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					                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2008

                                 By Gordon J. Smith, Faculty Emeritus and Retiree from NAIT

                                                            NASA‟s Share the Warmth Campaign is very significant to those people in
                                                            the City of Edmonton who, due to no fault of their own, find themselves in
                                                            difficult circumstances, maybe penniless and quite often homeless.

                                                            I was thrilled when NASA asked me to be the celebrity representative of the
                                                            Share the Warmth Campaign. A number of years ago while serving on a
                                                            City volunteer board, and teaching in the Business Program at NAIT, I was
                                                            made aware that 85% of the persons that attended the Boyle Street McCauly
                                                            Foot Clinic leave the clinic with no socks. This is because the clinic has no
                                                            socks to offer the many patients who are suffering from blisters, frost bite,
                                                            ulcerated sores, and trench foot, a hideous breakdown of the skin in the foot
                                                            and ankle area.

                                                           Since the year 2000, I have collected and distributed some 25,000 socks,
                                                           toques, and mitts. It is a surprise that something so simple can be in such
            (Photo by NAIT Digital Media Services)         demand and so greatly appreciated by the recipients. It‟s like providing
                                                           Christmas to these unfortunate people each and every day of the year. It is
very gratifying that I, with the assistance of the NAIT Academic Staff Association‟s Share the Warmth Campaign, can continue this
effort I started a number of years ago.

I have personally put the gifts of socks and mitts in the hands of the recipients, and have witnessed the sincere gratification and the sense
that someone cares for these people of the inner city. By your contributions to the “Share the Warmth” Campaign, you are truly
sharing in an act of humanity.
                                      Thanks for Sharing the Warmth from your heart, and in your gifts.

Last year at NAIT, over 1800 donated items were distributed to several local charities in Edmonton & Fairview:
Elizabeth Fry Society, Boyle Street McCauly Help Centre, Bissell Centre, McMann Youth Centre & Crossroads
                      The goal for 2008 is to donate 2,008 articles!
   Please encourage your colleagues                                                                    INSIDE
                                                                               Rapport with Ross ................................... p. 3
      and students to contribute.                                              Joe‟s Justice/Paton‟s Perspective ............ p. 4
  If you would like to host a donation box in your                             Membership Moments ............................ p. 5
                                                                               Acts of Professionalism .......................... p. 6
 office bank, contact the NASA office at 471-8702.
                                                                               ACIFA News ........................................... p.8
A list of drop-off locations can be found on page 7                            Educators‟ Profile ............................ p. 10-11
                     of this issue.                                            The Reeves‟ Review .............................. p.13
                                                                               The Tar Sands Conundrum ......………..p. 14
                                              th                               NAIT News ...................................... p. 15-16
    Campaign ends December 5 .                                                 Discounts ......................................... p. 17-19
                                 INSIDE NASA INTERCOM
                             Betty                                                                                                         Terry
                             Anne Ross,                                                                                                    Sulyma
                             NASA                                                                                                          Finance
                             President                                                                                                     Vice

    471-8916 or                         NASA INTERCOM                                         471-8350 or
                                                                 Published by:                                                           Heather
                             Dianna                                                                                                      Murray
                                             NAIT Academic Staff Association
                             Paton                                                                                                       B.CommL
                                                 T110, 11762 – 106 Street
                                                                                                                                         L.B is a
                                                     Edmonton, Alberta
                                                     Canada T5G 2R1
                                                                                                                                         who is an
                                                   Phone: 780-471-8702
                                                    Fax: 780-474-6736
                                                                                                                                         member of
                                                                                                                                         the Law
                                                                                                                                         Society of
    Communications Vice President                                                                                                        Alberta,
    471-8452 or             EXECUTIVE SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES                                 and is employed on staff at NAIT in the
                                          Arts, Science & Communications Gordon Cutting                      capacity of Contracts Administrator
                                          Applied Building Science............... Chris Aparicio
                                          Applied Media & Info. Tech. ... Warren Burkholder                  and Privacy and Access Administrator
                                          Business ............................................. John Beke   (FOIP Coordinator).
                                          Electrical & Electronics.................... Garry Wilson
                                          Health Sciences & Culinary Arts.... Johanna Scott
                             Anne         Mech. & Manufacturing .............. Barry Bradshaw                      2007 - 2008
                             Marie        Northwest ........................................ Kelly Rainer
                             Silvius      Professional & Con. Ed. ...................... Gary Gora            AUDITED FINANCIAL
                                          Resources & Envr. Mgmt. ......... Arlana Moskalyk
                                                  Board of Governors Representatives
                                                   LeeAnne Telford and Pan Zhang                             NASA‟s audited financial statements
                                            Academic Council Representative to Executive
                                                                                                             can be viewed on our homepage under:
                                                        Betty Anne Ross
                                                                                                                  “Informational Documents”
                                                                                                                   Click on “Documentation”
    Membership Services Vice President
                                                                                                                 2007-2008 Audited Financial
    471-7044                                                                                         Statements.pdf

                            McFadyen                                                                              SUBMISSION
                                          NASA welcomes your signed comments and
                            Labour        letters. We will attempt to publish them as                             DEADLINES
                            Relations      received, but reserve the right to edit for
                            Officer         reasons of space and liability. Opinions                                 Tuesday, January 27, 2009
                                          expressed in the “Editorial” and in signed                                 Tuesday, February 24, 2009
                                                                                                                      Tuesday, March 24, 2009
                                           letters or articles are those of the writer                                Tuesday, April 21, 2009
                                             and not necessarily those of the NASA                                     Tuesday, May 19, 2009
                                           Executive. Items that are unsigned reflect                                  Tuesday, June 9, 2009
                                                    general Executive views.
    491-3027 or

2                                                                                                                                          November 2008
                                 RAPPORT WITH ROSS
                                                Share the Warmth
                                           By Betty Anne Ross, NASA President

                                                                Share the Warmth is a much bigger theme than each of us
                                                               spending a few dollars to buy a pair of socks, a toque, a pair of
                                                               mitts, or a scarf for the needy this year in order to meet NASA‟s
                                                               goal of 2008 items collected. At this time of year, with the cold
                                                               winds blowing, we are made more aware of the homeless, the kids
                                                               without their basic needs met, and the number of people depending
                                                               on the Christmas Bureau or the Food Bank for their food over the

                                                               How can we refocus outward to the community when we are so
                                                               busy with everyday expectations, commitments and life in general?

