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Ski the beautiful Laurentian Mountains!
Hello S-Trip! Passengers
We hope that you are ready for an exciting trip. All of us here at S-Trip! have been
working hard to make sure that you have a fun and exciting trip, but also that it is
a safe one. Inside are some important tips that you should keep in mind both
before and during the trip. Please take the time to read this information
                                                                               Mont treMblant
                                                                               Eastern Canada’s hottest winter destination is even more fun with
                                                                               S-Trip! Set in the beautiful Laurentian mountains of Quebec, you’ll
                                                                               enjoy ski-in/ski-out Swiss-style accommodations on the slopes of
                                                                               the East Coast’s premier mountain resort. Every morning, you’ll
                                                                               snap on your skis or board and take a rip on the best mountain in
                                                                               Quebec. Enjoy 94 runs serviced by 13 lifts, and try out your 720
                                                                               on 18 acres of ramps, rails, and jumps. After exploring the slopes,
                                                                               you can wander around charming Tremblant Village, sampling great
                                                                               restaurants and shopping. Mont Tremblant is an out of this world
                                                                               combination of great riding, shopping, accommodations, and fun!

                                                                               location info
                                                                               travel time                         language
                                                                               8 hours from Toronto, 2 hours
                                                                                                                   English and French
                                                                               from Ottawa

                                                                               location                            Climate
Hotels                                                                         Province of Quebec,                 Ski Friendly. Average winter
                                                                                                                   temperatures from -5 to
                                                                               Laurentian Mountains                -25 degrees

CaP treMblant MoUntaIn reSort                                                  transportation                      Calling Home
Enjoy the new Cap Tremblant Mountain Resort featuring rooms with               Deluxe Highway Motorcoach
                                                                                                                   1 + (area code) + phone number
breathtaking panoramic mountain views and spacious balconies or terraces
for your outdoor relaxation. There are endless amenities at this amazing
resort, including two large swimming pools, year-round hot-tubs, two
full-size indoor golf-simulators, and the famous Ristorante “Il Pinnacolo”.
                                                     400, du Mont-Plaisant
                                               Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1L2

leS SUIteS treMblant
Enjoy the charm and ideal location of Les Suites Tremblant! Set slopeside,
these rustic, comfy, and newly renovated condos are steps from the vibrant
Tremblant Village. You’ll love the well-appointed rooms, complete with
kitchenette: make yourself a snack after a great day on the slopes and enjoy
it from the comfort of the hot tub!

le GranD loDGe
Le Grand Lodge is a Scandinavian style log hotel perfectly situated by three
mountains and a variety of cross country ski trails. Along with 112 fully
equipped rooms, Le Grand Lodge also has one of the biggest swimming
pools in the Mont-Tremblant area. Relax at the spa after a long day of
outdoor activities.

                                                       2396 Labelle Street
                                              Mont-Tremblant (QC) J8E 1T8
                                                                                                                Trip Details
DePartUre DaY ItInerarY
1. BEFORE leaving for bus departure location, make sure you have your
   Government issued Photo ID (Driver’s License, Photo Health Card,

2. Arrive at least 15 min. prior to scheduled departure time.

3. Check-in with Trip Leader to receive last minute information about trip.
   They’ll travel with you to/from your destination, and will make sure you
   have a smooth/fantastic/fun trip!

4. Grab your ID and damage deposit money. Load your bags into luggage bays.
   Board bus with a issued Photo ID.
   * ALL carry-on bags will be checked for alcohol and other prohibited items.
   **Access to luggage bays is prohibited until the bus reaches your hotel.

5. Start the trip of a lifetime!!!
arrIval at DeStInatIon                                                            Every student is expected to bring at least 1 piece of Government issued
                                                                                  photo ID. The most widely accepted pieces for our bus trips are passports
                                                                                  and driver’s licences. Photo ID will be needed to prove identity before
1. Remain seated until an S-Trip! Hotel Coordinator boards the bus to conduct     being allowed to board any of our buses.
   briefing session.
                                                                                  Even though you might be travelling in a group you should always make
2. Listen carefully to instructions given during briefing session. Room keys      sure you are personally informed. Know your travel itinerary and be
   will be distributed at this time.                                              early. Each passenger is responsible to make sure that they have their
3. After briefing session, get off bus and grab your bags.                        own travel documents.

4. Check for room damages FIRST. Report any pre-existing damage to your           You will receive your final Invoice and Itinerary by email. These itineraries
   Trip Leader and/or hotel front desk immediately via the Room Damage            inform you about your bus departure, dates and times. It is important to
   Report Form that will be given to you on the bus with your room keys.          note that this itinerary may change and therefore each version should
                                                                                  be reviewed.

