyone tells
                                                                                                                                        you not to study with your significant other, but Jonathan and I
                                                                                                                                        have been studying together for years now, and it was what made
                                                                                                                                        the most sense for me.”

                                                                                                                                        Vicky Au
                                                                                                                                        Deloitte & Touche LLP

     Ryan ABRAMS, Montreal                                 Eric CHOW, North York                                  Asifa HIRJI, Burnaby                                  James PORTER, Victoria
     Jaleh AFROOZE, Coquitlam                              Jacqueline CORNEIL, Toronto                            Albert HO, Richmond                                   Marc PRIESTLEY, Toronto
     Douglas ALLAN, Vancouver                              Joseph DECAMILLIS, Vaughan                             Daphne HUANG, Vancouver                               Christopher SCHAUFELE, Surrey
     Vicky AU, Markham                                     Derek DEUTSCH, Toronto                                 Nora KAETHLER, St. Catharines                         Michelle SMARSH, Edmonton
     Tatiana AVERBUCH, Côte Saint-Luc                      Laura DI PAOLO, Brampton                               Brian KWAN, Toronto                                   Kelsey STIMSON, Lethbridge
     Landon BAILEY, Victoria                               Stephanie DONAHUE,                                     Clarisse LAU, Toronto                                 Jonathan SUE, Markham
     Mason BENNETT, Vancouver                                Sherbrooke                                           Zi Qi LI, Scarborough                                 Steven TAYLOR, Halifax
     Zarina BHAMBHANI, Edmonton                            Landon FEHR, Saskatoon                                 Adele MCGEE, Ottawa                                   Meaghan VANDERLINDEN,
     David BUNCE, Waterloo                                 Andrea HARPER, Lethbridge                              Lyndsay MICK, Toronto                                   Vancouver
     Mathew BURPEE, Calgary                                Andrea HARRIS, Saskatoon                               Melissa MURPHY, Toronto                               Eric VAN DYK, Edmonton
     Lloyd CANIS, Toronto                                  Kimberly HARTLIN, Halifax                              Russell NEWMAN, Calgary                               Melanie WHITMORE, Calgary
     Hugo CASTONGUAY, Quebec City                          Valérie HÉBERT, Rouyn-Noranda                          Aaron NG, Markham                                     Ei-Lyn WONG, Richmond
     Wilson CHEUNG, Vancouver                              Shannon HEINCKE, Saskatoon                             Simon Jacques PERREAULT, Montreal                     Ka Yun YU, Coquitlam

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 UFE 2010Globe FINAL:Globe layout 3 page                           1/14/11      2:20 PM         Page 1

                                          3,046 GREAT
                                        CAREER DECISIONS
                                                    These CA students from across Canada and Bermuda
                                                          have taken their careers to the next level,
                                                       passing the 2010 Uniform Evaluation (UFE)
                                                           - one of the world's most challenging
                                                                 professional examinations.

                                Congratulations to Canada’s future business leaders.
                                Daniel CHOW, New Westminster        Albert HO, Richmond                Victoria LO, Vancouver            Sakina RASHID, Richmond           Meaghan VANDERLINDEN,           Christopher HEANS, Timberlea
                                May CHOW, Vancouver                 Betty HO, Victoria                 Jane Anne LONG, Vernon            Brenton REIMER, Vancouver             Vancouver                   Thomas HUGHES, Vancouver, BC
                                Venus CHOW, Penticton               Irene HO, Richmond                 Catherine LOT, Vancouver          Sina REZAI, Vancouver             Tatjana VAREP, Burnaby          Michelle LAMONT, Truro
                                Hee Young CHUNG, Kamloops           Nicholas HO, Vancouver             Graeme LOW AH KEE, Vancouver      Michelle RICHIER, Vancouver       Jan VEIEL, Vancouver            Jessica LANGILLE, Folly Mountain
NORTHWEST                       Jessica CLARANCE,                   Terry HO, Burnaby                  Amanda LOWDEN, Delta              Matthew RICHMOND, Kamloops        Gianni VELTRI, Burnaby          Jeff LANTHIER, Halifax
TERRITORIES                         North Vancouver                 Steven HOLDEN, Victoria            Leah LUDVIGSON, Duncan            Daniel ROBERT, Vernon             Jeannette VERGARA, Vancouver    Kelsi LEBLANC, Halifax
Matthew ANDERSON, Yellowknife   Dustin CLARK, Vancouver             Terence HOLMES, Vancouver          Nancy LY, Surrey                  Jessica ROBERTS, Campbell River   Omar VISRAM, Langley            Cody LOHNES, Lunenburg
Thomas ANWEILER,                Sarah CLARK, Victoria               Liang Chin HONG, Vancouver         Annie MA, Delta                   Teri ROBINSON, Burnaby            Ketan VOHORA, Vancouver         Jordan MACDONALD, Halifax
   Port Alberni, BC             Adrienne CLAROTTO, Vancouver        Martina HORVATHOVA,                Ryan MA, Vancouver                Jessica ROCKLIFF, Vancouver       Jonathan VONDETTE, Vancouver    Matthew MACDONALD, Halifax
Brandi LAM, Penticton, BC       Amanda CLIFF, Langley                   West Vancouver                 Scott MACCORMAC, Coquitlam        Ramil RODRIGUEZ, Surrey           Jamie WALGREN, Prince George    Rebecca MACKENZIE, Truro
David STOKES, Hay River         Michael CLIFF, Victoria             Sean HOSICK, Nanaimo               Scott MACEACHERN, Vancouver       Paul ROKEBY-THOMAS, Victoria      Sarah WALSH, West Vancouver     Michael MACLEOD, Dartmouth
                                Alison COLLINS, Vancouver           Shuming HU, Kelowna                Elizabeth MACKENZIE, Peachland    Evgenia ROLZING, Vancouver        Lingya WANG, Burnaby            Jennifer MACNEIL, Halifax
                                Courtney COLLINS,                   Chia-Mei HUANG, Richmond           Erin MACKILLOP, Coquitlam         Alisa ROSENBERG, Vancouver        Elizabeth WARNICA, Vancouver    Elizabeth MACPHEE, Dartmouth
                                    North Vancouver                 Daphne HUANG, Vancouver            Jordan MACLELLAN, Victoria        Dale ROSS, Kelowna                Jeffrey WASYLIW, Whistler       Emily MACRAE, Halifax
                                Joshua CONTANT, Vancouver           Li Xin HUANG, Vancouver            Brandon MACNEIL, Surrey           Jeffrey ROSS, Vancouver           Benjamin WATERER, Vancouver     Travis MACRAE, Halifax
                                Suzanna CRESCENZO, Burnaby          Shaohua HUANG, Richmond            Ross MACPHERSON, Vancouver        Gregory RUITENBECK, Kamloops      Crysta WEBB, Vancouver          Heather MADDIGAN, Westville
YUKON                           Lee CRIGHTON, North Vancouver       Ye Xi HUANG, Vancouver             Owen MADRICK, Mill Bay            Kristin RUMMELL, Vancouver        Siqi WEI, Vancouver             Laura MCCARTHY, Bedford
Peter WOODRUFF, Whitehorse      Heather CROW, Victoria              Xinlin HUANG, Vancouver            Victoria MAH, Vancouver           Ryan SAHOTA, North Delta          Wen WEN, Coquitlam              Lynnette MCCORMACK, Halifax
Melissa YEOMANS, Whitehorse     Julie CRUISE, Kamloops              Idania HUERTA MUNOZ, Burnaby       Emily MAHANNAH, Vancouver         Kristen SALI, Vancouver           Laura WENSLEY, Vancouver        Beth MCLEAN, Coldbrook
                                Kelly CUNNINGHAM,                   Allan HUNG, Vancouver              Stephanie Yuk-Wah MAK,            Joseph SALTER, Delta              Scott WHITE, Kelowna            Michael METCALFE, Hunts Point
                                    Harrison Hot Springs            Evany HUNG, Vancouver                  Vancouver                     William SASS, Victoria            Robert WIDDESS, Whistler        Heather MURPHY, Antigonish
                                Robert CURRAN, Langley              Ryan HUNG, Burnaby                 Junaid MALAM-HASSAM, Burnaby      Valerie SAUVE, Victoria           Ryan WILCOX, Vancouver          Jillian NEWTON, Dartmouth
                                Brent D'ANDREA, Vancouver           Tun HUNG, Coquitlam                Andrew MALASHEWSKY, Kelowna       Jameel SAYANI, Nanaimo            Andrew WILLIAMS,                Adam OAKLEY, Coldbrook
                                Adrian DASTUR, Coquitlam            Andrew INGENHORST, Kelowna         Soni MAND, Surrey                 Christopher SCHAUFELE, Surrey         West Vancouver              Daniel O'GRADY, Halifax
                                Gemma DAVIS, Burnaby                Susan INOUYE, Burnaby              Nicholas MARACH, Delta            Adam SCHELL, Vancouver            Jeremy WOENSDREGT,              Lois OYUKO, Halifax
BRITISH COLUMBIA                Sean DEISSNER, Vancouver            Michelle IORIO, Burnaby            Jonathan MARKS, Vancouver         Angela SCHMID, Vancouver              North Vancouver             Andrew PERKINS, Yarmouth
Keith ACTON, Vancouver          Markus DELVES, Vancouver            Noel ISBERG, Coquitlam             Christina MARTIN, Vancouver       Kevin SCHMIDT, Kelowna            Brenda WOLFRAM, Nelson          Nicole POOLE, Halifax
Daniel ADAMS, Vancouver         Ioannis DEMETRI, Surrey             George JAMES, Penticton            Stephanie MASON, Coquitlam        Patricia SCHOENROTH, Victoria     Amanda WONG, Richmond           Phillip POTTIE, Middle Sackville
Jaleh AFROOZE, Coquitlam        Kassi DESROCHERS, Kelowna           Brandon JANG, Vancouver            Laura MAZUR, Port Moody           Christopher SCOTT, Port Moody     Ei-Lyn WONG, Richmond           Adam POWER, Halifax
Kevin AGEMA, Prince George      Darren DEVINE, Vancouver            Aman JANJUA, Richmond              Alexander MCAULAY, Chilliwack     Jennifer SCOTT, Penticton         Richard WONG, Vancouver         Marc POWER, Halifax
Bryan ALBANO, Prince George     Avthar DHALIWAL, Surrey             Marika JAROSZKIEWICZ,              Kyle MCELWEE, Langley             David SEBASTIAN,                  Timothy WONG, Vancouver         Meagan SANFORD, Halifax
Manhal AL-KHAFAJI,              Jasbir DHALIWAL, Aldergrove             Richmond                       Heather MCGHIE, Burnaby               North Vancouver               Travis WONG, Burnaby            Brennan STEWART, Halifax
    West Vancouver              Navdeep DHALIWAL, Mission           Lisa JARVIE, Vancouver             Lucas MCLEAN, Vancouver           Justin SEBULSKY, Vancouver        Tyler WONG, Richmond            David STEWART, Halifax
Douglas ALLAN, Vancouver        Raveena DHALIWAL, Surrey            Braden JENSEN, Vancouver           Shahilla MEGHANI,                 Francesco SEMINARA, Vancouver     Dorothy WOO, Surrey             Eric SULLIVAN, Halifax
Melodie ANDERSON,               Jason DHAMI, Abbotsford             Irena JESOVNIK, Vancouver              North Vancouver               Rupam SHAH, Coquitlam             Bentley WOOD, Vancouver         Steven TAYLOR, Halifax
    Port Coquitlam              Adrian DICKMAN, Vancouver           Michael JIANG, Port Moody          Martie MENDOZA, Surrey            Timothy SHAM, Vancouver           Chun WU, Richmond               Chelsea WALSH, Bedford
Andrea ARMITAGE, Vancouver      Wenwen DING, Coquitlam              Alicia JOBB, Surrey                Ankur MERWAHA, Burnaby            Iqbal SHANGHERA, Surrey           Jacqueline WU, Vancouver        Robert WORRELL, Halifax
Kirandeep AUJLA, Surrey         Jason DONG, Vancouver               Tanner JOHNSTON, Vancouver         Kali MEYER, Nanaimo               Heather SHARPE, Victoria          Yi WU, Burnaby
Landon BAILEY, Victoria         Katherine DONNELLY, Kelowna         Erin JOYNER, Vancouver             Geoffrey MIACHIKA,                Hamid SHEKARCHI, Coquitlam        Jeffrey WUBS, Vancouver
Kevin BALDWINSON, Surrey        William-Francis DOS SANTOS,         Anuja JUMANI, Delta                    North Vancouver               Corey SHELTON, West Vancouver     Ersu XU, Vancouver
Robyn BELL, Vancouver               Langley                         Lisa JUNG, Vancouver               Tarah MILLER, Coquitlam           Craig SHERNECK, Vancouver         Ying XU, Burnaby
Mason BENNETT, Vancouver        Sean DOUGHERTY, Nanaimo             Christopher JURY, Nelson           David MILLIGAN, Coquitlam         Laura SHIELL, North Vancouver     Lee YAKUBOWICH, Victoria
Kyle BERGSTROM,                 Heather DOWNEY, Kamloops            Theodore KEBEDE, Vancouver         Amrit MINHAS, Surrey              Lori SHIPPY, Armstrong            Shuangjie YANG, Vancouver       NEWFOUNDLAND
    West Vancouver              Nimrat DUHRA, Prince George         Nicole KELEMEN, Vancouver          Cara-Mia MITCHELL, Kelowna        Han SHU, Victoria                 Yi YAO, Victoria
                                                                                                                                                                                                           and LABRADOR
Peta BEST, Fort St. John        Lina DUQUE, Vancouver               Satinderjit KHATKAR,               Zoe MITCHELL, Sidney              Aaron SHUTO, Vancouver            Krystal YEE, Burnaby
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gillian ANDREWS, St. John’s
Tiffany BEVAN, Coquitlam        Reid DUTHIE, Vancouver                  Prince George                  Heidi MO, Vancouver               Leja SIMPSON, Vancouver           Man Wah YIP, Surrey
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Samantha ATTWOOD, Paradise
John BINSTEAD, West Vancouver   Matthew EDEN, Vancouver             Daniel KIM, Coquitlam              Paul MOORE, Vancouver             Dian SINAGA, Vancouver            Jeffery YOUNG, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Daniel BURKE, Bishop Falls
Andrew BLACK, Vancouver         Courtney ENG, Burnaby               Yun-Hsuan KO, Burnaby              Sandra MORFORD, Abbotsford        Lorne SINCLAIR, Victoria          Jennifer YU, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mark CAREW, St. John’s
Nolan BLACKIE, Burnaby          Wendy ENNS, Abbotsford              Jasmin KOHL, Vancouver             Kevin MORRIS, Vancouver           Jason SISKA, North Vancouver      Ka Yun YU, Coquitlam
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Heather COMERFORD, St. John’s
Clayton BOLTON, Vancouver       Justin EZEKIEL, Vancouver           Wing Yan Daisy KONG, Richmond      Jonathan MORRISON, Surrey         Gwennie SIU, West Vancouver       Kevin YU, Burnaby
                                                                                                                                                                                                           William DAWE,
Jayden-Lee BOURGARD,            Nathan FALLIS, Kelowna              Georgiy KOVALYOV, Richmond         Carolina MORSE, Surrey            Emily SLUGGETT, Victoria          Lawrence YUEN, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Conception Bay South
    Vancouver                   Walter FAWCUS, North Vancouver      Chelsea KRAFT, Canoe               Jason MOSBERIAN,                  James SMEATON, Vancouver          Sharon M. YUEN, Richmond
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ross FOLEY, Mount Pearl
Michael BOWCOCK, Trail          Sandra FERENZ, Langley              Adrian KUBAS, Abbotsford               North Vancouver               Nick SMITH, Kamloops              Sharon T.S. YUEN, Richmond
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mary Beth HANDRIGAN, St. John’s
Daniel BOWERMAN, Vancouver      Zico FERNANDES, Richmond            Vikramjit KULLAR, Vancouver        Stephanie MUNRO, Victoria         Stefanie SO, Richmond             Kyung-Ah YUN, Surrey
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Paul MCCARTHY, St. John’s
Christopher BOWRA,              Ryan FINNER, Victoria               Chin Hang LAI, Vancouver           Allana MURRAY, Richmond           Jeminah SOLIMAN, Kamloops         Sara ZACHARIAS, Prince George
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Adam MCDONALD, St. John’s
    North Vancouver             Cory FLECK, Vancouver               Daniel LAI, Burnaby                Charles MUTANDA, Victoria         Andrew SOMERS, Victoria           Rong ZHAO, Victoria
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Stephen MERCER, St. John’s
Lee BRADSHAW, Kelowna           Tamara FLINDELL, Victoria           Amy LANG, Vancouver                Ainslie MUZZIN, Vancouver         Eva SOPPIT, North Vancouver       Cong ZHOU, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                                                           James NELSON, St. John’s
Stephen BROWN, Kelowna          Jason FOTH, Abbotsford              Donnelle LANG, Kamloops            Jason NALEWANYJ, Vancouver        Matthew SPLINTER, Langley         Min ZHOU, Nanaimo
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Andrew ORSBORN, St. John’s
Alissa BRYDEN, Rossland         Ian FREW, Vancouver                 Alex LAU, Richmond                 Rachid NAYEL, North Vancouver     Ryan STASCHUK, Coquitlam          Xiaoling ZHOU, Port Coquitlam
                                                                                                                                                                                                           David PHILLIPS, St. John’s
Priya BUBBER, Delta             Martene FRIESEN, Abbotsford         Clive LAU, Vancouver               Matija NECEMER, Delta             Jacqueline STEVENS, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Maria QUIGLEY, St. John’s
Curtis BUDGELL, Vancouver       Tyler FRIESEN, Richmond             Liana LAU, Vancouver               Christine NELSON, Vancouver       Jonathan STEWART, Burnaby
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jeffrey QUINLAN, St. John’s
Kyle BUNNELL, Vancouver         Lee FULLA, Nanaimo                  Nathan LAU, Richmond               Michael NG, Richmond              Lavonne STEWART, Surrey
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mark SEABORN, St. John’s
Leigh BURBIDGE, Vancouver       Bonnie FUNG, Coquitlam              Nevin LAU, Burnaby                 Tanya NICHOLISHEN, Mission        Richard STOLZ, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Melanie SHEA, St. John’s
Benjamin CAME, Surrey           Joyce FUNG, Vancouver               Brian LAVECK, Kelowna              Christopher NICKEL, Abbotsford    Andrea STUART, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ryan SPARROW, St. John’s
Derek CANDY, Duncan             Sabrina FUNG, Richmond              Gary LAW, Vancouver                Allison NING, Surrey              Yuki SUGIYAMA, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                           NOVA SCOTIA                     Ian STARK, St. John’s
Jack CARTMEL, Vancouver         Sherry FUNG, Vancouver              Perry LAWLOR, Victoria             Elena NOVIKOVA, Surrey            Jimmy SUM, Coquitlam
                                                                                                                                                                           Sara BALLANTYNE, Halifax        Jonathan WALSH, St. John’s
Michael CASALE, Vancouver       Kimberly FUSSELL, Vancouver         Christopher LAWSON, Victoria       Mark NOWOSTAWSKI, Coquitlam       Jennifer SUNG, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                           Christopher BARNES, Halifax     Todd WHITE, Corner Brook
Ryan CAVAN, Kelowna             Robert GEIER, Vancouver             James LAWSON, Kelowna              Raymond OLTHUIS, Abbotsford       Brent SUTHERLAND, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                           Brittany BARTLETT, Halifax
Daniel CHAMBERS, Penticton      Ylena GERSHTEIN, Richmond           Andrew LEE, Prince George          Kevin O'REILLY, Vancouver         Amanda SYTSMA, Deroche
                                                                                                                                                                           Alexandria BAULD, Halifax
Emily CHAN, Burnaby             Harkeet GHAG, Surrey                Brenda LEE, Vancouver              Richard ORMISTON,                 Dayna SZYNDROWSKI, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                           Cleo BIRD, Halifax
Hong Nathan CHAN, Vancouver     Jacklyn GIDDA, Kelowna              Calvin LEE, Vancouver                  North Vancouver               Kyle TAKEUCHI, Coquitlam
                                                                                                                                                                           Katrina BLACKMORE, Riverport
Serena CHAN, Vancouver          Kara GILLILAND, Vancouver           Jessica LEE, Vancouver             James ORR, North Vancouver        Stefanny TAM, Burnaby
                                                                                                                                                                           Kyla BLEAKNEY, Halifax
Sibil CHAN, Port Moody          Christopher GREGSON, Kelowna        Joanne LEE, Coquitlam              Ted PACSON, Burnaby               Junko TAMASHIRO, Aldergrove
                                                                                                                                                                           Jennifer BOND, Chester Basin
Victoria CHAN, Vancouver        Steven GRIPPO, Vancouver            Jonathan LEE, Vancouver            Christine PAN, Vancouver          Kevin TANG, Richmond
                                                                                                                                                                           Katie BREWER, Sydney
Subash CHAND, Abbotsford        Richard GROVES, Kelowna             Karvin LEE, Richmond               Tatiana PANASSOVA, Vancouver      Adrienne TAYLOR, Vancouver                                        PRINCE EDWARD
                                                                                                                                                                           Jacqueline BURGESS, Dartmouth
Gurdev CHANDI, Surrey           Joshua GRUBNER, Vancouver           Tony LEE, Vancouver                Marco PARENTE, Vancouver          Ashleigh TAYLOR, Richmond
                                                                                                                                                                           Kimberley CAMPBELL, Halifax
Darryl CHANG, Vancouver         Gui GUI, Richmond                   Riley LEFEBVRE, Langley            Scott PARK, Surrey                Megan TERRILL, Vancouver                                          Ashley BOWER, Montague
                                                                                                                                                                           Andrew CASE, Antigonish
Shelly Yih-Wen CHANG, Burnaby   Connie GUO, Vancouver               Andrew LEUNG, Vancouver            Kathryn PARKER, Surrey            Geoffrey TESSAROLO, Victoria                                      Blake CROCKETT, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Alexander CHRISTIANSON,
Susie CHANG, Port Coquitlam     Volodymyr GUSAK, Coquitlam          Janet LEUNG, Vancouver             Jay PARLEY, Surrey                Rachel THOMAS, Langley                                            David ENMAN, Charlottetown
Hsuan-Yi CHAO, Burnaby          Hussain HAJI, Burnaby               Frances LEVITT, Vancouver          Parminder PARMAR, Abbotsford      Robyn THOMSON, Vancouver                                          Allison FRIZZELL, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Matthew COLAVECCHIA, Halifax
Monique CHARBONEAU, Victoria    Ryan HALES, Terrace                 Li LI, Vancouver                   Wade PAULHUS, Surrey              Jason TIESSEN, Chilliwack                                         Annie GALLANT, Summerside
                                                                                                                                                                           Brittany COUGHRAN,
Ellina CHARIPOVA, Vancouver     Kristal HAMAKAWA, Richmond          Na LI, Vancouver                   Mark PAXIAN, Abbotsford           Natalie TIMLER, Vancouver                                         Angela GILL, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                               Hammonds Plains
Ratika CHAUDHARY, Richmond      Nicholas HAMILL, North Vancouver    Suet Wai LI, Richmond              Lejla PEKARIC, Coquitlam          Jennie TO, Vancouver                                              James HOLLAND, Summerside
                                                                                                                                                                           Jonathan CRAWFORD, Truro
Ramanjit CHEEMA, Vancouver      Ryan HAMILTON, White Rock           Yixing LI, Vancouver               Bo PENG, Kelowna                  Julia TOMPA, North Vancouver                                      David JORDAN, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Michael CROSBY, Waverley
Lixin CHEN, Vancouver           Tawnya HAMILTON, Kamloops           Yong Tao LI, Victoria              Dustin PEWARCHUK, Victoria        Winnie TONG, Vancouver                                            Kati MCCARVILL, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Kyle DUNN, Halifax
Yi CHEN, Richmond               Ian HARCUS, Coquitlam               Christopher LIM, Coquitlam         Thomas PHILIPPSON, Vancouver      Shahed TOOTOONIAN, Vancouver                                      Cheryl MOSHER, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Lindsey GALLIVAN, Halifax
Allan CHENG, Vancouver          William HARPER, Burnaby             Cathy LIN, Vancouver               William PICKLES, West Vancouver   Joy TOU, Richmond                                                 Michelle MURPHY, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Laura GAY, Antigonish
Vincent CHENG, Burnaby          Shawn HARRISON, Kelowna             Chuan Chiao LIN, North Vancouver   Daniel POELMAN, Vancouver         Shaun TROWSDALE, Victoria                                         Matthew PRAUGHT, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Michael GRANDY, Dartmouth
Quan CHENG, Prince George       Ken HARVEY, Kelowna                 Hsin LIN, Vancouver                Monica POLONIS, Delta             Molika TRUEMAN, Vancouver                                         Ben RAMSAY, Charlottetown
                                                                                                                                                                           Erin GULLAGE, Halifax
Alexander CHEONG, Richmond      Timothy HARVIE, Delta               Lora LIN, Vancouver                David POPE, Vancouver             Wan-Hsien TSAI, Richmond
                                                                                                                                                                           Kimberly HARTLIN, Halifax
Alice CHEUNG, Toronto, ON       Erin HAY, Vancouver                 Paulina LIPSKA, South Surrey       James PORTER, Victoria            Yun-Lin TSENG, Burnaby
Wilson CHEUNG, Vancouver        Crystal HE, Richmond                Jodi LITZENBERGER, Vancouver       Michael POTTS, Vancouver          Nina TURKIEWICZ, Vancouver
Lindsay CHIANG, Burnaby         Shuo HE, Coquitlam                  Bochun LIU, Burnaby                Jane PROVINCIANO, Vancouver       Jameel VAGHELA,
Jeanie CHOI, Vancouver          Benjamin HELLEWELL, Cranbrook       Danny LIU, Burnaby                 James QI, Vancouver                   North Vancouver
Edmond CHONG, Vancouver         Laura HENDERSON, Kelowna            Ellen Xinyi LIU, Surrey            Mirza RAHIMANI, North Vancouver   Roberto VALENTE, Vancouver
Charles CHOU, Richmond          Kathleen HILL, Coquitlam            Ning LIU, Richmond                 Parveen RAI, Surrey               Jeffrey VAN JAARSVELD, Victoria
Queenie CHOU, Richmond          Eriko HIRABAYASHI, Vancouver        Xin LIU, New Westminster           David RAJANAYAGAM, Vancouver      Kimberly VAN WIEREN, Duncan
Aaron CHOW, Richmond            Asifa HIRJI, Burnaby                Michael LLOYD, North Vancouver     Nicole RAMSAY, Pritchard          Gregory VANDERGAAG, Langley

