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									                                           PREVIEW APPLICATION FORM

This application form is for preview purposes only.
Online applications are made at http://student.designawards.com.au/ during the Call for Entries period.
See Timetable for more information or contact us.
1.0 Contact Details

* denotes compulsory field

1.1 Applicant

As the applicant, you will be the first point of contact for all correspondence relating to this application.

 Title*                [Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss]

 First Name*
 Last Name*
 Post Code*
 Phone Number*
 Fax Number
 Mobile Number
 Email Address*

1.2 University / College

Please provide details of your university / college and tertiary design course.

Design Course Title*
Stage of Course Completion*
University / College Name*
Post Code

1.3 Lecturer / Supervisor

Please provide contact details of your lecturer / supervisor on this project.

Title                                [Prof, Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss]

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address
2.0 Project Evaluation

2.1 Project Name* [In Title Case]

2.2 Project Description and Principal Function*

Please note that your response will be automatically
limited to 100 words

2.3 Why does this project represent excellence in design
and why does it deserve to win an Australian Design
Award - James Dyson Award?*

Please refer to the applicable judging criteria when
formulating your response.

Please note that your response will be automatically
limited to 500 words

3.0 Project Images

Please attach four JPEG images of this project one by one in the order in which you want them to
appear. Each image should be 600 x 600 pixels in dimension, min 72 dpi in resolution, RGB in colour
mode and no bigger than 1 MB in file size.

Attach Image*                                                 [Browse] [Upload]

Attach Image*                                                 [Browse] [Upload]

Attach Image*                                                 [Browse] [Upload]

Attach Image*                                                 [Browse] [Upload]

4.0 Agreement

I agree to abide by the Rules of the Australian Design Award - James Dyson Award competition as
determined by its organisers, Australian international Design Awards and Dyson, and accept that the
judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. I understand that a model/prototype
will be required for submission should my application be successful in proceeding to the next stage, and
that high quality of presentation material including images is essential. I acknowledge that the Australian
International Design Awards or Dyson, their employees and agents accept no responsibility for any
damage or loss caused to any project material provided by me during transportation, handling or
storage and that packaging, transportation and insurance of any such material is my responsibility. I
warrant that the information supplied in or in relation to this application is correct and complete and that
any personal information provided by me will be used in accordance with the Australian international
Design Awards' Privacy Policy. I understand that my application, images and any promotional material
relating to my application may be used by the Australian Design Award - James Dyson Award
organisers to promote design in Australia and overseas.

       I Agree*

5.0 Application Review

Application will be made available for review online.

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