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                           MEETING MINUTES
                              June 15, 2000

Chairman Cam Hanna called the meeting of the Longview Historic Preservation Commission to
order at 3:15 p.m. in the Small Conference Room at Longview City Hall, 1525 Broadway:

A.      Call to Order

        1.                Attendance

Present:                  John Chilson
                          Lee Edtl
                          Cam Hanna, Chairman
                          David Straub
                          Sally Kiggins

Staff: Present:           Julie Hourcle`, Assistant Planner

Not Present:              David Freece
                          Lynn Tobias

Also Present:             Megan Kelly, Certified Local Government Coordinator
                          Rich Bemm, Parks and Recreation Department
                          Tagg Richards, Sculptor
                          Wendy Kosloski, Sacajawea Sculpture Committee
                          Don Feasler, Sacajawea Sculpture Committee
                          Rod Arrowhite, Tribal member related to Sacajawea

        2.              Additions/Changes to Agenda
                       Ms. Hourcle’ indicated that Mr. Bemm had an item to reconsider
                        with regard to the paved path at Lake Sacajawea.

                       A CLG grant will be submitted to the Office of Archeology and
                        Historic Preservation for GIS base mapping of historic
                        properties, according to Ms. Hourcle’.

                       Secretary of Interior Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural
                        Landscapes to be reviewed.

Historic Preservation Minutes               1                     June 15, 2000 Meeting
                       Ms. Hourcle’ informed the Commission that the Library will be
                        on next month’s agenda with a site visit.

        3.       Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting, June 6, 2000
                 Mr. Straub referenced the minutes regarding Lake Sacajawea’s paved
                 pathway in which he was reminded that the Historic Preservation’s
                 role was to consider the project’s impact on historic preservation only,
                 and that his personal opinion should not come into play. For the
                 record, he expressed that he will continue to speak out his opinion and
                 if unable to do so, will resign immediately.

                 Mr. Chilson made a motion to approve the minutes of the
                 Special Meeting on June 6, 2000, with Mr. Straub’s comments
                 acknowledged. Seconded by Ms. Kiggins and carried

        4.       Announcements/Correspondence
                 Ms. Hourcle’ announced that a workshop entitled, “Better Communication on
                 Section 106”, the historic preservation section of the National …Preservation Act
                 will be held on June 28, 2000. It will feature cellular towers and its impact on
                 historic preservation. Ms. Hourcle’ referenced several cellular sites that have
                 located in the City of Longview. Ms. Hourcle’ asked that any interested
                 individuals get her their registration so she can fax it by June 21, 2000.

                The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, in concert with the Department
                 of Community, Trade & Economic Development and the Office of Archaeology
                 and Historic Preservation has received a $5,000 allocation to the Washington
                 Trust for a stipend for Commission members to attend the National Alliance of
                 Preservation Commissions in Pittsburgh August 4-6. She asked if there were any
                 Commissioners that were interested in attending to let her know so she could
                 make arrangements for them to attend. Ms. Hourcle’ noted that this is held once
                 every two years and is very informative.

                 Ms. Hourcle’ asked Megan Kelly if there is a maximum allowance given to each
                 person. Ms. Kelly believed that it depended on how many requests were received,
                 but not less than $250. She expressed that the stipend is merely to assist, not
                 cover the costs involved. She noted that the registration is approximately $80.

                Archeology Month is October 2000, and Ms. Hourcle’ asked Commission
                 members for ideas on what to do to give this week special recognition.

                Ms. Hourcle’ referenced the OAHP E-mail Bulletin/Newsletter that was sent via
                 e-mail to Megan Kelly. Ms. Kelly remarked that these will be sent out on a
                 monthly basis. She collected e-mail addresses of all members.

                On June 12, 2000, a note was received from Megan Kelly notifying this
                 Commission that the producers of HVTV are planning another presentation of the

Historic Preservation Minutes                 2                         June 15, 2000 Meeting
                 popular “Restore America” story. Ms. Hourcle’ asked that if anyone was aware of
                 any property to suggest that was not commercial, to e-mail Greg Griffith.

