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									The Rank Fellowship
  Charities Evening
   7 November 2007
   Royal Society of Arts, London
The Rank Fellowship
The Rank Fellowship was launched in November 2003 to mark 25 years of
the Rank Foundation School Leadership Award, a bursary scheme funded
and administered by The Rank Foundation, a grant-giving charitable trust.

Since 1978, over 1,000 teenage boys and girls have benefited from
financial assistance from The Rank Foundation’s School Leadership
Award. In order to qualify for the Award, pupils must be at a participating
independent or state school, be in need of financial support to complete
their school or university careers and be judged by the head to possess
outstanding leadership potential.

The Rank Fellowship is open to past and present beneficiaries of The Rank
Foundation’s Leadership Award (referred to here as “Fellows”). It promotes
networking and mutual support among Fellows and encourages them
to invest time and effort in voluntary activities, thereby contributing to
a better society. The Rank Fellowship is already geared up to provide
practical opportunities for Fellows to lend their skills and experience
to specific not-for-profit or charitable organisations, including those
supported by The Rank Foundation.
Jason Chaffer, chairman of the Rank Fellowship

A warm welcome to our second Charities Evening at the Royal Society
of Arts. We are delighted that you could join us. Our aspiration for the
evening is twofold: a wonderful opportunity to explore the charitable
landscape and an annual social gathering for Rank Fellows.

We are very fortunate to have fifteen charities here tonight. Eight are
returning for the second time and seven are new to the Fellowship. All
are associated with the Rank Foundation and our thanks to Gill Zammett,
Charlie Harris and the Rank Foundation team for all their organisation and

Following in the footsteps of Mark Cook of Hope and Homes, we are
very pleased that our guest speaker is a Rank Fellow, Tarka L’Herpiniere.
We are looking forward to his thoughts, particularly since his adventures
have taken him to many exotic locations across the globe whilst raising
significant funds for charities.

We do hope that you have an excellent evening and find inspiration
through our represented charities and new found friends. Thank you
again for your support of the endeavours of the Rank Fellowship.

    Guest speaker
    Tarka L’Herpiniere

    Tarka L’Herpiniere was born in the UK in 1981, but grew up in France. His
    outstanding leadership potential led to a Rank School Leadership Award for
    his sixth-form education at Cheltenham College. He had already shown his
    initiative by taking two battered bicycles out of a skip, rebuilding them with
    a friend and together cycling 1000 miles to his home in the south of France.

    At the age of eighteen, Tarka ran eight marathons in eight consecutive days
    along the coast of France. Subsequent projects have included exploration
    in the Arctic and membership of an expedition from the lowest point
    on earth to the highest. Tarka and his partner, Katie-Jane, have recently
    completed a six-month expedition along the 4300 kilometre length
    of the Great Wall of China. In March 2007 they finished the longest
    ever continual trek along the wall from its most westerly point to its
    most easterly. In the process, they raised £5000 for the Make-A-Wish

    Tarka runs Primal Journey, a company which arranges public speaking,
    expedition services and personal expeditions to some of the world’s most
    extreme environments.

Charities attending

Cambridge House                                                   4
Essex Association of Boys’ Clubs                                  5
Feathers Club Association                                         6
The Good Shepherd Mission                                         7
Hampshire Deaf Association                                        9
Hollington Club for Young People                                10
Jubilee Sailing Trust                                           11
JUMP                                                            12
Leaside Educational Trust                                       13
Paddington Arts                                                 14
Prospex                                                         15
Salmon Centre                                                   16
St. Mary’s Centre                                               17
Time and Talents Association                                    18
Westminster House Youth Club                                    19

Vault 1:                           Vault 2:
Cambridge House                    Essex Association of Boys’ Clubs
Jubilee Sailing Trust              Feathers Club Association
JUMP                               The Good Shepherd Mission
Prospex                            Hampshire Deaf Association
Salmon Centre                      Hollington Club for Young People
Westminster House Youth Club       Leaside Educational Trust
                                   Paddington Arts
                                   St. Mary’s Centre
                                   Time and Talents Association

    Cambridge House

    A vibrant voluntary organisation that provides a range of services and
    resources to the local community to improve people’s lives, tackle poverty
    and inequality.

