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					                               Texas State University
                               601 University Avenue
                              San Marcos, Texas, 78666
                                  (512) 555-5555

September 30, 2009

CONTACT: Lisa Arceneaux
         (512) 245-3616

Recycling program

                      New Bin for Old Batteries

SAN MARCOS, Texas – In the battle for a greener world, every individual must do his

or her part. David Schumacher, general manager of Texas State University radio

station KTSW, has taken another step in the greener direction.

       A new battery-recycling bin has been placed on the Texas State University

campus located in Old Main 106. Schumacher, an avid recycler, requested this new

recycling bin because of the amount of batteries that are used at KTSW. It is the only

battery-recycling bin located in Old Main.

       Schumacher said KTSW uses lots of portable recorders for when they need

sound bites for their radio programs. Rechargeable batteries just don’t have the kick

that fresh new batteries have, so they go through a hefty amount of them.

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       The reason Schumacher requested a battery-recycling bin to be in Old Main

is because he would like to see more involvement from the campus community since

the Texas State campus throws away more than 2,000 batteries each year.

       “It’s just making it available to people so they can get in the habit of

recycling,” Schumacher said.

       Minerals used to make batteries are in short supply. This recycling program

recycles all parts of the batteries so fewer minerals need to be taken from the


       The bin is also used for recycling ink cartridges along with most every kind of

battery, except wet-cell batteries. The bin gets emptied the last Wednesday of every