                                                               Perhaps instead of getting the family the latest in electronics this
                                                               holiday season, we could volunteer the family to serve a meal at
                                                               one of the shelters. That experience can really make the children
                                                               more aware of the larger community of the Edmonton area.

                                                               Perhaps instead of that hard to find gift for someone who has
                                                               everything, we could donate some money in their name to an
                                                               international organization to buy a family a goat or some chickens
                                                               which would then make that family economically stable.
   NASA President Betty Anne Ross and NASA VP Communications
            Dianna Paton at the annual ARNS banquet.           Perhaps your office bank could collect food or funds for a
       (Photo by Jason Ness, NAIT Digital Media Services)      Christmas hamper for a single senior or a family. The knowledge
                                                               that you have provided that festive meal is very rewarding.

                    Let‟s look to see what we can do for our community this holiday season.
     I would like to wish you and your families all the very best for the holidays and for the New Year.

                                2008/9 NASA Executive

Back Row (L to R): Garry Wilson, Anne Marie
Silvius, John Beke, Leanne Telford

Middle Row (L to R): Lana Bjorkquist, Gary Gora,
Joe McFadyen, Gordon Cutting, Chris Aparicio,
Suzanne Willoughby

Front Row (L to R): Dianna Paton, Betty Anne Ross,
Arlana Moskalyk, Pan Zhang

Absent:Barry Bradshaw, Warren Burkholder, Kelly
Rainer, Johanna Scott, Terry Sulyma

(Photo by NAIT Digital Media Services)

November 2008                                                                                                                         3
                                                     JOE‟S JUSTICE
                 SECTION 25 – Funded Leave of Absence Option Plan
                                                           By Joe McFadyen

25.01    The Parties agree to the continuance of the Funded Leave of Absence Option Plan.
25.02    The eligibility of a staff member to participate in the Plan is subject to Section 3 and the terms and conditions
         contained in the Plan.
25.03    Amendments to the Plan that affect a staff member's eligibility or compensation levels shall be approved by the Association
         prior to their implementation.
25.04    An eligible staff member who wishes to participate in the Plan shall apply in writing to the work unit leader.
25.05    After a Funded Leave of Absence, a staff member shall return to at least the same or equivalent assignment and shall be
         entitled to at least the salary range placement which the staff member held at the commencement of the leave.
25.06    Staff members on Funded Leave of Absence shall receive:
         (a)       full benefits according to this Agreement, and
         (b)       all increases to normal salary and benefits on the same basis as other staff members not on leave.
25.07    Notwithstanding subsections 25.01 to 25.03, staff members commencing their participation in the Four-for-Five Leave Plan
         shall contribute to the plan at the rate of eighteen per cent (18%) of their salary and shall, during their release periods, receive
         eighty-two per cent (82%) of their salary or a return of their contributions and interest, whichever is the greater.

In addition to the Funded Leave of Absence Plan known as a four / five plan, NAIT has been approving a funded leave plan which has
been referred to as a two / six. The plan works in the same manner as the four for five (4/5) plan but the contribution period is for 2
years and the release time is six months.

Information regarding the funded leave plan can be viewed in NAIT”s Renewal, Enrichment & Leave Opportunities (Section Five):

                                 PATON‟S PERSPECTIVE
                                              By Dianna Paton, VP Communications

Wow-where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday we                 too often we tend to focus in on the negative and forget to
were starting a new semester and here we are in December! For            celebrate the good things going on.
those of us who don‟t fancy snow and cold, the weather has
been very cooperative as well, which has been a wonderful                With that in mind, we thought we would tap into the wonderful
bonus! Sorry skiers but I am being selfish and hoping for a              resource that is NAIT staff, and profile different views on
brown Christmas                                                         professionalism and focus on the many good things we observe.
                                                                         Hence, the “Acts of Professionalism” challenge, and the
In this Intercom, I want to talk about the „professionalism              Educator Profiles that discuss the individual‟s perspective on
theme‟ we have chosen to focus on in the Intercom. The issue of          professionalism.
impressing upon students the importance of behaving
professionally is one that we constantly hear about and have             Let‟s celebrate and share the great things our instructors say and
occasion to discuss over coffee (or in my case a diet coke).             do with regards to being role models for professionalism! So if
                                                                         you have a co-worker that we should hear about, take the time to
    How do we manage the profanity, in and out of the                    send me a quick note as Fred Cheng did (see page 6).
    How do we impress upon students that the classroom is not             I expect my inbox to be inundated because we do some really
    the place to text message your friend sitting across the             great stuff out there!
    room, listen to your Ipod or spend your time on Facebook?
    Why should they be in class on time, if at all?                      Wishing you all a
                                                                         safe and happy
For every question we can come up with there is a different idea         holiday season!
for how to deal with it. We all have our opinion on what
professionalism is but we sometimes struggle to define it. All

4                                                                                                                              November 2008
                                   MEMBERSHIP MOMENTS
                                            By Anne-Marie Silvius, Membership Services VP

It‟s “Countdown to Christmas” days – everywhere you look the decorated boxes are getting filled for the Share the Warmth
campaign. The great news is - - hang on, I‟m just looking out the window - - there‟s still no snow!! We Albertans are always grateful
for a winter that‟s less than seven months long – yahoo!!

Planning is underway for our upcoming Mid Winter Frolic in February – the menu sounds amazing, and there will be entertainment as
well. This is definitely a “don‟t miss” event – make sure you RSVP when Lana sends out the invitations. Our discount sponsors will
be providing lots of door prizes.

Planning is also starting for the 2010 ACIFA conference. NAIT is hosting and we have a choice of venues. ACIFA has had conflicts
with the hotels they were dealing with in Jasper, so they‟ve decided to return, on a trial basis, to having colleges host the event in their
own area. It will give us a great chance to show off our facilities. I know I‟ll be asking for inspiring ideas soon. I‟m counting off
Monday mornings till Christmas break!!