    9.88” x 20” Globe full page (4 page layout) - PAGE 1 (FRONT PAGE)
 UFE 2010Globe FINAL:Globe layout 3 page                              1/14/11      2:20 PM        Page 2

                                   Jamie CASKIE, Hamilton              Alex DVORKIN, Thornhill           Bartlomiej HALASA, Hamilton       Stephanie KARI, Sudbury          Richard LE PAGE, Toronto            Jelena MLADENOVIC, Hamilton
                                   Kristin CECCHETTO, Sudbury          Jessica DYCK, Ottawa              Stephanie HALEY, Ottawa           Alnoor KARIM, Toronto            Meagan LETTAU, Toronto              Christopher MLINARIC, Hamilton
                                   Marc CERNELE, Pickering             Sanela DZAFERI, Hamilton          Ekow HALM, Ajax                   Mahjoti KARIMI, Toronto          Ava LEUNG, Toronto                  Mathew MLOTEK, Toronto
                                   Aakash CHADEE, Mississauga          Olga DZIUNYCZ, Stittsville        Robert HALPERN, Thornhill         Robert KATOLINSKY, Mississauga   Edric LEUNG, Brampton               Rajiv MODI, Ancaster
                                   Emily CHAMBERS, Toronto             Kevin EANSOR, Burlington          Timothy HAMELIN, Toronto          Michael KATSEVMAN, Thornhill     Ivan LEUNG, Thornhill               Ryan MOHAMED, North York
ONTARIO                            Agnes CHAN, Richmond Hill           Margaret EASTWOOD, Toronto        Lu HAN, Toronto                   Sana KAZANI, Thornhill           Jason LEUNG, North York             Amena MOHAMMAD, Brampton
Wagdi ABDELGHAFFAR, Ottawa         Amy CHAN, North York                Stacy EDMONDS, Mississauga        Jyotin HANDA, Ajax                Adam KELLER, Morrisburg          Laurence LEUNG, Etobicoke           Nishant MOHAN, Mississauga
Ameer ABDULLA, Waterloo            Celine CHAN, Mississauga            David EDWARDS, Toronto            Laura HANMER, Ancaster            Erin KELLER, Conestogo           Man LEUNG, Markham                  Andrew MOK, Markham
Samer ABOU ARRAJ, North York       Edwin CHAN, Scarborough             Jocelyn EGGEL, London             Derek HANSIS, Orleans             Sean KELLEY, London              Ming LEUNG, Markham                 Trevor MONTEIRO, Georgetown
Ibrahim ABOU HAMAD, Ottawa         Ian CHAN, North York                Sharmin ELAHI, Ottawa             Michael HARDING, Toronto          Sara KENDALL, Toronto            Stephanie LEUNG, Richmond Hill      Edtson MONTERO LEYVA, Toronto
Muhamad ADATIA, Ottawa             Jeffrey CHAN, Toronto               Jordan ELIAS, Thornhill           Laura HARGRAVE, Cameron           Chelsea KENOPIC, Toronto         Warren LEUNG, Toronto               Sherrie MOORE, Ottawa
Hassan ADIL, Toronto               Jessica CHAN, Richmond Hill         Michael ELLA, North York          Sachit HARISH, Ottawa             Tomoyuki KERR, Toronto           Schuyler LEVINE, Toronto            Nazanin-Sadat MOOSAVIAN,
Rohan ADVANI, Mississauga          Kwun Yiu CHAN, North York           Michael ELSHOF, Finch             Christopher HARLEY, Markham       Dimpy KHAKHARIA, Ottawa          Daria LEVKO, North York                 Mississauga
Jennifer AGRO, Hamilton            Lareina CHAN, Toronto               Megan ENGLAND, Pembroke           Sohaib HASAN, Mississauga         Hajira KHAN, Oakville            Elizabeth LEWIS, Kanata             Lara MORAWIECKI, Mississauga
Jayant AHLUWALIA, Brampton         Lok CHAN, Markham                   Daniel ESKIN, Toronto             David HASELGROVE,                 Usama KHAN, Mississauga          Stephanie LEWKOWICZ, Toronto        Graeme MORISSEY, Hamilton
Hameed AHMAD, Brampton             Lorraine CHAN, Oakville             Jamie EVANS, Toronto                 Port Colborne                  Rachit KHANNA, Brampton          Eric LI, Etobicoke                  Adam MORKE, Toronto
Syeda AHMED, Toronto               Mary CHAN, Richmond Hill            Jessica EVEREST, Mississauga      Mohammad HASNAIN, Mississauga     Sonal KHANNA, Hamilton           Jingqian LI, Woodbridge             Hugh MORTON, London
Teye AHULU, Toronto                Michelle CHAN, Mississauga                                                                                                               Kaisi LI, Toronto                   Jesse MOSES, Toronto
Clark AITKEN, Scarborough          Raymond CHAN, Mississauga                                                                                                                May LI, Richmond Hill               Michael MOXLEY, Markham
Ali AKBAR, Toronto                 Spencer CHAN, Mississauga                                                                                                                Mian LI, Scarborough                Joseph MOYER, Toronto
Gopi AKKINENI, Mississauga         Vanessa CHAN, Toronto                                                                                                                    Miao LI, Toronto                    Sabeen MUKADAM, Mississauga
Junaid ALAM, Toronto               Nav CHANDRANI, Brampton                                                                                                                  Mingzhi LI, Toronto                 Christine MUNROE, Toronto

Rabia ALBIZ, Toronto               Julia CHANG, Toronto                                                                                                                     Perry LI, North York                Melissa MURPHY, Toronto
James ALBRECHT, Oakville           Paul CHARBONNEAU, Windsor                                                                                                                Shum Yue LI, Richmond Hill          Matthew MURRAY, London
Narbe ALEXANDRIAN, Toronto         Jason CHARTRAND, Ottawa                                                                                                                  Tracy LI, Scarborough               Sania MUSHIR, Mississauga
Omar AL-FAROUKI, Nepean            Iris CHAU, North York                                                                                                                    Yimai LI, Toronto                   Sung Min MYUNG, Vaughan