                                                                                  If you have an outstanding balance you will have to pay it before you
                                                                                  receive your documents or are permitted to travel.

                                                                                  Your group organizer will obtain all of your travel documents approximately
                                                                                  2 weeks before your trip. A meeting will then be announced where you
                                                                                  can pick them up. Once you have signed for your tickets they are your
                                                                                  responsibility. Please keep them safe and ensure you have them with you
                                                                                  when travelling. If you lose your documents there may be fees to have
                                                                                  them reissued.

                                                                                 necessary travel DocuMents
                                                                                 1. Government issued Photo iD
                                                                                 2. travel itinerary
Pack Practically
It is a good idea to pack at least one nice set of clothes for the evening, as
some venues and restaurants have dress codes.
                                                                                 3. RBc insurance card (if applicable - Get your card from your trip leader)

   The luggage bays of motorcoaches, although large, can get filled up pretty
   quickly. We recommend that each passenger only bring 1 suitcase, 1 ski/
   snowboard bag (if applicable), and 1 carry-on bag for a standard 3-night
   bus trip. This will ensure that all passengers will be able to store their
   luggage without any problems.
Trip Details
travel DaY
Plan aheaD anD Dress coMfortably!
Traveling can be stressful. You’ll probably have to wait while bags are being stored,
ID’s being checked, and calls being made to late arriving students. Bring along
something to keep you busy. Delays and changes are common when traveling. Try
to make the best of your travel time and remember that you are only hours away
from getting to your destination and enjoying the trip of a lifetime!

   BuS CheCk-In
   Bus check-in is the first step in your vacation. Your bus will be leaving from a
   designated departure location, which will be sent to you as part of your itinerary.
   Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time. Remember to
   have your government issued photo ID ready before boarding the bus.

   CaRRY-On Baggage CheCk
   Provincial regulations do not allow any alcoholic beverages on any multi-             CheCk-In
   passenger vehicles. S-Trip! staff will check all carry-on luggage for alcoholic       Check-in will take place on the bus. You will receive your room keys, room
   beverages, before allowing passengers to board.                                       damage report form, and event package bracelets at this time. Please
                                                                                         move to the front of the bus with your roommates, which will allow us to
   nO SMOkIng                                                                            save some time while checking everyone into the hotel. Once you have
                                                                                         your keys, grab your bags and go straight to your room. If your room is on
   Smoking on buses is strictly forbidden. Infraction of this rule may result            one of the lower floors, save yourself some time and use the stairs. Check
   in the immediate expulsion of the passenger from the trip.                            your room for any pre-existing damages and be sure to report them on
                                                                                         the form that was given to you on the bus.
   Everyone is excited, but remember that safety is the number one priority
   when travelling. Yelling or rowdy behavior is not permitted on buses; bus
   drivers are the authority while en-route to your destination and they must
   be obeyed. Please refrain from moving up and down the aisle of the bus,               PRe-eXISTIng ROOM DaMage
   unless going to the bathroom.
                                                                                         Upon check-in you and your roommates will receive a Room Damage
   On-board entertainment, including movies and music, will be provided
                                                                                         Report Form. When you enter your room, check all areas thoroughly to
   by S-Trip!, but feel free to bring your own DVDs as an alternative to the
                                                                                         ensure that there is no pre-existing damage. Fill out the form and return
   ones provided by us.
                                                                                         it to the S-Trip! Info Desk no later than 20 minutes after entering your
                                                                                         room. You will be held responsible for any damage that is not reported
   ReST STOPS                                                                            upon your check-in.
   All buses will make at least ONE rest stop. Please use the rest stop as an
   opportunity to buy snacks, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air. The             DaMage DePOSIT/PROTeCTIOn
   primary rest stop is scheduled for 45 minutes.                                        Please make note that the hotel will require every passenger to pay for
   The rest stop is also the best time to withdraw money from ATM’s to pay               either a $60 refundable damage deposit or $20 non-refundable damage
   for your damage deposit and events package bracelet.                                  protection, which will cover any room damage that may occur during
                                                                                         your stay. Both of these payments only cover accidental damage. These
                                                                                         payments will be collected by an S-Trip! staff member on the bus ride
   aRRIVaL/DeSTInaTIOn BRIeFIng                                                          to your destination. Individuals who pay the $60 refundable damage
   A destination briefing session will take place, on your bus, as soon as you           deposit will receive their money back on the bus ride home, if there are
   arrive at your hotel. The briefing will be an A – Z rundown about your                no damages to the room.
   destination: your hotel, food, sites, rules, general tips and advisories etc.
   Please pay attention, because this information is very important and will
   directly affect your trip.
                                                                                         SaFeTY DePOSIT BOX
                                                                                         It is a good idea to keep any valuables or identification in your hotel or
                                                                                         cabin safe (wallets, watches, iPods, passports, return travel documents
     ManDatory                                                                           etc). At most hotels the Safety Deposit Box is free of charge. At others
                                                                                         there is a per day charge for the safety deposit box, usually $3 per day.
     The destination briefing session is mandatory - your Destination Staff
     will be letting you know the best ways to have a fun, safe trip and
     how to make the most out of your destination.                                       MInI-FRIDge
                                                                                         Most rooms will have a mini-fridge. Often the items in the fridge are not
                                                                                         included. Check with staff before you use the mini-fridge.