                         NEW CONTEST
                      “The Best of the Worst Excuses”                                                                   Academic Council

Tell us the best of the worst excuses told to you by a                                                        Every year you elect academic staff
                                                                                                              representatives to serve on Academic
student for missing an exam or assignment, or being                            I know but…my
                                                                                                              Council. These members are available
late for class. All submissions received prior to the                          Dad forgot to
                                                                                                              throughout the academic year for you
Christmas break will be put into a draw for a prize!                           wake me up!
                                                                                                              to contact and share with, any
Submissions should be directed to the NASA office,                                                            concerns you may wish to pass on to
T110. (                                                                                          Academic Council for discussion and
                                                                                                              consideration. Your comments are
                                                                                                              welcomed and encouraged. Staff and
                                                                                                              students are invited to attend meetings
                            CONFERENCES                                                                       of Academic Council.
  Funding Limit (Maximums): Local $300, In Alberta $500, in Canada $800 and
                           outside Canada $1000.                                                                Your current Academic Council
     The MSC reserves the right to adjust funding amounts depending on                                             NASA Representatives are:
                              circumstances.                                                                           (Serving Sep 08–10)
                                                                                                              Arun Bhardwaj ............. (471–8417)
                                                                                                              John Foley ..................... (471-7774)
                       Conference Reports                                                                     Elizabeth Lensen ...........(471-8300)
   Members who are approved professional development funding from the NASA                                               (Serving (07-09)
   Membership Services Committee are required to submit a conference feedback                                 Barry Ritson ..................(471-7796)
    report. These reports can be found on the NASA website under Professional                                 Mark Wayne ..................(471-3126)
       Development, Conference Reports, and are stored by academic year.                                      Robert Wereley .............(378-5953)
                                                                                                              Betty Anne Ross ............(471-8916)

                                   Criteria for Professional Development Funding Approval
 a)   Preference will be given for conferences in the following order:
      -     Value to NASA (indicates that NASA representation is required or highly beneficial to NASA)
      -     Value to NAIT (program, school, institute)
      -     Value to Individual (indicates personal development)
 b)   Preference will be given to members who have not been sponsored in the last three years.
 c)   Preference will be given to members who have exhausted all other avenues of funding.
 d)   Conferences which are primarily educational in focus with a broad application to NASA and NAIT will receive a higher degree of funding than
      those which are technical or of a specialized nature (ie. Program or Area specific) because it is expected that Programs will be the primary source of
      funding for those events.
 e)   Preference will be given to individuals who share the financial cost of the conference.
 f)   Conference participants shall complete a Workshop Evaluation and Participant Feedback Form. The Conference Reports will be identified in the Intercom
      and published on the NASA Website.
 g)   As a recipient of professional development funding, a member may be asked to fulfill a role on a NASA committee.

November 2008                                                                                                                                                  5
                      “ACTS OF PROFESSIONALISM”
       Did you catch a colleague in an „Act of Professionalism”?
In the last newsletter we asked you to be aware of, and take time to acknowledge a co-worker whom you felt set a fine example of
professionalism. Fred Cheng, an Instructor in the Geomatics Engineering Technology did just that!

Please join us in congratulating Cathy Kwasney for being recognized by a peer for her professionalism as a NAIT instructor and read
what Fred had to say about Cathy.

                                               I am Fred Cheng of       students, and she is always available to lend a helping hand to
                                               the Civil and            all her students when they are in need of her advice.
                                               Engineering              She has opened doors for us (other instructors) when she sees
                                               Technology               that our hands are full with binders and equipment. She greets
                                               Department located       all of the Civil and Geomatics Engineering Instructors with
                                               at the Engineering       sincerity. She always offers her shoulder for me to lean on when
                                               Annex Building. I        there is a situation that I (as a new instructor) find difficult to
                                               share an office with     handle.
                                               a very polite,
                                               courteous, and           Her attire, her speech, her lectures (to the students), her
                                               professional lady        conversations (with myself and other peers) all demonstrate her
    LtoR: Fred Cheng, Cathy Kwasney and        from the Liberal         professional attitude to her job, to the students, to peers, and to
    NASA VP Communications, Dianna             Arts Department –        NAIT.
    Paton                                      Ms. Cathy Kwasney.
                                                                        Ms Cathy Kwasney, in my opinion, is a true professional. And I
How do I find Ms. Kwasney deserves to be mentioned here?                would think that all her students and all the instructors in the
                                                                        Civil and Geomatics Engineering Technologies Department
Ms. Kwasney teaches Technical Communication to the Civil,               would agree with me wholeheartedly.
Geomatics, and Architectural students. One can imagine that
her workload is ten-fold as she has to deal with students in three      Sincerely, Fred Cheng, Instructor - Geomatics
different programs. I find Ms. Kwasney handles her workload             Engineering Technology, School of Applied Building
(and time management) very well. She is very helpful to her             Sciences

                     Nicely said Fred and a big thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the efforts of a fellow instructor! It was a
                     pleasure to meet both you and Cathy!

                     Thanks to Fred‟s acknowledgement, Cathy was the recipient of a $10 Gift Certificate at Tim Hortons.

                     We look forward to hearing from more of you about other great things you notice NAIT instructors doing to
                     demonstrate professionalism!

If you do catch a colleague in an act of professionalism, please contact a member of the
Communications Committee; the colleague may be featured in a future issue of Intercom and
receive a Tim Horton‟s Gift Certificate!

                                          Dianna Paton ( ) or call 471-8452
                                 Annamarieke Hoekstra ( ) or call 471-7862
                                                   Kathy Pelletier ( ) or call 471-7552
                                          Bruce Scott ( ) or call 471-8517
                                     Wes Zaboschuk ( ) or call 491-3153

6                                                                                                                             November 2008
                                     DROP OFF LOCATIONS

        A140/141                                        L101                                           T600
     DISTRIBUTION                                       Nest                                           T700
          E101                                          O102                                        Timetabling
          E134                                        PATRICIA                                         U106
          E206                                          S105                                           U153
          E214                                         SOUCH                                           U209
          E220                                       T110 (NASA)                                       W205
       FAIRVIEW                                         T200                                           W309
          F012                                          T300                                           Y308
          F303                                          T400                                           X100
         K116                                           T500

  Please contact the NASA office (471-8702) if you would like to host a
                   donation box in your office bank.

                 NASA Educational Award Program
Family Member Awards - Deadline for Submission is January 7, 2009

Do you have a family member(s) registered in post-secondary education? NASA established the NASA Educational Award Program
to encourage and assist families of NASA members in their life-long learning.

In 2008/09 NASA is pleased to be able to make available Thirty (30) - $1,000 awards to family members.

This “once-in-a-lifetime” award is available to the family members of faculty who have at least two-
years service as a NASA member. The Education Award Program guidelines and the application form
(which contains the essay topic and the essay marking criteria) can be found on the NASA website at (Membership Services, Educational Award Program).

November 2008                                                                                                                7
       ACIFA 2009 Award for Innovation in Teaching
       The ACIFA Award for Innovation in Teaching application
       process is now in progress. The information letter and application
       form are available from the NASA office (471-8702).

       Deadline for submissions to the NASA Membership Services
       Committee (c/o NASA Office, T110) is February 10, 2009.

