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Organic Dairy Centre Announced at Campus d'Alfred “Homegrown


                                                    newsletter                                                                      SUMMER 2006

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      < Speaker & Conference Funding                    < Norfolk Sand Plain Irrigation                          < New Staff Members
      < IAPO Data Collection                            < New Hatchery Waste Disposal                            < Update from AAC’s Chair

Organic Dairy Centre Announced at Campus d’Alfred

A      new Organic Dairy Centre that
       will bring together resources and
expertise to provide research into the
                                               allocated $410,826 towards this endeavour
                                               and the Conseil pour le développement de
                                               l’agriculture du Québec (CDAQ) has also
                                                                                                             AAC’s priorities—industry-led solutions
                                                                                                             to emerging issues—and will benefit
                                                                                                             those along the entire value chain from
science of organic dairy production was        committed $176,069. Additional support for                    consumer to producer.”
announced by the University of Guelph          this project was provided
on April 4, 2006.                              by the University of
   This initiative led by the Dairy Farmers    Guelph and the Ontario
of Ontario (DFO) will include a certified      Ministry of Agriculture,
organic dairy herd and associated research     Food and Rural Affairs
facilities, and will operate on a cost-        as well as the Prescott-
recovery basis funded by milk sales. It        Russell Community
will also be a conduit for information and     Development
technology generated by research at other      Corporation.
institutions in North America and Europe,         “This project, led by
and will operate in both English and           the Dairy Farmers of
French. Research conducted at the facility     Ontario, will assist in
will be coupled with outreach efforts          the development of a
designed to facilitate the transfer of the     world renowned organic
knowledge and technology to the dairy          dairy research centre,
industry, both organic and conventional.       located right here in        Photo courtesy of Journal Agricom
   This project was funded in part by          Ontario,” says Bette
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through       Jean Crews, AAC Chair.      Left to right: CDAQ representative Roger Riverin, DFO board member Ron Versteeg,
                                                                           University of Guelph vice-president of research Alan Wildeman, Agricultural
the Agricultural Adaptation Council’s (AAC)    “This project clearly       Adaptation Council Chair Bette Jean Crews and Campus d’Alfred interim director
CanAdvance program. The AAC has                addresses one of the        Marcel Couture open the new Centre for Organic Dairy Research.

“Homegrown Ontario” Project Funded Under CanAdvance

T    he Agricultural Adaptation Council
     (AAC) recently awarded over $3
million dollars to Ontario Pork, the Ontario
                                               three-year project, which provides $3.44
                                               million of the total project cost of $4.29
                                               million, represents the largest award from
                                                                                                       the AAC. “More and more, we see producers
                                                                                                       and their associations working together
                                                                                                       like this to strengthen value supply chains,
Sheep Marketing Agency and the Ontario         the AAC’s CanAdvance program. The                       enhance consumer satisfaction and, in the
Veal Association for the development of a      CanAdvance program is funded through                    end, create greater opportunities through
Homegrown Ontario identity.                    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s                      self-sufficient ventures. It’s so encouraging
  The Homegrown Ontario project will           Advancing Canadian Agriculture and                      to see our rural economy strengthened
focus on raising consumer awareness of         Agri-Food (ACAAF) Program.                              through these kinds of projects.”
Ontario pork, lamb and veal products              “This is a further indication of the sense
through advertising, communications            of purpose we see coming from Ontario                   For more information please visit
and public relations campaigns. This           producers,” says Bette Jean Crews, Chair of   

                                                             AAC Newsletter

    Funding for Speakers and Conferences

    U    nder the CanAdvance Program,
         $100,000 is now available to fund
    requests for speakers, and to support
                                                    The objective is to help Ontario’s
                                                 agriculture and agri-food industry
                                                 attract top-calibre speakers to industry
                                                                                                Up to $3,000 is available for
                                                                                                eligible projects.

    industry conferences and meetings.           conferences, annual meetings and               For more information on the
                                                 workshop symposiums. Speakers and              CanAdvance Sponsorship Project
                                                 meetings should be focused on either           please visit
                                                 Advancing the Policy Dialogue, or              or contact the AAC at (519) 822-7554.
                                                 Market and Trend Studies, which are
                                                 CanAdvance Pillar 3 priorities.

    Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario Collects
    Information to Improve Aboriginal Agriculture

    T    he Indian Agricultural Program
         of Ontario (IAPO), with funding
    from the Agricultural Management
                                                 information, projected cash flow
                                                 statements and other important farm
                                                 financial data from Aboriginal farmers to
    Institute (AMI), has created an initiative   input into an IAPO database.                      IAPO is an organization that
    that will allow IAPO field staff to             This database will aid in the development   provides financial and advisory services
    collect financial statements, inventory      of a number of agricultural benchmarks         to Status Indian Farmers in over 200
                                                 related to the cost of production and will     farm businesses in 18 First Nation
                                                 be useful in the financial assessment of       Communities. This project will create a
                                                 Aboriginal farm businesses.                    model that can be shared with IAPO’s
                                                    Information gained from this project        partners and Aboriginal Financial
                                                 will be displayed in IAPO’s monthly            Institutions (AFI). The AFI network
                                                 newsletters and reports to partners, shared    consists of more than 50 corporations
                                                 with loan applicants, used as a tool for       across Canada, of which five have an
                                                 promoting aboriginal agriculture, and will     agricultural mandate.
                                                 enhance Ontario agricultural statistics. The      AMI is supporting this initiative with
                                                       database will be used as a risk-rating   a contribution of $26,600. This project
                                                         tool as the IAPO moves toward a        is funded in part through contributions
                                                         risk-rating interest rate system.      by the Government of Canada and the
                                                             “Many First Nation farmers are     Province of Ontario under the AMI,
                                                          first generation entrepreneurs        an initiative of the federal-provincial-
                                                          operating under unique territorial    territorial Agricultural Policy Framework
                                                          and financial constraints,”           designed to position Canada’s agri-food
                                                          explains Doug Macpherson,             sector as a world leader. The Agricultural
                                                         general manager of IAPO. “This         Adaptation Council administers AMI on
                                                         project will establish a bench-        behalf of the Government of Canada and
                                                         marking system to support              the Province of Ontario.
                                                         present agricultural activities as
                                                         well as assist in the promotion of     For more information on the IAPO
                                                           new ventures.”                       please visit

                                                               Summer 2006

Crop Irrigation Water Use across the Norfolk Sand Plain

T    he Ontario Ministry of the Environment
     has classified the Watersheds of Long
Point Region, Catfish Creek and the lower
                                               water level gauging at various locations,
                                               develop internet-based access to water level
                                               data for the major watercourses, undertake
Grand River as high-use watershed areas        and coordinate Permits To Take Water
in Ontario. Summer water shortages are         (PTTW) clinics, coordinate local irrigation
common across the Sand Plain region and        advisory committees, and obtain an up-to-
unfortunately the availability of irrigation   date list of PTTW from the Ministry of the
water and crops have been greatly              Environment to develop mailing lists and
impacted. With funding of $115,000             newsletters. This work will be coordinated
from the Canada-Ontario Water Supply           by a project steering committee.
Expansion Program (COWSEP), the                   Jim Oliver, general manager of the
Norfolk Federation of Agriculture will         Long Point Region Conservation
research successes from a previous pilot       Authority and a member of the project
venture and then use this information to       steering committee explains “Our area
protect and maintain the water supply          across the four counties and parts of the      and the Province of Ontario under Tier 3 of
source in the Norfolk Sand Plain area.         three conservation authority watersheds        the COWSEP, an initiative under the federal-
   The 2000-2003 pilot project was             is the most active area for crop irrigation    provincial-territorial Agricultural Policy
implemented across the Big Creek               in the entire province. This funding from      Framework. The Agricultural Adaptation
watershed in the Long Point Region.            the COWSEP has allowed us to coordinate        Council administers Tier 2 and Tier 3 of the
Crop irrigators were grouped within sub-       efforts to support crop irrigators and         COWSEP on behalf of the Government of
watershed areas, and supported by the          to get them to use and share water in a        Canada and the Province of Ontario.
conservation authority and a committee of      consistent way. We hope this approach
farmers. With this information the Norfolk     will serve as a model for the future.”         For more information on the Norfolk
Federation of Agriculture and its partners,       This project is funded in part through      Federation of Agriculture please visit
using COWSEP funds, will now develop           contributions by the Government of Canada

Alternate Methods of Hatchery Waste Disposal
                                               embryos, egg shells, etc.). Currently, the     the trials, laboratory analyses, survey and
                                               standard method of disposal is shipment        feasibility study while in ‘non-crisis’ mode
                                               to a rendering facility.                       is expected to enhance the emergency
                                                  Debbie Carroll of the OHA explains,         preparedness of the hatchery sector.
                                               “Using equipment and personnel support            The On-Farm Biosecurity Initiative is
                                               at the University of Guelph-Ridgetown          funded under Agriculture and Agri-Food

T    he Ontario Hatcheries Association
     (OHA) is teaming up with the
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and
                                               Campus, trials will be run to assess and
                                               compare the feasibility of two processes—
                                               anaerobic digestion and composting.”
                                                                                              Canada’s Advancing Canadian Agriculture
                                                                                              and Agri-Food (ACAAF) Program
                                                                                              and administered by the Agricultural
Rural Affairs and the University of Guelph-       Having options for handling the waste,      Adaptation Council.
Ridgetown Campus to research alternative       whether on-site or at alternate off-site
methods of hatchery waste disposal.            locations could address concerns of
   OHA has received $59,360 from               movement restrictions, rendering capacity,
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s On-         or handling potentially infected material.
Farm Biosecurity Initiative to investigate     Pre and post-treatment laboratory analyses
alternative ways to handle residual            will establish benchmarks for chemical
                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy of the Ontario Farm Animal
material (infertile eggs, dead-in-shell        composition and residues. Conducting                               Council’s animal agriculture photo library

