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									K EEP

A Fr e s h e r ’ s Gu i d e t o s t a y i n g s a f e a n d h e a l t h y
             w h i l st a t B a n g o r Un i v e r si t y .

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                   Produced by Health and Safety Services
                           WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT - UNIVERSITY LIFE

   This Guide should give you some useful advice on how to safely get
   through your Student days whilst studying at Bangor University.

   It isn’t designed to tell you what you can and can’t do, but it will hopefully
   give you some hints and tips on various aspects of life at the University and
   life out and about in the community.

             C                                                                             W
             R                                                                              E
             O                                                                              L
             E                                                                              C
             S                                                                              O
             O                                                                              M

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Gwasanaethau Iechyd a Diogelwch – Health and Safety Services, Penbre, Lon y Coleg. LL57 2DG Tel: 01248 38-3847
          Ebost: Iechydadiogelwch@bangor.ac.uk Email: healthandsafety@bangor.ac.uk Fax: 38-3259

CONTENT                       PAGE

First Things First             2

Knock, Knock – Who’s There?    3

Where do I Fit In?             4

Living Away from Home          5

Protecting the Environment     7

Out and About                  8

Health and Well Being          10

Studying                       13

Considering Others             17

What if Something Happens?     18

Fire Fire!                     19

Useful Phone Numbers           20

                                      Page 1

We all know you will be studying
hard whilst at University.
However, we all accept that a fair
amount of fun will also be

This Guide will provide some
general advice on all manner of
things, from safety at the
University to a night out on the P

The City of Bangor, our
Wrexham site and the University
itself are generally safe places to
be. But we do need and
appreciate your help to keep it
this way.

You can start helping by reading
this Guide. You should then find
out when your School / College
Safety Induction is. Attendance
is compulsory, but it isn’t as dull
as it sounds and it may even help
you meet people in your first
weeks at University.

If, once you have read this Guide
and attended your Student
Induction, you still have
concerns, raise them with your
Tutor, the Students’ Union or
Health and Safety Services.

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Is there anybody out there: There are lots of people dedicated to
supporting you and who help ensure your memories of the University are
good rather than bad. This doesn’t just include staff on the academic side
it also includes staff and volunteers on the social side.

Your School / College, the Students’ Union, Student Support Services and
Health and Safety Services are all there to help ensure your health, safety
and welfare whilst studying and / or having fun as a student.

Disability Advisers are also there to ensure suitable arrangements are put
in place to support students with a disability or a medical condition which
affects any aspect of a student’s life.

The simple things in life: Being safe doesn’t mean you to have to stay in
and never venture out.

Just follow the advice in this Guide and use your common sense, as often
it’s the simple things that help. Look out for both yourself and others, co-
operate with University rules and seek help if you feel you, or others around
you are having problems.

                                                                       Page 3
                      WHERE DO I FIT IN? - UNIVERSITY LIFE

How do you fit into Health and        assessments and ensure you are
Safety: Your School will              trained etc. for any activities you
possibly inundate you with            are undertaking.
information on what you must
and mustn’t do to ensure your         We do need you to work with us
health and safety whilst studying.    though. Follow instructions, report
For example, what to do if the fire   problems and don’t misbehave…
alarm goes off, who the First         too much!
Aider is, how to ensure you don’t
blow the lab up or poison             Health and Safety Management:
yourself!                             At the University, health and safety
                                      is managed by numerous systems,
Some controls will be outside of      Departments and staff.
your power, but others will only
work with your support.               The Vice-Chancellor as the Chief
                                      Executive Officer of the University
This support can be simple eg.        has overall responsibility to ensure
following Rules or wearing the        you are not placed in any
right safety glasses. Other           unnecessary risk.
controls will take more
consideration and time, for           Your Head of College / School has
example preparing a risk              a delegated responsibility to put
assessment before you can carry       into place systems that seek to
out specific work; especially in      ensure your health and safety
the Sciences.                         whilst studying.

Whatever the controls though,         Centrally, we, Health and Safety
your School will provide you with     Services oversee and establish
the information and training          health and safety support
appropriate to those activities       arrangements. We also audit
you are undertaking.                  Colleges / Schools to ensure
                                      compliance with health and safety
Additionally, University clubs /      obligations.
activities eg. Athletic Union and
Student Volunteering Bangor, will     And finally, Estates and Facilities
also consider your health and         ensure University buildings are
safety. They will prepare risk        safe to use.

