Summary of Student Evaluations for wbr Kathryn Farley by Pacos


									    Summary of Student Evaluations for Kathryn Farley
                         Undergraduate classes
                   Department of Performance Studies
                       Northwestern University
                        (Class size: 20 students)

     B-10 Performing Contemporary Irish Fiction (Spring 2001)
 Take a class with Kathryn Farley! She cares so much its amazing./
Kathryn is a great teacher, and if you weren't into Irish fiction before you
will be!/ This class not only introduced me to and excited me about Irish
Fiction in general, but it revolutionized the way I think about
performance./ If you come with an open mind and a passion for
performance, you will be well taken care of ./ The professor is kooky, but
the class is fun./ Kathryn loves this class. It shows! This is the place to
start taking creative risks. Great class!/ This class was amazing, but what
was even more amazing is the individual attention the instructor gave each
of us resulting in individual growth./ Take this class./ Fun performance
class, will wake you up in the morning./ I love this class and Kathryn
Farley!!/ I love this class and this teacher, this class inspired me to create
and rewarded all my efforts./ Beautiful people doing beautiful things-a
great class and an intensely personal experience./ The professor is
enthusiastic, knowledgeable and great to work with. Wonderful class.

   B-10 Performing Contemporary Irish Drama: Transforming the
                  Celtic Tradition (Spring 2000)

        If you want to learn a lot about Irish life and you like reading plays
and want to be involved in it all, take this class. Very good./ We heard the
angels and drunken alike sing the life of Ireland./ Fun, interesting,
dynamic prof./ This class was a lot of fun, not a lot of work, and taught me
a lot about a subject previously foreign to me./ Take this class if, for
nothing else, you like free food. Kathryn is lots of fun and extremely
generous. The subject matter is great, too./ To take this class is to possess
a gift! One of my all time favorites! Teacher knows and loves the subject./
Take this class! Amazing opportunities and a wonderful professor-you
can't go wrong!/ Plays, performance, and food. A good time!/ Take this
class yah pansies!/ Wonderful plays read in this course, but lacking in
analysis. Passionate instruction./ A very fun and interesting class to attend
each day. Kathryn Farley is wonderful./ This class was so much fun,
especially with Kathryn. I learned a lot and had a great time./ Kathryn is
funny, generous, and intelligent. A great class!/ Enthusiastic teacher and
entertaining class./ Great class-it developed a community outside of
academics through excursions, guest lecturers, etc./ This class rocked!
Kathryn is passionate about Irish drama. This has been the first class I've
taken here that really impressed me as outstanding./ Great plays, themes of
course need work.

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