       Please contact the ACIFA office (780-423-4440) if you have any
       questions about the 2009 award.

                        ACIFA CLIMATE SURVEY
On November 17 the new electronic format of the ACIFA CLIMATE SURVEY was distributed via email to
NASA members. This is a very important tool for faculty associations to track climate changes in their
institutions. Please take a few moments to complete it. The survey will close at 5 pm on December 15th.
                 If you did not receive the email link to the survey, contact NASA at 471-8702.

            Educational and/or Professional Development Website
                     (Recommended by ACIFA Professional Affairs Committee members)
     Description: Chickering and Gamson’s seven principles for good practice.

     Description: Great collection of ideas for teaching

     Description: Edited by respected scholar and expert Dr. Maryellen Weimer of Penn State
     Berks Lehigh, The Teaching Professor is a forum for discussion of the best strategies
     supported by the latest research for effective teaching in the college classroom. From tips
     for class discussion to mentoring fellow faculty, The Teaching Professor stretches from the
     theoretical to the highly specific. Typical topics include assessment and evaluation,
     engagement of student interest, faculty time management, and the learner-centered

     Description: A huge repository of multimedia instructional material.

     Description: An excellent database of reviewed websites that is useful for both teaching
     and learning.

8                                                                                              November 2008
                              NASA has BOOKS & CD‟s
                                Please contact the NASA office (471-8702) to arrange for sign-out.

    1.    12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem (6 Audio CDs), Linda Larsen
    2.    The Success Principles (4 Audio CDs), Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer
    3.    Unleashing the Power of Everyday Leadership, How to Energize Employees for Extraordinary Performance (Paperback
          book), Hal Pitt
    4.    Breaking the Ice, How to Improve Your On-the-Spot Communication Skills (Paperback book), Deborah Shouse
    5.    Lifescripts, What to say to get what you want in life‟s toughest situations (Paperback book and CD), Stephen Pollan & Mark
    6.    Discovering your Purpose (Paperback book), Ivy Haley
    7.    Going for the Gold, Winning the Gold Medal for Financial Independence (Paperback book), Lesley D. Bissett
    8.    Organized for Success! 95 Tips for Taking Control of Your Time, Your Space and Your Life (Paperback book), Nanci
    9.    Productivity Power, 250 Great Ideas for being more Productive (Paperback Book), Jim Temme
    10.   Stress Control (Paperback book), Steve Bell
    11.   Assert Yourself! Developing Power-packed communication skills (paperback book), Lisa Contini
    12.   Exploring Personality Styles, A guide for better understanding yourself and your colleagues (paperback book), Michael
    13.   Learning to Laugh at Work, The power of humor in the workplace (paperback book), Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer
    14.   Putting Anger to Work for You! (paperback book), Ruth & Joel Schroeder
    15.   Saying „No‟ to Negativity, How to Manage Negativity in Yourself, Your Boss and Your Co-Workers (paperback book),
          Zoie Kaye
    16.   Power Phrases! The perfect works to say it Right and get the Results you Want (paperback book & 1 CD), Meryl Runion
    17.   Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives & Deadlines (3 audio CDs), Bill Capstack
    18.   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (6 audio CD Box set), Stephen R. Covey

                                                          Habitat for Humanity is recruiting for the
                                                       following volunteer positions at our project in
                                                                    Northeast Edmonton:

          Construction volunteers: General construction work – beginner to trades people
          welcome. We supply all equipment and tools and hands-on training. 8:30 – 4 pm shift

          Crew leader volunteers: Lead small groups under the supervision of our staff. Strong
          communication skills and some construction knowledge required. 8:30 – 4 pm shift

          Site host volunteers: Host our volunteers on the job-site. Must be friendly, hospitable
          and have the mobility to be on a job site. 8:30 – 1:30 shift.

          Tuesday to Saturday shifts available. We are booking shifts from now until March.
          Groups also welcome.

                       Contact Kim at or 479-3566 ext 232.

November 2008                                                                                                                      9
                              EDUCATORS‟ PROFILE
Professionalism: “Clear goals. Responsibility. Accountability. That should do it!”
                                           Donna Bentley
                               (Interviewed by Newbie instructor Annemarieke Hoekstra)

Donna Bentley, born and raised in Saskatoon, teaches Management and
Leadership courses in the JR Shaw School of Business. She studied
business at the University of Saskatchewan, acquiring her Bachelor of
Commerce degree and Masters in Business Administration, specializing in
the „soft skills.‟ Donna: “I had never really considered a teaching career; I
was actually planning on management opportunities within a marketing-
oriented company like Proctor and Gamble. But then I got the opportunity
to teach part time at the University of Saskatchewan and I found my
passion.” In 1984 she started teaching full time at Lakeland College. In
1988 it was time for Donna to move back to city life and she moved to
Edmonton. She initially started teaching Municipal Government courses
which are no longer offered at NAIT. As a result, she has now been able to
focus on the topics she loves the most: Critical Thinking, Organizational
Behaviour and Leadership.

Donna explains that professionalism is an inherent learning outcome in the courses she teaches: “I do believe
that many „inappropriate‟ behaviours are a result of us being unaware of our behaviour rather than deliberate
rudeness. It just so happens that all of the courses I am involved with focus on encouraging students to become
more self-aware. As each of us begins to recognize the domino effect of our behaviours on others, it is not
logical to continue those behaviours that hurt others in any way, or that may cast doubt on our own professional

                                           Professionalism in the classroom
                                           “For me, professionalism in the classroom means clearly
                                           communicating standards, often with student contributions to what
     Inappropriate behaviours are often    those standards should be, and then simply expecting everyone to live
      the result of us being unaware of    up to those standards.” Donna adds to this that it is our duty to let
         our behaviours, rather than       others know when they do not live up to these standards. “If we do
             deliberate rudeness.          not let others know that they‟ve violated these standards, they would
                        .                  naturally assume that it would be okay to do so and that the standards
                                           therefore have no relevance. Students sometimes wonder why I make
                                           such a big deal out of what to them is „common sense.‟ The fact that
                                           we as a population do not seem to know how, in every instance, to
                                           behave in a respectful manner, tell me that it is not „common‟ at all,
                                           which is why it needs to be discussed up front.”

