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Not only Data Warehouses grow,
  Finally also Data Warehousing has grown up

                     Design…     Data Warehouse
                     Create…     Data Marts
  Model                          DataShops
                    Data                                             The Value

                    Today’s business is changing                   So, now all Data Warehouse
                    more rapidly than ever before. So              projects can profit from this Model
                    Data Warehouses need to adopt the              Driven Data Warehouse Generator.
                    actual business situation at the same          Over 50% savings can be achieved
Generate            speed as the business is changing.             by generating the Data Warehouses
Instead of          When organizations continue to                 and Data Marts, without loosing your
                    manual design and build Data                   previous investments and current
Building            Warehouse and Data Marts and keep              solutions.
                    programming the data processes to              It is the nature of IT-industry to
                    populate, they will achieve a flexible         automate its own processes. Nobody
                    BI environment. Every change will              builds an ERP-system anymore;
                    force them to repeat all these                 nobody builds an OLAP application
                    activities over again. According to            anymore. It is about time to stop
                    leading market analysts more than              building Data Warehouses, and
                    half of the Data Warehouse                     use a flexible solution: BIReady.
                    projects fail; last too long, cost too         BIReady    designs,   creates    and
                    much money and they do not bring               populates your Data Warehouse
                    the desired business advantages.               100% automatically based on the
Save time           The failure factors are the same for           given business model. And now
                    each     project;   complexity     and         changes can be made on the fly by
Save tosts          changes. BIReady solved these                  adjusting    the    existing    Data
Best practices      issues, making solutions available             Warehouse.
Flexible solution
Adjust changes

                         Data                                                             Management
                        Sources                                                           Information

Both initial and                                                         datamart

With increments                                                            datamart

and maintenance                                                             datamart

                                            staging          DWH

                 Data                                                       The Product

                 The BIReady product is unique in                           It also ensures that best practices
                 the world. Based on customer’s                             are used. Issues like Transformation,
                 business model the Enterprise Data                         Cleansing, Data Warehouse Keys,
                 Warehouse and the required Data                            History, Integration, Design, Create
Model Driven     Marts are designed, created and                            and Load, Logging are all (partial)
Generator of     populated automatically; this used to                      generic. This is the key to automate
                 be manual work until now. The                              these processes by a tool. Now
Data Warehouse   architecture is fully compliant with                       BIReady realized to do all these,
Data Marts       the       Corporate     Information                        sometimes very complex, processes
                 Factory as described by the inventor                       automatically. This approach enables
                 of Data Warehousing Bill Inmon.)                           you to focus on the real essentials
                 The modular approach of BIReady                            of Business Intelligence: How to
                 guarantees that it can be embedded                         create    business    advantage    by
                 in your existing infrastructures and                       knowing the facts
                 will fit in the most common used
                 environments, like market leading
                 Database systems and modeling

Create                                                                       Performance Mgt   OLAP   Reports     Excel
                  Performance Mgt      OLAP           Reports     Excel
                    datamart        datamart      datamart       datamart


                                Transformation & Loading
Generic                                     staging

DW keys                  Extraction, Transformation & Loading
History                                                                                        CRM    ERP       eBus
                        Files         CRM             ERP       eBus               Files
Data Integrity    BIReady is a Data Warehouse Generator that automates the tasks which
Data Quality      traditionally involves intensive manual labor, often employing specialist DW/BI
Logging           The capability to generate the Data Warehouse and Data Marts from a business
                  model guarantees a rapid ROI and lower TCO; not only with the initial build of a
                  Data Warehouse, but even more when frequent changes or extensions are


                                          EASY                                      to use

       50%                                FAST
                                                                            to implement
     Costs and                            FLEXIBLE                               solution
   time savings                           SCALABLE                             for growth
                                          BETTER                                     result

About BIReady
BIReady is the vendor of a unique software product that automatically designs, generates and
populates Enterprise Data Warehouses and Data Marts, based on the organization’s Business

This unique product, named after the company, replaces intensive manual labour. Besides time and
cost savings of over 50% during the realization phase and every maintenance project, this also
enables companies to be agile by making Business Intelligence more responsive to business needs,
at the speed the business requires. Finally organizations are able to align to business strategy in

BIReady is a fast growing, highly innovative company, with a broad partner network across the
world. By using BIReady, Business Intelligence is not only achievable for the fortune 1000
companies but also for SMB organizations.

 BIReady Inc.                          BIReady B.V.
 a Delaware company                    The Netherlands

 Head Quarters North America           Head Quarters Europe

 248 East 44th Street                  Langbroekerdijk B 18a
 2nd floor                             3947 BB Langbroek
 New York, NY 10017                    The Netherlands
 Toll free Tel and Fax:                Tel: +31 (0) 343 563851
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