In Memoriam and Class Notes April

					April 2010   83

                                      Eternal Father, Lord of Hosts,
                                Watch o’er all those who guard our coasts.
                                   Protect them from the raging seas,
                                 And give them light and life and peace.
                                Grant them from thy great throne above,
                                    The shield and shelter of thy love.
                           —The Coast Guard Hymn by John Dykes and George Jenks

             CDR Jack N. Alberts,              CWO4 Roy L. Daisey,            CWO4 Francis A. France,
                USCG, (Ret)                       USCG, (Ret)                     USCG, (Ret)
              December 30, 2009                  January 27, 2010                February 3, 2010

            CDR Thurman C. Boyd,            CWO4 Charles W. Davenport,       CWO4 Charles O. Franklin,
               USCGR, (Ret)                       USCG, (Ret)                     USCG, (Ret)
               February 8, 2010                  January 10, 2010                January 18, 2010

             CAPT Leo J. Brogan,               CWO3 James Deffries,               Mrs. Carol Gerfin,
               USCGR, (Ret)                        USCG, (Ret)             wife of CAPT Andrew L. Gerfin,
              February 13, 2010                  February 21, 2010               Jr., USCG, (Ret), ’69
                                                                                    February 11, 2010

            CDR Guy H. Buckelew,            CWO3 Laurence T. Dickinson,          CDR Max F. Gilliland,
              USCG, (Ret), ’73                    USCG, (Ret)                       USCGR, (Ret)
               January 22, 2010                February 26, 2010                   February 16, 2010

            LCDR Dalton L. Burrus,             CWO3 John N. Edens,            Mrs. Margaret B. Goddu,
                USCG, (Ret)                        USCG, (Ret)              widow of CAPT Lloyd Goddu,
               January 22, 2010                  February 23, 2010               USCG, (Ret), ’47
                                                                                   January 25, 2010

          LCDR Ronald E. Buzhardt,            CWO4 Walter E. Evens,        Dr. Charles R. "Bud" Grader, ’53
               USCG, (Ret)                       USCG, (Ret)                       February 12, 2010
              February 5, 2010                  January 16, 2010

          CWO3 William Chestnutt,              CAPT Martin W. Flesh,           CAPT Albert Grantham,
              USCG, (Ret)                        USCG, (Ret), ’46                   USCG, (Ret)
             December 4, 2009                     January 16, 2010                February 16, 2010

            LCDR Gordon Crandall,              Mr. Charles I. Foss, ’47     Rev. Robert L. Guibord, Sr., ’54
                USCG, (Ret)                        January 18, 2010                February 12, 2010
               January 25, 2010

                                                  Mrs. Ruth Foye,              Mrs. Dolores Hanninen,
                Mrs.Terry Creech,            widow of CAPT Paul F. Foye,   widow of Mr. John H. Hanninen, ’43
        wife of Mr. Harald B. Creech, ’77           USCG, (Ret)                    December 8, 2009
                 January 20, 2010                   March 7, 2010

84                                                                                               BULLETIN
       Mrs. Judy Hartgen,         CDR Evelyn B. McIntyre,           CDR Virginia H. Schroeder,
wife of CAPT Roger P. Hartgen,        USCG, (Ret)                         USCGR, (Ret)
        USCG, (Ret), ’56            December 28, 2009                    January 21, 2010
         January 28, 2010

    CAPT William Heath,           CWO4 Melvin Midgett,              CWO4 Edward J. Siebert,
       USCG, (Ret)                   USCG, (Ret)                       USCGR, (Ret)
      January 11, 2010               March 2, 2010                    December 26, 2009

  CDR Robert F. Henderson,       CWO4 Robert E. Mooring,            CAPT Thomas R. Skaife,
     USCG, (Ret), ’45                 USCG, (Ret)                       USCGR, (Ret)
      February 17, 2010             February 11, 2010                  February 23, 2010

    LT Gerry Henneman,            CWO2 Elden Nenstiel,                 CDR Karl E. Stein,
        USCG, (Ret)                   USCG, (Ret)                        USCGR, (Ret)
       February 2, 2010             February 15, 2010                   February 17, 2010

  CAPT Robert F. Hornbeck,        CAPT George L. Oakley,          CAPT Wayne O. Stonecypher,
        USCG, (Ret)                    USCG, (Ret)                      USCGR, (Ret)
      February 23, 2010              February 11, 2010                 February 20, 2010

  CAPT Cornelius Houtsma,           LTC Reino O. Oksa,               Mrs. Blanche Valehrach,
     USCG, (Ret), ’38                 USA, (Ret), ’51            widow of Mr. Emil Valehrach, ’47
       March 13, 2010                 January 31, 2010                   February 5, 2010

  CWO3 Randol E. Jennings,          CDR Robert J. Page,           CAPT Siegurd E. Waldheim,
      USCG, (Ret)                      USCG, (Ret)                   USCGR, (Ret), ’52
     February 8, 2010                 January 20, 2010               December 27, 2009

  CAPT Gilbert J. Kanazawa,        Mrs.Virginia Pattison,
     USCG, (Ret), ’76            widow of CDR Theodore S.            CDR Bruce M. Wallisch,
       March 3, 2010             Pattison, USCG, (Ret), ’43              USCG, (Ret)
                                       January 17, 2010                February 15, 2010

  Cadet 3/c Kenneth W. Link,      CWO4 Richard T. Pink,             CDR Robert A. Wanasek,
         USCGA, ’12                  USCG, (Ret)                        USCGR, (Ret)
      February 25, 2010             January 17, 2010                   February 5, 2010

   CWO4 Angel M. Lopez,             CDR Sam Pisicchio,               CAPT Leslie Williamson,
       USCG, (Ret)                     USCG, (Ret)                      USCG, (Ret), ’46
     February 16, 2010               February 24, 2010                  January 30, 2010

        Mrs. Kay Lucas,          CWO4 Richard F. Ramsay,              Mrs. Helen E.Young,
wife of RADM Robert S. Lucas,        USCG, (Ret)                   widow of CAPT Richard W.
        USCG, (Ret), ’52            January 24, 2010                Young, USCG, (Ret), ’43
         January 11, 2010                                              December 28, 2002
                                 Mr. Julian R. Raper, Jr., ’43
                                       February 5, 2010

  April 2010                                                                                        85

         Class Notes for The Bulletin are due to the editor as follows: February issue — January 4th, April issue — March 1st,
         June issue — May 3rd, August issue — July 5th, October issue — September 6th, and December issue — November 1st.
         Class Correspondents may submit Notes via the following means: e-mail to (preferred method);
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         ’25 - ’34                                     and it will probably work. He also
                                                       reported that he is still hanging in even
                                                                                                     he was hospitalized, having passed
                                                                                                     out. There were a number of medical
         Send News Directly to the Editor.             with a bit of difficulty as his nerves have   issues including some colon surgery.
                                                       deteriorated and left him numb below                 He recovered sufficiently to move
         ’35          0%                               the waist, so he walks very cautiously.
                                                             My daughters got up to the West
                                                                                                     to a rehab facility and then to a foster
                                                                                                     home with constant care where he
         Send News Directly to the Editor.             Virginia place and found it in good shape.    expects to stay for some months. He
                                                       Forgot to take a shovel along and got         sounds strong and alert on the phone. It
         ’36         100%                              stuck in the snow when they pulled off
                                                       the small plowed road. They had to use
                                                                                                     is best to contact him by mail addressed
                                                                                                     to him care of his daughter, Stephanie
         Send News Directly to the                     a dust pan from the house to dig out          Horton, 870 Juanita Way, Jacksonville,
         Editor, or to:                                Pat’s four wheel drive Rav 4 from the         OR 97530. She will deliver mail to him
         Mr. Jerry Gerde                               field and back on to the plowed road.         since he may be in his present adult care
         239 East Fourth St.                           I’m glad they didn’t invite me along.         facility indefinitely." I think he might
         Panama City, FL 32401                               The snow still persists here in large   enjoy a note from a classmate or fellow
         Ph: 850.763.8421                              piles of dirty snow. The weather stays        aviator, particularly from members of
         [Jerry is the son of the late                 pretty cold so the snow is disappearing       the Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl of
         CAPT & Mrs. Clifford Gerde.]                  very slowly – a good thing since a            which he is the last of the four founders.
                                                       heavy thaw would create a flood. That                We're with you, Norm and hoping
                                                       covers what I can blabber about for           it won't be long before you are back
         ’37         0%                                now. I look forward to spring, which          on your feet and giving us the benefit
         Send News Directly to the Editor.             will have occurred by the time you            of your comments on what's happening
                                                       receive these golden words – au riva          in Oregon. It is great to get news of you
                                                       dichi – or some similar phrase.               and to know you are on the mend.
         ’38         75%                                                                                    Ruthe Carkeek reports they
         CAPT James A. Hyslop
         5123 Manning Drive                            ’39        100%
                                                                                                     are "still eating green bananas". She
                                                                                                     writes that they are doing well. Steve
         Bethesda, MD 20814                            CAPT William R. Riedel                        has been discharged from seeing all
         Ph: 301.654.8390                              1682 Frontier Dr.                             doctors and is amazingly fit. He is still
                                                       Melbourne, FL 32940                           using a walker for safety but walks,
                 In Memoriam                           Ph: 321.255.6682                              plays pool, attends church, has dinner
          CAPT Cornelius “Gary” Houtsma                Email:                     with friends and is doing well. Happy
                 March 13, 2010                                                                      to hear the good news Steve, but
                                                                                                     beware. If you are not careful they
               Editor’s Note: News of CAPT             ’40        100%                               will be having you shoveling snow or
                                                                                                     cutting grass - whichever comes first.
         Houtsma’s passing came too late               Send News Directly to the Editor.
         for CAPT Hyslop to mention it in                                                                   Bill Jenkins also produced an
                                                                                                     upbeat report .By virtue of following
         his submission. CAPT Houtsma
         is survived by his daughter, Cinda            ’41        100%                               a regimen of physical and occupational
         Schulberg, his son, Lars Houtsma, and         Send News Directly to the Editor.             therapy at home he is now 90%
         five grandchildren. A celebration of                                                        "whole". He is back to all of the work
                                                                                                     he was doing before his accident last
         life was held on March 20 at Hall and
         Bibber Funeral Home in Thomaston,             ’42         89%
                                                                                                     year - Facilitator of his Alzheimer's
         ME. CAPT Houtsma will be buried               CAPT Albert Frost                             Support Group, Director, Chaplain and
         at Arlington National Cememtary               309 Bridgeboro Rd., Apt. 2113                 Legislative Officer of the local Chapter
         on June 2, 2010. A service will be            Moorestown, NJ, 08057-1421                    of The Military Officer's Association
         held at Old Chapel at 0900 with full          Email:                    and in his church as Lay Eucharistic
         military honors processional to follow.             Springtime Greetings. I received        Minister, Lector and member of the
                                                       a very welcome E-mail from Capt. Ray          Food Pantry delivering food to the
                I’m still here so, for me, that is     Copen, '54, CG aviator, about Norm            needy families in his area. He sends
         good news. Not doing much, so no real         Horton, our classmate and also                best wishes to the class and says "all
         news for you readers. Tom Sargent             a retired CG aviator. He writes "Since        in all, life is good and enjoying each
         called me after receiving the last Bulletin   Lucille's passing, Norm has been              day". Long may it continue, Bill.
         and advised me that he does have an           living in an independent living part of a            With more snow than we've ever
         answering machine on his phone but            retirement facility in Jackson, Oregon,       had before in New Jersey I’m hoping
         it is a little temperamental. If it won’t     the mailing address for which is in the       Spring will bring us more flowers
         pick up you just hang up and dial again       Alumni Directory. A few months back,          than ever. I'm still bowling, birding and

86                                                                                                                              BULLETIN
balancing food intake with exercising     on the telephone. He says that all is             I have just learned that Helen
to keep the weight from getting out of    well with him and Norma. They have          (Boots) Young, widow of Dick Young,
hand. Just simply awaiting the return     had a rather cool winter in Florida.        died some time ago. Helen E.Young
of the bluebirds and more reliable        At times, it was warmer here in             was the widow of Capt. Richard W.
weather so I can wander further           the Northwest than in Florida.              Young, who died on Dec 28, 2002. I have
afield. Enjoy a Happy Springtime.               Ken and Jackie Wilson are             finally found her death information in
                                          also doing well and liking the warmer       the State of Florida death records. She

’43        91%
                                          weather in San Antonio. Ken was
                                          taking his usual afternoon nap so
                                                                                      died on Sept. 8, 2008 in Atlantic Beach,
                                                                                      FL. At that time she was living in the
CAPT Charles Dorian                       I missed talking with him. I had a          Fleet Landing Retirement Community.
3710 Providence Point Dr.,                very pleasant talk with Jackie.
SE, #2212
Issaquah, WA 98029-6279
                                                I spoke with Jock and Lisa
                                          Sutherland in Lompoc, CA. They              ’44        58%

Email:               have no significant changes to report.      CAPT Paul Morosky
                                          Jock had been in the hospital and is        199 Whitehall Ave.
           In Memoriam                    now home and feeling fine. They were        Old Mystic, CT 06372
          Dolores Hanninen                watching the Olympics and Lisa had been     Ph: 860.536.6174
          December 8, 2009                watching the Westminster Dog Show.                I spoke with Al Lewis and
                                                Ernie and Alice Burt are also         Eleanore at the end of February.
            In Memoriam                   doing well and are looking forward          They are both doing well. Al said he
           Virginia Pattison              to their summer vacation in Maine           talked to Dan Scalabrini recently.
           January 17, 2010               beginning in May. Ernie and I had a grand   Dan and Bobbie are both OK. I tried
                                          chat about our days at the Academy.         telephoning them the last two days
            In Memoriam                         I tried to get in contact with        without success. They were obviously
          Julian R. Raper, Jr.            George Yost in Falmouth, MA and             out somewhere because, if home,
          February 5, 2010                Hugh Lusk in Essex, CT but did not          they always answer the phone.
                                          find them at home. I suspect they had             Al and I discussed exercise
                                          gone south for warmer weather as            programs and I described mine in some
           In Memoriam
                                          was their usual custom. Unfortunately       detail because he brought up the matter
          Helen E.Young
                                          the weather in the South has not            of body weight. I do mine upon rising
         December 28, 2002
                                          been particularly warm this year.           and before breakfast. This eliminates
                                                Dolores Hanninen died on 8 Dec        forgetting to do it and breakfast becomes
      The weather in February was
                                          2009 in Ohio. She had been living for       a reward for the exercise routine. My
most unusual with the heavy snow
                                          the past few years with her sister Mary     dogs no longer pay any attention to
storms in the east and the mud slides
                                          Celebrezze, who was taking care of her.     the exercise, but look forward to their
in California. In the Pacific Northwest
                                          She is buried in the Altenheim Cemetery     meal as soon as they see me preparing
it was warmer than normal. I hope this
                                          in Johnsville, OH. Dolores' husband         mine. Naturally, I serve them first.
spring is more favorable to all of us.
                                          John left the Service after the war and           I spoke briefly with Bill Banks.
      Virginia Pattison died on 17
                                          received a law degree. He worked            His wife Nancy is ill and he looks out
January in Seattle, Washington. Her
                                          for the Lake Carrier's Association in       for her. He himself is in good health, but
husband Pat died in 1995.Virginia is
                                          Cleveland, OH and died in 2002.             of course, concerned about Nancy.
survived by a daughter Mary Taylor,
                                                Ed Scheiderer is still in Florida.          Telephoned Dick Pascuiti to thank
four grandchildren and two great
                                          He will be 93 by the time you read          him for the calendar he sent me awhile
grandchildren. The Alumni Association
                                          these notes. Margie is in assisted living   back. It’s comprised of a dozen beautiful
sent out a letter with additional
                                          and probably will not return home.          sailing ship and sailboat pictures. Two
details to all classmates and widows.
                                                Julian R. Raper, Jr. died             photos are of the sailing ship (schooner)
      Ward Davies is recovering from
                                          unexpectedly on 5 Feb in Scottsdale, AZ.    ATLANTIC, which we were lucky enough
his leg problem and expects to be
                                          I contacted Ginger, his wife, who said      to have in our last year at CGA. We
back to his apartment in the middle of
                                          they had just moved to a new residence      sailed her to Martha’s Vineyard, as well
March. Recovery has taken longer than
                                          and Julian died four days later. He was     as, in LI Sound, being as we were then
expected and he is anxious to return
                                          cremated and his ashes will be spread       at war. She held the record for crossing
home. His daughter Sandy who lives
                                          at sea. He is survived by his wife, a son   the Atlantic Ocean under sail for many
in Colorado about 150 miles away has
                                          Julian R. Raper III, a daughter Suzanne     years. Dick tells me they are building a
been providing a lot of help to Ward.
                                          Mahler, a daughter Nancy Nielson and        duplicate in Holland at the present time.
      Earl and Bonnie McAuliffe
                                          five grandchildren. Ginger's new address          Dick is in good health, his
are doing well. Bonnie's sister from
                                          is 9688 East Cinnabar Ave, Scottsdale,      wife Lena is in a nursing home
York, Maine has been visiting them.
                                          AZ 85258. Telephone 480 816 5923.           and he spends a lot of time visiting
      Fred Munchmeyer is now
                                                George and Betsy Beemer               with and helping to care for her.
back to working on his text book on
                                          are comfortably settled in their                  Ed Kirchner and wife Carol
ship architecture. This is a project of
                                          retirement apartment in Ft. Myers,          in Portland, Oregon are both in good
considerable interest to him. It will
                                          FL. At the moment their computer is         shape. Their four children are all on
be great to have another author from
                                          not online. Their new address is 35         their own and living in different parts
our Class. We wish you well Fred.
                                          Barclay Circle, Apt. 241, Ft. Myers, FL,    of the country. Ed sounds just as he did
      Jerry Rea sounded in fine fetter
                                          33907. Telephone 239 481 3825.              as a cadet when he, Mike Benkert,