10                                                                                                    November 2008
A role model of professionalism to students and colleagues
After sharing an office bank with Donna for a year, I can tell you that
Donna is not only a role-model for students, but also for her
colleagues. Donna believes that: “Modelling professional behaviours
to the best of our abilities is the only way we can respect others, and
ourselves. After all, when we are not consistent, it becomes an issue of     Professionalism in the classroom:
integrity. Double standards never get us very far….”
                                                                              Clearly communicate standards
Within the JR Shaw School of Business, and NAIT itself, Donna                and expect everyone to live up to
stresses the importance of respectful behaviour, which to her means                   those standards.
“that we do not treat others in a way that we would not want to be
treated ourselves. If we don‟t want someone to answer their cell-
phone when we are communicating with them face-to-face, then we
must make sure we do not do that ourselves. There are implications
for every decision we make in our lives. We want to continue to make
decisions that have positive outcomes for ourselves and for others.
Professionalism is not something that works in isolation of others. We
are all interconnected. ”

This generation more professional
Donna does not refrain from addressing students‟ behaviour when she deems their behaviour unprofessional.
“Over the years, I have seen students, and staff for that matter, do the strangest things. I have had students
attempting to get rid of their garbage by stuffing it down the slats of the heating registers along the walls in the
classrooms. I have heard language that is inappropriate for a professional school. I have seen smokers right
beneath the “no smoking” signs at the doorways to the school. In each case, I have spoken with them about their

Much to the surprise of myself, a newbie to teaching and to NAIT, Donna perceives the current generation as
more professional. “I am actually encouraged that this current generation of students may be adopting a more
professional stance than previous generations. I am seeing more courtesy than I have in some time with simple
things like holding a door open for others who are struggling with armloads of books, etcetera. Many are getting
the message that cell phones have no place in the classroom. Since I stopped using the elevators in the tower
and instead take the stairs, I have heard far less inappropriate language too, but I don‟t know whether it is really
decreasing. We can only hope!”

“We may be on the right path and simply need to continue to model appropriate behaviour.

Clear goals.

                                 That should do it!”

November 2008                                                                                                     11
                           “Composting is one way to divert organic waste from landfills and turn it into something useful. What is
                           organic waste? Apple cores, left over carrot sticks, that piece of bread crust you just didn't want to eat,
                           leaves, dead plants, and more. These organics naturally break down (what we're used to thinking of as
                           rotting) and nutrients are returned to the life cycle. But we can make it happen faster in a compost bin,
                           and even faster using worms!
                           November 2008 Update: The Composting project is now processing between 20 – 30 lbs
                           of food waste per week. In December, there will be more than 40 additional composting
                           bins on the go in various stages!

                           (WE’RE GROWING: The photo above shows the beginning set up of the project taken in October; photo
                           below – shows the additional shelving and bins received from Food Services.)

                           On behalf of Dave Critchley, Joanne Pinches and Lindsay Scott, a huge Thank You to:
                                                         Food Services for providing the extra shelving, bins (a redirection of
                                                         materials from the landfill materials into the compost project), and
                                                         assistance with equipment purchases;
                                                         Cabinetry for the wood shavings (another redirection of landfill materials
                                                         into the compost project);
                                                         Hospitality for the Robot Coupe food processor;
                                                         NAITSA Grant Review Committee ($2,170);
                                                         And for the support provided from the Dean to
                                                         student volunteers in the School of Resources and Environmental

 Construction is also underway for a hydroponics garden to
          produce organic salads and vegetables.

  The first pail on the left in the photo shows the end compost material
ready for growing, and the pail on the right containing organic waste and
     wood shavings, shows the beginning stage of decomposition.

        Watch for more updates in future Intercom issues.

              NASA RETIREE NEWS
Judy McGillis
                              What are you doing now?
                              Enjoying Life.

                              What advice do you have for the soon to be retired:
                              Don’t Wait!

                              What was your biggest surprise upon retirement?
                              How busy I am!

                              What is your goal(s) for the future? Spend two
                              months in Arizona and visiting other warm places.                    Retired academic staff member, Evelyn
                                                                                                   Parasynchuk with her new puppy

12                                                                                                                         November 2008
The Reeves Review – Most People Die Rich
                                        By John Reeves- Past VP Communications-NASA
                                                Retired and Living in Canmore

                                        A question from a              Another staff member question:
                                        NAIT staff member:             I am a few years away from retirement but I thought that I
                                        You have written about         would start asking questions now. What kind of health benefits
                                        finances, but I am             am I eligible to receive once I have retired? Am I correct in
                                        curious if you “feel” you      that the benefit package changes after 60?
                                        have enough money to do
                                        all the things you wanted      I did check with Joe from NASA and he indicated that they have
                                        to do?                         not negotiated any retirement benefits as yet under the NASA
                                        We find that our LAPP
                                        and CPP pensions do give       It looks like the Alberta Government will cover your basic
                                        us enough money to do          health care payments starting in 2009.
                                        the things that we want to
                                        do. This is mainly because     The Blue Cross Plan for extended health and dental coverage is
                                        of forward planning. You       presently costing about $148 per month for Plan B. Plan B is the
                                        have to come into              one which most people subscribe to.
retirement with very few debts. Managing your money is
important when you are on a fixed income. There is a cost of           The only thing that changes at 60 is you become eligible to
living adjustment every year but it is not as much as a                collect your Canada Pension, once you have finished work.
percentage raise or a grid adjustment.
                                                                       If there are specific topics or questions you have on retirement
My theory is that your pension should cover your everyday              please get back to me through my e-mail below. This column is
expenses plus some savings and your other income whether it be         for your benefit so I want to make it pertinent for you. It is never
from RSP‟s, other investments or part time work gives you the          too early to start planning or thinking about retirement.
flexibility to do the extra things you always wanted to do.
                                                                       Access my previous articles on retirement by visiting the NASA
As the title says, “most people die rich”, in other words they are     website and looking them up in the past Intercom issues.
so worried about running out of money when they retire that
they work until they don‟t need money any more. They work              Don‟t wait until you retire to start a regular exercise program,
until health problems reduce their quality of life so that they        start NOW. It will pay back later in the quantity and quality of
can‟t enjoy the “good life” they saved up for, or they die an          your life as you age.
early death.
                                                                       If you have any questions e-mail me at
How many times have you heard about people who retired and
then died within 18 months of their retirement? I would say that
most people who retire from NAIT say they should have done it
sooner rather than later.

The hardest part of retirement is getting to the start line. Once
you have made up your mind that a certain time or date is your
goal date, work towards that goal. Don‟t keep putting it off
because you don‟t think your finances are at a sufficient level.