                                                                                         Throughout the trip if you have problems with your accommodations as a
                                                                                         first step please speak with the front desk for assistance. But remember
                                                                                         that you can always ask any S-Trip! staff member for assistance at anytime.
                                                                                  Sample Daily itinerary
 All S-Trip! passengers will receive a hotel bracelet upon arrival and
 should wear it throughout the week. With thousands of passengers
 in some hotels it is important to be able to quickly identify S-Trip!

 eVenTS BRaCeLeT (eXTRa ChaRge)
 Allows you access to the exclusive events/parties held by S-Trip! These
 bracelets have cash value and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

 Even though you are on vacation, you are in a different city/province/
 country; so the rules and general customs / courtesies are different.
 When travelling to venues or to participate in excursion activities, it is
 VERY important to stay in groups. Also, before you go anywhere, tell your
                                                                                         Board your bus and head out for daytime
 friends where you are going so that someone knows where you are.                        excursions
 This may seem childish, but when crossing the street, pay attention to
 oncoming traffic; cars drive very fast, and there are few speed limits.                 Daytime excursions
                                                                                         (Snowboarding, City Tour, Tubing, etc.)
 If your room has a balcony, please be careful around the railings. Also,
 remember to lock your balcony door when you are not using it.
                                                                                         Board your bus to return back to hotel
 Fighting will not be tolerated. You are all on vacation to have a good time
 and fighting ruins it for everybody. If you are involved in a fight, all those
 involved will be dismissed from the trip. Plain and simple.                             Leisure time
                                                                                         (grab dinner with friends, do some site seeing, go

alCoHol & DrUGS
                                                                                         swimming at your hotel pool)

                                                                                         Board your bus and head out for night event
be resPonsible!
 aLCOhOL In hOTeLS                                                                       Night event at awesome venue
                                                                                         (Quiet hours at hotel start at 10PM)
 Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden in hotel common areas [hallways,
 elevators, lobby, etc.]
                                                                                         Board your bus and head back to hotel
 S-Trip! does not condone excessive drinking. If you are of age and wish
 to drink alcoholic beverages when you are away from the hotel, please
 remember to be responsible and consider the safety of yourself and those
 around you. Being hung over and sick simply means that you don’t have
 the energy to enjoy all there is to do at your destination. Heavy drinking
 is very dangerous. Please be smart and look out for your friends.

 At certain venues, students who are at/above the age of majority will
 receive a bracelet that will allow them to purchase alcoholic beverages.
 Please remember that you are not allowed to purchase any drinks for
 students that are under the age of majority. The venues have the right to
 dismiss any individuals breaking this rule from their premises.

 Although some drugs may be tolerated in Canada, the laws in other
 countries can be VERY severe. Don’t take the chance of purchasing or
 participating in the use of drugs. Authorities and staff will be looking for
 drugs, and if you are caught, you will be removed from the trip immediately
 and may wind up in jail.
Trip Details
                                                                               S-trIP! InforMatIon DeSk

InSUranCe                                                                       LOCaTIOn: hOTeL LOBBY
carry your insurance carD!
 Your insurance information is important to keep on you at all times.
                                                                                hOuRS OF OPeRaTIOn: 9aM ~ 12PM; 3PM ~ 5PM; 7PM ~ 10PM
                                                                                * Please keep in mind that these are general locations and hours of
 Please write your policy number and your name on the RBC Insurance
                                                                                operation. Each destination will have its own specific information.
 Card which you will receive your S-Trip! leader. The phone number for
                                                                                Check the S-Trip! Info Board for updated hours of operation once
 RBC Assured Assistance is located on this card.
                                                                                you arrive at your destination.
 In the event of an emergency, first and foremost seek proper medical
 attention; get to a hospital or clinic immediately, and send someone to
 notify an S-Trip! staff member. If time allows, contact RBC Insurance, as
 they can pre-arrange payment of any bills or advise you in what to do
 should the circumstances be grave. If you cannot contact them before
 hand, make sure that you notify them as soon as possible.                   SPortS eqUIPMent
                                                                              If you rent any sports equipment, be careful; be smart; don’t ruin your
                                                                              vacation by getting hurt.