                                                                     Page 4

Security: Always lock the front         as in University Halls, BAN their
door and shut the door to your          use. (See, section on Fire).
room whenever you leave it.
There are many opportunist              Electrical equipment: If used
thieves around and it doesn’t take      inappropriately, electrical equipment
long to steal a phone or iPod etc.      can be another major cause of fire
Only let others into the building if    or even kill you. But no matter how
you know them and if you ever feel      tempting because there aren’t
threatened or have seen someone         enough electrical sockets, NEVER
loitering around outside, contact       plug extension leads into extension
University Security or the Police.      leads, and NEVER leave coiled
                                        extension leads rolled up whilst
It also helps if you report any         switched on – they’ll melt and catch
security lights that are not working.   fire.
This means you will be able to find
your keys, and feel safer when
returning in the dark.

Fire: Fire can always be a risk
when living in shared
accommodation as rubbish tends
to build up and people may want to      Also:
de-stress with candles and sneaky          Get into the habit of switching
cigarettes etc. To reduce fire risk,       things off when you’re not using
ensure rubbish doesn’t pile up,            them.
keep fire escape routes
uncluttered / unblocked.                   Don’t use two pin plugs unless
                                           plugged into a suitable CE
Also, if living                            marked adaptor.
in private                                 NEVER use an appliance or
housing,                                   mains power if you think there is
either set up                              a problem with it. Don’t try and
strict house                               fix it yourself, get a qualified
rules for                                  electrician to take a look.
smoking and
the use of                                 NEVER try and use a visibly
candles or                                 damaged item of equipment.

                                                                      Page 5

Rubbish: A build up of rubbish          People: We all know living with
encourages bugs, mice, rats; it         others can drive us mad.
smells as well as being a fire
hazard.                                 But it is important to consider
                                        everyone and not just yourself and
                                        your friends when living in shared

Tidy up after yourself and dispose
of rubbish appropriately. For
example, don’t put broken glass in
a bin bag so someone can cut            If there are problems with a messy
themselves when carrying it out.        housemate or someone not pulling
                                        their weight, deal with the problem
Keep it clean: Clean up after           diplomatically. Confrontation will
yourself. Bathrooms, kitchens,          usually lead to arguments and a
dirty fridges and cookers etc. are a    subsequent atmosphere which won’t
haven for germs. Get into the           do anybody any good. Especially
habit of clearing up spills, food and   when trying to study.
washing up as soon as possible to
remove the risk of unsociable           Just remember. Respect each other
stomach upsets.                         and show a little tolerance as we are
                                        all different and will, guaranteed, get
                                        on each others nerves.

                                        The Community: Think about your
                                        neighbours, especially those of you
                                        living in private accommodation.
                                        Keep the house / garden tidy, the
                                        noise down and don’t do anything
                                        liable to cause offence eg. streaking!

                                                                       Page 6

Your environment: It won’t take        using and turn the heating down
you long to appreciate you’ve          instead of opening windows or using
come to a University in a fantastic    air conditioning.
location and in our view, unrivalled
in the UK. You have it all right on    Recycle. Recycle. Recycle:
your door step. Snow capped            Landfill sites are gradually filling up
mountains, golden beaches and a        even though nearly two thirds of
National Park and whilst we want       rubbish can be recycled or
you to make the most of your time      composted. So use general waste
here, we also want you to share        bins as a last resort and make the
out commitment to both protect         most of the Paper, Glass, Cans,
and enhance the environment.           Plastics, Cardboard, Electrical
                                       Equipment, Printer / Toner
It’s raining. It’s pouring:            Cartridges, Batteries and Mobile
Although it rains a lot here, mains    Phone recycling facilities.
water is a valuable resource and
the more you take from rivers and      On your bike: Do you really need
lakes the less there is for aquatic    to drive? Think about walking or
ecosystems.                            cycling for local trips – it’s healthier
So think                               and kinder on the pocket, and for
about the                              longer trips, consider public
bigger                                 transport or organise car shares.
picture when                           You must also remember that you
you turn                               need a permit to use University car
taps on, only                          parks or you will be clamped.
use as much
as you need
and don’t
leave the tap

