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					& AC C O U N T S              2008 – 2009

       H O U S I N G A S S O C I AT I O N LT D
Mission Statement
The aims and objectives of Eldon Housing Association are the
provision of housing and associated amenities for people in
housing need.

The Association specialises in providing accommodation for
older people requiring varying levels of care and support and
people with other special needs.

It seeks to provide and maintain a high standard of management,
care and support with a commitment to quality of service,
tenant participation, independence and dignity.


•   To be a premier provider within the London Borough of Croydon

•   To continue to provide property and services for the elderly

•   To provide management services in partnership with smaller
    housing associations

•   To continue to work in partnership with Croydon Council in the
    provision of supported housing

•   To adapt and enhance its facilities to meet the changing needs of its
    tenants and/or current legislation

•   To pursue opportunities of independent development

•   To rationalize its portfolio and utilise its assets

•   To maintain independence
Chairman’s Report
I am pleased to report that the Association continues to provide an excellent standard of service
to its tenants notwithstanding the pressure of an increased work load on our Staff resulting from
the original and newer developments. The Association has seen an increase and consistency in
lettings and has continued to maintain its reputation and relationship with the stakeholders of the
core business, Croydon Council and Managed Associations.

The last twelve months have seen considerable financial turmoil in the Country and elsewhere.
Eldon has not been immune to those financial pressures, and has had to cope with increasing
costs and narrowing of margins. Nonetheless we have continued to provide a more than
satisfactory service to our tenants and we have increased our business activities by 75% to
£2.87m. Although our operating costs have increased by £600,000 a sufficient margin remains
which will help facilitate future Association activities.

As anticipated in last year’s report the Fellows Court flats and Day Centre plus the Heavers Farm
development were completed on time and are now fully occupied and operational. The two
remaining schemes in the PFI arrangement with the Local Authority remain on schedule for
completion and hand-over in 2010. These developments plus our core business are in the
vanguard of providing care for the elderly – an issue which will bring increasing challenges for all
families and providers in the future, as the Government’s recently announced review illustrates
very clearly.

The last twelve months have brought a variety of challenges to our Senior Management Team
who have addressed them robustly to the benefit of the Association. We continue to be indebted
to our Chief Executive, Elizabeth Rangé who continues to serve the Association and, through
Eldon, the tenants whether of long standing or recently arrived. The Board wish to record their
thanks to all members of staff who have assisted in another successful year.

Having served as a Board Member for the past eleven years, and over half that time as Chairman
I feel it is time to hand over the reins to others. Eldon has grown out of recognition during that
time with new developments, the PFI Arrangement and assisting other Managed Associations.
Throughout, the Association has kept to its Mission Statement and not deflected from its stated
Strategy. I conclude by expressing my personal thanks to my fellow Board members for their
most valuable contribution over the past 12 months.

Dean C Q Sutton JP FRICS
Chief Executive’s Report
Having secured its future with the Homes for the Future Private Finance Initiative, through its
membership of the consortium Caring 4 Croydon, the Association over the year has strengthened
its partnership with Croydon Council.

The tight controls and performance demands of this high risk project necessitated a review of the
Association’s procedures and existing methods which has resulted in the creation of a strong and
efficient Facilities Management Team and made a positive improvement to its service delivery to
all its tenants and clients.

As the Association promotes continuous improvement in its business it is good to report such a
high achievement within one year. Also many lessons were learnt during this year which through
adaptation and adjustment became beneficial to all.

The challenges of the project continue until Phase II is completed and handed over next year and
are embraced by a good team that ensures the Association’s tenants and service users receive the
care and support required to a high standard as already established.

The Domiciliary Care Agency achieved a two star ‘Good’ service this year and under its
Registered Care Manager aims to achieve an even higher rating in the future.

Our tenants have had a full year of activities with various schemes celebrating key events, taking
trips to the coast and welcoming entertainers to their lounges. In addition to the regular events
the Scheme Managers are now looking to introduce more creative and stimulating activities to
assist in the maintaining of individual levels of abilities.

The social and health welfare of tenants and the provision of new facilities for the older people of
Croydon remains one of the Association’s key focuses.

Elizabeth Rangé MRICS
Chief Executive
Our Housing Association Partners
“ With ever changing legislation small associations can more easily continue to exist with
management support from larger associations. Eldon has been giving such support to Croydon
Unitarian Housing Association for the last 18 years.
This has enabled our small association keep going and maintain its identity without the anxiety
of burdensome administration. Good relations have existed between our two bodies throughout,
both bodies seeing the other as partners sharing a common purpose.
I commend the concept to other small associations similarly placed ”.
Revd. Jim McClelland Chairman – Croydon Unitarian Housing Association Ltd