Once you make up your mind to retire you should be putting
together a financial plan and setting goals for your retirement
date. I have said this before and I will say it again, the financial
plan is the cornerstone of your retirement plan. Look at a basic
plan and see how little you can retire on then develop a more
realistic plan with some of your “wanna dos” on it. You will be
surprised on how little you need, if your present debts are taken
care of before you retire.

Don‟t die rich!

November 2008                                                                                                                             13
                      THE TAR SANDS CONUNDRUM
                                                           By David Parker

                               There is an Inconvenient Truth here in Alberta and it is
                               called the Athabasca Tar Sands. The existence of this
                               mega-project is the major source of wealth for us as
                               citizens and, by extension, the major reason for the growth
                               in student numbers and infrastructure at NAIT.

                               How do we feel about making our living from something
                               that a large number of very well informed and influential
                               people are condemning? It has recently become known as
                               “Dirty Oil” and is now regarded, almost universally, as

If you are hanging onto the belief that sooner or later the rest of the world will come
around and recognize how wonderful that black goo really is, you need to read the most
recent book by the renowned Canadian author, Andrew Nikiforuk.

The book, entitled Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, Nikiforuk tells the
depressing story in more detail than anything thus far written. The Tar Sands are a triple
bottom line (economic, ecological and social) failure that is creating substantially greater
problems than it can ever hope to resolve. From an ecological aspect the problems created
will be with us for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years to come. Efforts at reclamation,
bringing back the Boreal Forest to anything resembling it‟s current state, are still decades
away, if at all, and thus far only small patches are claimed to be recovered. To quote from the chapter on reclamation, “.....after nearly
50 years of mining, the provincial government has certified only 257 acres of forest, or 0.2% of the land dug up since 1963” (page 95).

The preferred alternative to the traditional open-pit mining technique is called Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) but is no
better, and in many ways far worse. Vast quantities of steam are pumped into the ground to release the bitumen which is then piped to
the surface. Neglecting the environmental damage (supposed to be minimized with SAGD technology) consider the energy required to
create all that steam. Presently that energy comes from natural gas, the best quality fossil fuel and of which there is a mere 8 years of
supply left. Very importantly, this is the stuff we heat our homes with and the reason Al Gore said that the Tar Sands are like turning
gold into lead. Industry recognizes this and hence there is a big push to build nuclear power stations in the north to ostensibly generate
electricity, but their main function will be to provide the steam for SAGD.

The alternative hope was to have built a natural gas pipeline down the Mackenzie valley. This project was first rejected by the Berger
inquiry during the 1970‟s. The idea was resurrected just a few years ago but has again been successfully blocked by First Nations
groups with the help of the major Environmental Non-Government Organizations (ENGOs).

Getting back to why we seem so quiescent about what most of us realize is a road to nowhere, or worse. The problem is due to
something called cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance happens when one behaves in a way that contradicts the values one
holds. The Wikipedia definition gives the example of a person who is concerned about animal welfare but eats meat. For Albertans it
means we have to shelve any feelings of concern about the multitude of adverse effects of Tar Sands operations so that we can sleep at
night and retain a good conscience.

                            Most of the time these episodes of cognitive dissonance are easily dismissed: people still smoke, drink, eat
                            junk food and exceed speed limits. However, when a problem as big as this crops up that entails so many
                            bad outcomes (climate change, species loss, disappearance of water, deforestation, environmental toxins,
                            drug use, and dependence upon one resource) the implications go much further than sleepless nights.

                            So, what‟s the solution? Many wise people are advocating a moratorium on any further Tar Sands
                            expansion until we can be sure that the many problems are satisfactorily resolved. In ecology studies this is
                            known as invoking the “Precautionary Principle”, meaning: don‟t do anything risky until you can be
                            reasonably sure of the consequences, and that those consequences can be dealt with in a safe and
                            sustainable manner.

                            Actually, it just sounds like simple common sense, doesn‟t it?

14                                                                                                                           November 2008

The 2008 NAIT/United Way Family Campaign has come to a close, thank you for your support! We have had another successful
campaign this year with over $105,000 being raised for NAIT and the United Way. It was an active campaign with many events taking
place over a two month time frame. The events alone raised $23,800 for the campaign! Here are some of the 2008 NAIT Family
Campaign highlights.

The campaign kicked off with a Chili Lunch on September 17. Chili was
enjoyed by all, including Dr. Shaw, Roary from the United Way and the Ook!
September 17 also marked the beginning of 50/50 and casual pass sales which
continued for the duration of the campaign.

From October 7 - 9 many of you became Hero‟s by purchasing a post card for
$1 with your name on it to hang in the Common Market.

October 14th marked Toonie Tuesday! $2 allowed you to drink unlimited
coffee all day long at Fresh Express, Common Market, Chai‟s, Bistro, Plates
(Patricia Campus) and Elements (Souch Campus).

The ILM Group held a chili lunch for staff in the Kingsway Professional Building on October 16 th. Also on this day, volunteers hit the
Westin bright and early to adorn a table in NAIT duds for the United Way Breakfast of Champions Event. Way to represent NAIT!

                                                 Another installment of the Books are Fun Fair was held in the HP Centre on October
                                                 23 and 24th, the first was held back in March. Customers saved up to 70% on the
                                                 books and gifts and 10% of total sales went to support the NAIT and the United Way.
                                                 A win – win deal for everyone involved.

                                                 Patricia Campus hosted its second pancake breakfast on October 28 th along with a
                                                 silent auction, the first breakfast was held on October 7. Some of the fantastic auction
                                                 items included a set of Gold Club Bob Dylan tickets, an assortment of Rigid tools, a
                                                 back-pack picnic set with blanket, plates and cutlery, a $25 gift certificate for
                                                 Jaggedges Hair Creations LTD and a 2‟ Copper Lighthouse built by NAIT
                                                 Sheetmetal Students.

The Bookstore Balloon Pop on October 30th was a great success, all the balloons were popped and the great prizes were handed out
before noon!

Halloween was a busy day with a Raffle at Souch Campus and the Distribution Centre Mini Golf & Lunch. Once again the staff in
Distribution did a fantastic job in turning the warehouse into a mini golf course.

Ending off the events was the Sourdough Bread sale that took places on November 21. It was the last event but well worth the wait!

Again, I‟d like to say thank you to everyone who supported the campaign, without all your hard work, dedication and gifts we would
not be where we are today. I look forward to an even more successful campaign in 2009!

Further Information: Nicole Parker
                     Advancement Relations Officer
                     780-471-7409 or

November 2008                                                                                                                          15
                                                         By Kim MacDonald

                                                Coming soon to NAIT – a new home page (NAITLine)
                                                Here’s your chance for a sneak preview of NAIT’s new-look homepage, which
                                                is launching very soon.

