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									        Rusholme, Fallowfield and Whalley Range

                                                                                              Summer 2010

             NOWHERE TO HIDE                                                             Your Local

                                                                                          Inspector Sarah Morton
           Knock, knock: local criminals get an unexpected visit.
                                                                                     We are working hard to tackle
                                         “I hope the heightened police               crime and anti-social behaviour in
At the start of May, the full might      presence has not made                       order to make this area a safer
of Greater Manchester Police             anyone, other than the                      place to live and work.
was felt across south Manchester         criminals, feel anxious or
as over 500 officers took to the         worried. The enforcement                    To help us identify any problems
streets to arrest those criminals        activity we have carried out is             in your area please get in touch
that have blighted the local             with the sole intention of making           and tell us the issues that matter
community.                               this community a safer place to             to you the most.
                                         live and work.
Over the course of the week, the                                                     Ring us: 0161 856 4423
operation, named Thunderflash,           “Information passed on to us by
saw 225 criminals arrested.              the public plays a vital role in            Email us:
                                         helping us get these criminals
Included in this figure are the          off the streets. We will listen to          Go online: Visit
burglars, robbers, car thieves,          everything the people of                    and fill in a priority form
drug dealers and anti-social             Rusholme, Fallowfield and
people that you, the community,          Closure: one of the city’s ‘crack houses’
                                         Whalley Range have to tell us               Attend a meeting: See page two
wanted us to catch.                      and we will act on it.”                     for details of meetings in your
Inspector Sarah Morton said:
                                                                                      Finally, why not stop and say
                                                                                        hello when we’re out and
        Rusholme, Fallowfield and Whalley Range                                                  about?
            Neighbourhood Policing Team
                        Tel: 0161 856 4423                                             We’re here to listen to you!
       RESPECT ACTION DAYS                                                COMMUNITY
                                                                        We run monthly surgeries
                                                                        across the Rusholme,
                                                                        Fallowfield and Whalley Range
                                                                        area so you can meet your local
                                                                        officer and PCSO to discuss
                                                                        any problems that you may be
                                                                        experiencing in your day-to-day

                                                                        Please take the time to pop in
                                                                        to your surgery as the
                                                                        information we receive from you
                                                                        directly feeds into the priorities
                                                                        that we set for the area.

PCSO Mel Smith and Phil Mellor with Junior PCSO, Shahnur Rahman.
                                                                             Monday 12 July 2010
                                                                             Mobile Police Station,
Neighbourhood policing teams           young age means that in the             Platt Fields Park
will be accessible to all              future they will appreciate              14:00 – 16:00
residents of an area.                  what we are here to do.
                                                                              Friday 23 July 2010
Through the Junior PCSO                “Hopefully we will be able to          Tesco supermarket,
scheme at Birchfields Primary          change any preconceived                  Withington Road
School in Fallowfield, PCSOs           ideas they may have about                 11:00 – 13:00
Phil Mellor and Mel Smith are          the police and that in the
ensuring that this pledge              future they will feel                Monday 26 July 2010
applies not just to adults, but        comfortable and confident to      Platt Lane Methodist Church,
the children and young people          work alongside their local                 Platt Lane
of our community.                      officers.”                                12:00 – 14:00

PCSO Mellor said: “It’s fantastic      As part of the scheme, the          Thursday 5 August 2010
to work with the children and to       junior PCSOs have written                 Post Office,
understand what concerns them          letters to parents encouraging        Egerton Road South
and what they would like to see        them to park safely when                 18:00 – 20:00
us as a neighbourhood policing         dropping off and picking
team doing.                            children up from school.                 See you there!

“Working closely with them at a

           CARE AND REPAIR
The Rusholme, Fallowfield           Care and Repair will always
and Whalley Range                   take account of your wishes,
Neighbourhood Policing              and advice is free.
Team, work alongside
Manchester Care and Repair          If you think Care and Repair
to help older and vulnerable        could be assistance to you, a
people to live in comfort and       friend or family member,
safety in their home.               please get in touch:

Care and Repair provide a                Tel: 0161 872 5500
range of services such as a
handyperson for help with           Online: www.careandrepair-
home repairs, support for     
preventing falls, adaptations
and home security.
     MEET THE NEW SERGEANT                                                      YOU SAID,
                                                                                 WE DID
Residents may have noticed a
new face while out and about in                                          Here is a taster of some of the
                                                                         work we have been doing over
Whalley Range.                                                           the past three months to tackle
                                                                         those issues that you have
Simon Nasim has taken over                                               raised as priorities.
the position of neighbourhood
sergeant from Nibby Hussein.                                                      BURGLARY

