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									                               Number Provisioning

The Number Provisioning service allows you to select and then control the delivery of
NTS (Number Translation Services) numbers via a user friendly web interface.

NTS numbers are special UK telephone numbers normally beginning with 08 that can
be delivered to standard landline numbers. These NTS numbers include Freephone,
Local Rate (Lo Call) and National Rate tariffs.

Using this web site you can provision NTS numbers instantly by searching through
our database, selecting the tariff and the number of your choice. Once you have
selected the number (or numbers) required you can then allocate the destination
number that these numbers will be delivered to (e.g. your mobile).

Additionally you can also add various options to the way in which these numbers are
dealt with, for example:

Time of Day - Specify the times that you want your numbers to be available, for
each day of the week. Any calls received out of the hours you have specified will be
diverted to the voicemail service.

Voicemail - Should the destination telephone number be busy or unanswered, the
caller can be diverted to a pre-recorded message or to voicemail. There are default
pre-recorded messages but you can of course record your own greeting messages if
you wish. Any voicemail messages left by callers can be emailed as a wav
attachment to a designated email address.

Call recording -The contents of calls can be recorded, and emailed to a designated
email address. The recording of the call comes in the form of a WAV attachment.

Introduction message - An introduction message can be played to the caller
before the call is forwarded to the destination number.

Whisper message - A whisper message can be played to the destination party
announcing the call letting them know that a call has been received on the NTS

CLI presentation - When forwarding the call, the CLI (caller line identity) that is
presented to the destination party can be either the CLI of the caller or a predefined
number showing you it's a call to the NTS number.
Choose New Numbers

By selecting “Choose New Numbers” from the left hand menu you will be presented
with the following screen:

Select the number tariff you require from the dropdown list and, if required, enter
digits from a specific number you would like and we will find the closest match. The
cost of each tariff is displayed underneath the dropdown list. Choose a tariff that best
suits your type of service.

Once you see a number that you’d like in the search results, you can add it to your
account by clicking on the “Add” button beside the relevant number.

You’ll then be taken to a confirmation screen. To confirm that you want to add the
number you have selected, click the “Save” button. If you change your mind then
click on “Cancel”.

Please note numbers that are not used for a period of three months may be removed
from your account.
Viewing/Editing Numbers

Once you have numbers added to your account, you can assign different services to

To find numbers assigned to your account choose the number prefix (tariff) from the
dropdown list and click “Search”. You may also narrow down your search further by
entering a number or part of a number and by entering a description.

If your search returns telephone numbers (as in the screenshot above) you will then
be able to make modifications to it using the “Modify” button, if it has a service
assigned to it, or by clicking the “Add” button if it’s a number with no destination
number set up.
After you have clicked on “Modify” or “Add” you’ll be taken to the screen below (this
shows the options available after clicking the “Advanced options” button).

The basic options are limited to assigning a description (to help you identify each of
your numbers). You’ll also have access to Time of Day options. By clicking on the
“Time of Day” button you’ll be taken to a grid showing the days of the week with an
associated From and Until time. Simply click on “Modify” to change the hours your
number will be available. If you don’t want to receive any calls for the whole day
then set the “From” and “Until” time as “00:00”.
If you click on “Advanced options” you’ll have access to all the options in the above
screenshot. They are detailed on the next page.

Ring time – This is the duration, in seconds, of ringing that the person calling your
number will hear before an action that you have set up will occur e.g. voicemail or an
unavailable message.

Voicemail – If the call is not answered or the line is busy, the caller will be
prompted to leave a recorded message. You can record a different prompt for each.
You can record your prompts by dialling the update line and entering your pin, at the
bottom of the page. Voicemails will be sent to the email address you specify (see
below) with the audio attached as a WAV file.

Call Recording – If this option is ticked then all calls you receive on this number will
be recorded and sent to the address you specify (see below) with the audio attached
as a WAV file.

Email Address – If you have ticked the voicemail of call recording option then this
option will be available for you to specify the address of where you want your audio

Intro message – This is a prompt that the caller will hear as soon as they ring your
number, if the option is ticked. This is a good opportunity to make a good first
impression with your customer so be sure to tell them that their call is important and
that someone will answer shortly. If you have chosen to record calls then you should
also warn the caller of this, in your prompt.

Whisper Message – A whisper message is a recorded message that the recipient of
the call will hear. For example, if someone dials a number you have set up as a Help
Desk number, you can hear a recorded message saying “Incoming Help Desk call…”
when you answer the call. It will not be heard by the caller. This will enable you to
distinguish between different types of call even though the destination number is the

CLI Presentation – The presentation CLI (caller line identity) is the number you will
see displayed as the Caller ID on a supporting handset (most commonly a mobile
phone). Choosing “Callers CLI” will show you the caller’s number if it has not been
withheld (e.g. using BT’s 141 service). Choosing “Withheld” will show the incoming
call as “Withheld” or “Unknown” in all cases. If you choose “Specified”, you can enter
a number of your choice to display. This is useful if your phone/mobile has an
address book. You can enter a CLI that corresponds to your main office line or that
of a particulate department.

CLI to present – this option is available by choosing “Specified” from the CLI
Presentation options, (see above).

When you are satisfied that the number is set up correctly, click the “Save” button to
confirm the parameters you have chosen. Also make sure that you have recorded all
necessary prompts by dialling the update line and entering your pin. Both of which
will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click “Cancel” to loose any changes
you have made.
Remote Update Line

To update your voicemail greeting, introduction and whisper messages simply dial
the number displayed at the bottom of the Number Delivery Options page, which can
be navigated to after clicking “Add” or “Modify” when choosing “Your Numbers” from
the left hand menu and performing a search query.

When dialing the number you will be prompted for the number of the service (NTS
Number) and then your pin number which is also displayed at the bottom of the
page. Enter these using your telephone keypad.

You will then be prompted for the message number you wish to change. The
message numbers are listed below, enter the corresponding number using your
telephone keypad:

1 - Intro message

2 - Engaged message

3 – Unanswered message

4 – Out of hours message

5 – Whisper message

Every message in your service will have a default prompt assigned to it. They are
listed below:

Hello and thank you for calling. Please hold while we connect your call.

The number you are calling is busy. Please try again later.

Engaged (with voicemail)
The number you are calling is busy. Please leave a message after the tone.

There is no answer from the number you are calling. Please try again later.

Unanswered (with voicemail)
There is no answer from the number you are calling. Please leave a message after
the tone.

Out of hours
Our offices are now closed. Please try again later.

Out of hours (with voicemail)
Our offices are now closed. Please leave a message after the tone.

There is no default recording for message slot 5 - The Whisper. If none has been
recorded, this feature will not operate.

You can make changes to your number at any time and any changes made will be
applied immediately.

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