                                                The page is designed to be easy-to-navigate and consistent with the NAIT
                                                brand – a clean and uncluttered front door that makes it easy for people to
                                                come to NAIT.

                                                This is the first step in a series of design changes and functional
                                                improvements that will be rolled out across the rest of the site as they become
                                                available. These include:

                                                          expanded information for prospective students, parents, and teachers
                                                          to show why NAIT is the right choice
                                                          better tools to help you interact with NAIT and become a student,
                                                          employee, or a NAIT supporter
                                                          more opportunities for visitors to become part of the NAIT community

Other changes are in the works – improved navigation, new content, and a lot more interactivity. Please be patient as
these things are implemented over the coming months.

Preview ( the new-look homepage and give your feedback to
the Web Team.

The Supervisory Development Certificate assists in building practical skills for dealing with day-to-day management challenges.
These skills can be helpful in working with colleagues, students and teams. Certificate holders are eligible for Blue Seal Certification
and would also have an edge when applying for leadership positions.

Two courses are being offered the week before the holiday break - an opportune time for some of us. They are not limited to Patricia

         SDC406 Employee relations – focuses on commonly occurring employee relations practices and problems, including conflict
         resolution, positive discipline and workplace politics.
         SDC411 Problem solving and decision making – provides practical tools for identifying problems and techniques for
         reaching good decisions.

Also please note that although the courses cost $200 each, departments are usually prepared to cover the cost.

The dates for SDC406 are Dec. 15 & 16, SDC411 are Dec. 17 & 18. Register with Debbie Homeniek at 471-8726 or

16                                                                                                                          November 2008
                    DISCOUNTS FOR ALL NAIT STAFF & ALUMNI - 2008
AUTO RENTALS                                     OK Tire West Edmonton                           Moores Clothing for Men
Enterprise 1-800-Rent-a-Car                      780-483-2211                                    17020 - 90 Avenue
780-424-1105                                     10011 - 169 Street                              Points Reward - $1 - 1 point, 500 points =
10172 - 111 Street                               10% off tires, free tire installation and       $50 Store credit, certificate mailed                        rotation, when you buy four tires
Various conditions                                                                               Amsterdam Tailors
                                                 Quality Brake                                   10550 – 109 Street
Dollar Thrifty Rental Automotive Group           780-433-1720                                    5% off over $30 alteration/customer, 10% off
780-489-8555                                     7828 - 104 Street                               wedding dress, leather or fur alterations, $7
11335 Kingsway Avenue                            $50 off any 4-wheel brake package               each regular hem (pants)
NAIT ID, Corporate Account
                                                 Southgate Pontiac Buick GMC Hummer              Bridal & Tuxedo Junction (10550 – 109 Street)
Rent-A-Wreck                                     780-435-4000                                    Free groom rental with 4 groomsmen, black
780-433-0999 or (866) 338-0999                   9751 - 34 Avenue                                tie function or wedding – any style tuxedo
10575 - 116 Street                                               $99 with 10 or more paid bookings, 10% off
All Edmonton Locations                           3% over cost on most new vehicles, special      regular price of wedding dress, 40% off                  NAIT pricing on used. Ask for Bill Henderson    sample dress
10% off time and mileage, Major Credit Card,
Valid Drivers License, 18+                       Speedy Muffler King                             Payless Shoes
                                                 780-475-1666                                    780-477-2913
AUTOMOTIVES                                      13005 - 97 Street                               #251 Kingsway Garden Mall
Alta-Auto Serv-TBA                               4521 Gateway Boulevard                          15% off regular priced merchandise
780-452-3800                                     5% off list for tires, all other services 10%
15051 - 114 Avenue                               discount. Excludes sale items                   Rucalen Design
Brown's Chrysler Jeep                            Stedelbauer Chev Olds                           #2764 West Edmonton Mall
780-423-4254                                     780-476-6221                                    20% Discount
1-888-349-5566                                   13145 - 97 Street
Westlock Industrial Park                         3% over factory invoice on purchase of          Sherwood Park Tailors
3% over, Excludes Viper, Crossfire,Challenger    selected new vehicle, financing and cash        780-467-7826
                                                 rebates available. Excludes Corvette, Diesel    104 Sherwood Park Mall
Bubbles and Brunos Car Wash                      Crew cab                                        10% off all alterations
11740 – 104 Avenue
Bonus Card - Must fill out application, use 3    Tire Village Ltd.                               Tip Top Tailors
times /month                                     780-484-1184                                    All Alberta Locations
                                                 8805 - 156 Street                               10% off regular or sale merchandise
Gateway Toyota                                   Four Edmonton locations
780-439-3939                                     $5 off oil changes, 10% off automotive          FLORISTS
3030 Calgary Trail South                         repairs, 5% off tires                           Bunches Flower Co.
10% discount on all non-special items.                                                           780-447-5359
Preferred price on repairs, maintenance          Trail Tire Service Ltd.                         Edmonton City Centre
work                                             780-475-3673                                    Millwoods Towne Centre, Southgate Centre,
                                                 13007 Fort Road, 376 St. Albert Trail           Namao Centre, St. Albert Centre, Riverbend
Hughes Petroleum                                 35% off tires, 15% off mechanical parts,        Square
All Edmonton Locations                           special discount on wheel alignments            Preferred customer program. After 10
5.5 cents/litre off, Discount will vary during                                                   purchases of $10 or more, receive $10 free
price wars                                       CLEANERS                                        merchandise
                                                 Carson Pow-R-Vac
Leduc Chrysler Jeep                              780-467-8772                                    Kensington Flowers
780-986-2051                                     10% off whole house special                     780-453-6296
6102 - 46A Street (Leduc)                                                                        12548 - 132 Avenue
2% over invoice                                  FASHIONS                                        10% off, Does not include delivery
                                                 Mark’s Work WearHouse
MIDAS Edmonton                                   All Locations                                   HEALTH/WELLNESS
780-416-2461                                     10% off selected lines                          Affinity Laser Therapy (NEW)
16127 Stony Plain Road                           Present reusable coupon at purchase             780-452-9197
All Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park                                                          10340 - 121 Street
10% off parts and service, except tires,                                                         10% discount on smoking cessation
batteries and special promotions                                                                 treatments for laser therapy