Nadia ALIF, Burlington             Shradha CHAUDHARI, London                                                                                                                Zhiying LI, Markham                 Venita NAGGEA, Markham
Ali ALI KOSHEN, Toronto            Neha CHAWLA, Oakville                                                                                                                    Zi Qi LI, Scarborough               Divna NAIK, Mississauga
Sinan ALKABIE, Oakville            Anwar CHEBLAOUI, Ottawa                                                                                                                  Wen LIAO, Markham                   Jessica NAKLUSKI, Brantford
Misty ALLIETT, Thunder Bay         Danika CHEFF, Nepean                                                                                                                     Marian LIM, Toronto                 Kajan NANDAKUMAR, Toronto
Katrina ALTON, Hawkestone          Melissa CHEN, Toronto                                                                                                                    Justin LIMPRIGHT, Richmond Hill     Husain NAQVI, Toronto
Hiba ALVI, Ottawa
Hisham ALWAFAI, North York
Ahmad AMADUDDIN, Waterloo
Nicole AMARAL, Brampton
Mehrwush AMJAD, Mississauga
                                   Ming CHEN, Scarborough
                                   Maggie CHENG, Toronto
                                   Tsz Ying CHENG, Toronto
                                   Michael CHERNAWSKY, Montréal, QC
                                   Scott CHESTER, Toronto
                                                                                     MATTER                                                                                 Dan LIN, Toronto
                                                                                                                                                                            Hsiang Fei LIN, Oakville
                                                                                                                                                                            Yisha LIN, Toronto
                                                                                                                                                                            Shannon LINCOLN, Thornhill
                                                                                                                                                                            Weiwen LING, Richmond Hill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Subramanian NARAYANAN,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Richmond Hill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Amanda NAVEDA WRIGHT,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mikhail NAZAROV, Nepean
Alvin ANG, Markham                 Gloria CHEUNG, Toronto                                                                                                                   Andrew LINTON, Waterloo             Jason NEELY, Midhurst
Joanna ANG, Mississauga            Hoi Kiu CHEUNG, Richmond Hill                                                                                                            Navdeep LITT, Brampton              Carleigh NELSON, Thunder Bay
Leon Martin Tan ANG, North York    Jamie CHEUNG, Deep River                                                                                                                 Angel LIU, Toronto                  James NEW, Toronto
Bryce ANGER, Burlington            Kenneth CHEUNG, Markham                                                                                                                  Cindy LIU, Toronto                  Aaron NG, Markham
Jay ANSTEY, Wasaga Beach           Winnie CHEUNG, Toronto                                                                                                                   Francis LIU, Toronto                Dennis NG, Scarborough
Sameer ANWAR, North York           Adam CHEVIS, Echo Bay                                                                                                                    Jennie LIU, Richmond Hill           Raymond NG, Toronto
Basim AQDAS, Scarborough           Linda CHEW, Toronto                                                                                                                      Vincent LIU, Thornhill              Tracy NG, Toronto
Tamar ARJE, Toronto                Ahmad CHIT, Mississauga                                                                                                                  Ying Yuan LIU, Markham              Eric NGAI, Scarborough
Adam ARONSBERG, Thornhill          Leslie CHO, Richmond Hill                                                                                                                Nathalie LI YIM, Markham            Hung NGUYEN, Toronto
Akanksha ARORA, Toronto            Hiu Man CHOI, Richmond Hill                                                                                                              Emily LO, Richmond Hill             Hung Quang NGUYEN, Toronto
Jagneet ARORA, Woodbridge          Kai Hou CHOI, Markham                                                                                                                    Tony LO, Markham                    Thanh NGUYEN, Toronto
Brent ARSENAULT, Burlington        Meherab CHOTHIA, Toronto                                                                                                                 Bo LONG, Toronto                    Thi NGUYEN, Scarborough
Gayathri ARUL, Richmond Hill       Debbie CHOU, Markham                                                                                                                     Timothy LOPINSKI, Kitchener         Anand NIMKAR, Mississauga
Michelle ASUNCION, Richmond Hill   Tanya CHOUDHURY, Ottawa             Jeffrey FAN, Toronto              Mohamedhassan HASSANALI,          Waqas KHOKHAR, Mississauga       Grigori LOSKUTOV, North York        Jordan NISKANEN, Toronto
Nadine ATKINSON, Burlington        Alec CHOW, North York               Donny FANG, Richmond Hill              Richmond Hill                Mandeep KHOSA, Brampton          Nicola LOUW, Toronto                Maheen NIZAMANI, Mississauga
Judd ATTRIDGE, Stratford           Cindy CHOW, Toronto                 Brandon FARBER, Toronto           Anton HAVORKA, Ottawa             Rania KHOURI, Fort Erie          Nadia LOVAT, Toronto                Janna NJAUW, Mississauga
Algernon AU, Unionville            Eric CHOW, North York               Evan FARLINGER, Mississauga       Najib HAYAT, Pickering            Maria KHOUSHNOOD, Markham        Vanesa LUBECKI, Richmond Hill       Amy O'CONNOR, Hamilton
Vicky AU, Markham                  Stephanie CHOW, Markham             Richard FAZZARI, Ancaster         Jennifer HAYSTEAD, Amherstview    David KHUU, Scarborough          Eric LUBERTINO, Pickering           Adedamola OKUNADE, Toronto
Hardeep AULAKH, Mississauga        Evan CHOY, Mississauga              Sherry FENG, Scarborough          Lin HE, Mississauga               Erum KIDWAI, Mississauga         Edward LUCARELLI, Toronto           Adeyemi OKUNADE, Toronto
Alana AWAD, Toronto                Chi Yan CHU, Markham                Tonia FERRANTE, Toronto           Michael HEATH, Thunder Bay        Sean KILGOUR, Toronto            Edmond LUNG, Markham                Ryosuke OKUTSU, Mississauga
Purti AWAL, Toronto                Eugene CHU, Toronto                 Giovanni FERRARO, Woodbridge      Scott HEIDE, Waterloo             Meghan KILLEEN, Brooklin         A Minh LUONG, Markham               Emmanuelle OLIVIER, Brampton
Shesta BABAR, Toronto              Michelle CHU, Ottawa                David FERRONI, Woodbridge         Gillian HEISZ, London             Alexander KIM, Richmond Hill     Tudor LUPEA, Toronto                Oludamilola ONABOTE,
Roopa BABOOTA, Toronto             Maria CHUA, Mississauga             Kyle FIC, Richmond Hill           Mitchell HERMANSEN, Ottawa        Jongwon KIM, Maple               James LYNDE, Toronto                    Mississauga
David BADUN, Toronto               Ka Sin CHUI, Markham                Reema FIKREE, Mississauga         Kalev HESS, Toronto               Kangsuk KIM, Markham             Derek MA, Toronto                   Mariano ORTEGO, Etobicoke
Alicja BAGINSKA, Brampton          Carmen CHUNG, Richmond Hill         Wlodzimierz FILIPOWICZ, Toronto   Reece HILAND, Lakefield           Lisa KIM, Mississauga            Gary MA, Toronto                    Patrick OUELLETTE, Essex
Nicole BAIN, Scarborough           John CIRCO, Toronto                 Kristine FINCH, Hamilton          Ryan HILTON, Ancaster             Sang-Yool KIM, Mississauga       James MA, Toronto                   Charles PAGE, Oakville
Inderpal BAL, Ottawa               David CLARK, Oshawa                 Scott FINKEL, Vaughan             Philip HIPKISS ll, Sharon         Michelle KINSELLA, Burlington    Ke MA, Toronto                      Jolon PAGE, Barrie
Jacklyn BALAGULA, Thornhill        Christine CLEMENT, Owen Sound       Michelle FINNEGAN, Ottawa         Kristy HISLOP, Vancouver, BC      Maegan KIPFER, London            Li MA, North York                   Michael PAGE, Toronto
Deanna BALDWIN, Toronto            Martin CLEMENT, Ottawa              Bethany FISCHER, Guelph           Hung HO, Scarborough              Ayelet KLACZKOWSKI, Toronto      Wendy MA, Markham                   Michael PAJEK, Toronto
Tajinder BANWAIT, Guelph           Ryan CLOUTIER, Burlington           Krystal FITZSIMMONS,              Irene HO, Scarborough             Adam KLEMENCIC, Trenton          Laura MACADAM, Brampton             Kristen PALING, Baden
Lori BARBOSA, Toronto              Eric CODDINGTON, St. Marys               Sault Ste. Marie             Joseph HO, Markham                Ioulia KLIACHTORNAIA, Ottawa     Michael MACASKILL, Etobicoke        Anthony PALLOTTA, Brampton
Sarah BARKER, Don Mills            David COELHO, Thornhill             Sabina FJODOROVA, Toronto         Leanne HO, Toronto                Robert KNOWLTON, Toronto         Evan MACDONALD, Toronto             Marc PALUMBO, Sault Ste. Marie
Matthew BARRACOSA, Hamilton        Alexander COHEN, Toronto            Kelly FLEMING, North York         Stephanie HO, Mississauga         Alice KO, Scarborough            Kayla MACFARLANE, Ajax              Maureen PANGAN, Binbrook
Sarah BARTAL, Ottawa               Robert COL, Mississauga             Annette FLETCHER, Blenheim        Ryan HODAY, Toronto               Sylvester KOCZYNASZ, Kitchener   Craig MACINTYRE, Toronto            Azim PANJU, Richmond Hill
Michael BASSO, Campbellville       Karen COLACO, Pickering             Amanda FOISY, Oshawa              Ashley HODGINS, London            Elian KOGANOV, Thornhill         Matthew MACONACHIE, Midhurst        Dumitru PANTEA, Toronto
Robert BATELLI, Toronto            Sarah CONNELL, Oakville             Krista FONG, Toronto              Paul HOLDEN, Ottawa               Priya KOHLI, Mississauga         Christina MADOLCIU, Toronto         Dhruval PATEL, Concord
Kevin BATHE, Toronto               Oliver CONNOLLY, Toronto            Jayme FORD, Kitchener             Anita HONG, Markham               Yik Man KONG, Scarborough        Siddharth MAHESHWARI, Concord       Adam PAUL, Thornhill
Stephen BATT, Toronto              Alyson CONRAD, Peterborough         Paul FOREMAN, London              Cynthia HONG, Mississauga         Bonyoung KOO, Mississauga        Suresh MAHESHWARI, Mississauga      Jonathan PECCHIA, Maple
Nicolas BEAUCHAMP, Sarnia          David COOKE, Toronto                Samara FREITAS, North York        Vidushi HORA, Mississauga         Brent KORITKO, Burlington        Nikhil MAHIDHARA, Gloucester        Tessa PEDERSEN, Burlington
Roxane BEAULIEU, North Bay         Jacqueline CORNEIL, Toronto         Joel FRIEDMAN, Burlington         Bryan HORSLEY, Pickering          Valeria KORNOOUKHOVA,            Jamil MAHMOOD, Unionville           Pascal PELOQUIN, London
Miroslav BEGANOVIC, Toronto        Ivana COROVIC, Oakville             Chun FU, Thornhill                Laura HOSTICK, Aurora                 Concord                      Muddassir MAHMOOD, Toronto          Chiung-Yi PENG, North York
Robert BEGLEY, Smiths Falls        Alexandra CORTESIS, Cobourg         Kate FUNG, Ottawa                 Gillian HOWE, Unionville          Igor KOSTIOUTCHENKO,             Wajahat MAHMOOD, Maple              Scott PENROSE, Pickering
Tara BEHESHTI, Toronto             Justin COTE, Hamilton               Jason GAETAN, Milton              Alexander HOWIESON,                   North York                   Scott MAHN, Kitchener               Dennis PENTSA, Kitchener
Sebastien BEITEL, Toronto          William COULBY, London              Jeffrey GAETAN, Milton                 Richmond Hill                Hussain KOTHARI, Mississauga     Francheska MAIO, Mississauga        Laura PEREIRA, Toronto
Michele BEKE, London               Sarah CRAIN, Ottawa                 Melisa GAETANI, Oakville          Kevin HSU, North York             Viktoriya KOTOVA, Ottawa         Khan MAJEED, Toronto                Neisha PEREIRA, Kitchener
Joanne BELLM, Toronto              Matthew CRISAFULLI, Pickering       Nicole GAJDEMSKI, Etobicoke       Jiaying HU, Toronto               Michael KRAVSHIK, Toronto        Kaitlyn MALBOEUF,                   Jilda PEREZ, Ancaster
Joshua BENCHETRIT, Thornhill       Terence CROHN, Toronto              Michelle GARRETT, Toronto         Jing HU, Toronto                  Oliver KREMERIS, Toronto             Sault Ste. Marie                Suzi PERKO, Mississauga
James BENDER, Toronto              Michel CROSSGROVE, Calgary, AB      Sheri GASCON, Sudbury             David HUANG, Markham              Jenna KRISHNAN, Kanata           Hira MALIK, Mississauga             Jaclyn PETERS, St. Clair Beach
Harpreet BENING, Brampton          Kassandra CRUICKSHANK,              Justine GASKELL, Guelph           Evan HUANG, Richmond Hill         Zachary KRUGER, Belleville       Michael MAN, Toronto                Elisa PETRELLA, St. George
Kevin BERG, Toronto                     Shallow Lake                   Kimberly GATENBY, Strathroy       Meghan HUANG, Richmond Hill       Jessica KRUPICZ, London          Robin MANDEL, Thornhill             Zoia PETROSSIAN, Toronto
Angela BERTRAND, Ottawa            Daniel CUFFARI, Kingston            Julien GAUDET-RICE, Ottawa        Yuyan HUANG, North York           Datesh KSHATRIYA, Woodbridge     Alana MANGOLD, Toronto              Mikhail PETROV, Thornhill
Sarah BERTRAND, Ottawa             Sean CULLUM, Ottawa                 Jesse GENEREAUX, Trenton          Wing HUI, North York              Sin Yee KU, Markham              Paul MANISCALCO, Ottawa             Karen PHILP, North York
Devesh BHAGANI, Scarborough        Coady CURRY, Barrie                 Moshe GERSHUNI, Markham           Salman HUMAYUN, Mississauga       Robert KUBAR, London             John MANTEUFFEL, Toronto            Logan PHILP, Oakville
Jahangir BHATTI, Toronto           Sarah CURRY, Ottawa                 Iulian GHEORGHIU, Ottawa          Mantej HUNDAL, Mississauga        Matthew KUENEMAN, London         Janelle MAREGMEN, Brampton          William PICKARD, Kitchener
Abid BHAYANI, Scarborough          Mallory CURTIS, Ottawa              Gregory GIANCOLA, Kleinburg       Jason HUNT, Waterloo              Thanusga KUGATHASAN, Barrie      Christopher MARTA, Hamilton         Sean PILGRIM, Ottawa
Shanshan BIAN, Markham             John CZUBAK, Kitchener              Marco GIANCOLA, Toronto           Ahmad HUSAIN, Ottawa              Hiba KUKASWADIA, Ottawa          Claudio MARTELLACCI, Vaughan        Jennifer PITKIN, Toronto
Frank BINETTI, Markham             Min DAI, Scarborough                William GIANNOULIS, London        Saqib HUSSAIN, Markham            Sean KULIK, Nepean               Matthew MARTINHO, Leamington        Monica PIZON, Toronto
Laura BIRNIE, Welland              Yang DAI, Toronto                   Amanda GIERLING, London           Jacqueline HUSZCZO, Toronto       Varun KUMAR, Toronto             Bryan MASON, Pickering              Andrew POECHMAN, Ottawa
Cassie BISSONNETTE, Welland        Talib DALAL, Toronto                Pritpaul GILL, Brampton           Tri HUYNH, Ottawa                 Adam KURNIK, Toronto             David MASON, Toronto                Ekaterini POLYVIOU, Toronto
Amanda BLACK, Sudbury              Andrew DAMELIN, Toronto             Tabish GILL, Brampton             Bryce HYSLOP, London              Brian KWAN, Toronto              Mary-Jane MASTRANDREA,              Alvin POON, Richmond Hill
Jason BLOM, Ottawa                 Brenda DARWICHE, Whitby             Maria GILTSOV, Toronto            Jessica IATOMASI, Mississauga     Joline KWAN, Markham                 London                          Tomasz POPIEL, Ottawa
Bradley BLOWES, Toronto            Promita DATTA, Mississauga          Flore GIMELLO, Toronto            Matthew ICHIM, Kitchener          Yee KWAN, Thornhill              Zachary MATIJCZYK, Vaughan          Daniela POPOVIK, Toronto
Lauren BONNETT, Embro              Yash DAVE, Scarborough              Brett GIRARD, Oakville            Hassan IJAZ, Brampton             Erica LA, Toronto                Stephan MATTALO, Mississauga        Christopher POWER, North York
Alexandre BORDATCHEV, London       Richard DAVIES, Brampton            Andrew GLAZAR, Toronto            Nikola ILIC, Toronto              Guy LACROIX, Whitby              Maia MAVRINAC, Mississauga          Elyse POWER, Stoney Creek
Liam BORDELEAU, Ottawa             Jessica DAVIS, Thornhill            Robert GLUBE, Toronto             Matthew ING, Markham              Trevor LADOUCEUR, Nepean         Michael MAVRINAC, Mississauga       Ajendra PRASAD, Ajax
Terry BORTOLIN, Thunder Bay        Jennifer DAWE, Ottawa               Andrew GODDING, Ottawa            Karen IP, Brampton                Anita LAI, Scarborough           Amy MAZZA, Thornhill                Nadim PREBTANI, Scarborough
Elena BOTOS, Oakville              Mark DAY, London                    Sondra GOLD, Richmond Hill        Leon IP, Ottawa                   Jennifer LAI, Richmond Hill      Nicola MAZZE, Brampton              Aliza PREMJI, Mississauga
Curtis BOTSCHELLER, Windsor        Stephen DE BOLSTER, Oakville        Harris GOLDENBERG, Toronto        Sheroy IRANI, Toronto             Ricky LAI, Markham               Jeffrey MAZZER, Sault Ste. Marie    Polina PRESMAN, Richmond Hill
Kurtis BOUDREAU, Kapuskasing       Joseph DECAMILLIS, Vaughan          Rudy GOLDMAN, Toronto             Curtis IRWIN, Orangeville         Yin LAI, Markham                 Stephanie MAZZONE,                  Marc PRIESTLEY, Toronto
Kristen BOURKE, Ottawa             Liza DE GUZMAN, Mississauga         Alexander GOLDSMITH, Toronto      Daniel ISAAC, LaSalle             Katrina LAKE, Cambridge              Richmond Hill                   Rebecca PROPHET, Kingston
Denis BOURQUE, Ottawa              Nathan DE HAAN, Brampton            Andrew GOLOBIC, Mississauga       Taahirah ISSANY, Mississauga      Matthew LAKE, St. Catharines     Travis MCCLINCHEY, St. Catharines   Tea PUPICA, Waterloo
Katherine BRAHA, Ottawa            Luis DE JESUS, Ottawa               Adam GOMES, North York            Amanda JACOB, Mississauga         Amish LAKHANI, Mississauga       Steven MCGAGHRAN, Brantford         Matthew PURDY, Ottawa
Whitney BRENNAN, Paris             Nathan DEJONGE, St. George          Nikita GOMEZ, Mississauga         Ahmed JADOON-NAWAZ,               Chiu LAM, Markham                Adele MCGEE, Ottawa                 Thavaneethan PUSHPALINGAM,
Tyler BRENT, Toronto               Maria DE JOURDAN, London            Pawandeep GORAYA, Brampton             Mississauga                  Diana LAM, Kitchener             Anne MCGEE, Toronto                     Toronto
Alessandro BRIGANTI, Maple         Joanne DE MEDEIROS, Brampton        Brian GORDON, Thornhill           Zahra JAFFER, Scarborough         Jackie LAM, Scarborough          Janna MCGILL, Guelph                Alice PYKA, Kitchener
Erin BROAD, Kingston               Derek DEUTSCH, Toronto              Neetu GOSAIN, Kitchener           Arvin JAIN, Ottawa                Joey LAM, Scarborough            Kevin MCGIRR, Oakville              Mohammed QADRI, Mississauga
Ravit BRONZMAN, Concord            Paul DEUZEMAN, Hamilton             Dominic GOSS, Ottawa              Gloria JAKAB, Mississauga         Marcus LAM, Markham              Bradly MCILROY, Bowmanville         Jia Yi QIU, North York
                                   Chhavi DEVGUN, Brampton             Elizabeth GOTTESMAN, Toronto      Danish JAMAL, Mississauga         Margaret LAM, Toronto            David MCIVER, Ottawa                Ying QU, Richmond Hill
Marianne BROUWER, Woodville
                                   Navjit DHALIWAL, Stoney Creek       Alexander GRAHAM, Etobicoke       Shelina JAMAL, Ottawa             Vera LAM, North York             Robert MCKEE, North York            Rizek QUBTI, Markham
Andrew BROWN, Toronto
                                   Sukhanpreet DHANOTTA,               Nathanael GRAHAM, Cambridge       Jamila JAMANI, Toronto            Sylvain LAMONTAGNE, Sudbury      Duncan MCLEAN, London               Stacey QUESNEL, Ottawa
Lauren BROWNE, Toronto
                                        Mississauga                    Joshua GRANT, Mississauga         Lorne JAMES, Aylmer               Stephanie LAND, Oakville         Geoffrey MCLEESE, Toronto           Richard QUINN, Toronto
James BRZOZOWICZ, London
                                   Blerta DHIMA, Ottawa                Sarah GRANT, Oakville             Michele JARVIS, Binbrook          Charlene LANDINGIN, Brampton     Simon MCLENNAN, Ottawa              Sarwar QURESHI, Ottawa
Nicole BUCCIACCHIO, Hamilton
                                   Amar DHOTAR, Mississauga            Sean GRANT-YOUNG, Welland         Zubin JASAVALA, Oakville          Sheryl Lynn LANE, Mississauga    Chad MCLEOD, Kingston               Lucian RACOLTA, Kitchener
Julie BUDD, Nestleton
                                   Graham DICK, Beaverton              Joel GRAYDON, Kitchener           Adam JERUSALIM, Toronto           Adrian LANG, Ottawa              Linden MCNABB, Toronto              Lance RADINOVIC, Hamilton
                                   Jamie DICKSON, Pontypool            Jennifer GREEN, Toronto           Lavan JEYAMURALY, Mississauga     Marc LANTOS, London              Gaelen MCPHIE, Oakville             Tariq RAHIM, Hamilton
                                   Alexandra DIETRICH, London          Mark GREENBERG, Richmond Hill     Ye JIN, Toronto                   Yejin LAO, North York            Ryan MCSWEENY, Toronto              Heba RAHMAAN, Markham
Farshid BUHARIWALLA,                                                                                                                                                                                            Guylaine RAINVILLE, Gloucester
    Mississauga                    Lucas DI LENARDO, Ottawa            Inderpreet GREWAL, Whitby         Rahim JIWANI, Toronto             Kahlil LARCHER, Toronto          Brett MEINZINGER, Welland
                                   Ivayla DINGILOVA, Toronto           Kiranjit GREWAL, Stoney Creek     Robert JOE, Thornhill                                                                                  Raghuvir RAJAGOPALAN, Toronto
David BUNCE, Kitchener                                                                                                                     Catalina LASET, Mississauga      Blaine MENDOLA, London
                                   Ryan DIOTTE, LaSalle                Sukhdeep GREWAL, Mississauga      Karen JOHNSTON, Toronto                                                                                Thirushika RAJENDRAN, Markham
Eric BUNN, St. Catharines                                                                                                                  Jenna LASKY, Port Perry          Sharon MENDONCA, Toronto
                                   Laura DI PAOLO, Brampton            Bradley GRIFFIN, Bowmanville                                                                                                             Kumanan RAMANATHAN, Toronto
Brandon BURTNIK, Oshawa                                                                                  Norman JOHNSTON, St. Catharines   Shreya LATHIA, North York        Jaclyn MENDOZA, Mississauga
                                   Carla DI PIETRO, Toronto            Victoria GRIGG, Brampton                                                                                                                 Punam RANGI, Brampton
William BUTLER, Burlington                                                                               Daniel JONES, LaSalle             Carmen LAU, Markham              Brandon MENEGUZZI, Toronto
                                   Cheryl DOLLIVER, Kanata             Kaelly GRZESIAK, Oakville                                                                                                                Greg RAPIEN, Toronto
Fatima BUTT, Mississauga                                                                                 Kyle JONES, Oakville              Clarisse LAU, Toronto            Sana MERCHANT, Richmond Hill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Adnan RASHEED, Toronto
Lara BYCKALO, Kitchener            Jordan Patrick DOMEY, Toronto       Yue GU, Waterloo                  Louise JONES, Deep River          Michelle LAU, Thornhill          Lyndsay MICK, Toronto
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Matthew RASHIDI, Richmond Hill
Virginie CABANNES, Toronto         Mark DONATELLI, Etobicoke           Sarah GUIRGUIS, Ottawa            James JONGSMA, London             Nancy LAU, Toronto               Matthew MIEDUS, Hamilton            Christopher RATHWELL,
Mark CALLA, Mississauga            Scott DONNELLY, Toronto             Safia GULAMANI, Thornhill         Chessa JOPE, Stoney Creek         Wang LAU, North York             Robert MILLMAN, Puslinch                Gatineau, QC
Alexis CALLAS, Toronto             Peggy DOODY, Kingston               Yao GUO, Scarborough              Angela JORDAN, Dublin             Ezra LAUTERPACHT, Toronto        Matthew MINICOLA, Waterloo          Anupaa RATNASINGAM, Markham
Odelia CALLERY, Sundridge          Adeel DOSANI, Kitchener             Akhil GUPTA, Toronto              Vivek JOSHI, Stratford            Chelsea LAUZON, Ottawa           Daniel MINNESMA, Hamilton           Adnan RAUF, Ottawa
Stacey CAMPBELL, Fullarton         Michelle DOW, London                Kristoffer-Augustin GURLESKY,     Elia KAADI, Mississauga           Andy LE, Woodbridge              Maria MIRONENKO, Toronto            Jennifer RAWLINGS, Newmarket
Kevin CANARIO, Toronto             Catrina DOWIE, Vineland                  Toronto                      Nora KAETHLER, St. Catharines     Frank LE, Mississauga            Sophia MIRZA, Ottawa                Matthew RAYNIER, Thornhill
Lloyd CANIS, Toronto               Magda DROBNICKI, Toronto            Ronald HA, Mississauga            Sandeep KAHLON, Brampton          Brandon LEE, Toronto             Michelle MISENER, Burlington        Sakina RAZA, Toronto
Kevin CAO, Toronto                 Philip D'SOUZA, Thornhill           Tienquang HA, Kitchener           Brittany KAINE, Toronto           Caitlin LEE, Toronto             Austin MITCHELL, Barrie             Arash RAZAGHI, Markham
Shanshan CAO, Oshawa               Brendan DUIVENVOORDEN,              Mohammed HABIBULLA, Toronto       Melinda KALFLEISH, London         Chanmi LEE, Toronto              Erin MITCHELL, Oakville             Maria RECIO, Maple
Hillary CARNEY, Kitchener               Stittsville                    Elias HAGE, Ottawa                Eric KAM, Toronto                 Jennifer LEE, Toronto            Joshua MITCHELL, Cannington         Julie REDDICK, Toronto
Scott CARSON, Kitchener            Ha Son DUONG, London                Heather HAIRE, Alliston           Srimythili KANDASAMY, Toronto     Mandy LEE, Markham               Megan MITCHELL, Toronto             Vernon REDWOOD, Toronto
Thomas CASEY, Toronto              Nigel DUQUETTE, Toronto             Kelly HALABECKI, Thunder Bay      Nicholas KAPLAN, Toronto          Soyoung LEE, Mississauga         Michael MITCHELL, Simcoe            Jeremy REEDS, Ottawa

