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   PARTS                    PART       PRICE PLUS
 DESCRIPTION              NUMBER           VAT              PICTURES
     01.08.2008            NOTES
Main Suspension                      Main Suspension

Bilstein Front Damper                      299.00
      Priced each

Bilstein Rear Damper                       135.00
     Priced each

  Eibach Front Main                        50.52

Eibach Helper Spring +                     44.75
     Spacer each

Eibach Rear Spring Forest        72.80
        Priced each

Eibach Rear Spring Tarmac        72.80
       Priced each

    Rear Spring Spacer           10.00

 Complete Rose Joint Top        129.95
 mount with Spring Cap for
    Bilstein Dampers

       Micra Challenge          1629.64
Bilstein Suspension Kits with
 Eibach Springs Complete

 Bilstein service exchange                                  P.O.A

  Bilstein Camber Shims                                   10.00 each

          No 40                                             20.45

Locking ring and Spring seat         Spares                 34.74
   for front damper tubes         (include with
          59mm 2 ¼                  dampers)

     Top Spring Seats           To go with rose             24.95
          Steel                jointed top mount

  Steel Replacement Top            HB 67638                 63.50
  Mount Bearings for Std

     SPAX Adjustable            Front Dampers               595.00
Performance Dampers Kits.       have adjustable
   Coil Over Fronts with           camber.           Parts can be supplied
   springs front & Rear.                              separately. Ring for
                               Drops car by either           prices
                                25 mm, 40mm or

     SPAX Adjustable            Front Dampers               695.00
Performance Dampers Kits        have adjustable
Coil Over Fronts and rears.        camber            Parts can be supplied
                                                      separately. Ring for

   Bilstein B2 Sports Gas                                166.80
         Damper Kit
 Ideal For Above Lowering

          HOL                  Lowers car by             84.26           These springs are rare as
       Lowering Kit          approx 50 55mm                               most kits only lower by
        4 Springs                                                               30 35mm

          SPAX                 Lowers car by             80.84
 Lowering suspension Kits         approx
       ( 4 springs )              35mm

   Spax Rear dampers          Come as a pair             130.00
     Come as a pair

  SPAX competition rear       Come as a pair             165.00

SPAX Coil Over competition    Come as a pair             270.00
 rear Dampers and Springs

        Proflex                                    Fronts 1170.40 each
  Suspension & Springs                              Rears 528.00 each

                                55130 4F02
New Std Panhard Rod          Special Price while         55.00
                                 stocks last

        SPARCO                   New Design        57.13
     Front Strut Brace

        Whiteline                  KSB708          63.63
     Lower Strut Brace

        Whiteline                  KPR025          70.21
 Adjustable Panhard rods

         Whiteline                 BNF30           92.13
 Up rated front anti roll bar     22MM Dia

         Whiteline                BNR29XZ          114.52
Up rated adjustable rear anti      22MM
          roll bars

  Whiteline Rose Jointed           KLC049          74.84
  Rear Anti Roll Bar Links      Come as a pair
  Recommend for above

 Kit Car Front Anti roll Bars                    295.00 each
        19mm or ¾
       25.4mm or 1

Kit Car Front Wishbones                                 525.00 each

Suspension Bushes                  NOTES              Suspension
   Front / Rear                                         Bushes
                                                      Front / Rear
                                  Normal retail        Special Price
    Complete Set                     351.48              For 2008
Of competition suspension
                                 F / Wishbone             299.00
bushes Nismo and others.
                                  Top Mounts         16 bushes in total
                                     R / Axle
                                Excl Anti Roll Bar

 Fr Wishbone Bush. Front                                   15.28
     Bush Early Type.                                                     Nismo

    Fr Wishbone Bush                                       28.80          Non Nismo
  Front Bush Later Type                                                      Part

 Fr Wishbone Bush. Rear                                    30.15           Nismo

 Top Suspension Mounts                                     20.59           Nismo

 Front Anti Roll Bar bush Kit                             135.00            NME
Inc outer link bars & bushes

 Front Anti Roll Bar Outer                                 28.00
    Link bush Set (8)                                                       NME

    Front Anti Roll Bar                                  42.00 Pair
        Main Bush

Panhard Rod Bush. Body                            10.73               Nismo

 Panhard Rod Bush Axle                            10.73               Nismo

  Upper Link Bush Axle                            16.60               Nismo

Upper & Lower Link Bush                           21.70               Nismo

  Lower Link Bush Axle                            25.47               Nismo

Rear Anti Roll Bar bushes                      37.50 a pair

Fitting service for any of                    Ring for details
    the above bushes

       Steering               NOTES            Steering

   Steering Rack Bush         Up rated            20.00

Steering Rack Lock Stops                       25.00 each        Various thickness