November 2008                                                                                                                                 17
 Aromatheraphy/Skin Care/Detox/               Southside Appliances                           The International Hotel of Calgary
Cosmetics & Nutrition – Vegan Approved        780-432-3931/439-4250                          403-290-7882 or 1-800-661-8627
Independent Consultant                        10015 - 82 Avenue                              220 - 4th Avenue SW (Calgary)
Ask for Lana: 780-913-4645                    15% off parts, labour and reconditioned
15% Off all Products                          appliances                                     Ask for Education Rate, Some conditions

Home Health Store                             HOTELS                                         West Harvest Inn
780-469-8499                                  Best Western Village Park Inn                  1-800-661-6993
7917 - 106 Avenue                             1-888-774-7716                                 17803 Stony Plain Road NW
15% off all regular priced products           1804 Crowchild Trail NW                        $92 Standard, $112 Executive, $152 King
                                                             Tax, and black out dates apply
Opta Derm                                     $109 Standard, $124 Business, Business
780-482-4248                                  room includes one hot buffet breakfast, plus   PHOTOGRAPHY/FRAMING
#2404, West Edmonton Mall                     4% tax and 5% GST, Blackout dates June 8-12    Fowler Foto Ltd.                           & July 4-13/08                                 780-464-0140
10% off services over $50                                                                    202 - 1604 Sherwood Drive
                                              Coast Hotels & Resorts (all locations)         10% off Family photos, business, personal
Pur Vida-Pure Life Salon & Spa                1-800-663-1144                                 and framing
11214 Jasper Avenue                           Ask for the Great Canadian Rate                The Frame Corner
15% off any service                                                                          780-458-3544
St. Albert Leisure Centre                     Courtyard By Marriott                          818 Liberton Drive (17012 - 90 Avenue,
(Service Credit Union Place)                  780-423-9999                                   Westgate Plaza)
400 Campell Road, St. Albert                  #1 Thorton Court, 99 Street - Jasper Avenue    25% off custom framing
780-418-6088                                  Special Education Rate ($119 S/D standard
Ask for the Corporate Rate                    room plus taxes)                               RESTAURANTS
                                               Crown Plaza - Chateau Lacombe                 Boston Pizza
 INTERIORS & DRAPERIES                        780-428-6611                                   780-477-9111
Grande View Draperies Ltd.                    10111 Bellamy Hill NW                          10% off, Only at 101 Princess Elizabeth
780-467-1226                                                 Avenue location
Complete home package discount on blinds,     $115 plus taxes
Free consultation                                                                            Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant
                                              Days Inn-TBA                                   780-428-8899
National Upholstery & Refinishing Inc.        780-423-1925                                   10626 - 97 Street
780-467-6435                                  10041 - 106 Street                             10% off
15% off fabrics
                                              Holiday Inn Red Deer                           TRAVEL
JEWELERS                                      1-800-661-4961                                 Travel Cuts
Independent Jewelers-TBA                      6500 - 67 Street, (Red Deer)                   780-488-8487 or 1-877-880-1281
780-484-6342                                  $109.99 plus taxes, Complimentary              10127A - 124 Street
#304 Mayfield Commons, Mayfield & Stony       continental breakfast                 
Plain Road, Northwood Mall                                                                   NAIT ID - 5% discount on selected vacation
10% off any products including sales items,   Mountain Park Lodges                           packages, Exclusive academic air fairs for
Not valid with any other offers               780-409-9273 or 1-888-8JASPER                  faculty
                                              Amethyst, Lobstick, Marmot, Chateau
MISCELLANEOUS                                 Jasper, Pocahontas                             VISION CARE
Niagra Acrylic Industry                                           Eyewear Advantage
780-448-1177                                  NAIT ID, Rates vary - Some conditions          Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Precision Optical,
9641 - 49 Avenue                                                                             Sears Optical                          Riverview Inn (Procura)                        Membership Card required - 30% off
25% off all manufactured acrylic products     780-428-6445 or 1-800-613-7043                 prescription eyewear, 20% off non-
(Acylic soaker tub, jetted, air, etc.)        10209 - 100 Avenue                             prescription sunglasses & accessories
                                              $89 plus taxes
Parkwood Master Builder                                                                      Gimbel Eye Centre (NEW)
780-436-8118                                  Sutton Place Hotel                             1-800-661-1138 ext. 3311
4437 - 99 Street                              780-428-7111/441-3016 or                       $200 off regular price of laser refractive eye               1-800-263-9030                                 surgery, per eye (include IntraLase LASIK,
With the purchase of new home, $2000          10235 - 101 Street                             traditional LASIK or PRK procedures, extends
retail of home office furnishings             $112 plus taxes, Sutton room, $132 Deluxe      to spouses)
                                              plus taxes                                     Corporate Advantage Program

18                                                                                                                           November 2008
All Expire: December 31/08
*Some hotels have black out dates.

All businesses are in Edmonton (unless noted otherwise)

All will accept NAIT ID unless otherwise noted that a membership card or corporate account number is required.

For changes, updates or new discount offers, please contact the NASA Office
780.471.802 or email

         ELK ISLAND HONEY                                   EDMONTON AVIATION HERITAGE CENTRE
         Trudy and Eric Papsdorf                            11410 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton
         780.463.0692                                       Dave Heathcote, Education Director
         100% Pure Alberta Honey                            780.453-1078 ext 22 or 780.451.1175 ext

November 2008                                                                                                    19
                                                            Group Auto &
                                                            Home Insurance

     Save on your Auto & Home Insurance
      Benefit From Your Group Discount!
                 Payroll Deductions Available with NO INTEREST OR SERVICE CHARGES

                 ** You can further reduce your Auto Premiums by increasing your Deductible.**
        **Combine both Auto and Property and receive a further 5% Discount on your Property Premiums.**
                      **Home Alarm Discount and Mortgage Free Discount also available.**

                                             COMPARE & SAVE
                                            PREFERRED RATES
                                           FOR NAIT EMPLOYEES

M.B.S. Insurance Brokers Ltd. was founded in 1969 and is 100% locally owned and operated.

M.B.S. is NASA’s Insurance Broker of record and is a general insurance broker specializing in a wide range of
comprehensive insurance products at very competitive rates for Personal Automobile, Home, Tenants,
Condominiums, Trailers, Motorcycles, Motor Homes, Snowmobiles, Seasonal Dwellings, and Boats.

                                                    Call our group department today
                                                        and ask for Cheryl Park

                                           TELEPHONE: (780) 434-6212 OR (780) 434-6236
                                          DIRECT LINE: (780) 989-4413 FAX: (780) 438-0097
                                                           WE SERVE THROUGH SERVICE