    9.88” x 20” Globe full page (4 page layout) - PAGE 2 (LEFT HAND PAGE)
Matthew REIS, Brampton             Reena SZETO, Ottawa              Wing YU, Scarborough              Amanda EMMONS, Regina              Jai Yong CHUNG, Edmonton          Irene KUPCHENKO, Brosseau         Kristina SCADE, Edmonton
Adam REITEROWSKI, Toronto          Anna SZPAKOWSKI, Ancaster        Lauren ZAFER, Unionville          Mark FAWCETT, Regina               Jenny CHUNG, Calgary              Kim KWAN, Lethbridge              John SCHAPPERT, Edmonton
Yuwei REN, Burlington              Kristina TACHKOVA, Toronto       Tanzeel ZAKRIA, Mississauga       Landon FEHR, Saskatoon             Reid CLARKE, Calgary              Michael KWAN, Edmonton            Stephen SCHEELAR, Edmonton
Robert REYNOLDS, Toronto           Sherlaine TAI, Markham           Nick ZARAVINOS, Toronto           Becky FICHTER, Regina              Christopher COLBORNE, Calgary     Tayyab LADHA, Edmonton            Bernhardt SCHWEGMANN,
Shabrina REZA, Nepean              Aidan TAM, Toronto               Baharak ZARBAFIAN, Toronto        Cole FORNWALD, Regina              Ida COLBY, Sturgeon County        Jannel LAFOND, Calgary                Edmonton
Leo RHEE, North York               Hau TAM, Richmond Hill           ShuoPeng ZHANG, Markham           Daniel FRADETTE, Regina            Joseph COMEAU, Calgary            Jens LANKERS, Red Deer            Sergey SEMAGIN, Edmonton
Renae RHODEN, Hamilton             Kimberly TAM, Toronto            Tina ZHANG, Richmond Hill         Charlene GASKIN, Regina            Derek CONTE, Coalhurst            Ashley LARSON, Blackfalds         Urszula SERAFIN, Calgary
Morgan RICHARDSON, Toronto         Hong TAN, Toronto                Xijuan ZHANG, Toronto             Annette GENTIL-PERRET,             Quinn CORRIGALL, Calgary          Bonita LAU, Edmonton              Ally SHARIFF, Calgary
Michael RIDDOLLS, Burlington       Sandra TAN, Mississauga          Xin ZHANG, Mississauga                Prince Albert                  Cheryl CRAATS, Calgary            Rex LAU, Edmonton                 Hongxiang SHEN, Edmonton
Maxwell RISEN, Toronto             Brian TANG, Toronto              Boyang ZHAO, Thornhill            Vicky GIESBRECHT, Martensville     Christopher CRAWFORD, Calgary     Tri LE, Edmonton                  James SHIELS, Calgary
Jennifer RITCHIE, Toronto          Wing Sze TANG, Markham           Michael ZHAO, Richmond Hill       John GONARI, Saskatoon             Renee CRAWLEY, Edmonton           Albert LEE, Edmonton              Lindsay SHIERMAN, Calgary
Eric RITOSA, Tecumseh              Erika TANG CHAN, Scarborough     He ZHENG, Toronto                 Brent GOSSNER, Humboldt            Lacy CROSSON, Edmonton            Alex LEE, Edmonton                Stacey SHIMEK, Lethbridge
Hamid RIZVI, Pickering             Amar TANNA, Vaughan              Jiexian ZHONG, North York         Aaron HALLADEEN, Regina            Richard DALTON, Calgary           Doreen LEE, Calgary               Baljinder SHOKER, Calgary
Syed Waseq RIZVI, Ottawa           Daniel TARSHIS NEIL, Toronto     Hai ZHU, Toronto                  Andrea HARRIS, Saskatoon           Brett DAVIDSON, Edmonton          Jordan LEE, Calgary               Saad SIDDIQUI, Calgary
Erin ROBBINS, Toronto              Krista TARTAGLIA, Hamilton                                         Kaily HARRISON, Wakaw
                                                                    Rui ZHUANG, Nepean                                                   Matthew DEACON, Calgary           Stephanie LEE, Bashaw             Trent SISMEY, Sherwood Park
Stephanie ROBERTS, Toronto         Laura TASSONE, Toronto                                             Shannon HEINCKE, Saskatoon
                                                                    Sepehr ZIAIE, Markham                                                Ryan DEIS, Lloydminster, SK       Winston LEE, Port Coquitlam, BC   Vincent SITU, Calgary
Andrea ROBEY, Guelph               Gary TAUBE, Toronto                                                Leah HIENTZ, Saskatoon
                                                                    Shannon ZINN, Sudbury                                                Elysse DE LA PAZ, Calgary         Hon LEONG, Edmonton               Radhika SIVAPALAN, Edmonton
Drew ROBINSON, Scarborough         Joseph TAYLOR, Oakville                                            Cheryl HOLTZ, Regina
                                                                    Jose ZLATAR OLLER, Oakville                                          Allison DENNEY, Leduc             Richard LEUNG, Edmonton           Christopher SKWAREK, Edmonton
Carlo RODRIGUEZ, Thornhill         Aliza TEJA, Toronto                                                Mark KING, Regina
                                                                    Anna ZLATKINA, Toronto                                               Jeffrey DER, Edmonton             Winnie LEUNG, Calgary             Wendy SLACK, Calgary
Mateusz ROSOL, London              Sophia THAI, Toronto                                               Janelle KIRZINGER, Saskatoon
                                                                    Taimoor ZUBAIRI, Toronto                                             Bryn DERGOUSOFF, Edmonton         Jonathan LIM, Edmonton            Amy SLOAT, Grande Prairie
Moshe ROTHMAN, Thornhill           Coshitharan THAYAPARAMOORTHY,                                      James KNITTIG, Saskatoon
Justin ROUSSEAU, Windsor                Toronto                     Jordan ZUPNIK, Richmond Hill      Angela KRIEGER, Alameda            Mark DE SOUZA, Calgary            Bob LITTLE, Calgary               Michelle SMARSH, Edmonton
Catalina RUBIANO NINO, Toronto     Prabjot THIND, Brampton          Sandra ZURBAU, Toronto            Darren LEWIS, Regina               Lane DEWAR, Calgary               James LIU, Calgary                Lindsay SMITH, Lashburn, SK
Jordan RUDANYCZ, Sarnia            Gerry THOMAS, Mississauga        Jonathan ZWIER, Beamsville        Neal LI PI SHAN, Saskatoon         Nicole DO, Calgary                Johnathan LIU, Calgary            Patricia SNELL, Red Deer
Margaret RUDZINSKI, Whitby         David THOMSON, Guelph                                              Sean MAKAHONUK, Saskatoon          Justin DOBSON, Calgary            Weiming LIU, Lethbridge           Natalie SNOOK, Calgary
Charles RUFFILLI, Sarnia           Shannon THOMSON, London                                            Stephen MANN, Saskatoon            Nathan DOELL, Edmonton            Yongqiang LIU, Edmonton           Alice SO, Edmonton
Marc RUSAK, Toronto                David THOREK, Toronto                                              Brady MANZ, Saskatoon              Robert DOERKSEN, Medicine Hat     Savio LOBO, Edmonton              Huanhuan SONG, Grande Prairie
Valerie RUSK, Toronto              Betty TIEN, Mississauga                                            Kaurie MAY, Saskatoon              Colleen DUMONT, Red Deer          Omar LOCKHAT, Red Deer            Cayle SORGE, Calgary
Julia RUSSELL, Toronto             Barry TISCHLER, North York                                         Brent MCLEAN, Regina               Mary DUNCAN, Calgary              Skylar LODER, Calgary             Kristopher SPARROW, Edmonton
Karlee RUTTER, Port Colborne       Edward TOBIS, Toronto                                              Keegan MCSHANE, Prince Albert      Michelle DUNK, Calgary            Tara LONG, Edmonton               Sabrina SPARROW, Gunn
Curtis RYCKMAN, Etobicoke          Alisha TODD, North York          MANITOBA                          Jenna MUENCH, Martensville         Jeffrey DYCK, Spruce Grove        David LOO, Calgary                Daniel SPECHT, Edmonton
Iryna RYNDINA, Mississauga         Stacey TOEWS, Abbotsford, BC     Terence ANTOLOVICH, Winnipeg      Gabriel NG, Saskatoon              Mark DYSIEVICK, Calgary           Hue LOO, Edmonton                 Joshua SPURRELL, Edmonton
Ahsan SADIQ, Waterloo              Bradley TOPPING, Toronto         Lauren ARNASON, Winnipeg          April OLYNICK, Wadena              Melissa EDMUNDS, Grande Prairie   Andrea LUEDECKE, Calgary          Helen SQUANCE, Calgary
Yelena SAHAKYAN, Toronto           Ryan TOWNSEND, Mississauga       Nathaniel BELL, Winnipeg          Nicole OSAYANDE, Regina            Steven EDWARDS, Calgary           Man Lok LUI, Calgary              Christopher STEARNE, Calgary
Pejman SAKET, Toronto              Ryan TRAN, Mississauga           Joshua BLATT, Winnipeg            Jolene RIGG, Saskatoon             Jennifer ENWRIGHT, Victoria, BC   Sherry LUONG, Calgary             Alison STEEVES, Calgary
Viren SALDANHA, Etobicoke          Kevin TREMBLE, Durham            Tiffany BODNARIUK, Inglis         Lisa ROBINSON, Saskatoon           Lester EVANGELISTA, Calgary       Alice LY, Edmonton                Adam STEPA, Okotoks
Monique SAMI, Oakville             Trang TRINH, Toronto             Andrew BROWN, Winnipeg            Allysen ROMICH, Fort Qu'Appelle    Heather FANNING, Halifax, NS      Quan LY, Calgary                  Kelsey STIMSON, Lethbridge
Ajay SANDHU, Brampton              Joseph TRIOLO, Toronto           Sean CARNEY, Winnipeg             Shawn SEIDLER, Regina              Ian FARRELL, Calgary              Alvin LYSTE, Edmonton             Theresa ST. LAURENT, Edmonton
Ryan SANGER, Kingsville            Patrick TRUCKLE, Toronto         Brian CATIBOG, Winnipeg           Kyle SIBLEY, Saskatoon             Mitchell FEHR, Saskatoon, SK      Samantha MA, Calgary              Kyle STONE, Calgary
Suhail SANGWAN, Scarborough        Henry TRUONG, Mississauga        Michael CHALLES, Winnipeg         Robertson SPINNEY, Saskatoon       Cameron FERBEY, Olds              Alison MACDONALD, Calgary         Kaitlin ST. PIERRE, Edmonton
Emma SARKISYAN, Toronto            Tri-Hung TRUONG, Toronto         Corey CHARMAN, Winnipeg           Sheleen SUMMACH, Saskatoon         Sean FOLEY, Calgary               Nathan MACDONALD, Calgary         Shaunna STRANKAY, Calgary
Jeffrey SAVAGE, Fort Frances       Michael TSAO, Scarborough        Hao CHEN, Winnipeg                Larissa SYCH, Regina               Janet FONG, Edmonton              Jean Paul MACTAL, Edmonton        Allison STRYBOSCH, Calgary
Anthony SCAFFEO, Thunder Bay       Lucas TSE, Mississauga           Colin CHOPP, Winnipeg             Adam TAMAN, Saskatoon
                                                                                                                                         Tara FONG, Calgary                Ceanda MAH, Edmonton              Owen STRYCHUN, Calgary
Antonio SCANDINAVO,                Rita TSUI, Unionville            Adam CHOWN, Winnipeg              John TENNANT, Calgary, AB
                                                                                                                                         Alicia FOWLER, St. Albert         Rhona MAK, Edmonton               Zackary SUELZLE, Edmonton
    Stoney Creek                   Andrew TUDOR-SAVIN, Toronto      Kelley CIESZYNSKI, Winnipeg       Brett THIESSEN, Saskatoon
                                                                                                                                         Brendan FOWLER, Calgary           Amandeep MALHI, Edmonton          Jagatheswary SUNDRASANA,
Gregory SCHARF, Stittsville        Christopher TYNAN, Toronto       Mark COLLEY, Winnipeg             Michelle TITANICH, Regina
                                                                                                                                         Robert FOWLER, St. Albert         Ian MANDRY, Calgary                   Calgary
Anton SCHEGLOV, Markham            Junaid USMANI, Oakville          Graeme CONWAY, Winnipeg           Jennifer URSCHELER, Saskatoon
                                                                                                      Jessica VAN OLST, Saskatoon        Christopher FRANK, Calgary        Michael MARCACCIO, Vegreville     Brody SVEINSON, Edmonton
Natalie SCHIFF, Toronto            Simon UTKALA, Ajax               Sarah COOK, Winnipeg
                                                                                                      Karie-Anne WALSH, Regina           Misty FREDERIKSEN, Calgary        Jodi MARSHALL, Saskatoon, SK      Jeffrey SWAINSON, Calgary
Karen SCHOLL, Kitchener            Nicole VAILLANCOURT, Ottawa      Brendon CORBETT, Winnipeg
                                                                                                      Ryan YANO, Regina                  Derek FRIESEN, Sherwood Park      Tracy MARSHALL, Sudbury, ON       Andrew SZETO, Edmonton
Brittany SCHOOLEY, Ottawa          Dickson VAN, Toronto             Philip COSS, Winnipeg                                                Nicole GALENKAMP, Calgary         Frederick MARTIN, Calgary         Jessica SZEWCZUK, Edmonton
Virginia SCOTT, Toronto            Melissa VAN ALSTINE, Ottawa      Bryan CRAIG, Winnipeg                                                Adam GALLAGHER, Calgary           Benni MATHEN, Edmonton            Kelleen TAIT, Edmonton
Leora SELESNICK, Thornhill         Daniella VANDERVELDE,            Crystal CUNARD, Winnipeg                                             Stephen GALON, Calgary            Tanis MATHIESEN, Calgary          Nicholas TALARICO, Edmonton
Kin Yee SEONG, Toronto                  Stoney Creek                Justin DELAURIER, Swan River                                         Bryan GAMBLE, St. Albert          Jared MATTINSON, Calgary          Lisa TALLIM, Calgary
Elena SEREBRYANY, Thornhill        Meghan VANGAAL, Toronto          Catherine DIRKS, Winnipeg
Neha SETHI, Mississauga                                                                                                                  Cassandra GAMBLE, Calgary         Polina MATVEEVA, Calgary          Alvin TAM, Calgary
                                   Sarah VAN HOOYDONK, Ottawa       Jonathon DUECK, Rosenort
Michael SHAFMAN, Toronto           Philip VARMUZA, Aurora                                                                                Fei GAO, Calgary                  Arianna MAURICE, Calgary          Stella TAM, Edmonton
                                                                    Patrick DUECK, Winnipeg
Neel SHAH, Nepean                  Jonathan VELDSTRA, Hamilton                                        ALBERTA                            Katelyn GARDNER, Calgary          Fazeela MAWANI, Calgary           Bradley TAYLOR, Edmonton
                                                                    Joseph ENRIGHT, Winnipeg
Hamza SHAHID, North York           Jovan VELJIC, Brampton                                                                                Alan GARNER, Calgary              Megan MAY, Calgary                Sarah TAYLOR, Calgary
                                                                    Si FANG, Winnipeg                 William ABBEY, Calgary
Haisam SHAIKH, Mississauga         Anna VENDROV, Thornhill                                                                               Chase GAVIN, Calgary              John MAYALL, Calgary              Cody TEBB, Red Deer
                                                                    Tyler FINDLAY, Stonewall          Jacqueline ABBOTT, Calgary
Saad SHAIKH, Mississauga           Carmela VENNARE, Woodbridge                                                                           Christopher GILL, Calgary         Heather MCAVOY, Calgary           Petrus TEUNISSEN, Strathmore
                                                                    Danielle FOUILLARD, Russell       Clayton ACHEN, Calgary
Tania SHALLWANI, Toronto           Alyssa VERASAMMY, Waterloo       Andrew FRASER, Winnipeg                                              Leslie GLEN, Calgary              Craig MCDOUGALL, Lethbridge       Halley THOMAS, Calgary
                                                                                                      Ryan ADAMS, Edmonton
Samir SHANDAL, Nepean              Milynda VERWAYNE, Burlington     Douglas FRIESEN, Winnipeg                                            Hilda GNANAPRAGASAM, Calgary      Krystal MCLAY, Edmonton           Ryan THOMPSON, Calgary
                                                                                                      Polina ADLER, Calgary
Raj SHANGHAVI, Mississauga         Kanika VIJ, Brampton             Jude FRIESEN, Winnipeg                                               Diana GOMES, Calgary              Darla MCLELLAN, Lethbridge        Travis THORNHILL, Red Deer
                                                                                                      Ismail AKHTER, Etobicoke, ON
Arpana SHANTHAN, Toronto           Lindsey VIVIAN, Mitchell         Dan FROESE, Brandon                                                  Lindsay GRACE, Calgary            Diana MCMANUS, Edmonton           Allison TIMOFFEE, Grande Prairie
                                                                                                      Jeffrey ALLISTON, Edmonton
Rosalind SHARE, Toronto            Christina VODOLA, Brantford      Amita GANDHI, Mississauga, ON                                        Lawrence GRAMSON, Calgary         Nathan MCQUAY, Edmonton           Nastashia TIMORUSKI, Red Deer
                                                                                                      Krystal ALSTON, Magrath
Waleed SHARIF, Etobicoke           Vasiliy VOROB'EV, Toronto        Kelsey GIESBRECHT, Niverville                                        Colin GRANDYSH, Edmonton          Kimber MEISTER, Canmore           Derek TO, Calgary
                                                                                                      Patrick AMANTEA, Calgary
Sunil SHARMA, Toronto              Iulia VORONCA, Toronto           Carla GONCALO, Winnipeg                                              Kevin GREEN, Calgary              Christina MERCER, Calgary         Sylvia TOMKIEWICZ, Edmonton
                                                                                                      Christopher ANDREWS, Calgary
Alevtina SHAROV, Toronto           Peter VREESWYK, Baden            Ashley GOODING, Winnipeg                                             Erin GREGORY, Chestermere         Ashley MERKOSKY, Calgary          Carina TONG, Red Deer
                                                                                                      Kylee AUCKLAND, Calgary
Brian SHARP, Burlington            Nancy VUONG, Toronto             Nicole GRAHAM-TETRAULT,                                              Joseph GREILACH, Edmonton         Cameron METCALFE, Calgary         Cheuk TONG, Calgary
                                                                                                      Mao Lin BAI, Edmonton
David SHARPE, Mount Forest         Ronald WAGENAAR, Norwich             Winnipeg                                                         Kevin GRIFFIN, Calgary            Aaron MIELKE, Edmonton            Nicole TOPIC, Calgary
Meaghan SHAW, St. Thomas           Aamer WAHEED, Oakville                                             Mandy BAIER, Edmonton
                                                                    Bonnie HANSEN, Winnipeg                                              Andrea GRIGG, Calgary             John MIKHAIL, Edmonton            Adriana TOVSTIUK, Edmonton
Mohamed SHEIBANI, Kanata           Harvey WALDEN, North York                                          Shanna BAILEY, Lethbridge
                                                                    Tye HIEBERT, East St. Paul                                           Vivek GUPTA, Calgary              Kelsey MILLER, Cochrane           Dan TRAN, Calgary
Iman SHEIKH, Mississauga           Melissa WALE, Ingersoll                                            Donald BARKWELL, Calgary
                                                                    Regan HIROSE, Winnipeg                                               Deniz GURAY, Edmonton             Scott MONSON, Edmonton            Deanna TRAUB, Edmonton
Moriah SHEMER, Ottawa              Cary WALKIN, Thornhill                                             Jason BASKIER, Edmonton
                                                                    Candace HODGINS, Winnipeg                                            Navpaul GURM, Fort McMurray       Alexander MOORE, Edmonton         Melissa TREMBLAY, Grande Prairie
Christie SHEN, Markham             John WALLS, Toronto                                                Dugan BATTEN, Calgary
                                                                    Suzanne HOLATKO, Winnipeg                                            Christopher HAGGARD, Calgary      Kaleb MOORE, Calgary              Wayne TRIEU, Edmonton
Garrick SHERMAN, Thunder Bay       Jennifer WALSH, Toronto          Matthew HUDSON, Winnipeg          Daniel BAYNES, Victoria, BC
                                                                                                                                         Adrian HAMFELT, Calgary           Drew MORRIS, St. Paul             David TSANG, Calgary
Samantha SHETTY, Hamilton          Michael WALTERS, Ottawa          Serena HUSARIK, Winnipeg          Rasna BEDI, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Richard HAMULA, Edmonton          Kelsey MORRISON, Edmonton         Yvonne TURGEON, Calgary
Christopher SHIU VONG SIEN,        Jessica WAN, Toronto             Hai-Ting JEN, Winnipeg            Joey BELANGER, Banff
                                                                                                                                         Clarissa HAN, Calgary             Ricardos MOUSSALLEM, Calgary      Jason ULMER, Calgary
    Mississauga                    Cecilia WANG, Toronto            Matthew JOHNSON, Kenora, ON       Christopher BELL, Grande Prairie
                                                                                                                                         Andrea HARPER, Lethbridge         Timothy MULLANE, Bedford, NS      Eric VAN DYK, Edmonton
Han SHU, Scarborough               Lin WANG, Hamilton               David KAMMERLOCK, Winnipeg        Joshua BENKO, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Peter HARTHOORN, Coaldale         Mika NAKASHIMA, Lethbridge        Carol VAN OVERLOOP, Calgary
Asim SHUAIB, Brampton              Lucy WANG, Mississauga           Harun KIBIRIGE, Winnipeg          Zarina BHAMBHANI, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         John HAWKES, Calgary              James NERLAND, Calgary            Sujit VARGHESE, Calgary
Alfred SHUM, Markham               Luke WANG, Toronto               Kyle KUSIAK, Winnipeg             Zishan BHOJANI, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Nicholas HAYCOCK, Red Deer        Russell NEWMAN, Calgary           Kristin VEKEMAN, Calgary
Carlo SICCION, Mississauga         Xiao WANG, Toronto               Matthieu LAZAROW, Winnipeg        Lindsay BILKOSKI, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Michael HAYDO, Edmonton           Anita NG, Edmonton                Betty VI, Calgary
