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          When	you’ve	got	work	to	get	on	with,	you	need	a	van	you	can	
          rely	on	–	to	make	loading,	unloading	and	delivering	as	easy	as	
          possible.	And	that’s	exactly	what	the	New	Partner	is	all	about;	
          with	payloads	up	to	850kg,	best	in	class	key	dimensions	and	
          being	the	first	van	in	its	class	with	a	second	passenger	seat	for	
          occasional	use.

          It’s	economical	as	well,	with	the	latest	Peugeot	HDi	75	diesel	
          engine	delivering	great	fuel	consumption	and	low	emissions	too.	
          But	even	though	it’s	frugal,	the	New	Partner	is	still	good	to	drive	
          and	easily	comfortable	enough	for	long	journeys.

             the NeW
      Peugeot PArtNer
          New	Partner	Accessories	give	you	the	opportunity	to	make	your	
          van	even	more	suitable	for	your	business.	Whether	you	add	roof	
          bars	or	an	interior	roof	rack	to	cater	for	your	cargo,	or	go	for	our	
          iPod	connectivity	kit	to	take	your	tunes	on	the	road	with	you	–	
          the	choice	is	yours.	

          Whatever	you	decide,	you	can	be	certain	that	every	item	
          is	designed	to	fit	perfectly	in	your	Peugeot,	so	there’s	no	
          compromise	on	quality.	To	make	it	easy	to	find	the	accessories	
          you	want,	this	brochure	is	organised	into	categories:	Touring,		
          In-car	Technology,	Protection,	Safety	and	Security.	So	take	a	
                                                                                  Touring	               04	
          look,	decide	how	best	to	stamp	your	style	on	your	New	Partner	
                                                                                  In-car	Technology	     05	
          and	prepare	to	nip	around	town	easier	than	ever	before.
                                                                                  Protection	            06	
          Contact	your	local	Peugeot	Dealer	for	more	information	on	our	          Safety	and	Security	   07
          accessories	range	or	visit

2                                                                                                              3
    touriNg                                                                     iN-cAr techNology
                                                                                1. iPod connectivity kit                                                      4. Supertooth One hands-free kit
                                                                                Peugeot’s	range	of	iPod	car	dock	                                             This	hands-free	kit	simply	clips	
                                                                                kits	enable	you	to	play	your	music	                                           on	to	the	vehicle	sun	visor	and	
                                                                                via	the	vehicle’s	audio	system.	                                              provides	a	wireless,	Bluetooth	
                                                                                All	of	the	iPod	music	menus	are	                                              connection	to	your	mobile	phone.	
                                                                                displayed	on	the	vehicle	multi-                                               It	features	a	‘high	clarity’	speaker,	
                                                                                function	display	allowing	safe	                                               ultra	sensitive	microphone	
                                                                                browsing	through	songs,	albums,	                                              with	noise	cancellation	and	an	
                                                                                artists,	playlists	and	podcasts.	                                             integrated	rechargeable	battery.
                                                                                Navigation	through	these	menus	
                                                                                could	not	be	simpler	via	the	
                                                                                vehicle	audio	stalk	control	which	
                                                                                also	allows	users	to	adjust	volume	
                                                                                and	skip	forwards	and	backwards	                                              5. ‘Bluetooth’ integrated
                                                                                through	tracks.	Once	connected,	                                                 hands-free kit
                                                                                the	iPod	can	be	safely	stored	in	                                             D
                                                                                                                                                              	 esigned	to	be	used	with	
                                                                                the	glove	box	or	other	dashboard	                                             ‘Bluetooth’	compatible	phones,	
                                                                                location	and	its	battery	will	                                                the	hands-free	kit	offers	full	voice	
                                                                                also	be	charged.                                                              control	for	pick-up,	hang-up	and	
    1. Roof bars                          4. Standard ISO towbar                                                                                              dialling	by	name.	Just	leave	your	
                                                                                2. Smartnav dynamic                                                           phone	in	your	pocket	or	a	bag,	
    An	excellent	foundation	for	safely	   Engineered	and	tested	to	the	
                                                                                                                                                              turn	the	ignition	key	and	you’re	
    transporting	large	items.	Max	        highest	standards,	this	ISO	             navigation system                                                          ready	to	make,	take	or	reject	calls	
    permitted	load	100kg,	evenly	         towbar	features	a	traditional	        An	easy-to-use	dynamic	                                                       while	driving.
    distributed.                          two	bolt	ball	coupling	and	is	        navigation	system	that	takes	into	
                                          available	with	either	13	pin	or	      account	live	traffic	information,	
                                          twin	(7n	+	7s)	electrics.             directing	the	user	around	
                                                                                congestion	and	traffic	hold-ups,	
                                                                                all	at	the	press	of	a	button	on	the	
                                                                                dashboard.	Also	available	with	
                                                                                optional	‘Safe	Speed’,	which	alerts	
    2. Roof rack                          5. Set of two interior roof bars
                                                                                the	driver	to	speed	cameras,	
    Designed	and	engineered	to	fit	       Set	of	two	interior	mounted	          helping	you	to	keep	within	the	
    securely	to	the	roof	structure	       bars	that	are	ideal	for	carrying	     speed	limit.
    enabling	the	carriage	of	bulky	       valuable	items	securely	inside	
    cargo	without	compromising	           the	vehicle	such	as	copper	tubing.	
    on	safety.	Max	permitted	load	        Max	permitted	load	20kg	evenly	
    120kg,	evenly	distributed.            distributed.	