Energy: The University currently
spends £2 million a year on energy     Ideas: If you have any ideas to
and produces 8,000 tonnes of           improve our environmental
carbon dioxide. But let’s get this     performance, email:
down: switch off lights and            environment@bangor.ac.uk.
electrical equipment you’re not

                                                                         Page 7
                          OUT AND ABOUT - UNIVERSITY LIFE

Personal safety: Bangor and the       and out of others temptation. If you
surrounding area prides itself on     do feel uneasy when, for example
its low crime rate and is probably    using a cash machine, walk away.
one of the safest University cities
in the UK.                            Drinking: BORING. A lecture. But
                                      if you are in a pub or club don’t drink
However, as with most places, we      too much and don’t accept drinks
do have to take personal              from strangers as you don’t know
precautions so we don’t put           what is in it.
ourselves at unnecessary risk.
Also, boys don’t get complacent,
as it isn’t just women that are at
risk. National statistics show that
men between the ages of 18 – 25
are at the greatest risk of a
personal attack.

The following tips should help:

Be confident: Don’t show you are
insecure. Hold your head up, walk
                                      Try and stick with friends who will
tall and be positive as this will
                                      look out for you, as alcohol lowers
make you seem less vulnerable.
                                      your defences, can bring out the
                                      worst in people and cause us to do
If you are threatened or
                                      stupid things. If you need extra
attacked: Scream. Shout. Yell.
                                      help, tell the door staff.
Phone the Police.
                                      Drugs: Zzzzz… Another lecture!
Think you are being followed:
                                      but please be careful if you do
Cross the road, if you are followed
                                      experiment as you don’t know what
cross back again. If they are still
                                      you are getting and the
there, go to the nearest place with
                                      consequences can be fatal.
lots of people and call 999.
                                      Never, be pressurised into taking
Out of sight, out of mind: Don’t
                                      drugs and if you want to read up go
flash your cash, phones, iPods etc.
                                      to the Student Advice Centre. They
Put them away when not in use,
                                      have lots of information on the drugs
                                                                      Page 8
                           OUT AND ABOUT - UNIVERSITY LIFE

available and can help if you feel     Also remember to look out for
you are developing a drug or           vehicles and dogs!
alcohol problem.
Smoking: Please remember
                                          Try to avoid walking home alone.
smoking within 5 metres of any
University building is not allowed.       Always have your mobile phone
                                          in case of an emergency.
Fair weather friends: Sometimes           Call a taxi if you don’t feel safe,
we should avoid groups of people          making sure it’s a proper taxi.
you don’t know very well or are
unsure of. If you decide to go            Use well lit, busy roads. Use the
somewhere with new people try             pavement!
and take some close friends with          Walk on the same side as
you.                                      oncoming vehicles so you can
                                          see them and they can see you.
Sadly, untrustworthy people can
                                          Don’t take shortcuts through
do some nasty things. They can
                                          isolated areas, places you are
get you drunk to take advantage,
                                          unsure of, or where your visibility
or worse spike your drink with
                                          / movement is restricted eg.
drugs. So take your drinks
                                          through woods / alleyways.
wherever you go, or get a friend to
watch them. If you start to feel          Have your keys ready when you
strange or a friend is acting weird       get to your front door.
after a drink, look after each other
                                          Avoid gangs of people that you
and tell someone.
                                          do not know.
Exercising outdoors: Try and go
                                       Report it: No matter how trivial,
out with other people if possible,
                                       always report an incident to either
and only use well lit, safe routes
                                       University Security or the Police.
which you are familiar with.
                                       Your action could prevent someone
Avoid wearing headphones as you
                                       from being hurt in the future.
are less likely to hear or be aware
of others around you.

                                                                       Page 9

Feeling unwell, both physically and
mentally can really affect the
outcome of your studies and your
quality of life. That is why it is
important to look after yourself
whilst at University.

