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					B Bridgewater Bulletin and Lunenburg Progress Enterprise, Tuesday, October 9, 2007

                                                                                            Newcombville Elementary School News

                                        news                                                       Our principal
                                                                                                              By BRICE ZINN

                                                                                                   Mr. Turner has been our principal
                                                                                                for four years and he teaches French to
                                                                                                the Gr. 4 M class. He is a principal and he
                                                                                                plays soccer outside with us. I think he
                                                                                                is a good teacher. He knows everyone’s
                                                                                                name in the school.
                                                                                                   Mr. Turner has two children. Their
                                                                                                names are Kaylyn who is eight and
                                                                                                Keegan who is nine years old. Keegan is
                                                                                                exactly the same age as me.
                                                                                                   Mr. Turner’s wife’s name is Nadine
                                                                                                and she is a teacher too. Mr. Turner
                                                                                                grew up in New Ross but now his fam-
                                                                                                ily lives in Hebbs Cross. Mr. Turner has      Newcombville Elementary student Brice
                                                                                                lots of hobbies. He likes gardening and       Zinn gets a lift from principal Alan Turner.
                                                                                                music. His favourite singer is Shania
                                                                                                Twain. He plays the guitar. He is learn-      on the weekend. He makes time to go to
                                                                                                ing to play the fiddle, and he is getting     the YMCA to exercise. Mr. Turner loves
                                                                                                better at it every day.                       to play volleyball, soccer and go swim-
                                                                                                   On the weekend, Mr. Turner is busy         ming. He watches CTV and MITV on
Newcombville Elementary School student Mariah Henley, left, and her Terry Fox team              doing yard work like weeding, mowing             .
                                                                                                                                              TV His favourite foods are fish, chicken,
shown with MLA Carolyn Bolivar-Getson.                                                          the lawn, and raking leaves. He likes         corn, apples and blueberries.
                                                                                                to play with his children Kaylyn and             Mr. Turner loves his job in Newcomb-

               Terry Fox is a hero
                                                                                                Keegan. He also likes to read magazines       ville. I’m glad he is our principal.

  By CHRIS ROBAR and TRISTEN MEISNER           his lungs.                                       My dad and the stars
                                                  He died on June 1, 1981 at the age of 22.
   Terry Fox loved his family and his          He is truly a hero.                                         By LAREN BEDGOOD
country. Terry was born in Winnipeg in            This year on September 27, Newcomb-
July of 1958. He and his family were living    ville school did the Terry Fox Run. Grades          Have you ever attended a party with
in BC in 1977 when he was diagnosed with       P-4 ran to raise money for cancer re-            Pamela Anderson? Well my dad Jeff
bone cancer at the age of 18. That was         search.                                          Bedgood has.
when Terry decided to go on a marathon            Each year we have an assembly with               My dad owns a limousine company in
run to raise money for cancer research.        MLA Carolyn Bolivar-Getson as a guest.           Halifax. It is called Renair Limousine.
   Terry began his marathon on April 12,       After the assembly, we passed in our                For the 2006 Juno Awards my dad
1980. He planned to run across Canada          money, and then the whole school ran. It         drove many of the stars. He drove Julie
from Newfoundland to Vancouver. He             was very warm outside and the children           Black, the Black Eyed Peas and Donald
raised lots of money in Newfoundland,          were given water as they ran.                    K. Donald, the C.E.O of CTV   .
Nova Scotia, PEI and Quebec.                      We raised over $1,000 this year. My              My dad also drove the Junos’ C.E.O.,
   One day in September, Terry ran a little    partner and I think that this is a great         who liked the drive so much he gave him
bit and stopped, just east of Thunder Bay,     cause because it raises a lot of money for       backstage passes to the show.
Ontario. He couldn't breathe right. He         cancer research. We hope that they soon             After the Juno Awards were over dad        For limo driver Jeff Bedgood, chauffeuring
found out his bone cancer had spread to        find a cure for cancer.                          got to go to the private party with the       rock stars, politicians and scientists is all
                                                                                                stars! He said it was amazing! All of the     in a day’s work.
                                                                                                flashing lights and so many people. He
                                                                                                had a fabulous time!                          things. When the Rolling Stones had
                                                                                                   My dad has driven Terry Bradshaw to        their last outdoor concert, my dad drove
                                                                                                the airport and went shoe shopping with       Mick Jagger to the concert. The concert
                                                                                                Willy Nelson. He has driven scientists,       was fantastic! But it was a little chilly
                                                                                                university deans and politicians.             that night so my dad had to go to the
                                                                                                   My dad found it very interesting driv-     limo and warm up during the concert.
                                                                                                ing scientists. He really likes learning         My name is Laren Bedgood and I live
                                                                                                about the universe and spaceships and         in Chelsea. I am a very ordinary girl
                                                                                                the scientists told him a lot about those     whose father has a very exciting job.

