ONE STEP AHEAD 2009-2010 DANCE SCHEDULE by dfsdf224s


									Pre-Registration All pre-registrants are entitled to a 5%
discount when pre-registration fee and post-dated cheques are
received by June 11th, 2009
Returning Students
DCA Location Wednesday, May 20th 4-6pm
ECA Location Thursday, May 21st 4-6pm
New Students
DCA Location Wednesday, June 10 4-6pm
ECA Location Thursday, June 11th 4-6pm

Final Registration Wednesday, September 9th
Dalhousie Community Association
Registration 7:00-9:00pm
Class placement is confirmed upon
receipt of registration fee,
witnessed waiver and post-dated
monthly payments for the entire
dance year. A non-refundable
registration fee of $20.00/student or
$25.00/family is due at time of                                                               ONE STEP AHEAD
Referral Discount A 5% reduction                                                              DANCE SCHEDULE
from the annual tuition will be made for each referral made. Discount
applicable for referrals made to new students to OSA who register by                                403-247-3607
September 30, 2009.                                                                           WWW.ONESTEPAHEADDANCE.COM
Multi-Class Discount 3 classes/week— 5% discount
                          4 classes/week—10% discount
                 FIRST DAY OF DANCE
                 SEPTEMBER 10TH/09
Duration                  Per month      5%      10%     15%      20%

                FOR 2009-2010 PRICING
                         403-247-3607                                   Dalhousie Community Association
    EMAIL:                                     5432 Dalhart Road N.W.
                                                                        Edgemont Community Association
                                                                            33 Edgevalley Circle N.W.
                Ballet                                    Hip Hop                                                         Musical Theatre
 Royal Academy of Dance syllabus:              Learn the foundation and various styles of              This class will provide students the opportunity to explore acting exercises,
 classical ballet, free movement&character     Hip Hop dance. Popping, locking, house                   movement for musical theatre and singing. The students will learn songs
 work. Have fun dancing while developing      and break’n will be taught to old school and                                and dances to popular Broadway music.
 a sense for poise and self confidence!                today’s top hip hop songs.                             Jazz technique will be taught as the foundational dance skill.
 Younger levels use ribbons,
 wands, scarves & fairy crowns.
                                                                                   Lyrical                                                            Jazz
                    Tap Dance                                         Learn various contemporary dance styles.
                                                                     Ideal for the intermediate and senior dancer
                                                                                                                        Syllabus and Non-syllabus jazz classes offered with emphasis upon
                                                                                                                       proper dance technique. Centre practice, travelling combinations and
            We offer a fun Pre Teen and Teen Tap.                   interested in improving their dance technique       stretching are integral components of OSA jazz. Get moving while
    Previous experience required for either of these classes.           while exploring new ways of dancing.                                 dancing to popular music!

                               PROGRAM OF DANCE FOR 2009-2010                                                                                                          Director
       DALHOUSIE COMMUNITY CENTRE                                EDGEMONT COMMUNITY CENTRE                                                                  Ms Melinda M. (B.A.Poli. Science)
                                                                                                                                                            trained at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet
                    Dance Studio                 Time              Large Studio                Time            Small Studio                Time                    and has her Teaching
                                                                                                                                                                      Diploma from the
Monday         *Pre School Ballet              3:30-4:00pm Pre Junior Jazz                   4:00-4:45pm        We encourage you to                              RAD Teacher’s College in
               *Grade IV Ballet                4:00-5:00pm Junior Jazz                       4:45-5:30pm           visit our website                          London, England. Miss Melinda
               *Pre Elem & Pointe              5:00-6:15pm Competition Slot                  5:30-6:15pm                         enjoys sharing her creativity for
               *Intermediate&Pointe            6:15-7:45pm                                                                                                           ballet story telling.
               Conditioning                    7:45-8:45pm
               Competition Slots               8:45-9:15pm                                                    *denotes piano accompaniment
                                                                                                                                                                 Teaching Staff
Tuesday        Pre Inter Jazz                  4:00-4:45pm *Pre Primary Ballet               4:00-4:45pm   Jazz/Lyrical One              6:15-7:15pm
               Musical Theatre                 4:45-5:45pm *Grade One Ballet                 4:45-5:30pm   Jazz/Lyrical Two               7:15-815pm       Ms Amanda A. (B.A. in Sociology)
                                                                                                                                                           A wonderfully creative teacher who is
               Competition Slots               6:00-9:00pm *GradeThree Ballet                5:30-6:15pm   Tap for Teens                 8:15-9:00pm
                                                                                                                                                              now completing her final year of
                 (Sunrise Room)                            Competition Slot                  6:15-7:15pm   Competition Slots             9:00-9:30pm           teacher training in the ADAPT
                                                                                                                                                            syllabus. She will be teaching the
Wednesday      Competition Slot                3:45-4:15pm                Our OSA                          Pre School Ballet          10:00-10:30am          intermediate and senior dancers.
               Grade Eight Ballet              4:15-5:30pm      Year End Recitals are less than            Pre Primary Ballet         10:30-11:15am
               Grade Six & Pointe              5:30-6:30pm           1.5 hours in length                                                                             Ms. Magdalena S.
               Senior Jazz                     6:30-7:45pm                                                                                                 has dance training in ballet, tap, jazz,
                                                                We do studio photographs and                                                                lyrical and hip hop. This is her 3rd
               Senior Lyrical                  7:45-8:45pm
                                                                    year end recital DVDs!                                                                     year teaching with us. She is
               Competition Slot                8:45-9:15pm
                                                                                                                                                                  excited to be sharing her
Thursday       Competition Slots               4:00-6:45pm Junior Hip Hop                    4:00-4:45pm Competition Slots:              7:30-9:00pm      choreography ideas with her students.
               TBA                                         Inter Hip Hop                     4:45-5:30pm                                                    Ms. Kristen W. (Personal Trainer)
                                                           Teen Hip comp                     5:30-6:15pm                                                    this will be her first year on staff at
                                                           Comp. Hip Hop                     6:15-7:15pm                                                   OSA. Miss Kristen has trained at the
                                                                                                                                                            New York Broadway Dance Centre
Saturday       Competition Slots             10:00-11:00am           ~ Solos and Duets~                    Grade Two Ballet           11:45-12:30pm           and has several years teaching
               Senior Ballet                 11:00-12:30pm        Competition Private lessons              Grade One Ballet            12:30-1:15pm        experience. She will be teaching Hip
               Competition Slots              12:30-3:00pm               *Subject to                       Jazz Level Two               1:15-2:00pm          Hop, Musical Theatre and Jazz.
                                                                     Director’s Approval                   Jazz Level Four              2:00-2:45pm
                                                                                                           Tap Level Four               2:45-3:30pm

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