                                                                     AAC Newsletter

    New Staff                                           Update from
    at the AAC                                          AAC’s Chair
                                                                                Bette Jean Crews,
                                                                                AAC Chair

                                                                                                             Program Updates
                                                                                T    he Agricultural
                                                                                 Council (AAC) recently
                                                                                                                       As of May 31, 2006

                                                                                                             1. Advancing Canadian Agriculture
    Melanie Barrette        Vicky Thibodeau                                      awarded its largest
    Intermediate Accountant Claims Administrator                                                                and Agri-Food (ACAAF) Program
                                                                                                              • CanAdvance
                                                                                 $3 million dollars—
                                                                                                               82 projects approved
                                                        to Ontario Pork, the Ontario Sheep Marketing
                                                                                                               $11,648,118 committed
                                                        Agency and the Ontario Veal Association for
                                                                                                              • On-Farm Biosecurity Initiative
                                                        the development of a recognizable ‘Homegrown
                                                                                                               7 projects approved
                                                        Ontario’ identity for Ontario red meats.
                                                                                                               $400,230 committed
                                                            Modeled after Foodland Ontario,
                                                        ‘Homegrown Ontario’ will offer consumers               Funded by Agriculture and
    Amy Williams             Allyson Squire
    Administrative Assistant Communications Assistant   the opportunity to buy more Ontario                    Agri-Food Canada
                                                        red meat products, which will help grow

    T     he Agricultural Adaptation Council
          (AAC) welcomes Melanie Barrette
    as Intermediate Accountant for the AAC.
                                                        the domestic market for red meat. There
                                                        has never been a more critical time to
                                                        support Ontario farmers, and I encourage
                                                                                                             2. Canada-Ontario Research and
                                                                                                             Development (CORD) Program IV
                                                                                                               301 projects approved
    Melanie graduated from the University               you to check your local grocery stores for             $25,778,637 committed
    of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of               ‘Homegrown Ontario’ products.
    Administrative and Commercial Studies-                 The AAC’s membership base continues                 Funded by the federal and
                                                                                                               provincial governments under
    Finance and Economics. Melanie has five             to grow! I’m pleased to welcome the                    the Agricultural Policy
    years experience working in accounting              Ontario Plowmen’s Association (OPA) as                 Framework (APF)
    for the public sector and small business            the newest member organization under the
    consulting. Melanie is a long-time resident         Agribusiness Sector.                                 3. Agricultural
    of Guelph and a licensed private pilot.                Over the next number of months,                      Management Institute
       The AAC also welcomes Vicky                      the AAC will be hosting a series of                    7 projects approved
    Thibodeau as Claims Administrator                   sector consultation workshops with our                 $722,017 committed
    for the Finance Unit. Vicky brings to               member organizations. There are several
                                                                                                               Funded by the federal and
    the AAC a number of years experience                advantages to holding these workshops. At
                                                                                                               provincial governments under
    in agriculture, previously working at               the sessions, we will discuss the important            the Agricultural Policy
    Eleview, and ACC Farmers’ Financial.                issues our members face, so that we, as                Framework (APF)
    Vicky is originally from Sault Ste Marie.           a Board, can stay current with the needs
       Amy Williams joined the AAC as Admin-            of the industry. These workshops are an              4. Canada-Ontario Water Supply
    istrative Assistant in August of 2005. Amy          opportunity for the AAC to identify service             Expansion Program (COWSEP)
    graduated from Asbury College in Wilmore,           levels and areas that can be enhanced.                 3 projects approved
    Kentucky. Amy brings to the AAC a                   By meeting, the member organizations                   $746,666 committed
    strong knowledge of software systems and            have the opportunity to identify and
                                                                                                               Funded by the federal and
    previous agricultural experience working            discuss common issues and joint projects               provincial governments under
    for ACC Farmers’ Financial.                         or initiatives. Invitations with specific              the Agricultural Policy
       Allyson Squire joined the AAC as                 consultation dates and times are being                 Framework (APF)
    Communications Assistant in August of 2005.         mailed to each member organization.
    Allyson graduated from Fanshawe College
    with a diploma in Corporate Communications
                                                          Agricultural Adaptation Council                 Funded by:
    and Public Relations. Allyson was raised              Ontario AgriCentre
    on her family’s cash crop and sheep farm              Suite 103, 100 Stone Road West
                                                          Guelph, ON N1G 5L3                                      Agriculture and    Agriculture et
    in Centralia, where she continues to assist           Phone: (519) 822-7554                                   Agri-Food Canada   Agroalimentaire Canada
    with the operation on weekends.                       Fax: (519) 822-6248

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