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Antisocial behaviour.pdf - antisocial behaviour by dfsiopmhy6


     Antisocial                          n Intimidation and harassment,
     behaviour is                          including hate crimes such as
     unacceptable and we                   racial harassment
     will do all we can to               n Aggressive or threatening language
     tackle the problem and                or behaviour, swearing at people
     support victims.                      and fighting
                                         n Using our property for drug-dealing
                                           or other illegal activity
                                         n Domestic violence (we have a
                                           separate leaflet covering this)
What is antisocial
We asked you to tell us what you         What can we do?
consider to be antisocial behaviour.
You said the following.
                                            We can work to prevent
n Noise nuisance, such as loud music,       it happening
  repeatedly shouting, banging doors,
                                            Directing young people away
  persistent car and burglar alarms,
                                            from antisocial behaviour
  and doing DIY late at night
                                            is really important and we
n Vehicle nuisance, such as
                                            support a number of summer
  dangerous driving, repairing
                                            playschemes, sports projects,
  vehicles in residential areas, and
                                            play buses and groups for
  abandoned cars
                                            young people.
n Property damage, such as
  graffiti, vandalism, broken windows       We design our new schemes
  and fences                                to meet the ‘Secure by Design’
n Litter and dumped items, such as          standard and we spend money
  sofas and fridges                         each year making our estates
n Nuisance from pets, such as noise or      safer, including fitting extra
  bad smells, dog mess, and dogs            lighting and fencing.
  roaming, fighting or biting people

                                                        antisocial behaviour
  We can work with                      If the problem is a dispute
  other agencies                        between you and your neighbour,
                                        with each of you making allegations
  We work closely with other
                                        against the other, we’ll pay for an
  agencies to tackle antisocial
                                        independent mediation service to
  behaviour. For example, if
                                        help you settle it. Mediators can
  the problem is loud noise,
                                        help people to understand how
  we would talk to your local
                                        they are affecting each other and
  environmental health
                                        find a way forward that both sides
  department to share information
                                        agree to.
  and agree what action we can
  take together.                        We may also want to try
                                        mediation to help people
  We also work with the local
                                        understand why their behaviour is
  authority’s nuisance teams.
                                        causing a nuisance to other people
  If your property is managed by        and we may ask you to help us do
  another agency – such as Mind         this. It may help you by stopping a
  – they will tackle the problem and    problem getting worse.
  report back to us. We will ask your
                                        We can talk to the person
  permission to share information or
  evidence with them to allow them      Once we’ve talked to the person
  to deal with the matter.              about their behaviour, we’ll follow
                                        it up with a letter summarising
  We have to talk to the police
                                        what we have discussed.
  if a criminal offence has been
  committed and we recommend            If the problem continues, we will
  that you do so as well. However,      take further action wherever
  we promise we won’t reveal your       possible, depending on the nature
  identity without asking for your      of the problem and the evidence
  permission first.                     we have.

    This might be a written warning,       n Applying to the court for an
    or we might ask them to sign an          antisocial behaviour order
    acceptable behaviour contract            (ASBO), with the agreement of
    or a parental control agreement.         other agencies, to stop a person
    These are voluntary agreements           behaving in a certain way.
    and we would usually involve other       Breaking the conditions of an
    agencies such as the local authority     ASBO is a criminal offence and
    and the police.                          can result in a prison sentence.
    We can take legal action               n Getting a court order to evict
                                             a resident or make their
    We – or another agency                   tenancy less secure, so that it’s
    – can take legal action if we have       easier to evict them if their
    evidence that the problem is             antisocial behaviour continues.
    serious and persistent or if there       Eviction is a last resort, but
    have been threats of violence.           sometimes residents leave
    There are a number of legal              us with no choice if other
    solutions open to us, including          warnings and legal steps fail to
    the following.                           stop their behaviour.
    n Taking out an injunction –           Other agencies can also take legal
      this is a court order that tells     action, depending on the kind of
      someone what they must or            problem. For example:
      mustn’t do (for example, visiting    n the police can use the
      a certain property). If they           Protection for Harassment
      break the injunction, they can         Act or prosecute people
      face a fine or prison. We can          for offences such as criminal
      take out an injunction at              damage, assault or drug-
      short notice, if someone’s             dealing; and
      safety is threatened.

                                                          antisocial behaviour
  n the local council’s environmental     you, including supporting your
    health department can                 application to your local authority.
    prosecute people for noise            We have a Housing Support
    nuisance, and can confiscate          Team, who can provide short-term
    equipment (such as sound              support if you need it. We can
    systems) in extreme cases.            also contact other agencies who
  We need evidence to take legal          provide specialist support, such as
  action. That’s why it’s so important    Connections, Stonham and
  that people keep a detailed record      Victim Support.
  of any problems that happen.
  We can support you
                                          What can’t we do?
  If you are being harassed, or if your
  safety is threatened, we’ll talk to
                                          Some noises and events are part
  you about what kind of support or
                                          of everyday life and we all have to
  protection you need.
                                          ‘give and take’ a little. These include:
  This could include extra security
                                          n babies crying;
  measures in your home or
                                          n cooking smells;
  practical and moral support if you
                                          n one-off incidents, such as parties;
  need to go to court as a witness.
                                          n normal household noise at a
  For example, we can arrange
                                            reasonable hour; and
  transport or go with you to court.
                                          n DIY noise at a reasonable hour.
  We will also explain the court
  process and arrange an interpreter
  if you need one.
  If you want to move away, we
  will do what we can to help