                Ms. Hourcle’ announced that there was a historic display at the Longview Library
                 during Historic Preservation Week. She shared that Leon Loman of the Library
                 did a beautiful display and she will send a thank you note to him on behalf of the
                 Historic Preservation Commission. She remarked that we will have another
                 display next year and asked Commission members for any new ideas.

                The Washington Trust is co- sponsoring a Heritage conference on September 28-
                 30 in Vancouver covering Historic Preservation. To add to this, Ms. Kelly noted
                 that she, as the CLG (Certified Local Government) Coordinator for Washington
                 State, will be working with the Oregon CLG Coordinator doing a pre-conference
                 workshop, offering free training for Commissioners and staff the day before the

Mr. Hanna requested that Ms. Hourcle’ send a copy of everyone’s e-mail to Commission
members for their records.

B.           Certificate of Appropriateness
             Sacajawea Sculpture Location
             Lake Sacajawea
             City of Longview

Wendy Kosloski presented a plan for the Commission’s review and clarification of the two
different locations for the sculpture. She also had photos of the site, both ground and aerial. She
expressed that at the City Council workshop, Council was concerned that their Certificate of
Appropriateness was for the site and that other details needed more clarification.

Mr. Hanna explained that at the Council workshop he attended, the consensus presented by this
Commission was that conceptual approval was given pending further information for a final
decision on the Certificate of Appropriateness. Conceptual approval was given to the sculpture
as well as the Park Plaza and Japanese Gardens pending further review of the specifications
because not enough information was submitted.

Mrs. Kosloski addressed her understanding about any grant monies that would be available for a
loan. At the workshop, she noted that Council members wanted to clarify if they could legally
give or loan money to the project. Since neither the City Attorney nor the City Manager were
available at this workshop, it was necessary for Council to defer this to the City Attorney for a
legal opinion. In response, City Attorney Spencer wrote in a letter that City Council could not
give or loan public money, but that they may partner to purchase something.

At the request of Dr. Chilson, Ms. Hourcle’ read a portion of the minutes of March 16, 2000,
regarding the approval given by the Commission for the Certificate of Appropriateness of the
Sacajawea Sculpture Project. The Certificate of Appropriateness read: “Approved: Conditions-
Preliminary Approval with details of pathway, lighting and sculpture location and setting to be
provided prior to construction.” Dr. Chilson remarked that usual practice is to give final
approval on sample materials submitted by the architect or developer.

Historic Preservation Minutes                 3                          June 15, 2000 Meeting
Ms. Hourcle’ stated that City Council wanted to get final location approval so that the money
could be provided and the project can go forward.

Discussion ensued about the location of the sculpture project, with Ms. Hourcle’ requesting that a
selection be made of Site “A”, (located at the tip of the peninsula off Kessler Blvd. south of
Washington Way,) or Site “B” (located at the west side of the same peninsula north of the mid
point shoreline.) Dr. Chilson mentioned that the Parks Department has covered Site “B” in their
approval process. Mr. Straub wondered what the reservations for Site “A” was. Mr. Hanna’s
interpretation was that the tranquility of the area would be interrupted with the statue being
placed there.

Each Commissioner gave their own personal preference of where they thought the statue should
be located, with the majority selecting Site “A”. Dr. Chilson expressed that it did not matter
which site was selected to him as long as a final completion of material was submitted. Mr.
Hanna felt it was important to send a letter to City Council re-confirming this Commission’s
support of the original location of Site “A”, but with a note that we are also supportive of Site
“B” as well. It was expressed that the final location of the statue will ultimately be selected by
City Council.

Rod Arrowhite described the sculpture in detail, noting that they are trying to give this artwork a
tribal perspective yet capture the reflection of mother and child. He wanted to keep it authentic
and true to its piece.

Mr. Bemm noted that one reason why we are having this dialogue again is because the artist
came back with a different location than originally planned. He expressed that the new location
did not work for the Parks Department, so the alternative was to select another site.

After much debate over both locations, Mr. Bemm wanted to know what historic significance
would be lost if one site were chosen over the other. Considering that the artist originally wanted
the Sacajawea sculpture over the pumping station, Dr. Chilson commented that the area selected
was slightly away from the original site and a very reflective area; he reiterated, however, that
either site would work.