Healthy eating: We know it is
tempting to eat junk food,            Bangor is ideally situated for a
especially whilst there are so many   variety of outdoor and indoor
Take Outs in Bangor. But a            pursuits. Look on the Students’
healthy immune system is the key      Union website to see what Clubs are
to feeling good and staying fit and   available to you. Or just enjoy the
well as it helps fight off colds,     great outdoors by going for a walk
fatigue etc. So try and balance the   with friends in the mountains or on
junk with some healthy food eg.       one of the numerous local beaches.
oily fish, chicken, fresh fruit,
vegetables and wholegrain.            Mental health: Do not feel
                                      ashamed if you feel you are
                                      experiencing mental health
                                      problems. Problems are far more
                                      common than you may think and
                                      include stress and anxiety as well as
                                      depression and other recognised
                                      mental ill health conditions.

Exercise: Exercise can really
help to make you feel happier,
stronger and less prone to fatigue.
All essential to helping you get
through your studies. Even 30
minutes a day, three times a week
will help and you don’t even have
to go to the Gym.

                                                                   Page 10

If you feel you are having              This is so your School / College can
difficulties, try and speak to a        carry out a risk assessment to
friend as a good ‘heart to heart’       assess the activities you undertake
may be all it takes. But if this is     as part of your studies to ensure the
not enough, speak to Student            health and safety of you and your
Support Services or the Students’       unborn child.
Union. They are there to help you
and will direct you to someone          Sex: Wrap it up. Use a Condom.
who can provide professional help.      Embarrassing, we know as we all
                                        remember the first attempts to
Bullying: Never put up with             explain ‘the birds and the bees’ to
bullying.                               us.

If you feel you are being bullied, do   There are lots of sexually
something about it. Report it to        transmitted diseases that can be
your Tutor or speak to the Student      transmitted orally as well as through
Advice Centre. They will be able        intercourse and not just HIV.
to support you in dealing with it.      Chlamydia, hepatitis, thrush, herpes,
                                        genital warts and crabs are also
                                        around, with some causing serious
                                        problems later in life eg. infertility if
                                        not treated immediately.

                                        But why put yourself at risk? The
                                        Advice Centre has lots of ‘safe sex’
                                        leaflets and provides CHEAP

Pregnancy: Some chemicals and
procedures at the University can
potentially affect an unborn child.
This is why it is very important you
tell your Tutor as soon as you
become pregnant or if you are
thinking of starting a family.

                                                                        Page 11

Sexual assault: Sadly such                emergency contraception,
assaults and even rape can                vaccinations for students
happen in Bangor. If something            travelling abroad, smear tests,
has happened to you, speak to the         dress wounds and strap up
Student Advice Centre who will be         injuries.
able to support you and advise you
on what steps you should take.         Student Support Services can
                                       provide you with details of local GPs
Health care: All students are          and the current contracted GP
requested to register with a local     Practice.
                                       Keep a little faith: Student Support
                                       Services can provide details of
                                       chaplains and local faith

In addition, the University has also
contracted a local GP Practice to
provide special services to

Facilities include:
    Student health sessions.
    Medical certificates and
    medical examinations required
    for University matters eg.
    Student Health Nurse,
    available for family planning,

                                                                    Page 12
                                      STUDYING - UNIVERSITY LIFE

Unless you are a member of               Childcare: The University
MENSA with an IQ of 190+,                understands that many Students will
studying can be hard work.               have childcare issues. As such, the
Hopefully the information in this        Students’ Advice Centre and the
section and taking advantage of          Local Authority can provide details
the various University support           of local nurseries and registered
services, things should be a little      child minders.
easier for you.
                                         In addition, Tir Na Nog is the
Disability Services: Contact             University’s own day care nursery
Disability Services, part of Student     which Students can use. They also
Support Services, if you are             provide After School and Summer
disabled/have a medical condition        Play Schemes.
which affects your ability to study
or any aspect of your student life.      Library and Archives: Enable you
                                         to access all the information you will
Dyslexia Student Service:                need for your studies. They even
Provide a confidential support           help if you can’t find a PC to work on
service to Students with dyslexia.       or the peace and quiet you need to
Help includes:                           study.
   Group or, one-to-one work on
                                         Information Technology: Don’t
   study skills.
                                         panic if you can’t afford your own
   Individual study and personal         laptop or PC. The University has
   support Tutors.                       many PCs across the campus which
   Assessments to help apply for         Students can use. Some Computer
   Disabled Students’                    Labs also have 24 hour access.
                                         PCs / Laptops: As you will be
   Examination provisions.               spending a lot of time on PCs and
                                         laptops, it is important you protect
Study Support Centres: There             your health and safety by using
are two centres which provide a          them correctly.
range of specialist equipment eg.
CCTV, Braille embosser, voice            The following advice should help get
activated computers, PCs with            you sorted!
assisted software.