antisocial behaviour
Our service standards –
what you can expect from us

    n If you are reporting an incident    n We will agree a plan of action
      that needs an immediate               with you and keep you up to
      response (such as harassment,         date with our progress.
      assault, vandalism or drug-
                                          n We will encourage you to keep
      dealing), within 24 hours
                                            a diary of incidents, as this will
      someone from our Housing
                                            provide evidence if we need to
      Services Team will contact
                                            take legal action.
      you to discuss the problem
      in detail.                          n We will aim to enforce the
                                            terms of the tenancy agreement,
    n For other reports of antisocial
                                            if it has been broken. We will
      behaviour, we will give you
                                            explore the full range of legal
      a date for when someone
                                            solutions if the case is serious
      will contact you. This will
                                            enough, and give you support if
      be within no more than
                                            you need to appear in court.
      10 working days.
                                          n If we are not able to take any
    n We will use a ‘peacemaking’
                                            further action (for example, if
      approach, wherever possible.
                                            the complaint can’t be proved
      This will involve encouraging
                                            or if there is not enough
      you and your neighbours to
                                            information), we will tell you as
      sort out matters yourselves or
                                            soon as possible.
      with the help of an independent
      mediation service.                  n We will work with other
                                            agencies, such as the police and
    n If we can take action, we will
                                            local authority, to find the most
      aim to identify and interview all
                                            effective solutions.
      the people concerned.

                                                          antisocial behaviour
                                    What we need
                                    from you
                                    n Before you do anything else, try to
  n We will investigate and deal
                                      settle the issue in a friendly way. Your
    with complaints from, and
                                      neighbour may not be aware that
    about, our residents.
                                      they are causing a nuisance.
  n We will tell you if we are      n Keep a clear record of the dates,
    going to contact your             times and nature of any incidents
    neighbour about their             and encourage any neighbours who
    behaviour. If you don’t want      are affected to do the same. You
    us to contact them because        may also want to speak to your
    you’re worried about how          local residents’ association or
    they may react or you feel it     residents’ representative.
    may risk your safety, we will   n We need you to work with us to
    respect your wishes.              tackle the problems that affect
    However, it may be difficult      you. Without your evidence, it
    to solve the problem if we        can be very difficult to take the
    can’t talk to them about          matter further.
    what they’re doing.
                                    Things to consider
                                    We take antisocial behaviour very
                                    seriously and we will do everything
                                    we can to make sure that all our
                                    residents are free to enjoy their homes.
                                    However, you need to realise that
                                    sometimes there are no quick
                                    solutions to antisocial behaviour. It can
                                    take time to gather enough evidence
                                    and, if the issue goes to court, it can be
                                    a long process.

How to tell us about                       Useful contacts
antisocial behaviour                       Agnes Smith Advice Centre
If you are one of our residents, or        Phone:              01865 770206
complaining about someone who is,          or:                 01865 717041
you can:
n Phone our Customer Service Team          Phone:                   0800 1111
  on 0800 980 9272 or
  01865 773000;                            Crimestoppers
n Write to us, or visit us, at 244 Barns   Phone:                 0800 555111
  Road, Oxford, OX4 3RW;
                                           National Drugs Helpline
n E-mail us at; or
                                           Phone:                0800 776600
n Speak to any member of our staff.
If you believe a crime has been            NSPCC National Child
committed, you can also call               Protection Helpline
Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. They         Phone:               0800 800500
will keep your details confidential –
                                           Equality and Human Rights Council
they aren’t interested in who you
                                           Phone:              01865 791891
are, just what you know. (To find out
more, visit
                                           Resolve Mediation Service
You can also report the problem to
                                           Phone:              0118 959 7420
us without giving us your name, but it
may be difficult for us to deal with the   Samaritans
problem or tell you what we are doing      Phone:                08457 909090
about it if we can’t contact you.
                                           Thames Valley Police (for incidents
                                           not classed as emergencies)
                                           Phone:               08458 505 505

                                           Victim Support
                                           Phone:               0845 450 3883

                                                            antisocial behaviour
                  OCHA customer
                  service contacts
                  0800 980 9272
                  01865 773000
                  You can talk to our Customer
                  Service Team about all your
                  housing queries, including rent
                  arrears and repairs.
                  Please have your tenancy
                  number ready when you call
                  – you’ll find this on your
                  quarterly rent statement.
                  Our offices are open from
                  8.30am to 5pm, weekdays or
                  you can phone our customer
                  service centre from 8.30am
                  to 6pm, Monday to Friday
                  (not including bank holidays).
                  When our office is closed,
                  we provide an out-of-hours
                  emergency repairs service and
                  a non-urgent message service,
                  which you can use by calling
                  the numbers above.
                                          Antisocial behaviour leaflet
                                          If you would like to have any part of this
                                          explained or translated, or in a different
                                          format such as in larger print, or on audio
                                          tape, please contact us on 0800 980 9272
                                          to discuss your needs.

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