Ms. Hourcle’ expressed that during her visit of the site with Ms. Kelly, it was noted that having a
path to the statue may make a significant difference.

Mr. Straub remarked that whether we pick Site “A” or “B” does not make any difference; the
City Council will make the final decision. He thought that perhaps it comes down to respect for
the Native Americans.

Mr. Hanna felt that a letter of support at the original location, Site “A”, is the Historic
Preservation Commission’s endorsement for the project.

Cam Hanna made a motion to provide a letter from the Historic Preservation Commission
to City Council supporting Site “A” (the tip of the peninsula) as the primary choice for the
Sacajawea Sculpture to be located, but will be in full support of Site “B”, (the west side of
the peninsula) should Council select this site instead. Seconded by Mr. Edtl.

Historic Preservation Minutes                  4                           June 15, 2000 Meeting
Mr. Feasler suggested that Site “A” and Site “B” should be described in detail in this motion to
make the location perfectly clear and clarify any confusion.

Mr. Hanna acknowledged that the letter should incorporate site descriptions in detail to
differentiate “A” from “B”. He thanked Mr. Feasler for this input.

Mr. Bemm wanted clarification for the Park Board meeting that he was attending that evening as
to what historic significance there was with the site selection.

Dr. Chilson stated that since this is a naturalist park, pathways and how a landscape architect will
treat this site would make an impact. There is no historical significance of one site over another,
but the Parks Board has a good reason to look at from the fact that they may have lost revenue
and recommend to the Council that they would like to select Site “B”.

The motion carried with a unanimous vote of approval.

C.           Certificate of Appropriateness
             Paved Path at Lake Sacajawea (Cont’d.)
             City of Longview

Mr. Bemm asked for clarification, noting that he did not receive anything in writing from the
Historic Preservation Commission and referenced LMC 16.12, which states that the applicant is
to receive written findings with regard to an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness.
Since this application was tabled for further information at the last meeting, the Board asked Ms.
Hourcle’ whether written notification still needed to be sent to the applicant. Ms. Hourcle’ did
not believe that the Certificate of Appropriateness could technically be completed until it was
approved or denied by the Commission. If something needed to be in writing, she referred to the
last meeting minutes in which a motion was made to table this until further information could be
provided. She also noted that the Commission was awaiting the Landscaped Guidelines, which
were just received today. Mr. Bemm expressed that he did not have a timeline as to how long
this will be tabled or what the issues were regarding the historic impacts of the proposed paths.
He expressed that he is not prepared to answer any questions that the Park Board may pose.

Mr. Hanna stated that this Commission had specific questions on this application with regard to
handicap accessibility. A map was submitted, but a scaled, fully-detailed map showing a
completed design was not provided. Therefore, the application was tabled because of lack of
information (in regards also to not having received Landscape Guidelines.) Mr. Hanna noted that
this Commission had verbalized approval of conception of three other projects and was waiting
for a Comprehensive Master Plan for Lake Sacajawea before any more projects at the Lake could
go forward.

Mr. Hanna remarked that the Commission does owe the Parks Department a time frame of when
this application will be reviewed. He suggested a workshop with the Parks Board and Historic
Preservation Commission members to review proposed projects and implement a plan.

Historic Preservation Minutes                5                          June 15, 2000 Meeting
Mr. Straub remarked how so many projects are being proposed or have been put in place at the
park, all within the last few years, referencing the fountains, the Lake Sacajawea Sculpture, the
Park Plaza, Japanese Gardens, and the paved pathways. It’s rather overwhelming and requires
time and study. The Commission has yet to review the Lake’s Comprehensive Plan.

Noting the questions raised on the historic significance of the proposed projects at the Lake, Ms.
Kiggins remarked that it was not the historic significance, but rather, its historic preservation.
She believed that it is this Commission’s mission is to preserve what is already there and to
approach any changes with caution, study and thought, and not how much money the project can

Ms. Kelly commented that it is important that this Commission keep in mind what the historic
purpose of the Lake is. She remarked that in years to come, the location of this statue, for
instance, will reflect back on what this Commission did, so this is a decision that will have long-
term effects. Ms. Kelly commented that this Commission had a good handle on this issue in
terms of taking into consideration the impacts the statue will have, as it will become a part of the
historic fabric of this community and the park itself.