 Engine Mounting              NOTES         Engine Mounting
     Bushes                                     Bushes

Complete set of Nismo        Normal price     Special Price
    engine mountings           103.29           For 2008
      Bushes only                                80.85

  Engine & Gear Box                            26.81 each             Nismo
  Side Mounting Bush

     Engine Mounting                                  20.72 each          Nismo

     Engine Mounting                                 11350 RS260          Nismo

  Modified Rear Engine                                   57.53            NME

      Modified Front                                     57.53            HOL
     Engine Mounting

    Engine parts                 NOTES             Engine parts

Inlet Manifold For Throttle                             P.O.A

 Genuine NME Challenge        Ideal for 1000cc       425.00 a pair
    Spec Rally cams           CG10 & 1275cc      These are new cams and
                                 CG13 Eng            NOT Exchange

   Group A Rally Cams         Ideal for 1348cc       425.00 a pair
       773 Spec                  CGA3 Eng        These are new cams and
                                                     NOT Exchange

                                                      97.50 each
Competition Forged Pistons     CG10 CG13               (inc rings)

                                 CGA3 Block        95.00 each
Competition Forged Pistons       1348cc Micra       (incl rings)

Professionally Modified Gas      Ring to discuss
  flowed Cylinder Heads         Exchange or Out    From 495.00
                                Right Purchase.
                                 With or Without

    Group A Competition                              250.00
    Air Box Kit. Includes Air
Filter Rocker Breather Filter
     and Cleaning Fluid.

        Competition                                   36.95
   Air Filter Gp A Air Box

Green Cotton Induction Kit                            60.85

  Green Cotton Air Filter         Std Air Box         28.94

 Green Cotton Crankcase                               15.32

  Green Cotton 500ml                                8.37
   Cleaning fluid / Oil

Induction Kit with cold air
          feed                                     84.26

 Radiator ( Twin Core )       50.00 surcharge      150.00
      Exchange                   Exchange
                              MUST BE 51MM

SFS Performance Silicone           15-SP703        17.13
 Engine Breather Hoses             15-SP704        19.80
                              All in Blue or Red

SFS Performance Silicone         Top Hose          22.50
     Cooling Hoses              01.SP688.01

    All in Blue or Red          Bottom Hose        30.50

                               Heater Hose 1       33.00

                            Heater Hose 2         34.00

                           Coolant Bypass         15.50

                           Coolant Hoses on       14.25

                                                              10 % discount for
                           Coolant Hoses on       14.25       complete hose set

   Exhaust Parts              NOTES           Exhaust Parts

  Competition Exhaust         Mild Steel          330.00
     Manifold 2

Competition Replacement                           63.79
    Front Pipes 2

       Janspeed                                   68.94
Cat Replacement Silencer

 Competition 2 Cat back        Mild Steel      183.28
      Grp N or A

 Competition 2 Cat back      Stainless Steel   630.00
      Grp N or A

   Competition Exhaust       Stainless Steel   509.79
      Manifold 2

  Micra Challenge Grp A         159.00 C       406.00
     Exhaust system             247.00 R

  Nismo/ Comp Exhaust         20621RR230        13.41

        Wheels                                 Wheels   NOTES

Revolution 13 Alloy Wheels   As used on the     84.26
         In White            Micra Challenge
                                Rally Cars

      New Speedline              14 Comp 2         From 99.00
    Competition Wheels              2108

      New Speedline                   15           From 110.00
    Competition Wheels               2118

      New Speedline            Turini 15 Alloys    From 115.00
    Competition Wheels               2021

         Brakes                                     Brakes            NOTES

Large Bore Master Cylinder     Standard cylinder     144.51       Large bore cylinder
  Direct Replacement Of            19.05mm                            23.81mm
    Standard Cylinder                                            (pmk254 74969479)

Mintex F/Pads Std Callipers
          M1144                MDB1623M1144           48.62         K11 MODEL

          M1155                MDB1623M1155          101.88

Mintex R/ Pads Std Callipers
          M1144                                       51.58         K11 MODEL
          M1155                                       65.00

 Mintex F/ Pads Grp A                                       100NX MODEL
        M1144            MDB1502M1144     77.20       Fits Micra with 13 wheels

       M1155             MDB1502M1155     104.84

    Mintex F/Pads                                             Nissan
        M1144                             73.39             Sunny GTI-R

       M1155                              104.84      Fits Micra with 14 wheels

    Mintex R/Pads                                             Nissan
       M1144                              104.84            Sunny GTI-R

