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 es         Sloan, Doris Snowden, Mick Stack, Grazziella Starks, Lilian
               Monthly Prayer Peter ~ January 2011
            Stephenson, Betty Stevens,PageStuart, Stefan Tamila, Robert
       During this month we pray for these daily intentions:          Our Sick and Housebound Parishioners:
                         Anna 16 Peace Sunday                 Mary Anne Bastiampillai, Teresa Josefina & Karl Benkert,
            Tolley, Our Lady Waterstone, Doug & Gloria Wheeler, Baumgarten, AnnWheeler,
 om1 Thanksgiving for
            William Williams. For Abbots andweek
    2 Family Life and harmony       17
 ast3 Respect for the Name of Jesus 18 Christian Unity
                                                       Priors Mike Bennett, Delma Bouvier, Rosalie Braine-Hartnell, Geoff Brand,
                                                              Andrew Brown, Jenny Brown, Ernest Budden, Laurence Burbridge,
       4 Faithfulness of Religious Sisters 19                              Peggy Burnett, Edith Byrne, Jim Carew, C Carreiras, Chris Clark, Tina
                                                                The sacrifice of Fasting
ure    5 Faithfulness of Priests           20 All who suffer for the Faith Coelho, Monica Colette, Nancy Connolly, Iris Cox, James Coyne, Philip
                   Our Sick & Housebound are remembered especially in Thursday
       6 God’s self-revelation to us 21       Parish Secretaries           Cunningham, Helena Czerniewicz, Bill Dickens, Sheila Dolan, Peggy
 his                                                                       Donovan, Francis Doyle, Margaret Duggan, Madelaine Fagandini,
                   Eucharistic Adoration. Holy Communion is taken to them every week,
       7 Our Seminarians                   22 Permanent Deacons
       8 Protection of the Unborn Child 23    Confirmation enrollment Charlotte Fawcett, Marie Ferguson, Mary Fitzgerald, Kathleen Foale,
the                and our Priests visit during Advent and Lent, and at need, for the
       9 Faithfulness to our Baptism 24       Christian Unity Week         Monica Ford, Alice Foster, Martha Gibson, Grace Gnanasakthy, Isobel
       10 First Communion Parents 25          Priestly Fraternity          Greene, Therese Hoey, Simone Holton, Fr David Hutton, Ascensione
and                Sacraments of Confession and Anointing.
       11 Our Families & loved ones 26        Bishops in our Archdiocese Jackson, Iris Jackson, Barbara Keane, Margaret Leatherbarrow,
                                                                           Eileen Loveridge, Betty Ludlow, Sylvia Lypka, Bernadette McGowan,
                   Please inform the Parish Office of anyone who needs visiting.
       12 The Gift of Friendship
       13 Theologians & Apologists 28
                                           27 Ursulines
                                              Catechists & RCIA            Ellen McNally, Jack & Sheila McSweeney, Maureen McVann, Ignatius
       14 Marriage preparation             29 The unloved & unprayed for Magwaza, Betty Major, Mary Malloy, Pat Maxwell, Rosina Monachello,
       15 First Communion children 30         Scouts, Cubs & Beavers Jacqueline Neveu, Vincent O’Connor, Sadie O’Donovan, Nora O’Reilly,
                                           31 Teachers & Youth workers Eileen O’Rourke, Bridget O’Sullivan, Nora O’Sullivan, Maureen Oliver,
                                                                           Marjorie Palmer, Tim Quane, Marie Quaye, Eileen St John Cowper,
          The Pope’s Missionary Intention this month:
                                                         The National Cycle of Prayer
                     That Christians may attain full unity,
                                                                           Diana & Gordon Simpson, Patricia Sloan, Grazziella Starks, Lilian
                                                                           Stephenson, Betty Stevens, Peter Stuart, Nora Sullivan, Stefan
                                  The Bishops of England & Wales invite us to pray
              witnessing the universal Fatherhood of God to all.           Tamila, Robert Tolley, Geraldine Waterhouse, Anna Waterstone,
                                                                           Maureen Wellington, Gloria Wheeler, Josefina Wheeler, Daphnee
             We pray for those who have died recently, especially:
 en,                                          during Ordinary Time before Lent for:
                                                                           Wilkinson. Our Sick & Housebound are remembered especially in
         Doris Snowden (died 27th Nov, Requiem was here 17th Dec) and Thursday Eucharistic Adoration. Holy Communion is taken to them every
       Sue Inkster whose Requiem Mass is on Tuesday 4th Jan 2011. week, and our Priests visit during Advent and Lent, and at need, for the
                Students & teachers -
eph Eternal rest grant to them, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. Sacraments of needs visiting. Anointing. Please inform the Parish Office
                                                                                                Confession and
                                                                                 of anyone who
 hel                         especially on Education Sunday (31st January)
               January Anniversaries who care for
                The                      those Death
per,from the past sick andour Book of Remembrance themThe Bishops of EnglandCycle invitePrayer
                         25 years in                   of
                                                                                            The National
                                                                                                                    & Wales
                                                                                                                                  us to pray
                             especially 2 World Day of the Sick (11th Time before Lent:
mas1 James Wilkinson, Lawrence Cuminskey, onKathleen Eason, Ann Christian Unity - especially duringFebruary)Octave;
        st                                                          nd
                                                                                                   During Ordinary
                                                                                                                    the Church Unity
                The UnemployedJoshua Michael King, Carole Peace on Earth - especially on the 2 Sunday of Ordinary Time;
     Eileen Gonet, Eileen Sullivan, John Ronald Taylor, 3 Louise Ernestine
 llieDetourney, 4 Bernard Vincent Roberts,

