Students learn valuable life lessons

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					                                                                                                                                                                                 Tuesday, May 12, 2009, Innisfail Province - 17

                               Police Week                                                                                                        2009
                                                                                                                                                            May 10-16
                             Students learn valuable life lessons
BY MICHAELA LUDWIG                                      skinned his knee.                                                 “The key is confident behaviour,” said                 within the schools and dealing with any other prob-
Innisfail Province                                          “That’s very heroic,” one of the students joked.          Buisseret, adding that when you say “no” it needs to       lems that arise, such as drugs.
                                                            Next, the group discussed the DARE decision               be clear, firm and no-nonsense.                               “I love it,” he said of his job. “I am a very com-
    Local students are learning how to make good
                                                        making model:                                                     A few students got up at the front and demon-
decisions and say no to the bad opportunities that                                                                                                                               munity-oriented guy.”
come along, thanks to Innisfail RCMP Const. Rick            First, define the problem.                                strated saying “no” with a firm voice and direct eye
Buisseret and the DARE program.                             Next, generate alternatives. And are those alter-         contact.
    The DARE program promotes drug and vio-             natives responsible, respectful and realistic?                    In the last scene, police officers arrive at the
lence resistance and teaches students how to make           Next, choose the best alternative that has the best       house to investigate what the kids are up to.
good, healthy choices.                                  consequences.                                                     Some students suggested running out the back as
    Every year, Buisseret spends 10 weeks with              And lastly, act on that decision.                         a good option, but Buisseret said with that kind of
Grade 5 and 7 classes in Innisfail, Penhold and             The students then watched a movie about a                 call, officers will usually sit at the front and back of
Spruce View. The lessons last about an hour each        group of students that are invited over to Anthony’s          the house, just waiting for a few kids to try and
and every student get his or her own DARE book.         house to work on a school project. But Anthony said           make a run for it.
    At the end of April, Buisseret worked with a        there would be beer there and some students aren’t                “The best option is to take responsibility,” he
Grade 7 class at Innisfail Middle School. The class     comfortable with that.                                        said. “The better choices you make at the beginning,
was on week six and the plan for the lesson was to          In the first scene, characters Michael and Angie          the easier it is later.” For example, if students hadn’t
watch a movie called Hangin’ Out At Andy’s and          discuss whether they should go to Anthony’s. And if           gone to the party in the first place, they wouldn’t
then talk about what happened during the movie.         they do, what will they do if they’re asked to drink.         have gotten to the scene where the cops arrived.
    But before he could press play, Buisseret dipped        The Grade 7 students then came up with alterna-               During the 10-week program, students learn
his hand into the DARE Box, a place where students      tive solutions for Michael and Angie and cross out            about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, your brain and body,
can anonymously put their questions for him.            those that don’t fit into the DARE model.                     advertising and the message behind them, dispelling
    One student wanted to know what the most                In the next scene, character Trey is offered a beer       the myth that “everyone does it,” decision making
exciting part about being a police officer was.         by Anthony. He doesn’t want the drink, but he does-           models, how to communicate and much more.
    “I like to shoot my gun; I like to drive fast,”     n’t want to offend Anthony, either.                               “DARE is a drug and violence resistance pro-
Buisseret said. “The most exhilarating part of my           Again, students come up with alternate solution           gram that allow kid to make their own decisions
job is taking part in a high speed chase, as long as    for Trey and cross out those that aren’t respectful,          based on what’s right for them,” explained
we get the bad guy at the end and no one gets hurt.”    responsible and realistic. Then they discussed the            Buisseret. “This gives them the tools to make better
    Another student asked about the worst injury        consequences of each decision and came up with the            decisions.”                                                  INNISFAIL PROVINCE PHOTO by Michaela Ludwig
he’s received on the job.                               best answer.                                                      Buisseret has been a DARE officer for about two        JUST SAY NO - A few Grade 7 students
    Buisseret said he’d been in Innisfail for about a       In the third scene, Victor comes across the same          years and just recently became the Community               role play during their DARE class with
month and he got hurt coming out of Tim Hortons.        problem as Trey. The students discussed Victor’s              School Resource Officer for Innisfail schools, help-       Const. Rick Buisseret. Pictured, they are
He slipped on the ice, hurt his back, his elbow and     options.                                                      ing to prevent bullying, increasing communication          practicing saying “No” in a confident voice.

                                                                                                                      “Protect your best
                                        “Don’t Drink &                                                                                                                                            “Only you can make
                                                                                                                     asset, ALWAYS wear
                                           Drive!”                                                                                                                                                your dream a reality.”
                                                                                                                        your helmet.”

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                                     “Following too close                                                               “Always wear a                                                              “Protect your best
                                      is setting yourself                                                            seatbelt, you’re not as                                                       asset, ALWAYS wear
                                       up for injuries.”                                                              strong as physics.”                                                             your helmet.”

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                                      “Think safety first,                                                               “Respect yourself,                                                        “Protect your best
                                       always wear your                                                                  others and others                                                        asset, ALWAYS wear
                                           helmet.”                                                                         property.”                                                               your helmet.”

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