                                                                       Page 13
                          STUDYING - UNIVERSITY LIFE


           Move the chair close to the desk and sit back on
           the seat. Adjust the chair back so that the upper
            body is relaxed and supported. Raise the chair
            seat so the upper arms are vertical, the elbows
                 are level with, or just above the desk.

            Set the chair position and height as described
            above. Use a foot rest if the feet do not touch
              the ground. Height-adjustable chair arms
            provide additional support for the upper body
            when not keying. If the armrests restrict desk
                 access, ask if they can be removed.

             Raise the monitor so the visible screen top is
              just below eye level. Any document holder
             should be at screen height and in the same
           focal plane to minimise head twisting and tilting.

             A separate keyboard and mouse will make a
           significant improvement to layout flexibility. By
           using one of the proprietary laptop stands to tilt
           the computer, it is possible to raise the screen
            to an acceptable height and viewing distance.

           You must know how to adjust your chair so you
                        can sit correctly.

              If you are unfamiliar with the controls, ask

                                                                Page 14
                                   STUDYING - UNIVERSITY LIFE

Study techniques: Good study             notes, reading lists, essay titles,
techniques should help to make           small books etc. Keep on top of
assignments and exams less               referencing by adding authors,
painful. The University’s School of      titles etc. as you make your
Lifelong Learning, ll@bangor.ac.uk       notes.
supports Students by providing
Writing Skills drop in sessions to
help Students with note taking,
writing essays etc.

Time management: Remember,
successful studying doesn’t just
depend on writing an essay or
passing an exam. It is important
you balance work, rest and play,
and effective time management
                                         Prioritise. Work out what needs
should help you to do this.
                                         to be done ASAP and what can
                                         be left until later eg. background
                                         Informed. Check your emails,
                                         Blackboard and notice boards to
                                         keep up to date with any course
                                         Motivated. Start with easy tasks
                                         to get you underway. Break
                                         large tasks down into smaller
                                         chunks so you feel like you are
                                         getting somewhere.
Practice the following:                  Know Yourself. Work out the
   Plan. Use a wall planner or an        times you study best and do
   Academic Diary to write down          things like the washing when
   all your important dates eg.          your brain has left the building!
   deadlines, exams, birthdays.          Focus. Avoid distractions when
   Organise. Buy a box file for          studying eg. emails, texts, and
   each module and use it for            bored friends.

                                                                    Page 15
                                     STUDYING - UNIVERSITY LIFE

   Get a Life. You shouldn’t need       Such information and guidance will
   to study 24 / 7 as it will make      be appropriate for the activities you
   you resent your studies and          are undertaking and it is imperative
   could make you ill. Make sure        you follow them. This will not only
   you do set time aside for other      ensure your own health and safety
   fun, friends, family etc.            but will also protect others who
                                        could be affected by your actions.
   Rewards. We cannot
   emphasise enough the                 You may find, dependent on your
   importance of having                 course, additional health and safety
   something to look forward to         information is given to you as the
   for when you finish a piece of       course and your skills develop. For
   work. A night out, bar of            example, you may undertake more
   chocolate, a big piece of cake!      in-depth experiments, field trips,
                                        overseas travel. Please follow any
                                        advice given to you, and if you are
                                        absent on the day information is
                                        handed out, make sure you get a
                                        copy ASAP.

   Finally. If you are struggling
   and can’t cope talk to your

   For further information contact
   Student Support Services:
                                        Peri Urban Interface Research

Practical work: Your School /           Finally, speak to your Tutor if you
College will instruct and train you     feel health and safety matters need
and make sure you are adequately        to be re-addressed. It may be hard
supervised to ensure your health        to say something but it is important,
and safety whilst studying.             and could prevent something from

                                                                        Page 16

Remember the University is a very
busy place and you are not the
only person in it. There are staff,
visitors and thousands of other
students using its facilities on a
daily basis so please be
considerate of others and:
   Use the bins provided for any
   rubbish you may have.              Hatched markings
   Keep noise to a reasonable
                                          In addition, only park in a
   level, especially when in a
                                          Blue Badge bay if you have
   building where others are
                                          a Blue Badge permit.
   working or there could be
   lectures / exams going on.
   Turn your phone off / put it on
   silent in lectures.
   If you have a parking permit
   remember to park in marked
   bays and do not park on or
   block any of the following:

                                      Blue Badge Bay

                                          Don’t block doorways and
                                          corridors. Keep them clear
                                          so others can get from place
                                          to place easily.
                                          Remember you cannot
                                          smoke in, or within 5m of any
                                          University building.
Double yellow lines

                                                               Page 17

Stay calm: No matter what has              Continue to talk to the casualty
happened, it is important to stay in       to reassure them until help
control as this will help make sure        arrives.
the problem is better dealt with.
                                        Reporting Accidents and
If it is serious: Phone 333 to          Incidents: Every accident and
contact University Security or 999      incident at the University or whilst on
to contact the Emergency Services       University related activities,
if away from Campus. Remember           irrespective of whether someone
to:                                     was injured, must be reported. This
                                        means a proper investigation can be
   Speak clearly.                       carried out to ensure it does not
   Say exactly where you are.           happen to yourself or others again.

   Say what happened.                   What can I do to prevent an
   Say who is involved.                 Accident / Incident: You can:
                                           Think about what could go
Emergency                                  wrong during the activities you
First Aid:                                 take part in.
Know who
your local First                           Follow all instructions which are
Aider is. Each                             in place to help prevent an
Building                                   accident / incident.
should display                             Decide what action you would
details of its designated First Aider      take if something did happen.
who will deal with minor incidents.
If however you are in a position of     Report
having to deal with a casualty          anything you
yourself, your priorities are to:       consider to
   Assess the situation.                be
   Do not put yourself in danger.
                                        to someone
   Make the area safe.                  in charge eg.
   Keep casualties warm.                Tutor, Warden, University Security,
                                        or Health and Safety Services via
   Send for help – do not delay.

                                                                      Page 18
                                      FIRE FIRE! - UNIVERSITY LIFE

Even though the number of fires at        You may also get tempted to have a
the University is very low the            sneaky cigarette or light a relaxing
thought of fire is still terrifying due   candle but if left unattended they are
to its potential consequences.            a major fire hazard. Both are
                                          BANNED in University Halls, and
Reducing fire risk: We can all            those of you in private residences
help by knowing what to do to             should also consider setting up your
avoid fires starting in the first place   own local ban or strict rules on their
and what action to take if a fire         use. NEVER cover up a smoke
does start.                               detector!

In the home: The safety of our            If you live in a private residence,
Halls, bed-sits etc are not only          ensure the building has appropriate
dependent on how they are built           fire extinguishers, a fire blanket and
and maintained, they are also             fire detectors that work. Speak to
largely dependent on what we do           your Landlord immediately if there is
in them.                                  a problem as they have a legal
                                          obligation to provide such
Keeping your home clean and tidy,         equipment. Also we know it sounds
ensuring potential escape routes          silly, but consider holding your own
are not cluttered / blocked and           fire drills so you all know what to do
using electrical equipment properly       and how to get out in a fire.
will all help reduce the fire risk.
                                          Whilst studying: You must follow
                     One of the           School / College instructions and
                     biggest causes       training to minimise the risk of a fire
                     of University        starting when undertaking certain
                     fires is cooking     activities eg. lab experiments.
                     late at night
                     whilst drunk.        What to do in a Fire Alarm:
                     So take care in
                                              Get out immediately. Don’t stay
                     the kitchen
                                              behind to investigate the cause.
                     and get a
                     takeaway or              Try and close doors on your way
make a sandwich if you are feeling            out to keep fire and smoke back.
peckish after a night out!                    Follow all Emergency
                                                                         Page 19

University Emergency                333

Police, Fire, Ambulance Emergency   999

Non-Emergency Police                101

Health and Safety Services          01248 383847

Student Support Services            01248 382024

The Students’ Union                 01248 388000

President of Students’ Union        01248 388001

University Security                 01248 382795

Student Advice Centre               01248 388015

Nightline                           01248 362121

North West Wales Rape Crisis        01248 354885

Samaritans                          01248 674985

CAIS Drug and Alcohol Agency        0845 0612112

MIND                                0845 7660163

Crime Stoppers                      0800 555111

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