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					YORKSHIRE DALES NATIONAL PARK AUTHORITY                                            ITEM 8

Date:              25 May 2010



1.     Since the last meeting of the Authority, the Chief Executive has been involved in the


•   Along with the Chairman, dinner with Poul Christensen, the Chair of Natural England
    (NE), to discuss a range of current issues.
•   A National Park Authority Performance Assessment (NPAPA) briefing session with
    members and staff on the self assessment process.
•   The Dalesman annual Rural Awards.
•   Along with many members and staff, Mr Butcher’s leaving do.


•   Along with the Chairman, a meeting of ENPAA where the following were discussed:- a
    presentation from Visit England, ENPAA Political Parties paper, next steps following
    the General Election, NPA Accountability, Climate Change Action Planning,
    Appointment of Accountants, Update on NPAPA, Update on NPA Grant, Vision and
    Circular, Business Plan updates.
•   Caroline White, the Chief Executive of the Youth Hostel Association (YHA), to discuss
    YHA policy in the National Park.
•   6 staff appraisals.
•   Along with the Policy and Performance Officer, a meeting with Ken Lloyd and Graham
    Essex-Crosby, the two facilitators of NPAPA – to discuss the format and timetable of
    the national process.
•   Along with the Chairman, a meeting of the Local Government North Yorkshire and York
    (LGNYY) where the following were considered:- future engagement between public
    sector partners, Leeds City Region Pilot, Integrated Regional Strategy, a presentation
    from Craven DC on customer services, the report on `Total Place’, Flood and Water
    Management Bill update, regional arrangements after the General Election, feedback
    from the LGNYY Thematic Boards, representation on outside bodies.
•   Dent Community representatives to discuss a proposal for closer working with the
    National Park Authority (agenda item being considered today).
•   The UK National Park Officers Group were the following items were considered:- UK
    ANPA joint activities, update on National Park Portal/extranet, ANPA Conference,
    presentation from the Society of National Park Staff (SNPS), reports from the All Party


    Working Groups (Historic Environment, Communicators, E-government, Volunteers,
    Joint Improvement Group, MoD Liaison Group), report from All Parks Parliamentary
•   The English National Park Officers Group where the following were discussed:-
    meeting with Natural England Regional Directors, delivering the National Park Circular,
    the `Lawton Review’, financial planning for the next 3 years, a report from the Joint
    Improvement Group examining: efficiencies, shared services, benchmarking and joint
    procurement; an assessment of national political party manifestos, Climate Change
    Adaptation, the final report on the Sustainable Development Fund Evaluation, National
    Park Officers `away day’ update, feedback from English working groups (Sustainable
    Development, Joint Improvement Group, Heads of Planning and Transport), current
•   The One Planet Living Group (a working group of Craven LSP) where the following
    were discussed:- presentation from Craven Community Groups, future funding, a round
    up of community group projects, community payback scheme.
•   YDMT panel meeting which consider applications for funding from the Sustainable
    Development Fund.
•   The Bursar of Sedbergh School to discuss the future strategy for the school.
•   York and North Yorkshire Partnership Executive (agenda not known at the time of
    producing this paper)
•   The Senior Management Team of the Regional Environment Agency to discuss future
    and joint working.


Membership of the Authority and its Committees

2.      As a result of recent local elections, the terms of office as members of Craven
District Council recently ended for two members of the Authority, Mr Stephen Butcher and
the Chairman of the Authority, Mr Carl Lis.

3.     The former did not stand for re-election to the Council, and, therefore, in
accordance with the provisions of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act
2006, will cease to be a member of the Authority three months after he retires from being a
member of the council (10 August 2010), or earlier, on the day on which the National Park
Authority receives notice (from the District Council) of a proposed replacement
appointment. The latter did successfully stand for re-election to the Council and, therefore,
whilst having the same three months “period of grace” also became eligible to be re-
appointed to the Authority.

4.    Craven District Council is due to meet after the Authority meets and, therefore, will
not have made any ‘replacement appointments’ prior to this meeting. Accordingly, both
members will be members of the Authority for this meeting and any change(s) in District
Council representation will not be available for formal report until the July meeting of the


5.     So that the Authority’s committees may have a full complement of members, the
Authority may wish to consider filling vacancies on those Committees that are due to meet
before it formally re-constitutes it committees (normally at the annual meeting in July).

6.   Between this meeting and the next meeting of the Authority in July, there are due to
be meetings of the following Committees:

        Planning – 8 June and 13 July
        Audit and Review – 24 June
        Standards – 1 July
        Access – 8 July

7.     Mr Butcher is a member of the Planning, Audit and Review and Access
Committees, while Mr Lis is a substitute member of the Planning Committee. In the event
that Mr Lis is re-appointed by Craven District Council, that would leave Mr Butcher’s
vacancies on the Planning, Audit and Review, and Access Committees to be filled.


8.  That consideration be given to the appointment of members to fill vacancies on
Committees resulting from recent local authority elections.


Design Guide

9.    The Authority adopted the current Design Guide as Supplementary Planning
Guidance in 2002. The Corporate Plan for 2009/10 included as an action revising the
Guide to include guidance on renewable energy and issuing it for public consultation by
September 2009.

10.   The work was subsequently rescheduled for staffing reasons. We are currently
working on the new renewable energy section. This will be presented at the next Built
Environment Forum on June 25th, for discussion with local architects and agents. It is
scheduled to come to the Authority in July, before going out to public consultation in
August for a minimum of six weeks.

11.   Subject to post-consultation modification, the document can be adopted as a
Supplementary Planning Document prior to final publication before the end of the financial

David Butterworth
Chief Executive

Background documents: None
12 May 2010