                                                                                                   My Uncle Bobby                             he lost, he said not too many. Out of 60 or
                                                                                                                                              70 fights, he only lost five.
                                                                                                                                                 Uncle Bobby boxed for 21 years and
                                                                                                           By MATTHEW GRACE                   loved every minute of it. He started box-
                                                                                                                                              ing at the age of 17 and had his last fight
                                                                                                   Uncle Bobby is my great-uncle. His         at 38 against Sherie Lawrence. He lost
                                                                                                whole name is Robert Charles Grace. He        his last match. He had to travel to Cape
                                                                                                used to own Bob’s Shell.                      Breton and Prince Edward Island for
Beatrice (Beck) Henley, left, and      Eagle’s Cry reporter Mariah Henley spent time with          He is now retired and lives in Bridge-     boxing matches.
her two sisters, Ruby and Evelyn, of   her great-grandmother, Beatrice (Beck) Henley, to        water. He talks to me about interesting          Uncle Bobby was the Maritime Wel-
West Clifford some 90 years ago.       learn more about her family.                             things that have happened in his life,        ter Weight Champion and South Shore
                                                                                                one of which is his boxing career.            Middle Weight Champion. He fought

                    A Long Time Ago
                                                                                                   Uncle Bobby started boxing in 1946.        against names like Keith Paris, Perry
                                                                                                It took a lot of training. He was trained     Paris, Rodney Warrington, Steve John-
                                                                                                by Tremaine Fraser and Frank Man-             son, Stew Johnson and Mickey Ross.
                                                                                                thorne. Uncle Bobby had lots of broken           My Uncle Bobby is a good guy. I still
                                                                                                bones. He said he had his ribs broken         go to visit him. He likes to talk to me
            By MARIAH HENLEY                   walk across the field to school. Her teach-
                                                                                                several times and his nose broke five or      about the things he used to do. I love my
                                               er was Mrs. Minnie Selig. Nana really
                                                                                                six times. When I asked how many fights       Uncle Bobby.
   Have you ever worn a flour bag dress?       liked Geography, and so do I.
My great-grandmother has. Her mother              At home, Nana always liked to play
made her and her sisters three dresses         with dolls. One day she saw a doll in
and she dyed them pretty colours. The
sisters would share the dresses with each
                                               the catalogue that cost $1. Her parents
                                               couldn’t afford to buy it for her. My grand-             Volunteering                             SHAID Tree is in Whynott’s Settle-
                                                                                                                                              ment. SHAID is a place for animals to
other.                                         mother bought Nana her first doll when                                                         stay until they find a good home.
   My great-grandmother’s name is Bea-         she was 92!                                        By JESSIE MEISNER and CODY CROFT               I feel sorry for all the animals who
trice Drucilla Henley. She is 94 years old.       My opinion on life back then is that it                                                     have no homes.
I interviewed her to learn more about her      must have been hard for Nana because                Have you ever volunteered?                    People give money and some volun-
and my family.                                 when she was 12 her mother was in the               We think volunteering is important         teer to help take care of these homeless
   My great-grandmother grew up in the         hospital.                                        because lots of places need volunteers,       animals.
small community of West Clifford. Her             Nana had to care for her five sisters,        like SHAID Tree Animal Shelter and               Sometimes Jessie and her mom vol-
parents were Edward Beck and Sadie             do all the housework, including making           Small World Learning Centre.                  unteer at SHAID. They feed and brush
(Oickle) Beck.                                 bread and helping her father outside.               It feels good when you volunteer.          the dogs. They also clean the pens.
   When my Nana was six, she started              I’ll bet my Nana felt sad deep down in-       When you volunteer, you can help people          We think volunteering is important
school. It only took her five minutes to       side because she missed her mother.              and the animals.                              because you can help others.
                                                                                                  Bridgewater Bulletin and Lunenburg Progress Enterprise, Tuesday, October 9, 2007   B