    Volunteering Opportunities
    Building surveyor/architect/quantity surveyor to assist with building
    redevelopment projects (up to 5 days throughout 2008).
    „    Communications/PR person to raise external profile (up to 3 days in 2008)
    „    Accountant or advanced trainee (1 day per week January-March 2008)
    „    Archivist (1 day per week for a year)
    „    Photographer to start collection of high quality photos of activities (1 day)
    „    Mentor to help plan a major capital fundraising appeal (1 day per month in 2008)
    „    Web design and fundraising

    Attending:                                   Location:
    Clare Gilhooly                               131 Camberwell Road
    Kris Hall                                    London SE5 0HF

    T 020 7703 5025

Essex Association of Boys’ Clubs

Working with over a hundred different boys, girls and youth clubs, we
provide a structured training and activities programme that equips young
people with the skills and experience to become leaders of the future.
These young people are then in turn able to help other young people
within their clubs and EABC network with their own development
journeys. This includes a variety of club, residential, outdoor and
international work.

Volunteering Opportunities
„    Opportunities for people to be involved in fundraising, outdoor pursuits
     courses, international and youth club work.
„    Professional advice needed for PR and fundraising opportunities.

Attending:                               Location:
David Hassard (Youth Training and        Harway House , Rectory Lane
Development)                             Chelmsford
Martin Solder                            Essex CM1 1RQ.
Philip Barraclough

T 01245 264 783

    Feathers Club Association

    The principal activities of the Feathers Association are the provision of
    assistance for youth and community work and the support of education.
    The Fourth Feathers Youth and Community Centre aims to provide
    opportunities for children and young people to develop in a positive
    way that suits them through informal education, sporting, cultural and
    recreational activities.

    Volunteering Opportunities
    The project is looking for assistance from a professionally qualified chartered
    accountant to act as Hon. Treasurer of the youth club and as deputy to the present
    Hon. Treasurer of the Feathers Association. The Centre would also welcome anyone
    who would like to help in the evenings or on Saturday afternoons.

    Attending:                                Location:
    Andrew Mederick                           12 Rossmere Road
    Okorie Nwani                              London NW1 6NX

    T 020 7723 9167

The Good Shepherd Mission

The Good Shepherd Mission is a former Ragged School which has been
working with the children and young people of Bethnal Green and their
families since the 1850s.

Its current work began in 1980, and today includes open children’s and
youth work, and early years and family activities. A local church fellowship
is based at the Mission and provides many volunteers who help with these
activities on a weekly basis.

The Mission retains its distinctive Christian identity and concern to share
the Christian faith with local people, whist seeking to work in culturally
sensitive ways. We are mindful that we are based in a predominantly
Bangladeshi, Muslim neighbourhood and aim to serve our Muslim
neighbours, those who belong to other faith traditions and those who
belong to none.

Volunteering Opportunities
„   Giving one-off talks to groups of young people about a particular career/
    area of work
„   Advice and support over computer and ICT strategy and maintenance
„   Using specific skills in the arts to help with youth activities e.g. music
    decks, singing, dance, photography, video (would involve new CRB check
    and references)

    „   Help with one-off practical tasks such as decorating, annual spring clean of
        centre, minor DIY tasks
    „   Fundraising for specific projects or items of equipment

    Attending:                              Location:
    Mike Mitchell                           17 Three Colts Lane
    Administrator                           Bethnal Green,
                                            London E2 6JL
    T 020 7739 3822

Hampshire Deaf Association

Hampshire Deaf Association provides access to information and support
for deaf people in Hampshire.

Services include:
„ Interpreting (British sign language interpreters, notetakers, lipspeakers)
„ Deaf awareness training and sign language workshops
„ Mentoring service
„ Parent/toddler group: Happy Tots
„ Playscheme: Fun 4 U Play Days
„ Deafuture — encouraging young deaf people to succeed at college and
    in work.
„ Youth Development Project: developing services for young deaf
    people by responding to local needs.

