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MMUBS Information Sheet - FACT SHEET


									                                   INFORMATION SHEET
                              MANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY
                                            BUSINESS SCHOOL
                        Aytoun Building, Aytoun Street, Manchester, M1 3GH, England

                                        ERASMUS CODE: UK MANCHES04

Contact Details:        Name                 Phone / Fax                     Email Address
MMUBS admin             Emese Murphy         (+44)(0)161 247 3719  
MMUBS exchange          Vivien Sheard        (+44)(0)161 247 3795  
MMUBS Academic          Ann Howe             (+44)(0)161 247 3870  
contact (outgoing
MMUBS Academic          Mike Zundel          (+44)(0)161 247 4601  
contact (incoming
Fax:                    +0044(0)161 247 6916

Institutional Erasmus Co-    Tomoko Endersby      T: (+44)(0)161 247 6730
ordinator / International                         F: (+44)(0)161 247 6320
Office contact:

University Homepage         
University International Office
Business School website     
Business School Exchange
Course Descriptions                   List and descriptions of courses sent regularly to partners (Dual
(content, level, credits)             Award). Course details available on the website
Accommodation Information             In Manchester, University’s students accommodation.
                                      Accommodation is arranged through the accommodation office,
                                      prior to arrival.
Health care coverage                  Public healthcare in the UK is provided by the National Health
                                      Service (NHS). You and your dependents are entitled to free NHS
                                      care if your course is going to last for 6 months or more.
                                      If you're a non-EU student on a course of less than 6 months, you
                                      will need take out health care insurance.
                                      Treatment for accident or emergencies is however free for
                                      You should register with a doctor as soon as possible near to where
                                      you live or at a surgery on campus. Remember to take your MMU
                                      enrolment letter with you.
                                      You'll find lists of Doctors at the Post Office or at key Student
                                      Information Points. There will be more about this in the Student
                                      handbook we'll give you when you arrive.
                                      If you're an overseas student in full-time education, you may be
                                      able to get free prescriptions and some help with dental or optical
                                      treatment.You'll need to apply for an exemption certificate first
                                      (called HC2), using form HC1 from Job Centre Plus or the Post
                                      Office.Refer to website. Please always check the website for up-to-
                                      date information.
                                      INFORMATION SHEET

Academic and Administrative Exchange Information:
Units Available to exchange    List and descriptions of units are available on the website
Type/level                     Normally final year undergraduate. For other levels by individual
Application Deadlines          Full year or Autumn term only: June 30, Spring semester (masters
                               level only): 31 October
Academic Calendar Dates        Term Dates:
                               Autumn: 20 September 2010 –              17 December 2010
                               Spring:      10 January 2011        –    08 April 2011
                               Summer: 02/May/2011                 –    24 June 2011

                                       Results normally issued by start of July. Term 1 only students’
                                       unconfirmed results issued as soon as possible at the beginning of
                                       the spring term.

                                       The graduation ceremony normally takes place in the month of
                                       July, date is confirmed around February.
University services available to       On-campus cafeteria, snack bar, library, computer labs, student
exchange students                      union. Exchange student has access to all university services,
                                       including English language support for international students. …
Language of instruction                The lectures and tutorials are all in English, so a proficient Level of
                                       English language is required.
                                       It is the sending institution which evaluates the student’s language
                                       skills before arriving in England.
                                       MMU offers pre-seasonal English courses (fee payable) for
                                       international students.
                                       Throughout the year the university offers English language classes
                                       and support for international students (ELSIS) for free of charge
                                       services-international-students/ )

Arrival and Orientation:
Orientation Program General orientation organised by the MMU International (optional)
Dates                 ( prior to the start of term.
                      MMUBS enrolment and orientation takes place during the first week of term.
                      Students can be put in touch with a student mentor in advance if requested.
                      Information available on website
                      Initial meeting with the mentors is arranged during the first week.

                          Details of all university’s halls of residence are available here:
                                   INFORMATION SHEET
Visa and Identification Requirements:
Is a Student Visa required for   Citizens from EU member countries do not need a visa to enter
students coming from EU?         Great Britain.
                                 Students from outside of EU countries, as of March 31st 2009, anyone
                                 coming into the UK for a course of study will be assessed under Tier 4
                                 of the Points Based System. For this purpose, students will need to
                                 have an “Acceptance Letter” from Manchester Metropolitan
                                 university once their application form has been accepted. Other
                                 necessary documents can sometimes differ according to countries;
                                 correct information can be obtained from the respective British
                                 embassies, consulates (or on their web-sites)
                                 ( or
                                 Please always check for up-to-date information on the websites.
Will the students need to prove  Not students from the EU.
financial support? What is the   Only students who require a visa. Please check the website for up-
required amount?                 to-date information

Estimated Expenses:
Estimated Costs of Housing              You will need at least £7,800 per year (£650 per month) to
                                        cover the cost of food, accommodation, transport and other
                                        basic expenses.
Food (per month)                        About £80 - £120
Local Transportation (type and          You can walk everywhere easily from the student halls. Monthly
cost/month)                             bus/tram passes are available for students.
Academic (books etc.)                   Variable
Personal (entertainment etc)            Cinema (£6-£7); nightclub (£10/£15); student cafeteria (£3 );
                                        single bus/tram ticket (£2)

Banking Information:
Are there any banks on-campus or        Many banks and ATM nearby.
near by?
Information about opening a bank        You will have to provide proof of accommodation and a letter
account.                                from the university once you have enrolled. (provided from the
                                        Student Information Point (SIP) )
Do you recommend the use of a           All major international cards are widely accepted throughout
credit card?                            England.

University Facts:
Location (map)                          Based in Manchester, few minutes of the City Centre. The
                                        University has several campuses, one of those is the Business
City Population                         About 460.000, Greater Manchester area is over 2.5 million
Student Population in Manchester        Over 100.000 students (about 34.000 at MMU, of that about
                                        5000 in the Business School)
Number of students from overseas        Approx 2.000 on a wide variety of programmes
Area of special competence              Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Business and

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