                                                                              Before renting anything, be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any damages.
                                                                              Any damages which you do inflict or are accused of inflicting can be very
                                                                              costly and will be your responsibility.

                                                                              TRaVeLeRS ChequeS
                                                                              Traveler’s cheques are a wise form of currency to travel with as they are
                                                                              insurable and can be replaced if they are lost or stolen. With this in mind,
                                                                              be sure to only cash in your traveler’s cheques as needed.

                                                                              CReDIT CaRD
                                                                              Having a credit card and/or bank card for emergency purposes is also a
                                                                              good idea, however keep in mind that not all cards work everywhere.
                                                                              Please contact your financial institution for more information.

                                                                              DeBIT CaRD
                                                                              Debit cards can be used in all destinations. They can be used to take out
                                                                              money directly from your bank account.
visit the s-triP! website!
 The S-Trip! website outlines some of the activities and attractions that are
 available at your destination. You will be emailed a link allowing you to
 purchase excursions and event packages online, prior to your departure.

 If you do decide to go on an excursion make sure that you let your
 friends know. This way someone will know where you have gone. Don’t
 go anywhere by yourself.

InClUSIonS & lIMItatIonS
check out your list of inclusions!
 With your travel documents you will receive a list of inclusions. This will
 list everything that is included in your package. Facilities and services may
 not always be available due to abnormal circumstances.                          Staff
 S-Trip! is a retail travel agency in Canada. Our staff travels to destination
 to provide extra assistance onsite. Our company does not directly own
 or control any bus lines, airlines, hotels, restaurants, discos, etc. We
                                                                                 get to know your s-triP! staff
 will assist passengers where possible. Please understand our company’s            They know a lot of the details about your destination and are there to
 limitation over these facilities or services.                                     make sure that you are having a fun and safe trip. Simply ask, and they
                                                                                   will do what they can to assist you.

                                                                                   Some things are out of control of S-Trip! staff, however if there is something
                                                                                   that they cannot answer or do, they will forward it to their supervisor and
                                                                                   the situation will hopefully be resolved. In the case where something cannot
                                                                                   be resolved, it will immediately be looked into once you return home.
Dress aPProPriately for the weather!
 Remember that you should always dress warmly for any trips/excursions take
 place throughout Canada from December - April. Frost bite is not your friend.   reSPeCt
                                                                                 resPect the locals!
                                                                                   You are guests in their city/province, so respect their culture and way of
                                                                                   life. A lack of respect breeds ill-feelings towards visitors, and is a detriment
                                                                                   to everyone on vacation. Please think of yourself as an ambassador for
                                                                                   future travelers.

                                                                                   Other guests in your hotel may be staying there for leisure or business
                                                                                   purposes. Refrain from being excessively loud and disturbing their stay.
                                                                                   Respect other guests and you will receive the same.

                                                                                   Hotel, service staff and S-Trip! staff are there for your comfort and
                                                                                   convenience. Appreciation of their services and day to day functions can
                                                                                   make your vacation all the more enjoyable. Treating people kindly will
                                                                                   always help resolve your situation better than being demanding.

                                                                                 DePartUre DaY
                                                                                 On the day of your departure, check out of your room 2 hours before your
                                                                                 scheduled bus departure time or by 12:00 noon, if you have an afternoon
                                                                                          there are plenty of activities
                                                                                          waiting for you in Mt tremblant!
                                                                                          We work closely with our local partners in Tremblant to organize
                                                                                          incredible excursions. Here is a list of our amazing Feature Excursions,
                                                                                          which are available for pre-purchase. Choosing your excursions is
                                                                                          simple! You’ll receive an email, with a personalized link, giving you
                                                                                          access to all of the excursions offered at your destination! Just follow
                                                                                          the link to make your selections and a secure payment.

                                                                                            book your excursion now!
                                                                                                      Visit our website!

Mt Tremblant Excursions
  Ski Mont tremblant                                                                                                                      Duration: Full Day
  Included in every trip package is a 1-Day ski pass! Test your skills on 94 runs serviced by 13 state-of-the-                  Cost: Free with Trip Package
  art lifts. If you want to work on your tricks, hang out in Tremblant’s extensive snowboard park and rip                           Includes: 1-Day Lift Pass
  every ramp, rail, and jump! Don’t forget to njoy the incredible views of the Laurentian mountains while
  you’re on top of the world!