       M1155                              104.84

  K11Std Front Discs                    32.99 each

 K11 Std Front Discs                    71.63 each

 K11 Std Rear Discs                     66.45 each

100 NX Std Front Disc                   38.74 each

  100NX Front Disc                      85.80 each
   Grooved / Vented

Sunny GTI-R Std Front                   38.74 each    Needs reducing in dia. by
        Disc                                             3mm to fit Micra

Sunny GTI-R Front Disc                  111.00 each   Needs reducing in dia. by
      Grooved                                            3mm to fit Micra

 Nissan 100NX Callipers       41001-60Y02           214.54 each         For 13 wheels
      For up Discs            41011-60Y02

   Nissan Sunny Gti-R         N41001 0N601          225.00 each         Fits 14 Wheels
      Callipers New           N4101 1N601

    Ap 4 Pot Callipers        Fits Under 14            252.77
                             Comp 2 Wheels

Ap Vented & Grooved Discs                           126.63 each

 Mounting Bells For Discs                           101.56 each

   Fixing Bolts For Bells                         14.57 per kit ( 6 )

  Front Calliper Mounting                            87.69 each

Mintex M1144 Pads For Ap                                65.52

 Rear disc conversion kit.   Will need to order        484.97
 Converts drum brakes to       brake pipes
   discs. All new parts.        Separately

Genuine New Rear Callipers                          120.04

Gear Box       Clutches                           Gear Box -    NOTES

 Helix Competition Centre     180mm rated 170-      136.88
   Plates ( Pad Type )         180 lb/ft torque

 Up Rated Pressure Plate       270Kg clamping        83.93
        & Bearing                  force

 Kit Car Micra Drive Shafts                       212.00 each   Long Shaft
                                                                Shaft only

 Kit Car Micra Drive shaft                        199.00 each   Short Shaft
                                                                Shaft only

Micra Standard Driveshaft s                         272.34

  Micra CV Joints Outer                              98.09

   Micra CV Joints Inner                             84.96

      Micra CV Boots
           Inner                                     28.43
           Outer                                     18.02

                               Ratio s
 Micra Dog Box Gear Kits       1st       3.08 37/12    From
                               2nd       2.28 32/14   2400.00
                               3rd      1.75 28/16
                               4th      1.42 27/19
                               5th      1.23 26/21
                               Final drive
                                    3.84 Or 4.35
                                   50/13 61/14

   Bearing set for above       Gear Box Rebuild       220.95    Free Gear box build if you
                               service available.                   buy complete kit.
                                Ask for details.                     Ask for details.

   Complete Gear Box                                  3500.00        Not Exchange
 Built with New Gears, Diff
and bearings, modified and
        ready to go.

     Gripper LSD Diffs                                595.00

 New Lower Ratio Crown
Wheel & Pinion For Std 1.3        5.15:1 Ratio        575.00
        Gear Box

  Fitting Service For any of                          P.O.A.
 the above along with gear
          box repairs.
   Please ask for details.

BM Short Shifter Gear Lever                           121.50        Micra and Sunny

    Quick Shift Levers             Exchange            65.00

          Seats                                       Seats             NOTES

      Corbeau Seats          Sprint ( FIA Appr )      From

 Seat Mounting brackets            Steel              68.18

      Luke Harness                                    From
       Type 2004                  4 point            116.62
       Type 2006                  6 point            127.25

 Body - Protection                                   Body -             NOTES

      Roll Cages                                     557.35      Single rear diagonal and
    Safety Devices                                                       door bars
  Non FIA Homologated
    MSA Approved

    Safety Devices                                   709.14
    FIA Homologated
       Roll Cage

   Kevlar Under Body                                 150.00
   Protection ½ Length                               a pair

   Kevlar Under Body                                  400.00
  Protection Full Length                            a pair New

      GPR Arch Kits                                   From        Email me for pictures
        Basic kits                                   225.00

Micra Kit Car Bonnet Vents                            25.00

 Small Wide Arch kits                              680.00        Front Bumper
                                                                   2 x Wings
                                                                Small ¼ arches
                                                                 Rear Bumper

Kit Car Micra Wide Arch   Fibre Glass/ Kevlar
       Body Kits.          Complete Kits or     From 1100.00
                               part of kit

Kit Car Micra Wide Arch       Carbon            From 1800.00
        Body Kit           Complete Kits or
                             part of kit

  Micra Rear Spoilers                            GRP 125.00
                                                Carbon 250.00

   Carbon Bonnets                                 1066.50
    GRP Bonnets                                    846.81

Kevlar Fuel Tank Guard                             195.00
      NME Spec

 Carbon Sump Guard        Very Light weight        375.00
     Guard Only

  Alloy Sump Guard and                  275.00 5mm
      fixings complete                  295.00 10mm