   April 2010                                                                                                                      87
                                                             Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                    % Class Membership              =                             Total number of Living Graduates

and I shared a room at CGA during our 3rd         December Bulletin were reunion attendees               No need for snowplows in Hawaii,
class year, which promptly became our 2nd         Herb Harris, Bob and Jeri Henderson              where Ray and Bettie Starbuck enjoy both
class year right after Pearl Harbor when          and Jim and Barbara Hodgman, as well             the weather and the upper floor of their
class of ’41 was commissioned. “Pappy”            as seed money donors unable to attend            ohana household while their son David, his
Renshaw ’42 and Roger Augé ’42 were               Bonnie Brass, Jack and Alice Dempsey,            wife Debbie and two granddaughters live
our upper class North Wing neighbors.             Jim and Mary Durfee, Ric and Jean Ratti,         on the lower level. Bettie fell in the kitchen
      Three years later Roger was CO of a DE      Don Rollert and Dave and Winnie Webb             last fall (not on ice!) resulting in compressed
(destroyer escort) in a division of six ships     plus direct donors Flo Chapman, Jack             vertebrae, she and Ray now both use canes.
and I was XO in the flagship SELLSTROM (DE        and Mary Ruth McCann, Joe and Reggie             While we are on the subject of sunny
255), which carried our Division Commander:       Montagna and Skip Winnette. Since we             weather, Flo Chapman missed Reunion last
“Black Jack” Forney in the North Pacific.         twenty-nine over-subscribed, $204.00 went        fall because of her trip to Bermuda for her
      Small world! Just before “Enola             to our Class of 1945 Endowment Fund.             granddaughter Karen’s marriage to Carter
Gay” dropped the first “A” bomb on                      The Endowment Fund was at                  Frith, born in Bermuda, and where the couple
Hiroshima. Incidentally, my younger brother       $207,678.79 on 31 December 2009 with             will make their home. The wedding festivities
Tom was CFC Top Gunner on the Enola               the addition of the now-closed Class Gift        included the bridesmaids’ luncheon, with
Gay’s sister ship, which took “before”            Fund. Our Class of 1945 Endowment was            grandmothers, at a restaurant on one of the
and “after” photos of Hiroshima. We               established (from the Class Gift Fund) by        lovely beaches. Flo sent her contribution to
met in Buckner Bay, Okinawa, just after           action taken at our 50th Reunion, under the      our Class of 1945 Brick from her retirement
SELLSTROM anchored and I was able to              leadership of the Gift Committee: Dick           community, Ginger Cove, in Annapolis, MD.
go ashore in the first boat to pick him           Goode, Clancy Easter, Rudy Strickler,                  Bill Wallace was recognized at
up, my 3-year younger brother Tom (we             and Virg Woolfork (Chairman and not              Homecoming for his twenty years of work
were 19- and 22-years-old at the time).           coincidentally, estate lawyer!) The purpose      as an Academy Admissions Partner. The
      Many years later, my wife Catherine,        of our “Endowment Fund is to provide a           presentation of the “Superintendent’s
Annette Carter, Frank Carter, and                 perpetual source of income for support           Award of Excellence” was for representing
I attended the dedication ceremony for            of the cadet academic experience of the          the Academy in Arizona at college fairs
the new Merchant Marine Inspection                U. S. Coast Guard Academy through the            and Congressional Academy Days, for
Building in Boston with Rear Admiral              Academy Academic Honors Program and              interviewing potential appointees and
W.M. (Mike) Benkert’s name on it. I               the Cadet Counseling Program.” To insure         presenting appointments at high school
don’t recall how long after Mike’s death          growth of our endowment, we specified: “...      honor assemblies. Academy Superintendent
it was. It could not have been long.              the annual distribution for the purposes of      RADM Scott Burhoe read the award, and
      We are beginning to get a softening         the endowment will normally be between           CG Commandant ADM Thad Allen made the
of this winter in early March. Hope it’s for      4%-5% of the endowment’s trailing 3-year         presentation. Wow! This was not announced
real. It’s been colder than usual for us. Even    average assets and shall be allocated equally    to the classmates at reunion, so we weren’t
Florida has had cold. My brother Tom has          between the two stated purposes.” In our         present and applauding. Bill was also
not gotten as much golf in down there as          next class notes I will report examples          recognized in 2009 by the Tempe Historical
usual. After all, he’s a bit older than 19 now.   of use of our endowment by the Dean              Museum as “Volunteer Emeritus” honoring
      Those of you who have changed your          and the Commandant of Cadets.                    twenty years of service and with “Honorary
addresses, phone numbers, email addresses,              Our record-breaking February blizzards     Membership” in the Mesa Caledonian
or any other vital information, please            here in the Metro DC region have been            Pipe Band for his continuing support.
communicate the information to the CGA            widely reported by the “chattering class”,             Herb Harris took soundings of our
Alumni Office or directly to me. I know of a      judging by the inquiries we’ve received          computer literacy by e-mail for our class
number of corrections needed but not all.         from relatives living from California to         notes in the February Bulletin. If CGA
                                                  Maine. No comments from John and                 45 was a ship, we’d be aground! A better

’45         93%
                                                  Jean Austin, wintering on the U.S. side
                                                  of the Canadian Border, because they are
                                                                                                   simile is that we’re still on the building ways,
                                                                                                   ready to be launched. Tara King, Alumni
Guest Correspondents will be                      polite. Their daughter Laurie, an engineer       Association Director of Communications
writing each issue.This issue is                  and employee of the U.S. Army Tank and           and Editor of the Bulletin has broken the
from Paul Peak.The next (June)                    Automotive Command is almost halfway             bottle of champagne on our bow to send us
issue will be written by a guest                  through a one-year tour in Iraq. She is the      sliding down to <>,
correspondent.                                    senior command representative for the            the web page which is our online community.
                                                  TACOM Life Cycle Management Command,             I hope to see you there, in between bi-
             In Memoriam                          and is based in Balad, about 70 miles north      monthly issues of the Bulletin and biennial
        CDR Robert F. Henderson                   of Baghdad. No snow there. Myra Boswell          (I hope) reunions. Speaking of reunions,
           February 17, 2010                      here in Northern Virginia is temporarily         Mackinac Island in the Upper Mid-west in
                                                  using a walker while recovering from a           summer and Oahu in Hawaii anytime have
      Robert F. Henderson, CDR,                   fall on the ice, while her neighborhood          been suggested for 2012. Any other ideas?
USCG Ret, died 17 February 2010 of                was waiting its turn to be plowed out.
mesothelioma. Burial with military honors
was held at Arlington National Cemetery
                                                        Gordon and Mary Hempton are
                                                  thoroughly enjoying their new three-             ’46         81%

on 4 March. His widow Jeraldine's                 bedroom, two-car garage, etc, one-level          CAPT Burney Long
(Jeri's) home is 62 Summer Avenue,                home at Leisure World in Silver Spring,          131 St. Clair Dr.
Reading, MA 01867-2337. His obituary              Maryland. Especially when they watch the         St. Simons Island, GA 31522
will be in the next issue of these notes.         snow being taken care of by management.          Ph: 912.638.7068
      Our class is now the proud owner            Their old home had five levels– and Gordon       Email:
of a brick– or rather, an Engraved Brick in       now uses a walker. Gordon’s son Hempy
the Plaza outside the Alumni Association,         (Gordon W.) is the author of the 2009                           In Memoriam
and described by Herb Harris in the last          book “One Square Inch of Silence”. This is                       Marty Flesh
(February) Bulletin. Our Brick has a three-line   the subject of a just-released documentary                     January 16, 2010
inscription: Class of 1945 / 65th Reunion         film entitled “One Square Inch of Silence,
/ 2009. Contributors, in addition to our          Biography of Gordon Hempton” and
attendees listed by Hal Davison in the            father Gordon is justifiably proud.

88                                           = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                        BULLETIN
                           Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                              Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
                                                             Bill & Sharon Gross write an                   would be redundant. Or maybe available
                 In Memoriam                           interesting January-Christmas letter, outlining      for more lengthy “Sea Stories” viz.Viet Nam,
                Les Williamson                         their many activities during 2009. One               and The Bikini Atom Bomb Test, (articles
               January 30, 2010                        activity includes membership of he and               on hand). For instructions on accessing
                                                       Sherry in a “Friends” (Quakers) writing              our ‘46 page, look at the right margin
       Marty Flesh and Les Williamson                  group. A few lines from their “Growing old           of the newsletter, and follow the simple
made Class News but in less than favorable             Gracefully”, prepared for the writing group          directions. And Herb sends: “Things that
circumstances. Both passed away during                 follows: “At this stage in my life I sometimes       come to those who wait, will be the scraggly
the reporting period. Both were ‘lifers’               feel like the fictional Gulliver. I am lying down,   junk left by those who got there first“.
as defined by Jim Iversen, meaning full                and one by one, strings are stretched across
30-year Coast Guard Careers. Marty had
been ill with leukemia for two years and
                                                       my chest tying me down. Each string is an
                                                       additional limitation. At first the limitations      ’47         75%
was fighting it with radiation treatment. He           were minimal, but now the combination of             CAPT Robertson Dinsmore
received treatment in Sarasota, but still              all the limitations is much more profound”.          26 Riddle Hill Rd.
resided in Chapala, Mexico. It was here that           The poem continues, but the above applies            Falmouth, MA 02540
he hosted the Outstanding 2004 Reunion                 to most of us in the 85-year-old category,           Ph: 508.540.2183
that we fondly recall. He attended all of              and is expressed well. Bill & Sherry plan            Email:
our reunions accompanied by his lovely                 on attending the 65th Reunion, later this year,
wife, Anya. At the Academy he read us the              2010. Notice and a description of the event,                       In Memoriam
Spanish Newspaper, allowing Spanish Students           has been prepared by Frank Tubeck, and                             Charles I. Foss
to pass Spanish 101; but he will mostly be             forwarded by CGA. Frank requested a reply                         January 18, 2010
remembered for his friendliness and pleasant           by 22 Feb. and has received 34 responses
disposition at the Academy and throughout              so far. He needs replies from everyone                     We are saddened to note the passing
his life. An April Memorial Service is planned,        for reservations, etc. Basically the events          of CI Foss at his home in Lakeshore,
for the National Cemetery at Sarasota.                 planned will mirror those of the successful,         Florida, on January 18th. There are no other
       Les Williamson was out second oldest            2005 Reunion, also planned by Frank.                 particulars available, and we are trying to
classmate and died at 88 in Tallahassee, FL.                 Jim Anderson reported a move to                learn more, which will be included in the
He had lived there since retiring in 1975, and         Colorado Springs with new address: 4547              next issue. CI was known for his sage
he belonged to many local organizations in             Palisades Park View, Apt. 208, Colorado              humor and independent approach to things
Tallahassee. He attended MIT and graduated             Springs, CO 80906. When asked about his              most of us took for granted. He left the
with honors in 1955. Much of his Coast                 cooking for one, the reply……no way; dinner           CG early (in 1949) and had a career in the
Guard Career was spent in Important                    is a cook out, eat out, or thaw out. The             automotive industry. He kept in touch
Naval Engineering Assignments on the East              Donaldson’s may have replaced the Gross’s            with the class and attended most reunions.
Coast. Les is survived by his wife of 50               as world travelers. This time the trip was           As we learn more, we will pass it on.
years, Jennie, whom he met at the Coast                back to Boca Grande and Gasparilla Is., where              Don Vaughn reports on their trip
Guard Yard during his second tour in 1961.             Jo, grandchildren and great-grandchildren            to Hawaii: “In January, Jean and I flew to
       Bob Price forwarded an interesting              were greeted by the pirate, himself.                 Hawaii for a week. The trip from Charlotte
email with CG Flag and Senior Executive                      Kevin Moser sends a sea story                  to Honolulu was over 10 hours and we were
assignments for 2010. Listed were 4 Vice               dating back to 1945 when we manned the               able to upgrade with frequent flyer miles
Admirals, 40 Rear Admirals, some designated            FS’s. These were 165’ Army owned vessels             to first class. Believe me, much better than
as “lower half” meaning only one star, and 15          used to move cargo between South Pacific             coach. Although we had reservations at the
Senior Civilians, grades unknown. When we              Islands. Kevin’s FS was in an anchorage off          Hale Koa, we elected early on to change and
entered the Coast Guard in 1942, there were            Tacloban, in the Philippines, when Jack              were glad we did as we had a junior suite at
three Admirals: The Commandant, The Asst.              Barry’s FS came alongside, and Jack offered          the hotel where we stayed. It was called the
Commandant, and The Engineer in Chief, and             two new jeeps for a 20 # tin of coffee. The          Afton Wakiki Beach. We were out of the high
I’m not sure about the latter two. Before              deal is made, but shortly afterwards both            noise level at Waikiki but just across from
we left the Academy, The Superintendent                FS’s are suspiciously ordered into port              the beach. We visited the Arizona which was
and Mrs. Pine had been promoted to Rear                by the Army General: Good-bye jeeps,                 a must for me. Did a whale watch and saw
Admiral and there were undoubtedly others.             plus their own jeep which was acquired               many humpbacks and got pictures. Flew to
About this same era we had the shop-worn               under questionable circumstances; all                the big island Hawaii and toured. Saw Kilauea,
adage “in our obscurity, lies out security”.           deep-sixed into the Philippine Trench.               which was smoking. The black sand beach and
Now our 2010 duty assignments are relayed                     The emailed Alumni Assoc. Monthly             coffee plantations. The pineapple and sugar
to every major department in D.C., and major           Newsletter continues to improve, and if              cane fields are pretty much gone. Dole does
military commands, world-wide; a noteworthy            they could persuade us to use the ‘46 web            not grow canning pineapples on the islands
and important change, for the better.                  page for individual happenings, The Bulletin         anymore. The ones that are grown are
                                                                                                            sold whole. Toured the island of Oahu. Did
                                                                                                            attend a luau at the Hale Koa. Sort of made
                                                                                                            me chuckle. One of the demonstrations was
                                                                                                            climbing a coconut palm. Later was the demo
                                                                                                            of opening a coconut. The native people
                                                                                                            who worked for us on Ulithi, my Loran
                                                                                                            station did it all the time. I found the milk
                                                                                                            from coconuts when harvested at the right
                                                                                                            time was more refreshing than ice water.
                                                                                                            No other effects either. We only toured
                                                                                                            every other day. One thing that we did was
                                                                                                            have lunch under the banyans at the Moana
                                                                                                            Surfrider. I believe that is the new name. Ate
46: Sherry and Bill Gross, 39th wedding anniversary;
                                                                                                            dinner under the banyan tree when it was
Sherry in her wedding dress and Bill in clothes he                                                          the Moana - 1948. One of the two oldest
owned at the time of marriage.                         46: Gasparilla and Friends                           hotels in Honolulu. For all you coffee lovers,

      April 2010                                  = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                        89
                                                               Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                    % Class Membership               =                               Total number of Living Graduates

never had a bad cup of coffee in Hawaii. Lots
of body, strong enough that it just might not
                                                   we have a great show in our back yard.
                                                          I received an e-mail from LeRoy &           ’49         84%
have needed a cup. Why can't our restaurants       Mitzi regarding their continued involvement        CDR Frank L. Shelley
do the same? If we were to go back, we             with the Military Order of the World Wars.         1010 Pacific Ave., #511
would go to either Maui or Kauai. Mahalo.”         This organization sponsors eight local high        Santa Cruz, CA 95060
      Most of us would like to report              school JROTC units, sending two students           Ph: 831.426.5959 (h)
on a trip to Hawaii – coconuts                     from each school to youth leadership               Email:
and coffee notwithstanding.                        programs. One of the leadership lectures                 OK, let’s get the less happy stuff out of
      Your correspondent can report on a           is held at a three-day conference at St.           the way first. Jim Steele and Sid Wallace
recent trip to Bonaire; our 13th Caribbean         Johns College in Annapolis and the focus is        represented us at Ernie Altekruses’s
island (we try to visit a different one each       acquainting the students in the early history      interment at Arlington in mid January. Sid
year). Bonaire is a quiet island near Aruba        of the U.S. They are required to take an           reported that things proceeded in proper
and its claim to be the dive capital of            active part through role playing in various        military fashion and that the reception
the world isn’t far from the truth. I have         scenarios including one related to the passage     afterwards had some tears but a flood of
never seen so many dive boats and divers           of bills through Congress. Upon completion         happy memories. Sid reported that Ernie’s
in one place. Both scuba and snorkeling            of their stay, they are required to write a        son Sean pointed out that his father had been
right from the beach are unparalleled.             300-word essay describing their experience         a member of or attached for duty to 6 of the
      After twenty five years, the annual          and to read his/her essay at a lunch meeting       7 uniformed services. Sean wondered aloud
class get-together and dinner at Baltimore-        at the Bethesda Chapter of the MOWW of             what Ernie had against NOAA. (For the
Washington Airport has come to an end.             which Mitzi is the Chapter Commander.              record in what we think may be chronological
Pat Bursley took a count and found that                   There is a second youth leadership          order: Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Public
there were too few to continue. Last year’s        conference conducted at Freedoms                   Health Service, Army, Navy, and Air Force.
attendees included Sue Bogucki and                 Foundation,Valley Forge, PA which has the          The latter two in his capacity as an Army
Claire Bursley. The memories will last.            same basic themes of Annapolis. Each of            flight surgeon.) Sid also reported that the
      That’s all for this column now. Inputs       the two conferences includes visits to the         family used Ernie’s yearbook portrait for
from our class have become scarce.                 local historic or patriotic sites including        the centerpiece of the memorabilia display.
Either everybody out there is having               Constitution Hall, Betsy Ross House,               This led the family to question our nickname
too good a time to write, or you have              Library of Congress, WWII Memorial,                “Timbie” and its significance. Sid, like most
forgotten how to. Let’s check in next              State House of Annapolis, Naval Academy,           forty-niners used it but was unaware of its
month with some news. Mahalo.                      etc. Some of the speakers are veterans             source or significance.Your correspondent
                                                   of various wars whose talks of their               being present at its inception was happy to
’48         92%
                                                   experiences in actual military settings create
                                                   a lasting impression upon the students.
                                                                                                      enlighten him and presumably he passed
                                                                                                      it on to the family. What? You don’t know
CDR Donald M. Chapman                                     LeRoy continues writing articles for the    either? Well call your class correspondent. No
5409 Canova Ct.                                    MOWW’s publication, Officer Review. He             e-mails on the subject will be acknowledged.
Kingsport,TN 37664                                 received the Vice Admiral George C. Dyer                  We were delighted when the call from
Ph: 423.765.1870; 860.334.4363 (c)                 Award for the best article published in 2009.      Willie (he never sleeps) Schwob came
Email:                          His article entitled “Coast Guard Seagoing         through. We had expected him to be wading
      News from Class members, wives and           Justice” is based upon his experience as CO,       hip deep in the Slough of Despond but were
widows seems to become less frequent as            IRONWOOD. You can access the article               happy to find him striding along well above
we become settled in the November of our           at, April 2009 issue.            the high tide line. Under the supervision of
years. For most of us, we become less active              It was good to hear from Max &              his daughters, he is coping with the kind of
and become more attuned to a daily regimen         Marge. Max writes: “For the past five              loss that so many of you have dealt with at
that is not nearly exciting as in younger days.    years, we have been living in an assisted living   this point in our lives. A political discussion/
That is not entirely all bad as at this stage of   facility, Springhouse, in Bethesda, MD. The        state of the Coast Guard session followed.
our life span, no news can be deemed good          deciding factor was when I could no longer         Same old Willie, Genghis Kahn would
news. Some of the more simple things can           drive, which made living in the country on         regard him as reactionary. Discussion grew
peak our interest as we contemplate our            our own no longer practical. How has it            so impassioned, that we have forgotten
life on this planet and the wonder of our          been surrounded by old people most of the          what we were drinking, if anything — it
surroundings. In our case, we have become          time? The answer is it took an adjustment.         may have been too early in the day.
enamored of the bird life that is constant         The food was not what we were used to,                   Some of you may have questioned the
in our back yard. While weather has been           the conversation tended to focus around            throwaway line we used about one of the
a major topic nationwide, it has apparently        aches and pains, the most recent visits to         pictures in the last issue. “Did the admiral
impacted the bird migratory habits here in         the doctor, the accomplishments of children        blister him for some reason (note the curled
Viera. Our home backs up to a small lake           and, of course, the glories of the past. As        toes)?” Unfortunately, when the photo was
area with the usual supply of aquatic life and     time went by and our understanding of our          prepared for publication the lower legs had
insects and making the area a virtual aviary.      compatriots improved, we mellowed. We              to be cropped off. There weren’t any toes
We have sighted ibis, cranes, wood storks,         think of all of you. Hope you had the best         visible, curled or otherwise. Take it on faith
cormorants, ducks, egrets, herons, turkey          of Holiday Seasons and may God bless.”             — Jones was wearing a pair of shoes that
vultures, robins, and our favorite, a swarm of            We plan to return to Kingsport in           looked like Ronald MacDonald cast offs. They
tree swallows. The swallows have remained          early April, anticipating that spring will have    really did curl up on the end. Maybe, if we
in the area now for the past two weeks and         arrived at that location by that time. So          can find the original, we can get the editor to
their aerial gymnastics are amazing. They dart     write if you get work. Ni Ya Yo. (It is so).       run a picture focused on the hips downward.
and dive at great speeds, apparently catching                                                         Maybe, better yet, we forget the whole thing.
flying insects and occasionally flicking an                                                                 While on the subject of photographs, we
insect off the water. I presume they rest at                                                          were shocked to see a photo in a couple of
some period but it appears that their search                                                          columns to the right of this one purporting
for insects is perpetual. They are at it in the                                                       to be of the 1949 champion rowing team.
morning when we wake up and they continue                                                             Now we would not question that the brave
through the daylight hours into darkness.                                                             laddies in the picture may have won a rowing
We didn’t have to watch the Olympics as                                                               race. The soaking wet coxswain is convincing.

