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					Trouw Nutrition GB - Reliable                          PROTIMAX®
                                                       Protimax® is egg powder rich in specific proteins which
solutions for calves                                   is the result of extensive research and development.
REARING                                                Protimax® is produced by Trouw Nutrition who have
An easy-mixing skim based product, which is            identified the correct profile and inclusion levels to
ideal to promote early bloom and a healthy             acheive proven results.
looking calf, suited for many systems, but
particularly those selling stock at a young age        PROTIMAX BOLUSES
and those requiring a little something special         Specific egg proteins help calves meet the challenges or
from their youngstock.                                 early life, when a higher level is required.

SUPER HERDBUILD                                        GREENLINETN
An easy-mixing milk based on high quality whey         “Greenline within” is an effective complex of non-
proteins, ideally suited to the professional calf      antibiotic ingredients included to help maintain
rearer or larger scale dairy units, looking for high   digestive tract health.                                         Trouw
PREMIUM XL                                             A special complex of pre-digested (hydrolysed) proteins          reliable
This excellent easy-mixing product enables fast        which are more readily digested and absorbed.
cost-effective growth and development with
                                                                                                                  solutions for
                                                       VITAMINS-18 month shelf life

enhanced concentrate feed intake at this critical
stage in life.                                         The vitamin levels in calf milk replacers is a key area
                                                       essential to the maintenance of calf health. High levels
SUPREME HEIFER                                         of inclusion and an 18 month vitamin stability ensure
A new easy-mixing product, resulting from 4            that correct levels of fortification are achieved.

years of research into accelerated heifer rearing.
                                                                     Trouw Nutrition United Kingdom
This new high protein milk replacer is suitable for
                                                                 Wincham, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 6DF
either bucket systems or Holm and Laue calf
                                                                      Phone (+44) 845 300 5858
feeding machines or similar.
                                                                       Fax (+44) 1606 331452
An economical whey based product that is highly
                                                                          36 Ship Street, Belfast
versatile and effective, suitable for a wide range
                                                                        Northern Ireland BT15 1JL
of systems.
                                                                      Phone (+44) 2890 748233
                                                                       Fax (+44) 2890 352767
A skim based economical product, ideal for
promoting early calf quality, growth and bloom.
In a tough market, you can rely on the                                                           The Milkivit Denkamilk range has been
Milkivit Denkamilk range to help                                                                 designed to give your herd the best possible
maintain the growth and health of your                                                           start in it's early years, coupled with the
calves at every stage, ensuring your herd                                                        following benefits:
goes from strength to strength.
                                                                                                 • Low cost Calf Rearing
The new range retains all of its exceptional
benefits, backed by technical experts and                                                        • Time and labour cost saving
                                                                                                 • A significant aid to maintaining
Enhanced Early Nutrition, the Trouw                                                                health and growth performance
Nutrition approach to calf rearing
                                                                                                 • Full technical support
Trouw Nutrition specialises in calf nutrition,
supplying a full range of high quality                                                           • Products and team backed by world-
products including skim and whey based                                                             class research and development
milk replacers.

Years of breeding have gone into every calf      Research and Development                        Holm & Laue 100 Calf Feeding Machine
that you produce. Combine these with the
expertise and support from two of the            Trouw Nutrition is strongly committed to        A fully automatic calf feeding machine,
biggest names in calf nutrition and their        research and development. Our customers         which reduces manual labour and time,
futures look bright.                             benefit from access to shared research,         reduces stress to the calves and meets all
                                                 knowledge and experience from Trouw Nutrition   modern feeding requirements.
                                                 and Denkavit.

                                                                                                 All Milkivit
                                                                                                 products are
                                                                                                 suitable for H & L
                                                                                                 automatic feeders
                                                                                                 and similar


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