                                                                                                 in The QuArry
                                                                                                                                             chines in the quarry. There is a crusher
                                     columns                                                                                                 to crush the rock. The rock needs to
                                                                                                                                             be blasted first so that it will fit in the
                                                                                                                                             breakdown crusher. The rock goes on

        Red heelers make great pets
                                                                                                            By PORTER BECK                   the screens and goes through a cone. It
                                                                                                                                             comes out into the gravel. The Michigan
                                                                                                  Porter and his family use heavy ma-        scoops the gravel up and loads the truck.
                                                high, while males measure 38 to 42 cm          chines every day in their quarry.             Porter likes driving the machines in the
           By BRENNA ZWICKER
                                                high. A heeler should weigh roughly 17            One day Porter had the chance to           pit. Porter’s dad has a very big truck,
                                                to 25 kg.                                      drive in a Michigan loader. It is the big-    two excavators and two loaders. Porter’s
   Most people have never heard of a red
                                                   Many heelers have high energy levels.       gest loader Porter had ever driven in. It     dad is busy keeping all of those big ma-
                                                They like to have a job to do. They are        is big and yellow. Its weight is 14.5 met-    chines running every day.
   A red heeler is a kind of dog that was
                                                                                               ric tonnes. The tires are five feet tall.        We think big machines are important
used for herding cattle. It is also called an   very smart and find repetitive training
                                                                                                  Porter’s dad bought it five years ago      because they do work people can’t do.
Australian cattle dog.                          dull. Their training should be varied and
                                                                                               in New Brunswick. His dad uses it in his      Without big machines we wouldn’t be
   A red heeler is a good pet to have. I have   fun, if not, they can become destructive.
                                                                                               family’s quarry.                              able to do lots of things. We are glad
a red heeler named Lady.                           People like heelers because they are
                                                                                                  The quarry is where they make grav-        that there are lots of different kinds of
   Lady has a base coat of red with white       loyal companions. They also make perfect
                                                                                               el. Porter’s dad has other heavy ma-          big machines.
hairs frosting her coat. There are also         guards, and they love to work.
blue heelers. They have a bluish appear-           My dog, Lady, likes to play. She is a re-
ance with black, grey and white hair all        ally nice dog and she loves children. Lady
over their body.                                needs to get exercise so I take her for a
   Females measure about 36 to 40 cm            walk. I love my dog and she loves me.
                                                                                                                  Life on a dairy farm
                                                                                                           By CODY HALLETT                      A dairy farmer works hard every day.