Sergeant Nasim said: “I am                                                  •   High visibility patrols are
really pleased to have joined                                                   being implemented
the neighbourhood policing                                                      across the area to deter
team and am looking forward to         Theft of and theft from                  offenders and reassure
working alongside the people of            motor vehicle
                                                                            •   Through the Respect
this area.                            Range Road, Manley Road,
                                                                                Action programme,
                                    Demense Road and Russell Road
                                                                                officers and PCSOs are
“It is important to me that                                                     visiting hundreds of
residents feel like they are             Domestic burglary                      homes, providing
listened to and their                 Kingsbrook Road, Athol Road,              valuable home security
                                         Egerton Road South and                 advice
expectations are met, so if there
                                           Brantingham Road                 •   Well-known offenders
is an issue concerning you,
please do not hesitate to get in                                                are receiving regular
                                      Neighbour nuisance and                    ‘cold calls’ from officers
touch.”                                antisocial behaviour                     reminding them that
                                            Clarendon Road                      their every move is
Sergeant Nasim will be working                                                  being monitored
with the officers and PCSOs to      The column opposite is a taster
address the three community         of the work we have been doing        ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR
priorities that have been set by        to address these issues.
local residents:                                                            •   Operation Glaven is
                                                                                continuing to address
                                                                                alcohol-related disorder
                 JUSTICE SEEN,                                                  in the Fallowfield Brow
                 JUSTICE DONE                                                   We are working
                                                                                alongside Manchester
                                                                                City Council’s Youth
                                                                                Services Team to
                                     criminals.                                 engage young people in
                                                                                the wide range of
                                     A prolific offender, known to              activities and projects
                                     the team for stealing                      that are available to
                                     valuables from cars, has been              them
                                     sentenced to 18 months in              •   ASBOs have been
                                     prison. On release, he will be             secured for a number of
                                     receiving daily visits from                repeat offenders
                                     officers reminding him that we             VEHCILE CRIME
                                     are watching his every move.
                                                                            •   Patrols in hotspot areas
                                     A burglar has been jailed for              have been increased
                                     three years. When released,            •   PCSOs are visiting
                                     he will be the subject of a five-          residents offering advice
                                     year Anti-Social Behaviour                 and fitting anti-theft
                                     Order (ASBO).                              number plates to cars
 The neighbourhood policing                                              You can have your say on how
                                     The judge in the case warned
 team is committed to putting                                            priorities for Rusholme,
                                     him: “You’re 21, but a
 those offenders that commit                                             Fallowfield and Whalley Range
                                     persistent burglar. Your            are set by using the contact
 crime in the area before the
                                     sentences will get longer and       details on the front and back
 courts. We have recently
                                     longer as you get older.”           pages of this newsletter to get
 seen some significant
 sentencing results of local                                             in touch with the neighbourhood
                                                                         policing team.
     DON’T PUT A FOOT WRONG                                                        HOW TO
                                                                                  TITLE HERE
                                                                                 REACH US
                                                                              Text here
                                                                              Text here
                                                                              Text here
                                                                              Text here
                                                                              Text here
                                                                              Text here
                                                                              Text here
                                                                              Text here
                                                                               Text here
                                                                               Text here
                                                                               Text here
                                                                             The Rusholme, Fallowfield and
                                                                               Text here
                                                                             Whalley Range Neighbourhood
                                                                               Text here
                                                                             Policing Team is based at
                                                                               Text here
                                                                             Greenheys Police Station,
                                                                               Text here
  Fast-track forensics makes it easier for officers to hunt out burglars.    Charles Halle Road, Moss Side,
                                                                               Text here
                                                                             M15 6NP.
                                                                               Text here
In the battle against burglary,          evidence we need to put               Text here
the neighbourhood policing               burglars behind bars before         Opening Hours
                                                                               Text here
team is working alongside                they have the chance to strike        Text here
Greater Manchester Police’s              again.                              Monday:
                                                                               Text here   10:00 – 18:00
Crime Scene Investigation Unit                                                 Text here 10:00 – 18:00
to ensure foot and fingerprints          “Coupled with our offender          Wednesday: 10:00 – 18:00
                                                                               Text here
recovered at scenes are                  targeting tactics where officers    Thursday:
                                                                               Text here   10:00 – 18:00
returned from forensic scientists        are visiting local criminals on a   Friday:here
                                                                               Text        10:00 – 18:00
within 24 hours.                         daily basis to let them know we     Saturday:
                                                                               Text here   Closed
                                         are watching their every move,      Sunday:
                                                                               Text here   Closed
This fast-track service provides         this tactic sends a strong
officers with more time to hunt          message to the burglars; don’t      Telephone: 0161 856 4423
down known offenders, match              even think about it. We will be
the prints and make an arrest            coming to get you.”                 Email:
before the day is out.
                                         If you would like some advice       Online:
Inspector Sarah Morton said:             on how you can help secure          Rusholme&Fallowfield
“Turning around prints so                your home, please use the
quickly provides us with the             details opposite to contact your    For non-emergency calls or
                                         local officer and PCSO.             to report a crime telephone:
                                                                             0161 872 5050

                                                                             To anonymously pass
                OTHER USEFUL                                                 information to the police,
                                                                             contact Crimestoppers:
               CONTACT DETAILS                                               0800 555 111

                                                                                  Call 999 in an
   Marion Williams-Ricketts is Manchester City Council’s
   Community Safety Coordinator for the Rusholme, Fallowfield and
                                                                               emergency, where
   Whalley Range area.                                                       there is a threat to life
                                                                             or a crime in progress.
   Tel: 0161 856 4222

   Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMPA) is the independent
   organisation that is responsible for scrutinising and challenging
   the performance of Greater Manchester Police.

   Tel: 0161 793 2920

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