                                                                                          & Teachers - especially
                             especiallyMartin, 7 James Lawton, Studentsbefore Ash Wednesday);on Education Sunday (the 3
     Mary Otto, 5 Oliver Warner, Ernest on Sunday before Ash Wednesday,
                                th                  Palmer,
nne6 Mercedes Nassell, Desmond Vivian
        th                                                                     th
                                                                  William Walter Sunday

                             the Curran, Booker, 9 Elizabeth Clarke, The sick & on World Day offor them - February 11 ;
     Molony, Violet Alice Walters, 8Day of the Unemployed.
  lezHenry Senaratne, Sir Charles       Susan        th

                                                John McLoughlin, 11 John
                                                                          th     especially
                                                                                            those who care
                                                                                                             the Sick,                th
                                                                                 Women’s World Day of Prayer - first Friday in March;
ney,Backous, Laurence Coleman, Mullins, Katherine Eaton, 12 Nicholas The Unemployed - especially on Sunday before Ash Wednesday,
                                   Edith Black, Charles                               th

                                                                      in Malden Unemployed.
                    Churches Together 14 Arthur the Day of-theFebruary Prayer Diary
     McCullum, Marjorie Ellen                               Cank,                      th

udeSomerford, Grace Kathleen 15 Michael Carroll, Joyce Lawton, Peggy
                                   Pendlebury, Eileen
     Dickie, John William Curtis, Rokeby Preparatory School;Churches Together in Malden

                7th                                 th    Esther Fox, Dorothea
ore,Gustav George, 17 Mary Catherine Leech, Bernard Arthur Foster,
     Elizabeth Hodson, 16 Olive May Donegan, Patrick Joseph Brooks,
                                                                                                     January Prayer Diary
                                  Roselands Mental Health Centre Action on Homelessness;

een18 Mary Mary Burgermeister, 19 Annie Durkin, Amadeo Brentovich, 2 Night Shelters
             th                                                                                       nd
                                                                                          Kingston Churches
          Joan                                            th

     20      th Johan Dowds,
                14th Michael Shiel, 21 Gordon Duckett, Jean Greta
                                  London Cedar Church; Local MPs & MEPs; Coombe
     Myers, Bridget Mary Waters, Catherine McCartie, William Joseph Curtis, 9 Roselands Clinic Boys’ School
eph22 Cecilia Winifred Knott, Veronica Boniface, Yacoub Romaya,                                       th
                                                                                 16                        th
                                                                                          Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
mas23 JamesDelannoy, Norman, GwendolineEllen Collins, David George 23 Course Primary School; The Inner Wheel
     25 Eva
                                  Churches Together Lent The Mount begins
                21st Elizabeth Clarke, Kathleen Don, Julia Sheil,

undDownes 27 Frank Rinaldi,Kingston Grammar School; United Reformed ChurchClub.
                      th            Vincent Van Dort, 28 Laura Snalune, 30     th
                                                                                          Coombe Hill Infants’ School; New Malden Rotary
     Henry Wing Sik Lau, 29 Kathleen Madden, Eileen Gasson, 30 John                         th

 on,Bernard Healey, Neil (Sonny) McNelis, John Trapnell, 31 Douglas    st                    December 2010 Parish Registers

     James Dowds, Kathleen Cater, Jerzy Preiss, Marsha Saratne.                      Please pray for those Baptized
 red                                                                        for on the first Sunday (5 ) of pray for:
                From ourinParish Registers Beda January. PleaseDecember 2010:

     Pray for our Seminarians Rome - Alan Burgess at the

ele,College, and Philip Andrews at the Venerable English College - (baptised Lim 30 Dec)
                                  LewisPresbytery ten days before
                                               Vojtech Leyland Louie Charles Stubbs
                                                                                          Ethan Joshua
     who return to residence in our
 ldaChristmas. Pray also forJolyn Mirembe Mutumba; Zara Jessica Osborne;
                                   Daniel Weatherley, Dermott O’Gorman                    Leo Wilding
                                                                                          April Florence Wood
     and Stephen Roach, on Pastoral Placements in our Parish.

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