  Ice Skating                                                                                                                          Duration: 1 PM – 9 PM
  Come skate on the enchanting ice rink and warm up afterward by a crackling fire. There are also organized                             (weather permitting)
  activities at certain times of the year. Music and lighting in the evening.                                                   Cost: Free with Trip Package
                                                                                                                                      Includes: Skate Rental

  tubing                                                                                                                                 Duration: Half Day
  Visit the tubing park in Mont Tremblant, located just a 10 minute drive from the Village. 8 trails, 2                                            Cost: $20
  rope tows, a picnic area, a new steak house, and a new sushi restaurant - perfect for an après-ski                                Includes: 4 hour access,
  or evening adventure!                                                                                                                          Tube rental

   aquaclub la Source                                                                                                             Duration: Full Day Access
   Want to get away from the cold and snow? Then Aquaclub La Source is perfect for you! Enjoy Mont                                                 Cost: $20
   Tremblant’s premiere indoor waterpark, which includes a main pool with Tarzan rope and jumping rocks,                    Includes: Full day access to Pool
   waterfall, and hot tubs. It’s a great way to unwind after a day on the slopes.                                                          OR Fitness Centre

   Dog Sledding                                                                                                                           Duration: Half Day
   Drive your own team of dogs through forests, over snow-covered fields and frozen lakes or mountains...                                         Cost: $100
   mush! The excursion begins with a warm welcome at the yurt by the musher and his crew. A yurt is a                       Includes: Transportation, lesson,
   large and comfortable heated mongolian-style tent. Next, is an introduction to driving the dog sled with                           45 minutes on the trail
   demonstrations that will prepare you to drive on your own. During the activity, you will drive your own
   dog sled! 1 driver and 1 or 2 passengers per sled.

IMPORTANT NOTICE (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY): Get your events package and excursions online now! Upon arrival you will receive our complete itiner-
ary with all events, activities and times. Please note that schedules and venues are subject to change. S-Trip! [Student Trip] does not promote excessive
drinking or dangerous behavior. We believe that moderation is the key to a great party. We organize and staff all events to ensure your safety while you and
your friends have an awesome time. Events are private and open to bracelet holders only. Without a bracelet you will not gain entrance into the event. It
is highly recommended you do not leave the resort at night on your own.
beloW We’ve InClUDeD SoMe Meal oPtIonS!
When your’re exploring Montreal, and need to find a quick bite. Please check the S-Trip! Info Desk for full details on restaurant locations or for suggestions on
alternative restaurants.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner OptiOns (at Own expense)
Here are some awesome restaurant options, in the middle of the Village, for all of our travellers:

$: inexpensive prices, $$: moderate prices, $$$: expensive prices

  Ya’ooo Pizza bar ($)                                                                                                              Locations: 123 Kandahar

  Ya’ooo is renowned for having the best pizza in the region. Whether eating at their fun filled lively location
  or simply picking up some of their famous pizza to enjoy in your Condo, Ya’ooo is a must for any visit to
  Mont Tremblant!

  Pita express ($)                                                                                                           Locations: Place des Voyageurs
  Lebanese cuisine: pita sandwiches, soups, salads and beverages.

  Café Johanssen ($$)                                                                                                             Location: Base Télécabine
  Located at the Base Télécabine - Enjoy specialty coffees, baked goods and sandwiches. Internet access
  also offered.

  le Shack ($$)                                                                                                       Location: 3035, chemin de la Chapelle
  Sports bar (plasma TV’s) and casual family dining. Breakfast during peak season. Best après-ski party for
  over 16 years!

   Casey’s ($$)                                                                                                      Location: 170A chemin Curé-Deslauriers
   A fantastic sports bar and après-ski restaurant. Enjoy delicious burgers, salads, steaks, and pasta dishes
   after an exhilarating day on the slopes.

 IMPORTANT: Please let the S-Trip! Destination Staff know if you have any food allergies/restrictions as soon as you check-in at the hotel. We will do our
 best to accommodate your needs.
 Note: Please check the S-Trip! Info Desk for full details on the locations and menus of all restaurants.
                                                                                 Area Map

Winter at tremblant is magnificent!
Winter at Tremblant is magnificent! The highest peak in the Laurentians
is renowned for its great ski slopes, but it doesn’t stop there! Tremblant
offers a variety of different winter activities including tubing, snowshoeing,
dogsledding and so much more!
                                    - have a fun and safe trip! -

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