Opportunities to help in fundraising.
„    Opportunities for people to be involved in youth activities for deaf young people.
„    Professional advice needed to develop new projects, to include project

Attending:                                 Contact:
Christine Glanville (children, young
people and adult services manager)         T 023 8051 6516
Daniel Morgan (youth development
worker)                                    Location:
Sarah Leamon (youth worker —               1 & 2 Carlton Commerce Centre
DeaFutures)                                Dukes Road
Jan Tanner                                 Southampton SO14 OSQ
Helen Bailey

     Hollington Club For Young People

     HCYP work with young people of the Camberwell area of South East
     London. We are open for four sessions per week, including two generic
     sessions (Thursday and Friday), one ‘awards’ session (Monday) and a YIP
     session (Wednesday). We also hold a number of national and international
     residential sessions each year, aiming to work with young people in a
     cohesive and friendly manner.

     Volunteering Opportunities
     „   Help with web design.
     „   Opportunity to teach IT to young people.
     „   Help with fundraising.

     Attending:                             Location:
     Tony Sanders — youth work manager      56-60 Comber Grove,
     Daniel Heirs — trainee youth worker    Camberwell,
                                            London SE5 0LD
     T 020 7703 5193

Jubilee Sailing Trust

The aim of the JST is to promote integration between able bodied and
physically disabled men and women through the adventure of tall ship sailing.

Fundraising Opportunities:
Charity of the Year, sponsored fundraising events (treks, skydives, marathon,
fundraising dinners).

Opportunities on board ship:
„    Diversity @ Sea: Scheme which provides disability awareness training for
     employees whilst sailing on a JST voyage.
„    Corporate Hospitality: Ships can be chartered for corporate reception or a
„    Buddies: Sail as a member of voyage crew, on board all people with a
     disability are paired with an able-bodied “buddy”.
„    Maintenance: Help with maintenance of both the LORD NELSON and
     TENACIOUS. There are jobs for everyone, whatever the level of experience.

Attending:                                Location:
Simon Stenning — partnership              Hazel Road,
co-ordinator                              Woolston
Julia Monelle — volunteer                 Southampton SO19 7GB
Sarah Done — volunteer

T 023 8044 9108


     JUMP offers a wide range of programmes that help young people in South
     London to gain confidence and realise their full potential.

     Volunteering Opportunities
     „   One-off help to achieve Quality Mark for services for young people.
     „   Adhoc help with event management, marketing, public relations — especially
         press releases

     Attending:                              Location:
     Jacqui Henry                            Huxbear House
     Danya O’Meally                          Huxbear Street
     Ethan Bernard,                          London SE4 1EA
     Deniece Maclean

     T 020 8690 2211
     F 020 8690 5222

Leaside Educational Trust

Leaside is an outdoor educational trust based in Hackney on the River Lea
in London’s East End. Leaside have been delivering a variety of outdoor
opportunities for over 40 years which helps young people to develop their
personal and social skills. Leaside has an enviable record in producing
champions within the sport of canoeing.

Volunteering Opportunities
Leaside’s Trustees are volunteers and the Trust is looking for further volunteers
in the fields of marketing, fundraising and financial controlling and a variety of
sporting activities. Volunteer opportunities for corporate days in weed clearing, etc.

Attending:                                 Location:
Mickey Gordon                              Spring Lane
Contact:                                   London E5 5HQ
T 020 8806 6887

     Paddington Arts /

     Paddington Arts is a Youth Arts organisation committed to developing
     talent and creativity in the community. We encourage young people to use
     the arts for self-expression and career development. The values at the heart
     of our work are access, excellence, education and fun. We run workshops
     in dance, drama, video, singing and design and produce original work for
     stage and screen.

     Volunteering Opportunities
     „    Communicatiions, Marketing and PR
     „    Fundraising
     „    Database

     Attending:                           Location:
     Steve Shaw                           32 Woodfield Road
     Alison Stanley                       London W9 2BE
     Sharon Marshall
     Josie Warshaw

     T 020 72862 722


A community-based charity working to improve the lives of young people
in the Caledonian Road area of North Kings Cross.

