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					creative gifts
 for Christmas

                                                                      perfect gift ideas

                                                                                            Sketchbook       Winsor & Newton Artists’
                                                                                            worth $3 9.9 5   Water Colour Wooden Box Set
                                                                                                             Contains 9 x 5ml water colour paint
                                                               Winsor & Newton Cotman                        tubes, a Series 7 paint brush and a
                                        HOT                    Water Colour Prestige Set                     pure squirrel paint brush.
                                       PRICE!                  Contains 14 half pans, a Series 111           0954450        $149.95
Jasart Creative Art Gift Bag                                   No.2 brush and postcards.
Contains 12 x oil colours, 6 x sketching pencils,              0963019           $99.95
2 x décor craft canvases, 2 x paint brushes, sketch
book and A6 notebook in a Christmas gift bag.
Normal value $49.25. Exclusive to Eckersley’s.
2800025        $19.95                                                          Winsor & Newton
                                                                               Mayfair Box Prestige Set
                                                                               A stunning wooden box
                                                       BONUS                   containing 11 x 37ml oil
Winsor & Newton                                       Linseed Oil              colours, 75ml Sansodor,
Artisan Water Mixable                                 worth $11.9 5            75ml Liquin, two brushes,
Oil Colour Beginners Set                                                       paint knife, charcoal and a
                                                                               double dipper. Great gift
Contains 6 x 37ml
                                                                               for the fine artist!
paint tubes.
0900665        $39.95

     OVER                                             Matisse Paint Sets                                                   NEW!
   20 % OFF!                                          Contains 8 x 75ml acrylic paints,                                  Winsor & Newton Large
                                                      75ml gel medium and 75ml                                           Wooden Box Sets
                                                      impasto medium.
                                                                                                                         A range of wooden box sets
                                                      0955620 Australian Colours Set                                     complete with a range of
                                                      0955640 Portrait Set                                               art materials.
                                                      0955660 Landscape Set                                              0929943   Cotman Water Colour
                                                      Was $69.50         NOW $54.95                                      0929944   Winton Oil Colour
                                                                                                                         0929945   Galeria Acrylic Colour
                                                                                                                         0929946   Sketching
Winsor & Newton                                                                                                          $119.95
Finity Basic Set
This basic set contains 6 x 60ml                                      BONUS
paint tubes and comes with                                            Medium
a bonus Galeria Gloss Medium.                                    worth $24.7 0
0909470                                                                                                                NEW
Was $57.95     NOW $49.95

for all artists
Mabef M29
Tripod Easel
Constructed of
oiled, stain-resistant                Mabef M10                                                  Studio Lyre Easel
beechwood. It                         Basic Studio Easel
features an adjustable
                                                                                 SAVE            This adjustable easel is
                                      Constructed of oiled,                                      made from elm wood
canvas block for                                                                $30.00 !
                                      stain-resistant                                            and holds canvases
holding a small                       beechwood. The easel                                       up to 127cm.
canvas high up.                       can be adjusted to your
                                      desired angle and the                                      1469100
                                      canvas holder can be                                       Was $129.95
Was $74.95                            adjusted with a simple                                     NOW $99.95
NOW $59.95                            ratchet control.
                                      Was $299.95
                                      NOW $269.95
             SAVE                                                                                              SAVE
            $15.00 !                                                                                          $30.00 !

  Mabef M31                                                                                  Jasart Bamboo
  Tabletop Easel                                Jasart French Easel                          Storage Box Easel
  Constructed of oiled,                         Adjustable easel with                        Made from harvested
  stain-resistant beechwood.                    an accessory drawer                          and refined bamboo. It                       NEW
  The canvas holder can                         and can fold into a                          is foldable with an easy
  be adjusted to any angle,                     compact unit.                                access drawer and holds
  vertical or horizontal.                                                                    canvases up to 85cm.
  1407910                                                                                    0929976
  $139.95                                                                                    $99.95


                                                            BONUS                              BONUS
                                                          Brush Wallet                      Brush Wallet                             BONUS
                                                          worth $19.9 5                      worth $19.9 5                         Sketchbook
                                                                                                                                   worth $3 9.9 5


Roymac Purity Brush Set                                                                                          Winsor & Newton Series 7
Contains size 2 and 6 Kolinsky     Roymac Watercolour                     Roymac Synthetic Acrylic               Brush Wooden Box
sable round brushes with black     Brush Combination                      Brush Combination                      Pure Kolinsky sable hair no.7
lacquered handles. Ideal for use   Contains 6 watercolour brushes         Contains a range of flat and round      paint brush presented in a
with watercolours.                 in various sizes.                      acrylic brushes in various sizes.      beautiful hinged wooden box.
0607620         $19.95             0600410         $23.95                 0600511       $39.95                   0602110       $169.95