Alexander SIDE, Toronto            Xiaofan WANG, North York         Laura LEMON, Winnipeg             Bjornda BJORNSON, Brooks
                                                                                                                                         Jifang HE, Edmonton               Sau-ling NGAN, Edmonton           Twyla VINE, Redcliff
Vikram SIDHU, Brampton             Zhen WANG, St. Catharines        Matthew LOEB, Winnipeg            Brittany BLACKALL,
                                                                                                                                         Natasha HEMRAJ, Edmonton          Lindy NGUYEN, Calgary             Martin VOGEL, Calgary
Milenko SIKLJOVAN, Guelph          Rachel WARNOCK, Windsor          Stephen MAHARAJ, Winnipeg             Charlie Lake, BC
                                                                                                                                         Jonathan HERMAN, Edmonton         Chad NIELSEN, Red Deer            Isha VOHRA, Calgary
Joshua SILMSER, Toronto            Brittany WATSON, Caledon         Celine MARKS, Winnipeg            Brendan BLAIR, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Emina HIDIC, Edmonton             Jon NIKIFORUK, Calgary            Heather WADDEN, Calgary
Jesse SILVERTOWN, Toronto          Jillian WATSON, St. Catharines   Natalie MARMUS, Kenora, ON        Devin BLAIS, Red Deer
Maurizio SILVESTRI, Woodbridge     Christopher WATT BICKLEY,                                                                             Sean HIEBERT, Calgary             Tara NOLAN, Edmonton              Tamina WALJI, Edmonton
                                                                    Stephen MARR, Winnipeg            Eric BLOCK, Calgary
Emil SIMEONOV, Aurora                   Ottawa                                                                                           Justin HOFFMAN, Edmonton          Aina NOME, Red Deer               Catie WALKER, Calgary
                                                                    Terrence MARTENS, Winnipeg        Derek BLUM, Calgary
Jessica SIMMONS, Toronto           Albert WATTS, Thunder Bay                                                                             Tanya HOLMAN, Calgary             Fahim NOORALLY, Calgary           Kristen WALPER, Calgary
                                                                    Erin MODER, Winnipeg              Ashley BODNARCHUK, Vegreville
Jeffrey SIMONITTO, Windsor         Caitlin WELDON, Toronto                                                                               John HONAIZER, Red Deer           Kimberley NORGAARD, Calgary       Chaoran WANG, Saskatoon, SK
                                                                    Oiza MOMOH, Winnipeg              Corey BONKOWSKI,
Mark SIMS, Cambridge               Victorio WEN SHEA, Toronto                                                                            Burkhard HONSEK, Okotoks          Lauren NOTENBOOM, Calgary         Cindy WANG, Edmonton
                                                                    Joel MURCHISON, Winnipeg              Port Coquitlam, BC
Ashley SINGER, Thornhill           Melissa WEST, London                                                                                  Helen HOON, Edmonton              Jan NUTTING, Grande Prairie       Dong WANG, Calgary
                                                                    Jessica NEIL, Winnipeg            Vanessa BONNEVILLE,
Dinaish SINGH, Brampton            Bradley WESTOBY, Toronto         Matthew OUTHWAITE, Winnipeg                                          Thomas HORN, Red Deer             Kristine OBERHOFFNER,             Jianlei WANG, Edmonton
                                                                                                          Medicine Hat
Melissa SINGH, Etobicoke           Katherine WETMORE, Toronto       Ryan PALMER, Winnipeg                                                Alexandra HORVATH, Calgary            Edmonton                      Ning WANG, Calgary
                                                                                                      Ryan BOSER, Medicine Hat
Onkar SINGH, Mississauga           Kurt WHITTAKER, Markham          Kirby PARKS, Winnipeg                                                Edward HO-SI, Edmonton            Hayley O'CONNELL, Calgary         Sherry WANG, Edmonton
                                                                                                      Stephen BOSKO, Edmonton
Jennifer SIOEN, Vienna             Ashley WILCOX, Hamilton          Ira PEREZDETAGLE, Lorette                                            Janelle HOSTYN, Leduc             Jeremy OLSON, Calgary             Yeying WANG, Calgary
                                                                                                      Graeme BOUWMEESTER, Calgary
Colin SIRR, Toronto                Michelle WILLIAMS, London        Aimee PRIMOLO, Winnipeg                                              Robert HOY, Nampa                 Sinead O'MEARA, Edmonton          Zidong WANG, Calgary
                                                                                                      Jamie BOYACK, Calgary
Ming SIU, Richmond Hill            Cory WILLIAMSON, Stratford       Jennifer RASMUSSEN, Cartier                                          Xiaoqin HUANG, Calgary            Dmytro OSPISHCHEV, Calgary        Sheena WATANABE, Edmonton
                                                                                                      Jaspreet BRAR, Calgary
Nisha SIVANESWARAN, Toronto        Kate WILLIS, Windsor             Krista READY, Brandon                                                Nathan HUM, Edmonton              Michael OVIATT, St. Albert        Shane WEIMER, Calgary
                                                                                                      Navdeep BRAR, Calgary
Paul SMACHYLO, Etobicoke           Cameron WILSON, Newmarket        Russell ROLLINS, Winnipeg                                            Robyn HYCHA, Innisfail            Chelsea PAGET, Irricana           Melanie WHITMORE, Calgary
                                                                                                      Jordan BRAUN, Medicine Hat
Bradley SMITH, Kilbride            Kimberley WILSON, North Bay      Shannon SAFONOVS, Winnipeg                                           Zeinab IBRAHIM, Calgary           Anthony PAGNUCCO, Edmonton        Nicole WHYTE, Calgary
                                                                                                      Adrienne BREAKWELL, Edmonton
Jarrod SMITH, Toronto              Kody WILSON, Stittsville         Kyle SCOTT, Oakbank                                                  Laura INGRAM, Calgary             Jason PALAMAR, Edmonton           Kory WICKENHAUSER,
Michael SMITH, Mississauga         Neal WINOKUR, Toronto                                              Sandra BROWN, Edmonton
                                                                    Nicole SHELL, Winnipeg                                               Joe INTHAPAGNA, Edmonton          Kara PAPSDORF, Edmonton               Saskatoon, SK
Steven SMITH, Thornhill            Amanda WOLFS, Mount Brydges                                        Jason BRUNNER, Red Deer
                                                                    Trevor SIERHUIS, Winnipeg                                            Kerri-Lee JACOBS, Calgary         Kristi PARSONS, Calgary           Andrea WILKIE, Calgary
Sydney SMITH, Etobicoke            Alastair WONG, Toronto                                             Nicholas BURAK, St. Albert
                                                                    Alexandros SOTIRIADIS, Winnipeg                                      Kristin JACOBSON, Edmonton        Scott PERRY, Calgary              Kari WILKIE, Calgary
Brenda SO, Toronto                 Carmen WONG, Markham                                               Mathew BURPEE, Calgary
                                                                    Erica SUDERMAN, Winnipeg                                             Mayank JAIN, Calgary              Samantha PETERSEN, Calgary        Jennifer WILKS, Calgary
Gaurav SOBTI, Hamilton             Christopher WONG, Toronto                                          Courtney BUTLER, Calgary
                                                                    Adam SUS, Winnipeg                                                   Udita JAIN, Calgary               Tony PHAM, Edmonton               Brittany WILLIAMSON, Redcliff
Jennifer SOETEMANS, London         Gail WONG, Brampton              Erin TAIT, Brandon                Eric BUTZ, Carnwood
                                                                                                                                         Lisa JANS, Lethbridge             Victoria PHUNG, Edmonton          Keith WILSON, Calgary
Katie SOKALSKY, Toronto            Michael WONG, Markham            Ashlee VOLKART, Winnipeg          Peter BUWALDA, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Stjepan JAPUNCIC, Edmonton        Elke PISIO, Calgary               Alisha WONG, Edmonton
Aly SOMANI, Oshawa                 Yick Ho WONG, Toronto            Melissa WARKENTIN, Virden         Ian CAMERON, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Bradley JENNINGS, St. Albert      Thomas PLETT, High River          Jennifer WONG, Calgary
Christopher SPINA, Thunder Bay     Yit WONG, Toronto                Carla WATTS, Selkirk              Ian CAMPBELL, Grande Prairie
                                                                                                                                         Sarah JESBERGER, Saskatoon, SK    Vanito POBRAN, Calgary            Lauren WONG, Calgary
Alison SPITZER, Toronto            Zoe WONG, Markham                Steven WETTON, Winnipeg           Jarrett CAMPBELL, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Bei JIN, Edmonton                 Kristen POITEVIEN, Calgary        Amanda WRIGHT, Calgary
Navdeep SRAN, Brampton             Lauren WRIGHT, Toronto           Christine WHEELER, Winnipeg       Craig CARLSON, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Dylan JONES, Edmonton             Kristy POLACK, Edmonton           Li Hua WU, Calgary
Ashokkshan SRITHAVANATHAN,         Natasha WRIGHT, Maynooth         Kaleigh WILLS, Winnipeg           Robert CARR, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Julia JOYCE, Calgary              Michal POLEPIL, Calgary           Yan XIONG, Edmonton
    Toronto                        Judy WU, Markham                 Jiaying YANG, Winnipeg            Mark CARTWRIGHT, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Renae JURAVLE, Calgary            Aiden POOLE, Edmonton             Stephanie YAKIMOWSKI,
Michael STANGOLIS, Richmond Hill   Mengbin WU, Toronto              Bobby YOUNG, Winnipeg             Peter CHALMERS, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Cheryl KACZMER, Cochrane          Imran PUNJANI, Calgary                Medicine Hat
Christopher STAPLEDON, Ottawa      Woody WU, Oakville               Can ZHANG, Winnipeg               Daniel CHAN, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Darren KAM, Edmonton              Charles RAGLON, Edmonton          LingYuan YANG, Calgary
Daryna STAVNICHA, Ottawa           Kelly WYNER, Toronto             James ZIHRUL, Winnipeg            Lynn CHAPMAN, Okotoks
                                                                                                                                         Aziz KAPASI, Calgary              Anbualakan RATNESWARAN,           Galen YEO, Edmonton
Jonida STAVRI, Kingston            Weina XIAO, Toronto              Mary Ann ZUPANIC-KEMP,            Casey CHARLESON, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Trishi KARAN, Calgary                 Woodbridge, ON                Jamie YEUNG, Edmonton
Kim STEDMAN, Toronto               Duncan YANG, Toronto                 Winnipeg                      Ali CHAUDHRY, Calgary
Adam STEELE, Guelph                Nini YANG, Markham                                                                                    Ravneet KAUR, Edmonton            Craig REID, Peace River           Rebecca YOCHIM, Edmonton
                                                                                                      Katherine CHEN, Calgary
Joan STERLIN, Thornhill            Michael YARMOLINSKY, Thornhill                                                                        Omar KAYANI, Edmonton             Emily REIS, Fort McMurray         Angel YON, Calgary
                                                                                                      Mary CHEN, Calgary
Richard STEVENS, Mississauga       Colin YAUSIE, London                                                                                  Rebecca KEITH, Calgary            Evelyn RIEDLINGER, Edmonton       Matthew YOUNG, Edmonton
                                                                                                      Zhuo CHEN, Calgary
Allison STINSON, Oakville          Stephanie YEE, Ottawa                                                                                 Samantha KELLEY, Calgary          Jessica ROBBINS, Pincher Creek    Stephanie YOUNG, Calgary
                                                                                                      Cindy CHENG, Calgary
Adam STOCK, Aurora                 Cedric YEO, Toronto                                                                                   Daniel KELLY, Calgary             Candice ROBERTSON, Calgary        Veronica YOUNG, Sherwood Park
                                                                                                      Candice CHERRY, Calgary
Nicole ST. PIERRE, Belle River     Angela YEUNG, North York                                                                              Linda KEMMER, Calgary             Analee ROMAN, Edmonton            Janice YU, Edmonton
                                                                                                      Cindy CHEUNG, St. Albert
Rosemary STRILEC, Toronto          Athena YEUNG, Toronto            SASKATCHEWAN                                                         Robin KERSLAKE, Edmonton          Pei Jing RONG, Calgary            Jian YU, Calgary
                                                                                                      Grace CHEUNG, Calgary
Alexandra STYCZYNSKI, Burlington   Derek YEUNG, Toronto                                                                                  Harvinder KHROAD, Edmonton        Nicholas ROSE, Calgary            Jianwei YU, Edmonton
                                                                    Carmen BAKER, Saskatoon           Daniel CHILD, Edmonton
Roshika SUBRAMANIAM, Markham       Shan Shan YEUNG, Markham                                                                              Jayme KING, Mount Pearl, NL       John ROSER, Edmonton              Yousuf ZAKI, Calgary
                                                                    Breanne BENDER, Weyburn           Henry CHIM, Calgary
Jonathan SUE, Markham              Jillian YEUNG YIN IN,                                                                                 Hayat KIRAMEDDINE, Leduc          Kelly ROSS, Airdrie               Quenton ZALAZAR, Edmonton
                                                                    Kristy BRIDGEMAN, Weyburn         Elizabeth CHISHOLM,
Amanda SUEN, Mississauga                Richmond Hill                                                                                    Jordan KISS, Calgary              Michael ROUSSEAU, Edmonton        Stephen ZHANG, Edmonton
                                                                    Erin BROWN, Saskatoon                 Dartmouth, NS
Sabrina SUERTEGARAY VILLACIS,      Baoyu YIN, North York                                                                                 Brianne KLINCK, Calgary           Scott ROY, Calgary                Yangchun ZHANG, Calgary
                                                                    Jasmin BROWN, Saskatoon           Hannah CHO, Calgary
    Etobicoke                      Alan YIP, Toronto                                                                                     Joshua KLOPSTRA, Edmonton         Jennie SACSAC, Edmonton           Svetlana ZISIN, Calgary
                                                                    Melissa BRUNNER, Saskatoon        Kathy CHONG, Edmonton
Houhua SUN, Toronto                Angel YIP, Markham                                                                                    Jennifer KOMARNISKY, St. Albert   Joseph SALAYSAY, Edmonton         Ashley ZUTZ, Edmonton
                                                                    Michael BRYANTON, Regina          Pringle CHONG, Edmonton
Kimberly SUN, Mississauga          Cindy YIP, Markham                                                                                    Clarence KOO, Edmonton            Trevor SAMER, Calgary
Nan SUN, Vaughan                   Johnson YIU, Scarborough         Brett CANHAM, Regina              John CHRISTENSEN, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Jordan KOPELCHUK, Calgary         Kristine SAMONTE, Calgary
Wei SUN, Mississauga               Soo Youn YOON, Markham           Michelle CHAMBERS, Saskatoon      Gloria CHU, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Marina KORIN, Calgary             Scott SANBORN, Calgary
Darren SUTHERLAND, Welland         Tracy YOUNG RATTRY, Toronto      Erin CHARY, Saskatoon             Victoria CHUGG, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Aleksander KOT, Edmonton          Rita SANDHU, Calgary
Geoffrey SUTTON, Porcupine         Chia-Ling YU, Toronto            Kelly DISIEWICH, Prince Albert    Meenu CHUGH, Edmonton
                                                                                                                                         Jennifer KRALJAK, Calgary         Gurinder SAROHIA, Calgary
Erica SWAN, Oakville               Chun Mei YU, Toronto             Reilley DUTCHAK, Saskatoon        Zafarene CHUNARA, Calgary
                                                                                                                                         Donna KUO, Edmonton               Kristin SARRIA, Edmonton
                                   Karine BRIÈRE, St-Jérôme           Nicholas DUMESNIL-BOWKER,           Nicole HAMMAL, Montréal            Ariane LATOUR, Montréal            Geneviève MORIN,                   Christina SHERECK, Montréal
                                   Marc-Antoine BRIÈRE, Rimouski         Lorraine                         Aleksandra HARTON RICARD,          Olivier LATOUR,                        St-Henri-de-Lévis              Kristina SHINYA, Pierrefonds
                                   Virginie BROSSEAU-MÉNARD,          Andréanne DUMONT, Longueuil              Ste-Catherine                     St-Ignace-de-Loyola            Stéphane MORIN, Montréal           Christie SICOTTE, St-Laurent
                                       Ste-Thérèse                    Carl DUMONT-PERREAULT,              Alexandre HARVEY, St-Laurent       Camille LAVERGNE, Ottawa, ON       Caroline MUNRO, Montréal           Maxime SIMARD,
                                   Evelyne BRUNEAU,                      L'Assomption                     Dominique HARVEY, Laval            Abbie LAVOIE, Pierrefonds          Frédéric MURRAY, Mont-Joli             Terrasse-Vaudreuil
QUEBEC                                 Rouyn-Noranda                  Myriam DUPÉRÉ, Gatineau             Karim HASNAOUI, Brossard           Loïc LAVOIE, Montréal              Vanessa MUSUELE, Laval             Simon SIMARD-DUBÉ, St-Bruno
Amanda ABRAMS, Montréal            James BUCKINGHAM,                  Nicolas DUPONT, Québec              Mengyin HE, Montréal               Philippe LAVOIE, Québec            Guillaume NADON, Montréal          Victoria SIWIC, Regina, SK
Ryan ABRAMS, Montréal                  Deux-Montagnes                 Marie-Eve DUPUIS, Laval             Lysanne HÉBERT,                    Carylle LEACH, Montréal            Emanuela NARCISI, Laval            Frédéric SLOSAR, Montréal
David ADAM, St-Romuald             Marie-Ève BUISSON SMITH, Laval     Simon DUPUIS, Terrebonne                 Ste-Anne-des-Lacs             Caroline LEBLANC, Trois-Rivières   Richard NATHANIEL, Montréal        Matthew SMITH, Brossard
Rissalath ADÉBO, Longueuil         Christine BUSQUE,                  Stéfanie DUROCHER, Laval            Mathieu HÉBERT, Montréal           Guillaume LEBOURDAIS, La Sarre     Emilie NEVEU, Longueuil            Adriana SONEA, Montréal
Mélanie ADELSON, Westmount             St-Georges-de-Beauce           Vincent DU RUISSEAU,                Valérie HÉBERT, Rouyn-Noranda      Joshua LEBOVIC, Montréal           Yuen Ching Donna NG, Brossard      Erik STAMBOULIEH, Westmount
Caroline AHMARANI, St-Hubert       Stéphane CADORETTE, St-Hubert         Montréal                         Mariève HÉROUX, Longueuil          Mélisa LECLERC, St-Valérien        Stephanie NG THOW HING,            Olivier ST-AMOUR, Montréal
Geoffrey ALEXIS, Laval             Jessica CAMPEAU, Terrebonne        Marie-Pierre DUVAL, Québec          Jillian HODGSON, St-Lazare         Philippe LECLERC, La Baie              Côte Saint-Luc                 Michael STEINBERG,
Cathy ALLAIRE, St-Rosaire          Mélissa CAMPEAU,                   Mae-Lynn EDOUARD, Lachenaie         Jennifer HOPPER, Lachine           Annie LECOMPTE, Montréal           Emilie Ngoc Tram NGUYEN, Laval         Dollard-des-Ormeaux
Cristina AMATO, Montréal               Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac          Thierry Jean EHOUNOU, Verdun        Valérie HOUDE, St-Lambert          Kevin LEE, Montréal                Minh Michel NGUYEN, Montréal       Karelle STE-MARIE, Montréal
Emmanuel ANDRÉ-MORIN,              Simon CANTIN, Joliette             Oury EZERZER, St-Laurent            Christine HOULE, Québec            Marie-Pier LEFEBVRE, Québec        Laura NG YING KIN, Montréal        Tim ST-PIERRE, Dolbeau-Mistassini
    Montréal                       Jolyane CARON, Montréal                                                                                                                      Cathy Joanne NICHOLS, Montréal     Nusrat SULTANA, Montréal
Nicholas ANTONATOS, Laval          Sarah CARRIER, St-Nicolas                                                                                                                    Erika NOËL, La Baie                Cathrine SURPRENANT, Farnham
Catherine ARBOUR, Magog            Cindy CARRIER-GRENIER, Québec                                                                                                                Audrey NORMANDEAU, Lachine         Eric TADROS,
Adam ARONSON, Ottawa, ON           Hugo CASTONGUAY, Québec                                                                                                                      Jessica NOVAK, Beaconsfield            Dollard-des-Ormeaux