    Border collies
                                                air. He plays ball with Abby. He likes to                                                    The cows need to be milked two times a
                                                touch noses with our rabbits. He follows           Farmers have to get up early in           day. After Grampie cleans the stalls, he
                                                my mom and when he sits, he sticks out         the morning to do the farm work. My           has to go out and work in the hay field.
                                                his tongue. You can train a border collie      grampie cleans out the cow stalls and            Carmen feeds the cows hay and also
            By DEREK SEAMONE                    with a long rope; when it runs toward the      milks the cows.                               gives them shortfeed. Most of the calves
                                                road, you step on the rope to stop it.             A dairy farm is a lot different than it   get milk out of a bucket. We mix water
   A year ago we went to Roy Robinson’s            Jack and Abby’s breeder, Roy Robinson,      used to be. We don’t milk a cow by hand       and milk together to teach them to drink
Kennels and we bought a border collie.          trains his dogs to herd sheep and ducks.       anymore. We use a machine because it          water. The heifers drink water and eat
She was the size of a football.                 He breeds border collies and Australian        is faster. The machine is black with four     shortfeed and hay.
   My border collie is black and white and      shepherds.                                     hoses that are attached to a milker that         I help on the farm, too. I help make
she has a lot of energy. Her name is Abby          His dog, Scottie, is the sheep-herding      is like a vacuum cleaner. We attach them      hay in the summer. I like helping place
and her favourite game is soccer.               champion.                                      to the cow and the machine sucks the          the bales in the barn. I love living on a
   When my brother has friends over, we            Roy trains Scottie to “go away.” Scottie    milk out of the cow.                          farm.
have a game of soccer. Abby steals the          runs clockwise in a circle. When Roy says,
ball and tries to get a goal. She hardly ever   “go by,” he runs in the opposite direction.
gets a goal but she keeps trying until she
gets it in.
                                                Roy also trains him to jump through a
                                                small hoop.
   She eats regular dog food but her favou-        I think that Roy Robinson is a good dog
rite treat is Pigs Ears.                        breeder because he looks after his dogs
   Last June we got another border collie.      and when you buy one of his dogs, you get
His name is Jack. He can catch food in the      a year of free training.