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                                                  colour your Christma
                                                                     Derwent Two Drawer
                                                                     Wooden Box Sets
                                                                     An assortment of 48 colour and
                                                                     sketching pencils in a wooden
                                                                     box with dual slide out drawers.
                                 SAVE OVER
Derwent Artist                                                       1801810 Sketching
Wooden Box Set
                                  $75.00 !
                                                                     1806190 Studio
Contains 120 artist
colour pencils in a timber                                           Was $126.50       NOW $99.95              OVER
box with two lift out trays.                                         Product in-store from 12 November.
                                                                                                             20 % OFF!
Was $275.00       NOW $199.95
Product in-store from 12 November.
                                                                         Derwent Inktense
                                                                         Wooden Box Set
                                                                         An assortment of 72
Derwent Colour Pencils                                                   Inktense colour pencils
The most versatile range of colour                                       in a wooden box with a                NEW
pencils for a wide range of exciting                                     lift-out centre tray.
effects. Available in tins of 24.                                        5006305
1812100 Artists                                                          Was $285.95
1838700 Studio                                                           NOW $199.95
                                                                         Product in-store
Was $40.60        NOW $29.95                                             from 12 November.         OVER
                                        OVER                                                     30 % OFF!
                                      25 % OFF!

Faber-Castell                                                        Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer
Polychromos                                                          Watercolour Pencil Set
Limited Edition Set                                                  Contains 48 watercolour pencils,
Set of 60 Polychromos                                                fine art brush, sharpener and
artists’ colour pencils in a                                         eraser in a mahogany-stained
limited edition retro design                                         wooden case.
box. Limited stock.
0801031                                                              $189.95
                                                    worth $2 9.9 5

Stabilo Carbothello
Wooden Box Set                                                         Stabilo Carbothello
Contains 60 quality charcoal-like
                                                                       Pencil Sets
pencils, sharpener, kneaded                                            Quality soft coloured
eraser and a blending stump                                            charcoal-like pencils that are          OVER
in a beautiful two layered                                             made from finely ground                20 % OFF!
wooden box.                                                            pigments. Easy to mix, blend
                                                                       and lift off with an eraser.
                                                                       1813400 Tin 12
Was $239.95
NOW $179.95                                                            Was $39.95        NOW $29.95
                                                                       1813500 Tin 24
                               $60.00 !
                                                                       Was $77.95        NOW $59.95

as with these gift ideas
 Conte Zen Box
 Set of 84 crayons and
 accessories in a deluxe
 round case with a
                                                                    Winsor & Newton Artists’
 unique zen-inspired box.                                           Soft Pastel Wooden Box Set
                                                                    Set of 36 pastels of assorted
 0834810                                                            colours in a stylish wooden box.
 $89.95                                                             0802120
                                                                    Was $159.00      NOW $99.95


                                                                                 35 % OFF!

     Copic Manga Kit
     Includes a set of 12 basic colour
     markers, a wallet and an A4                                                    Stabilo Point 88
     bleedproof pad. Normal                                                         Colourparade
     value $135.30.                                                                 A robust case that holds
                                                                                    20 fineliner pens in assorted
     4003713                                                                        colours. Each pen has a
     $110.00                                                                        metal encased tip and line
                 SPECIAL                                                            width of 0.4mm.
                  OFFER                                                             1902423         $19.95

                creative gifts to inspire
                                                                              Jasart My Notes Notebook
                                                                              Pocket sized ruled notebook
                                                       10 % OFF!              with 80gsm, acid free,
                                                                              buff-coloured paper in
                                                                              various colours. Available
                                                                              in silk and metallic covers.
                                                                              Exclusive to Eckersley’s.

                                 Montval Watercolour Pad
                                 Jumbo 24 x 32cm watercolour pad
                                 with 100 sheets of 200gsm paper.
                                                                      Winsor & Newton Deep Edge
                                                                      Artists’ Canvas
                                 Was $29.95   NOW $26.95              Quality stretched canvas
                                                                      which is excellent for use
                                                                      with all media.
 Arches Watercolour                                                   5006408 16” x 20”
 Postcard size pad with 10                                            Was $25.20        NOW $19.95
 sheets of 300gsm paper.                                                                                             OVER
 Perfect for travelling!                                              5006410 18” x 24”                            20 % OFF!
 2845750        $14.50                                                Was $30.50        NOW $23.95

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                                                 entertain your kids
                       Micador Early Start
                       Soft Triangle Crayons
                       Set of 24 beeswax
                       crayons that are
                       non-toxic and washable.
                       Perfect for kids.                                                     Micador Early Start Woody Crayons
                       0802310       $15.95                                                  Colour crayons with wood casing to prevent
                                                                                             breakage. Perfect for 2 to 4 years old.
                                                                                             1602412       $13.95

Micador Besties
Washable Marker Mates                                      Micador Secret
Chunky grip markers with                                   Art House
non-toxic washable ink in                                  Plastic art house with
collectable character shapes.                              drawers filled with
Each set has 9 markers and                                 quality art materials,
6 animal crayons.                                          stickers and a book
                                                           of secrets that every
                                                           girl will love.

