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					                                                                                                                  Mar 2009

                                                                                   VANCOUVER CHAPTER

                                                                                                        CSC Vancouver Chapter Board
                                                                                                            Members 2007/2008

                                                                                                        Chapter Chair
                                                                                                        Kelly Sawatzky
                      BREAKFAST MEETING                                                                 Tel:           (604) 632-3367

                   MILLENIUM WATER PROJECT                                                              Chapter Director
                                                                                                        Susan Morris
                                                                                                        Tel:            (604) 732-7979
                             ALSO                                                                       Vice Chair/Website
                CSC VANCOUVER ANNUAL MEETING                                                            Mario Maggio
                                                                                                        Tel:           (604) 857-7766
                                                                                                                             ext. 311
                   7 AM Thursday, 16 April, 2009
                                                                                                        Program Officer
                                                                                                        Mike Tolhurst
Presented By: David Fookes, Principal, Morrison Hershfield, Vancouver                                   Tel:            (604) 299-3447

Breakfast: 7:00-7:45 am—Breakfast                                                                       Marketing Officer
                                                                                                        Blair Bennett
Business: 7:45-8:00 am—Chapter Business                                                                 Tel             (604) 522-3944

Program: 8:00-9:00 am—Speaker                                                                           Treasurer
                                                                                                        Vince Smith
Location: Plaza 500 Hotel at 12th and Cambie Street, Vancouver                                          Tel:              (604) 689-4414
Cost:      $30.00 for pre-registered CSC Members / Association Executive Dir.                           Secretary
           $35.00 for guests and CSC members who have not pre-registered                                Moira Rowan
                                                                                                        Tel:              (604)298-3555

                                                                                                        Specifations Officer
            Note that our monthly meetings are approved for an educational unit credit by               Beverley Darling
   AIBC and are conveniently scheduled at breakfast so as not to conflict with normal business hours.   Tel:             (778)886-2541

             (REGISTER ONLINE NOW AT WWW.CSC-VANCOUVER.CA)                                              Membership Officer
                                                                                                        Sally Emmerson
                                                                                                        Tel:           (604) 669-4041
                 Please join us for these informative and entertaining meetings
                                                                                                        Education Officer
                                                                                                        Beverley Darling
                                                                                                        Tel:             (778) 886-2541

                                                                                                        SpecGolf Officer
                                                                                                        Blair Bennett
                                                                                                        Tel             (604) 522-3944

                                                                                                        Bruce Betker      (604) 574-8723
                                                                                                        Kim Tompkins      (604) 583-0944

                                                                                                        Newsletter Committee
                                                                                                        Bob Thurston
                                                                                                        Tel:             (604) 929-7687
                                                                                                        Layout: Sheila Matthews
                                                                                                                         (250) 593-2218

                                                                                                        Have an idea for the Specifier?

                                                                                                        We would love to hear from you.
                                                                                                        An announcement, upcoming
                                                                                                        event, or technical article. Any
                                                                                                        submissions for the Specifier can
                                                                                                        be emailed for review to
                                                                                               and we will do
                                                                                                        our best to get it in print. Dead-
                                                                                                        lines for the articles are the last
                                                                                                        Friday of the month for the
                                                                                                        following month’s newsletter.
                                                                                                        Speak up and be heard!

                                                                                                        Bob Thurston
The Vancouver Specifier                                                                                      Mar 2009
                                                                 In this Issue:

CSC Vancouver Chapter                                              3
                                                                                                 Breakfast Meeting Info
                                                                                                      Nomination form
                                                                   5                                    From the Chair
2008/09 Program                                                    6-8
                                                                           How to sell value instead of Price in today economy
                                                                                                       Business Cards
                                                                                                   CSC Advertising info
                                                                   11                                  Business Cards
                                                                   12                               Membership update
                                                                   13                                  Business Cards

19 March 2009             Presented By: Alan Hart MAIBC
7:00 AM Breakfast         Principal, VIA Architecture, Vancouver & Seattle

Thursday                  MILLENIUM WATER PROJECT
16 April 2009             Presented By: David Fookes, Principal, Morrison Hershfield, Vancouver

21 May 2009               Presented By: Maron LaRue, Principal, CannonDesign
7:00 AM Breakfast

Thursday                  CSC NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2009
20—24 May 2009            “BUILDING KNOWLEDGE” London, Ontario