90                                            = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                          BULLETIN
                         Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                             Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
However they didn’t win it in 1949 unless          about to the top floor of the Empire State                 Looking forward to seeing many of you
the race in question was held in the fall of       Building. It has a park called Central Park           in the Fall. Just wish everyone were coming.
that year. The underdog ’49 crew won the           (what else?), surf machines and a carousel.
graduation week interclass rowing race.
About a decade back we ran a piece in this
                                                   It has about 500 suites among about 2700
                                                   cabins. It also has a theatre which seats over        ’51          80%
space describing the event along with a            2000 and an ice rink. Regrettably, it was on          CAPT Robert A. Moss
couple of official CG pix. One showed the          the other end of the island and we didn't             902 Camden Court
’49 coxswain being thrown into the Thames.         make a point of seeing it. Next year, if it's still   Sequim, WA 98382
Scrutiny of the photo showed clearly that he       doing St. Thomas, we plan to see it up close.         Ph: 360.504.2492
was already wet. The official photographer               "I noted with interest your competition         Email:
missed the original event and demanded             between Rudy and Hoagie, re who plays
a repeat. The coxswain quickly vetoed the          the most golf. I try to play about 100                               In Memoriam
idea and just as quickly found himself on          rounds a year, most of which are 18-hole                           Reino Oscar Oksa
the short end of a 10-1 veto override and          rounds, so I don't know where I stand                               January 31, 2010
in he went — again. The other photo shows          in who has the most rounds. However, I
the same coxswain, still wet but with a dry        do believe that in each round I play, I play                 I received word from Murmie Morrill
cap, receiving a trophy from the hands of its      (swing?) more often than they do. By the              of the passing of our classmate, Ray Oksa,
donor, then Superintendent RADM Wilfred            way, that's not said with any enthusiasm!"            shortly before the deadline for submitting
N. Derby. The trophy was a silver bowl,                  And the winner is-----?                         these Class Notes. Thanks, Murmie.
about 12 inches in diameter and ornately                 Bob Stancliff reported "Last April                     I also talked briefly with Ray's daughter,
inscribed proclaiming it the interclass rowing     (2009), I had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack)       Tonya, and learned that Ray was stricken
trophy. There were no other inscriptions           for which I was lucky to receive timely               down quite suddenly by a heart attack at his
so presumably it was being awarded for the         treatment and have no deficit. "I was lifting a       home in Basye,Virginia, on January 30th. He
first time. The winners quickly shifted into       small weight (less than 2 pounds) in one hand         did not actually succumb until the following
dress blues, invoked graduate’s free gangway,      when I lost strength for seconds and dropped          day when life support facilities were discon-
and with the bowl in tow repaired to the           the object. Sherry and my son Rod                     tinued on the advice of the attending physicians
College Diner. The bowl was there filled to the    bullied me into going to the local hospital           and with the concurrence of Hannelore
brim with beer and at this point a shocking        emergency room. The result was that I                 and other family members in attendance.
discovery was made. It is hard as hell to drink    was diagnosed with a 95 percent plugged                      Reino Oksa was born in New York
anything out of a 12 inch bowl for the same        carotid artery. A totally successful operation        on November 2nd, 1928. After attending
reason we can represent parts of a great           to remove the plaque was performed.                   the Coast Guard Academy, Ray went on
circle with a straight line. Hesitating but a            "My strong recommendation is: Be                to a long and heroic Army career during
fraction of a second, the thirsty oarsmen          sure your doctor is checking for signs of             the Korean and Vietnam Wars, service
rushed into the bar, seized their personalized     plugging and if he notes any, sends you for           that earned him a Bronze Star and other
beer mugs flagrantly on display there during       verification by an Ultra Sound examination.           decorations bestowed by a grateful nation.
that last who-gives-a damn semester, and           If there is a blockage, CATSCAN or MRI                       Always a vital presence in his community,
rushed back to dip the bowl empty. The             can identify the location of the blockage."           Ray was a long time member of Rotary
management kindly rinsed and dried the                   My doctor does that routinely. I                International as well as an active communicant
bowl and it was borne back on campus and           hope that yours is checking you too. Bob              at Grace United Church of Christ in Mount
turned over to the commissioned OD. No             was lucky that Rod and Sherry made                    Jackson,Virginia, where his funeral service was
living forty-niner recalls ever seeing it again.   him go to the hospital when it happened               conducted on February 3rd. He organized
      Call me when the rates                       or he might not still be with us.                     and operated a Tax Service that was especially
are cheap. — Pop                                         Jack Fuechsel wrote that "Ricki and             esteemed by the many elderly clients who
                                                   I dodged the big blizzards in the northeast           benefitted from his expertise. Ray and
’50         85%                                    this winter by deciding to spend the season
                                                   in our condo in Fort Myers, Florida. The
                                                                                                         Hanna used to visit the upper left coast fairly
                                                                                                         frequently, and they always made it a point
CAPT Gilbert L. Kraine                             weather has been cooler than usual so far             to garner the company of us ROTGOT'S
1930 Hunters Trail                                 but very pleasant. The Fountains live in Fort         (Remnants of the Gang of Ten) for what
Norfolk,VA 23518                                   Myers full time and the Lonsdales come to             was always an interesting, uplifting and ribald
Ph: 757.857.3801                                   North Fort Myers for several months each              gathering. Ray was a great raconteur, and
Email:                           year. We have scheduled a class get-together          he had a wealth of experience to recount.
      This time it has been like pulling           in March while the Fleishells are visiting in                In addition to his wife, Hannelore,
teeth. We were away over the first of              Naples and may get a chance to repeat when            Ray leaves a daughter,Tonya Kipple, of
the month when this is due, so I was               Okie Thompson makes a visit in April."                Washington State, a sister, two brothers,
running late anyway, but my pleas for                    Anne and I have just returned from              four grandchildren and one great grandchild.
your input were mostly ignored. Many               a trip to, where else, but Martin, TN, her            He lost his only son, Mark Oksa, in a
thanks to those who came through.                  hometown. Anne had been invited to speak              tragic auto accident in July, 2007.
      Roy Grover wrote, "We made our               to the Faculty Women's Club about the role                   Hanna's family is spread all over the
usual visit to St. Thomas for two weeks            of her mother as the chancellor's wife, in the        country; all over the world, for that matter,
in January with Bob and Susie O'Brien.             early days and development of the University          and none presently resides close to her. She
The weather was great and we had a great           of Tennessee at Martin. Later Anne read parts         can use support from anyone close enough to
time as usual. Unfortunately, two days after       of some of her fiction and poetry at the              offer it. Hanna can be reached at P.O. Box
we returned we got the big snowstorm.              Paul Meek Library (named for her father).             627, Basye,VA 22810. Her phone number is
      "While we were in St. Thomas, one of               George Bond advised me that                     (540) 856-2837. Reino Oscar Oksa, R. I. P.
the cruise ships to visit the island was the       we should be hearing from the Reunion                        Care to guess who the Juneau, Alaska,
Oasis Of The Seas. This is a new cruise ship       Committee shortly. The committee continues            Chamber of Commerce named as "Citizen
built in Finland at the cost of $1.5B and just     to meet and plan for our big reunion from             of the Year" in 2009? Well, OK, the location
recently completed. A few of its features are      September 30 to October 4, 2010.                      does sorta give it away, since Dick Knapp
that it takes 6300 passengers and has a crew             That's a wrap! Keep                             is, after all, our only classmate living in that
of about 2000. It's taller than the Leaning        those e mails coming!                                 part of the "Last Frontier." But, naturally
Tower of Pisa and if put on end would reach              Stay happy, healthy, active and in touch.       you're all wondering how come Richard

     April 2010                               = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                           91
                                                                Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                     % Class Membership               =                                Total number of Living Graduates

got picked for such a signal honor.                 couriers to deliver materials in some of the         Drive, Suite 100, San Antonio, Texas
       So start with Dick's long time and           more distant states. No, Bill, you are not the              In less than nine months, 22 April
vociferous support for a proposed road to           VOBIMO; we already nailed Dick Knapp                 2009 to 11 January, we’ve lost Rita Kelly,
connect Juneau with the rest of the world.          for that, but you can take a full seat anyway.       Dave Linde, Dixie Duvall, George
Yes, dear reader, the only way to get in or                Next time you find yourself                   Lively, Sig Waldheim and Kay Lucas.
out of the State's Capital City is by boat or       commiserating about how times have                          Before I start on upcoming B-Days surface access. Dick helped form         changed, consider the sagacity of the lovely         you need to be reminded on 12 April
an organization called Citizens Pro Road that       Liz Moss, who counseled her grumbling                2010 the number of class octogenarians
called its members "The Road Gang." Of              husband thus: "Bob, if we hadn't had a 'used         surpassed the septuagenarians. Go Octos!!
course the proposal is very controversial           to be,' we wouldn't have a 'nowadays.'" But          It’s likely that your Aiea scribe is the only
in Juneau, but controversy requires guts            then, she was also overheard announcing              one who is excited about this. And I must
and Chambers of Commerce tend to                    to a daughter on the phone, "I can't                 apologize for all of the screw ups, especially
honor such fortitude. Like Dick said in a           think and talk at the same time."                    birthdays, in that email of class data sheet.
newspaper interview, "You gotta say what                   It shouldn't surprise anyone to be            Now that I think back it was a four martini
you think, otherwise why think it?" Then,           reminded that it was that talented logomachist,      morning when I did the final draft on that
if you go back a few years, you learn that          the late Sid Nuzum, who walked away with             list and I hadn’t had breakfast. Birthdays
Richard was head of the State Department            the National Women's Relief Corps one                coming up in May and June. Thurmond
of Transportation and Public Facilities under       hundred dollar savings bond prize for having         12 May 1929; Ross 2 June 1930; Telian
Governor Bill Sheffield and, more recently,         achieved the highest grade in the Law Course         8 June 1929; Gillett 17 June 1929.
he devoted nine years to membership on the          during our sojourn in Connecticut. So, next                 Dave McClary sent a short
City of Juneau Docks and Harbors Board.             time, tell me whose proficiency in the subject       autobiography. Since we haven’t heard from
Sounds to me like RADM Richard Knapp,               of Maritime Economics earned him the Marine          him much, here it is “For the Binnacle List,
USCG (Ret.) could have been Juneau's                Under-writer's Prize. The prize was a watch,         I retired as a LTJG in 1955. I am still alive. I
Citizen of the Year a long time back, but it's      presumably with a sweep second hand to               never married. I worked at Electric Boat as
nice to know it finally happened, anyway.           facilitate the recipient's ability to check on the   an engineer and in management for thirty
       Hey, Dick, admit it. You're climbing the     period of various lighted Aids to Navigation.        years, retiring in January 1987. Since then,
wall trying to figure how I learned all this               Mind the Standing Night Orders. Call me       I did volunteer work maintaining hiking
stuff, aren't you? Remember my daughter Ley         if in doubt. Call me if in doubt about calling me.   trails, I restored some antique tractors and
and her husband, Karl, who live in Wasilla?                                                              did some antique tractor pulling using a
Well, they remember you. And since Ley
served on the Wasilla Library Board during          ’52         80%
                                                                                                         stone boat, and presently am on the Board
                                                                                                         of Directors, Quinebaug Valley Engineers
the tenure of a certain former mayor who            CAPT G.O. Lesperance                                 Association <>. For the past nine
moved on to become Alaska's Governor,               98-864 Laelua Pl, Aiea, HI 96701                     years I have been involved in the restoration
she takes an interest in events that occur          Ph: 808.488.5205 (& Fax)                             of a machine shop with some sixty machines,
in Juneau. So when Ley saw your picture in          Email:                     mostly pre WWII vintage and some from
the October 27th, 2009, JUNEAU EMPIRE,                                                                   the 1800's, as part of a farm museum. I have
she clipped the article and sent it to dear         VADM D.C.Thompson                                    used more engineering there than at any time
ol' Dad. Unfortunately, she didn't send me                                                               previously. I am really enjoying restoring old
the clipping in time for the February Bulletin,
                                                    2213 Tattersalls Dr.                                 machines and doing the research on them. I
but the accolade still qualifies you as the         Wilmington, NC 28403                                 write articles in the Club newsletter about
VOBIMO (volunteer of the bi-month) for              Phone: 910.251.1237                                  my doings which can be read at the web site
April. Bravo Zulu, Dick, take a full seat.          Email:                          above. My health is excellent apparently, but
       Reflecting on the "Last Frontier" puts                                                            I stay away from doctors to stay that way.”
me in mind of Hugh and Lucille Wyatt's                             In Memoriam                                  In mid January, Gus wrote, “I'm still
report of their two week tour and cruise                           Mrs. Kay Lucas                        working as a Ski Instructor at Seven Springs
from Fairbanks to Vancouver last fall. Here, let                  January 11, 2010                       Mountain Resort and the Ski School Director
them tell it: "We saw Denali (Mt. McKinley) in                                                           has cut me a little slack and reduced my
all its splendor during three days of sunshine           Kay Lucas, wife of RADM Robert                  work schedule so I can care for Mildred.
and clear skies (a rare treat, we were told.)       Lucas, USCG Ret, CGA ’52, passed away on             We're obviously having a good year on the
We had a helicopter excursion from Juneau           11 January 2010. Kay had been gravely ill with       snow with a busy season so far. However it
to the Mendenhall Glacier, and a tour of            cancer and had been a patient at the Odyssey         has been a tough year here on the mountain
Diamond Lil's old place of business over the        Hospice in San Antonio for the previous 3            in Ligonier. The Amerigas delivery guy
Red Onion Saloon in Skagway. Grilled salmon,        weeks. A private family service was held in the      hasn't been able to get up here due to the
reindeer chili and a lot of other Alaskan fare      San Antonio area. Her ashes were taken to            continuous snow even though we have had
were just part of all we saw and enjoyed." I        Jacksonville, Florida for interment with family.     it plowed every day so far in January. Our
tell you, an Alaska cruise like the Wyatt's         Kay was born in 1943. She graduated from             propane tank (500 gal.) is down to 10%. It has
took is something everyone should do at             high school in Oak Hill, West Virginia in June       snowed continuously since mid-December
least once, and it's gotta beat seeing the Inside   1962 and immediately went to CGHQ. Kay               with several inches every day due the lake
Passage over a deck load of nine-thirty-eight       Ray Bouchie held a number of secretarial             effect snow. This is the worst it has been
buoys. Maybe a sixtieth reunion cruise to the       positions at CGHQ until early 1975 when              in years. We're getting a break now and
Forty-Ninth State should be on our agenda?          she left a position as Secretary to the Science      hope to get a delivery next week. Been
       For those of you who contemplate             Advisor to the Commandant and went to                burning a lot of wood to conserve gas. “
ways to encourage qualified applicants to           the Urban Mass Transit Administration until                 Martha Dewing wrote, “Having 12
matriculate at our Trade School on the              1976. Later in 1976 she accompanied Bob              grandchildren might be newsworthy. Two
Thames, consider the endeavors of one Bill          to Juneau where he was Chief of Staff 17th           college age granddaughters are doing junior
Bleakley who, in a four month period in 2008,       CG District and she worked for NMFS. She             year abroad, and in opposite directions…
attended five college fairs and either visited      and Bob were married in 1974 in Kay’s                Japan and Copenhagen. A grandson is working
personally or arranged to have materials            home town. In 1986, when Bob retired as              with AmeriCorps. That's sort of a modern
delivered to forty-six high schools in MD,          Commander 17th CG District, they settled             CCC, He thought he was interested in
OH, CA, NC,VA and SC. Bill even enlisted            in San Antonio, Texas. Donations in Kay’s            being a forest ranger and was excited to
his children and grandchildren to serve as          memory may be made to Odyssey Health                 be going to Colorado. After the first early
                                                    Care Hospice House, 4415 W. Piedras
92                                             = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                            BULLETIN
                        Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                          Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
snow he wasn't so sure. Now he's on his          most of us had completed three years               list, but since you asked: We shoveled maybe
way to New Orleans to work with Habitat          of sea duty, mostly on weather patrols.            an average of 20 inches, more some places,
for Humanity in the 9th Ward. AmeriCorps         Several of the class opted for civilian life       less in a very few others. Some say 2 feet
and Habitat must have a close working            rather than serve on isolated duty.                in our vicinity, I think that's a bit high, that
relationship. His older brother also spent a            In mid February the media were              is until the snow plows come through to
year in AmeriCorps, working with Habitat         reporting that 49 states had received at           add another couple of feet to the regimen.
in Salisbury, MD. Two grandchildren out of       least a dusting of snow.Your Hawaii scribe         The first bit snow was light, shoveling was
college, one married. Four in college. The       couldn’t resist sending a lot of you a TS          a breeze, and the second batch was deeper
rest range from high school senior down          message. I should have saved the responses.        and heavier. Plenty of snow is still around
to 7th grade. That's three families.”                   On 24 February Gene Verrett                 almost two weeks later.Very pleased I am no
      On 22 Feb Swerd celebrated                 wired: “Irene and I send greetings to all          longer a commuter. Marge came through
his 80th B-Day in Carmel with his                classmates. It has been a pretty dismal and        a lower back operation as well as one
3 sons and their families.                       cold winter here on the Gulf Coast, about          can expect. Nauseous for a few days, then
      Bob Branham said that he a blast           the coldest winter I can recall in the thirty      she tried to cut out the narcotics too rapidly.
for Christmas with most of family here           eight or so years we have lived here. We           Upset innards again. But she's off those now.
followed with a few days in Williamsburg         are still celebrating the New Orleans Saints       She quit using a walker before she left the
to usher in the New Year. On 14 February         Super Bowl win. The fan base extends from          hospital, does steps better now than before
a second message reported, “I'm so darned        LA /TX border to MS/AL border. Since               the operation. Her sister stayed with us for
tired of the white stuff and we really didn't    we are not into skiing anymore we took a           the first week. That was good for both of us. I
have the worst of it. My view of snow is this,   quick trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica where           did not have to learn how to do laundry. “
it will either snow some more or this will       outside air temperature never drops below
melt; but, I'll not shovel the stuff. We plan
to spend the next two weeks on a trip to
                                                 80 degrees F. We escaped the cold for a few
                                                 days but we had to come back. It is really         ’53        78%
Florida (if I can get some snow tires!). The     pleasant there. We stayed at the almost            CAPT W.E. Smith
temperatures down there are not thrilling        five-star Rose Hall Hilton Resort. Our             19 Coachman Pike
right now either. Nothing really new here.       package included 24/7 open bar and all meals.      Ledyard, CT 06339
      Called Bill McCauley on 27                 Entertainment was fantastic, beaches were          Ph: 860.464.8425; 860.464.8425 (f)
Jan. His wife still skis. He’s well and          great. Irene and I still enjoying relatively       Email:
appreciates the emails from classmates.          stable health. If I understand information         Web:
      Mary Baetsen Rabe has a new                correctly there are currently 52 members
phone number 301-362-1020.                       of our class of 52 still around to share our                     In Memoriam
      Bud Early wrote on 14 February and         experiences and life styles after almost                    Charles R. “Bud” Grader
cussed me out for not keeping up with the        60 years. Where did the time go?                              February 12, 2010
national political scene. He added, “Wish               Jack Spracklin wrote, “Not much
ya'll were here so we could have snowball        here. All healthy, we just returned from a              When “Bud” Grader lost his long
fights and build snowmen. Worst part             month in Palm Springs. Lots of golf and            and courageous battle with brain cancer, we
is we've not been able to get the runway         tennis. PS you forget, if you go high enough       lost our most unique and adventuresome
clear yet. I've lost 3 CG flights and unless     in Hawaii you have snow. California is the         classmate. Bud bilged out of the
we get the runway clear by this Thursday         same; if we want a little snow (and I never        Academy second class year on Ted Fabik's
I'll miss another. Happy Valentine's Day. “      do) we just have to go up the hill a bit. 20       Thermodynamics course. He, however,
      Also on 14 February, Jim Thompson          miles one way and we are at 500 feet, 50 the       went on to become one of our most
wrote, “Nothing of any importance other          other and we are at 9000 feet.” Seems that         educated classmates, earning a B.A. from
than that our snow has left town. Just           Jack and Christine enjoy the good life.            Boston University, a masters from London
one more reason to start feeling "old" is               A day later, from Jack Byrd: “I don't       School of Economics, an MBA from the Sloan
to have four kids that are all past the big      have much from here, except that we have           Fellows Program at MIT, and a PhD from
"50" mark. The tax season has dropped            had wonderful weather here for the winter.         the Tufts Fletcher School. If Bud could
on us like a ton of bricks. If you're not        Only one small dusting of snow back in             have had the benefits of today's Academy
working this year, you have made a wise          November and the spring flowers are                curricula, he would most likely have
move. If you are still at it, you know what      starting to bloom early. I am getting some         been a Government major and would
the current administration has done to us.       good therapy and am starting to walk, now          probably have graduated with honors, but
The Oklahoma gal who handles all of our          using a cane only most of the time. I hope to      he just couldn't handle the "lock-step"
computers, and runs a site that does about       attend a bamboo fly-rod builders conclave in       engineering courses that we all had to take
250 a week, says that rejections have soared.    B.C.; end of April, fly-fish in June, and make a   back during our days at the Academy.
Federal updates (not Taxwise updates) are        Colombia River Cruise with a cousin from N.             After graduating from Boston University,
causing the brown stuff to hit the fan.          J. at the end of June. I haven't gotten together   Bud attended CG O.C.S. and received his
      The only thing that I'm concerned about    with Herb Lyons, Bob Moore, and Dick               commission in 1954. He served for three
these days is whether the body or the brain      Gillette lately. Best regards to all hands.”       years on active duty on CGC SAGEBRUSH
goes first. Currently it's a close race.”                Renyard wrote, “Costa Mesa joins           and then as commanding officer of CG-
      A February CG message signaled the         Hawaii with no snow in February in this            83506. After leaving the service Bud served
end of Loran. For the benefit of you who         or any other year. Pat is getting stronger         a career in the United States Agency of
are not on our Email list, we did a survey       through physical therapy four times a week.        International Development (USAID) that
of those who were CO of a Loran Station:         After considering and rejecting retirement         included assignments in Tunisia, Senegal,
Baetsen, Brooks, Costello, Ellis, Hallock,       I am as busy as ever working three to five         Cameroon, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. He
Lucas, Platt, Russell,Thurmond,Verrett           hours a day - most weekdays. Saw Dan               retired from USAID in 1981 and for four
and Waldheim. Ray skippered a LORSTA             Conway for lunch over Thanksgiving. Hope           years was CEO of the Compagnie des
C and the others LORSTA A., all in the           you are mending and still operating the            Bauxites de Guinea, the world's largest
mid 1950’s. Most of the LORSTAs were             finest bed and breakfast in the Pacific.           bauxite mine located in the West African
isolated and “non-accompanied” duty. It is       Pat and I send our very best.”                     country of Guinea. He then returned to
hard to beat John Ellis’ Attu assignment in             Jack Glass came in just before my           the United States and worked as Director
defining isolation. The orders for assignment    deadline to get these notes to the editor,”        of the Senior Executive Program at MIT
to LORSTAs went out about the time               Joining the Alumni Assn. is still on my to-do      where, from 1986 to 1996, he administered a