Kristina ASHQAR, Verdun            Jean-Philippe CAYER,                                                                                                                         Natalya NOVIKOV, Montréal          Mélissa TALBOT,
                                       St-Thomas-de-Joliette                                                                                                                    Michael ORLANDO, Montréal              Clarence Creek, ON
Frederic ASSAL, Pierrefonds
                                   Jonathan CHABOT, Québec                                                                                                                      Echahed OUAZZANI CHAHDI,           Linda TAN, Rivière-des-Prairies
Esther ASSOULINE, Montréal
                                   Mélina CHAGNON-FRIOLET,                                                                                                                          Laval                          Isabelle TARDIF, Montréal
Jean-Philippe AUBÉ, Gatineau

                                       Boucherville                                                                                                                             Noémie OUELLET-GENDRON,            Lauréanne TARDIF, Pierrefonds
Meggie AUDET, East Broughton
                                   Jaclyn CHAIMBERG, Montréal                                                                                                                       Longueuil                      Maria TAVONE, Montréal
Cédric AUDETTE, St-Césaire
                                   Julie CHAMBERLAIN, Québec                                                                                                                    Phon Sotheary OUK, Montréal        Benoît T. DURIVAGE, St-Lambert
Evelyne AUGER, Granby
                                   Michaël CHANTRIE, Laval                                                                                                                      Jonathan PAPIN, Gatineau           Jennifer TEOH, Montréal