Micador Art Toolbox                                                           Scratch Magic Deluxe Kits
Contains markers, oil pastels,                                                Create masterpieces by scratching on special
watercolour disc & brush,                                                     Scratch Magic sheets to reveal stunning designs.
coloured pencils, crayons,
sketching pencil, eraser,                                                     1017942 Fashion
ruler and sharpener.                                                          1017944 Draw & Learn
1024350                                                                       $29.95
Was $15.95
NOW $10.95
                    30 % OFF!

  Monster Design Set
  Contains 6 Connector pens
  and a Monster Design Book.
  0801035         $8.95

                                                        Stabilo Trio Scribbi Markers
                                                        Pack of 8 colour markers with ergonomic
                     STOCKING                           grips and cushioned pen tips.
                      FILLER                            0400104           $19.95
                                                        Product in-store from 17 November.

these holidays
Grafix Artist’s Travel Case
Contains 10 wax crayons, 10 colouring pencils, 8 felt
tip pens and a drawing pad. Exclusive to Eckersley’s.
$39.95                                                    NEW              Grafix Carry Along
                                                                           Paint Studio
                                                                           Portable carry case of
                                                                           watercolour paints, stamps,
                                                                           sponges and paper.
                                                                           Exclusive to Eckersley’s.

                                                                           5007678         $19.95

Grafix Craft Chest
Contains an assortment of craft glue, scissors, papers,
                                                           Kokeshi Friendship Dolls
beads, pom poms, embellishments and more.                  Contains 2 wooden dolls, acrylic paints,
Available in a pink or blue craft chest.                   brush, varnish and instructions.

5007677             $14.95                                 0601311 Cherry Blossom
                                                           0601312 Spring Breeze


                                                                  Mould & Paint Kits
                                                                  A fun moulding plaster and painting
                                                                  kit with easy-to-follow instructions.
                                                                  Available in assorted designs.
                                                                  1016214 Fairies
                                                                  5008330 Mermaids
  Pirate Treasure Chest                                           5008352 Ballerina
  Comes with a wooden                                             1016216 Garden
  chest, paints, gem stones,                                      1016213 Underwater
  bonus pirate figures and
                                                                  1016212 Dinosaurs
  blank treasure maps.
  5008353         $24.95                                          $16.95

                                                            Texta Colour Fun
                                                            Activity Roll
Paper Making Kit                                            Contains two 5m rolls of colouring
Create different texture and                                activity paper and two plain rolls
patterned paper with this kit.                              for you to create your own fun.
Make unique bookmarks,                                                                                    20 % OFF!
note book, greeting cards
and more.                                                   Was $8.95      NOW $6.95
5008351        $19.95

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                                crafty Christmas gifts
                                                                Jasart Paper Craft Gift Bag
                                                                Contains paper fasteners, eyelets,
                                                                papers and a variety of stickers.
                                                                Ideal for scrapbooking and
                                                                2800023             $19.95
                                                                Gift bag and product designs
                                                                may vary from store to store.
                                                                While stocks last!
                                                                                                       $109.95 !

Bead Creative Jewellery Kits
DIY fashion jewellery kits with assorted beads, clasps,                          Speedball Super Value Opaque
findings, cords, wires and more. Available in 3 colour themes.
                                                                                 Fabric Screen Printing Kit
1014141 Captivation                                                              An excellent introduction to
1014142 Fascination                                                              fabric screen printing. Includes 3
1014143 Inspiration                                                              pearlescent ink colours. Ideal for
                                                                                 use on dark colour fabrics.
                                                                                 Was $159.95              NOW $119.95
Speedball Super Value
Fabric Screen Printing Kit
                                                                                                                                                                                $4 0.0 0!
A great introduction to fabric screen
printing. Includes 3 ink colours.                            SAVE
2100810                                                     $4 0.0 0!                       Xyron 510 Creative Station
Was $159.95     NOW $119.95                                                                 Has multiple uses: sticker making,
                                                                                            laminating, label and magnet
                                                                                            making. This machine takes
                                                                                            up to A6 size.
Logan 301S Compact Cutter                                                                   0210410                  $79.95
This portable 81cm mat cutter set
includes parallel mat guide, safety
lock, spring loaded, serrated
aluminium guide rail, extra blades
and a bonus fitting tool.                               BONUS                                                                                                                     BONUS
                                                                                                                                                                                Carr y Bag
1123951         $229.00                                Fitting
                                                                                                                                                                              worth $2 9.9 5

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