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1. Describe what Farm Credit Services of Mid
   America is.
2. Discuss the meaning behind the Biostar
3. List the states that FCSMA operate in.
4. List the types of loans that FCSMA offer.
           1. What is FCSMA?
• Farm Credit Services of Mid-America is a $15.5
  billion agriculture lending cooperative.

• Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Farm Credit
  Services of Mid-America is an agricultural
  cooperative lender serving more than 85,500
            2. Biostar Emblem
• The biostar consists of several visual elements
  - three leaves, a root system and a star.
           2. Biostar Emblem
• The leaves represent the system entities
  including the Farm Credit associations, the
  Farm Credit Banks and our national support
  structures like the funding and services
            2. Biostar Emblem
• The roots represent the grassroots support of
  our members and our roots in rural America
  and the cooperative system.
• The star represents light and direction.
• The color 'green' represents the rural nature
  of our business - that it is a green and growing
  industry that they serve.
     3. FCSMA Operating States
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Tennessee
   4. Types of Loans from FCSMA
Farm Loans
• Farm Credit Services of Mid-America helps
  find financing for farm real estate,
  equipment and operating loans, lines of
  credit for agribusiness financing, crop
  insurance, and farm leasing as well as provide
  support and financing for business ventures
  outside the farm.
   4. Types of Loans from FCSMA
Country Home Loans
• Farm Credit Services can finance the purchase
  of a home site & offer flexible financing for
  property with added acres, construction
  financing that will take you from your site
  purchase to permanent financing in one clean
  package and loans for existing homes in the

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