                                   Katherine CHAPUT, Boucherville                                                                                                               Amélie PAQUETTE, Montréal          Stéfanie TÉOLI, Longueuil
    Côte Saint-Luc
                                   Philippe CHARBONNEAU-PLANTE,                                                                                                                 Marie-Eve PAQUETTE, Chicoutimi     Frédéric TEULON, Châteauguay
Jean-François AYOTTE-RIVARD,
                                       Ste-Brigide-d'Iberville                                                                                                                  Roxane PAQUIN, St-Casimir          Francis THÉROUX, St-Augustin
                                   Jean-François CHAREST, St-Hubert                                                                                                             Sandrine PAQUIN-LESSARD,           Véronique THIBAULT, Laval
Omayma AYOUB, Montréal-Nord                                                                                                                                                         Val-d'Or                       Marie-France THIBODEAU,
                                   Amélie CHARETTE, Anjou
Monica Diana BADEA,                                                                                                                                                             Hélène PARADIS, Montréal               Montréal
                                   Benoît CHARETTE, Québec
    Dollard-des-Ormeaux                                                                                                                                                         Graziano PARDO, Lasalle            Jennifer THOMPSON,
                                   Marie-Lyne CHARRON, Sherbrooke
Richard BADRA, Pierrefonds                                                                                                                                                      Kathy PARÉ, Nantes                     St-Jean-Chrysostome
                                   Maxime CHARRON, Le Gardeur
Farinaz BAHMANI, Lasalle                                                                                                                                                        Maude PARÉ ALLIE, Drummondville    Aleksandra TOJCIC, Plessisville
                                   Sandrine CHASSÉ, Montréal
Michael BARIL, Trois-Rivières                                                                                                                                                   Rishichandran PATEL, Montréal      Nadia Soledad TOMARO,
                                   Karim CHEBBI, Longueuil
Stéphane BATHALON,                                                                                                                                                              Martin PATRY, Gatineau                 Pierrefonds
                                   Joanie CHÊNEVERT, Québec
    L'Ancienne-Lorette                                                                                                                                                          Jessica PAUL, Laval                Talia TOPIKIAN, St-Laurent
                                   Christine Kyong Hee CHEON,
Julie BAZINET, Montréal                                                                                                                                                         Geneviève PAYETTE, Montréal        Lisa TORCHIA, Laval
Andréanne BEAUCLAIR,                                                                                                                                                            Gautier PECHADRE, Outremont        Anthony TOUSIGNANT-ROUETTE,
                                   Priscille CHEONG YOUNE,
    St-Jean-sur-Richelieu                                                                                                                                                       Maxim PEDNEAULT, Chicoutimi            Trois-Rivières
Johanne BEAUDOIN, Macamic                                                                                                                                                       Pierre-Olivier PEDNEAULT,          Achille Huu Phong TRAN-HO, Laval
                                   Nadia CHERIEF, Pierrefonds
Mathieu BEAUDOIN, Magog                                                                                                                                                             Chicoutimi                     David TREMBLAY, Montréal
                                   Kenneth King Fun CHEUNG,
Sabrina BEAUDOIN, Ste-Julie                                                                                                                                                     Mathieu PELLETIER, Sept-Îles       Isabelle TREMBLAY, Gatineau
Eric BEAUDRY, Chicoutimi                                                                                                                                                        Pier-Etienne PELLETIER, Québec     Mélissa TREMBLAY, Varennes
                                   Nicolas CHEVALIER, Québec
Marie-Christine BEAULIEU,                                                                                                                                                       Isabelle PERREAULT, St-Anges       Nancy TREMBLAY, Laval
                                   Wei Hsin CHIOU, Verdun
    Montréal                                                          Simon FAFARD,                       Nathalie HOULE, Gatineau           Mathieu M. LEFEBVRE, Montréal      Simon Jacques PERREAULT,           Simon TREMBLAY, Québec
                                   Linda CHONG, Pierrefonds
Martine BEAULIEU, Montréal                                                St-Ignace-de-Loyola             Pierre-Louis HOULE, Laval          Mathieu P. LEFEBVRE,                   Montréal                       Véronique TREMBLAY, Luskville
                                   Shiv Karan CHOPRA,
Mélissa BEAUREGARD,                                                   Kim FALARDEAU, Montréal             Francis HUNTER-MANSEAU,                St-Bruno-de-Montarville        Nicolas PERRON, Rimouski           Anik TURCOTTE, Rawdon
    St-Herménégilde                                                   Rachelle FANCELLI, Montréal             Montréal                       Ian LEFRANÇOIS, St-Bruno           Jacinthe PETIT, Le Gardeur         Joannie TURCOTTE, St-Benjamin
                                   Marcel CHOW, Rimouski
Chloé BÉGIN, St-Jérôme                                                Guillaume FELX, Beaconsfield        Giulio IACONI, Montréal            Dominic LEGAULT, Val-des-Monts     Martina PETROVA, Montréal          Mathieu TURMEL, Bromont
                                   Christina CHU, Montréal
Marie Geneviève BÉGIN, Gatineau                                       Andréane FERLAND, Bromont           Nancy IBRAHIM, St-Hubert           Marc-André LÉGER, Montréal         Martin PICARD, Pointe-Claire       Sébastien URBAIN, Montréal
                                   Tedi CLAIR-BOOKALAM, Dorval
Stéphanie BÉLAND, Québec                                              David FERNANDEZ, St-Léonard         Lattana INTHANAVONG, St-Hubert     Emilie LEMAY, St-Wenceslas         Nicolas PICHÉ, Trois-Rivières      Jean-Sébastien VACHON,
                                   Dominic CLÉMENT, Iberville
Bruno BÉLANGER, Montréal                                              Florestan FERROUX, Montréal         Irene IRACANYE, St-Laurent         Alexandre LEMYRE, Trois-Rivières   Réginald PIERRE-LOUIS, Longueuil       St-Joseph-de-Beauce
                                   Fanny CLÉMENT, Brossard
Mathieu BÉLANGER, Boucherville                                        Benjamin FETTER, Westmount          Stéphanie JACOB, Chibougamau       Yvenson LENEUS, Montréal           Eve-Marie PLANTE-LAJOIE,           Martine VACHON RAYMOND,
                                   Gabriel CLOUTIER, St-Honoré
Louis Alexandre BELISLE-ROY,                                          Julien FINUCAN, Montréal            Roxane JACQUES, Montréal           Geneviève LENOIR, Brossard             Trois-Rivières                     Rouyn-Noranda
                                   Julie CLOUTIER, Trois-Rivières
    Beloeil                                                           Jean-Sébastien FLAGEOLE,            Patrick JEAN, Montréal             Alexandre LÉONARD, Verchères       Karine POIRIER, Rawdon             Sandra VAILLANCOURT, Montréal
                                   Alexandre CORRIVEAU, Montréal
Claudie BELLAVANCE, Montréal                                              St-Georges-de-Champlain         André JENANJI, St-Laurent          Bruno LÉPINE, Québec               Marie-Eve POIRIER, Boisbriand      Philippe VALENTINE, Québec
                                   Simon COSSETTE, St-Boniface
Claude BELLEFLEUR, Gatineau                                           Josianne FLEURENT, Trois-Rivières   Etienne JENSEN-FONTAINE, Laval     Jason LESNIAK, Montréal            Marie-Pier POIRIER, Chambly        Emmanouil VAMVAS, Montréal
                                   Danny CÔTÉ, Anjou
Lauren BENOIT, Montréal                                               Martin FOREST, Montréal             Isabelle JONES, Kirkland           Mélanie LESSARD, St-Maurice        Anton PONOMAREV, Montréal          Pierre-Paul VEILLETTE, L'Île-Bizard
                                   Thalie CÔTÉ, Laval
Joanie BÉRARD, Granby                                                 Vincent FORTIER, Sherbrooke         Mathieu JOSEPH, Québec             Rosa LEUNG, St-Léonard             Angelo PORATO, Kirkland            Gabriela VELAYOS DOMINGUEZ,
                                   Véronique CÔTÉ, Dixville
Mathieu BERGERON,                                                     André FORTIN,                       Mohammad KADDAHA,                  Audrey LÉVESQUE, Montréal          Marie-Pier POTHIER, Farnham            Québec
                                   Audrey COUTURE, Québec
    St-Basile-le-Grand                                                    St-Joseph-de-Beauce                 Westmount                      Caroline LÉVESQUE, Montréal        Joanie POUDRIER,                   Guillaume VIGEANT, Montréal
                                   Guillaume COUTURE-TURCOT,
Amélie BERGERON-CAUCHON,                                              Jean-Simon FORTIN, Brossard         Alissa KAHAN, Montréal             Gabrielle LÉVESQUE, Rimouski           L'Ancienne-Lorette             Valérie VILLENEUVE, St-Apollinaire
    St-Rédempteur                                                     Marie-Hélène FOURNIER, La Baie      Natsuki KAWASHIMA, Laval           Vincent LEVESQUE ROUSSEAU,         François POULIN, Québec            Emilie VINCENT, Montréal
                                   Mélissa COUTURIER-MALTAIS,
Etienne BERGERON-LEMIEUX,                                             Gabriel FOURNIER-LACOMBE,           Madani KEBACHE, Montréal               Sherbrooke                     Olivier POULIN, Laval              Raphael VINEGAR, Montréal
    Québec                                                                Shawinigan Sud                  Elisa KHUONG, Québec               Jessica LI, Montréal               Michael PRINSKY, Hampstead         Justin Philip WAXMAN, Hampstead
                                   Ioana CRISTEA, Montréal
Catherine BERNIER, Beauport                                           Wanita Lakshmi FOWSAR,              Jin Woo KIM, Côte Saint-Luc        Geneviève LIBOIRON, Longueuil      Chloé PRONOVOST LELIÈVRE,          Tia WIEDOW, Montréal
                                   Kathleen CROCHETIERE, Roxboro          Brossard                        Kuk Jin KIM, La Prairie                                                   Montréal                       Hao WU, Montréal
Daniel BERNIER, Longueuil                                                                                                                    Chito LO, St-Laurent
                                   Geneviève CYR, Rimouski            Matthew FOX, Montréal               Alexandra KOMOURDJIAN,                                                Olivier PROVOST-MARCHAND,          Jieyun YING, Montréal
Sandra BERNIER,                                                                                                                              Patrick LORANGER, Varennes
                                   Zekria DADBEK, Lasalle             Alexandre FRADET, Québec                Montréal                                                              Terrebonne                     Dgenane ZÉPHIR, Sept-Îles
    Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil                                                                                                                Mathieu LORD, Baie-Comeau
                                   Sara DAGOSTINO, Pierrefonds        Jessica FRAPPIER, Montréal          Alim KOTADIA, Longueuil                                               Ioan Daniel PURICE, Anjou          Bradley ZRIHEN, Montréal
Janick BERNIER-FONTAINE,                                                                                                                     Jean-François LORTIE,
                                   Pascal DAIGLE, Québec              Marco FRATE, Lasalle                Laura KOVATS, Montréal                                                Congmin QIN, Candiac
    La Sarre                                                                                                                                     Ste-Agathe-des-Monts
                                   Marie-Josée DAIGNEAULT,            Concettina FUSCO, Montréal          Konstantin KUKOLEV, Montréal                                          Louise QUATTROCCHI,
Mathieu BERTHIAUME,                                                                                                                          Genevieve LUCAS, Brossard
                                       St-Bruno                       Vincent GAGNÉ, Cookshire            Priyanka KUMAR, Pierrefonds                                               Montréal-Nord
    St-Sylvestre                                                                                                                             Elizabeth LUND, Montréal
                                   Nathalie DAIGNEAULT, Montréal      Audrey GAGNON, La Baie              Nicolas KY, Boisbriand                                                Laura RAIMONDO, Montréal
Caroline BÉRUBÉ, Gatineau                                                                                                                    Man LUO, Brossard
                                   Melanie DALLAIRE, Trois-Rivières   Elyse GAGNON, Thetford-Mines        Dominique LABBÉ, La Sarre                                             Cindy RANDLETT, Montréal-Nord
Hugo BESSETTE COLLETTE,                                                                                                                      François LUSSIER,
                                   Cynthia DANCAUSE, Québec           Jean-Denis GAGNON, Jonquière        Eric LABBÉ, Montréal                                                  Cynthia RAYMOND, Montréal
    Montréal                                                                                                                                     St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
                                   Jonathan DAOUST, Mirabel           Pierre-André GAGNON, Québec         Raphaël LABBÉ, Sherbrooke                                             Therèse REGENSTREIF,               NEW BRUNSWICK
                                                                                                                                             Louis-Philippe LUSSIER,
                                   Katy DAVIGNON, Sherbrooke          Anick GALLANT,                      Sandra LABBÉ, Poularies                                                   Dollard-des-Ormeaux            Connor BOYD, Saint John
    Ste-Marguerite-Lac-Masson                                                                                                                    Drummondville
                                   Beatriz DAVILA, Brossard               Ste-Geneviève-de-Bastican       Jean-René LABELLE,                                                    Vincent RÉMILLARD, Laval           Jared BURNS, Moncton
Paolo BISCEGLIA, Montréal                                                                                                                    Geoffrey LYN, Montréal
                                   Lydia DAZE RANGER, Laval           Julie GAMACHE, Montréal                 Ste-Anne-des-Plaines                                              Anouk RICHARD, Drummondville       Meagan CARKNER, Fredericton
Gina BISCOTTI, Montréal                                                                                                                      Phuong Tam MACH, Brossard
                                   Jennyfer DE BARRY, Montréal        Caroline GARANT-DUBÉ, Beloeil       Marc LABELLE, Lasalle                                                 Stephanie RICHARLES, St-Léonard    Bevin CHAMPION, Saint John
Pierre BITAR, Rosemère                                                                                                                       Joanie MAHEUX, Boucherville
                                   Marie-Pier DELAGRAVE,              Harold GAROTTA, Brossard            Mélanie LABRECQUE, Sherbrooke                                         Jason RICKABY, St-Laurent          Julie CHEVARIE, Riverview
Brigitte BLAIS, East Broughton                                                                                                               Catherine MAILLÉ, Montréal
                                       St-Jean-Chrysostome            Priscilla GAUDETTE, Boucherville    Geneviève LACASSE,                                                    Jean-Philippe RIOU, Québec         Melanie COMEAU, Caraquet
Claudia BLANCHETTE,                                                                                                                          Stéphanie MAILLOUX MÉNARD,
                                   Régis DE LAUNIÈRE, Montréal        Steve GAUDREAU, Montréal                Montréal-Nord                                                     Josianne RIOUX-DESJARDINS,         Andre CYR, Bathurst
    Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix                                                                                                                 Laval
                                   Cynthia DELISLE, Laval             Charles GAUTHIER, Montréal          Nathalie LACASSE, Longueuil                                               Québec                         Sarah DAIGLE, Dieppe
Karine BLONDIN BÉRUBÉ, Mirabel                                                                                                               Marie-Ève MALLET,
                                   Justine DELISLE, Montréal          Emilie GAUTHIER, Laval              Jean-François LACERTE, Montréal                                       Carmen RIZZUTO, St-Léonard         Matthew DERRAH, Woodstock
Claudia BLOUIN, St-Joachim                                                                                                                       Saint-Simon, NB
                                   Rodney Gael DELVA, Montréal        Isabelle GAUTHIER, Québec           Marie LACHANCE, Sherbrooke                                            Jonathan ROBERGE, Charlesbourg     Timothy DOHANEY, Saint John
Stéphane BLOUIN, Rimouski                                                                                                                    Guylaine MALTAIS, Québec
                                   Véronique DÉPELTEAU, Montréal      Marie-Hélène GAUTHIER,              François LACHANCE-BROCHIER,                                           Claude-Frédéric ROBERT, Brossard   Patrick ENGLISH, Saint John
Michael BLUME, Verdun                                                                                                                        Marie-Michèle MALTAIS, Montréal
Nassem BOCA, Montréal              Romain DERENNE, Montréal               Victoriaville                       St-Augustin-de-Desmaures                                          Diane ROBERT, Gatineau             Christy FOSTER, Saint John
                                                                                                                                             Renzo MANDATO, Montréal
Brigitte BOILEAU, Laval            Marie-Eve DESCHAMPS, Montréal      Pierre-Marc GAUTHIER, Île-Perrot    Jean-Philippe LACHAPELLE,                                             Steven ROBERT-MERCIER, Québec      Andree GUITARD, Bathurst
                                                                                                                                             Khouloud MANSOURI,
Katrine BOISSÉ, Montréal           Anne Marie DESJARDINS,             Amélie GAUVIN BOISVERT,                 Gatineau                                                          Karine ROBINETTE, Mont-Laurier     Benjamin HAWKINS, Fredericton
Dominique BOISSELLE,                   Lachenaie                          Québec                          Mélanie LACOSTE, Montréal                                             Philippe ROMANO, Montréal          Nicholas HIERLIHY, Saint John
                                                                                                                                             Chloé MARCHAND, Montréal
    Boucherville                   Guillaume DESNOYERS,               Ines GBEGAN, Montréal               Jean-Nicholas LAFORTUNE,                                              Marie-Claude ROSS-ROBERT,          Christy HINES, Saint John
                                                                                                                                             Sabrina MARCHAND, Montréal
Rachelle BOISVERT CLOUTIER,            Notre-Dame-Stanbridge          Francis GÉLINAS, Mirabel                Montréal                                                              Montréal                       Sheldon HOULE, Fredericton
                                                                                                                                             Marie-Eve MARCOTTE, Montebello
    Québec                         Jean-Simon DESPATIE, Mirabel       Karine GENIER, St-Albert, ON        Marie-Hélène LAFORTUNE,                                               David ROUILLARD-CHAPUT,            Michel LANDRY, Moncton
                                                                                                                                             Philippe MARCOTTE, Victoriaville
Pascale BOIVIN, Québec             Jonathan DES ROSIERS, Longueuil    Carlo GENONI, Knowlton                  Boisbriand                                                            Lavaltrie                      Matthew LAWRENCE, Moncton
                                                                                                                                             Michael MARIANER, Laval
Kadidia BOLLY, Pierrefonds         Jonathan DEVINE, Longueuil         Stéphanie GENTILE, St-Laurent       Jessie LAGUEUX, St-Victor                                             Geneviève ROUSSEAU, Longueuil      January LYNCH, Miramichi
                                                                                                                                             Steven MARIASINE, Edmonton, AB
Tommy BORDELEAU, Pintendre         Céline DEXTRADEUR, Sherbrooke      Kassandra GERMAIN, Chicoutimi       Pierre-Charles LA HAYE, Gatineau                                      Laurianne ROUSSEL, Rimouski        Lori-Lee MACNAUGHTON,
                                                                                                                                             Carolina MARIZ-MOLFESE,
Jérémie BOUCHARD, Montréal         Thuc-Tran DIEC, Brossard           Chloé GILBERT, Brossard             Edith LAJEUNESSE, Deschambault                                        Anne-Sophie ROY, Kirkland              Bathurst
Philippe BOUCHARD, La Prairie      Antonietta DI GIACOMO, Montréal    David GILBERT, Chicoutimi           Krystel LAJEUNESSE, Sherbrooke                                        Audrey ROY,                        Matthew MAHONEY, Fredericton
                                                                                                                                             Roxanne MARTEL, Rawdon
Sarah BOUCHARD, Blainville         Caroline DION, Ste-Thérèse         Samantha GILLESPIE,                 Bruno LAJEUNESSE-PAGÉ, Magog                                              St-Augustin-de-Desmaures       Brent MALONEY, Riverview
                                                                                                                                             Yannick MARTEL, Montréal
Olivier BOUCHER,                   Maxime DION, Québec                    Vaudreuil-Dorion                Allison LALONDE, Montréal                                             Jean-Sébastien ROY, Québec         Donald MCEWEN, Dieppe
                                                                                                                                             Catherine MARTIN, Montréal
    St-Cyrille-de-Wendover         Tiziana DI ZAZZO, Montréal         Carol Ann GLODE GRENIER,            Marie-Line LALONDE,                                                   Rémi ROY, St-Etienne-de-Lauzon     Craig MCLAUGHLIN, Fredericton
                                                                                                                                             Nicolas MARTIN, Montréal
Stéphanie BOUCHER, Sherbrooke      Marie-Pier DOMINGUE, Sherbrooke        Québec                              Trois-Rivières                                                    Sophie ROY, Montréal               Jonathan MORRISON, Fredericton
                                                                                                                                             Simon MARTIN, Montréal                                                Alan RIVERS-BOWERMAN,
Jessica BOUDREAULT, Chicoutimi     Stephanie DONAHUE, Sherbrooke      Jean-François GOBEIL,               Kim Phong LAM, Montréal                                               Annie ROY-BÉRUBÉ, Frelighsburg
                                                                                                                                             Thierry MARTINEAU, Montréal                                               Saint John
Jean-Sébastien BOULANGER,          Chun DONG, Montréal                    L'Ancienne-Lorette              Antoine LAMARCHE, Laval                                               Guylaine ROY-DESROCHES,
                                                                                                                                             Dominic MATHIEU, Montréal                                             Warren STEVENS, Moncton
    St-Georges                     Jean-Philippe DOYON, Dorval        Julie GODBOUT, St-Isidore           Vincent LAMBERT, St-Hubert                                                Granby
                                                                                                                                             Maxime MATHIEU, Beauceville                                           Cassandra THERIAULT, Saint John
Ilham BOUMEDIANE, Montréal         Jean Philippe DRAINVILLE,          Karine GODBOUT, Laval               Emilie LAMONTAGNE,                                                    Andréanne SAINT-ONGE, Laval
                                                                                                                                             Marie-Hélène MATTE,                                                   Stacey THOMAS, Fredericton
Simon BOURASSA, Montréal               Berthierville                  François GODIN, Pierrefonds             Charlemagne                                                       Alexandros SAKKAS, Brossard
                                                                                                                                                 Vaudreuil-Dorion                                                  Lun TIAN, Saint John
Jadys BOURDELAIS, Montréal         Karine DROLET, Lévis               Matthew GOLDSMITH, Mont-Royal       Josée LAMY, Trois-Rivières                                            Olivier SALOIS, Gatineau
                                                                                                                                             Victor MBARUSHIMANA, Gatineau                                         Katie WASSON, Fredericton
Clément BOURGOGNE, Longueuil       Maxime DUBEAU-MARCOUX,             Simon GOSSELIN, Québec              Jessica LAN KENG LUN, Kirkland                                        Paul SALVAGGIO,
                                                                                                                                             Nathalie MEDEIROS, Montréal
Pierre-André BOURQUE,                  Terrebonne                     Thomas GOSSELIN, Ste-Marie          Caroline LAPIERRE,                                                        Dollard-des-Ormeaux
                                                                                                                                             Nabil MENGAD, Montréal-Nord
    Baie-Comeau                    Audrey DUBUC, Québec               Michaël GOULET, Québec                  Rouyn-Noranda                                                     François SAUCIER,
                                                                      Roxane GRANGER-TRAHAN,                                                 Aziz MERCHO, Laval
Sébastien BOURQUE, Ste-Foy         Jean-Gabriel DUBUC,                                                    Marjolaine LAPIERRE, Rosemère                                             St-Augustin-de-Desmaures
                                                                          St-Jean-sur-Richelieu           Mylène LAPIERRE, Gatineau          Elisa MERCIER JUTRAS, Rimouski     Marie-Eve SAUMURE, Boisbriand
Roméo James BOUSHEY, Gatineau          Vaudreuil-Dorion
                                                                      Sarah GRONDIN, St-Augustin          Etienne LAPOINTE, St-Lambert       Uros MILEKIC, St-Laurent           Eric SAUVAGEAU, Laval
François BOUTIN, Montréal          Marie-Pier DUCHESNE, Québec
Pascal BRAGG-CARTERON, Laval       Chantal DUCHESNEAU, Outremont      Simon GRONDIN, Québec               Krystel LAPOINTE, Varennes         Joëlle MINVILLE, Montmagny         David SAVAGE, Montréal             BERMUDA
                                                                      Catherine GROULX, Le Gardeur        Simon LAPOINTE, Montréal           Roxane MOISAN-ROUGEAU,             Karen SAVARD, St-Prime             Dorielle BATTERSBEE-HURDLE,
Isabelle BRASSARD, Laval           Jessica DUFOUR, Québec
                                                                      Danny GUARNIERI, Montréal           Véronique LAPORTE,                     Montréal                       Isa Parmélie SAVARIA, Mirabel        Bermuda
Léa BRASSARD-DION, Sherbrooke      Maxime DUFOUR,
                                                                      Hela GUEDDANA, Montréal                 St-Augustin-de-Desmaures       Lisa MONCALIERI, Lasalle           Jonathan SÉGUIN-FOREST,
Philippe-Etienne BRASSARD              St-Augustin-de-Desmaures
                                                                      Maxime GUILLEMETTE,                 Sandrine LAPRISE LACHANCE,         Marc-André MONETTE, Gatineau           Varennes
    GAGNON, Montréal               Sébastien DUFRESNE, Alma
                                                                          Ste-Thérèse                         Québec                         Celia MORELLI, Montréal            Khurram SHEHZAD, Laval
Sébastien BRAULT, Lasalle          Marc Olivier DUHAMEL, Ste-Sabine
                                                                      Francesca HACHÉ,                    Caroline LARIVIÈRE, St-Georges     Emilie MORIN,                      Mélanie SHEIKH,
Steven BREAULT-WARNET,             Brigitte DUMAS, Montréal
                                                                          St-Jean-sur-Richelieu           Léonie LAROSE, St-Bruno                Ste-Catherine-de-la-               St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil
    Québec                         Marilyne DUMAS, St-Eloi
Friday, January 21, 2011 • THE GLOBE AND MAIL                                                                              A special information feature                    CA 7