     The 4-h yeAr                                  And my health to better living,
                                                   For my club, my community and my
                                                   Now that I am nine this year, I am going
            By SHELBY CROUSE                    to be a full 4-H member. After you are 21,
                                                you can be in 4-H only if you want to be a
   4-H is all about fun. You can do lots of     leader like my mom. If you’re six to eight
projects and go to all of the meetings. 4-H     years old, you can be a clover bud.            The Newcombville Eagles soccer team.
is a good way to make friends.                     I will be doing a project called light
   At each meeting, we say the 4-H
   I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
                                                horse using a horse named Pepper. I’m
                                                going to ride Western and maybe English,
                                                too. I will learn a lot about competing in
                                                                                                    The big game                                Ryan Hebb and Laren Bedgood were
                                                                                                                                             strong at defence. Brice Zinn played
                                                                                                                                             halfback. Cooper Stuart and Liam Gir-
   My heart to greater loyalty,                 the horse classes.                               By LIAM GIRVAN and COOPER STUART            van rushed after the ball many times.
   My hands to larger service,                     4-H is a good group for kids to join.                                                        The score was close until the last five
                                                                                                  On September 26, the Newcombville          minutes of the game. Then the Hebbville
                                                                                               Eagles played the Hebbville Patriots in a     Patriots began to score the goals. Liam
                                                                                               soccer game. It was a hot, sunny day but      Girvan was rushing after the ball when
      Cubs for kids                             hiking, weekend camping or kayaking. It
                                                sounds like lots of fun!
                                                   One time we went camping with our
                                                                                               we were ready for action.
                                                                                                  Everybody was excited because it was
                                                                                                                                             the other team had it. He stole the ball
                                                                                                                                             and scored a goal for Newcombville.
                                                Cub leaders. We went camping and we            the first game of the season.                    Cooper Stuart tried his best to score.
  By JASON CLARKE and JASON COLICUTT                                                              Hebbville came and played on our           He did score one of our goals. Other
                                                went on a hike and played some games.
                                                   We helped cook breakfast and had a          field. Cooper Stuart played halfback and      goals were scored by Jonah Veinot and
   Scouting began in 1907. Scouting came        campfire. Then we slept in a cabin.            Dean Eaton played the position of goalie.     Matthew Grace.
to Canada in spring of 1908. Just a little         Four days after camping, we went back       Dean made lots of saves, but a few shots         Newcombville lost the game. The
after that, the book of Scouting For Boys       to Cubs and played some games. Those           went in. Matthew Grace played the last        score was 7-4. Hebbville was a good
was published in England.                       games were tag and dodgeball.                  few minutes in net. It was his first time     team. We enjoyed playing soccer with
   Today there are 28 millon boys, girls           Another thing we do in Cubs is earn         playing goalie and he was great.              them.
and adults taking part in scouting all over     badges. You can earn badges for hiking,
the world. Scouts are made up of Beavers,       cleaning, helping, CPR, cooking and all
Cubs and Scouts. Beavers are age five to
seven. A Cub’s average age is eight to 10.
Scouts can be 11 to 14 years old.
                                                kinds of things. You have to do the things
                                                that the Cub book tells you to do to get
                                                badges. Our Cub leaders are Brian and his
                                                                                                                              The Torches
   Cubs do lots of challenging things like      son Evan. We like being in Cubs.                       By OLIVIA GRANT                            which is my favourite. One per-
                                                                                                                                                  son stands in the hands of two
                                                                                                  I am on the Torches cheer-                      people. They throw that person
                                                                                               leading team. I go to competi-                     in the air and catch her in their
       Big machines                             lings. You can water a garden with big ir-
                                                rigation machines. In big orchards there
                                                are machines that spray the bugs.
                                                                                               tions with my team all over
                                                                                               Nova Scotia.
                                                                                                                                                  hands before she reaches the
                                                                                                                                                  ground. The flier is the person
                                                                                                  We’ve been to competitions                      who goes up in the air. The bases
               By RYAN HEBB                        If you want to fertilize your garden or
                                                                                               like the Cheer Expo in Halifax,     Olivia Grant   are the people doing the lifting.
                                                field you need a manure spreader. Some
                                                                                               Dartmouth and in Truro. We                            It’s fun and that’s what cheer-
   Big machines on a farm are used to           spray liquid manure and some spread
                                                                                               also do demonstrations in the Bridge- leading is all about.
move things, pick things up, make bales         solid manure. Lots of big machines are
                                                                                               water Mall.                                    We have a lot of new girls on our team
of hay for animals to eat, or fertilize         used for making hay. Mowers cut the
                                                                                                  It takes a lot of work and practice to and we work together to learn more
things to make them grow.                       grass to be baled. Tedders move the grass
                                                                                               be on the Torches team. We do stunts about cheerleading. Our coach is Wendy
   We have three tractors on our farm.          around so it can dry.
                                                                                               like the Double Base and the Thigh Pop, Oickle and she’s a great coach.
Every farm has a tractor. There are differ-        When a farmer rakes the hay, the raker
ent types of tractors. Some are small and       gathers the hay into long lines to be baled.
others are big. You use small tractors to       Balers gather the hay up into bunches
haul wagons.
   On the wagons farmers put things like
fruit, vegetables, hay, wood and rocks.
                                                called bales. Some balers make small rect-
                                                angular bales, bigger rectangle bales, and
                                                big round bales. Some round bales are
                                                                                                    Four-wheeling                            must always wear a helmet with a face
                                                                                                                                                You should always wear long sleeves,
   Farmers use wood splitters to split          wrapped in plastic by a big wrapper.                       By AUSTIN MYRA                    gloves and long pants so you don’t get
wood for the winter. You can put a fertil-         Combines are used to cut crops like                                                       scratched.
izer spreader on the back of a tractor          corn and spit them into a trailer.                On a nice sunny day it is fun to go for       I like to go on the four-wheeler with
to fertilize grass to make it grow faster.         In today’s farming, big machines are        a drive on the four-wheeler.                  my dad.
Tractors are used for operating a lot of        doing a lot of work. If it weren't for big        The first thing you have to remember          We go on trails behind the house. My
machines on a farm.                             machines on a farm, we might not be able       if you are going to ride is to know the       dad has a red 500 Honda and we ride it
   Tillers get the ground ready for plant-      to do all of the things that we want to do     safety rules.                                 almost every day. It is one of my favou-
ing. There are machines that plant seed-        on a farm.                                        The most important rule is that you        rite things to do.

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