     April 2010                             = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                        93
                                                                Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                     % Class Membership               =                               Total number of Living Graduates

variety of educational seminars for business        of the places we’ll be visiting. Check them        two pictures in it. It said, "Hi, Red. I am
and government leaders from around the              out under “Reunions”. As of March 1st,             closing down my affairs out here in cold
world. (Coast Guard Commandant, ADM                 the date I'm submitting these notes, these         & snowy Minnesota and came across
Thad Allen '71 was one of his students.)            classmates were “definitely planning to            these. I suspect they are of no interest to
From 1996 to 1999, Bud served as Managing           attend”: Paul & Donna Arnold, Roger &              you but at least I have disposed of them,
Director of Afghanaid, Britain's principal aid      Shirley Bascom, Bob & Beverly Benson,              using proper USCG procedures. Hope
organization in Afghanistan. Amid internal          Bill & Ann Clark, Ed & Roz Cope, Rick              you are well, Merry Christmas. Bob"
strife and the rise of the Taliban, he led          & Beth Cueroni, Ed & Becky Daniels,                      Gloria wrote a note below it: "I'm sorry
and trained teams of local Afghans in the           Dick & Meris Donnelly, Wendell &                   to have to tell you my husband suddenly
implementation of a variety of engineering          Yvonne Driggers, Kirk & Jackie Greiner,            took a turn for the worse. He was still
and wheat production projects throughout            Ralph & Diane Hill, Roger & Esther                 feeling fairly good on Monday, Feb. 8th, but
the country. Following 9-11 he returned to          Holmes, Bernie & Peggy Hoyland, Bill               after our family left, he woke up the next
Afghanistan as a UN International Observer          & Helen King, Bill & Andree Kohl, Dick             morning saying, ‘This is my last day! My goals
for the 2002 elections. Following the US            & Donna Littlefield, Roger Madson,                 have been accomplished!’ He said he was
invasion of Iraq, Bud was Chief of Party of         Bud & Betsy Ann Mathieu, Kermit &                  feeling terrible and told the Lord he was
the USAID Education Project to help re-build        Arlene Meade '51, Hal & Sheila Olson,              ready to die. He died Feb. 12 – we miss him
Iraq's national educational curriculum. He          Nina Rowland, Bill & Margie Russell,               so! His memorial service is Saturday Feb
returned for his last tour in Afghanistan from      Ted & Mary Smith, Wade & Sally Smith,              20 at 11:00 AM.Visitation at 10:00 AM--
2003 to 2004, as Chief of Party of USAID's          Wee & Jane Smith, Dimpy Spadafora,                 North Heights Lutheran Church, Roseville,
Rural Development Program dedicated to              Ilma Striker, and Bob West. The following          MN 2701 N. Rice Street (Suburb of St Paul)
the re-building of roads, irrigation systems        classmates were "possibly going to attend:”        Thought you'd like to know. Gizz spoke of
and agriculture infrastructure. At Bud's            Mike & Kaye Boggs, Hank & Gloria                   you often so your name is very familiar to
funeral, his son, Moses, described his Dad          Fisher, Bill & Betty Ruth Lehr, Ed &               me. May the Lord bless you. Gloria Guibord."
as a "real-life Indiana Jones" who thrived          Joyce Nelson, and Ted & Colette Wojnar.            (Those wishing to contact Gloria may get her
on activities and events such as when he:                                                              address from your Class Correspondent)
traveled to Guatemala City to check out a
recent communist coup; broke away from              ’54        85%
                                                                                                             From Terry Blair: "Gizz and I were
                                                                                                       roommates in the old wooden barracks
a Soviet guided tour to drop in on Boris            CAPT Carl Swickley                                 where we whiled away our time seeing
Pasternak (the Russian dissident author)            10100 Hillview Dr. #221                            who could finish the NY Times daily
outside Moscow; driving his family across           Pensacola, Fl 32514                                puzzle first. This was, of course, instead
the Sahara in a Peugeot 404 station-wagon           Ph: 850.484.9595                                   of doing our homework. I only saw him
for the Christmas holidays or driving across        Email:                            once after graduation when he and Gloria
central African jungles and plateaus to visit                                                          visited us in New London. I had some
remote villages; driving overland from Nairobi                    In Memoriam                          on line communication with him back
to Kampala, Uganda, under the guns of a                     Rev. Robert L. Guibord, Sr.                in 2004 when he tried to get me to do
Tanzanian occupation. Bud’s last Hurrah was                     February 12, 2010                      some sudoku with him, but not being a
a trip to Cuba with his son-in-law that was                                                            fan of that, I declined. He was definitely
made especially 'exciting' by the omitted                 Once again, my Notes start sadly with        one of a kind and will be missed."
travel visas and the smoking of contraband          an obit. Rev. Robert L. Guibord Sr. Age                  From Art Ladley: "Bob and I were
cigars. Moses closed his eulogy of his Dad          79 of St. Paul. Went home to be with the           not in the same company but were in the
with "Above all, my Dad was a man. He was           Lord on Feb. 12, 2010. Survived by his loving      same section during our swab summer
the embodiment of that famous exultation:           wife of 54 years, Gloria; children, Rebecca        cruise. We made our very first cadet liberty
     "Do what thy manhood bid thee do.              (Rev. Steve) Witmer, Bonnie (Mallory) Smith,       together when the Eagle was in Gloucester,
     From none but self expect applause.            and Dr. Robert (Mahinder); 5 grandchildren;        MA. We had only our sailor whites then
     He most nobly lives and nobly dies             and 5 great grand-children. Memorial               and wandered around the town for a few
    who makes and keeps his self-made laws."        Service 11 AM Sat. Feb. 20 with gathering          hours. It was a beautiful sunny day and we
      Gerry Lipsett, Bob West, Kermit               of friends from 10-11 AM at North Heights          stopped for ice cream while marveling
and Arlene Meade ‘51, Al Landry ‘55, and            Lutheran Church Roseville, 2701 N. Rice St.        at being free from the constant pressure
Jane and I were able to attend Bud’s funeral        Private interment Ft. Snelling. Retired Postal     of swab duties for just a short time. "
which was held at St. Michael’s Episcopal           Service Employee. Proud graduate of the                  This item from Bill Nolan was in
Church in Marblehead, MA on February 19th.          US Coast Guard Academy. Graduate Luther            response to the All 54 email I sent regarding
Our “Class Bugler”, Ted Smith, could not            Seminary, St. Paul, former Jr. High School         the CGA chorale group participating at a
attend it because it was being held at the          teacher. Pastored several churches in Isle and     football game with those of the lesser trade
same time that Ted was attending the funeral        LeRoy, MN and Somersworth, NH. Lover               schools in singing the National Anthem.
of his 87-year old sister, Jeanne. So, Ted played   of learning & reading. Gifted story teller         "Hi Carl: A little sequel for you. I fwd your
TAPS for Bud at his home in Maryland, as            and encourager. Memorials are preferred.           e-mail to my daughter Liz in Falls Church,VA
he has previously done when he hasn't been                And once again, Classmates responded         right in the middle of that huge snow storm
able to attend a classmate's funeral. Bud           with recollections about Bob. Clyde                they were having in those parts, because her
will be buried in the Grader family plot in         Robbins emailed: "When I was the Federal           youngest, Quinn, age four, knows all of the
the Marblehead Cemetery later in the spring.        On Scene Coordinator for the Exxon Valdez          words and tune, and sings it just like those
As Bud said last year when he showed some           cleanup in Valdez, Alaska, Bob Guibord             cadets and mids. Liz’s four kids (ages 4, 6, 8,
of us the Grader family’s plot, “It has the         sent me a letter with some kind words              10) all stood in front of the computer with
best view in town of Marblehead harbor.”            and a couple of pictures of a young woman          the youngest, Quinn, at attention in the fore,
      We're going to have a great turnout for       that I dated when I was in Cape May during         and belted out the Star Spangled Banner. A
our Fredericksburg,VA mini-reunion (April           our second class summer. He addressed              special treat for the six-year old, Brendan,
26 to 30) that Ted and Mary Frances                 it to:VADM Clyde Robbins, FOSC Exxon               was to see his favorite football player, Tom
Smith and Bill and Helen King have put              Valdez Spill,Valdez, Alaska. Below it he had       Brady, on the scene.You'd be surprised how
together. It could be the largest attendance        written, "Give me a break, Postmaster, this is     well Quinn, the four-year old, sings that all
yet for one of our ‘53 mini-reunions. Thanks        all the address I have.’ And, I got the letter!    by himself. Liz, a foreign service officer for
to Kirk Greiner for putting links on his                  Today I received another letter from         State who got a masters in National Security
‘53 website (http/ for some           Bob and his wife, Gloria, with the same            from Georgetown, said she was thinking of

94                                             = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                         BULLETIN
                         Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                            Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
signing him up for one of the Georgetown BB        100 ducks consume a couple of pounds of              all things considered. Thanks for the note,
games." (Bill, a photo of those kids lined up in   whole corn while on the ice in their back            buddy – always good to hear from you.
front of the TV would have been priceless!)        yard. Fay has had another bout with Lyme                   And now we jump from Hawaii to
      And now for a report from El Presidente      disease but has recovered. She is a member           Michigan, where our good classmate, Chuck
Bob Getman. (Note: This item was                   of the Applications Review Committee for             Fead, wrote and gave us an update. While
supposed to appear in the last Bulletin, but       new members of the Connecticut Westie                he was conning the CGC Yakutat to the
your CC screwed up.) : "Some of the 5455           Society while Ralph is a Director and its            State Pier in New Bedford, MA, he saw his
participants may not have known it, but we         unofficial photographer. She did eight floral        wife and one young son standing on the
had bit of a bus crisis the first morning of the   centerpieces for the annual Westie Society           dock waiting. He nearly ran the ship into
reunion. About an hour before the two buses        spring banquet last year. He is also a Trustee       the dock – when they had left for weather
were to arrive at the Radisson, I received a       of the Connecticut Dog Federation. Son               patrol, son Rick had not been able to walk.
phone call on my cell advising me that the         Ralph Jr went on a trip to Alaska’s Cook             This was the moment he first considered
buses were not coming because they had not         Inlet for some excellent salt and fresh water        resigning his commission; he did not want to
been paid in advance. No one had ever said         fishing. Grizzly bears sometimes forced the          miss other major family events. However,
anything about advanced payment. I convinced       fishermen to retreat to their air boats and          he persevered through orders to the Cutter
them that I would have a check for the driver      leave the area. Good to hear from you again,         Perseus in San Juan as XO. Their daughter
when the buses arrived. They then advised          folks, and stay warm in the Nutmeg State.            Deborah was born there while he was in the
me that the cost would be twice what we                  And from sunny California, we hear from States during shipyard availability. Following
had agreed upon several weeks earlier. Since       our good friends Jimmie and Jayne Woods              that tour he was ordered to CO of a Ship’s
we had 70 people milling around in the lobby,      that they are as busy as ever with their work        Training Detachment. The tractor-trailer
I agreed to pay the tab. Next they got their       in the Order of Masons, including work at the CIC training rig covered every small CG
wires crossed and went to the Academy              national Date Festival and Riverside County          station between Savannah and Brownsville,
in lieu of the Radisson where we were all          Fair. His sister and family came down for a          TX. Contact with the guy he relieved
waiting. I finally got them to the hotel. After    visit and got to tour the Salton Sea, Joshua         revealed that the rig was constantly on the
the reunion I wrote a letter of complaint          Tree National Park, and Pioneer Town, where          road. The previous skipper owned a small
to the corporate HQ of First Student Bus           many of the old time western movies were             plane and flew home on weekends. After
Co. in Chicago. They called to apologize           filmed. Their annual trip for leaf peeping in        four years of sea duty this sounded like he
and refunded our money. I have used it to          New Hampshire ran into airline scheduling            would spend even less time at home and
give refunds to several classmates who, due        difficulties along the way. As Jayne says, “Oh,      made a decision to head for civilian life.
to health or family issues, had to cancel at       the fun of flying these days”! Their pups,                 Chuck got a job with Pratt and
the last minute. I have taken the liberty of       Ozzi, Kit and Karen, passed training with            Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford, CT as a
donating $500 to CG Foundation Fallen              flying colors before being awarded Canine            test engineer. He helped complete the FAA
Heroes Fund which is used for scholarships         Good Citizen Awards. During the year                 qualification of the JT-8D jet engine for flight
for children of Coast Guard men and women          Jimmie earned a Service Award...both of              in the Boeing 747. Their second son William
who lose their lives in the line of duty. This     them plan on attending our big reunion bash          was born during that time. In 1968 his Dad
leaves our reunion fund with sufficient start      come October. I know that many of us will            offered him a job at his little manufacturing
up money for future class events. What’s           enjoy trading sea stories with them again.           company in Port Huron MI where he was
more, we have two ‘54 Windshirts, size M,                And way up ‘thar’ in the land of maple         born. He and Bev talked it over for quite
and five '54 ballcaps remaining. I would like      syrup (better known as Vermont) we find              a while before deciding to move. They
to sell them at $25 each for wind shirts and       Gordon and Barbara Allen visiting with               raised a family while he worked at Plastic
$15 per ball cap, including shipping. But wait!    Marv and Lois Jacob for church services              Plaque Products until retiring at age 62. Son
... There’s more! By ordering now, you can get     in Rochester, NY, where the Allens were              Rick now works for the county in Elmira
them both for only (I am not making this up)       spending time with their son, John, and              NY and is still single. Daughter Deborah
$40! Please contact me ASAP if interested."        family during the Christmas holiday season.          is married with two beautiful daughters,
      CARL’S COMMENTS                              We are very happy to report that their               and also is in Elmira. Rachel is 20 and in
      Bob and Marilyn did such a terrific          daughter-in-law has recovered from a                 college; Meghan is finishing high school. The
job at 5455 ... and here they are still            very serious illness. Mary is a stalwart in          family of three is going to visit the Old Sod
wrapping up details! They deserve more             the choir and leads a Bible class; both are          in Ireland this summer, leaving dad Dennis
than just raising my ($15) ballcap to them!        heavily involved in church work. Thanks              home to care for the dog. Son William is
      Carl sends.                                  for the picture and your note, folks, and            divorced and living in Port Huron. He has
                                                   stay warm up near the Canadian border.               daughter Jessica and son Kyle with him. Bill