“ It has proved to be a very successful partnership with Eldon Housing Association enabling us
to improve many aspects of our activities. We have benefited from Eldon’s knowledge of Housing
Association matters especially in the area of legislation and Supporting People requirements.
Their communications with our staff and House Committees has been efficient and welcomed
by all associated with our homes.
Transferring our administration to Eldon has resulted in savings and improved services to our residents.
We look forward with confidence to meeting the challenges that lie ahead in the knowledge that
we have a strong partnership.”
John Bonomy Chairman – Masonic Housing Association

“ The Association has been one of Eldon's partners for many years. During this time it has come
to appreciate now much Eldon's management skills have enhanced both the day to day running
of our scheme, Joan Nightingale House, and the well-being of the Association generally.
Eldon's staff are always friendly and helpful. The service they provide has shown, and continues
to show, great expertise in the many facets and complexities of modern day housing legislation.”
David Lawrence Chairman – The Little Black Bag Housing Association Ltd

“ Eldon Housing Association became involved in 2003 to assist and support the Board and
Managers with the 2002 Care Act and the Board are grateful for the management input provided
by Elizabeth Rangé and her team.
Their positive support and advice has been recorded in every Chairman’s Annual Report since
Eldon Housing Association became involved with Lingfield Lodge.”
Patricia Richardson Chairman – East Grinstead Housing Society Limited
Where has the year gone?
It has been an extremely busy, but eventful and rewarding 12 months for Eldon Housing Association
and we are delighted to bring you up to date

The months of April and May continued to see the impact of the Homes for the Future Project; with
the Association embarking upon the largest recruitment drive seen in its 27 year history in order to
fill the positions required for the Association to fulfil its Facilities Management obligation to Croydon
Council. During early summer the recruitment campaign continued, with new staff receiving
inductions and training.

August represented a momentous month for Eldon, for it is when we received handover of our new
innovative extra care sheltered scheme, Fellows Court, consisting of 32 one-bedroom and 8 two-
bedroom flats, providing Homes for the Future for the community of Croydon. In addition to these
contemporary homes, there is also a Day Centre for 36 community residents.

Tenants began to move into their new homes throughout September, whilst in the background the
completion of transferred staff from Croydon Council under the TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings &
Protection of Employment) took place, along with the employment of domestic and catering staff
and a Premises Officer.

The PFI Project in partnership with Croydon Council saw another major scheme handed over in
October; Heavers Resource Centre – a 60-bed nursing home. As an added value service Heavers
Resource Centre is also the base for various other agencies providing much needed services for
members of the community. Our key role in this exciting new scheme is to provide the Facilities
Management Services.

To assist with the delivery of our catering services, not only for the PFI schemes but also our own
schemes, Eldon Housing Association recruited a Catering Manager to promote healthy eating, assist
with the production of new seasonally changed menus and to ensure that our catering services
remain at the very highest standard.

December saw Councillor Margaret Mead and other dignitaries officially open Fellows Court; over
100 guests toured the building meeting both tenants and day centre users.

No one will forget the day the sky opened in February, when most of England was at a standstill.
However, this did not stop our dedicated staff walking through the miles of snow to get to work, to
ensure our tenants and service users continued to receive our services, thank you to those many
staff who without a doubt went that extra mile!

…. and finally March, informal changes were made seeing the creation of an Operations Team chaired
by the Deputy Chief Executive, seeking to ensure with his experienced team that our day to day
services were run to meet the aspirations of our tenants and service users.

So onto another eventful year!
Facts and Figures
STOCK                                             LETTINGS
The Association’s stock increased by 40 units     During the 12 months to 31st March 2009 there
following the completion of Fellows Court         were 19 lettings which were all for sheltered
during the summer.                                housing vacancies, there were no voids within the
                                                  Association’s 13 general family flats.
Our stock comprises:
                                                  4 internal transfers were included within those
• 13 General Family
                                                  19 lettings and were as a result of a tenant
• 27 Flexible Care                                requiring extra care accommodation, a move due
• 48 Ordinary Sheltered                           to under occupancy and 2 being special requests.
• 99 Extra Care Units
                                                  The accommodation let was as follows:
The Association also has 7 units within a
purpose built development providing
                                                  •  8 Extra Care

accommodation for the recovering mentally ill
                                                  •  7 Flexible Care

which are managed by a specialist housing         •  4 Ordinary Sheltered
association.                                      The source of referrals for the new tenancies were:
                                                  •  7 Croydon Council / Social Services

