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Montreal, September 3, 2009 - Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal and the Darling Foundry present The Blue Flyer II (2009)
by Michael Flomen. Plan Large is a coproduction by Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal and the Darling Foundry.

The 11th presentation of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal
will take place from September 10 to October 11. Orga-
nized around the theme The Spaces of the Image devel-
oped by French guest curator Gaëlle Morel, 24 solo exhi-
bitions and public space interventions will be presented
in a variety of different sites across the city. Artists from
13 countries will explore the question of mechanisms
and staging in contemporary photography.

With his photogram The Blue Flyer II (2009), Michael
Flomen renews the visual experiences of the pioneers
of photography. Using photosensitive paper but no
camera, he has captured the twinkling of fireflies at
night. Their luminosity impregnates the surface of the
paper, creating haphazard traces composed of phos-
phorescent points of light. Working as closely as possi-
ble to nature, Flomen reveals its imperceptible details
                                                                         Michael Flomen, The Blue Flyer II, 2009 (from the series Higher Ground, 2001–09).
and associates them with coloured tones. Located on a                                         Photomontage of the proposed installation for Plan Large.
large scale billboard in the core of Montreal, the resulting                         Photomontage: Michael Flomen. Photo: Carlos and Jason Sanchez.
                                                                                                                                     Courtesy of the artist.
image of an abstract and microcosmic landscape blends
in with the urban landscape.
The new work was created especially for Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal.

Michael Flomen was born in 1952 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
He lives and works in Montreal.
After an initial period (the 1970s) devoted to street photography, Michael Flomen created his first abstract series with Fields, begun in
1995. Featuring trackless snow-covered surfaces, the series conveys the artist’s keen interest in keeping to an economy of means when
producing images. He uses a simple photographic technique, the photogram, which does not require the use of a camera: he takes paper
covered with a light-sensitive emulsion and places it in natural settings, where it comes into contact with the elements. On large blank
sheets of paper, he has recorded traces of raindrops, snow, and dust, using a flash to cover the surface with negative impressions of their
light signatures. These favourite elements come to life on the surface of the photographic medium, creating contrasts of light and shadow.
By dispensing with the use of a lens, Flomen spares himself the tasks of framing and composing before shooting. In return, he gets random
renditions rich in landscape detail. He is interested in capturing the fragile undulations of pond water, the markings of bad weather, and the
luminescent pathways of fireflies in flight. Caught in the course of methodical night-time forays in his immediate surroundings, Flomen’s
subjects are reduced to residual states in his images. With the Higher Ground series (2001–09), the artist began making two-tone photo-
grams, varying his palette with blues, reds, yellows, and greens whose luminescence is enlisted in sophisticated colour experiments.
Shown in solo exhibitions (Fragile, Galerie Pangee, Montreal, 2008) and group shows (Image & Imagination, Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal,
2005; Contradictions in Black and White, Hasted Hunt Gallery, New York, 2009), Michael Flomen’s works have recently been featured in a
number of site-specific installations, particularly within the context of the event Sackville Sculpture 08 (Sackville, 2008) and the Contact
Festival (Toronto, 2009).

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DARLING FOUNDRY                                                                              Source:
745, Ottawa St.                                                                              Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal
514 392 1554 |                                                       Marie-Catherine Leroux
PUBLIC SPACE INTERVENTION ON AN ILLUMINATED BILLBOARD ON                                     Catherine Fortin
THE CORNER OF OTTAWA ST. & DUKE ST., ON DISPLAY FROM SEPT. 12                                >
FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR                                                                        T: 514 390 0383 | Cell: 514 239 2750
> Opening Saturday, Sept. 12 at 5 p.m., the artist will be present