’55        90%
                                                         As the sun sets in beautiful Hula Land,
                                                   our good friend, Ed Carus, wrote us a nice
                                                                                                        is now running the business at PPProducts.
                                                                                                        All three often spend time with Mom and
CAPT Al Landry                                     note. He said that early in 2009 he and              Dad for Sunday dinner, the beach and such.
22 Berkshire Drive                                 Pinkie visited the Cloud forest of Costa Rica              Chuck and Bev have had many of
Winchester, MA 01890                               before taking a week’s cruise from there to          the maladies linked with advancing years
Ph: 781.729.2665                                   Panama and then through
Email:                          the Big Ditch. He had
Web:                                     been through the canal
                                                   twice before but it was a
     Ground Tackle – all gear                      first for her. About the
     and equipment used in anchoring               time he was writing to
     or mooring with anchors                       us, the Chinese New Year,
                                                   the year of the Tiger (not
     Ralph and Fay Slater now only do              Woods), was about to
travel with occasional day trips...this way        begin. And so our good
they don’t have to put their dogs in a kennel.     friends say Happy New
And besides, they enjoy their home too             Year, or Gong Hee Fat
much to leave it for long. He feeds their          Choy in Cantonese, to
pair of swans every day, along with a flock        all ‘55ers. Their health
of Mallard ducks. His note said that about         is holding up fairly well,      55: Allens and Jacobs in Rochester, NY

     April 2010                               = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                          95
                                                                Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                    % Class Membership                =                               Total number of Living Graduates

but consider themselves fortunate overall.          sold me for $15.00 during Swab Summer              with us. We exchanged Holiday greetings
Visits to Elmira keep their car’s odometer          1952 was no good and I wanted my money             and discussed plans for the Meskell's
spinning. He sings with the chorus of the           back. He had only $10.00 in his pocket, but I      visit to Venice in March and outlined plans
International Symphony Orchestra of Sarnia          gave it to him anyway. It had just been in too     for our visit to them at their Colorado
and Port Huron and with the Port Huron              many of my attics over the last 54 years.          home site sometime in July. Dave was
Schubert Male Chorus. He meets with a                      Well, Don, being the craftsman that         doing well after his radiations treatments
band of four or five buddies weekly for a           he is, did some minor refurbishing of the          for prostate cancer.Yes, he is a member
beer and lunch. They often take his 21-             original Chuck Morehead guitar and it              of the group now, but opted to undergo
foot boat to run down the river to St. Clair.       looked and played halfway decently. Don            radiations rather than surgery. Suzette is
Driving for the Red Cross also keeps him            is very active in a RC Model club, and at          doing well and looking forward to seeing
involved. I believe a lot of classmates will        one of the meets, he showed it to a retired        the SW Florida group in March.” The
be delighted to know what Chuck and his             Navy LCDR who collected guitars, and he            enclosed photo shows the meeting of the
family have been up to all these years; let’s       fell in love with it, as by now, it was quite      Vance’s & Meskell’s at a local eatery.
hear it for our old buddy and classmate.            an antique and potentially worth $1,000.00.              “Rit, attached are some pictures
      And that’s about the skinny for now,          Don told him that if he could refurbish it and     of me and my grandson, George Vance
gang. Don’t forget that first weekend in            sell it, he could take half of the funds, and he   Fallon, at Super Bowl 44. No. 11 is in front
October in New London when we have                  and I would split the other half. The LCDR         of the Colts hotel, 16 is in front of the
our Grand 55th Reunion. The emphasis will           demurred knowing the history, but said that        stadium, and 41 is George with Marino
be more on having time to tell sea stories          if Don did not mind, he’d take it up home,         and Cower in the back ground during
with one another rather than focusing               near the VA/WVA border, and have an elderly        the pre-game show. Regards, George”. I
on events. It should be a barnburner                guitar builder/craftsman really refurbish it.      selected one of the photos that George
of a time so why not be part of it?                        Several months later, he saw Don and        mentioned and have included it herein.
      Keep the faith                                told him he had no longer had his guitar,                “Rit: I would like to reiterate how
      Al                                            and went on to explain. The elderly WVA            surprised and pleased I was to see John
                                                    craftsman did in fact create a virtually new       Cece arrive and attend my mother's

’56        83%                                      Rex Playboy, but he knew an elderly couple
                                                    who were down and out, had virtually
                                                                                                       funeral at Arlington in January. I was with
                                                                                                       my family downstairs in the reception area
CAPT Joe Smith                                      nothing and living the hard scrabble life. On      when someone came in with the bright light
8295 SE 61st St.                                    top of that, they were raising their seven-        behind him. John had to tell me who he
Mercer Island, WA 98040-4901                        year-old granddaughter who, they bragged,          was because his face was hidden in shadow.
Ph: 206.236.1016, 206.236.3044 (f)                  was a natural musician. When given the guitar      I was touched by his kindness. John tells
Email:                           by the elderly craftsman, she was stymied,         me that he is a member of a group that
Web:                              but the grandparents told him that she had         makes a point to show up to support Coast
                                                    learned on a banjo. The craftsman restrung         Guard families as they lay their loved ones
              In Memoriam                           and tuned the tenor guitar like a banjo and        to rest at Arlington. Perhaps John would
               Judy Hartgen                         the young lady took off and sounded like           like to tell you more about this unsung
             January 28, 2010                       a whole orchestra. He gave her the guitar,         group. Ted Holtzman”. There is a small
                                                    and the young girl was overwhelmed as she          contingent of “CG Angels”, who live in the
      From Art Wagner:                              never had a thing she could call her own.          Arlington area, and show up to support
      Jean and Don Bellis joined Jan and                   So, the old tenor guitar which started      grieving families. They are a godsend.
me and we journeyed over to Tampa to be             out with Mount Dora’s Chuck Morehead in                  THE MAIL BUOY –Bubbles sent me
the guests of Alice and Bill Merlin at the          1952 is now being played by a future Dolly         a card with a photo of Whistler’s Symphony
annual Propeller Club/Navy League/Coast             Parton in the “hollers” of West Virginia.          in White¸ No. 1: The White Girl. Taped on
Guard Foundation Salute to the Coast Guard.         May it “twang” on to fame someday.                 the card was a newspaper article about
ADM Thad Allen, who was in town for the                    From me:                                    Bret Favre, with a humorous remark that
30th annual Blackthorn Memorial and a Joint                Judy Hartgen passed away 28                 he played with people such as Bronco
Task Force Press Conference the next day,           January and we will miss her.                      Nagurski¸ Pete Maravich, Alan Ladd and
was the featured speaker. Bill had the honor               YOHOHO SENDS                                Euripides, the best return man ever. The
of introducing ADM Allen, and harkened                                                                 author of the article was obviously poking
back to the fact that the ADM was the son
of a CG DCC, and first defined for the
                                                    ’57         94%
                                                                                                       fun at his 16 seasons at Green Bay after a
                                                                                                       rookie year in Atlanta. Generously listing
audience what damage control was all about.
                                                    Mr. A.K. Manthous                                  his age at 40, Bubs also added that he
He then used the damage control theme to            5495 Club View Ln.                                 played with Eumenades. Correspondence
summarize many of the Admiral’s spectacular         North Port, FL 34287                               from Bubbles is like a box of chocolates;
career accomplishments. ADM Allen admitted          Ph: 941.429.1787                                   you never know what you are getting.
that he had never had such an introduction.         Email:                                    Pete Rots sent the following: “The
      ADM Allen then went on in an                  Web:                      Bear comes thru again! Braving 9 degree
                                                                                                       weather, he traveled to Ohio to volunteer
unscripted speech touching mostly on what           group/cga57;                  his time and effort for my daughter’s annual
makes the men and women of the Coast                com/group/uscga57
Guard what they are, how the “torch” or                                                                Grand Slam Tennis fundraiser. A weeklong
                                                          OPUS#136 [Mar 4, 2010] – What have           of doing various chores from heavy lifting
“DNA” is passed on in unfathomable ways,            you done for your community lately?
and how each will someday find themselves                                                              to tending the wine bar at the concluding
                                                          HEADS UP – Over the Christmas                cocktail party (task that took no coaxing)
in that unique time where they will be tested,      holidays, my new laptop died, taking
not found wanting and will do what’s right.                                                            was indispensible to the success of the
                                                    with it 2 years of data. I’m now on my             event. See the photo where he and I rubbed
Inspiring. Awards were presented to several         3rd machine and there may be some
of the local units, including an interesting                                                           elbows with the USA’s newest members,
                                                    holes in my reporting this period, so              John Isner and Sam Querrey, of the Davis
joint pursuit of a kidnapping case in the Gulf.     that’s my story and I’m sticking by it.
      Some of you may remember our 50th                                                                Cup team”. The photo of the 2 old midgets
                                                          EMAIL BUOY – “Rit, Rita and I met            and 2 young giants is included herein.
Reunion Banquet when our Master of                  with the Meskell's between Christmas and
Ceremonies Bill Merlin called me up and I                                                                    REPORTS – Hesser, Holtman,
                                                    New Year at a restaurant between their             Yianson; Artie, are you in the air with
told Don Bellis that the tenor guitar that he       house and my daughter's house. Dennis was

96                                              = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                       BULLETIN
                        Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                            Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
planes, or on the water with wooden boats?       are planning on taking his yellow motorcycle
Ted, been climbing any ladders lately?           and heading north to Canada, this summer.
Robert, how’s the printing business going?       They are going up to New Brunswick to
     CAVEAT – Beware of                          see the tidal bore, in the Bay of Fundy. They
Greeks bearing gifts.                            plan on spending time touring Nova Scotia
                                                 and Cape Breton Island. I expect they might

’58        98%
                                                 even find time to enjoy a lobster, or two!
                                                       At the beginning of the meal, Zoe
CAPT Alex Larzelere                              Conrad stood and welcomed everyone.
36 Wolfe St., Alexandria,VA 22314                In December, Zoe spent a week touring
Ph: 703.519.0714; 703.945.6692 (c)               the British Isles. She said George didn’t
Email:                   want to go so she went by herself. “At one
Web:                               point,” she said, “I was thinking about getting
      On a cold and dreary Friday in February,   an apartment in London.” Without any
                                                 prompting from me, Zoe brought a copy               57: George Vance and his grandson at the Super
a major gathering of South Florida classmates                                                        Bowl
assembled in Bradenton. George Conrad            of my book to the
took on the planning, organization and           luncheon. She held it
execution of the event with a zeal and           up and told everyone
dedication that would have rivaled Ike’s         how much she enjoyed
Overlord. Well, maybe not quite, but there       it. Then she passed it
were almost as many communications! All          around for everyone
joking aside, George put together a terrific     to take a look at it.
event at the Tara Country Club, where he is      I’m trying to decide
a member. A total of twenty-four classmates,     whether I owe her
wives, and a lady friend, enjoyed a delicious    a commission? Bob
lunch and an abundance of camaraderie. The       and Pat Nelson are
following attended the event: Boyd and Pat       enjoying a respite from
Acklin, John and Marianne Armacost,              the snowy weather in
George and Zoe Conrad, Carl and                  Virginia. They rented
Winnie Denny, Phil and Peggy Dolan, Jay          the same place they
and Jan Elliot, Alex and Rita Larzelere,         had last year. It is
Jim and Jill Martin, Dick Matheson and           on an island, right           57: Pete Rots & Bruce Beran with Davis Cup team members
Carol, Bob and Pat Nelson, Steve and             on the beach. They
Dot Smith, and Bob and Barbara Tuneski.          were looking forward
      As you can imagine, more than a            to having their four
few of the old stories were rehashed and         grandchildren come
embellished, during the after-lunch social.      and stay with them for
Always with an ear out for class news, I         a few days. Pat said,
picked a few things out of the chatter. One      “I hope the weather
was Boyd’s recollection from first class year,   warms up so the
when he had a room near the fence. He said       grands can go to the
he would wake up in his bunk with Bernie         beach.” The Nelson’s
Jacobson and Roger Walther climbing              two daughters are
over him to get out the window. They             also planning to come
were heading for the fence to enjoy a little     down and spend a
unauthorized liberty. Boyd said, “The worst      week with them.
                                                                               57: George & Rita Vance and Dave & Suzette Meskell
part was, I knew that in a few hours later
they would be climbing back through the
window and over me, again!” Bob Tuneski
had some advice for classmates. He said,
“If you’re going to have a pedicure, have it
done by a podiatrist.” Last year Bob had a
pedicure at a shop, in a local mall. He had a
small sore on his shin, which he thought was
healed. It got infected. Bob said, “I fought
the infection for months and had to have
antibiotic infusions.” He said he is okay now,
but it took a long time to get the infection
under control. There is no way he is going       58: Always ready for the call--Jay, John, Marty, Carl, Alex, Steve, Phil, Bob, Matty, George and Boyd
to a shopping center pedicurist, again!
      I was talking to another classmate
and he said his doctor had just put him on
the blood thinner, Coumadin. Somebody
overheard him and said, “Hey, I’m taking
that,” and then somebody else said, “Yeah,
my doctor put me on that, too.” What’s
happening to us? Boyd had a shoulder job
and Jay is just back on the tennis court after
a hip replacement. When I think about it,
everybody actually looked pretty. Matty
certainly isn’t slowed down. He and Carol        58: The ladies of '58--Jill, Jan, Pat, Dot, Pat, Rita, Winnie, Peggy, Marianne and Zoe

     April 2010                              = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                              97
                                                              Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                    % Class Membership              =                               Total number of Living Graduates

      The night before the luncheon, the          drink. When they left, they returned both          only willing to talk about it now, because
Larzeleres drove from North Palm Beach            young ladies to Marianne’s house, a half           the statute of limitations has run out. All
and spent the night with Steve and Dot            an hour away. I asked John what he thought         of John’s family, including his grandmother,
Smith, in Boca Raton. The Smiths have             Marianne’s impression of him was. He               traveled from Maryland for the wedding.
lived in the same house ever since Steve          said, “I think it must have been pretty good,      Fred Burgess was John’s best man. John
retired. It still looks like a model home.        because we went out together the next              said, “I roomed with Freddy at the Academy
The next morning, the four pulled out of          five nights, in a row!” Humbolt was getting        for a couple of years. In New London, he
the driveway, with Steve at the wheel, right      ready to go out on ocean station again and         was my best friend, along with Charlie
on their 0800 ETD. They arrived at the            John didn’t want to waste any time. He             Clarke.” Doug Currier was an usher,
Tara Country Club on schedule, after an           said, “That was a pretty aggressive pursuit. I     along with Bill Hewel, a reserve ensign, and
uneventful four-hour trip, which included         think it had her mother’s head spinning.”          Paul Devereaux ’59. Marianne’s matron
transiting Alligator Alley. The return trip              Marianne had a large family; she had        of honor was Beverly, her oldest brother’s
was another story. The rain, which had            four brothers and two younger sisters. Her         wife. Matty’s fiancé, Mary Ann Francesco,
been threatening all day, finally let loose and   brothers and sisters and father seemed to          was one of the bride’s maids. John said,
came down in torrents. When it got dark,          warm up to John almost immediately, but her        “It was a military wedding. It was a lot of
it was a white knuckle ride, with blinding        mother was more guarded. John said, “I think       fun. We had the arch of swords and all.”
spray kicked up by the big trucks. I was glad     she distrusted sailors. She tolerated me and             The reception was at a community hall
Steve was driving! After an anxious last          I think to this day she still has her doubts.      in Hamilton, MA, an hour out of Boston.
two hours in the dark and rain, we arrived        But then she also had doubts about all of          John and Marianne rented an apartment
safely. An invitation by the Smiths to stay       her children’s spouses.” When John met             in Hamilton, for after they got married. For
a second night was quickly accepted!              Marianne, she was working as a secretary           their honeymoon, the newlyweds went as
      It happened in Boston, a long, long time    for the McMillen Co., in Ipswich. She made         far as, what little money they had, would
ago. After serving as a summer ensign at          $75 a week, which was more than he made.           take them. John said, “We went up to
the Academy, John Armacost reported                      When Humbolt returned from patrol,          Mount Washington in New Hampshire,
to the WAVP Humbolt for duty. He shared           John and Marianne began dating again,              which was about a three-hour drive. We
a stateroom with Dick Matheson. At                not every night, but often. When his cutter        stayed in the Mount Washington Inn. The
the time, Dick was dating Mary Ann                was getting ready to go out again, after her       honeymoon lasted about two and a half
Francesco. He asked John if he would like         four-week import, John said, “I thought I          days, because that’s when my sixty-nine
to go out on a double date. John agreed           would turn up the heat a little bit, so I told     dollars ran out. That’s all I had to my name.
and Mary Ann arranged a blind date for            Marianne she could use my brand new                Then we drove back to our apartment, but
him, with Marianne. She was a high school         Ford Fairlane 500, whenever I was at sea. I        we didn’t mind. We really worked hard,
classmate of hers from St. Mary’s Academy,        was trying to improve my odds. I think she         cleaning and painting the place.” They
in Beverly, MA. It was a small school, with       was very pleased with that. From then on, I        lived in the apartment and Marianne kept
only fifteen girls in their graduating class.     don’t think she went out with anybody else         her job, until John was transferred to the
Both young ladies lived on the north shore,       and I know I sure as heck didn’t.” In March        ninety-five footer, at Pascagoula, MS. The
about an hour north of Boston. John said,         of 1959, Humbolt returned to Boston, from a        transfer to rural Mississippi was a real
“We drove up to Ipswich in my new Ford            nasty patrol, on station in the North Atlantic.    shock for Marianne, who had never lived
Fairlane 500. I remember the date; it was         The cutter came into port, in a heavy snow         outside of Massachusetts before. It was
September 19, 1958.” John and Matty went          storm. John said, “Marianne had my car             a tough adjustment to the summer heat
and knocked on the door of Marianne’s             and I knew she knew when we were coming            and humidity of the Deep South. To make
house, where both their dates were waiting.       into Constitution pier. I was sure she was         matters worse, Marianne was now four
John said, “Marianne’s mother and dad,            traveling in the storm to meet me. I was           months pregnant, but that is another story.
brothers and sisters and a whole bunch            extremely distraught. I was really concerned             I received a post card from France. Our
of people were there. Matty and I were            about her safety. It was then it dawned            world travelers, Alan Dahms and Marcia
dressed in our uniform, so as to impress.         on me, ‘If I’m this concerned about her, it’s      were taking a break, relaxing on the French
We had to meet everybody. It was kind             serious. It must be destiny.’ When she finally     Rivera. Marcia said they came to Cannes
of awkward for Marianne, because she              came onboard, I was so damned happy! We            for the sunshine and they got their first snow
had never seen Matty before and didn’t            went up to the wardroom and then I asked           in ten years! She also said, “I am absolutely
know which of us was to be her date.”             her to step into the stateroom. Matty and I        enjoying your book. You bring the White
      When I asked John for his first             shared a stateroom, right off the wardroom.        House so alive. I got hooked on the book,
impression of Marianne, he immediately            It was then I asked her to marry me and she        with your first arrival to park the car.” The
replied, “I thought she was a knockout! She       said yes! I didn’t have a ring or anything.”       Gruels saddled up their RV and headed out
was a little shy, at first. I think she was put   He had only known her for six months.              to the Lone Star state. Donna said. “Texas
off balance by these two hyper ensigns, overly    When the two got around to discussing a            wasn’t any warmer than Florida, but it gave
eager to impress. It didn’t help that she still   ring, John said, “I told her, ‘You know it’s an    us five weeks with our oldest offspring and
didn’t know which of us was to be her date.       Academy tradition that the Class miniature         her husband. They were our neighbors at
After awhile, she adjusted to the situation and   can be used as an engagement ring.’ It didn’t      the Thousand Trails RV preserve. We had
her great personality came out.” I can just       work. She said, ‘I’m not familiar with that        a wonderful, cold holiday with them.”
imagine the act put on by the comedy team         tradition. If you don’t mind, I don’t care how           The Alumni Association has a new
of Armacost and Matheson. It would put            big it is, but I would rather have a diamond.’ “   feature on its web site. It is called, In
anybody off balance! Marianne finally found              The Armacosts got married six               Memoriam. Classmates can go to www.
out who her date was, when John opened            months later on 24 October 1959. The      to report the
the front car door for her. John said, “I don’t   ceremony took place at St. Joseph’s Church         death of a classmate, which will be passed
think Matty and Mary Ann were engaged             in Ipswich, MA. John said, “It wasn’t a real       on by the Association. Information, such as
yet, but they were definitely serious. They       big wedding. Marianne and I financed most          obituary, funeral and burial arrangements,
were kind of going steady.” The two couples       of it.” In getting ready for the reception,        and even photos can be uploaded.
drove to the Paddock Lounge dinner club,          there were suspicions that John may have                 LONG BREAK. OUT.
in Danvers, for drinks and dancing. John          brought in some extra spirits, from Argentina.
said they had a good time. They danced and        When the cutter pulled into port, John and
talked. It was a comfortable evening. John        Matty were up on the flying bridge with
remembered that Marianne only had one             binoculars, looking out for agents. John is