                                                                                3. TomTom portable navigation
                                                                                No	set-up	or	subscription	charges,	
    3. Load roller                        6. Parking assistance
                                                                                simply	plug	in,	switch	on	and	go.	
    Allows	for	easier	loading	of	         The	parking	assistance	system	        These	smart,	simple,	navigation	
    ladders	and	other	longer	items	       can	be	fitted	to	either	or	both	      units	come	pre-loaded	with	UK	
    onto	the	roof	rack.                   the	front	and	rear	of	the	vehicle.	   and	Western	European	mapping*	
                                          The	system	emits	audible	bleeps	      and	include	a	screen	mount	and	
                                          when	the	vehicle	approaches	an	       in-car	power	lead.	Entering	address	
                                          obstacle	helping	you	to	manoeuvre	    details	could	not	be	easier	thanks	
                                          more	safely.	Please	note,	the	rear	   to	their	touch	screen	operation	and	
                                          system	is	automatically	disabled	     postcode	navigation.
                                          when	towing.
4                                                                               *Dependent	on	model.	Please	see	price	list	for	detailed	model	applications.                                            5
    ProtectioN                                                                      sAfety ANd security

                                                                             1. Warning triangle, high             4. Anti-intrusion alarm
                                                                                visibility jacket and first        Protects	against	forced	entry	
                                                                                aid kit                            via	bonnet,	doors	and	boot,	plus	
                                                                             	 e	prepared	for	those	unexpected	
                                                                             B                                     ultrasonic	protection	of	vehicle	
                                                                             emergencies	with	our	range	of	        interior.
                                                                             road	safety	accessories.	All	items	
                                                                             are	available	individually.

    1. Styled mudflaps                    3. Brushed aluminium effect
    Designed	to	complement	the	lines	        door sill protectors
                                                                             2. Fire extinguisher                  5. Rear window
    of	the	vehicle	whilst	protecting	     Protect	against	scuffs	and	
    the	bodywork	from	damage	that	        scratches	with	these	hard-	
                                                                             	 vailable	in	1kg	and	2kg	sizes.         s ecurity grilles
    can	be	caused	by	road	debris.	        wearing	Polycarbonate	door	sill	                                         F
                                                                                                                   	 urther	protect	the	contents		
    Supplied	in	matt	black	plastic	       protectors.		                                                            of	your	vehicle	by	installing	
    ready	for	fitting.They	can	be	                                                                                 tailored	window	security	grilles	
    painted	body	colour	for	that	extra	                                                                            (set	of	two).
    special	look.

    2. Set of front carpet mats           4. Set of front rubber mats        3. Headlight beam converter
    For	effective	protection	of	the	      Manufactured	from	hard-wearing	    	 eugeot	headlight	beam	
    original	carpets.	Embossed	with	      washable	rubber.	                  converters	redirect	the	beam	
    ‘Partner’	logo.                                                          rather	than	blocking	it.	This	
                                                                             patented	technology	allows	
                                                                             almost	20%	more	light	through,	
                                                                             enabling	you	to	drive	safely	and	
                                                                             legally	when	abroad.

6                                                                                                                                                      7

            Dealer stamp

        The	information	and	images	in	this	brochure	are	based	on	the	most	current	data	available	when	going	to	print.	As	part	of	a	policy	of	continuous	specification	
        improvement,	 Peugeot	 Motor	 Company	 PLC	 reserve	 the	 right	 to	 modify	 the	 specification	 of	 our	 goods	 and	 to	 discontinue	 any	 item,	 without	 notice,	 at	 any	
        time.	Please	note	that	current	print	and	photographic	techniques	do	not	allow	us	to	faithfully	reproduce	the	full	depth	and	tone	of	the	colours	in	this	brochure.	
        This	brochure	is	designed	to	provide	general	product	information	and	is	not	a	contractual	document	or	offer	of	sale.	For	current	information	please	contact	your	
        local	Peugeot	Dealer.	The	details	in	this	catalogue	cannot	be	reproduced	without	the	express	authorisation	of	Peugeot	Motor	Company	PLC.

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Aftersales	Marketing	
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