Volunteering Opportunities
„    Prospex need volunteers to help with funding applications and co-ordination
     responses to grants etc.
„    Support in their promotions and public relations work.

Attending:                              Location:
Matt Calvert                            334-336 Caledonian Road
Mike Hickes (chair of trustees)         Islington
Maxine Johnson (funded youth worker)    London N1 1BB
Richard Frankland

Tel: 020 7607 7626

     Salmon Centre

     A 100-year-old Christian-based youth work charity running youth work
     sessions for young people aged 6–25. The Salmon Centre aims to inspire
     young people to realise their potential, to contribute positively to the
     communities in which they live and to discover meaning and direction in
     their lives.

     Volunteering Opportunities
     With the completion of a new youth centre, there are many opportunities for
     volunteering. We are specifically looking for people to help in:
     „    Media, arts, music, sports (especially climbing skills)
     „    Employment law.

     Attending:                                 Location:
     David Mellis (senior development           43 Old Jamaica Road
     manager)                                   London SE16 4TE
     Paris Tume (full-time volunteer)
     Cherysse Debrau (potential gapper)
     Tom Newby (gapper)

     Tel: 020 7237 3788

St. Mary’s Centre

St Mary’s Centre serves the people of Camden, focusing particularly on
the Chalcot estate, by providing a wide range of youth and community
activities, opportunities and support.

Volunteering Opportunities
„    Human resources expertise: contracts of employment.
„    Advice on housing workers where accommodation is not available.
„    Innovative training for youth workers struggling to administrate and/or
„    A session from lawyers with expertise on youth courts and the juvenile justice
„    Basic training from educational psychologists, sociologists and counsellors.
„    Training sessions around handling aggressive behaviour/safe restraint and
     conflict resolution.
„    Up-to-date first aid training, preferably in-house.

Attending:                                 Location:
Paul Perkins — social inclusion            SMVPH Office
programme co-ordinator                     Elsworthy Road
Revd. Robert Atwell                        London NW3 3DJ

Tel: 020 7722 3238

     Time And Talents Association

     T&T serves the people of Rotherhithe and Bermondsey in SE London by
     providing a wide range of community activities and support.

     Volunteering Opportunities
     „    Website design help.
     „    HR expertise — especially contracts of employment.
     „    Property expertise — liaison role with trustees/architects/builders
     „    Marketing and PR skills, speakers and regular support work of many sorts.

     Attending:                               Location:
     Cindy Glover                             The Old Mortuary
     Kieren McIntosh (youth worker)           St. Mary Church Street,
     Contact:                                 SE16 4JE
     Tel: 020 7231 7845

Westminster House Youth Club

Established in 1889, the club offers a generic youth club, an after-school
project, an anti-gang initiative, a Fresh Start Project for young women and
an accreditation project.

Volunteering Opportunities
Open to any offers, but particularly interested in support and advice with regard to
PR for many successful projects.

Attending:                                Location:
Katie Worthington                         20 Nunhead Grove
Wayne Virgo                               Peckham
                                          London SE15 3LZ
Tel: 020 7639 5879

     Key contacts
     for the Rank Fellowship

     Tim Young
     Director of The Rank Foundation School Leadership Award and the Rank Fellowship
     Cobbetts, Mavins Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8JS
     t   +44 (0) 1252 724 247
     f   +44 (0) 1252 712 934

     Gill Zammett
     Rank Fellowship Administrator
     The Rank Foundation,
     PO Box 127, Banbury Sorting Office, Oxon., OX17 1WF
     t   +44 (0) 1295 750 866
     f   +44 (0) 1295 758 804

The Rank Foundation
The Rank Foundation was set up in 1953 by J Arthur Rank. The company
he founded, The Rank Organisation plc, was a dominating influence on
British film in the middle of the twentieth century. Lord and Lady Rank
undertook a wide range of charitable work during their lives and their
commitment continues through the work of the Rank Foundation, a
grant-giving charitable trust which is restricted to causes within the
UK approved by the Charity Commission. It concentrates exclusively
on: encouraging and developing leadership amongst young people;
supporting disadvantaged young people and those frail or lonely
through old age or disability; the promotion of Christian principles
through film and other media.

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