98                                           = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                        BULLETIN
                            Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                    Homecoming 2011—September 23-25

’59         71%                                 of physical/occupational therapy specifically
                                                directed to treat her nerve areas. On
                                                                                                   one of [the sailing barque Picton Castle's]
                                                                                                   ports of call; great island. Crewed on a 47ft
RADM Ron Polant                                 the positive side, Mona says that Dave             Cat. 'Suave', 2010 Grenada Sailing Festival.
10944 Wickshire Way                             has become very domesticated during                We took 1st place in the multihull class.
North Bethesda, MD 20852-3221                   this prolonged period of discomfort. We            I am presently in St. Maarten and will be
Ph: 301.881.7628 (h); 301.881.1491 (f)          wish her well! Also on the binnacle list is        sailing the 30th St. Maarten Heineken
Email:                           Joanne Williams who had gall bladder               Regatta next week. Probably the biggest
                                                surgery at Duke University. She says it has        sailboat race in the Caribbean - fun."
                                                been a long and not so pleasant fall and                 Bob Martin and Don Jenkins had
’60         78%                                 winter so far, but things are looking up.          lunch together at the Triangle Area (Raleigh-
RADM William J. Ecker                                 George Ireland has finally retired from      Durham) U.S. Naval Academy Alumni
5345 Lake Lawson Road                           maritime consulting. His work with towing          Association luncheon. The USNA Alumni
Virginia Beach,VA 23455                         vessels and tank barges slowed considerably        Association invited alumni from the other
Ph: 757.671.8671                                with the economic downturn so he 'threw            service academies to join in their monthly
Email:                            off all the lines', and decided to retire. He’s    luncheons and occasional seminars. Since
                                                doing volunteer work with the Rhode Island         Bob and Don spent the time catching up
                                                Wild Plant Society, helping their president        and trading news about other classmates,
CAPT Donald A. Naples                           with planning and other management                 we’ll give them credit for holding a mini-
11 Hazelmere Rd.                                things. Since Judy has been an active member       mini reunion! At the monthly Old Coasties
New Britain, CT 06053                           of this organization for several years, and        Luncheon at ISC Portsmouth,Virginia,
Ph: 860.229.5000                                George has known the president for a               you will often find Marty Moynihan,
Email:                          long time, it’s an easy move for him except        George Moritz (sometimes accompanied
      The Class of ‘60's participation in       he doesn’t know much about plants. With            by Susan), plus Tim Lawrence and Bill
the Leadership 44 Project in support of         a plant expert living in the same house, we        Ecker in attendance. Tim Lawrence,
the Coast Guard Academy’s Sail Training         really don’t think that will be a problem.         contemplating hip replacement surgery, was
Program is underway smartly due to the                Continuing the adventures of “Bird           seen grilling Bill Ecker at the February
efforts of Ed Roland’s band of energetic        Man” Doug Hlousek, he volunteers for a             luncheon on what to expect afterward.
fundraisers.You all should have been            nearby Audubon Sanctuary, writes a bi-                   And the beat goes on …
contacted by phone or e-mail encouraging        monthly newsletter, prepares posters, and
participation in one form or another through
completion of pledge forms. We hope
                                                will be preparing news articles for the local
                                                papers. Doug and Phyllis help compile              ’61         92%
that you will do so to the degree that is       Osprey nesting and banding information.            Tom Braithwaite
feasible for your particular circumstances.     Doug says he’s concerned about “over-              48 Wildwood Dr., Palmyra VA 22963
      Mona Ciancaglini had neurosurgery         volunteering”. This spring he'll be leading        Ph: 434.591.1121; 434.591.1120 (f)
in Phoenix at the beginning of this year on     nature walks and both Doug and Phyllis             Email:
her lower back and right elbow to alleviate     will be doing Bluebird nest surveys. We            Web:
pain in the lower back and right leg, and in    think he has reason to be concerned!                    My request for input generated
the right arm down to the fingers where she           In January, Mike and Carolyn Dunn            several emails with pictures as
was experiencing excruciating pain. Dave        had lunch with Joe and Nanci Blackett and          classmates got together recently.
says that she will have an extensive period     Gene and Cathy Hickey (see photo) in                    First was from Joe Carilli. “Lillian
                                                Petaluma while the Dunns were traveling            and Brian Richards, Larry and Brenda
                                                in their motor home to Why, Arizona. Not           Merlino and Carol and I broke bread at
                                                knowing anything about the town of Why,            Horsefeathers in Conway, NH this past week.
                                                we checked the website and             Joe Ponti will be celebrating his 70th on
                                                learned something. Why is in Pima County, in       1 March and then having his second knee
                                                the Tucson metro area. The community was           surgery on 2 March.Visited with Joe and
                                                named for a Y-shaped intersection of state         Pat Anderson last Sunday - plans for
                                                Highways 85 and 86. The spot became known          the 50th are working their way through
                                                as "The Y," and the spelling was changed           Committee. Attended a close friends son's
                                                when residents petitioned for a post office.       wedding in NYC – This was a CGA all the
                                                Now we all know why Why is its name.               way since beside yours truly, the groom's
                                                      Bill Hayes (see photo) checked in            grandfather is CGA Class 43 Ted Rapalus,
                                                from St. Maarten with the following update:        groom's cousin is CGA ' 03 LT Victoria
                                                "Spent the last two months in Grenada,             Futch (currently an Instructor at CGA),
60: Bill Hayes sailing in the Caribbean

60: Carolyn & Mike Dunn, Nanci & Jody Blackett, Cathy & Gene
Hickey                                                                61:The Carons and Ciancaglinis on the Med Cruise

      April 2010                           = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                      99
                                                              Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                        % Class Membership          =                               Total number of Living Graduates

groom's best friend thru grammar and high         dinner last night. I traveled to KC and the          handle large ships. I mentioned the job to
school dad is CGA 65 Larry Cochrun.”              Carmens' place yesterday PM and we met               fellow retired Coastie and he allowed it
      Next was from Bob Caron about a             the Swains at the Toucan Cafe Restaurant             was about time the Navy got great talent!
trip they took. “Attached is a picture we         and had a wonderful dinner and reunion.              I had to do some quick catch-up when
took on our Eastern Med Cruise the end            No photos, but it was a great time!!!!! For          UNREP and Tactical Maneuvering came
of Sept/1st week in Oct 2010. Dave and            an old guy, Bob looked pretty good.”                 on the schedule. Radian rule, Romeo at
Mona Ciancaglini (Class of 60) were on                   Now a big announcement from                   the dip, corpen turns and all that!”
the same trip and we met up in the dining         Dave Hough. “You can tell everyone                         Bill Barry hosted the Billinghams
room one lunch. A great trip with four days       that after 49 years at the grindstone, or            on their annual trip south. “Mary Jane
in Rome before we started the cruise.”            in our case the holy stone, I have actually          and I were pleased to have Nancy and
      John Wallace sent this report. “Over        retired as in ‘for real’. Still moored and           Jim Billingham visit for a few days in late
the past couple of days, Bob and Mary             doubled up in St. Louis with no intention            January (as they do each year). Jim and I
Swain were passing by car through SC              of getting underway. Semper Par”                     were even able to get in a round of golf - one
and GA, enroute to Florida to stay a few                Don Feldman and Karen Burke did                of the very few nice days we've had here
days with Jim and Brenda Seabrook.....            a 2 1/2week trip through all the major Mayan         in Central Florida this winter. While Jim
sort of a mini vacation. They stopped             sites this winter. They started at Copan in          and I were altering the landscape on the
yesterday in Savannah and contacted me            Honduras, wove through Guatemala and the             fairways and other locales, the gals visited the
and KC Edgecomb for the possibility of            big sites like Tikal, and finished up in Yucatan.    Manatee Preserve at Homasassa State Park
                                                  The trip was organized by Wilderness                 - plenty of native Florida wildlife, including
                                                  Travel who does this trip once/year for 64           great views of the manatees. Both Jim and
                                                  customers. It started at a conference center         I are looking forward to joining about a
                                                  in Copan and then broke up into groups of            dozen other classmates at Myrtle Beach
                                                  16. Copan is the oldest site but has some            for four days of golf during the first week
                                                  amazing artifacts and mysteries still to pursue,     in March (hope the weather warms up!).”
                                                  like crawling in their tunnels, decoding their             Joe Beima had a couple of get-
                                                  language or the mathematics you occasionally         togethers in the Venice Fl area. “The
                                                  read about, such as the forthcoming clock            attached pictures are from our last
                                                  rollover next year. The only criticism               Venice, FL CGA61 get together at the
                                                  they had was the cold wet weather, they              Beima's. Gloria and Ed Peel, Don
                                                  could have skipped the bathing suits.                and Jean Hanson, Jim and Brenda
                                                        Tony Ford had an interesting report            Seabrooke and Joe and Marie Beima.
61: Tony Ford in Japan                            about his trip to Japan. “Last Fall I was                  “The other picture is from a Venice
                                                  hired by a company under contract to                 party sequence on 2/26 and 2/27. This
                                                  the Navy to provide instructors for most             time we had visitors from up North
                                                  of their shiphandling simulators on the              who were escaping the cold temps
                                                  West coast and Japan. Most of the time,              of the North East by going to sunny
                                                  I do work at nearby NAVSTA Everett.                  Florida, only to find the coldest weather
                                                  However in late September I traveled to              experienced in Florida in several years.
                                                  Sasebo and Yokosuka, Japan for Bridge                      Shown in the picture of the whole
                                                  Resource Management Training and as a                gang are Jim & Brenda Seabrooke,
                                                  "Judge" for the JO Shiphandling competition.         Don & Jean Hanson, Ed & Gloria
                                                  Most of the students are junior officers             Peel, Bob & Mary Swain, Doug &
                                                  or, in the case of aircraft carriers, more           Marilyn Ritchie, Joe & Marie Beima,
61: Jim and Bill play golf                        senior aviation officers learning how to             and kneeling Bill & Sherrie Steinbach.”

                                                                       62: December lunch group: Cadets Auth, Smith, Sherman, and Martinez join Chuck
61: Super Bowl party in Venice FL                                      Morgan

                                                                                                       62: Ray Bland and great-granddaughter Heather at
61: Class gathering in Venice FL                                                                       play

100                                           = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                              BULLETIN
                             Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                                 Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
      I would like to mention the Link                    NET and CHUCKMRGN@ATT.NET]
in the Chain Sea Story project. Joe
Ferdinando ’11 is asking each of us to
                                                                Grand- and Great-grand report. Tony
                                                          Soltys prefers Alaskan winters for the                   ’63           69%
send him a short (1-3 minutes) video                      snow as well as his grandson. Ski bum                    CAPT Jeffrey Hartman
tape of a favorite story (can be business,                photo accompanies this article. Ray Bland,               41 Wellington Ct.
CG, or anything you wish to share with                    on the other hand, prefers the warmth of                 Port Townsend, WA 98368
his class from your life experiences.)                    Texas and the opportunity to play on the                 Ph: 360.344.3415
      I will be gathering some on my camera               floor with great-granddaughter Heather.                  Email:
at Myrtle Beach during our 61 golf outing and             Romper Room photo accompanies this
encourage you all to send him something.                  article. [TSOLTYS@AOL.COM and                            CAPT Robert Fenton
      Since the class of 61 has taken on                  RAYBLAND@EARTHLINK.NET]
the Hooligan Invitational Tournament                            About 5 years ago group fiddling was
                                                                                                                   2039 Huntwood Dr.
in CT each spring, let me extend an                       non-existent in eastern Connecticut [quel                Gambrills, MD 21504
invitation to all golfers in the class to                 dommage], so Chuck Morgan started a                      Ph: 410.721.1929
think about participating. Let me know                    group (with Noreen on guitar) to meet                    Email: Robert.e.fenton@
if you are interested. It’s a great 3 days                every Tuesday to have fun learning fiddle      
of golfing for fun and fellowship.                        tunes. Initially they had about 5 fiddlers, now
      Why does Superman stop                              they average around 15. Around 80 fiddlers                                In Memoriam
bullets with his chest, but ducks when                    have played with them at one time or                                      Mrs. Ruth Foye
you throw a revolver at him?                              another. There is currently a core group                                  March 7, 2010
      Regards, Tom                                        of around 25 or 30. Several times a year
                                                          they hire regionally well-known fiddlers                      Dear Classmates: I regret to inform
                                                                                                                   everyone about the death of Ruth Foye, the
’62          85%                                          to give them a workshop. In February the
                                                          group threw Chuck a 70th birthday party                  wife of our Class Advisor CAPT Paul Foye.
CDR Carl H. Burkhart (Ret.)                               at Fred’s Brickhouse Café where they’ve                  Ruth passed away in March at the age of 92.
P.O. Box 4235                                             been playing weekly [weakly?] for about 4                Those of you who attended our 45th reunion
Greenville, SC 29608                                      years. The Café made up a special pizza                  may recall that Mrs. Foye, as frail as she was,
Email:                        named “The Morgan”, with a little ham                    made it to our dinner under the care of her
Web:                                 optional on the side. []                daughter, Eileen Kelly. She was absolutely
      Our condolences to the family,                            Our “Life Stories” book includes the               elated to have been included in our event and
classmates, and friends of Cadet                          post-CG activities of 60 classmates, and has             to have shared old memories with us. In lieu
3/c Kenny Link, whose spirit left                         been distributed in hard copy to the Class               of sending flowers, we’re asking all of us as
this earth early this year.                               of 2012. Of interest is the wide variety of              “her kids” to send a donation of $20 or more
      Link-in-the-Chain contacts are                      vocations and interests we have had, despite             to the Alumni Association. The donations will
continuing in the form of periodic lunch                  our common in-service education, training,               support the Leadership 44 fund to acquire
meetings with members of the Class of                     and experiences. Also of interest is the result          new sail boats. It will be recognized by a
2012. Most active are Janet and Harvey                    of an analysis of 101 living graduates and their         new plaque “In Memory of CAPT Paul and
Wahnquist, Noreen and Chuck Morgan,                       places of abode: on average, we currently live           Mrs. Ruth Foye” in the Sailing Center. Please
Bill Borchers, and Len Pichini. See the                   over one thousand miles from the city or                 mark your check for the Class of 1963
group photos accompanying this article. Link              town from which we entered CGA in ’58.                   Endowment Fund, with a memo notation “In
committee members Harvey and Chuck
are doing a great job keeping in touch with
’12 and finding new and better ways to

62: Tony Soltys and grandson Alain preparing to                                                                    63: Bob Fenton with his new grandson Jack, being
shred the top of the mountain at Eaglecrest ski area      63: Virg & Kathy Keith on the beach at Siesta Key,       held by daughter Patricia. New mom Suzanne is on the
in Juneau                                                 FL                                                       far left, telling everyone the good news.

                                                          62: January lunch group: 62’s Borchers and the Wahnquists join Cadets Ward, Costolo, Johnson (K), Johnson (N),
62: Noreen and Chuck Morgan at play.                      Mead, Pray, and Giancola

      April 2010                                       = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                                 101
                                                                  Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                     % Class Membership                =                               Total number of Living Graduates

63: Pete Busick, Harry Suzuki and Gill Goodman with the rest of the
golfing party in Hawaii                                                      63: Rudy Peschel and Jeff and Sylvia Hartman at CGAS Miami

