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Beak Weep


									                                                                        Beak Weep

                                                                        •   Discreet unobtrusive appearance
                                                                        •   Protected against direct wind entry
                                                                        •   Insect resistant                                          The front of the
                                                                                                                                      meniscus shaped
                                                                        •   Direct uniform evacuation path                            Beak Weep is
                                                                                                                                      translucent to blend
                                                                                                                                      with mortar and
phone 01935 474769 fax 01935 428223 email

                                                                                                     problem                          front for insects to enter.                                             colour

                                                                                                     To evacuate water from           Each beak is moulded in a                                               Natural clear polished.
                                                                            comments                 lintels and cavity trays.        polished clear polymer,
                                                                        The drop outlet does not                                      enabling it to blend in with
                                                                        encourage build-up of
                                                                        mortar (initial) debris      introduction                     any colour of mortar or
                                                                        wash, a common               The beak weep provides an        masonry.                                                                                 mm
                                                                                                                                                                                 6mm                                        108
                                                                        occurrence if the
                                                                        apertures are on the front   alternative way of releasing
                                                                        and below certain            penetrating water from lintels   Beak weeps are for water                extension duct                  installation/site work
                                                                        minimum dimensions.
                                                                        (See other entries in        and cavity trays installed       discharge only, and should not          A weep extension duct is        Position in perp on DPC,
                                                                        which we refer to            within a cavity wall. The beak   be confused with our dual-              available to attach to extend   lintel or cavitray in
                                                                        minimum sizes we have
                                                                        established in tests to be   weep matches the height of a     purpose combined weeps and              the beak weep. The duct         accordance with our
                                                                        functionally serviceable.)   standard perp joint, but has a   vents that have a higher                permits the weep to be used     instructions. Spacing at
                                                                        The mid sweep of the
                                                                        beak permits mortar infill   reduced front section shaped     discharge capability. We                in masonry of a depth of up     450mm centres in
                                                                        without adverse forward      to be almost indistinguishable   recommend a greater number              to 300mm. For intermediate      accordance with NHBC and
                                                                                                     from the mortar joint.           of beak weeps be incorporated           masonry dimensions the duct     BRE recommendations.
                                                                                                                                      to compensate and provide               can be cut to suit.
                                                                        observations                 solution                         multi-outlet opportunities                                              bill of quantity
                                                                        Branded with name and
                                                                                                     The base flow path of the        (450mm centres, see                     sizes                           wording
                                                                        logo as proof of type and    beak weep is direct, and does    installation). If an almost             65mm x 108mm.                   Beak weep by Cavity Trays of
                                                                        accompanying warranty.
                                                                                                     not taper, permitting arrested   undetectable appearance is              62mm x 200mm plus               Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8HU.
                                                                                                     water and debris to freely       required, the beak weep                 connection flange.              (01935 474769). Build into
                                                                                                     evacuate. The discharge          combines functionality in an                                            perp joints over lintels, trays
                                                                                                     outlet is underneath the beak,   aesthetically neutral naturally         material                        and DPCs at 450mm
                                                                                                     so water and debris is not       blending style.                         BS polypropylene.               centres. Number ........
                                                                                                     prevented from discharging
                                                                                                     under conditions of directly                                                                             ordering/regulations
                                                                                                     blowing wind. Accordingly, a                                                                             See inside back cover for
                                                                                                     grille does not feature on the                                                                           details.
                                                                                                     beak weep, as there is no
                                                                                                                                                      Beak weep used with extension duct to provide
                                                                                                     place visible on the beak                        drainage evacuation route up to 300mm maximum.


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