 NME Spec Drivers Foot        GRP          50.00

Miscellaneous items                    Miscellaneous   NOTES
Twin Bonnet lamp pods and
 2 bumper lamp pods + 2                    85.11
 spare bumper lamp pods

Emergency Glass break &                     7.62
  Seat belt cutting Tool

NME Rear axle Strengthen                   20.00

  Wide Track Rear Axle      Exchange       500.00

     Castrol Oils                       Castrol oils   NOTES

    4 Ltrs TWS 10W60                       38.50
      Motorsport Oil

    1 Ltr TWS 10W60                        10.50
      Motorsport Oil

Castrol SRF Racing brake                                 39.50

     Castrol SAF-XO                                  11.25 per litre
     Transmission Oil

Second hand parts                                  Second hand           Price includes VAT
 Breaking Group A Micra                            Ring for spec and
    All parts must go                                    prices
 Uprated 1275 cc engine
         Dog Box
   Bilstein Suspension
     Good bodyshell

 Pair Spax Coil over rear     These dampers are         250.00            These were made for a
dampers and springs. Rose            new                                  grass track Micra. Could
    jointed both ends                                                    be used on a rally car with
                                                                           the top fixing modified

   Pair of 100NX Front                                  375.00           Big saving on the cost of
         callipers                                                            new callipers.
                                                                          These callipers are like

 Various Second hand car
parts. E.G Rear Axles, Fuel                       Ring for Details and
  Tanks, Steering Racks,                                 Prices
 Engines and Gear Boxes.
 We sometimes even have
  Complete cars as Ideal
     Rally Car Projects

                                 CARS FOR SALE
               Nissan Micra A5 Class Winning Car For Sale. £6995.00 o.n.o
                          Will break if there is enough interest.

                                   Car has a MSA Log book.

                                         Engine spec

                           1275cc Rebuilt last year.
                                Nismo Pistons.
                      Lighten and balanced bottom end
       Helix Paddle type centre plate and uprated pressure plate.
                        Peter Vaughen head and cams
                              Nismo Head gasket.
                 4 Branch manifold and Maniflow Exhaust.
                Mapped with a Desket piggy back system.
If possible I will try and keep the car complete so that the engine can be
                             tested before buying.

                               Gear Box

                    Harry Hockley Dog Box and Diff.


           Front Brakes AP 4 Pot Callipers and vented discs.
            Twin master Cylinders and adjustable pedal box
              Rear Disc brakes and hydraulic Handbrake
                 (with a manual hand brake for the MOT)


     Bilstein Front dampers with Eibach Springs and Rose Jointed
                              Top Mounts.
     Rear Spax adjustable coilover Dampers (Fitted new in 2007)
                        Lower front wishbones
                        Adjustable Panhard rod
                       Modified rear trailing arms
                              Strut Brace


12 Used 14 White Speedlone Safari Alloy wheels V.G.C. £70.00 each
12 New 14 White Speedline Comp2 Alloy wheels          £99.00 each
4 New 14 Silver Alloy wheels £180.00 for the set
6 New 14 Silver Alloy Wheels £270.00 for the set
8 New 14 Silver Alloy Wheels £360.00 for the set


      5 x Used 175/65R14 Silverstone Gravel Tyres £175.00 + delivery
        Used 175/65R14 Yokohama A035 Gravel Tyres £40.00 each
                               4 x A30 comp
                               8 x A50 comp
                          all very good condition
                 6 x A035 1 stage only A50 comp £50.00
                       All above tyres include VAT

      New 175/65R14 Yokohama A035 Gravel Tyres £65.00 + vat each
                           5 x A50 comp
                           1 x A30 comp

Bodyshell is reported to have been originally built for Mark Fisher. It is straight
       and has not been rolled. It has a Safety Devices weld in cage with
modifications to the rear suspension pick up points to take a rear coilover set.
It has been seam welded through out. It also has a rear strut brace. There are
   axle stand points built into the sills. A Roof vent has been fitted.

                                   Misc Items

                           Terratrip 202 Trip Meter
                      Lineline Electric Fire Extinguisher
                           Hand Held Extinguisher
                             Navigators Foot Rest
                           Motordrive Bucket Seats
                     Ricco Harness dated 2010 and 2011
                           Leather steering wheels
                            Spare 1275cc Engine
                             Spare Std Gear Box
                               Spare rear axle
                         Spare Bilstein rear coilovers
                               ETC. ETC. ETC.

      For information and prices on any of the above items please ring
     Matthew Humphris on 01865 748000 (work any time up to 6.30pm)
                           Mobile 07778 838927.
                Email (work)
             or (home email)

Available late spring. Geoff Jones Motorsport
              Wide Track Micra.
            Peter Vaughan Engine
                   Dog Box
                AP Brakes etc
 Currently under going rebuild and Respray


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