Thursday                  JUST FOR US
18 June 2009              Presenter and topic: TBD
7:00 AM Breakfast

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                the official views of Construction Specifications Canada. Also, appearance of
               advertisements and new product or service information does not constitute an
                                 endorsement of products or services featured.                                                                                                             2
The Vancouver Specifier   Mar 2009            3
The Vancouver Specifier   Mar 2009            4
 The Vancouver Specifier                                                                                                  Mar 2009

                                               “Words from the Chair”

Spring is nearly upon us. I while I am grateful for the snowdrops and the cherry blossoms especially, it kind of took me by sur-
prise. All in a sudden, I find that it is March and that means that I have to start preparing our board for next year as well as wrap
up this year’s.

 This is shaping up to be a bit of a different year. For example, you should know that we will be having our Annual General Meet-
ing early this year due to Conference being held during our May meeting. (I can’t believe that I have to choose!)

 We will hold our Annual General Meeting on April 16th, just before the monthly presentation. This means that our members
can conveniently participate in both events by attending only one meeting.

 The agenda for our AGM is as follows:
♦ Director’s Report
♦ Chairman’s Report
♦ Review of Financials

 While we have in past held elections at the AGM, we will be holding elections by ballot this year. This means that we will require
nominations to be completed and submitted to our Secretary, Moira Rowan, by March 30th, 2009. A nomination form is included in
this newsletter or you can email Moira for another copy.

 The majority of the officers have agreed to be nominated to serve another one-year term. However, we encourage others to step
up and make next year even better. Self-nomination is both welcome and encouraged. Ballots will be sent out in early April and
your new board will be announced shortly after they are opened and counted by impartial scrutineers.

See you March 19th for what will undoubtedly be an informative presentation and interesting discussion about BIM! Register now
by linking from

Kelly Sawatzky
Chapter Chair                                                                                                                   5
The Vancouver Specifier   Mar 2009

        Cont’d page 7           6
The Vancouver Specifier              Mar 2009

                          CONT’D PAGE 8                      7
The Vancouver Specifier   Mar 2009           8
The Vancouver Specifier   Mar 2009           9
    The Vancouver Specifier                                                                                  Mar 2009

                        CSC Advertising – Newsletter and Website:
Beginning immediately, the Specifier is going to feature a Classified section. 
This will provide you with the opportunity to advertise within the industry in the newsletter and on the CSC Van‐
couver website. 

    For the cost of: 

$125 ‐ Members 
$150 ‐ Non Members 

You will receive advertising space in an issue of the Specifier and on the CSC website in a, to be created, Classified 
section.  The ad will be placed in 1 issue of the newsletter and reside on the website for 1 month.  The maximum 
word count is 75. 
Other publications such as ours typically use this space for employment opportunities etc. and this is one type of 
advertising we are looking for. 
If you are not sure whether the Specifier would be an appropriate tool for you, please email me with your ques‐
So, if you would like to advertise, or have any questions, please let me know. 
All advertising content is subject to pre‐approval by the responsible CSC Committee.                                                                                               10
The Vancouver Specifier   Mar 2009            11
The Vancouver Specifier                                                                     Mar 2009

                                    Membership Update

I'm pleased to report these changes and additions to the Vancouver Chapter membership which occurred
between December ‘08 and February 25 ‘09:

 - Ross Putt, EASI (Entrance Automation Systems Inc), (new member)
- Noe Asuncion, AMEC Global Resources Pte. Ltd (new member)
- Brian Etcher, Specworks Consulting Inc. (new member, sponsored by Beverley Darling)
- Glenn Chatten, Specworks Consulting Inc. (new member, sponsored by Beverley Darling)
- Tarek A. El-Amoury, PhD, PEng, Stantec Consulting (transferred from Saskatoon to Vancouver)
- James Kao, MRAIC, LEED AP, BSc, BArch, DA Architects & Planners (replaces Andrew Norrie)
- Dr Karen Liu, Xero Flor International (new member)
- Russ Mason, US Aluminum of Canada (new member, sponsored by Mario Maggio)

Our membership remains steady at 175.

Repectfully submitted by
Sally Emmerson RID IDC
Membersip Chair                                                                              12
The Vancouver Specifier   Mar 2009            13

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