STAFF                                             •  6 Direct Applicants

At the 31st March 2009 the Association had        •  2 Age Concern
92 members of staff compared with 70 at the       In addition to the above lettings the Association
same time last year.                              let 36 of the flats within the newly completed
                                                  Fellows Court; 2 flats are retained by Croydon
The change is as a result of re-structuring,      Council’s Social Services Team.
recruitment of new staff for the Homes for
                                                  31 of the flats were let within the first 4 weeks
the Future schemes and the acquisition of
                                                  of opening with all the referrals coming Croydon
7 TUPE transfer staff from Croydon Council
                                                  Council as they have 100% nomination rights.
again as part of the Homes for the Future
                                                  As at 31st March 2009 there were 2 flats
Private Finance Initiative project.
                                                  remaining vacant.
This PFI project sees the Association providing   Our new tenants are:
the Facilities Management at Croydon
Council’s newly built nursing homes and staff     • 2 Asian
who previously worked for Croydon Council         • 2 Black African
providing domestic and catering services          • 2 European
transferring under TUPE agreements to Eldon       • 2 Undeclared
Housing Association’s employment.                 • 1 British / Maltese
                                                  • 2 Black Caribbean
                                                  • 46 White British
                                                  This gives a total of 57 new tenants residing in
                                                  51 flats as 6 flats house couples.
Financial Statements
For the year ended 31st March 2009
                                                        2009          2008
                                                            £             £
Turnover                                            2,869,928     1,639,382
Operating Costs                                    –2,004,773    –1,404,313

Operating Surplus                                   865,155       235,069

Interest Receivable                                   29,047        59,577
Interest Payable                                    –644,353      –186,351

Surplus / Deficit For The Year Before Transfers     249,849       108,295

Transfer from Designated Reserves                          0       351,311
Transfer to Designated Reserves                            0             0

Surplus / Deficit For The Year After Transfers      249,849       459,606

as at 31st March 2009
                                                        2009          2008
Fixed Assets                                               £             £
Tangible Assets
Housing Properties                                 21,384,967    18,725,596
Less: Housing Association and Other Grants         -5,772,221    -5,772,221
                                                   15,612,746    12,953,375
Other Fixed Assets                                   911,965       805,661
Investments                                            2,500         2,500

                                                  16,527,211    13,761,536
Current Assets
Debtors                                              152,968        58,810
Cash at Bank and in Hand                             294,352       251,474
Deposit Account                                      243,028       683,576
                                                     690,348       993,860
Less Creditors
Amounts Falling Due Within One Year                  -591,615      -638,950
Net Current Assets                                    98,733       354,910

Total Assets Less Current Liabilities             16,625,944    14,116,446

Amounts Due After More Than One Year               14,354,260    12,094,634

Capital and Reserves
Called-up Share Capital                                   143           119
Designated Reserves                                     8,760         8,760
Revenue Reserves                                    2,262,781     2,012,933

                                                  16,625,944    14,116,446
Equality and Diversity
In the development of housing, the provision of housing services,
general management of its stock and the employment of staff and
contractors, the Association will seek to ensure equality and fair
treatment for all persons.

In the selection of tenants and allocation of housing, the Association
will take measures to ensure there is equal treatment for all persons.

When dealing with the management of its stock the Association will
provide the same service to meet the individual needs of the tenants
and ensure that external contractors treat each tenant equally.

Any person or group of persons applying for employment with the
Association will be treated equally and fairly.

All persons, tenants, contractors or groups of persons shall be treated
neither less nor more favourably than other persons or groups of
persons by reason of : their age, race, ethnic or national origins,
religion or religious beliefs, sex, disability, appearance, marital status,
sexual orientation or gender re-assignment, responsibility for
dependents, being HIV positive or with AIDS, any unrelated criminal
activities, or any matter which causes in unjust treatment.

The Association’s operational policies and procedures aim to reflect
this Equality and Diversity Statement and to promote understanding
between people who have different backgrounds, respect differences
and provide services that meet the differing needs.

Any degree of discrimination by whosoever will not be tolerated
and will be dealt with by the Association appropriately.
A Charitable Housing Association
Registered Office
7 Banstead Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 3EB
020 8668 9861

Registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 – No. 24341R
Registered by the Tenant Services Authority – No. L3262
Member of the National Housing Federation – iN Business to support people
Accepted as a charity for tax purposes by the Inland Revenue under their reference XN 64127
Registered with the Care Quality Commission as a Domiciliary Care Agency

Board of Management                     Solictors               Bankers
Mr D C Q Sutton JP, FRICS               Glynis A Johnstone      Allied Irish Bank (GB)
Chairman                                Gallets                 St Helens
Mrs A Cannon BA, NIH                    High Street             1 Undershaft
Mr D Clark JP                           Limpsfield              London EC3A 8AB
Miss E Dixon                            Nr. Oxted
Mr G Ellis JP                           Surrey RH8 0DT          Barclays Bank PLC
Ms D Grillandi ACIH                                             1 Churchill Place
Mr P J S Hubbard FCA                    Trowers & Hamlins       London E14 5HP
Mrs M Linford RGN                       Sceptre Court
Rev. J McClelland MA                    40 Tower Hill
Mr D A Scott                            London EC3N 4DX
Miss J E Trotman BA ARTS,                                       Beever and Struthers
M.Litt: Linguistics, Barrister-at-Law                           Alperton House
Mrs A M Underwood                                               Bridgewater Road
Mr K Wheeler MA, MCIH                                           Wembley
                                                                Middlesex HA0 1EH
Senior Management Team
Mrs E Rangé MRICS
Mr N Walker MCIH
Miss D Mitchell ACCA