Mr. Hanna shared that he received a call from a local citizen who expressed her appreciation for
the work that this Commission is doing and asked him to have benches available for rest stations
along the lake.

Discussion ensued regarding different projects at the lake and the importance of having a
workshop with the Parks Board.

Ms. Kiggins wondered why the Sunken Gardens was no longer being maintained by the Parks
Department and is now being cared for by volunteers. Dr. Chilson explained that the Sunken
Gardens is part of an area that has experienced turbulence during the development of the Lake.
At one time, St. Johns Hospital leased it. At one point, it went back and forth to the City until it
fell into a state where it was no longer care for by any group. He believed that the hospital does
want to get it back. He mentioned that the Sunken Garden Committee might want to consider
planning a central focal point with a landscape specialist.

Mr. Hanna made a motion for a 60 day time period to review guidelines for development
plans of Lake Sacajawea, and to schedule a workshop with the Longview Parks Board
during this time period. Seconded by Mr. Straub. The motion unanimously carried.

On behalf of the Commission, Mr. Hanna wanted Mr. Bemm to relay to the Parks Board
members that they are always welcome to attend Historic Preservation meetings and would
appreciate their input.

D.           Megan Kelly
             Certified Local Government Coordinator
             WA State Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

There was a question and answer period with Commission members asking Ms. Kelly particular
questions about different concerns with regard to Local and National Registers, Special
Valuations for tax credit, inventories, etc.

Historic Preservation Minutes                 6                          June 15, 2000 Meeting
With regard to the proposed paved pathways, in Ms. Kelly’s opinion, she feels that the existing
pathways should be improved, but not necessarily paved. As it is now, everyone can utilize the
path, walkers, people in wheelchairs, bicyclists, etc. It seems like the only people that would
solely benefit from the path being paved are the in-line skaters. Historically, this path has been
just fine for this community all this time.

Some discussion followed about Mr. Bemm’s comment on how a Commission member’s
opinion did not matter and had no bearing on what was being considered. Ms. Kiggins was
rather disturbed about his comment and thought that it was inappropriate. Mr. Hanna
commended Mr. Straub for taking the initiative to do a survey on his own because it is critical to
have the community’s input, but he also had to concur with Mr. Bemm that personal opinion
should not come into play.

E. Other Business
Ms. Hourcle’ reminded Commission members that the Secretary of Interior Guidelines for the
Treatment of Cultural Landscapes needed to be adopted. She suggested waiting until July’s
meeting to give everyone time to review it.

Ms. Hourcle’ stated that she received a call from the Architect for the Longview Library who will
be doing improvements to the existing building. A site visit of the Longview Library has been
scheduled for 2:00 p.m. prior to July’s regular meeting.

Mr. Hanna remarked that he recently received re-certification for his asbestos supervisor’s card.
He announced that there will be a workshop on Wednesday, June 21, 2000 in Seattle. He
encouraged attendance since members should get experience to deal with historical properties
with regard to not only asbestos abatement, but with mold contamination as well.

Megan Kelly noted that Certificates are reviewed by the State if State or Federal money is

John Chilson offered to head a subcommittee on reviewing/inventorying features at the Lake to
assist with a Master Plan. Input from the Commission and Parks Board should be noted for
items such as benches, etc. so that they are appropriate for the historical park.

Julie Hourcle noted that now is perhaps a good time to get the original stenciled Columbia
Theatre door design in place as Mr. Murphy has departed.

Ms. Kelly noted that art pieces should be review to make sure they fit into the park as well.

E.      Adjournment

With no further business to come before the Commission, the meeting was
adjourned at 5:40 p.m.

Historic Preservation Minutes                7                           June 15, 2000 Meeting
Julie Hourcle`, Assistant Planner

jh: ccw

Historic Preservation Minutes       8   June 15, 2000 Meeting