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									         CONCEPTION PAPER


     ...   MTN promotional edition of the
  power of understanding Ordinary Level
  Mathematics (Revision and Practice) – By
  Luutu Suleiman for donation to schools ...

           Presented to:   THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
                           Mobile Telephone Network (MTN)
                           MTN Towers, Plot ……..,
                           Clement hill Road
                           P. O. Box ……..Kampala-Uganda.

           Prepared by:    Luutu Suleiman
                           P. O. Box 70405 Kampala-Uganda
                           Tel. no.: +256 776 446736
                                     +256 702 881116

           Dated:          October 2009

This plan is intended to promote education through the donation of copies a concise and
comprehensive revision and practice mathematics textbook to schools for students in their
last two or one year of ordinary level.

It is proposed that MTN finances the design, ISBN and bar code registration, mass
production, storage, distribution and subsidized author royalties for the MTN promotional
edition of the power of understanding Ordinary Level Mathematics (Revision and Practice)
as in its own discretion. Whereas, the author will grant MTN rights to produce the content
and include on cover pages informative and advertising material which may contain
company services, programmes, promotions or products on the front cover as a banner,
inside the front or back covers and/or on the back cover as may be deemed necessary by the
company management.

It is proposed that the project produces 40,000 copies of the book to cover senior 3 and 4
students, country wide at a tune of 1 book to 12 students with in a period of 2 years. This
effect is expected to be felt in the beneficiary schools for about six (6) years, owing to the
fact that the book has full potential to act as a total solution for mathematics fundamentals,
revision, practice, guidance and reference.

The project is estimated to cost USD. USD. 123,081.81 within a period of two (2) years, that
is an annual average cost of USD. 61,540.90.

As a result, there shall be a positive impact on the students’ performance in mathematics at
ordinary level as well as acquiring important information about the company’s programmes
such as Mobile Money (money transfer by phone), Voice Call Services, SMS services,
Data/Internet services, etc.
In addition, as this target group makes a great portion of your company’s potential market
the company’s products and services will have been promoted by advertisement. And finally
the author will have had his name and work promoted.

This project is expected to be as a partnership between the financing company (MTN) and
the author (Luutu Suleiman) of the book.

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The power of understanding Ordinary Level Mathematics (Revision and Practice) by Luutu
Suleiman has been tested and critiqued under various dimensions and platforms. It has
taken publishers, education consultants, mathematics specialists, authors, teachers,
parents and students; two (2) years of studying the book in terms of technical effectiveness
and market potentials.
Conclusively, they all zeroed at the fact that the book is one of the best locally written books
for the Ugandan O-Level mathematics syllabus with a concise and comprehensive approach
in terms of content scope and coverage, pedagogy, concepts’ approach and methodical
standards, organization and presentation, chronology and coherence for the target
readership, however, it lacked answers, it is still a pamphlet, possesses below standard
illustrations and layout/formatting and still contains some errors though at a minimal
level. These shortcomings were encountered due to the fact that there was a low level of

Having realized how essential the book can be to the learners of mathematics as a core
subject, the author was obliged to rectify all the noted points and therefore he is embarking
on professional book designers, editors and illustrators to come up with the third edition,
which is expected to be a registered textbook with an ISBN and bar code, however, there
are still some restrictions due to low capital funding levels, and to the contrary a higher
retail price for the needy students which is between USD. 8.18 – 11.36 not enabling
accessibility to the content; hence this project to curb the situation through lowering the
production costs depending on the bulkiness of the production and lowered author royalties

Despite the fact that mathematics is a core subject at O-Level in Uganda, a great
percentage of the candidates considers it’s learning for passing their examinations and
attaining good grades. It is very unfortunate that most of the books on the Ugandan market
for the O-Level emphasize working out questions with a sole aim of helping the candidates
to only answer questions, and literally. These live a lot to be desired, however the power of
understanding Ordinary Level Mathematics is one book which consolidates the most
appropriate practice of learning of mathematics at O-Level.
Mathematics and other mathematical subjects are a means of aiding learners to think,
reason, analyze and articulate logically while learning other subjects like physics,
chemistry, thermodynamics, research methods or soil mechanics; courses such as civil,
mechanical or electrical engineering and applying real job applications like research,
carpentry, quantities surveying, accounting, and so on.

According to statistics, 189,146 students sat for their Uganda
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