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                                              Spring 2010

            News from Luton West SNT - Leagrave

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We are here to make where you live safer and give you a better quality of life by reducing
crime and tackling anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or policing issues. The aim of this newsletter
is to ensure you have the information to enable you to contact us, and to inform you
about the work we have done and are doing in your neighbourhood.

Best wishes

Sgt Mark Taylor

                                  In an emergency always ring 999

                                      What you asked us to do
Our priorities for this quarter
Priority 1 – Continue to tackle the nuisance youths committing anti-social behaviour and the street drinkers
            in the area of The Green in the Hockwell Ring.

Priority 2 – Reduce burglaries in the Leagrave area.

Priority 3 – Tackle drug dealing and drug usage in Wolfsburg Court and The Green, Hockwell Ring.
  These are the priorities that have been identified through consultations with your local neighbourhood.

                                         What we are doing
Our planned actions for this quarter
Priority 1
   High visibility patrols.
   Continuing to operate a dedicated operation (Operation Lowgill) aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour
   and street drugs.
   Working with the Luton Borough Council Youth Teams.
Priority 2
   High visibility patrols.
   Issuing Smart Water invisible property marking kits and crime prevention advice to burglary victims.
   Continuing to implementing a high visibility policing and covert policing operation to tackle burglary
   (Operation Peak).
   Working with the Crime Reduction Teams to visit properties to increase household security and educate

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                                  What we are doing (Continued)
residents regarding prevention measures.

Priority 3
   High visibility patrols
   Initiating a dedicated operation called Operation Lowgill which aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour
   and street drugs via targeted patrols.
   Working with the Luton Borough Council Youth Teams.
                                          What we have done
The previous quarters agreed priorities were to tackle:
Priority 1
   Tackle the nuisance youths committing anti-social behaviour and the street drinkers in the area of The
   Green in the Hockwell Ring

Priority 2
   Reduce burglaries in the Leagrave area

To resolve each of these priority issues in addition to high visibility patrols the Leagrave Safer
Neighbourhood Team did the following work:

Priority 1
   Spoke with the youths and asked them to be considerate to shoppers and residents.
   Implemented dispersal orders covering the area surrounding the Hockwell Ring Shops, using these
   orders to insist youths leave the area. They then warned that failure to comply with these orders would
   result in the persons arrest for breach of a dispersal order under the Section 30 of the Anti-Social
   Behaviour Act 2003. Two youths were arrested in this area for breach of these orders. The Dispersals
   Orders expired at the end of January 2010.
   Setup a Youth Forum to identify diversionary activates in the neighbourhood.
   Completed an Operation Lowgill during which we used our stop and search powers on numerous
   occasions but so far no drugs have been found on any persons.

Priority 2
   Implemented Operation Cocoon which focused upon visiting the homes and neighbours of repeat
   burglary victims to:
        o Review their homes to check for security weaknesses and offer further advice to increase the
           properties defences against being burgled.
        o Provide SmartWater property marking kits.
        o Raise awareness of the issue within the community and asked neighbours to report strangers
           acting suspiciously
    During this operation over one hundred and fifty SmartWater kits and crime prevention leaflets were

It was agreed by the attendees at the Ward Forum meeting at the Lewsey Farm Learning Centre on the
26th of Jan 2010 that although the work of the SNT had helped to reduce the problems, further work was
needed and therefore these issues should be continued as priorities.

                                              News Update
Have You Got a Safer Home?

We want to encourage residents and businesses to regularly focus
their minds on securing their homes and protecting their property with simple measures to deter burglars
from damaging or stealing from their properties. Most burglars’ are opportunists and if your property
appears occupied or that it might be a little hard work to break into, it typically deters most burglars’.

Some simple measures to follow include:

   Keeping the house looking like it is occupied! When you go out leave lights and the radio on, maybe
   fitting a timer switch to turn on lights when you are away overnight.
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                                      News Update (Continued)
   Ensuring doors and windows, including fanlights, are properly locked. Remembering to double lock any
   UPVC doors by lifting the handle, turning the key and removing it.

   In your gardens block side passages with a strong, locked, high gate. Secure sheds and garages with
   good quality locks and check fences for weak spots.