                                                     golf cart attendant at the Ernie Els designed      Florida in January. While there, we visited
                                                     Hoakalei Country Club, where one of the            with Virg and Kathy Keith. They now
                                                     benefits is free golf. He also had his 50th High   snowbird each winter in their beautiful
                                                     school reunion in 2009, and looks forward          home in Osprey, FL. They had originally
                                                     to a 55th reunion of his grade school class        bought a condo on Siesta Key near Sarasota,
                                                     this year. Meanwhile, he’s practicing regularly    but decided to upgrade their lodgings to
                                                     for the Third Annual ’63 best ball contest.        a bigger home as their grandchildren have
                                                            Harry retired from the Coast Guard          grown. They were kind enough to host me
                                                     in 1983. They stayed in Hawaii to be close         and accompany me on a house-hunting
                                                     to their extended family. Harry taught high        tour of the Sarasota area. We haven’t
                                                     school math for a few years, worked at             decided yet what to do about moving to
63: Bob Fenton and Mike Studley at dinner in         Computerland as a trainer and in PC support        Florida, but we sure loved the Sarasota
Orlando, FL
                                                     for a couple of years, and then at HMSA (Blue      area. Virg and Kathy really know and like
Memory of the Foyes”. Our goal is $1000, to          Cross affiliate) in support of their doctors’      Florida. If any of you are thinking about
qualify for the plaque. I have already sent my       office programs aimed at electronic claims         relocating, I recommend you call them.
check. I hope many of you will do the same.          filing. He retired from HMSA in 1997.                   While in Florida, Bob and Anne
      The best news I have is that Anne                     Jeff and Sylvia Hartman took a              Marie also had dinner with Mike
Marie and I are now grandparents! Our                former Rotary exchange student from                Studley in his favorite restaurant in
daughter Suzanne Franus delivered                    Argentina to CGAS Miami. The student,              Orlando. Mike is still working hard on
our first grand-child, a beautiful new baby          Antonio Dell’Elce, lived with them for a           his entrepreneurial project of waste to
boy, on February 1, in Sewickley, PA (near           school semester four years ago in Port             energy transformation. Unfortunately, we
Pittsburgh). John David Franus, Jr.                  Townsend, WA. He is now finishing up               missed Suzanne, who was out of town
(“Jack”) is growing quickly and sleeping             his commercial pilot’s license and earning         on a business trip. Suzanne remains heavily
well, and he has the same big hands and              his degree from Embry-Riddle in Fort               involved in consulting with her clients on
feet as his dad (big John is 6’6” tall). Thank       Lauderdale. His ultimate goal after he gets        Information and Computer Security.
goodness for Jack, he doesn’t look like me           his citizenship is to become a Coast Guard              Well, it’s back to the digging out.
at all. The other grand-parents, Tom and             pilot. The pilot in the photo is LT Lugo, who      Hope to see many of you at the Hall of
Lilian Franus, live nearby, but we’ll have           was their tour guide at Miami CGAS.                Heroes Induction Ceremony on April 24.
to drive regularly on the Turnpike to see                   Dennis Brady has been doing a great
and play with him. We intend to become
regular visitors in Pittsburgh. We’ve waited
a long time to spoil our grand-children.
                                                     job for all of us in keeping us informed about
                                                     Academy events, in his life-long role of our       ’64         82%
                                                     Class Secretary (little did he know what he        CAPT Mike Stenger
      Gill Goodman reported that he and              was getting into). He reminds us there are         1733 Woodhaven Lane
Carol had just returned from 3+ weeks
in Hawaii. The highlight of the trip was the
                                                     several upcoming events featuring our own          Port Angeles, WA 98362
                                                     Classmates at the Coast Guard Academy.             Ph: 360.457.7205
Second Annual Class of ’63 Best Ball Golf            Bob Leggett will reprise his role from the
Contest, pitting the stalwart team of Harry                                                             Email:
                                                     Leadership Conference at the Dining-In on                ALLCLASS64NOTE13
Suzuki and Pete Busick against Gill and              April 8, where he will present our Cutting
his Sequim civilian buddy (Jim Coulter).                                                                      This has been a truly interesting
                                                     edge knives, and our best wishes, to the Class     winter! Here in the Northwest, we have
The losers had to buy beer (lucky for them,          of 2010. Several of our Classmates will be
Carol didn’t play on either team!). The                                                                 experienced a very mild season with
                                                     inducted into the Hall of Heroes on April 23,      only one snowfall of note and that was in
match was held at the U.S. Army Leilehua             and their names will be inscribed on the Wall
Golf Course, with the awards ceremony                                                                   November if memory serves. As the notes
                                                     of Gallantry. This recognizes their heroism        from classmates pour in, full of great inputs
taking place at the bar. For anyone who              in combat in Vietnam. Our members are:
cares, this year’s match ended dead-even.                                                               for this column, almost everyone from
                                                     •      LTJG David Brostrom (deceased)              the south or east laments monumental
Gill says “like the old Brooklyn Dodgers                    Bronze Star Medal (with Combat “V”)
fans used to say, wait until next year”.                                                                snowdrifts, cold temps and yucky weather.
                                                     •      LT Roger Hassard                            I hope nobody has had any serious
      Life sure must be tough in Hawaii for                 Bronze Star Medal (with Combat “V”)
Pete and Harry, but somebody has to do                                                                  problems connected to winter weather
                                                     •      LTJG Arthur E. Katz                         but I sure loved it happening somewhere
it. Harry Suzuki reported that he and                       Bronze Star Medal (with Combat “V”)
Janet do the grand-parent gig there, although                                                           else this year. Here in Washington at
                                                     •      LTJG Charles B. Mosher                      the end of February, daffodils and tulips
there is less baby-sitting now since the twins              Silver Star Medal
started pre-school and their older grand-                                                               are already showing up and a drought is
                                                     •      LTJG Barham F.Thomson, II                   predicted for this area. Huh?? Drought??
child is in second grade. Harry plays golf                  (deceased) Silver Star Medal
weekly with his Thursday club, where he is                                                                    I am not sure why this next
                                                            Anne Marie and I took a trip to             remembrance occurred to me. Do you recall
the secretary. He has a part-time job as a
102                                             = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                         BULLETIN
                           Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                         Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
that right before graduation, we were urged        much-anticipated migration to summer                      Gordy and Jane Piche have recently
(read strong-armed or forced) into buying          digs in California. They will hopefully hit         returned from a two-week Panama Canal
a new uniform to launch our Ensignships?           the road headed west the first week of              cruise that originated in Miami and wound
When my name came up and it was time to            March and then return to Virginia in June           up in Los Angeles. They had a wonderful
go visit Arnold the Tailor, I went in for my       or so. By then the snow should be gone.             time. Not to mention eluding all the winter
fitting. I always truly enjoyed Arnold. He               Gary and Jane Nelson reported                 weather on the East Coast. While in LA they
was a class act! After we got down to brass        in from Florida (no snow down there). As            spent a few days hopping from museum to
tacks and I was trying on the new khaki            I write this, Jane and daughter Melanie             museum (Getty, Hammer, Huntington and
trousers the conversation went something           are touring Spain and Portugal. Ah,                 Tolerance). They sent along a couple of nice
like this….”Meeeester Stengerrrr (rolling the      Portugal. First Class Cruise. Lisbon.               pictures, one of which is of the liner Queen
r’s in his thick Austrian brogue). We need to      Estoril. Apparently Gary has tantalized             Victoria about to enter the locks. Didn’t
make these trousers a little large! I said “why    Jane with stories centered around the               look to me like it would fit but it did.
Arnold?” Arnold said “because Meeeester            Texas Bar and just chuckles when she                      I fear that I may not be able to do
Stengerrrr, you will certainly gain weight after   probes for more information. Jane thinks            this next contact justice. Joe Carroll
graduation!” I said “Bushwa Arnold…that            there may be things she has not yet heard.          sent me a bio and a photo and his
ain’t happening (or words to that effect)!”        Gary remains in Florida, pining away for            signature line on the e-mail (in part) is as
Arnold said “you should listen”. I said            Jane and fishing 24/7 as a distraction.             follows: The Honorable Joseph P. Carroll,
“Arnold, I trust you implicitly, but this time           Marty Miller, apparently returned             President- Secretaire Perpetuel, Association
you have it wrong.” I should have listened.        from European touring, sent in a note               du Mecenat de l’Institut, 200 East 66
      In January, Fred and Mary Halvorsen          reporting recent contact with Jim Card.             Street, D-1905, New York, NY 10065.
decided to visit Portland and Fred’s mother.       Jim gave a presentation to the class                      Wow! The accompanying bio concerns
Being that close to NW Washington, a visit         that Marty is teaching in Galveston on              his position as a member emeritus of the
to the ’64 party group around Seattle was          Port and Harbor Engineering. Jim’s talk             Columbia University Board of Visitors. Joe
in order so Bob and Judy Hammond                   was on marine navigation and safety and             has earned degrees from several prominent
cheerfully volunteered to host another             was exceedingly well-received. This is              educational institutions including Columbia,
gathering. Rising to the occasion were             becoming an annual event. Jim is on the             Harvard and MIT. He is currently the ‘Charge
Bob and Judy, Walt and Kay Reissig,                college board of visitors which is a high-          de Mission’ for the President of the Institut
Hank and Joyce Landau, Mike Stenger,               level advisory group for the college CEO            de France, which is the preeminent scholarly
Steve and Karen Plusch, Bob Sundin,                and helps keep things on an ‘even keel’.            and cultural institution of the French state.
Fred and Mary Halvorsen and the
area ’64 mascot Bella the Hammond’s
Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. This was
another memorable afternoon filled
with great food and fellowship, and the
re-telling of stories that have grown far
beyond their original dimensions.
      About the same time but further south
on the Left Coast (Palm Springs) Gil and
Libby George hosted a mini-gathering
which drew Bob and Cheryl Dudley
from Northern California, Mac and Jill
Culver who have a winter home in the               64: Joe Carroll           64: L to R Mac Culver, Ken Bates, Gil George, Bob Dudley, Dick Jarombek
Palm Springs area, Ken Bates who also
spends his winters down there and Dick
and Marion Jarombek who traveled down
from Palos Verdes (near Los Angeles). The
group took in the “Palm Springs Follies”,
played golf, and then enjoyed happy hour
and dinner at the George’s home.
      I have exchanged several notes with
Andy and Phyllis (Yetka) Hobson.
Phyllis recently lost her mother Louise
who was a wonderful lady and had lived
with Phyllis for several years. I received
a picture of the Hobson home in
Fredericksburg,Virginia buried under snow
drifts. They were lamenting the fact that          64: L to R Walt and Kay Reissig, Hank and Joyce Landau, Mike Stenger, Steve Plusch, Bob Sundin,
the deluge of paperwork was delaying their         Karen Plusch, Bob and Judy Hammond, Fred and Mary Halvorsen, Bella Bernese Mtn Dog

                                                   64: L to R Jill and Mac Culver, Libby and Gil George, Marion and Dick Jarombek, Cheryl and Bob
64: Jane and Gordy Piche                           Dudley

     April 2010                               = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                         103
                                                            Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                   % Class Membership             =                               Total number of Living Graduates

His amazing career in international business    grandchildren, and golf. I am also providing        the young wives/girl friends of the younger
and finance has included White House Fellow,    pro bono consulting to small companies to           enlisted men. Although isolated you had
and assignment as a Special Assistant to the    prevent my mind from going to mush. After           and could depend on your neighbor and
Secretary of the Treasury of the U.S. (George   recently visiting the London Finizio’s, we went     your own initiative. Our VW camper being
P. Schultz). In July 2005, President Jacques    to Ireland. Egypt and Jordan are later this         blown through intersections was always a
Chirac of France named Joe an Officer of        year. We plan on attending the 45th reunion.”       thrill in Seward because of the strong winds
the National Order of the Legion of Honor,            A phone call to Mike Meany found              coming down the frozen streets. Coming
France’s oldest and highest military and        him outside by the pool in 70 degree                into port in the middle of the night, during
civilian decoration. It recognizes continued    weather having a Friday evening cocktail            an extended search, to pick up mail and
‘eminent service’ to the Republic of France.    contemplating his first tennis match the            some supplies and a quick hug and kiss and
His accomplishments and credentials are of      next day since he had a hip replaced                underway in a couple/three hours, became
the highest order and too numerous to list      last October. A tennis match is a good              routine and a novelty; which soon wore thin.
here. His immediate family is no less gifted.   sign of successful rehabilitation.                  SORREL transfer to land-locked Cordova
His son and daughter-in-law are both doctors          Roger Kushla reports nothing new              in Prince William Sound was a real project.
and were classmates at Columbia and in          in the Chicago area and is contemplating            Cars were loaded aboard and most of us
medical school. Joe’s wife Roberta is a         attending the next reunion.                         flew with our families onto a Cordova
professor and has served on medical school            The Jenson’s sent their first Christmas       airstrip requiring a chute to be deployed
staffs at the Universite Paris VII, Columbia    letter from Brown’s Summit, NC where the            during landing. My resignation was approved
and Harvard universities. All this is very      grand kids are just a baby sit request away.        in Nov 1973 and we flew through Seattle
impressive and I appreciate receiving it.       Don has an expanded workshop and the                where we sold our VW camper (shipped by
       Dick Macdonald reported in. He           area provides healthy outdoor activities.           Sealand) and continued our flight to CT.”
reports that he and Ann are quite busy                Gene Bowen provided this CG career                  Russ Hebert retired last October
with grandchildren and travel. They have        review: “With Jim White and Angie                   when he hit the age of 66 and then
4 grandkids in Nicaragua. The two boys          Arecchi, I reported to the USCGC Coos               applied for social security. He plans
come up for six weeks during the summer         Bay in Portland, ME. One highlight was              on attending the next reunion.
to jet ski, fish and round up Canadian Geese    getting a call (regularly) from Maureen                   Linda Spade was in Harrisburg,
for banding. The twin girls come up in the      Sigler to help her track and retrieve Greta,        NC being the nanny for her new little
winter for six weeks (equal time) to do girl    their St. Bernard "puppy" which seemed to           granddaughter and is also looking forward
things with Ann and ski with Dick. The          only run away when Bill was at sea. I didn't        to seeing all the 65ers at the 45th reunion.
Macdonalds have a 26 day cruise on the          think Ensigns could support an animal that                Bill Carr update: “Our oldest son,
Mediterranean in April/May originating and      size. It was a challenge fitting Greta into their   Chad, now owns the family business which
ending in Rome. Last year they did a 23-day     VW bug for the ride home. More challenging          has been in the RV, manufactured housing
land tour of China and had a wonderful time.    was to avoid drowning in her drool. But             and specialty trailer industries going on
They recommend the China travel as their        Maureen came through for me and was by              34 years now. Judy got involved in the
greatest trip ever. He spent the last part of   Fran's bedside for the birth of our first son.      RV industry in 1976, I got involved in
his note sniveling about the snow and cold      I was in Bermuda on SAR stand by. Aboard            1982 and Chad joined 17 years ago and
weather. Reminds me of a favorite saying of     the CAPE FALCON in Norfolk,VA, I was                has owned it since 2003. We've had our
one of my ex-CO’s…Ed Nelson…”nobody             introduced to an EMC and BMC - two outer            ups and downs as these industries are
ever hurt his back shoveling rain!” Amen.       bankers and true Guardsmen, who shaped              very volatile. We basically are turnaround
       Stay fit and stay in touch.              me into at least a satisfactory CO. I relieved      consultants for the owners of dealerships
God Bless America!                              Jim Loy ‘64 and wonder if those chiefs had          across the country with about 100 clients
                                                trained me first, the course of history might       at any one time - give or take twenty

’65       66%
                                                have changed, but I was too short to be
                                                Commandant. Vietnam was interesting. It was
                                                                                                    depending on the business cycle. We
                                                                                                    have developed a comprehensive software
Delgene Phillips                                usually so boring and mundane to the point          business management package for the
14423 NE 11th Pl.                               of being dangerous. My VN liaison, Sang, on         accounting, inventory management, financial
Bellevue, WA 98007                              the Point Ellis was without a doubt the best.       statements, sales, marketing, finance, and
Ph: 425.747.5805                                Scott, OCS, and I met during training in CA.        insurance - the whole nine yards. We help
Email:                       Scott served as XO on a boat in southern            our clients stay profitable with a positive
      Tony Finizio update: “I retired on        Vietnam. When he was transferred to Da              cash flow no matter what is happening with
1/1/09 and my wife, Ro, has survived with       Nang he became our division Operations              the economy or local markets. We are the
my being around this past year. Previously,     Officer under CDR Nelson who was CO of              proud grandparents of eight ranging in age
she could recover from too much of Tony         our Da Nang patrol boats. Scott was a kinder        from 13 to six - 5 boys and 3 girls. Chad has
while I traveled extensively over the past 44   and gentler "red-neck" from Arkansas. Good          three, Lauren three and Brian two. Chad's
years. Our three sons are all married and       officer and great friend; even to this day we       family resides in Davenport about two miles
have given us 5 beautiful grandchildren (1      connect at least once a year by phone during        from us; Lauren is in Red Deer, AB and Brian
boy and 4 girls in that order and all under     Christmas/New Year. He attended two of our          in Shawnee, KS. Lauren worked with the
5 years). Steve, our oldest is a lawyer and     children’s weddings. Ironically, the nature         company for 14 years before going the full
in 2000 moved to London where it appears        of my assignment as a four year Academy             time mother route for a couple of years
he will remain permanently. Karl, Steve’s       Company Advisor eventually planted the              and now is back to work in Canada. Brian
son, is a dual citizen of the US and Germany.   seed, which led to my early resignation and         started out on the ground floor of a small
My frequent travel to the UK for Director       subsequent career in counseling in higher           computer company 12 years ago and now
Meetings from 2000 to the end of 2008,          education. When you are wearing a uniform           heads the software development department
allowed me to visit with Steve, Maren and       with gold stripes, etc. and are trying to work      of that company now at over 300 employees
Karl which I miss. Andy and Matt, our other     with young men with personal problems and           and is in the top three in longevity.”
two sons both live in the Boston suburbs        serious issues, you are limited in how you                Retirement report from Ralph
and close to our NH home, allowing us to        can handle the situation and don’t have as          Anderson: “I am retiring on March 31, 2010
see our 4 granddaughters on a regular basis     many options available. My last duty as XO          after more than 17 years as the Executive
which makes Ro reluctant to leave for Florida   aboard the 180' tender SORREL in Alaska             Officer of the Space Sciences Laboratory,
until the gray of winter is overbearing. We     was a great family experience. Fran became          University of California at Berkeley. During
are both enjoying retirement with travel,       a sounding board and mother figure for              my time at the Space Sciences Laboratory we

104                                        = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                         BULLETIN
                           Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                        Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
constructed one major building, renovated          of the month. I practiced retirement             recently celebrated our 1st anniversary in
an Annex and completed a seismic retrofit          between snow shoveling episodes.                 January. We're keeping reasonably occupied
of the original building; celebrated the                  From Rich Cashdollar: When I retired      with full-time jobs, pursuing PhD's (Toni
Laboratory's 50th anniversary and delivered        from the CG in 1994 I immediately started        at UVA and me at GMU), keeping up with
a large number of instruments & satellites         my second career as Executive Director           our two daughters Caroline and Courtney,
for NASA. I will miss the daily interaction        of Public Safety for the City of Mobile,         and getting to VT football games in the Fall
with exciting researchers and campus staff         Alabama. The Public Safety Division I headed     (go Hokies!). As an educational technology
contributing to Berkeley's reputation as           contained the Police Department, Fire-           specialist with Fairfax County Public Schools,
the best public university in the world.”          Rescue Department, EMS, Animal Control,          Toni has more issues than there is time
                                                   and the City's Municipal Court System. In        to handle. Meanwhile I continue to run

’66         73%
                                                   all, over 1,700 employees, including over
                                                   1,000 sworn first responders. The Division
                                                                                                    the Office of Administration for the U.S.
                                                                                                    Trade Representative, Executive Office of
Mr. Ned Lofton                                     had an annual budget of over $70M - half of      the President. Caroline is in her 5th year
92 Montvale Ave., Ste. 4150                        the City's General Fund. During this period      teaching 1st grade in Richmond,VA and
Stoneham, MA 02180                                 I also served much of the time as Chairman       received her Masters in Education last
Ph: 781.279.2700                                   of the Board of Directors of the Mobile          summer. Courtney has been with Booz Allen
Email:                              County Emergency Management Agency. I            in Northern VA for about the same time and
                                                   served in these positions for slightly over 11   works primarily as an organizational change
                                                   years, retiring again in 2005. I immediately     consultant with DoD. Toni and I continue
’67         77%                                    launched my third career as an independent
                                                   consultant, and am now nearly fully engaged
                                                                                                    to travel extensively, getting to Malta for
                                                                                                    our honeymoon last February; Fiji, Romania,
Joe Angelico
110 Anthony Dr.,                                   as Senior Advisor to the Major Cities            and Bulgaria (see picture) last summer; and
Slidell, LA 70458                                  (Police) Chiefs Association (MCC) - the          Cambodia and Laos over the holidays. We
                                                   association of the Chiefs of the 64 largest      had a most wonderful time skiing at Seven
Ph: 985.781.2450 (h); 228.467.6556 (w)             police departments in the U.S. and Canada        Springs, PA during the big east coast blizzard
Email:                         ( <http://www.          of February (28 inches of new snow).
                                         > ). My wife Brenda              A great article on Geoff
’68         61%                                    just retired after 26 years with the Justice
                                                   Department, and is now a senior member of
                                                                                                    Harben’s 24 year volunteer effort…
                                                                                                    I wanted to yell go Bears!!!
Jay Creech                                         the campaign staff of former Assistant U.S.           You can find it in its entirety
716 Sonne Dr., Annapolis, MD 21401                 Attorney Michelle Necrosi, who is seeking        on the JUNEAU EMPIRE’s website
Email:                               the office of State Attorney General here in     at
                                                   Alabama. Brenda and I are still living happily   stories/012410/spo_553888981.shtml.
Larry Olson                                        with our four rescued Doberman Pinschers              So send along those notes and
3108 Teton Ln., Bowie, MD 20715                    here in Mobile. The attached is a recent pic     photos… only 8 years to the 50th!!!
Ph: 301.805-9094 (h); 301.809.0318 (w)             of Brenda and me with 2 of our Dobes. I
                                                   still have a lot of contact with the CG. One
                                                   of my primary duties for MCC is serving as       ’69         69%
     My second month of doing the notes            their spokesman in many ongoing projects         CAPT Bob Gravino
and I have no rashes or strange dreams, so         within FEMA and the Dept. of Homeland            2 Summer St., Ipswich, MA 01938
it must be all right to continue. We were          Security. Both organizations contain many        Ph: 978.356.0825 (h)
snowed in here in Annapolis for most               retired Coasties, and the project Work           Email:
                                                   Groups frequently contain active duty ones.
                                                          From Fred Ames: Toni and I                               In Memoriam
                                                                                                                 Mrs. Carol Gerfin
                                                                                                                 February 11, 2010

