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									     Take advantage of competitors to Improve
DO target your marketing in 2010 has been reached? Congratulations! If
you have achieved, and if not there's still time to pursue the improvement of

2011.Banyak more optimal in terms of which are usually performed when a
target can be achieved, for example by having a party together, vacation
together, or have fun together.

It is fine to do, insofar as not excessive. But more important than that all is to
ensure also that we always perform a more in-depth study of our target.

Does our target for this can be achieved because it is a small target, or even
too small? Or, honestly, have optimalkah targets that we set for this?

Will it be bigger? Or, do we feel unable to reach a much larger target again?
The study is important, because if we are more open, opening wider horizons,
it turns out we can find the fact that some competitors we are able to reach
targets far greater than our target for this.

Could be 50 percent larger, or even 500 percent greater than the target which
we have stakes and achieve. In fact, the actual capital and the ability of our
competitors are also not much different from what we have.

Worse yet, if the competitors it is still not widely known among the general
public, while your company or your brand is already much longer and been
more widely known.

Why did it happen that kind of company, with capital and resources are
almost equal, but achievement of the target is very much different? One
reason is the lack of openness that there will be competition.
In any business, we should continually breaking, and willing to learn, as well
as from our competitors. If indeed our competitors have a great many
advantages, why do not we learn or imitate their practices could be better.
Because, basically our competitors can also help improve our marketing.
Why, how come?

In my opinion, if we really want to grow our business faster and more
powerful, in fact we can also learn from competitors who have achieved
extraordinary success. In addition to learning from competitors, in fact we
can also cooperate with them.

As I have described, that in order to improve various businesses that I have,
not infrequently, I also work with existing competitors. (Perhaps he sung)
competitors are also human.

In a competitive business that is, of course there is a chance for us to work
together or complement each other. For example, as a speaker often I have a
very solid schedule.

And when your clients (even from large companies) who asked me to fill out
a seminar in his company, while my own schedule is not possible, then I
provide attractive opportunities to the other speakers (which other people
regard it as my competitors.)

Because in running any business, I always make a win-win principle. Where
other people win I can win. Thus, I also get the same opportunity if there is
another speaker who was unable to schedule, or perhaps in the form of
opportunity or other opportunities for cooperation.

So we actually can change the angle of view that exist, from competitors
become partners. Why competitors can also be a source of inspiration to help
improve our marketing?

For example, there are companies that set an annual target of Rp 5 billion
seberar, there were competing firms (with capital and resources that are
similar) could set a target of Rp25 billion, and targets are actually achievable.
Why with capital and resources that are similar attainment targets can be
much different? As taught by Anthony Robbins-successful coach in the
world's number one, always laksakan concept of CANI: Constant and
Neverending Improvement.

To be able to achieve something more powerful, we must always continue to
take an improvement, monitoring progress and of course better.

Guide to, among others by answering and practicing some of these questions:
Why do I make a target or goal it?, Are made already optimal target or not?
If not, is it still could be improved? Up to how much? Resources and what
tools are required and can be further optimized so that it can achieve
extraordinary goals?

Value-added, time factor, and offers what can be improved so that we can be
more optimal marketing?

If until now you can already achieved the target, and you want to continue to
improve and achieve a more formidable target again then answer these
questions, and immediately take action. Good practice and more successful
in 2011, this! (*)

Tung Desem Waringin
Success Coach No. 1 in Indonesia The most Powerful People and Ideas in
Business 2005 (SI Newspapers / Newspapers SI / ade)

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