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									                                             Festive Gold
Lifestyle                                    Dawn-Elizabeth Rudd has the festive season all
                                             wrapped up!

         s the festive season fast            Chocolate Orange and Pistachio                3. Toss in the cocoa and shake gently
         approaches it’s time to turn our     Truffles                                      before removing to a serving dish.
         thoughts to simple, stylish, easy    I like to take homemade gifts to friends      Repeat until all the mixture has been
and inexpensive solutions for a               over the festive season and my particular     used up, dipping your spoon in the
glamorous party season ahead. This is         favourites are chocolate orange and           water and drying it between each curl.
one time of the year when we can let          pistachio truffles (recipe below). Placed     Cover with cling film and chill until
our imaginations run wild and have fun.       in gold petit four cases and arranged in      ready to use.
I have settled on gold as my theme this       lovely gold embossed cellophane bags          4. Just before you serve dust with the
year, whether for gift wrapping               gathered with ribbons, they not only          remaining cocoa powder and then place
delicacies for friends and family,            look wonderful but taste out of this          in ptit four cases before gathering up
glamorous party make-up, candles or           world. (makes 12)                             with a gold doyley or tissue paper and
for the festive table.                                                                      gold cellophane.
                                              75ml (3 fl oz) double cream                       I like to serve these after supper
                                              10g (½ oz) unsalted butter                    instead of a dessert with vanilla ice-
Going for gold - make-up & style              1 x 100g bar of luxury Belgian dark           cream and a sprig of mint as a tasty
As the party season approaches it’s           chocolate, broken into chunks                 little morsel for the chocoholics in my
worth sparing a thought to make-up.           25g (1oz) shelled unsalted pistachio          family! If you are giving these as a gift it
Following on with the gold theme,             nuts, finely chopped                          is nice to place them in their cases on
make-up artist Joanne Jewitt suggests         1 rounded tablespoon cocoa powder             either a glass etched plate or vintage
using her technique of light shades           A little grated orange zest or a drizzle of   saucer (available from most antique
above the eyelid and below the brow,          orange oil                                    shops, Ikea or local charity shops) or
dark in the socket, to create the big-        12 gold petit four cases                      simply wrapped in a gold square of
eyed look. Don’t forget to define your                                                      tissue paper placed on some embossed
brows to frame your eyes. Introduce           1. Heat the cream and butter over a low       gold cellophane.
subtle shades of gold above the lashes        heat in a small non-stick pan until the       Visit www.ruddmoncrieff.com for more
then team with dark plum on the outer         butter has melted. Remove from heat           festive recipes, gift wrapping solutions
edge and purple mascara (YSL do a             and stir in the chocolate until melted.       and floral suggestions.
dramatic violet mascara). Apply a             Mix in the nuts and orange zest and
shimmer shadow above the cheek bone           pour on to a dinner plate, then put it in
to highlight and a shimmer pink               the fridge, uncovered, for about 1 hour.
blusher for a healthy glow. Lipstick          2. Remove the mixture from the fridge
should follow the make-up colour              20 mins before you want to shape the
scheme and your skin tone.                    truffles. Sieve most of the cocoa powder
For more make-up ideas see                    onto a plate, dip a teaspoon into boiling
www.beautifultruth.co.uk                      water, dry it, then pull it across the
                                              chocolate to make a loose curl.
Christmas outfit:
Young Ideas,
Ashbourne                                     An Elegant Festive Centrepiece                Festive and flattering
Photography: Red
                                              Simple and stylish                            Another gift idea we all adore that
redsquaregallery@                             candle and flower                             offers a simple way of creating a
mac.com                                       centrepieces make                             Christmassy atmosphere is a festive
                                              the festive table                             candle. The five-wick cream ceramic
                                              shine. Use candle                             trough candle from On a Wick and a
                                              wax to attach a                               Prayer, the candle workshop at
                                              small floral frog to                          Tissington (www.onawick.co.uk) not
                                              the centre of a                               only makes a great dining table
                                              shallow bowl.                                 centrepiece, but is a truly special gift –
                                              Push a taper into                             with the added benefit of coming gift
                                              the centre to secure.                         wrapped.
                                              Pour water into the
                                              Clip amaryllis
                                              blooms (or other
                                              large flowers like
                                              poinsettias) and
                                              arrange around the candle.

2   December 2010                                                                           w w w. d e r b y s h i re . g re a t b r i t i s h l i f e . c o . u k

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