                                                                                                          Drew Gerfin’s wife Carol died
                                                                                                    tragically on February 11th while trying to aid
                                                                                                    the injured in an accident on Interstate 59
                                                                                                    in Picayune, Mississippi, when an automobile
                                                                                                    collided with an 18-wheeler. The Picayune
                                                                                                    Item reported that the Picayune Police
                                                                                                    Department’s investigation found that “Mrs.
                                                                                                    Gerfin never passed an accident without
68:Toni and Fred Ames last summer on vacation
                                                                                                    offering help; she was a woman of real
                                                    69: The newly weds, Ed & Marsha                 heroic character, a nurse that never passed
                                                    Carapezza                                       an accident without stopping to offer her
                                                                                                    professional assistance.” Carol’s funeral
                                                                                                    service was held on Fat Tuesday, the last day
                                                                                                    of Mardi Gras, and was given a Mardi Gras
                                                                                                    theme. Bob Donnee,Tom Hamblin,
                                                                                                    Pete Lenes and Paul Prokop attended the
                                                                                                    service. Drew thanked those who contacted
                                                                                                    and supported him after Carol’s death: “I
                                                                                                    have heard from many classmates and several
                                                                                                    classes before and behind us—incredible love
                                                                                                    and respect expressed for Carol. Thanks
                                                                                                    to all my Coast Guard Academy brethren.”
                                                                                                          Susan Wheatley asked that I thank the
68: Brenda and Rich with 2 of their Dobes          69: George Bond teaching AUXLAM                  Class for the flowers, cards, e-mails, donations

      April 2010                                = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                   105
                                                             Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                    % Class Membership             =                               Total number of Living Graduates

                                                 and telephone calls that she received after      survival. Ever year they lead youth on a 10-
                                                 Larry’s death in November. “The Class of         14 day trip to locations like Iceland, Australia,
                                                 1969 has the most thoughtful group of guys.”     Hawaii, British Columbia, the Northwestern
                                                       Ed Carapezza married his girlfriend        U.S. and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their
                                                 Marsha in a small ceremony attended              involvement in these programs got them
                                                 by family and friends in Arlington,Virginia,     a reputation and they now do training for
                                                 on December 20, 2009. Ed is still on             adults in Advanced (Wilderness) First Aid.
                                                 temporary assignment from his DARPA              Pat began building web sites for pay, and on
                                                 office and working in New England with           March 1st they launched the Paratus Institute,
                                                 several universities until June 1, 2010.         offering courses in Leadership and First Aid.
                                                       Dave Frydenlund retired from the           Because of Pat’s career in Ballet, they started
69: Dave Frydenlund at the helm                  Coast Guard in June 1989 and moved back          their family late. They now have a daughter,
                                                 to the San Francisco area (Belmont) just in      Sarah Terman, who graduated from Stanford
                                                 time for the Loma Prieta Earthquake and the      with degrees in Classics and Theater and
                                                 Oakland fires. Anticipating retirement, he had   is now doing a Masters in Library Science
                                                 started a high tech consulting partnership       from Syracuse. Their son, Erik Frydenlund,
                                                 with his wife, Pat Terman, in 1987. Their        graduated from UCLA in 2009 with a degree
                                                 original focus was on problems requiring         in History and an interest in narrative film.
                                                 multi-disciplinary approaches, especially        Dave’s involvement in Scouting has included
                                                 physics, engineering, environmental, business    captaining a gifted 44 foot sailboat from
                                                 and computer sciences. They did a series         Los Angeles to San Francisco that involved
                                                 of subcontracts for the State Department,        many unanticipated engineering repairs and
                                                 DARPA and the Coast Guard. This led to           an unscheduled port call during the trip up
                                                 work for private corporations and R&D            the Pacific Coast. Dave’s comments on
                                                 projects in robotic systems and automation       his life are inspiring: “I have been blessed. I
69: Dave Frydenlund & Pat Terman and             of green house controls. By the late 1990’s      have everything I need. I am healthy, as is
                                                 they achieved their financial objectives and     my family. I have enough resources that I
                                                 stopped taking new contracts. By 2000 the        can continue in my life of service without
                                                 business had spun down and they retired          worrying about pay checks. I still cross
                                                 a second time, turning their attention to        country ski, referee soccer, and ramble
                                                 working as volunteers with young people.         the mountains, with and without youth in
                                                 In Pat’s case it was mentoring and tutoring      tow. I get to actually see positive change
                                                 disadvantaged youth and theater. Dave            in the youth I work with. Life is good.”
                                                 coached high school robotics, coached and               Pete Lenes was in Bahrain in January
                                                 refereed soccer, and created a program for       as part of a team to activate two patrol boats
                                                 elementary students called “Blow, Bang, and      and train the RBNF on their use. It took two
                                                 Twang” which explored the history and            weeks to get the boats from the commercial
                                                 science behind music and musical instruments.    pier, into the water and towed to the Naval
                                                 They both also got involved in Boy Scouting,     Base where they could work on them. Once
                                                 focusing on a program for 14-20 year olds        at the base, he found the trainees to be good
                                                 called Venturing. Their program is High          students and interested in getting the job
 69: Barry Kane & Bill Bissell in Wine Country
                                                                Adventure based and focuses       done. Pete was back in New Orleans in
                                                                on canoeing, white water rafting, time to celebrate the Saints’ victory in the
                                                                kayaking, mountaineering, sailing,Super Bowl. He thought that the post game
                                                                back packing and wilderness       celebration might outdo Mardi Gras this year.
                                                                                                                       Barry and Bettymarie
                                                                                                                  Kane visited Bill and Lisa
                                                                                                                  Bissell in San Francisco for
                                                                                                                  a weekend in February and
                                                                                                                  spent one day visiting the city
                                                                                                                  and the next day touring wine
                                                                                                                  country. He also reports
                                                                                                                  that oldest daughter Lisa had
                                                                                                                  a second child, Finn Everett
                                                                                                                  Gardner, on December 29,
                                                                                                                  2009. Barry announced
                                                                                                                  that the Fourth Annual Kane
                                                               69: Jim Doherty and the Winter of 2010
69: John Zeigler at the 2009 World Police & Fire Games

                                                               69: Jim Smith introducing the GENTS at the 40th Reunion dinner dance
 69: Ron & Marianne Greto and family
106                                         = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                         BULLETIN
                         Homecoming 2010—October 1-3                              Homecoming 2011—September 23-25
Carolina Golf Marathon will be held this
year on April 22, 2010, with participants          ’70           60%
to include Tim Josiah, Rich Vlaun,                 Timothy G. M. Balunis, Sr.
Jim Burk, Stu White, John Miner,                   50 Sweeney Ct.
Jim Robinson and Fred Schmitt.                     North Tonawanda, NY 14120
      John Zeigler was named to the United         Ph: 716.692.7907
States Masters All American Swimming Team          Email: balunis@roadrunner.
for 2009. He was a member of the Georgia           com
Masters 280+ meter Men’s Freestyle Relay                 From Tom Taylor:
which won the gold medal at Long Course                  GREETINGS CGA 70!!! Our
Nationals, Indianapolis, Indiana, in August.       40th Coast Guard Academy Reunion
The winning time was the fastest in the            is just months away [The weekend
U.S. for the year. John participated in the        of 1-3 October 2010]. For the first
Vancouver, Canada, 2009 World Police &             time in 20 years, we will NOT be
Fire Games, winning 5 gold, 2 silver and 2         homebasing out of the Norwich                70: Taz and Rope, Dave and Jan Belz (all ’70) together with
bronze medals in swimming and the 2 mile           Inn. Home base for our 40th will             brother, Chris Mills (’80), daughter Ashley, Mike Raber (’80) and
open water swim. He is the vice president                                                       wife Gerri
                                                   be the Mystic Marriott Hotel
of the newly created 369th Infantry Regiment,      and Spa on Rte 117 in Groton, CT...
Georgia Chapter,VFW, along with many               just minutes away from CGA. Also staying
current or retired U.S. Customs Officers.          at the Marriott will be the Classes of '75
He is entering his 39th year of masters            and '65. We have blocked off 45 rooms
swimming and is the fitness coordinator            for CGA 70 for Friday (1 October) and
for the Local Masters Swim Council in              Saturday (2 October), at a discounted base
Georgia. In March John will participate in         rate of $209 per night. I ask that those
his 39th consecutive St. Petersburg Masters        planning on attending our 40th and staying
Meet, and the Guinness World Record                at the Marriott, make room reservations by
organization is evaluating whether this            calling 800 - 276 - 7415. Make sure you tell
39 year time frame is a sports record.             them that you are with the CGA Class of                70: Fearnow's motor home
      Ron and Marianne Greto sent                  70. Once you've done that, please let me
along a photo of their family which                know (, so I can
includes their newest grandchild, Giuliana         release any unused rooms. To make things
Marie, who was born on December 18,                simpler and a bit more convenient, we will
2009, and their grandson, Joseph, who is           be holding both our two traditional Class
2 ½. Son Mike and his family are living in         evening events at the Marriott--A Class
Glendale, Arizona, where he is pursuing            Cocktail Party on Friday evening, and a Class
his MBA at the Thunderbird School of               Dinner/Dance on Saturday evening. As with
Global Management. He completes the                our 35th, I was once again able to get the
program in April and is interviewing               balcony on the backside of the new Alumni
with prospective employers which they              Center for a Class Tailgate Party on Saturday
hope will bring him closer to Virginia.            morning. In addition to our 3 Class Events,
      George and Gayle Bond have decided           there are numerous Academy Sponsored
to retire from their teaching careers, Gayle       Events that you may be interested in. I               70: John Fearnow and grand daughter, Avery reading
after 20 years and George after 17. Since          will be sending out additional information            CGA Alumni Bulletin
retiring from the Coast Guard, George              on both Academy and Class Events in the
has been spending summers and school               next HOMECOMING EMAIL. This is a
breaks teaching AUXLAM for the Coast               BIG year for us...with most of us becoming
Guard Auxiliary. Their next decision will be       eligible for Social Security. It would be
whether to remain in the Northern Virginia         great to have a record turn-out. I ask all of
area or to move to another location.               you to send me a quick email with a YES,
      I can’t end this column without              NO, or MAYBE on attending Homecoming.
commenting about the weather that the East         The sooner we have a decent headcount,
Coast has had this winter, especially the mid      the easier it will be to plan and execute.
Atlantic States and Washington, DC. I’ll let       Warmest Regards, TBone and Marilyn
Jim Doherty tell the story. “Every 5-10                  It will be great to have a record turn-out.
years we seem to get major snow in the DC                From Mike Neal:
area. This year my return home from a west               I have a little bizarre note to share
coast business trip was delayed several days                                                             70: Steve Macey retires
                                                   with the class. Back in the early ‘90’s when
due to the Blizzard of 2010, which left 30 inch    I started riding motorcycles again and got a
deep snow in my neighborhood. Attached is          Harley, I met a biker who was called Crazy
a photo after finally getting home and digging     Steve. Steve is a Viet Nam vet, a Marine,
out. The drift is about 5 feet. Next day, new      who got a traumatic brain injury, some bullet
storm dumped 14 inches on top. Last fall in        wounds and a Purple Heart. He has been
Maui, we sent our sons e-mail, ‘sell everything,   on 100% disability since he returned from
not coming back…no, don’t, just kidding.’          Nam in 1968 but was well enough, and barely
Another winter like this, we might delete the      sane enough, to ride a motorcycle. Because
‘just kidding’ part.” I didn’t hear from Jim       Steve did not work, he always had the time
Smith in Key West, but I know that my son          to get to the motorcycle run sites first and
in the Tampa area experienced unseasonably         claim choice camping space for our particular
cold weather this winter. I end the column         crew, including Rotten Roger and Tim the
with a photo of Jim and the GENTS at the           Tool-man and Janet and I. This past summer             70: John and Jean Fearnow and Sue and Vic
40th Reunion. That should provide some heat.       I learned from Rotten Roger that Steve had             Guarino in Yellowstone

     April 2010                               = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                                                   107
                                                               Total number of Regular members (living alums who are association members)
                    % Class Membership               =                                Total number of Living Graduates

gone blind a few years ago and I am ashamed        looking forward to some less stressful flying        how our endurance for such events changes.
to say that, although I had not seen Steve for     now! I still fly the Piper Cherokee that I've        Actually, one of the attendees was supposed
a while as we had stopped making as many           owned for 22 years and give an occasional            to bring his parents. Not that I don’t like
runs, I had not tried to find out what had         Flight Review. Also had the opportunity to           young people…I do…but I thought it would
happened to him. Steve had been spending           start glider training at Lake Tahoe/Truckee          be nice to have someone at the party who
the last few years sitting alone in his house,     this past summer. And there are the many             was not less than half my age. When he
smoking cigarettes and brooding. His wife          projects that go along with owning an                showed up sans parents, about 10:00 PM,
had divorced him and his only family contact       airplane--I can finally accomplish some of           he said “Oh, they insisted that I take them
was occasional telephone calls from daughter       them! We are getting our home ready to sell          back to their hotel so they could go to
in Florida. Steve felt that he was being abused    and look for another home in a state where           sleep.” I asked if they had an extra bed!”
by his legal guardian and his conservator, two     the tax burden is a little less. So far, potential        Another new Grandfather within our
different entities. The upshot of this long        locations are Holland, MI; Pensacola, FL; and        ranks! Bob Kasper reports: “Well, last
introduction is that I started visiting Steve      Austin, TX. But I think the other Commander          week my oldest daughter delivered my first
and taking him out to biker events and lunch       in the family favors Holland. Steve Macey            grandchild. Due in the middle of April, came
and now tai chi classes to help him regain                                                              January 28th. A 2 lbs 11 oz, 15 inches tall
some flexibility and health. This week I was
appointed his new legal guardian/conservator       ’71         76%
                                                                                                        (long) little girl. It was rough for a while, but
                                                                                                        she is now out of intensive care. Both are
so I now manage his affairs and try to keep        Carl A. Swedberg                                     now doing fine up in Boston at St. Elizabeth’s
him feeling less troubled than he was. He is       635 Kalmia Ct. NW                                    Hospital in Brighton. My daughter was
quite a handful at times but not the maniac        Issaquah, WA 98027                                   released February 4th, but we’re going to have
that others have tried to paint him. I never       Ph: 425.557.1069                                     to wait until the end of March before our
thought that at my age I would become in           Email:                        granddaughter will be able to come home.”
essence a father to a man who is a year older                           CONGRATULATIONS Grampa…waiting
than me but I also never thought that I would                                                           patiently for that 1st photo of you holding her!
make it this far. I just felt that I couldn’t
                                                   homepage.html                                             Another all too short update from Paul
                                                          The Ides of April may have already
live with myself if I did not do something                                                              Barlow. “Hope to see you in May. Not
                                                   passed, but depending on the calendar
to help a friend. Not bad, huh? Mike                                                                    much new here besides more snow; what a
                                                   date when you’re reading this there may
      From John Fearnow:                                                                                shock for Cleveland. However, we saw
                                                   still be time for that Income Tax filing
      Here is a resubmission of a note sent                                                             Thad in Chicago briefly last summer and my
                                                   extension? The Court will come to order.
back in September that has yet to make it                                                               daughter Kim had a baby boy...Asher in July.”
                                                          The Wendettis and Gracewskis
into the Bulletin as far as I can tell. Somewhat                                                        CONGRATULATIONS Grampa…didn’t I
                                                   went skiing. “Al Gracewski and I (plus our
dated now but the photos are not yet too
                                                   soul-mates…or should that be “Arrrghh,
out of date. John and Jean Fearnow
                                                   soul-maties?”) went up to South Lake Tahoe
spent most of the summer in the Pacific
                                                   after the Holidays. We had the time available
Northwest. We have a motor home that
                                                   as neither of us (nor our soul-maties) had
serves as a means of being able to visit kids
                                                   any pressing engagements. Yes, Al and I have
and grand kids in locations that are as far
                                                   entered the ranks of the largely, if not fully,
from Tucson as Seattle and San Antonio. It
                                                   retired. We had a very nice day at Heavenly
also allows us to escape the hottest parts of
                                                   Ski Resort. Suzanne joined us on our
the Arizona summers. This year we spent a
                                                   ski day, but unfortunately, my lovely wife
month babysitting our granddaughter, Avery
                                                   Nancy was MIA due to a missing ACL (we
so her mom, Kelly could go back to work
                                                   only found this out last year) and she opted
before day care was available. We all had
                                                   for the workout center instead. Later in
a great time but it was exhausting. After                                                              71: Paul and Renae Barlow and the Commandant
                                                   the day after a batch of my special chili, we
leaving Seattle we headed to Yellowstone
                                                   huddled around an open fire at our hotel
NP to visit Vic and Sue Guarino, who
                                                   and noticed how few people there were
were there for part of the summer working
                                                   even half as old as our kids. How did that
in the general store. We did some hiking
                                                   happen? We stayed awhile but noticed we
around the hot springs and lakes and saw
                                                   were too old for the goings on. BTW, Al
Old Faithful do its thing. Also visited the
                                                   and Suzanne’s son Nathan has left for CG
Guarino's quarters that looked a lot like a
                                                   duty in Kuwait as a member of Port Security
Chase Hall room except it was a little bigger
                                                   Unit 312. I know everyone in ‘71 wishes him
and Vic had a real wife. In October we
                                                   well and, most importantly, a safe tour and
visited San Antonio to see Ryan and his family.
                                                   a safe return.” Anything else new with the
They are stationed at Fort Sam Houston.
                                                   Wendettis? “We stay in close contact with
Grandson Colby plays football in the Texas
                                                   the Newells, Gracewskis, Rosselles, and
youth league which is only a notch or two
                                                   sometimes the Aldersons, all of whom live
below the NFL. They start with two-a-days                                                              71: Gracewskis and Wendts après-ski
                                                   in the SF Bay Area. Our daughter
in July and continue to playoffs in November.
                                                   Heidi remains in Providence (three
      From Steve Macey:
                                                   mountain ranges between her and
      January provided another significant
                                                   us, at her choice I think) at her
milestone for Linda and me. I retired from
                                                   finishing school. I visited her this
Northwest Airlines as an A320 Captain
                                                   summer following shoulder surgery
after 15 years of service. It was a good
                                                   (my third) and had a great time
job that provided me the chance to fly
                                                   as she threw a party in my honor.
the DC-9,B 727, MD-80,DC-10 and the
                                                   Following a long day of cooking
A320 for almost 10,000 hours and to travel
                                                   and cleaning in preparation, I was
throughout the U.S. and the world. But times
                                                   ready to meet all her friends. They
and people change and after a great deal of
                                                   showed at about 9:30 PM and I
contemplation, we decided it was time to
                                                   lasted until at least 10:30 PM. The
move on to the next phase of our lives. I'm                                                  71: DeCesare wedding
                                                   party ended at 2:00 AM. Interesting

108                                           = Class has pledged support to the L44 Project                                            BULLETIN