   Fitting locks to the top and bottom of patio

   Installing a visible burglar alarm and security

   Security marking your property.

   Not hiding keys under mats or flowerpots –
   as it is the first place burglars look!

   Reporting strangers acting suspiciously.

If you would like more information regarding
improving the security of your property speak to
your local Burglary Reduction Officer on 01234
841212 or contact this Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Hockwell Ring CCTV & the Caught on Camera

We are pleased to advise that the CCTV camera
system monitoring the Hockwell Ring shops and
surrounding areas has now been repaired and is
again in fully functioning order.

As you are probably aware CCTV is a really useful
tool in helping to deter and catch criminals, however
sometimes we need help to identify the persons
recorded that we suspect of committing crime.

If you would like to help identify these suspects
please visit the ‘Caught-on-camera’ page of our
Force web site by entering
era/default.html’ into your web browser. The page
will display pictures of our current unidentified
suspects – if you recognise someone please either
email or
                                                                   One of the cameras in the Hockwell Ring CCTV system
contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Stop Hate UK

Bedfordshire Police has recently joined forces with a national charity called ‘STOP HATE UK’ to combat
hate crime in the county. Stop Hate UK works throughout the UK providing a third party reporting service
across all six strands of diversity – age, disability, gender identity, race, religion and sexual orientation. The
charity offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, support, help, and advice to victims of hate crime plus it

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                                      News Update (Continued)
provides the ability for victims to report any incidents of hate crime with, or without giving their name.

This initiative’s aim is to improve the reporting of hate crime and increase support to victims. Hate crimes
include things like name calling and verbal abuse, bullying and harassment, spitting, physical
attacks, damage to property, graffiti, offensive notes, emails and text messages. The information
given to Stop Hate UK will be used by the police and other agencies to reduce and prevent hate crime
whilst providing the necessary support to individual victims.

We are supporting this charity because hate crime victims sometimes don’t want to speak to the Police and
this charity can help explain to victims that hate crimes are not something they have to put up with.
To use this service you can:

   Call the charity’s 24-hour helpline – 0800 138 1625 (or 18001 0800 138 1625 with a text relay for deaf
   or hearing impaired person)

   Write / Text to 07717 989 025, Email, Stop Hate UK, PO BOX 484, Leeds, LS7

Alternatively if you wish to contact Bedfordshire Police directly and talk to an officer, in confidence about
hate crime, you can call 01234 841212, or text 07786 200011 or contact your local SNT.

                                 Levels of Crime and Crime Maps
Crime mapping is part of Bedfordshire Police’s commitment to strengthen community engagement,
meaning local residents in Bedfordshire are able to see crime rates and how they are changing in their
area. These maps allow you to view overall crime rates as well as crime rates for burglary, robbery, vehicle
crime, violence and anti-social behaviour. The crime rates show the number of crimes per 1000 people, but
there is also the option to see the actual number of crimes. To access the crime map for this area enter the
following link into your web browser

                            Where can I talk informally to an Officer
      Event                    Date               Start Time End Time                       Location

 Police Surgery      Thursday 3rd June 2010          14:30        16:00     Community Link Children's Centre,
                                                                                (Leagrave Primary School)
 Police Surgery       Thursday 1st July 2010         14:30        16:00      Strangers Way, Luton, LU4 9ND

                                         Everyone is welcome

                                 Area Committee & Ward Forums
You can speak to your Safer Neighbourhood Team about your Neighbourhood Priorities at any time, but to
 really have your voice heard, come along to the next Area Committee & Ward Forum. This is where your
    Safer Neighbourhood Team and their partners meet with people from your neighbourhood, listen to
          everyone's views and make the decision about the new set of Neighbourhood Priorities.

    Ward           Wednesday                                      Chaul End Centre, 515 Dunstable Road,
                                       18:30         20:00
    Forum           22st July                                                Luton, LU4 8QN

                                     Contact Details
                                 Telephone: 01582 394427
      Luton West SNT, Leagrave Police Station, Leagrave High Street, Luton, LU4 9LJ.

                        (Please phone to check availability before attending this office)

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