     CAs today have shattered yesterday’s stereotypes of accountants through their dynamic leadership in a variety of sectors. This trend will only grow as the
     CA profession continues to broaden the routes to gaining the practical experience required to earn a CA well beyond the external audit stream. Here are a few
     examples of how the CA designation can take you on interesting and rewarding career paths.

     “It’s pretty cool to say I        Standing at the base camp        When Colleen Menchions           A top executive at Loblaws        “Some people at work call
     work for the company that         of Mount Everest on New          worked at Ernst & Young          introduced Heather Stewart        me Batman because I
     produces This Hour Has 22         Year’s Day, 2009,                after obtaining her CA in        to yoga in 1999, offering Ms.     seemingly live two lives,”
     Minutes,” says Mark               committed traveller Kath         2005, one of her clients was     Stewart, the then senior          says Marc Jaworski, 26, who
     Simpson, CA, director of          Duncan had an epiphany           a fascinating order of           manager of finance and            obtained his CA in 2009.
     finance for DHX Media, a          that would lead the CA to        Catholic nuns called the         analysis, a pass to a studio he   “Accountant by day, rock
     Halifax-based producer of         quit her recruitment firm        Presentation Sisters of          went to at lunchtime. She         star by night.”
     numerous children’s TV            job and start out on her own     Newfoundland and                 was immediately hooked.               An assistant controller at
     programs and the CBC              as an entrepreneur. That         Labrador. Although not           Some six years later, she         Richardson International in
     satirical hit.                    idea evolved into her Los        religious, Ms. Menchions         stopped working in finance        Winnipeg, he loves his new
         Mr. Simpson, 37, joined       Angeles-based business           admired them so much that,       and began teaching yoga full      job, but also has a passion
     DHX about two years ago           two years later, she became      time.                             for rock music and his band,
     when he and his wife were             “I always had a passion      their director of finance.            In 2007, Ms. Stewart         Floor Thirteen, which has
     planning to start a family.       for fashion and celebrity,”          “Most are in their sixties   opened Toronto’s Flow!            been together for 13 years.
     “I thought, what better           says the 30-year-old. “I         and seventies and highly         Wellness and Yoga, which              A major accomplishment
     place to work than                spent a lot of time searching    educated, having worked in       she says does “as well as I       was opening for Our Lady
     somewhere that makes              for the exact clothes that       education or nursing,” she       need it to.”                      Peace at Winnipeg’s MTS
     children’s television.”           celebrities were wearing, as     says. “People are usually             Ms. Stewart talks to         Centre in 2005. Even bigger
         DHX has just purchased        well as lower-priced options.    shocked when I tell them         many people who don’t love        was the inclusion of their
     Yo Gabba Gabba!, a U.S.           I wanted to make this            how many sisters have post-      their jobs, but believe they      song, Blame it on Me, in the
     children’s show that has          information more readily         graduate degrees.”               have no choice but to stay        soundtracks for video games
     become a huge hit around          available.”                          Ms. Menchions helps          put. “Only you can make the       Need for Speed Undercover
     the world. Although                   Through her access to        manage the order’s finances,     life you want. Always look at     and The Sims 3.
     originally aimed at very          L.A.’s celebrity fashion         which come almost                the experiences you have –            “I’ve got a great day
     young children, it has also       scene, Ms. Duncan’s website      exclusively from the sisters’    in my case my CA, which I         job,” he says, “but if The
     become popular with               is able to offer this insider    past salaries and pensions.      use every day in my business      Rolling Stones asked us to
     teenagers and college             information to consumers as      The money runs the               – to help you get what            tour, I’d have a hard time
     students.                         a one-stop style shopping        congregation and its             makes you happy.”                 passing it up.”
         “They’re doing a live Yo      guide. It’s all in the slogan    missions, including a
     Gabba Gabba! tour now             on her website: “Celebrity       resource centre for the poor     Heather Stewart                   Marc Jaworski
     and our friends with kids         fashion at the right price for   that provides warm meals         Wellness                          Music
     who watch it find that pretty     you.”                            twice a day.
                                       Kath Duncan                      Colleen Menchions
     Mark Simpson                      Fashion                          Charity

     When Jerome Dwight’s family                     St. John’s is not a typical location for a
     immigrated to Canada some 26 years              company that develops innovative
     ago from South Asia with meagre                 software to help financial institutions
     resources, the young teenager knew he           combat fraud and money laundering,
     had to succeed in life. “Failure was not        notes Krista Hogan. “But our three
     an option,” he says.                            founders went to Memorial University
         As president and CEO of BNY Trust           and decided to stay here after
     Canada, a subsidiary of the Bank of New         graduating.”
                  York Mellon, Mr. Dwight,                Ms. Hogan, 28, joined Verafin Inc.
                      39, has seen the               not long after obtaining her CA in
                        Canadian business            December 2008. She says she’s a
                         through significant         “corporate accountant,” but doesn’t have
                         growth and a major          a specific job description.
                         acquisition over the              “Everything here
                        past three years.            is team-based. We
                          During the recent          don’t have titles.”
                   financial crisis, BNY played      That’s all part of a
     a key role in administering complex             creative strategy
     government stabilization programs, such         that has seen Verafin
     as the $32-billion asset-backed                 grow from a handful
     commercial paper restructuring, and a           of employees in 2003 to
     $12-billion stimulus for the auto and           more than 90 today.
     equipment securitization market. BNY                 “We all brainstorm solutions for our
     also has mandates on more than 50 key           clients and are expected to be
     infrastructure projects involving               independent thinkers as well as team
     hospitals, schools, courthouses and roads       players. I’ve never experienced
     across Canada.                                  such a different and
                                                     exciting work
     Jerome Dwight
     Deal maker
                                                     Krista Hogan
     When Tara Larsen was hired in 2008 as
     director of finance, administration and
     information technology for the 2011             In 2009, when
                    Canada Winter Games, to          Craig Reynolds
                       be held in Halifax in         saw an ad recruiting
                        February, she found          a new CFO for the
                         her “dream job.”            CFL’s Saskatchewan
                             The now 35-year-        Roughriders, he was
                         old, who obtained her       blown away by the
                        CA in 2000, competed         coincidence. A few months
                      for Nova Scotia’s field        earlier he and his wife had been
                   hockey team in the 1993           talking about moving back to their home
     Canada Summer Games. “I knew what a             province. “I said my dream job would
     great event it was,” she says, about the        be to work for the Roughriders but I
     multi-sport competition that pits 2,500         never thought it could come true.”
     top Canadian athletes against each other.           Since then, Mr. Reynolds has seen
         It also allowed her to fulfill another      the team twice come agonizingly close to
     personal goal: to work in a sector where        winning the Grey Cup, been involved in
     “the objective is for the greater good          talks for a domed stadium in Regina,
     more than the bottom line.” The only            and learned the intricacies of the salary
     drawback? The job ends this September.          cap. And unlike some
     “I can only hope something this good            CFL CFOs, whose
     comes up again.”                                teams struggle
                                                     financially, he has
     Tara Larsen
                                                     had the
     Team player
                                                     revenue to manage.
                                                     “Last year, for example,
                                                     we sold $7.1 million in merchandise,
                                                     more than all the other teams
                                                     Craig Reynolds
CA 8           A special information feature                                                                               Friday, January 21, 2011 • THE GLOBE AND MAIL

       The CA designation is a passport to a wide range of rewarding career options. However, for many of these highly successful professionals, work is only part of the story.

       Life and careers as a            The master key to                Volunteering makes               A good eye for                    Unlimited opportunity,
       tag team                         success                          the difference                   business                          lifelong learning

       “How do you do it all?” It’s     Steven Bruder of Carp,           “Putting my skills as a          As a Chartered Accountant         Being a Chartered
       a question that Quebec City      Ontario, describes his CA        Chartered Accountant to          and president of GTA              Accountant means never
       CAs Eric Thibault and his        designation as a “master         work as a volunteer is one       Photography, Ana Belic has        being without opportunities,
       wife, Marie-Soleil Tremblay,     key” for unlocking doors in      of the most rewarding ways       combined professional             says Lenora Lee.
       hear often.                      life and business.               to make a positive               business expertise with the           She should know. A CA
            “All” means holding               “I believe in short-term   difference as a professional,”   passion for photography           for just five years, Ms. Lee
       down high-profile careers,       pain for long-term gain,” he     says Jessica Lawrence of         that she’s had since high         has already crammed more
       raising four boys, running       explains. “I started by          Carstairs, Alberta.              school.                           into her career than many
       marathons for charity,           working a ton of hours in             As treasurer of Haiti           “I always wanted to run       people do in a lifetime.
       getting a PhD, playing           accounting and consulting        ARISE, a registered              my own business,” says Ms.            In addition to working
       soccer, swimming and             firms, my own CA advisory        Canadian charity that            Belic, explaining why she         as an audit senior manager
       serving on not-for-profit        practice and then as part-       operates a multi faceted         opted for business in             at KPMG, Ms. Lee has
       boards.                          owner of several self-           development and education        university. “I knew the skills    taught financial and
            “Good scheduling            financed, award-winning          facility in Grand Goave,         I’d gain as a CA would be         management accounting at
       helps,” says Mr. Thibault,       businesses that I helped         Haiti, Ms. Lawrence applies      invaluable.”                      the University of Victoria.
       the CFO at Société               grow and sell.”                  her skills in dynamic ways.          GTA Photography               She also manages her
       immobilière du Québec,                In 2002, at just 40 years   In addition to designing the     opened in early 2009 and          office’s recruiting program,
       which manages the Quebec         old, Mr. Bruder’s sale of one    organization’s information       has grown rapidly. Today, it      helping hire over 50
       government’s $2.5 billion in     such company unlocked a          system, she also implements      operates out of a boutique        students – and then mentors
       real estate holdings.            door to his retirement.          the internal controls            studio in downtown Toronto        them as they prepare for the
            “Each week, Marie-               New doors have since        required to be accountable       with a team of instructors        UFE. If that isn’t enough,
       Soleil and I co-ordinate our     opened for the entrepreneur.     to donors and the Canada         who offer a variety of            she is a board member of
       agendas, so one of us is         When not busy with raising       Revenue Agency.                  classes. New locations will       several community
       home with our kids and           his children, Mr. Bruder has          In the aftermath of the     open in 2011.                     organizations.
       able to take them to             taken minority interests in,     2010 earthquake, her                 Ms. Belic credits her CA          “Being a CA is a lifelong
       football, soccer or music,”      and brought his CA skills to,    volunteer work became a          background for helping her        learning experience,” she
       he says.                         companies such as                full-time job for several        successfully manage a fast-       says. “There are always new
            It also helps that the      Lumenera, a digital camera       months. “Our donor base          growing business. “If I           challenges, but also new
       couple view their careers        manufacturer, and PlaSmart       quadrupled in just six weeks     wasn’t a CA myself, I’d           rewards.”
       and family as a joint project.   Inc., a toy marketer and         as funds flowed in from          have had to hire one,” she
            “Both careers are of        distributor. He also             across North America,” Ms.       says.
       equal priority,” says Ms.        volunteers as a speaker,         Lawrence says. “All of it had
       Tremblay, a professor at         mentor and coach to young        to be managed responsibly.”
       École nationale                  people.                               Haiti ARISE operates a
       d’administration publique             As PlaSmart’s part-time     residence, primary school
       where she teaches post-          CFO, Mr. Bruder says he          and church in Grand
       graduate accounting.             “helps develop business          Goave. Its technical school,
            “It’s a tag-team            plans and create corporate       destroyed in the earthquake,
       approach,” Mr. Thibault          infrastructures to assist the    and a new medical clinic
       explains. “When one of us        CEO in managing rapid            are currently under
       has a big project at work,       growth and achieving             construction. Plans
       the other focuses on the         sustainable profitable           are underway to
       family.”                         operations.”                     establish a children’s
            Recently, for example,           And his other job? A        home in the future.
       when Ms. Tremblay needed         racecar driving instructor
       two weeks away from home         at Calabogie Motorsports
       to prepare for her PhD           Park. “I get paid to teach.
       exams, her husband stayed        How good is that?”
       with the family.
            “It is possible to do it
       all,” explains Ms. Tremblay,
       “just not all at the same

  A 2010 Canadian Institute of Chartered                     CA, and 61.9 per cent of those organizations             Analysis shows that companies with a CA as their
  Accountants (CICA) analysis of the Report on               have at least one CA in a C-suite position               Top Officer or CFO outperformed those led by
  Business Top 1,000 companies showed that 57.4              (Chair, President, CEO, CFO, COO or Corporate            non-CAs on several performance indicators,
  per cent of those companies have a CFO who is a            Secretary).                                              including Return on Capital, Equity and Assets.

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